Yellow Wednesday,Blue Thursday and Black Friday.

Howdy,folks. Yon LIBERO character is bloody prolific. This is his second article for us on the same day-a rare accolade for a site which only hosts one new article a day,unless there’s a matter of some import.

Admittedly,the matter of import this time was a minor cock-up by your gracious hosts,but no matter. On with the show.

I’d say it’s been worth the wait…


The compulsive retail event dubbed ‘Black Friday’ – which started in Philadelphia in the ‘50s – sees an irrational shopping frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. This consumerist concept has been adopted holus-bolus by many other countries across the globe: Basically, shoppers descend on retail outlets to purge their purses in a show of retail gluttony and financial gloating which, unsurprisingly, creates many accidents, spats and even violent skirmishes.

But for many fans of Celtic FC, Black Friday this year is black (and bleak) for other reasons.

It follows a short period of leadership and shareholder cowardice (Yellow Wednesday) when Celtic bigwigs ignored the reasoned and rational request by ‘The Resolutioners’ to have the club act upon and drive ethical business practice historically and currently across the Scottish professional football game. The Board sees ethical operation and accountability as of little interest to its own, specific, goals.

Thereafter, Thurs was a downcast and crappy day where concientious Joe/Jo shareholders and fans’ realised the depressing truth of how they’re being short-changed by a shareholder-obsessed Board (Blue Thursday). In short, despite the compelling case for Celtic to ‘do the right thing’ the Board has positioned the Club as an entity happy to co-exist with those not averse to doing the wrong thing, especially to support management malpractice by another commercial brand in the same market.

There was further depression when one prominent ‘player’ claimed ignorance over sighting the corrupt but binding document (5-way) which guaranteed to rehabilitate the renegade rangers brand.

As a result – regardless of last night’s result v Rennes – a despondent and muted mood will prevail for many, leading to a somewhat Black (or gloomy) Friday for a proportion of righteous and right-minded Celtic fans, who only ever want ‘fair play’ in the beautiful game.

In truth, in many parts of the world right now, we view examples of how organisational leaders are decidedly out of touch with their ‘real people’ publics; corporate, political and religious chiefs clearly have no finger on the pulse of their ‘people’ and, alarmingly, realise they can govern roughshod over those audiences without much impact on their power-base. In truth, what’s happening at Celtic Park is a small reflection of a bigger, global malaise.

So in the case with the brand that is Celtic; we have a massive global support ruled by a small – yet inordinately powerful – group of influential share-owning and revenue-driven corporate types. Evidently, fair play comes second place to filthy lucre.

In my naivety, I used to look at the EPL with its capitalistic American, Arabic, Asian and Russian oligarchs and think ‘thank faak’ my club will never be infected and driven by the same kind of avarice, corruption and opportunism that rules the elite levels of the world game.

This week, the Celtic AGM provided ample evidence that this club is now populated with the same kind of creatures, and that the soul of Celtic has been, if not entirely sold, whored out for cash money.

This ‘Black Friday’, many Celtic fans might even be – with a heavy heart – writing notices of cancellation, letters of resignation and expressions of outrage that the club – founded by a modest Marist monk – primarily exists for commercial gain, not community cohesion. Perhaps this Black Friday, the brand’s corporate cohort will redraft its Corporate Social Mission Statement, summarised thus on the CFC website:

“Celtic is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration. The Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people.”

Healthy pleasure…Entertainment…Social integration and, of course, the team of the people! So does that mean all of the Celtic family are the people?

Or is that another football brand altogether. Mibby it’s all just one and the same thing?

Head’s confounded, but heart’s bursting withe pride. HH



Grateful thanks to LIBERO for another superb article. As you know,we always publish articles presented to us by our members. Sometimes we even do it without screwing up! So if you fancy taking your chances at Russian Roulette,or just want to see how much we can cock up the simplest things,well,you know the addy.

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“…a despondent and muted mood will prevail for many…” – ‘despondent’ was the feeling I had last night, even while watching the team perform so well again.

