Upon reflection,,,

Five days on from the big meeting that was supposed to bring some clarity of direction at our club of choice there remain more questions than answers lingering.
If anything the disconnect between floor and top table has grown , and that was the very last thing needed here or now.
With the team in its toughest title race for years, and a historic record within grasp, the very last thing we should be seeing is a schism, but here we are.
How we got here is its own blog, but all must face up to the fact there is a growing faction that are very disenchanted with our PLC, their actions and lack of.

When the board were faced with a room of raised hands on the Resolution vote last Wednesday, they did what they are legally allowed to in voting it down.
But when voting away the wishes of the room of people you represent, you alienate those very people.
You certainly aren’t representing them at that point, the opposite is true.
An ethical and inclusive company would have serious misgivings about upsetting its core clientele in such a fashion never mind its smaller shareholders . Previous liaison would have predicted this clash and many would not have allowed that vote to take place at all knowing the depth of feeling over the issue.
They would have formed a working group to find common ground so as not be seen bulldozing over major issues full stop.
We were not so fortunate.

When the top table can just clearly brush an important issue that has the full entire support of all else in the room, you can strip the title custodians from them.
Never again will I be referring to them as that .
A custodian treasures and protects your institution, making sure it doesnt stray off path.
The PLC have deliberately changed our course, and as obvious by the show of hands, its not one that is wanted.
They have became our biggest problem now leading us without majority consent or any moral compass it seems. Certainly not one that we seem happy with.
We have no chance of making any headroom against the bent Sfa with a house divided and zero trust from top to bottom.
We need new blood at the top to move forward together.

Young Desmond?
Gimme a break,, the apple never falls far from the tree and you can just get used to more of the same. A dynasty then is it?
Do they know what happened to the last dynasties that were unpopular?
They obviously dont know history repeats itself.
Its a very foolish move from the man who unfortunately got his hands on the rudder of our club.
With popularity at an all time low , lets stick Junior in there to represent me and keep it ticking over nicely,,what a joke and very out of touch.

The Green Brigade was one hell of a squirrel , and clearly predetermined showing they can and do play at controlling the narrative when feeling some heat.
Many an innocent was caught up as collateral with the expectation that at least some of those would turn their wrath on the perceived perpetrators. Classic divide and conquer but it failed when faced with a floor of hands on the bigger issue of the entire games governance.
Infact there is further muddying of the waters with the claims of never seeing the 5 way and also being on the blower to Uefa that morning and reconfirming a thumbs down.
After silver bullet please forgive me for not believing another word without proof ala Dave King.
Words have became meaningless now from the PLC.

While it might be true a large percentage of the fanbase itself are not up to speed on Resolution 12 the show of hands from the people the board are supposed to answer to , the shareholders, is very heartening and tells me that the smaller shareholders ,who are mostly rank and file bought in for emotional purposes, have our ethos firmly enshrined within.
All at that top table have failed to grasp that we only desire what we all thought we were signing up to,, a Club and team to be proud of in a properly governed setup.
At the minute the governance has stooped to desperate lows ,, while the team is making leaps and bounds under the Lurgan man.
The Club itself is failing to act as befitting its stature and history.
This Club is simply not about lying down and rolling over despite what is more profitable.

We have been here before with zero trust and a huge chasm between board and support yet they seem to have forgotten the outcome or believe it will be different this time for some reason.
It wont be.
It may take longer but the fans will outlast and overcome boards if necessary.
To break the trust of the masses during what can be considered a golden period for the team takes a special type of mismanagement. A miasma of failures.
Its a case study for the future but in the here and now it would be utter folly to think things can continue as they are.
How many years and times can the top table swat away what the lifeblood of the club want and expect to get away with it?
Its clear popularity and legacies aren’t important to the current board as they are in contempt territory which leads to the exit.
To be held in such contempt at these special times for the team shows a serious lack of understanding of just what was and is expected.
It shows we have the wrong type in charge plain and simple.

So ask yourself this please,,
These men with zero trust already,,
If they can just ban hundreds of folk at a whim ,, without being ordered ,, clearly a smoke screen and knowing the vast majority are innocent ,,
these men who just swatted away the vast majority’s wishes for a better game,,
And who do nothing against biggoted refs that are clearly corrupt ,,
Then do you think they would have any issue banning you ?
And whats next ?
The flag ?
The songs ?

