Days of Future Past.


That Was The Week That Was,eh? It is not always easy being a Celtic supporter,but it is always worthwhile. Those were the words spoken by Fergus McCann over two decades ago. We always hoped he had a plan for the future,but few of us foresaw a week like last week.

Famously,George Best was lying beside the current Miss World in a rather plush London hotel when he ordered room service. Now,the room service may have been champagne,the Miss World may have been Mary Stavin or it may have been Marjorie Wallace,but the story is always the same. That the waiter arrived with breakfast,looked at his famous guest and his partner,goggled at the splurge of banknotes lying all around the room-for George had won around £50k in a casino the night before-and asked the simple but legendary question…

“George,where did it all go wrong?”

And so it is for Celtic supporters these days. And possibly for the board too. For there can be little doubt that we have rarely had it so good,although that depends on which side of the fence you are viewing it from. As a business,we have record amounts of cash in the bank,a squad which has never been worth more in cash terms,turnover in the last two seasons of approaching £200m. We have investors falling over themselves to join the gravy train whether that be boiler room scam artists or the hard-nosed sharpies at Lindsell Train-no pun intended-who currently own around 20% of a company that they clearly believe in.

I think that it is fair to say that Celtic Plc is regarded as a well run company with a clearly defined modus operandi and a plan for its direction in the future. But like every business with one core product,it is highly leveraged towards the continuing success of the business plan.

And of public sentiment towards it.

You might remember that around the same time that Fergus was changing everything at Celtic Park,Coca Cola,another business with one core product-though highly diversified since-decided that it needed to change the recipe in order to propel it still further. And that is what it did-it literally changed the recipe! Now,nobody can deny that New Formula Coke was a success-after all,it still was clearly outstripping the competition in terms of sales. But it is nevertheless regarded as a signature tale of corporate failure. And of hubris,one of taking your demographic for granted.

Much like the Labour Party in Scotland,though that is a tale for another day…

Coca Cola customers,faithful through and through,demanded a change. They wanted the old days back,they didn’t like this taste of the future and they certainly didn’t like the aftertaste of New Formula Coca Cola. They got their way too,by mobilising the tools then available to them. Public opinion via the media,a united front,a mass boycott. Not big enough to significantly damage sales in the short term,but the company wasn’t prepared to take the risk of the medium term turning out to be worse. Nor was it prepared to accept being front page news for all the wrong reasons. Personally,I thought it tasted great,but it just wasn’t Coca Cola. But then,what could I do about it? I didn’t like its competitors at all,so I was stuck with it.

So,back to Celtic Plc. And its one core product. It too has a customer base which is faithful through and through,and which doesn’t like the competition. And it too seems hell-bent on a New Formula,one which discards the past in favour of its plans for the future. Like Coca Cola,those plans are bringing a success which its competitors can only dream of. Nine successive trophies and a treble treble,another Cup Final next week,a tremendous European run with some notable scalps on the way. Record income and profits and…

A mightily pissed off customer base which isn’t impressed by any of that. That’s us,that is. That’s us,that is,oh yes. Never had it so good,don’t know when we’re born,don’t you remember the Famine Years,or what happened when yon deid club,yada yada…

Celtic Plc has one core product. It is called Celtic FC and the people who support the Plc by buying that product are a fractured and unhappy lot. And one with,it seems,nowhere else to go. For the board of Celtic Plc are employing the time-honoured strategy of divide and rule,in this case by having a go at everyone to the extent that each complaining faction can only concentrate on their own problems-instead of looking at the bigger picture,one where a united front might bring success. To me,it seems that the Plc-in particular,the public front of Bankier and Lawwel-are running the strong possibility of whipping up a perfect storm of opposition through their attack on so many fronts at the same time. They tell us to behave ourselves,that they don’t think that it is in the interests of the club to right an 8yo wrong,that our best supporters are an embarrassment who have cost us the equivalent of a player-or two month’s bonus to PL-that the snipers in the blogosphere Timternet are but a bunch of ingrates who know nothing. Surely it is time for all of the disaffected to unite behind one banner? None can do it alone,that’s for sure. But if we can get the backing of the older crew via the resolutioners,the younger crew via The Green Brigade,the social media via the bloggers,all that the board have left in their favour is the despised MSM and a few other lickspittles. Each has tried in their own way over the years to take the battle to The Man,and each,though confident in their search for justice,has been batted away.