Something about the Celtic club crest that adorned the tarpaulin draped over the section where fans – who had so recently organised food collections for the poor in and around our club – had been locked out felt sickening to me.

God – and anyone else who talks to me – knows that I am no blind acolyte of the Green Brigade, but that Celtic-crested tarpaulin seemed to me to be be a calculated statement of corporate power over the Celtic fans. I felt sick seeing it – still do.



Hi there, long time observer, (hate the word lurker), on CQN, almost from the very beginning. Been looking for something else for a while now, as the debate has become very tedious, and the new posts seem to be avoiding what people really want to talk about for quite some time now. Unfortunately I doubt I will be adding to many debates here, because of time and what not, but really just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Res 12 guys for keeping this up. I really don’t know how you do it, but please don’t stop. And to say how much the ‘shine’ has been taken from finishing the group in top spot, by recent events, i.e. the board not seeming to give 2 fudge fingers about what goes on over there, and how the SFA govern and “look after and develop” Scottish Football. Lastly, just want to say how happy I am with how the team looks and is playing under Neil Lennon. I was one of the ones who was actually really pleased with the news he would take over from BR, but have to be admit to being a bit dubious about taking over permanently. I did think this should be the plan when he first came in, but wasn’t sure about some of our results/performances. However, looking at it now, he did what he had to do, to get over the line, and then started to make some changes once he knew the team was his to do with as he saw fit. And I really like what I have seen so far…!!


Hey Sneddoni.
Welcome and enjoy.

Very good articles Libero, well done.

Welcome to Sneddoni and of course Big Georges Fan Club. You can start posting some of your band’s music anytime soon! 🙂

Another great leader Libero.
Welcome Sneddoni
Oglach posted on here late night that the time frame for that cover to be ordered and made must have been in the pipeline for some time, yet the board wait till three days before the game, also the cost would have probably been more that any fine.
I have always said that the flares should be kept out of the ground, but the OTT reaction from the board in punishing hundreds of innocent fans is really not on.



Welcome aboard,but do not abandon hope all ye who enter here.

I firmly believe that while things are dreadful off the park,the fight is not over. I’m hoping for agreement from a few others re the next few days articles,and that they will reflect that.

If I wanted to be a yes man,I’d have been born to different parents. I think there’s a lot of us like that.



BGFC – can see how the semiology can also be read, literally, as a cover or cover-up for the whole bloody boondoggle and TET pointing out the timeline thingo, sheez, it could look more than sinister. Sad, innit, day when we top the mini-league, the support feels fractured by a sense of, what, betrayal or being BS’ed!

The Gombeen Man


An excellent and well thought out article which highlights the cynical Bliss Point mentality the Plc.

It’s a shame that the exploits of the team are being so cynically undermined.


I noticed the “Cover-Up” over the Standing Section too and I agree, it emphasised a statement of power by the Plc.
It’s ironic too that the words “Cover-Up” came to me as soon as I saw the abandoned Celtic crest.


Welcome to the blog and don’t be a stranger.


The Lions Roar

Aye, fine work, Libero, cheers.

Mick, there’s something I have to ask you to clear up:

You wrote this this on Wednesday:


Now,this site doesn’t do personal abuse,nor does it allow accusations-such as £1.3bn going missing-without adequate proof laid out for all to see.

November 28, 2019 12:14 am
Simply adding up our total income over the last twenty years and saying it has been stolen does not cut it.’

Then, in response to my clear statement that I haven’t once claimed that the 1.3 billion was stolen yesterday, when I pointed out you seemed to have misunderstood what I’d been saying for the past 6 months:


I’ve understood you all along,believe it or not. But it isn’t quite how you were putting it in print,and the way that you did previouslyis dangerous to the site.’

Now I’m sure we agree that’s two contradictions in terms right there, in the first two you say I claimthe board ‘stole’ the 1.3 billion, which I never have, as that’s just the total operating expenses for the 20 years they’ve been in charge, but in your third quote from yesterday you say you’ve ‘understood all me along’.

