Yellow Wednesday,Blue Thursday and Black Friday.

Howdy,folks. Yon LIBERO character is bloody prolific. This is his second article for us on the same day-a rare accolade for a site which only hosts one new article a day,unless there’s a matter of some import.

Admittedly,the matter of import this time was a minor cock-up by your gracious hosts,but no matter. On with the show.

I’d say it’s been worth the wait…


The compulsive retail event dubbed ‘Black Friday’ – which started in Philadelphia in the ‘50s – sees an irrational shopping frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. This consumerist concept has been adopted holus-bolus by many other countries across the globe: Basically, shoppers descend on retail outlets to purge their purses in a show of retail gluttony and financial gloating which, unsurprisingly, creates many accidents, spats and even violent skirmishes.

But for many fans of Celtic FC, Black Friday this year is black (and bleak) for other reasons.

It follows a short period of leadership and shareholder cowardice (Yellow Wednesday) when Celtic bigwigs ignored the reasoned and rational request by ‘The Resolutioners’ to have the club act upon and drive ethical business practice historically and currently across the Scottish professional football game. The Board sees ethical operation and accountability as of little interest to its own, specific, goals.

Thereafter, Thurs was a downcast and crappy day where concientious Joe/Jo shareholders and fans’ realised the depressing truth of how they’re being short-changed by a shareholder-obsessed Board (Blue Thursday). In short, despite the compelling case for Celtic to ‘do the right thing’ the Board has positioned the Club as an entity happy to co-exist with those not averse to doing the wrong thing, especially to support management malpractice by another commercial brand in the same market.

There was further depression when one prominent ‘player’ claimed ignorance over sighting the corrupt but binding document (5-way) which guaranteed to rehabilitate the renegade rangers brand.

As a result – regardless of last night’s result v Rennes – a despondent and muted mood will prevail for many, leading to a somewhat Black (or gloomy) Friday for a proportion of righteous and right-minded Celtic fans, who only ever want ‘fair play’ in the beautiful game.

In truth, in many parts of the world right now, we view examples of how organisational leaders are decidedly out of touch with their ‘real people’ publics; corporate, political and religious chiefs clearly have no finger on the pulse of their ‘people’ and, alarmingly, realise they can govern roughshod over those audiences without much impact on their power-base. In truth, what’s happening at Celtic Park is a small reflection of a bigger, global malaise.

So in the case with the brand that is Celtic; we have a massive global support ruled by a small – yet inordinately powerful – group of influential share-owning and revenue-driven corporate types. Evidently, fair play comes second place to filthy lucre.

In my naivety, I used to look at the EPL with its capitalistic American, Arabic, Asian and Russian oligarchs and think ‘thank faak’ my club will never be infected and driven by the same kind of avarice, corruption and opportunism that rules the elite levels of the world game.

This week, the Celtic AGM provided ample evidence that this club is now populated with the same kind of creatures, and that the soul of Celtic has been, if not entirely sold, whored out for cash money.

This ‘Black Friday’, many Celtic fans might even be – with a heavy heart – writing notices of cancellation, letters of resignation and expressions of outrage that the club – founded by a modest Marist monk – primarily exists for commercial gain, not community cohesion. Perhaps this Black Friday, the brand’s corporate cohort will redraft its Corporate Social Mission Statement, summarised thus on the CFC website:

“Celtic is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration. The Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people.”

Healthy pleasure…Entertainment…Social integration and, of course, the team of the people! So does that mean all of the Celtic family are the people?

Or is that another football brand altogether. Mibby it’s all just one and the same thing?

Head’s confounded, but heart’s bursting withe pride. HH



Grateful thanks to LIBERO for another superb article. As you know,we always publish articles presented to us by our members. Sometimes we even do it without screwing up! So if you fancy taking your chances at Russian Roulette,or just want to see how much we can cock up the simplest things,well,you know the addy.

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Margaret McGill – thanks for the welcome, and apology accepted – life’s too short.

Hope to share a pint at some point.



For Fuck Sake, In this day & age a Public Limited Company with strictly Audited Accounts couldn’t possibly get away with major skullduggery. First of all who would orchestrate it Lawell or Desmond. How many employees or agents of Celtic would be in the know. Would these super rich men risk everything to what purpose.
There are legions of accountants in the UK some with Hun leanings why hasn’t just one asked an awkward question. Why hasn’t one journalist s raised the issue.
Lindsell Train, the London Investment House has been investing millions in building up a major investment in Celtic over the past 10 years. Does anybody doubt that they would not have every detail & minutia of the Accounts scrutinised by their experts before embarking on such an Investment.
The entire topic is total bollocks.


