Yellow Wednesday,Blue Thursday and Black Friday.

Howdy,folks. Yon LIBERO character is bloody prolific. This is his second article for us on the same day-a rare accolade for a site which only hosts one new article a day,unless there’s a matter of some import.

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The compulsive retail event dubbed ‘Black Friday’ – which started in Philadelphia in the ‘50s – sees an irrational shopping frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. This consumerist concept has been adopted holus-bolus by many other countries across the globe: Basically, shoppers descend on retail outlets to purge their purses in a show of retail gluttony and financial gloating which, unsurprisingly, creates many accidents, spats and even violent skirmishes.

But for many fans of Celtic FC, Black Friday this year is black (and bleak) for other reasons.

It follows a short period of leadership and shareholder cowardice (Yellow Wednesday) when Celtic bigwigs ignored the reasoned and rational request by ‘The Resolutioners’ to have the club act upon and drive ethical business practice historically and currently across the Scottish professional football game. The Board sees ethical operation and accountability as of little interest to its own, specific, goals.

Thereafter, Thurs was a downcast and crappy day where concientious Joe/Jo shareholders and fans’ realised the depressing truth of how they’re being short-changed by a shareholder-obsessed Board (Blue Thursday). In short, despite the compelling case for Celtic to ‘do the right thing’ the Board has positioned the Club as an entity happy to co-exist with those not averse to doing the wrong thing, especially to support management malpractice by another commercial brand in the same market.

There was further depression when one prominent ‘player’ claimed ignorance over sighting the corrupt but binding document (5-way) which guaranteed to rehabilitate the renegade rangers brand.

As a result – regardless of last night’s result v Rennes – a despondent and muted mood will prevail for many, leading to a somewhat Black (or gloomy) Friday for a proportion of righteous and right-minded Celtic fans, who only ever want ‘fair play’ in the beautiful game.

In truth, in many parts of the world right now, we view examples of how organisational leaders are decidedly out of touch with their ‘real people’ publics; corporate, political and religious chiefs clearly have no finger on the pulse of their ‘people’ and, alarmingly, realise they can govern roughshod over those audiences without much impact on their power-base. In truth, what’s happening at Celtic Park is a small reflection of a bigger, global malaise.

So in the case with the brand that is Celtic; we have a massive global support ruled by a small – yet inordinately powerful – group of influential share-owning and revenue-driven corporate types. Evidently, fair play comes second place to filthy lucre.

In my naivety, I used to look at the EPL with its capitalistic American, Arabic, Asian and Russian oligarchs and think ‘thank faak’ my club will never be infected and driven by the same kind of avarice, corruption and opportunism that rules the elite levels of the world game.

This week, the Celtic AGM provided ample evidence that this club is now populated with the same kind of creatures, and that the soul of Celtic has been, if not entirely sold, whored out for cash money.

This ‘Black Friday’, many Celtic fans might even be – with a heavy heart – writing notices of cancellation, letters of resignation and expressions of outrage that the club – founded by a modest Marist monk – primarily exists for commercial gain, not community cohesion. Perhaps this Black Friday, the brand’s corporate cohort will redraft its Corporate Social Mission Statement, summarised thus on the CFC website:

“Celtic is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration. The Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people.”

Healthy pleasure…Entertainment…Social integration and, of course, the team of the people! So does that mean all of the Celtic family are the people?

Or is that another football brand altogether. Mibby it’s all just one and the same thing?

Head’s confounded, but heart’s bursting withe pride. HH



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The Lions Roar

‘In this day & age‘, CorkCelt, Rangers got away with 168 millions’ worth of debt and carried on regardless, all old club’s titles illegally handed over, the SFA and our own hoard board just got away with aiding and abetting this fraud, Murray got away, knighthood intact, with owing nearly a billion quid, hundreds of millions of it to the queen’s own taxman, then he was allowed to cherry pick the best/most profitable parts of his business from out of the liquidators’ hands and is now running rampant across the green belt land of Gogarburn in Edinburgh for yet another profit making enterprise.

In this day & age, the chief cop in charge at Hillsborough was found Not Guilty yesterday DESPITE PREVIOUSLY HAVING PLED GUILTY.

In this day & age Prince Andrew is a known paedophile and is still walking about Scot free, no sweat.

In this day & age the SFA WERE BARRED BY OLD RANGERS from ever punishing the Newco for the crimes of the old and Dave King was allowed to walk away from 326 criminal charges in South Africa and straight into Sevco and push all of Scottish football’s noses as far into the shit as he wished them.