So which is it?

If you understood me all along why did you claim twice on Wednesday night that I was accusing the board of stealing the 1.3 billion,, a thing I have never done?

Any clarification on this would be appreciated.



The Lions Roar

I’d say it’s a mixture of despair AND being bullshitted that’s done it, Libero.

For you know how Sevco & the SFA bought Lawwell’s silence & collusion with the promise of a rake of titles and cups to make up for the robbery?

Well, what if UEFA have done the same thing by promising at least Celtic a deep run in the EL?

Heck, given how long Campbell Ogilvie’s been at UEFA without getting his collar felt, how do we know that he hasn’t influenced events to ‘strengthen the Scottish coefficient’ by lining up a’mouthwatering Old Firm clash’ in Europe in the next round?

Wouldn’t that be a fine squirrel to take everyone’s eye off the ball while ‘raising the profile of the Scottish game across Europe at the same time’?

And while we’re pondering all this jiggery pokery, how do we know it wasn’t Campbell Ogilvie Pistol Whipping Pete ‘spoke to at UEFA’ on Wednesday morning?

Cos that the thing with lies, ye see.

You tell one then you have to make up a bucketload to cover that one, while also trying to remember them all and in what sequence.

Luckily for me I’ve aye been good at spotting a liar so knew from the second I saw Peter Lawwell we had a snake on our hands.

They’re even easier to spot in print too and they’re everywhere nowadays.

That’s why I never trusted PB for example.

For good as his site once was, I could always see him angling for a seat at the top table in the background.

Now he’s a full blown lackey for the board AND the fuckin BBC.

Who elected him ‘Celtic fans’ representative’?

Still, the lads on this site should be happy about that, as they can pick up all the slack from over there and have a good oul’ chat into the bargain.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, libero good article, I also responded to your first one this morning,,blame that bobby fella? welome bgfc and sneddoni p.s bgfc the more musicians the better,?

big packy

JIM, if your lurking, you had me nearly greetin this morning, posting Kenneth McKellar and john mcormack, my late mum and dads favourite singers, THANKS JIM?

The Lions Roar

I see JJ’s saying the next step should be for the Resolutioners’ lawyer to hand the file over to Police Scotland with Alistair Johnston charged with obtaining the fraudulent licence.

Now wouldn’t that make January even more interesting again?


Howdy folks.

Libero,,I’m terribly embarrassed about that mix up. Its Thanksgiving weekend and chaos here,,it’s heartbreaking and enraging news from there, ,
My apologies Sir.
But that’s a very well wrote piece above and great food for thought on this black Friday where we do the exact same as yesterday only with dads side of the family,,that’s what happens when you divorce.
The wife had 8 grandparents as all the natural one’s divorced and remarried. One year she had five Christmas days in a row as each grandparent saved their festivities for the day the kids come over.
Many thanks pal.

Hail Hail


Big Georges Fan Club, ,
I feel a lot safer with a big man like yourself around.
Delighted to see you here Sir. Take your shoes off and relax.

Sneddoni, , , likewise Sir. You’re more than welcome anytime.

Hail Hail


By the way if folk think the font is very small we can easily fix that. I think.
Anyone for bigger font say so.
Would hate to think we get people saying pass because we are hard to read.


Libero, that was a very well written article. I like how you framed Celtic issues in a broader context or malaise. I am not sure that I agree with everything that you wrote but all of it is worth thinking about.

I hope you stick around and offer your views on a variety of issues.

Sneddoni, I remember you from CQN. Welcome and I agree that it is important that a blog tolerates a variety of views. Let’s see what happens here as the blog gets bigger.


PS anyone know what happened to the Evil Rum Baba from CQN? Someone who understood Rum Babas deserves attention!

Mahe, I think the font is just about fine but I wouldn’t complain if it was a wee bit bigger. The one I struggle with is etims, a site I love.