Theres only one thing should be next .
Their removal.

The above is by Mahe. Support the Resolutioners in the fight for a clean game.
With your help and support we can have a better game.
Guest articles always published sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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December 2, 2019 3:52 am

Politics have no relation to morals. Niccolo Machiavelli

Uber Tim who finds this a fascinating season for f
December 2, 2019 4:13 am



December 2, 2019 4:19 am

Excellent summary of where we currently find ourselves.

December 2, 2019 4:26 am

Thanks lads.

Welcome Hash,, glad you enjoyed. Good to have you onboard.

Hail Hail

Mario Bertolini
December 2, 2019 4:41 am

Mahe, this is where we stand. Going forward, support for the team is all that is required.
Yes those that want to buy ST’s go for it, without supporters what is the point.
PLC-hurt them where it matters in the up sell when attending home games.
I don’t know if walkouts during games would be appealing? Thought’s on this or other suitable protest.
Well done yesterday to the team, just saw highlights. Toms goal was well worked, players knew where their teammates were. A definite sign of improvement, better ball use looking good.
By the way good posts, raising and keeping everything in our faces, need to spread far and wide.

Uber Tim who finds this a fascinating season for f
December 2, 2019 4:45 am

The honest mistake bank has been building up its reserves.
Because the huns actually have a reasonable team for once. This is unprecedented in Scottish football ?‍♂️

The SFA don’t know how to deal with it.

If by chance, they actually win on Sunday by merit, then we need to accept that, and realise that this is not only the future that we have embraced, but worse, when they replace Gerrard with cheaper local huns, and MIB support, that we deserve it ?‍♂️

It’s a seriously big game on Sunday, and has fuck all to do with it being a piss poor cup final.

Picture this… we lose by one goal.. merited or by MIB black magic… either way, it could be enough to fuck up the excellent development of a fine team that could genuinely go all the way in the UEFA Cup.

Sunday could throw us off the rails, and see everyone going into angry panic mode,…. while the coffers are filled up and overflowing right until the end of the season…..

We shouldn’t be scrapping for SPL trophies, we should be competing in Europe at the very top, as the worldwide support deserves.

December 2, 2019 4:54 am

I like the sound of fans entering the Scottish cup semis and or finals delayed 12 minutes to show support with the lads.
On season tickets, it’s an awkward one.
Hope you’re well.
Hail Hail

December 2, 2019 5:08 am


A first-class article,well thought out and presented. Many Celtic supporters come from a stock which knows how to play the long game,and we will do that if need be. Meantime,the anger and resentment builds.

Seriously,the board are sowing the seeds. And they will reap the whirlwind eventually.

December 2, 2019 5:13 am

FAN-A-TIC from previous article…

I’ve not seen the footage,but the reports I heard overnight certainly indicated that he had already been overpowered by bystanders before the police arrived. One report even said that they took five minutes to do so,which is a surprise in such a location.

But then,nothing surprises me anymore. I remember the D-notices issued around the 7/7 bombings in London,which forbade any criticism of the time taken to dig the victims out of the tube carriages. A team of former miners from nearby Kent could have got the job done in a few hours. It took the guts of a week for the “professionals”,though. Not one person dug out alive,of course. Not by then.

December 2, 2019 5:21 am


“Sunday could throw us off the rails, and see everyone going into angry panic mode,…. while the coffers are filled up and overflowing right until the end of the season…..”
Since I’m in a more paranoid frame of mind than usual,how about this?

We will be going for our tenth consecutive trophy on Sunday,the connotations of which put the fear into the huns. It is also the first step on the way to a wonderful treble,our fourth in a row. Now,the huns are bouyant and in good form,King is bowing out. Is there any better time to sacrifice a trophy for the greater good?

After all,we will be told-even as the huns are celebrating their victory like they’ve just won the European Cup,Euromillions and first go doon the ludj at the goat-that it’s only a diddy disnae matter anyway trophy.

Meanwhile,back at the ranch…

Uber Tim who finds this a fascinating season for f
December 2, 2019 5:31 am

It means everything to them, and I don’t just mean their numb nut supporters.

The Celtic PLC need them to win this.

So get ready for the fall out….

Else, it’ll be another season where we play them 7 times as they need the money…. and the Scottish cup will be theirs.

