Days of Future Past.


That Was The Week That Was,eh? It is not always easy being a Celtic supporter,but it is always worthwhile. Those were the words spoken by Fergus McCann over two decades ago. We always hoped he had a plan for the future,but few of us foresaw a week like last week.

Famously,George Best was lying beside the current Miss World in a rather plush London hotel when he ordered room service. Now,the room service may have been champagne,the Miss World may have been Mary Stavin or it may have been Marjorie Wallace,but the story is always the same. That the waiter arrived with breakfast,looked at his famous guest and his partner,goggled at the splurge of banknotes lying all around the room-for George had won around £50k in a casino the night before-and asked the simple but legendary question…

“George,where did it all go wrong?”

And so it is for Celtic supporters these days. And possibly for the board too. For there can be little doubt that we have rarely had it so good,although that depends on which side of the fence you are viewing it from. As a business,we have record amounts of cash in the bank,a squad which has never been worth more in cash terms,turnover in the last two seasons of approaching £200m. We have investors falling over themselves to join the gravy train whether that be boiler room scam artists or the hard-nosed sharpies at Lindsell Train-no pun intended-who currently own around 20% of a company that they clearly believe in.

I think that it is fair to say that Celtic Plc is regarded as a well run company with a clearly defined modus operandi and a plan for its direction in the future. But like every business with one core product,it is highly leveraged towards the continuing success of the business plan.

And of public sentiment towards it.

You might remember that around the same time that Fergus was changing everything at Celtic Park,Coca Cola,another business with one core product-though highly diversified since-decided that it needed to change the recipe in order to propel it still further. And that is what it did-it literally changed the recipe! Now,nobody can deny that New Formula Coke was a success-after all,it still was clearly outstripping the competition in terms of sales. But it is nevertheless regarded as a signature tale of corporate failure. And of hubris,one of taking your demographic for granted.

Much like the Labour Party in Scotland,though that is a tale for another day…

Coca Cola customers,faithful through and through,demanded a change. They wanted the old days back,they didn’t like this taste of the future and they certainly didn’t like the aftertaste of New Formula Coca Cola. They got their way too,by mobilising the tools then available to them. Public opinion via the media,a united front,a mass boycott. Not big enough to significantly damage sales in the short term,but the company wasn’t prepared to take the risk of the medium term turning out to be worse. Nor was it prepared to accept being front page news for all the wrong reasons. Personally,I thought it tasted great,but it just wasn’t Coca Cola. But then,what could I do about it? I didn’t like its competitors at all,so I was stuck with it.

So,back to Celtic Plc. And its one core product. It too has a customer base which is faithful through and through,and which doesn’t like the competition. And it too seems hell-bent on a New Formula,one which discards the past in favour of its plans for the future. Like Coca Cola,those plans are bringing a success which its competitors can only dream of. Nine successive trophies and a treble treble,another Cup Final next week,a tremendous European run with some notable scalps on the way. Record income and profits and…

A mightily pissed off customer base which isn’t impressed by any of that. That’s us,that is. That’s us,that is,oh yes. Never had it so good,don’t know when we’re born,don’t you remember the Famine Years,or what happened when yon deid club,yada yada…

Celtic Plc has one core product. It is called Celtic FC and the people who support the Plc by buying that product are a fractured and unhappy lot. And one with,it seems,nowhere else to go. For the board of Celtic Plc are employing the time-honoured strategy of divide and rule,in this case by having a go at everyone to the extent that each complaining faction can only concentrate on their own problems-instead of looking at the bigger picture,one where a united front might bring success. To me,it seems that the Plc-in particular,the public front of Bankier and Lawwel-are running the strong possibility of whipping up a perfect storm of opposition through their attack on so many fronts at the same time. They tell us to behave ourselves,that they don’t think that it is in the interests of the club to right an 8yo wrong,that our best supporters are an embarrassment who have cost us the equivalent of a player-or two month’s bonus to PL-that the snipers in the blogosphere Timternet are but a bunch of ingrates who know nothing. Surely it is time for all of the disaffected to unite behind one banner? None can do it alone,that’s for sure. But if we can get the backing of the older crew via the resolutioners,the younger crew via The Green Brigade,the social media via the bloggers,all that the board have left in their favour is the despised MSM and a few other lickspittles. Each has tried in their own way over the years to take the battle to The Man,and each,though confident in their search for justice,has been batted away.

It is time for change. If history has proven anything to us,it is that the rebels CAN win. And win,we must. Or our club is gone forever,replaced by a soulless New Formula with no interest in our past,only in a future driven by a fast buck.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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IMO,the huns financial status is no secret. Certainly more widely known than in 2011. But then,they got a licence last year and this,so obviously they have an exemption.

Margaret McGill

he told me he’d talk to me later as he gotta run

Margaret McGill

Big Packy
have I seen Jim?
Dunno. Whats he look like?

Margaret McGill

Just read the VC link. What if the huns did the same in 2019 as they did in 2011 and both the SFA and Celtic PLC know this? Just thinking aloud. Dont know.

big packy

MAGS, from what bobby told me, tall dark and handsome? ffs, jim get on here, or ill have to talk to mags all night, or go on the other channel and talk to petec,?