I suppose a larger font would help auld geezers like Packy.


Jim here’s the latest Etims podcast.
Great blokes indeed.
Hope all well on this Black Friday.

The Lions Roar

A bigger font would help with clarity, Mahe & Mick.

You guys have potentially one of the best blogs around now and the word is growing, let’s not let it slip away due to a lack of clarity or fudging of the issues.

Aw Naw, time for an article please.

The Lion Roars !!! Calm down! Give us your patter.


Cheers. I will be speaking to our drunken tech support this weekend and will place the order to step up a font size.
Its not those two things I fear for this blog.
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

What do you fear for the blog, Mahe?

And what ‘patter’, Jim?

I don’t do ‘patter’.


Excellent article.

I noticed that Canamalar said on the other channel that the font was small, it’s 10.5, I just checked, that is quite small, 14 or 16 would make it better I suppose.



You just caught me before I hit my cot. Good timing. Thing is,the way you addressed your comments accused Celtic of burning-I think that was the term you used,I would have to read back-£1.3bn over twenty years. I’m not alone,I think,in suggesting that your accusation missed the point.

If you would like to do me a personal favour,I would be very obliged. Without being patronising,I think your more recent posts have been somewhat more moderate in tone,and that is much appreciated. You clearly have a lot to offer to this or any site,especially one with Sentinel in its name.

But you are the one making the accusations that figures don’t add up,you have yet to provide the proof. Yet when I don’t prove you wrong,that means that you are right,that there is something to hide,that there is substance in what you say?

I’m not an accountant,but people I know are. I said as much the other day.

Please,post as you please,but without proof it’s a broken record playing all night every night.


Welcome to the blog.
(Something about the Celtic club crest that adorned the tarpaulin draped over the section where fans – who had so recently organised food collections for the poor in and around our club – had been locked out felt sickening to me.)
Had the same feeling watching.
It was like a symbolic representation of the soul being ripped out of our club.



Triangles too. I can think of one regular poster elsewhere who would be in meltdown at that.

Anyway,cot. Catch yeez later.


PS-BGFC is a spawny git,podium on his first day.



That was a terrific and for me encouraging article that will surely open eyes.

I’m reposting this from a previous early morning blog as the gloves need to come off.

On 26 Nov at 17.38 a shareholder who had asked pointed questions by letter about Res12 before the 2019 AGM was sent a reply that can be read at the link.

It covers why the Res at the AGM cannot be dealt with i.e. its not in Celtic’s interest to take it to UEFA or the police for what are unexplained reasons that we just have to take their word that involving UEFA or the police is not a good idea for Celtic, and maybe it isn’t but no explanation

However why can Celtic not ask UEFA if, based on evidence, the 2011 UEFA licence was granted without breaching any of the articles in UEFA FFP relating to fair accounting practice as well as regulations that aim to ensure any tax due as result of payments in previous years is paid by the 31st March of the current licensing year.
Nothing more. nothing less no sanctions called for just establish if licence granted properly or improperly.

Then decide if it is in Celtic’s interest to pursue recompense, how that might be done and what lessons can be learned?

Maybe even decide not to pursue and explain why, eg only so many pence in the £ recoverable from a club being liquidated.

Surely that makes more sense than putting it to the UEFA Club Financial Control Body who are responsible for disciplinary matters, the aim is not to discipline but ensure any breaches and the conditions that created a desperate way out, simply cannot happen again?

At the AGM itself mixed messages came out on UEFA as reported by Phil

it is not clear if the telephone call by the CEO made that morning resulting in ‘Uefa not interested’ produced the same result as reported by The Chairman ‘UEFA interested enough to check and say no breaches’.

That will be clarified because if it is the latter then can it be explained please and the SFA told and we can all go home with us all wondering why asking UEFA were not asked 2013 by voting for the Res then rather than accepting Regan’s word that everything was tickity boo.