And none of this is to mention what every one in the entertainment world knew what Saville was up to for all those years, nor how when the cop in charge of Operation Yewtree told his bosses the trail of dead kids led into the Palace itself he was pulled from the case and they started charging old sports presenters instead.

‘In this day & age’ …

And this is just off the top of my head.

I could sit here all night and list a thousand lifetimes of crimes being committed right under our noses and the only reason the perps get away with it is because a society of blinded mugs refuse to even contemplate that it’s happening.

But these crimes are happening, mate, every minute of every day, whether you know it or not or want to believe it or not, because fraud, corruption & collusion are what all societies, and all ‘Brotherhoods’ that run them, are based on.

As though billionaires make their money wholly legitimately, ffs, man, what day & age are you actually living in?

The dark ages?

The Lions Roar

Oglach, if you read my earlier posts properly you will see that it was myself who brought this up as a potential criminal matter and that it was also me who suggested taking it to the police.

But what will the police do when it’s not even allowed to be discussed on Celtic blogs?

Especially after the wide scale fraud they’ve let our board, the Rangers board, the Sevco board & the SFA away with.

I agree that it should be in the hands, as you can see I suggested it, but nothing will get done, not where Knights of The Realm and high ranking Great Wizards like Dave King & Dermot Desmond are involved and do you know why?

Cos the cops are in their pocket.

The cops aren’t here to protect us, they’re here to protect their higher ranking ‘brothers’ in The Craft like the two named above.

How may people have walked into a cop shop and tried to get David Murray charged with robbery & fraud?

Give it a go and see wha response you get, even with every shred of evidence that came out in Craig Whyte’s trial and everything Auldheid have put together …

You’d hand them the documents and they’d go int the back and throw them in the fire, while charging you for a breach of the peace for insulting one of their masters.

So don’t expect justice for any of us anytime soon.

But DO expect collusion at all levels of society.

Cos the scum look after their own and we’re just the host body they feed off.

The Lions Roar, I don’t doubt some of what you say is true. But your anger is pointed towards us posters. We are not to blame.

The Lions Roar

Maybe not now, Packy, but it has been known to the the case.

Even quite recently 🙂

Hope you’re well, bud.


The Lions Roar

No, Jim, my anger is solely pointed towards the Tory Plc Masonic board feeding off the finances of our great club.

I’m never angry at the posters at all, although I AM angry at the fact that on every site every Celtic fan shouts me down that ‘This isn’t possible! Not in this day & age!’ etc etc without ONE OF THEM even going to check the books themselves.

For how can we defend something we know nothing about?

It’s like saying ‘That chief cop at Hillsborough opened the gate and caused the crush’ and everybody goes mad at you for such an accusation when the fact is the cop told us it was his fault himself.

It’s exactly the same analogy.

You tell folk stuff and it freaks them so much they go into complete denial without even having studied the evidence.

And that fuckin cop still walked out of court Not Guilty, as no doubt will Dermot & Peter & that fuckin soft faced sneaky arsed muppet Bankier, the chairman who calls Celtic fans ‘racists’ for calling out yon Tory snake Livingston who voted against the poor of his own constituency, Parkhead itself.

So I’m not angry at any poster on here unless they shout me down without looking at the evidence with which I’ve here presented them.

All they have to do is go the accounts and read them, ffs, it’s not rocket science, the numbers are right there in front of us.

Except, of course, the ones that are not, and those are the ones that matter.


Getting in first before the truth comes out.

Token Tim, Twist n Turns: what a memorable 7 hours that was in the company of Aw Naw, his brother Morrisey123 and BRTH.

It was really what we are all about. A meeting of hearts and minds around the Celtic campfire.

Thank you Cha.

The Lions Roar

There’s one main point I’m making here and it is NOT about the money at Celtic, it’s about how there is a planned Masonic takeover being executed at all levels in every society on Earth and the reason they’ve got away with it is because people refuse to believe it’s happening.

This plan was put in place over 300 years ago and is documented at length in all Masonic literature and we can find all that freely available online too, just like the Plc’s accounts.

Yet no one bothers to look at it,or even belief that it’s there.

But it’s there alright.

And I’ve read LOADS of it.

Cos I DO like to know the real story behind the lies they feed us so therefore I do know what I’m talking about.


Lions, ,
Corkcelt is a known wind up merchant and I’m surprised you fell for his malarkey. 😉
Hail Hail

The Lions Roar

Well, he can read what I wrote and either refute it or agree with it or say he doesn’t give a monkeys either way, he’s just having a laugh.

But the points I made ro him remain as the facts they are and are well worth considering.