IM sure you would accept a man cant do everything,,you accept that.
Now as numbers arent my forte and Im very busy Im gonna delegate this one out and have a final report dropped by my desk.
I have emailed Jim to look into this and update me. Thats right up his street , and he wont let me down.
Relax and Hail Hail


The Lions Roar

I do not really have the slightest inkling of how one would go about bringing financial indiscretions on the scale you are alleging ‘may’ have occurred at Celtic PLC into the public view and neither do I discount anything you allege may have occured. But If you have a reasonable suspicion or proof of financial skulduggery within Celtic FC wouldn’t reporting this to the Police or the UK governments ‘The serious fraud office’ be a logical step to consider?

big packy

THE LIONS ROAR, nobody is trying to shut you down, keep posting this is serious stuff.hh.


Do we do music on here???

Rock & Roll Again – Uncensored!!



Corkcelt – hello 🙂


Do we do music on here??? Is the Celtic PLC a bunch of soup taking lying bassas?? 🙂


One of the lads here is friends with Blackberry Smoke. We cover their music when jamming. Great choice.

big packy

BIG GEORGES FAN CLUB, I taught that drummer all he knows.?


MAHE – WeeBGFC and me have seen them about six times – Glasgow a couple of times, Manchester, Antwerp, Munich. Wee man listens to them morning noon and night.

If you know someone who knows the smoke, we need to get to know that man – WeeBGFC’s head will explode!!!!

Me, WeeBGFC and Cuz from the band are doing a gig in a couple of weeks up in St Andrews – we’ll be covering a few Blackberry Smoke numbers.


big packy – I wish I had his hair 🙂


MAHE – one horse town is one of the one’s we’ll be doing…


Oglach – seems AYE is the answer then 😉

big packy



Like it here already !!!!


Hi Big George, I’m not a prolific Poster here but I do throw in the odd one, Have seen this topic aired before & again recently, there would need to be scores of top people, Executives of Celtic, Employees of Celtic, Group Auditors, erc etc involved, it is a total nonsense, Mahe & Bobby probably don’t want to say that but they know it, anyhow that will be the last contribution from me on the subject. Chat to you some day about the FitBaw,


Corkcelt – always happy to chat about Celtic. Notwithstanding the feelling of underlying despondancy about matters corporate and governance, the team last night won with relative ease. In control for the majority of the game and I said to Wee BGFC that I struggle to remember such a stress-free game against a team from one of the top divisions, albeit they had rested some players.

As mentioned earlier Ntcham was class.




“…MAHE – one horse town is one of the one’s we’ll be doing…”

Just read that back – too many ‘one’s in the one sentence 🙂


oooohhh – you can edit your own posts here too !!!

Continuing the Bank Robber theme…


Hi all,
I posted on yesterday’s blog “One foot in the grave” at 09:43am, in a response to a post from m6bhoy who was ready to dis-own Celtic FC in which I set down an initial response for ANY fan of Celtic FC which would perhaps bring the displeasure,if not downright anger they felt at their betrayal at Wednesday’s AGM into the sharp focus of the PLC Board.

Now,I am unsure if I just posted my comment too early in the day ? (seems unlikely,given the time of posting)

Dismissal of post/sentiments because it was forwarded by a new correspondent to the blog ?(hopefully,more unlikely since I was warmly welcomed by regulars on my first post)

Members of the blog do not back-read previous comments at time of logging-on ?(what’s the point of that if you don’t know what has already been raised/discussed ?)

Post was read by most /all but was deemed not to be a possible sanction going forward ?(Would be surprised but who know’s these days)

Post WAS read but idea was dismissed as not worth engaging in as it would take too much time to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and have a serious impact on PLC’s thinking if carried out collectively by the Celtic support ?(most likely explanation as it seems most people live in apathy and seem to think that one individual can’t/won’t make any difference,so why bother trying at all)

Since I am something of a Luddite when it comes to ” Techy stuff ” unfortunately I am unable to cut and paste the aforementioned post so unless some kind soul could do the nesscessary then I suppose my first suggestion in a non-exhaustive list of sanctions the Celtic faithful could employ against the PLC without having to “Do walking away”(a Hun expression,which should have no place in a Celtic supporters vocabulary) will sadly be lost in a sea of comments about walking dogs,pre-historic musical tastes and so forth…………..Anyway,one can but hope.

