Days of Future Past.


That Was The Week That Was,eh? It is not always easy being a Celtic supporter,but it is always worthwhile. Those were the words spoken by Fergus McCann over two decades ago. We always hoped he had a plan for the future,but few of us foresaw a week like last week.

Famously,George Best was lying beside the current Miss World in a rather plush London hotel when he ordered room service. Now,the room service may have been champagne,the Miss World may have been Mary Stavin or it may have been Marjorie Wallace,but the story is always the same. That the waiter arrived with breakfast,looked at his famous guest and his partner,goggled at the splurge of banknotes lying all around the room-for George had won around £50k in a casino the night before-and asked the simple but legendary question…

“George,where did it all go wrong?”

And so it is for Celtic supporters these days. And possibly for the board too. For there can be little doubt that we have rarely had it so good,although that depends on which side of the fence you are viewing it from. As a business,we have record amounts of cash in the bank,a squad which has never been worth more in cash terms,turnover in the last two seasons of approaching £200m. We have investors falling over themselves to join the gravy train whether that be boiler room scam artists or the hard-nosed sharpies at Lindsell Train-no pun intended-who currently own around 20% of a company that they clearly believe in.

I think that it is fair to say that Celtic Plc is regarded as a well run company with a clearly defined modus operandi and a plan for its direction in the future. But like every business with one core product,it is highly leveraged towards the continuing success of the business plan.

And of public sentiment towards it.

You might remember that around the same time that Fergus was changing everything at Celtic Park,Coca Cola,another business with one core product-though highly diversified since-decided that it needed to change the recipe in order to propel it still further. And that is what it did-it literally changed the recipe! Now,nobody can deny that New Formula Coke was a success-after all,it still was clearly outstripping the competition in terms of sales. But it is nevertheless regarded as a signature tale of corporate failure. And of hubris,one of taking your demographic for granted.

Much like the Labour Party in Scotland,though that is a tale for another day…

Coca Cola customers,faithful through and through,demanded a change. They wanted the old days back,they didn’t like this taste of the future and they certainly didn’t like the aftertaste of New Formula Coca Cola. They got their way too,by mobilising the tools then available to them. Public opinion via the media,a united front,a mass boycott. Not big enough to significantly damage sales in the short term,but the company wasn’t prepared to take the risk of the medium term turning out to be worse. Nor was it prepared to accept being front page news for all the wrong reasons. Personally,I thought it tasted great,but it just wasn’t Coca Cola. But then,what could I do about it? I didn’t like its competitors at all,so I was stuck with it.

So,back to Celtic Plc. And its one core product. It too has a customer base which is faithful through and through,and which doesn’t like the competition. And it too seems hell-bent on a New Formula,one which discards the past in favour of its plans for the future. Like Coca Cola,those plans are bringing a success which its competitors can only dream of. Nine successive trophies and a treble treble,another Cup Final next week,a tremendous European run with some notable scalps on the way. Record income and profits and…

A mightily pissed off customer base which isn’t impressed by any of that. That’s us,that is. That’s us,that is,oh yes. Never had it so good,don’t know when we’re born,don’t you remember the Famine Years,or what happened when yon deid club,yada yada…

Celtic Plc has one core product. It is called Celtic FC and the people who support the Plc by buying that product are a fractured and unhappy lot. And one with,it seems,nowhere else to go. For the board of Celtic Plc are employing the time-honoured strategy of divide and rule,in this case by having a go at everyone to the extent that each complaining faction can only concentrate on their own problems-instead of looking at the bigger picture,one where a united front might bring success. To me,it seems that the Plc-in particular,the public front of Bankier and Lawwel-are running the strong possibility of whipping up a perfect storm of opposition through their attack on so many fronts at the same time. They tell us to behave ourselves,that they don’t think that it is in the interests of the club to right an 8yo wrong,that our best supporters are an embarrassment who have cost us the equivalent of a player-or two month’s bonus to PL-that the snipers in the blogosphere Timternet are but a bunch of ingrates who know nothing. Surely it is time for all of the disaffected to unite behind one banner? None can do it alone,that’s for sure. But if we can get the backing of the older crew via the resolutioners,the younger crew via The Green Brigade,the social media via the bloggers,all that the board have left in their favour is the despised MSM and a few other lickspittles. Each has tried in their own way over the years to take the battle to The Man,and each,though confident in their search for justice,has been batted away.

It is time for change. If history has proven anything to us,it is that the rebels CAN win. And win,we must. Or our club is gone forever,replaced by a soulless New Formula with no interest in our past,only in a future driven by a fast buck.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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IMO,the huns financial status is no secret. Certainly more widely known than in 2011. But then,they got a licence last year and this,so obviously they have an exemption.