Irony is, if they could just have been honest and fair play from the start ….none of this pish need ever have happened.
Stupid huns? Stupid PLCs ?‍♂️

December 2, 2019 5:44 am


I think there’s a growing groundswell of support for merchandise boycotts and of cup games. The effect of these becomes noticeable over time so doesn’t require the organising of an attention-raising big show.

Anything else is difficult. It requires enough people attending a given game to be aware of things,and to agree to go with the plan. It won’t stop us trying,of course. I know that a lot of the leading blogs are refusing to give up,having been further angered by the blatant lies told to shareholders at the AGM.


But the blogs aren’t as influential as we would like,and we can huff and puff as much as we like,but we can’t blow their house of cards down without outside help. But it won’t stop us trying,and it won’t stop us trying to get that outside help either.
As an aside to the above,Lord Livingston was CEO of BT as well as chairman of Celtic. He left that post in 2015,I think,allegedly because of a petition by the support to remove him as he had voted in The House of Lords in favour of cuts to tax credits.

(For the poor. I doubt he would have voted in favour of cuts to tax credits for businesses)

We were then publicly accused by his successor,Bankier,of racism. That we wanted him removed because he was Jewish. His religion was both news to me,and a total irrelevance. As I suspect it was to many of us. But that charge from Bankier was a disgrace,and we should never have accepted his presence on the board afterwards. In fact,another petition should have been started to force his removal.

But what if the petition wasn’t the real reason for Livingston leaving? As a very successful businessman,he will have been called worse,and pilloried more often. What if he couldn’t stomach the thought of having to lie at an AGM? In public. To shareholders.

His career would have been over. Completely. Goodbye to directorships current and future,goodbye to the trappings of state as a government minister,goodbye to the peerage.

Just a thought…

December 2, 2019 5:46 am


Im sure you’ve been on before,but stick around,please! Glad to have you back. Get fired into the debate,there’s a good lad.

Twists n turns
December 2, 2019 7:09 am

I feel a sense of hopelessness with regard to Celtic at present and I’m clearly not alone. The more I reflect on the AGM the more I find the one thing that is galling above all others, was the vote on Res 12. It confirmed the fact that the large majority of the ‘electorate’ had and have no capacity to influence at the ballot box. All of the power was with a tiny %. The wealthy. The elite.
It’s the return of facism. Our spirit is being broken. We’re now under a dictatorship.

The immediate days are important. The board of Celtic are storming ahead on the crest of a wave underpinned by unprecedented domestic success. Perhaps their counterpart fascists across the city are about to inflict the first sign of a break in the waves. If it happens, it might be an opportune moment for the res12 campaign to gather a bit more momentum.
The failure to reach 9 might give rise to further opportunities.
There has been a lot of chat here recently about starving the merchandise stream, and you refer to it in your earlier post, and I agree that would be helpful in a way, but the only way guaranteed to have success is the non renewal route. That’s unlikely to happen whilst the trophy juggernaut steams on.
If the league is won again this season, I fear it’ll be 2021 before there’s any chance of progress v the board.

If you can’t influence at the ballot box, and cannot convince the masses to stem the revenue stream, what options are left?

More despair and frustration, more of the same.

Twists n turns
December 2, 2019 7:21 am

Was there actually any point in the vote on res 12? Given the board recommendation to vote it down? A show of hands should’ve sufficed.

“The hands in the main body pointing straight up in the air
= 1250
The hands at the top table pointing straight out at 45 degrees
= 5

The top table have it.

December 2, 2019 7:48 am


The darkest days are just before the dawn. A much better wordsmith than I said that. I think MAGS can confirm it.

Thing is,I won’t give up on Celtic because of the board. Few of us can. And even those who have will come back when this lot are gone. So it’s down to finding the method of removal.

Btw,your mail on Saturday,wow. Just remembered I’d forgotten to forward it to Mahe,despite discussing it with my nephew on Saturday. Mea Culpa. Yer some man,and no mistake.

Hope you and yours are smashing!

My nephew pissed me off again on Saturday,btw. Took him down Drummond St near Euston for a late lunchtime curry. Quite superb it was,if a little cramped. Being a good few pints down on the day,I visited the toilets-only to see him paying the bill as I came out. Huge smirk on his coupon anaw.