So that is Res12 2019 dealt with or is it, which version told to the shareholders is true? Was it deliberate misleading or just the Chairman not following the same script the CEO had used in Jan this year when requisitioner were told UEFA not interested.

Lets just assume the left and right hand had gone in the huff with each other and there has been no verification on whether the licence was granted via deception or in the clear.

If you check the letter to the shareholder that decision has been left with the SFA JPDT to look into the behaviour of RFC now in liquidation, but because it involves the SFA and another member club Celtic say they cannot interfere and are obviously happy to depend on a process that has no authority, because of a clause in the 5 Way Agreement that neither Peter Lawwell nor Eric Riley ever saw, well that is what they told the AGM. The title of Phil’s blog is well chosen Annual Genuine Meeting because was anything coming from the top table in relation to interplay with the SFA actually genuine?

Now whilst Celtic can get away with saying they cannot interfere in the stalled JPDT process because they are not the club concerned, they could still ask when will the job be done? That is not interfering and if they had cause to ask, that is some form of financial action was organised like no merchandise purchase until a deadline had been set , which would give Celtic cause to tell the SFA that their unwillingness to proceed was costing Celtic money which Celtic would want compensated for until there was observable movement at Hampden.

Without that on the ground action Res12 will be allowed to whither and die and with it our dignity and Celtic spirit.

So that is where matters stand now, Celtic will not go to UEFA for conflicting unexplained reasons but will not go to SFA because as the victims they are not allowed to ask the judge to get a move on. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?

So Mahe, cry havoc and loose the dogs of war. Make it in Celtic’s interest to bring closure, make ending Res12 the objective that folk will think worth supporting and just keep their cash in their pockets. Ask The GB to send out a message to SFA to provide a timetable for closure.

Ask for ideas at zero or minimal cost eg Bring Your Own Pie To Let SFA Die. Make life for The Board intolerable enough to do their well paid jobs .Make it in their interests to do so.


TLR, ,
Losing the glue that holds us all together. Right now we are on course to.
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

I told you in the summer, Mick, I’ve already sent you the proof.

I added up all the figures and sent them to this site and ETims prior to that.

If you can’t find them ask Ralph to check around May or June.

They’re all there for you to see on both sites, I’ve done the work, that’s why I was surprised when you asked me to send you them by email when they were already in full public view.

What’s worse is, I lost all the copies I made thanks to a broke machine that deleted a load of data in the interim and I’m not gonna go through all that work again, for the third time.

All you have to do is open the accounts, go to the Operating expenses, note that figure down then see where the recorded expenses stop.

It’s really very simple for anyone to do.

And I’ve never said the 1.3 billion was stolen, not at any time.

But given that the total figure for the past two years running is 87 million a year, (174 million over two years) one look past the salaries and other running costs and you’ll see that there’s a figure around the median 10 million mark that isn’t accounted for anywhere, dependent on the year.

Now I would assume that these are ‘high end costs’ but why aren’t they listed and who knows why this figure is not recorded?

This is ALL I want to know, and think all Celtic fans should know, where that missing set of numbers’ money is really going.

And, for the record, I’m not accusing anyone of anything, I’m only pointing out what we can all see when we look.

So you have the proof, Ralph has the proof and any one of us can see the proof simply by opening the ‘open’ accounts and looking for ourselves.

Operating Expenses is near the top line on the first or second page depending on the year.

So I won’t be a ‘broken record’ going round and round.

I’ve made my point and not one of you are interested.

Not one of you cares that the men/vultures running our club who this week unequivocally have shown themselves to be liars & cheats in bed with a Sevco might, and I stress MIGHT, be taking a little something extra off the top of our club’s fundingand not declaring it.

This doesn’t bother any of you?

That we have ‘open’ accounts that aren’t fully open at all?