Ah,the age-old old-age reference to The Famine Years. Aye,I know what you mean. Sod justice as long as we beat them,waited years for this.

I’d have thought that they in particular would have been demanding the death sentence as restitution for many wrongs,but naw.

And it seems that the younger brigade think that what we have fought against all this time vis an irrelevance

Total brain fade from them both. See wrong,do something about it. See Celtic wininng,soma tiime.

Billy Bhoy


My brother in law, Tommy, is a ST holder and a shareholder. He despises the hun as much as any of us. However, he isn’t on social media at all and relies on the Glasgow Herald for all his news.
Now, he is an IFA in Glasgow. You would have thought that he would be fascinated by all the shit that has gone down since 2012. He just isn’t interested!
I car share with him to the games and have tried to get him galvanised but he just doesn’t want to know.
There must be thousands like him that go to all the games but just don’t care about the non-football aspects.
The ironic thing is that Tommy was the first person to tell me that not only was Craig Whyte NOT a Rangers supporting billionaire, he was NEITHER a Rangers supporter or a billionaire. He said I’m not even sure if he’s currently a Thousandaire! This was within weeks of him being crowned as King of Ibrox and being lauded all down Paisley Rd West.

How we overcome this collective apathy is beyond me. I reckon it would need the involvement of one of the SMSM to break rank and expose the corruption since 2012 with the sham that was LNS and beyond. But as time passes that seems unlikely.

Perhaps it would take 10 in a row and 5 trebles to upset the applecart and blow apart the continuity myth.

Time will tell.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, this one

You will have a long look to see any collars and leads on that site, they are on Facebook 😉


Yep. And that’s how it is. Sod off,Celtic is my release from everything else. And we’re winning so why ruin it?

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, I could swear I seen some collars and leads on that site, old age creeping in, im not on facebook,but joan is so will have a look,.hh.


Well,that explains why you haven’t found the right ones yet

Btw,I can vouch for the quality of his goods. Some good people have proffered them as gifts.

big packy

BOBBY, if you say the exiled tims stuff is ok, joan will buy it ,she thinks the sun shines out your backside???

The Gombeen Man

It reminds me of the Celtic Tiger here in Ireland. For years most (including yours truly) we’re on the pigs back.
Then came the crash and all fingers were pointing at the Banks and politicians.

A few savvy economists had been warning of it for years and were suddenly gurus. Previously theyd been ignored.

As usual, the billionaires were quids in.


As you know it’s very easy to get caught up in the insanity of it back home.


You’re right you mentioned the young team first.
I saw your post to Tim Horton about the an accordion player from Croy called Starr. Are you related,?


BMCUW. 8.18.
That sums it up.
A fair few, I know have that exact attitude.

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN ,will starr was my fathers cousin both croy tims

There will be they are not mine.
My collars are on FB and it’s been so long since I have posted there I can’t remember what it’s called, I think it’s crystal collars, tho not sure.


My earlier post regarding the seeming apathy of our ‘young team’ radicals over Res 12 and the ‘Huns’ on our board was meant to be a polemic of how difficult it will be engage with and galvanise a very vocal / visual section of our support that aren’t afraid to confront the ‘in house huns’ head on. If we could then we would have a regular visual / vocal reminder of the boards collusion in cheating. Could the PLC huns react without the rest of the support questioning why they are banning individuals / closing sections of the ground for doing no more than question the motives of the PLC.

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, don’t worry will not buy anything until I speak with you. ?

I am not worried, you can trust me on that 😉

big packy

JIM, are you lurking or out having a swally with weefra? get on here

big packy

ok, the batchelors were an irish trio 1960s /70s, there were 2 brothers in the group name them, cyber pint to the winner.




big packy

If Jims is having a swally wi me, he must be sitting opposite me in my living room. ??HH


big packy

The Bachelors two brothers were Conleth and Declan Cluskey and the outsider was John Stokes. They were originally called Harmonichords in 1958 and changed their name after a successful tour of England in 1959. HOWZAT. ??? HH

big packy

WEEFRA,spot on ,cyber pint and hug to you, don’t know where jim is,he has not been on all day, you watch ill go to bed and he will come on ,hope your ok its freezing down here, just had joan filling the coal buckets up, hey im not doing it, im retired?


big packy

-6 here at the moment and never got to plus today. Brrrrrrrrr. My coal buckets are full due to me filling them. And I’m fkn retired. Lol. HH

big packy

WEEFRA,? gnagb everyone.hh.