Bugger. Learn too fast,kids nowadays.

A thing of beauty
December 2, 2019 7:56 am

Greetings from down under.
Terrible sleep last night. I’m too caught up in celtic for my own good. Couldn’t sleep for worrying we would drop points and then thinking they might drop points. Tossed and turned till 5am. Useless.
Well written article Mahe, displaying your usual passion but as I keep saying, not one thing will change. You and bmcuwp are trying to push water up a hill. Nothing changes till we lose a league title. As i said last week, we have a neutered manager in awe of his employer. A CEO who has no check on his activities and a board so comfortable in their hubris they even feel it’s acceptable to appoint masons to the board. No offence boys but all your word smithery and passion ain’t going to change that level of confidence.

December 2, 2019 8:11 am


Let it go for a couple of weeks,sis. Just enjoy yourself with the in-laws. Soak up the rays and soak up the love. Don’t worry about things over here,let us worry about it.

Heck,my Mum and our sister will even get the turkey in for you to cook for them when you come back. I mean,that’s thought for ye.

Have you located the Brisbane CSC yet for the match on Sunday?

December 2, 2019 8:22 am

What is the difference between a surrender-monkey,content to throw their hands in the air and succumb to superior forces,and the despair of knowing that you are on the wrong side of history?

Yet still being prepared to strongly argue-and fight for-what you believe is right?

I think this article sums up how we feel on here as Celtic supporters,but on a markedly different topic.


We get the politicians we deserve,we get the board we deserve? Not sure I ever did anything evil enough to deserve either. But then,I didn’t do anything to prevent it. And so,we are where we are. Just a bawhair too late to reinvent the wheel.

big packy
December 2, 2019 8:25 am

MORNING ALL, first things first SFTB sincere apologies for my post last night,, I completely got the wrong end of the stick, old age creeping in? mahe, great post as usual, but we need to act and do something and not just talk about doing something, them tory bassas are sitting back thinking we meaning the supporters, are all talk and no action, lets call their bluff.hh.

big packy
December 2, 2019 8:28 am

BOBBY, if your lurking the first video clip of the guy being shot, the policeman kneels down and shoots him, the ones later he is just bending over, something strange there.hh.

Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 8:29 am

Ian Bankier? He is very nearly well named!

I wonder how our support would react to the news that Bankier, and the rest of our board, are part of the same funny handshake club as the board at Ibroke. They really don’t give a shit about the colour of your scarf, only that they can fleece you of your hard earned. I’d bet a million quid not one of these parasites is even a football fan!

I’m not tech savvy, but I appeared to be talking away to myself on the last thread ?

December 2, 2019 8:30 am

Just a wee reminder of a link posted by AULDHEID last night. It’s not just us,this is a site worth reading and supporting.


Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 8:32 am


The reason it seems a bit fake is because it is ..the vast majority of news you see on tv is.

December 2, 2019 8:38 am


He did what? Shot a disarmed man,and no longer a danger? That’s a f…..g disgrace,not to mention a criminal act. Seriously,this needs further investigation the more I hear about it.

Re SFTB,I’m confident he can stand up for himself,and like me and most,can handle criticism. Hell,I’ve even been accused on here of being a member of various secret societies. Bloody raging about that,btw. I thought membership was secret,and I’ve no idea how the details leaked.

I blame the DNA test on the goat.

big packy
December 2, 2019 8:42 am


December 2, 2019 8:52 am

Mahe 4.26
Boaby 5.46

Cheers Ghuys.

You are spot on. Posted a couple of times many years ago on the other channel.
Was talking to a couple of drinking pals on Friday about where we are and i realised, as i approach my 65th, next season will possibly be the first there has never been at least one season ticket “in the family”. From grandfather, auld man, me, son now grandsons. Will be left to my brother and nephew to carry the baton should they chose to.


big packy
December 2, 2019 9:04 am

APOLOGIES,hashadenough, welcome aboard, 65 eh, im 66 but look 36, don’t listen to boaby??

December 2, 2019 9:42 am


Apols,was on the blower to my parents there.

That’s a big decision,mate. I know a good few who have done the same. I salute your integrity and feel your pain.

And if that sounds like a patronising soundbite,I don’t think that there’s any better way of putting it. It wasn’t an easy decision,nor one of your choosing. It was forced on you.


Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 10:08 am


To believe our political system is real, you would need to believe the American people voted, into the most powerful office on Earth, guys like Ronald Rayguns, George Bash, and Donald Gimp as their leader.

Just wait till they hand back all the guns they bought from the parasites. Sell the plebs guns, then scare the life out them(Enough phoney mass shootings will achieve that) and get them to hand them back voluntarily… brilliant! Though, it is not a new tactic, it is tried and tested- see Russia and Germany, and how they disarmed their own populations. Now, why would the Govern(to control) ment( mind) be so determined to disarm the people? Could it be the fear of our reaction if we all suddenly woke up to their lies? Politics is just the illusion of choice …you have no choice, they are all in the same club, the club that controls what you and I think and do.

I switched off my TV when they tried to tell us the twin towers, in New York, literally disappeared due to jet fuel. Even a most basic understanding of physics, would tell you your eyes saw something physically impossible. I have never watched TV since, I know it’s just a tool used ( As Lionsroar says) for PROGRAMMING us.

December 2, 2019 10:10 am

The excuse for shooting the guy in London was that he was alleged to be wearing a hoax device strapped to his chest & the coppers feared it was a suicide bomb which he could detonate & kill himself and all in the vicinity.
Well that’s what they are saying. I suppose to para-phrase Mandy Rice Davies They would say that, Wouldn’t they.

December 2, 2019 10:17 am


A huge explosion of jet fuel isn’t enough to melt steel,but it doesn’t need to be. It only needs to start a conflagration hot enough to weaken it. Then,that storey collapses and the others fall on top of the remainder-with a crash! That’s a sudden load which no building is designed to withstand.

Tower 5,I don’t know anything about so cannot disagree with anything said about that,but even though I’m pretty sure there was more to 9/11 than the official verdict,I honestly believe the jet fuel would collapse most buildings under those circumstances.

Frankly,I rarely trust the American authorities. Even more untrustworthy than ours. And as for a building collapsing? Maybe due to poor quality installation? Fred Astaire was in the movie thirty years beforehand.

December 2, 2019 10:20 am


Ooops,turned out that he wasn’t. Sorry about that. Should maybe have had a clue,bearing in mind that he hadn’t triggered it while he was being tackled by bystanders and manhandled to the ground and disarmed. Still,explains why I’m not in the C.I.D


PC Fall guy

The Gombeen Man
December 2, 2019 10:21 am

Thanks, Mahe for an excellent article to kick off the week.
Hashadenough, Welcome, enjoy the blog.


From last night.

It’s my belief that the only way to support the team on the park is to challenge the shortsighted and dishonest stewardship of the club by the Plc.

To ignore the catalogue of deceit is courting disaster. Honest supporters aren’t going to get a level playing field and are going to be fleeced to watch a rigged game.

Let’s hope our team are up for it at the weekend and we don’t perform like we did at Ibrox last season….


Thankfully Pedro has dealt with John Beatton’s bias.

How many league titles will we allow Sevco to hoover up before the support wakes up?


December 2, 2019 10:22 am

Bobby 9.42

Should have made it clearer. I threw in the towel a few years back. Watched the Hertz v Hibs cup final in a Spanish bar with Auldheid. He persuaded me to renew for another year as we were confident something had to happen. So i went ahead and renewed. Packed it in the following year. so 5 or 6 years ago????.

Looks now the boy has had enough.

December 2, 2019 10:25 am

Thanks GM

December 2, 2019 10:37 am


AULDHEID wasn’t the cynic that we were in 2012 leading up to 2013. He still believed that the truth will always prevail-and to be honest,most of us still hope for that. I hope that he doesn’t think I’m patronising him,or insulting him in any way by saying this,but he has had his eyes opened in the last few years,and in the worst possible way. By a boot in the baws by people he trusted and put his faith in.

His disillusion at events may have dampened his ardour momentarily,but believe me,that is a man you do not lie to. He will be back. And when he returns,he will hopefully find that those on here and elsewhere have kept the fire burning for him.

That’s our job.

Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 10:43 am

Bobby, can you show me a single other example of a steel frame building collapsing due to fire? If should be happening all the time, no? The buildings didn’t just fall down, they evaporated! And that only happens with controlled demolition. Seriously mate, watch it again and you will see. The steel that was left, was immediately whipped off to China …I wonder why? Afterwards the land of the free, became the land of the slaves, as they used it as an excuse to invade other countries, and take away the constitutional rights of their own people. It was all planned, in advance, to allow them to carry out their agenda unopposed.

I think it was Goebbels who said:

Tell a big lie and tell it often, and eventually it will become reality.

December 2, 2019 10:50 am

BP @ 9.04

Apology accepted.

If we follow the analogy that you live at No.21 and you disagree with what someone from no.19 said, it does you no good to go into no.23 and call him out there.

If I make a post here, it becomes public here and was intended to be read here. Therefore, I have a duty to respond to reasonable requests about it on here.

When I make a post elsewhere, that is where I expect to be tackled about it. I have not and will not now read Uber’s post on here about my CQN post in defence of Paul 67’s right to be wrong. I was already schooled by the poster Ernie Lynch on CQN about what I had genuinely missed and mis-read in Paul’s very confused and confusing leader a couple of days ago.

But it was a CQN post and Ernie Lynch came on CQN to inform me there and point out what was wrong. Whatever you think of Ernie, as a poster, I appreciate that simple fact- that, in internet terms, it was said to my face and not taken to be gossiped about elsewhere.

Of course, Sentinel Celts posters have the right to comment on anything they read on the internet but they cannot demand that a poster on the other site should come on here to defend it.

That was my beef with your post ( well, that, and not knowing initially what you were on about) and I hope now you understand it.

December 2, 2019 11:06 am


I’ve read a lot about it,and I’m pretty sure there is more to it than the official report. Hence my comment about Tower 5. But the fact remains that a jet fuel conflagration is enough to weaken steel so that it is unable to support the weight above it.

Explosions,etc,they are unproven-even if I can go along with it. But they were not needed to collapse that building after the impact of the jet. It caused a catastrophic failure due to the weakening of the structure.

I’ll give you an example,a mile away from the one that we are discussing,but on the same lines. You drive along the motorway and a bit of crap on the road gets thrown up towards you by the vehicle in front. A pea-sized stone. Bang. You don’t bother too much,even as you flinch at the sound of the impact. Following day,you notice that there is a small crack there,right on the windscreen.

A week later,fuxake,that’s getting bigger. Later,right across or up the whole screen. Try as you might in all that time in between,you could not stop that crack from promulgating and becoming a fact,something that you couldn’t ignore nor change.

Propagation of crack theory,I think that is. A long time since I studied that,mind. Gives you time to take preventative measures. They weren’t available on 9/11,unfortunately. Catastrophic failure happened in a lot less than a week.

There’s at least one contributor on here-without an engineering background,but with a highly relevant one-who might be of the same opinion. The conspiracy of 9/11 wasn’t to blow up the towers with a squirrel of a plane hitting each of them,then blow them up afterwards. The conspiracy was that a plane hit them in the first place. That was all that was needed.

Have you ever considered that it was the many unexplained things surrounding 9/11 that was the squirrel?

December 2, 2019 11:13 am

The Gombeen Man, I have to go away and paint a room for my daughter so I won’t be around to catch or respond to any replies.
I think guys who just shout sack the Board are being too simplistic, the reality is if the Board resigned en bloc this afternoon it would achieve nothing they would simply be replaced by a fresh coterie of suits who would still answer to the same paymasters.
It is the Capitalists that own the Shares Dermot Desmond & Lindsell Train et al are the people that ultimately hold the reins of power. They actually do want Celtic to do well on the pitch as it’s good for Business they may indeed welcome the Hun team as well for the same reason.
We are not unique in this situation, most big Football Clubs with a few notable exceptions like Barcelona are in the same boat.
The ideal would be fan ownership but how realistic is that.
As far as I’m aware there are 94 million Ordinary Shares issued the Current Price per Share is 1.64 sterling, for a Fan Co-Operative to buy 51% of Ordinary Shares to give them a controlling Interest would cost 77 million Stg. There are also Preferential Shares & I have to admit lack of knowledge on how much it would cost to buy these out.
When we agitate for change we need to have realistic goals & a clear understanding of where we want to end up, there is an old saying be careful what you wish for, do we want to change a Dermot Desmond for a Mike Ashley or for a member of the Saudi Royal Family.
On a personal level I have always felt our campaign should be based on getting a Fan’s Representative on the Board.
I think that is a justifiable & reasonable demand & might be attainable , One of the Resolution 12 Bhoys would do nicely.
However just look at Celtic Cyber World & you see just how difficult it is to get a consensus on anything,
I marvel at the spirit of Mahe & Bobby and the effort they make in setting up & running site, I don’t agree with everything they say and that’s OK but to be honest some of the contributors here come out with such off the wall stuff that I simply say Naw & log off.
There are some arguments you win some you lose but there are some are simply not worth getting involved with.