Ps,no offence intended to dog walkers or anyone’s musical tastes.We are ALL different but share the same “Big Marble” and that’s what differentiates humankind,Namaste and Hail Hail.


this Irishbhoy did read your post .
I can only speak for myself of course but I was effing fuming and was not in the greatest frame of mind to respond. I read your dont give up when I was sitting here thinking its over ffs.
I never noticed the lads never got back to you , but I deemed it best to just shut up and log off. A whatsapp group got it instead 😉
Dont take it seriously.
Lazy bassa’s tbh 😉
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man


m6bhoy @ 8:12am
I know,you like myself and many others feel betrayed by the board and their followers but I would implore you and any others who feel the same way,please do not desert OUR CLUB in it’s time of need.
Can I hark you back to the Green Brigade banner depicting Muhammed Ali and the sentiment attached to it.
We were dealt a body blow which put us down yesterday by a bunch of thieves and liars but our response should be to NEVER back down when what we know and believe is right.
All day yesterday I had to read posts like the one you just sent and it angers me to the same level that I feel for the top table yesterday that they have made you and the others feel the way you do.
However,the answer is not to remain on the floor but to get up and face these bastards down by whichever means we can lay at our disposal.
We all know that money is their God so initially in some small way we can all contribute to a downward trend in their cash driven agenda.
Starting today,every single person who feels the same way as Auldheid and the requisitioners could start to make them feel the pinch by withholding money we had earmarked for match day extra’s and merchandise.
Until further notice,and I don’t mean two or three weeks or even months but two or three years or even longer until “the pips start to squeak.” As Fergus famously said,”Not one thin Dime” and that should be our mantra from day one,starting today……….And that’s just for starters.
Not a pie,bovril,matchday programme,Celtic View,stadium tour……….Nada………Zilch…….A big FAT zero !
There are other ways to influence events and although today seems like we have an impossible task,slowly but surely ,if we hold our nerve and the thought of what we hold so dear to all our hearts we shall win the day.
I have thought long and hard,to the point of torturing myself over the question of staying on to support the ONLY TEAM that I would ever follow and have come to the conclusion that the only cash we should contribute is that which is required to purchase our season books.
There is now no way that I am going to walk away and desert the team that I and my son have followed from the cradle and my father and his father before him from cradle to grave to make life easy for these charlatans.
They want us to walk away ! Don’t you see,that is their plan all along.Get rid of the malcontents and then they have a supine fanbase which they can twist and turn to their hearts desire.
How does one quantify NEVER in relation to time ? The answer is you cannot.So we must continue to fight the good fight in the certain knowledge that what we are doing is right AND in the interest of Celtic FC,if perhaps not Celtic PLC.
We must play the long game because that is the hand we have been dealt and we must somehow persuade others who at the moment do not have the stomach for a fight to come and join us but I,for one,will not give in to these corporate parasites who have taken root in our boardroom.
At the end of the day,I will be on the right side of history.The PLC board will have their judgement day,and their hangers on and sycophants ? …………Well,they’ll have their soup !
Hail Hail.

November 28, 2019 9:43 am
HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to all our ex-pat supporters and their families in the US!!!

November 28, 2019 11:29 am

I may not be around tomorrow morning, so my Nap this week is……..
Arthur’s Quay 2.45 Fairyhouse
Best of to everyone



Bank Robber.

one of my fave tunes from one of my all time fave bands. A somewhat personal tune for me also given that my ‘oul’ man literally was a bank robber who spent years in HM POW Camp ‘Long Kesh’ because if it ✊

Anywho my own wee contribution to the bank robbing theme

Twists n turns

A lot of new faces appearing . Nice to see. Welcome all.
BG – where’s wee G? Get a family membership. Cheaper ?

Had to work today so not had a chance to post. Vg result last night. Managed to see bits n pieces.

Still can’t say enough about Ryan Christie’s work ethic. There’s a player who does the graft as well as the craft. What a quality player we have on our hands in Ryan.

Hope he’s around for a long number of years.

Young Mikey? Gonna be hard to keep that lad. Lack of game time might have him thinking he needs to move. Hope not. Another lad with a great career ahead of him.

Big Fra! Yet another couple of superb saves. We seen him earlier in the group v Lazio, get up to one in the postage stamp corner. Last night, reaction saves. Absolute quality.

Well done the bhoys .


To,The Gombeen Man @7:32pm
My eternal thanks to you.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns


Mahe- don’t forget your free bet tomorrow

Just let me know your chosen matches, horse, combo or whatever.