It is time for change. If history has proven anything to us,it is that the rebels CAN win. And win,we must. Or our club is gone forever,replaced by a soulless New Formula with no interest in our past,only in a future driven by a fast buck.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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IMO,the huns financial status is no secret. Certainly more widely known than in 2011. But then,they got a licence last year and this,so obviously they have an exemption.


My thoughts are with the victims-and their families and friends-of the latest outrage in London. Thankfully these are rare,though I recall a spate of them around the time of the last election.

What an unfortunate coincidence.

Mario Bertolini

Bmcuwp, the question is. Is the Celtic support United? Are they all aware of the current situation re: res12 and all that encompasses with regard to our football club, not company, and scottish football in the main. The fraud the was committed and money lost to teams who never got to compete in europe.
I don’t think we are going to reverse what is happening at the Plc, as you stated other companies coming on board being given shares, ok buying shares. Still. This is a further distancing the supporters, no longer a place where we are ma de to feel a part of. Just a customer base like any other product, You like it buy it and more.
I think too many of younger supporters have been spoilt, they have grown up drunk in 8 yrs of success. nevery experienced the lean years and reality of what can happen when things go belly up.
A concerted effort is required to get all supporters to band together as one to confront the board. Show them that we are not customers.

your last sentence, condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in such tragic circumstances. I will keep my thoughts on this to myself.

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

No relevance to article, apols

Just want to add to the not so small discussions of late.

Lions Roar,

I was bemused my what seemed like mental stuff from you a few days ago…
But then you reigned it in, and the major points started to come through .

I 100% agree with you about the accounts.
Of course they are ripping the pish, like any major PLC shareholders do. But again, football is less controlled and more easily abused.

I’m with you 100% ?‍♂️

And you’re not the only one that has been saying it. Other posters here, [on CQN] sussed it before I did!!

And I actually dont agree with Mahe, that its just another side issue. I agree with you, and hear you, that it should be the major issue shareholders should be going for now…above the failure of the SFA to administer their duties fairly. Or both together ?‍♂️ An explanation for the undefined millions in expenses needs explained. It’s absolutely an issue.

Your posts of recent have been good – direct, to the point….. but the first posts i read of you a few days ago were fucking mental ?!? ?‍♂️… which is rich, coming from me?!!….

I’m 100% with you on all you say about corporate control and the thieves on the Celtic Board.

Just your attack on one or two innocents and blog hosts was bizarre, and annoys me as it makes those of us that share your thoughts look like the conspiracy theorist idiots that your enemies want us to.??

I know I wasn’t the first, but I know for sure I made comments on CQN about the mysterious millions being dismissed in the annual accounts more than once!! Others were raising that question, albeit more subtly it was same as the land deals issue….which wasnt a dibkext CQN wanted to pursue either……but some of us did mention it ?‍♂️.

You have good points to make, but when you keep claiming what seems like hero status and insulting the rest of us, you are NOT helping the cause.

And i agree, Corkcelt was genuine, not as Mahe thought, a wind up. I also agree with your summary of that attitude.

An absurd approach, to say that financial irregularities just dont exist, after participating in a blog that has been exposing them for nearly 15 years.

You’ve got something significant to offer – please see how your recent comments garner more support, and engage with us as you’ve been doing. Because they have been excellent posts.


PS, hello to all you regular Sentinel Sell Outs…m. sorry Sentinel Sinataras… ?

I SO bring the average age of you fuckers down by 60%.

While still making Jim the Tim, Twists and Big Packy look older than they are.

But then, they didn’t test their health by chasing push trains up and down the UK, like BMCUW !! ?‍♂️

Twists n turns

Where the hell you been ?
I’m a man of routine, and you’ve disrupted that routine:

1 Wake up
2 Pee
3 Bring milk in
4 Coffee
5 Smoke
6 Read what Uber been up to and what he has to say
7 Head out the door with a smile

Recently I’m having to replace number 6 with extra smokes. You’re killing me……

Number 7 sees me heading out the door wondering what Uber is up to? Locked away with a dame? Just locked away?

SC without Uber is like when Celtic play in away strips. Jist no the same.

Mags used to be my morning fix on CQN…….she changed her routine too…..I had withdrawal symptoms for a long time…… I hit the hard stuff… a wee livener in my coffee…. don’t send me back there ….