December 2, 2019 11:36 am


Absolutely correct. We are powerless unless a childless orphan of siblingless parents wins the lottery.

Nothing we can do,simple as that.

Except,no. That is not how capitalism works-though I admit that Celtic Plc isn’t a typical example. c5% is usually enough to get your voice heard,and a seat on the board. A tad more,you can drive the agenda. It’s a common-and frequently unsavoury-tactic. Usually used against companies which are determined on organic growth rather than dividends to shareholders.

5% of Celtic? Much more manageable. TWISTSNTURNS wins that most weekends at the bookies.


Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 12:07 pm

Bobby, I’m astonished you believe the “Pancake theory” and don’t realise the jet fuel would have dissipated in seconds (That was the fireball you saw), the fires afterward were just the contents of the offices, again not near hot enough to affect the other 80 floors underneath, not touched by any impact. Look at any jet fuel explosion, the fuel disappears in seconds. If it has no other materials to burn, the fire will only last moments.

Btw, one of the reasons I like this site, is that we can disagree and still be respectful of each others beliefs ?

December 2, 2019 12:20 pm


It was the impact of ALL of the floors above crashing down at once that caused the collapse. Think of a house of cards. Everything above and below is stable. Take out the middle…

As I said,it’s the conspiracy theories surrounding it that is the squirrel.

Mario Bertolini
December 2, 2019 12:33 pm

loads of theories ahout twin towers. on the day of event about 19,000 in buildings, normally 50,000. It was said that certain people were advised not to turn up on that fateful day. As said previously aviation fuel is highly combustible and would disappate quickly. Poss agreement impact of planes may been an issue, but to collapse in they way they did, hmmmm. One theory government were going to annonce trilions of dollars of debt, America at the time was in a financial mess. What better way to make money.Start a war. Another theory was that buildings had been sold, insurance job????.

If any government said black is white I would not believe them. London bridge event to me real dodgy, guy running away clearly holding knife not in threatening manner. still would that not freak out bystanders. turns out he was a policeman why run away from scent, where is knife now?

Shooting of person, why?If he had bomb vest. He was being held by at least two members of public????
There is footage side angle really clear, poss short distance did not to me look like member of public on mobile, too steady and precise.

glass half empty me. imo re: above. I await the Stasi knock on door?

December 2, 2019 12:45 pm


It was a 767 that hit it. That’s 180 tons of missile flying straight through the windows.

Additionally,it had another ten tons of fuel on board. Now,those big tankers that refuel your local filling station typically carry thirty tons. Or 30,000 litres. Enough for a week for most. So about 330 tankers worth.

Trust me,that amount of fuel won’t evaporate on impact. It will explode.

December 2, 2019 12:49 pm

I have to say I am more than happy with the way things have turned out on the pitch with Neil Lennon. But I am disappointed that he rushed to the aid of Peter Lawwell at the AGM when asked about his £3.6m salary last year. I expected Bankier to come to the rescue but Lenny? “He’s the best” “Worth every penny”.

Lenny should stick to speaking about on field stuff. On this subject he should have said nothing.

December 2, 2019 12:57 pm

I don’t think anybody in the whole world is worth £3.6m PA.

Bada Bing
December 2, 2019 1:00 pm

The animal just butchered 2 innocent people to death, shoot the fkr,he had forfeited any human rights

Big Audio Dynamite
December 2, 2019 1:07 pm

Bobby, strange that the insurance policy on both buildings was changed to include a terror attack, just weeks before, yes you guessed it, a terror attack. $7b insurance claim paid

On the subject of both buildings falling. Rather than leave a massive pile of rubble 20 stories high, both buildings virtually evaporated.

Anyway mate, happy to leave it there ?