So there’s definitely moral corruption,, and there is possible financial corruption.
We need shot of them,,it’s crystal clear.
On that we agree.
Im not looking at why we need rid of them anymore now it’s a given.
Just how can we from this point.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Apologies for last year. Got banned before I could explain. Ah well! 🙂

The Lions Roar

Bear in mind too, Mick, that in the three or four years I’ve been asking this question, NOT ONE Celtic fan has ever disputed the figures or shown where the annual missing millions have gone.

Not one, not even Peter or any of his lackeys have attempted to show why there’s a discrepancy.

So, much like Res 12, the onus isn’t on me to provide the same data twice over, then over again, the onus is on everyone else to take said data and examine it for themselves and point out where I’m wrong.

Which, as a prominent Celtic blogger, should be something that is more up your alley, seeing as how I’ve given you all the leads and explained the simplicity of it in great detail multiple times to you.

You only have to add up two figures then note the discrepancy.

Couldn’t be easier.

Failing that, ask your accountant mate to check them again and point out where the discrepancy might be and where it might have gone.

Cos if I can spot it I’m sure it should be dead easy for an accountant to explain its whereabouts.


How we get rid of the soup takers and regain the soul of Celtic FC?

I am now of the opinion that the only thing that will reawaken the ‘Reb spirit’ within the majority of the support is Celtic not achieving 10IAR. A sad state of affairs but the PLC have the majority drugged and subdued by our ‘relative’ success in Scotland. Most fans are now content to buy into the continuation myth and even ignore facts like our own PLC lying to supporters. The majority of the support willing go along with banning a section of our own who have, allegedly, cost the club circa £500k yet ,again, willingly ignore cheating of a scale that cost the club not £500k but tens of millions of £. The only thing that may bring the majority around from their ‘soup takers’ induced slumber is not achieving the 10 – perhaps only then the majority may see that the emperor is in fact a ‘bollock naked’ lying A hole.

Anyone know how I would go about divesting myself of my shares?


Lions, ,
You’re failing to grab the situation.
Follow a money trail?
Nah,, get these bassas out is the priority.
Forget the money,,that’s just one more possible reason to get them out.
Our focus is solely on getting them out,, not why,, not money,, but the how plain and simple.
Hail Hail


Oglach, ,
Im thinking the Scottish cup final.
How do we keep the faithful from going?
Why,, gather them in a big place,, announce a free bar and stick the game on the telly. Them lazy bassas won’t move once they are settled and the drink is flowing, songs flying.
Just need to hijack a drink lorry or two before then.
Hail Hail


The Trust will gladly take your shares btw.

Mike in Toronto

Mahe/ Lions Roar

I havent gone through the financials, so I cant say that LR’s calculation is accurate or not. I will say that I am skeptical of that. PLC’s figures are audited. While I know that this is not akin to nihil obstat, but hiding shenanigans of that magnifude is hard to do in audited FS.

Of course, this is Scottish football we are talking about, so nothing can be dismissed as too absurd.

If the aim is to get PL and others out, dont dismiss any options.

Remember, the name Mabel Walker Willebrand. She may not ring any bells… but she was the Assistant Attorney General in South Carolina in the 20’s/30’s who realized that mobsters were not paying taxes. She charged a small time bootlegger with tax evasion, as a test case, and when his conviction was upheld, the same idea was later used to convict the previously almost untouchable, Al Calpone.

Now, some may say that convicting Capone for tax evasion was a travesty, given how many people he had killed. However, the aim was to convict Capone, force him out of business, and to a degree it worked.

I am not suggesting that the Club or anyone associated with them are guilty of tax evasion (that would surely never happen in Scottish football ), but I am saying that if you want to accomplish something, sometimes you have to think outside the box.

if you cant get in through the front door, you have to climb through a window. that sounds a bit too Nixonesque … for the record, I am not encouraging anyone to break and enter, either.


PS… nice to see some new/old faces on (particularly those with musical proclivities … always enjoy learning about new artists, songs)


Mahe, cheers, will look into it

Fáilte to the latest recruits to the Provo wing of CQN ✌️ (LOL)

The Gombeen Man

So a £40m CL bonanza are the tempting wages of sin for selling our soul according to PL’s blog?
1) Where did the last two CL windfalls go Dermot?