Margaret McGill

you dont think the SFA and Celtic PLC knew exactly the huns dire financial situation in 2011?
No. Lawwell’s whole Modus Operandi is based on insider information.


Blinkin flip,tried to edit my post there,from OMO to IMO. Edited it into oblivion!

Here it is again,as Mags reply to it looks strange without it.

IMO,the huns financial status is no secret. Certainly more widely known than in 2011. But then,they got a licence last year and this,so obviously they have an exemption.


If Aw Naw had said to me in CQN days of yore Celtic knew of RFCs plight and had no problem turning a Nelson’s eye to a licence being granted on basis no one would know and CL money would keep them afloat I’d have scoffed at him.

No one would have known had RFC not lost to Malmo on 3 August 2011 and Sherrif Officers turned up on the 10th Aug that an overdue payable existed.

The archive shows HMRC knew importance to them of CL money when timing meetings.

But when I start wondering, it’s time to order more tin foil.

Margaret McGill

Awe Naw told me way back in 2008. Watch the 2009 January transfer window
And here we are.



I remember but I didnt want to believe because of where it would take me.


Not paranoid enough,bud. Simple as that.

I posted my condolence,eytc,re London Bridge on Saturday morning. Pointed out that there haven’t been any such attacks in the UK for years-apart from a spate of them in the run-up to the last election.

So the second-last weekend of the campaign has seen discussions of manifestos sidelined in favour of hardline treatment of prisoners.


Margaret McGill

Brexit delays
Muslim terrorists
Antisemitic working class peasants
Welcome to Boris.

Margaret McGill

My only relief is that he wasn’t furnished with an AR-15 with multiple clips like he would be in the US


I am surprised/not that no one is talking about the police doing away with legal niceties and just executing the London Bridge attacker.
In the footage i saw he had been disarmed and subdued until Police arrived and pulled people away then executed him.
Definitely something strange.

Uber Tim who finds this a fascinating season for f

Evening Fholks,

First off, BP, appreciate your defence as I’m often posted missing….but Fan is right…so keep your chill, your friendliness and humour is one of the things I like about SC, as much as the excellent posts from all. BMCUW saw where I was coming from. I don’t want to see you getting embroiled in unfriendly chat because of me – that’s the last thing I want.

I was having a light hearted dig at SFTB, which he likely missed, and probably wouldn’t even be interested in. A light hearted dig at a post he made on CQN which got up my tits, to be fair ??….but I still hold the fella in high esteem, as he can once in a while astound us by using his prose skills to make a good point ?

The Lions Roar…your post tonight, wow – I missed the stuff linking DD to Zionist israel. I shouldn’t be surprised in the slightest…it says it all.

I used to read Awe Naw and Mags making reference to these fuckers on the board years ago, on CQN, and as much as I wanted to understand it, i couldn’t for the life of me imagine why keeping the huns afloat would benefit Celtic.

At the time, the qualifiers weren’t an issue, so winning the league was a CL £20M banker right away…. so why aid an abusive, corrupt outfit across the river… now we’re seeing, that they might have been seeing further ahead than us plebs, because at the end of the day, maintaining massive profit is their main objective and this season is proving to be a sell of scottish WWF football to the world again ?‍♂️

Anyway, i only came on to say, apart from mentioning what a joy to see wee Mikey back…. what an amazing young squad we have….something special going on. But im sure we’ve been here before only to see it all thrown away to swell the balance sheet…..

My opinion on Arsenal; I’ve been following them looking forward to seeing Kieran rip EPL clubs to shreds. Instead, I’ve only seen him play twice, in the UEFA league games. And he was outstanding.

Arsenal’s problem? Too many Sideshow Bob hairdos in the defence, and not enough Freddie Llindberg hairdos. Just ask Teemu.

And take this to the bank. It might not happen in the next round, if both clubs are seeded, but we WILL face Arsenal in the UEFA last 16. And KT will score. But we may well still win.

Interesting season ahead.

Big Audio Dynamite


Good to read someone else who realises what that big black box in the corner is actually there for …programming! I can remember the very day I switched mine off for the last time, it was the day they told us those 2 big buildings in New York fell due to jet fuel. That was only the beginning, as the rabbit hole I then went down appears to have no bottom! Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage” and he said it for a good reason, it is! All the people you see in public life are actors(And trannies) and they are there to keep you believing in their version of the world, you know, the one that has you hurtling through infinite space on a flying magic ball. All they have ever given us, is magical theories that don’t make a lick of sense and are now passed as facts. Look at Gravity and you’ll see it is not needed but had to be invented to explain all the phenomena that we experience daily. In politics too, they give you the illusion of choice, there is no choice, they are all in the same club.

Once you realise the scale of the deception, it’s fair to say that life is never the same again!

The problem with most people is, they are so deeply indoctrinated they are incapable of seeing what’s right under their noses

Big Audio Dynamite

To believe the world we see on tv, you would have to believe the American people voted for Ronald Reagan, George Bush and Donald Trump ?

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