big packy

Night night. And night night to all. Sleep well. HH


This is not the Celtic i know and hold dear,even through the white n kelly’s.then we knew and the whole of Scotland knew what was happening( as the rest of them) but

Not fight the good fight, the righteous one shame on the board.
To me they are as the majority of this blog say
we are a football club like no other,not the plc,but us the support if we stand together we will prevail,
We have to many uneducated tims on this issue it is time to awaken the rebel within us to educate and to seek justice,we the rebels will win,it is only a matter of time,how long? Fk. But we will.
A powerful chant comes to mind


Its like we are the Resistence in V and the rest dont know what they are really like yet.
Long live the Resistence! Up the Rebel Alliance!


how can you hate sevco, sounds like a insurance co.
now rangers thats a different kettle of fish.


yes they do(women)
eastern star!!!!!


goodnight guys , off to watch the papist……….murdoch.
only in ontario.


Wouldn’t trust the Beeb if it told me tomorrow was coming.

Every one and their dog knows it’s the main propaganda tool of the reigning party.
Build em up, bring em down bullshit.
I just wanna see what angle is being peddled.
Its clear the Scottish branch of the Times were ordered to pump out some puff pieces on the team that plays in light blue that was awarded the history of the team that played in light blue who died.
Charles Green admitted he bought the history in a court of law.
Hail Hail

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

Evening/ morning Fholks,

Twists, thank you so much for the warm words earlier. Sorry I missed them, as I was conked out ?… actually one of the most flattering things ever, and warmly appreciated. I try to restrict my comments here, as there are far sharper and wiser nappers than mines here, and I only want to continue when I have something worthwhile to add, or else, be funny, which is never a given ?‍♂️? Who’d choose to be a comedian ????…

BP will know what I mean ? (sorry, BP, I love what you bring here, i mean that! ❤).

Great read back today as always. The quality is excellent.

Something still sticks in my mind – the Bliss Point.

Thanks to the Gombeen Man, this has been on my mind for days, and I’ve actually been buying Asda Smartprice strawberry trifles, Smartprice Cider, and, believe it or not, organic plum tomatoes, so I can – not test this theory, as I know it’s TRUE – but build more evidence.

Then i realised the obvious- my own personal bliss point is when I’ve drank enough to feel that my opinion should be heard, along with all the stories I want to share…. the dip down after is the distressing bit… “wtf was I talking about?” ??

Anyway, for you, the one person still reading this, my point is this……

The younger generation have been conditioned to value materialism over community. Materialism can come in the form of their favourite team winning trophies.
This is why the tory board will always keep the GB within useful control.
As others have said today, they aren’t on that board because they’re pacifist do-gooders. They are absolutely a part of the british establishment, and the British establishment needs Glasgow divided – a lesson learned just before they sent John McLean to Peterheid.

We fell for it – give them an Irish capitalist to confuse and divide them.

Classic Brit tactic, and we all fell for it. Only now, some of us are starting to waken up to it.

The message needs made clear and widespread.

HH all.

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

TLR @ 03.16am,

Excellent stuff. 100% agree.

Just watched the Graham Norton show.

I listened to David Mitchell give one of his characteristics rants, this time, in defence of the mainstream media, who “don’t always tell lies”, and so we should respect them more ??

Good stuff from a Blairite – he confuses me… but that kind of nailed it for me.

He’s how I picture SFTB now ?? (sorry SFTB, but your post defending the CQN article on Friday qualifies that).

I wanted to be on that couch, to ask him why Hilary sanctioned war with Iran as part.of her election campaign against Trump… why she usurped Bernie Sanders using dirty tricks, and finally, ask him what it was that made Building 5 collapse on September the 11th ? ?‍♂️

Oh, and the small matter of her husband’s name being as prominent on Epstein’s wee black book as much as Andrew Windsor and Donald Trump. ?

And why Assuange is rotting in jail for telling the truth….

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

Last post from me tonight (I hope)….

This was in Sky Arts earlier.
Can’t recommend it highly enough.
Absolutely brilliant crossover from live music to cinema, and on a subject close to all our hearts.

I expect the gentleman Delaneys Dunkey will have seen this….and ole Petec too.

Not seen you posting for a while DD, how you’re well sir?

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

And finally (sorry fholks) …
A reminder about how WE are Celtic, and not the 5 to 10 parasites on the board……

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

Ffs, okay, sorry, one last thing.

I’m just back from walking Heid the Baw, who is finally relaxed tonight after months of knuckle dragging fireworks.