Mario Bertolini

I would think in the accounts everything should as they say be accounted for down to the last penny. Would you invest in a company if accounts were not clear and monies not accounted for. I know there are wysiwyg and means of disgusing outgoings in some form or another. But millions £’s I dunno.will need to relook at this year’s account’s see if I can see anything, poss just a big picture put out and not the fine brush strokes. I would think that there will be cost centre codes for, wages both internal and subcontractors, materials, office equipment etc. Lots of dead money in wages, that is- who actually makes money for plc, is it the players coz they win the games and trophies which equates to money. Office staff, groundspeople etc don’t. We would need to see into the guts of the accounts.
But the old saying pen is mightier than the sword.

big packy

BOBBY, cracking post as usual but we need the old firm celtic fans on board, you know the ones that are obsessed by the rainjurs.hh.

big packy

UBER, nice to see you on, I agree with everything twisty says,?

big packy

APOLOGIES, thoughts and prayers to the victims in London.

Twists n turns



BMCUWP; great rallying call for a collective approach. The article sets the dilemma out in a pretty balanced way but here’s an added perspective; what if the Board – fiscally professional as it is – are simply not bent, crooked or shifty? I reckon as businesspeople they may see the ‘cheatin years’ as a blip, a market glitch they commercially capitalised on. Also I’d say – down to the last penny – the club’s financial actuaries have analysed the impacts within, outwith and surrounding and are secure in the result of their ‘plays’. Bet they know what proportion of us have the appetite for change and how many will accept status quo.
If their job is to dispassionately ‘do the math’, mibby they think OUR JOB is to handle the psycho-emotional ‘math’ (which rankles) and let bygones be just that. Mibby they’re that cocksure that if ‘les currants’ and SFA ever tried it on again, the CFC biz would again be their better. In life, I try to look for the best in folk but take it hard should they do something arseholey. Scunnered as I was with the institutional shareholder decision to move along, what if they’re all on the business level and the issue of imperfect adherence is now my responsibility to triage. Compassion or derision may follow; ah well, c’est lavvy HH


PS sympathies for those blighted by the insanity of thon London loon.

Twists n turns

Very well written article in which you’ll have undoubtedly captured the thoughts of many in your unique inimitable style.

You talk about getting the younger crew on board. That’ll be a mighty tough ask.
I don’t know which outlet is best to do that. The younger generation I’m in contact with don’t seem to be aware of a lot of the stuff that we see questioned here and on other forums.

Even the pro board forums don’t seem to be attracting a young audience.

My kids are season ticket holders. The res 12 stuff? Anytime I mentioned it?
“ what’s the latest on it?”

They didn’t seem to be picking up on it anywhere on social media, which I find astonishing since they seem to spend an awful lot of time on it. ( social media)

Perhaps they were seeing it but for whatever reasons, not engaging on it? Lazy readers? No interest as long as we are winning? Don’t understand it fully?

Perhaps a bit of everything really.

There’s no doubt in my mind though, that if were losing titles and trophies to the huns, there would be more interest.

I think it was ATOB ( apologies if I’ve got it wrong and it wasn’t) but, someone said on here recently, that most of those seated around them knew little to fekk all about.

How is that possible? I guess they must’ve seen it somewhere, but do they just switch off when they see the subject matter?

If you allow me to diversify a little , but on the same theme, yesterday, Awe Naw, Auldheid BRTH and Morrissey had a wee lunch get together. I was really looking forward to it, but had to pull out. My point is though, I bet you a £ to a birds shite, IF – you put 1000 people in an audience with those 4, ( and the other resolutioners) and they just listened, I’ll bet you from that 1000 more than half would leave enlightened .

For whatever reason the message isn’t reaching enough people, particularly younger ones.

I’ll tell you something else. Last year an ex work colleague of mine asked me about res 12. I tried to explain as best I could. I also said “ I’ll send you some detail on it”

He said “great thanks”

I sent him something I copied over on the matter.

I met him many months later and he asked me again – about res 12

I said to him “ didn’t you get the stuff I sent you?”

“Oh yeah” he says , “ I got it thanks but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered reading all that!”

How do you reach that type of laziness?

It’s a tough one.

If we don’t get 9? That’ll get them interested but for all the wrong reasons.

Rangers ‘may have to play final Europa League game behind closed doors’ at Ibrox after reports of sectarian singing at Feyenoord clash.