Can you choose from PP please? Makes my life easier ????


Twists n turns – WeeBGFC is, would you believe, off playing the Cojan box with his school choir as St Augustine’s in Coatbridge as we speak – a St Andrew’s mass.

I think he’ll enjoy it here though, so expect he’ll be along soon 🙂

Irishboy – just joined, but will read back (and hello!)

Oglach – jings!!!


big packy

BIG GEORGES FAN CLUB, attended st augustines from 1965 to 1968 lovely chapel .hh.

Twists n turns

Big G
I’m guessing wee G isnae really wee G any more! My oldest grandson is 15 now and bigger than me and I’m no Ronnie Corbett!

They shoot up quick these days….


mahe @ 7:32pm
Thank you for your kind words,
Perhaps,in life I have had more dealings with individuals with the same MO as the reptiles who inhabit our football club’s boardroom and am probably more combat trained and battle hardened than most of the correspondents of this blog in that respect.
My father taught me to NEVER back down if you believe yourself to be right……….And boy,have I had to take some abuse from people who didn’t know better and probably more who should have known better but most times,if not all,I was proven to be right.
An essential requirement was to possess a strong sense of social justice………The rest,with experience and good mentors to learn from was just as important and just as I was influenced by them,I now try to pass on MY values to whoever wishes to pick them up.
I know that some have,as I have seen the results with my own eyes but some try but sadly find them too heavy to carry and unfortunately they become the person they were meant to be.
All one can do is try…………And keep trying……….And keep trying.
You feel me,bro ?
Hail Hail.


BGFC @ 7:51pm
The Gombeen Man re-posted the comment in question @ 7:32pm,hope that helps you and any interested others.
Welcome to the Pleasuredome ;<)
Hail Hail



Twists n turns – he was 17 on Monday (or 18 if we are in the pub ;-)).

Five A’s in his Highers just past, plays in two bands, skinny, nice teeth, great mile, kind, polite, mad Tim, brilliant wee (big) person – it would make you sick!


Can you tell I like him ?


heading out here.

” My father taught me to NEVER back down ”
Wasnt a wee fat plumber was he because thats all mine kept saying to me 😉
Its exactly that spirit we are gonna need and call upon.
And we ourselves must embrace and pass on that spirit.

This lot can seem lazy but when prodded they will scrap.
When you say to them find your nuts or get kicked in them they soon shift.
Find the one they admire and get him on the front line , they follow.
Not Corkcelt ya eejit ,,
A thing of Beauty !
Thon tongue would clip a hedge and they quiver round here when she’s upset. 😉

Hail Hail

big packy

JIM. ,im here, thanks once again for the john mcormack and keneth McKellar vids this morning? what shall we talk about ?


Evening all

Haven’t been posting much lately as we have a very sick border collie. She’s had painkillers, didn’t work. Now on antibiotics and a stool enhancement (sounds disgusting) treatment. Was at the vet for 3 friggin hours today and back on Monday. Worry worry worry. Anyhoo, in better news, were Celtic brilliant last night or what? YEEEEEEES. I hope all are well on here, oh, and welcome BGFC, hope you and the wee fella are well. HH


lrishboy @ 8:19 – why, thank you!
And a fekin huge HAIL HAIL right back to you.

I think (hope) there is a whiff of revolution in the air. Problem is – given the current structure of football here – we probably need an even richer (actual) Celtic supporter to take over from the current incumbents.

Need to examine the German model maybe – I need to read up on that to see how it works, but expanded fan ownership seems to be a model that works there.


Twists n turns

Big G
Sounds like he’s a great kid . I can tell your proud of him and I’m certain the feeling is mutual. ??????


big packy and jimthetim53

Haven’t been in touch recently, but still thinking of you. Hope everything is sopper dooper as ever. Lol. HH

Packy, I get slagged all the time for my old fashioned taste in music but it gets to my heart. I probably shouldn’t share it on here.

But Wee Fra has read my mind, I swear I was going to ask for him but he is here now. Welcome back WeeFra

big packy

WEEFRA, glad your posting, you have been missed, not by JIM, you understand by me? how are you pal.hh.




‘Tis I!

Wee BGFC, Welcome, I thought you were meant to be busy at a concert tonight?


Im just back! Me and five chicks.

big packy

JIM, your taste in music is the same as mine so don’t apologise for it,these so called musicians nowadays,would not know a semiquaver from a sausage ,big George and wee George excluded?

Ha Ha, 5?