My thoughts whilst she shit 3 times and was having a wail of a time after a few hours of cowering under the bed….

It was so cold I was literally holding the scarf to my face. My eyes were watering.

This is in north Lanarkshire.

There are hundreds begging for mercy in doorways all around us. Poor souls needing fucking help, not judgement.

So the GB raise, what, circa £17,000 of collections for food banks.

It’s not just about that. They are also making the crucial point about what football can and should be doing….we are paying more than ever into the sport, yet less and less is going back to communities.

It’s actually an age old argument, but it seems we all need reminded of it once in a while. And the GB have made it well repeatedly.

Which is why the tory board love to demonize them, with the help of the hun media.

Divide and conquer.

The issue today is that the soul of CFC is at stake, and is more precarious that it ever has been.

Being angry at BR makes me laugh, especially from those of the other channel.

Then the financial broker and this timely article about how we are ripe for investment …. conveniently after the AGM…..

The power is with the worldwide support. Always has been. With proper social media management, we can take back control, and lead by example.

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

The idea of using sport/entertainment against the establishment isn’t new. We just forgot it recently.

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

And then, this….

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

The Praetorian Guard will always protect their leader… we just need to ensure we have the right leader.

big packy

MORNING ALL, the lions roar and uber thanks for your kind comments, by the way uber im from north Lanarkshire, I can never remember it being cold up there in December, bloody freezing yes??

big packy

UBER, just about to take my 4 westies out, the ice is that thick, was gonna make a sledge like my father used to make for me when I was a nipper, and let them pull me along?

Twists n turns

Morning all

Morning Uber. Quality stuff to greet me this fine morning.

Lot of moaning about the cold. Minus 6 here. Lukewarm. I’ll get by with t shirt and shorts today. (Though I’ll probably put gloves on to scrape the car.)

BP . A sledge?? You had it good bud. Spoilt.

Granddaughter told me this is the first day for the advent calendar.

I said to her :

“Advent calendar? When I was wee we were so poor that half the windows on the advent calendar were boarded up.” ?

Twists n turns

Updated table following the match but a first check suggests a blank week.

Should make for an easy table update.


Fairhill bhoy

No Eddie again

Twists n turns

Probably giving him every chance of making the final

Bit of a worry though.

Fairhill bhoy

TnT-I thought he was just being rested,but obviously he has an injury.Hopefully good to go for next week

Uber Tim needing Awe Naw Approval ?‍♂️

Morning Fholks,

BP, first dog I grew up with was a full pedigree westie. She looked cute, but she hated people, even more than I do now (which is remarkable when I think about it).
When we first upgraded from a 14″ black and white Sanyo to a massive 21″ remote control colour teletext TV in 1982 she would guard that remote with her life… it was her baby/ bone, and she loved to tease anyone who fancied their chances, and dare them to try and get near it, with a well exercised snarl and bite routine. Don’t judge her, though, please. She grew up in the Milton with us, where pedigreed suitors that would meet her approval were just never going to show….hence the bitterness. I also never understood her hatred of the Coalman, who was there to deliver nothing but warmth and heat to shivering, skinny children.

Anyway, thankfully, in those days, Phillips understood that manual backup control buttons were needed for things throughout the remote control development journey, unlike today’s tech giants, like Google, Anazon and Microsoft, who would rather we just quietly submit all control to them. “Let me into your home…fund me…….give me your data…. love me and worship me, and I will forever be your slave…

……stop swearing though….and no, you’d rather listen to this Conservative Party political briadcast, trust me…”….

It’s our own fault though. It all started when we let wallopers like Gerry McKnee tell us what our opinions on football should be.

Twists, I don’t do advent calendars. Sick of having to explain why the chocolate disappeared overnight.
I do however, support the idea of a whisky version….a new blend for each day of December. ….I would need 24 of these, though, for it to work….

Right…. there’s a game to watch…. 3pts would be bloody nice….


The continuing inclusion of Rogic is baffling.
Has given ball away constantly and pathetically weak at defending which he gave a perfect example at their goal.
No wonder Ntcham wants to leave.


31 minutes played 1-1
JF not involved playing on the left.
Christie to wide right to accommodate Rogic and less involved.
Frimpong and Christie affecting Jeremie as they do not have the same chemistry as he and JF.


Christie 2-1
Wonderful pass from Ajer to set it up.
Great ball through the middle.


Terrific pass from Ajer,spotting the run from Christie. Clear through,2-1.

Difficult game though. Wee Jeremie could sure do with some help on the right.