I’m confused. I thought King Billy was Dutch? Who took offence?

Have the Dutch moved on from 1690?

Awe Naw


Pleasure was all mine.

Hope you got home ok


Uber, ,
Corkcelts my mate that was in jest.
Fine form today I see. Happy days.
Back after coffee.
Can’t sleep.
This Agm stuff has me wound up.
Hail Hail


Here’s a question, would you rather Celtic didn’t win 9/10 in a row or even next week’s cup final to the zombies in order that the wider support might awake from their slumber regarding the actions of our tory plc?

Twists n turns

The wild goose
I said the very same thing on here midweek. Can’t believe I was sitting contemplating whether it would be better to lose to those bassas in the hope of it opening a few minds.

When push comes to shove though I couldn’t sit hoping for them winning , and I don’t imagine many could.


Thewildgoose…how about a trade-off. I’d give up the cup final (so a quaddie-treble) if it meant a majority awakening. No give up on 10 though.


Wild Goose,
In a heartbeat I would take those choices. Trinkets and baubles mean nothing next to your pride and self respect.
Hope you’re well Sir.
Hail Hail


Is it really surprising the younger generation know little about our boards shenanigans ?
We are being bombarded with a tsunami of information /misinformation.
This leads to rumor and innuendo among the supporters attending games so confusion to be expected.
Lenny may have been appointed in the showers but i believe that decision was made months before and would only have been changed if he had majorly Fe#ked up.
The present circumstances around Celtic are not the result of happenstance but the culmination of a long term plan.
We are where we are deliberately and only time will tell if the choices of this board were the right ones for them and the support.
For lifelong supporters like me who grew up proud of the Celtic supports ethos and defiance against a malevolent and dishonest environment the boards present behavior is a step to far.
The beautiful game that Pele once described is now just a marketing slogan to grab money.


Fan 1.09.
Indeed, the tory government are doing exactly the same thing here in this election campaign.
Squirrels everywhere to prevent proper scrutiny.


Fan, ,
I dont know which way to turn.
Should the Hun go under that leaves me with a complicit Celtic.
Should the league collapse if they go under, still left with guilty club.
If board change club still guilty and the fans didn’t give a toss about ehtics.

Is there only about ten or twenty percent care about morals? Should that small percent do the work for the rest?
Should they force the issue and do the masses really want it forced?
Will they be happy if this turns into a league collapse?

The fans must not enter Hampden next May if the team get there. That should be one big goal. Hopefully Extinction Rebellion hit Auld Reekie that day.
Even one high profile Csc saying no not going would be huge.
Surely some of the supporters clubs have good men at the top?
Hail Hail from Fresno

Margaret McGill

Bobby…and to continue your capitalist tims analogy to Coca Cola regarding morality and false indignation, when the USA Government prevented/encouraged Coca Cola to stop selling Coca Cola to the Nazis they invented Fanta for Nazi consumption. Very tasty!



Margaret McGill

The EPL – the relegation league
15 teams within 9 points of the drop zone.

Margaret McGill

Reading isnt the thing these days. Takes too long and sometimes you need to think about the previous sentence.
Next->Next-> Next-> Install
We have a generation or 2 of Uber-clickers.and Im not talking about taxis.


Bobby, ,
I had no idea about coke cola recipe. Thought it was just invented and that was that. There’s carrots in there somewhere in my humble opinion.
I do recall the 1st time in the states, when back to the future was in the cinema, there was a tv ad that a guy walked into a store and asked for a cola
The clerk rhymes off the 40 something options of Coke and the guy says just gimme a Pepsi.
Not a big soda fan myself. Root beer if anything. Sasparilla maybe.
Enjoy your pints.
Hail Hail


Caught the end of Newcastle-Man city game.
Commentators in the aftermath talking about what has happened to City this season.
Consensus was injuries and a poor defense due to not being settled.
They have a point but surely Man city with huge financial resources are to blame for an unbalanced squad?
Also Pep’s reluctance to use youth has resulted in them playing Fernandinho as a centre back.
This i feel is the real reason as they took out the midfield anchor that allowed them to be an adventurous team.
There is now no real protection in front of defense so they look vulnerable and the uncertainty has spread throughout the team.


There can be no moving on until the SFA complete the current JPDT on UEFA Licence 2011.