The Lions Roar

And I don’t think ‘It’s a total nonsense’ and ‘This is my last word on the subject’ is a wind up, do you?

He couldn’t have been any more unequivocal in his choosing to remain in blind ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence that our hoard board are chancers, liars & frauds colluding with the proven cheats at Hampden & Ibrox, could be?

Just because we don’t believe in something, or, in this case, refuse to look at something, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

It just means that person has chosen comforting lies over uncomfortable truths.


just in from the irish club and yes i have heard of will star.

The Lions Roar

Oh, and something else ..

We’ve had ‘30 million in the bank’ for nigh on three years now but that wasn’t including the 7 million for Armstrong, the 20 million for Moussa, the 9 million for Glitter GrinCo, the 25 million for KT or the 9 million for Virgil from Liverpool.

I don’t think it included the 60 million 2 years’ CL money either.

So that’s 130 Million right there, 69 Mil for the players & Smiler and 60 Mil from the CL jackpots.

Did anybody at the AGM ask if any of those cash windfall bonanzas went into the ‘30 million’ fighting fund to conquer Europe (sic) or does nobody care about that money either?

With It ‘only’ being the 130 mill an that ..?

BVI, anyone ..?

Then they’ve the cheek to say ‘It’s potentially cost us a player’ over a poxy half million quid fine like it’s all the Green Brigade’s fault …

How many players could 130 million have bought us?


youve made your point. You think theres money malarkey.
Got it. You may be right . Youve got your point across.
But youre not thinking of being a broken record here surely?

Margaret McGill

They’re c*nts. We get it.
Think about climate change and how Denmark now sees its greatest threat to its security is from the USA because Greenland is now far more accessible. Celtic is but a fart in the wind.

Twists n turns

Bet is on bud.

£116 for the win. £26 for the place. ( 6 places on PP)

Good luck.

Twists n turns

Re your afternoon out with Awe Naw

I knew it would be an occasion to remember . I’m extremely disappointed I wasn’t there . I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately circumstances dictated I couldn’t make it.

An audience with :

Awe Naw , Auldheid, Morrissey and BRTH

That would’ve been something to enjoy .

I do hope we can catch up at some time.

Twists n turns

Naps Here please:

Bada £8.50
JNP £8.35
ATOB £5.87
Mahe £1.75
1 Tim Malloy £1.33
BP £0.75
TET £0.55
Bobby -£3.38
Gordon 64 -£5.50
TGM -£6.18
JTT -£8.75
Twists -£9
CCE -£9
PF -£10.25

AS67, CCB, Troonbhoy, Uber , Raymac, Mags . (all minus £14)


TWO TAFFS 300 Newbury

Twists n turns

A few posters who entered the competition no longer post on the naps competition so after today’s updated results I’ll remove them.

I don’t want to see someone turn up on Grand National day not having selected for 6 months and nap a 66/1 winner and walk off with the title. That’s not in the spirit of the competition.

Although it didn’t state in the rules you had to post regularly, Bobby Mahe and I had a 3 way agreement at the outset that I could do what I liked and cheat my way through with impunity.
They’ll probably tell you they didn’t see the 3 way agreement. Bobby will say he doesn’t remember seeing it and Mahe will say he was on holiday when it was agreed.

We are all fair men though so we held a vote. The results were:

17 AGAINST this rule change
3 ( Bobby Mahe and I ) FOR.

As major shareholders in SC Bobby and Mahe have 1.5 million shares so added to my 1 that means the final result is

1,500,001 For
17 against

Ha. Only fekkin around here. What kind of system would that be eh? If a few folks could just sweep the hundreds of thousands away without a care?
Couldn’t happen could it?

On a serious note, I will remove the punters who have lost interest in the competition after today’s updated results.

Good luck.

Twists n turns


I may not be around tomorrow morning, so my Nap this week is……..
Arthur’s Quay 2.45 Fairyhouse
Best of to everyone

big packy

12-40 newbury, reserve tank.

Twists n turns



Celtic Champs Elect


Robinsfirth Newbury 3.00. 25/1

12.05 Newbury

Jeremys Flame


Hill Sixteen Newcastle 1.30

Twists n turns

On the blind side

3pm Newbury

Gl all


Papa Delta. 13.40 L.

bada bing1

Caberet Queen 3.00 Newbury

The Gombeen Man

1.00. Mind’s Eye, Fairyhouse.

Cosy Corner Bhoy



Scarlet Dragon 2.25 Newbury

Good luck to all



Jukebox Jive, 2.45 Fairyhouse.


2.25 Newbury
Elvis mail

Fairhill bhoy