2) Wouln’t it be ironic if an unchecked Sevco won the league and claimed the bonanza?

Thinking like this gave us Boris and Brexit.

No thanks Pedro. Clutching at staws.

big packy

listen ghuys, a boycott wont happen, I keep on saying this ffs, a large part of our support don’t give a monkeys about resolution12 or the 5 way agreement, no all they want is for us to play and beat sevco, that is there be all,and end all, sad but true, unfortunately.

big packy

we need to get a top lawyer onto this, and im sure everyone on here would chip in with some cash,ffs you ghuys are younger than me and more computer savvy, lets get a petition up on the internet, come on lets do something, them tory bastards on the board are starting to needle me, if my old man was alive he would march up to parkhead and throw them all out by the scruff of the neck,.a coalminer who went down the pit at 14 years of age, and to think them torys are running his club..pathetic.hh.


Ironically Celtic putting all to the sword in the Euro losers league may help Sevco qualify for a CL spot in 2021. Celtic and Sevco’s performance in this years EL competition has propelled Scotland to 15th in the coefficient rankings with 2 CL spots up for grabs if the momentum is maintained. Obviously Celtic victories being worth more in coefficient points gained. Should we let Cluj pump us next game thus hopefully fecking up both the Italian and Scots Fascists? ? — errmm???

PS. I am of course making the rash assumption that we win 9 & 10IAR to grab the automatic CL qualifiers spot.

The Lions Roar

No, Mahe, you guys are failing to grasp the situation …

You want them out?

Follow the money.

Ask them why this continuing discrepancy in the accounts and watch them wither, obfuscate and stonewall like they did with Res 12.

The difference is, if they are doing something with it that they shouldn’t be doing, then you will have the perfect reason to get them out.

In fact, the law will do it for us.

That is IF, and I repeat IF, they are acting illegally by skimming off the top.

So I have a perfectly sound grasp of the situation.

And it’s you guys’ own continued obfuscating that proves you do not.


ask them? Those lying scum
Its time for action now.
Youre in the past. Why is no longer relevant. Spends months of time looking at money? More legals.
Aye right.
Past that point now . Aint going there . Accept it and move on.
Plotting action here.
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

MIT, skepticism is essential in assessing anything, as you know, and I’ve recommended it to everyone for years.

So don’t take my word for it, go and check the accounts yourselves.

For what is it about looking at the Celtic accounts that scares everyone?

NOT ONE individual has done it since I brought this to light years ago yet EVERYONE wants to argue with me about it.

So don’t argue and don’t take my word for it, go and open the books and look for yourselves.

You will see how much of the 87 million Operating Expenses is missing simply by checking how much is accounted for and how much is not.

And again I’m not accusing the board of anything except not highlighting nor itemising ALL of the operating expenses.

That’s 174 million gone in running costs these past two years alone.

Can you imagine if Sevco had gone through a similar cash burn?

Sure, they’ve ‘only’ ‘lost’ 43 million in the past 4 and a half years …

Celtic ‘lost’ that amount in 6 months!

4 times in a row!

Ffs, think about it.

The Lions Roar

‘Months’ of time, Mahe?

To look at a few sets of books?!

I did the whole thing in a couple hours, all 20 years of them.

I then sent them to farmer, and Celtic shareholder, Mike over on ETims and he saw it right away.

Until the gang clique there shut him up.

But he saw it and agrees that the Plc are making an obscene amount of cash disappear from our club on a weekly basis.

If you want them out follow the money.

Then we can decide if we want to hand these indiscrepancies over to the law to deal with.

For what’s bigger amount, Mahe, 25 million for one year or the combined hundreds of millions over two decades?

I really can’t help but wonder why you folk are so scared of this and keep trying to shut me down on it when this is the key that unlocks the door to get rid of them.

1 2 3 4