The letter from PL to a shareholder sets out Celtic’s position in that regard so whatever SC comes up with has to focus on the SFA but make Celtic’s passivity unacceptable to the wider support. So over to SC as I’ve tweeted in hope that enough folk have a grasp of where things stand.

Lost in the post AGM angst was Celtic’s position re Res12 2013. It still isn’t dead now that we know Celtic’s position or do we? Is it still not in their interest to have SFA finish the job they started?
How can we make it? Over to the supporters.

The Gombeen Man

I suppose the driving force today is instant gratification. Most houses seem to have skip loads of junk in them. Stuff just bought on impulse for an instant kick.

Much like the puppy that’s bought at Christmas and finds itself surplus to requirements before the end of January. I’m sure TET or Packiy have plenty of experience of that.
Celtic and Sevco are a bit like that. Treble Trebles, Ten and Fifty-Five are part of this insatiable fervour to fill the hole inside of all of us.

Even the joy of the Treble Treble was quickly overshadowed by the anointment in the showers.

Without substance, much of this just becomes marketing ploys. Nobody really wants to look at the internal decay in the game.
Without truth, the game’s a bogey.

The youngsters in the support often find a bit of meaning in the culture of the Ultras and the adrenalin rush of the pyro.
The incessant bombardment of propaganda in the media has produced a disconnected, disinterested youth culture.
It’s a culture that looks at politics and political leaders with contempt. Trades Unions used to offer a vision, they don’t seem to now. Religion is an irrelevance and just another source of dubious middle-class men, peddling guilt. Religion is failing because it isn’t filling the hole people feel.
It isn’t offering transformation and a way out of the repetitive cycle.

Brother Walfrid did that. He provided a purpose. The suits of today would have been appalled by his vision. A vision that empowered people and rejected the liberal mindset.

There is a real lack of people providing authentic leadership. If those of us in the second half of life are okay with dishonesty and corruption, can we expect anything else from our children?

If as supporters we allow our CEO and Chairman to walk away from the ethos of the club, we are complicit.

We all enjoy the spectacle of the game but if it troubles something within and if that internal voice is getting louder there is something wrong.

Exactly when the support wake up is out of my hands. All I can do is stop feeding the monster by giving it money and carry the message.

The others will wake up when it’s time.



Want to get the latest generation of politically aware Celtic supporters interested in the PLCs lack of testicles for a fight and it’s taste for soup ladled out by the Scots establishment? An almost impossible task imo. Take a poll of any of our more radically minded supporters, the young team who congregate in the standing section, and ask them their opinion of Res 12. I guess the majority would shrug their shoulder and say ‘I dunno’. It is the same for the majority of the support. Only an unforeseen footballing collapse – not achieving 10IAR will make fans wake up and take proper notice of what our very own in house Huns are up to. Losing the league cup final to Sevco – a one off game – will mean nothing, an easily forgotten annoyance. Anyway Lenny is strategically placed to take the flack should it all turn to shite. Our in house Huns aren’t dumb, like all good strategists they are a good few moves ahead of any foreseen problems.


The Gombeen Man OGLACH
Arrogance will be their downfall.
Just got to hope that the damage they will have inflicted is repairable.
With the avaricious wealthy permanently circling for their next profitable carcass i hope the fans mobilize to salvage what’s left.

big packy

EVENING ALL the gombeen man, fan, and oglach, good posts, what do we do to get rid of a tory board, sorry a freemason tory board,we need to use the tools at our disposal, there has got to be computer IT specialists among our support let the younger ghuys use the internet to shame these bassas name and shame them I don’t believe in that saying there is no such thing as bad publicity.hh.


Euro draw just made.
Germany, France and Portugal all in same group.Which means the winners of the last three major tournaments are all in the same group,
Group A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales
Group B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland
Group C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, Path A/D
Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Path C (including Scotland)
Group E: Spain, Poland, Sweden, Path B (including NI and ROI)***
Group F: Germany, France, Portugal, Path A/D*
Four of the six third-placed sides go through, so Germany, France and Portugal could all go through

Some powerful comments on here today,folks. Thanks for the support. I’ll probably work a few of them into an article in midweek.

I don’t want this to go away,but we have to ask a couple of questions about it. Such as why are the apparent majority of the support so ignorant of Res 12? Are we the guys who have got it wrong,that in actual fact,nobody else gives a f..k?

Or is information management a science now to keep people concentrated -for as short a period as possible-on one topic at a time. Or squirrel time,in other words

Do most people only take information by sound bite rather than by basic research? See the post fromTWISTSNTURNS for an answer to that.

Have we even,God forbid,misjudged the power of social media which is our major tool? When tv radio and press outlets are ignoring us,does that mean we are being ignored?

Say what you like,that no-one watches reads or listens to MSM but how often has someone said to you…

Did you see what was in the paper the day? Did you hear that on the radio last night? Did you catch that on the telly yesterday?

To reverse the metaphor,are we fighting with swords against an army of Gatling guns?

We have to get this right. And being right clearly isn’t enough at the moment.


Philvis-style Thumbs-up!

But how to unite us when we are so easily divided? It’s a genuine quandary.

big packy

pardon me ghuys for saying, we have some fantastic wordsmiths on here at the moment, you all know who you are, and welcome back to the lions roar, and the uber tim, although the uber tim was only on holiday? but ghuys you do realise, jimthetim53 to give him his proper title, and myself are the ones to beat?


BMCUW. 7.08.
My own opinion is that fans aren’t ignorant of Res 12, many just don’t see it as a big issue, boring is a comment I see on Twitter, when Res 12 is discussed.
The fans are split into many factions on it, so it lacks real momentum, amongst the majority of fans.
There are those who Mags frequently call out, who only want to defeat any version of ” Rangers ”
Those who will just accept what the PLC say, as long as we are winning.
Those, who it annoys, but will still go home and away and to Hampden.
Those who just now go to home games.
Those, who it annoys and refuse to go to any cup game run by SFA.
Those who have given up season tickets but still attend, when the notion takes.
Those that no longer buy merchandise but still attend, Etc, etc, etc, all the way to those who think similar to MIT, and have given up.
It’s all very fragmented, which has the PLC rubbing their hands in glee.

Problem is we are so in the minority, the vast majority don’t care, they are watching a winning team and the hun is in a kind of disarray, so presently I very much doubt that is gonna change, it’s gonna take us losing the league for some to awaken, even then it will be a struggle me thinks.
IMO it will have to be sustained losses for any kinda change to take place.
In this day and age…or…. Hidden in pain sight
You answered your own question with what you said, they get away with things cos they can, the rich and powerful always have and always will, aye we can take a scalp or two along the way, but they will never relinquish the power they have, they being everyone in power, right down to the SFA and our club, why would they.

I will remember today as the worst day I have had betting for many’s a year, I blame thon St Andrew fella 😉

The Gombeen Man

The younger supporter has been raised on a bevvy of Sky Sports and social media distortion.
A 19-year-old last saw *Rangers win the league when he was 10/11 years old.

The perplexing ones are the older supporters who are in denial. They seem to be in a state if amnesia and believe whatever soundbite or excuse from the boardroom.

There again maybe the head in the sand approach is just conditioning or a survival technique in Scotland?

It seems that many of the rebels are based outside Scotland and not as easy prey to the manipulation of the media and the Plc?


The Gombeen Man.
Yes, I agree.
I find a lot of the older fans worse.
I feel that they are more interested in oneupmanship.
They’ve had it rammed down their throats and are now joyfully giving it back, so don’t want anything to change, I think only Sevco winning the league will change things, for them and, for me, there is no way I could wish that to happen.

Agree it’s the older ones who are the real problem, the kids can quite easily be maneuvered to whatever direction needs be, it’s us oldies who should be more stuck in our ways, yet there seems to be a massive majority who just don’t care, I find that astounding, even down to who they vote for, astounding.

big packy

wait a minute, jnp tgm and tet, did you not see my post from earlier, talking about the younger ghuys ,ok just ignore me, my mate will be on shortly to tell you off, JIM where are you.?


I’ve just realised that if Serbia win their play off against Norway then against Scotland/Israel, they will play against Croatia in Glasgow, at the Euros, tasty.


That’s a huge part of the problem. The outside view from abroad-or Swindon!-is more hardline,I think,because we haven’t coughed up for the season tickets.

And,get this-give up the season ticket and how long might it take to get another one?

Truly,the only way to protest is by refusing to renew. There is little appetite for it,for the reasons above. Plus a few others,of course.

Screwed every which way,as simple as that.

You never mentioned the older ones tho, did you 😉

big packy

THE EXILED TIM,apologies? still looking at your site for some collars and leads, will be in touch.hh.

What site ?

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