A Parcel o’ Rogues…


Amidst all the fun and games from yesterday,I received an e-mail from an old friend and fellow malcontent. We haven’t seen each other in a couple of years now due to various circumstances,but every occasion has been much the same. A heady mix of merriment,Guinness,putting the world to rights.

And,of course,Celtic.

I think it’s fair to say that we share many a similar outlook on life,and that is certainly true when it comes to our opinion of the Celtic board,whether past or present. Once I’d read it,I asked him if we could use it as Article of the Day. He agreed,but wished to remain uncredited for it.

I’d say that for someone who doesn’t post on here,he certainly gets the general tone and direction of the site-but then I suppose that’s to be expected!


I’m a believer in it is not what a person says that defines him.

It is what he does and for what reasons.

Remember John Reid and his bellicose rhetoric… @But we won’t be treated as less than anyone else – those days are gone”.

Were they?

Are they?

But fear not, he has a nuclear portfolio. Celtic have a copy too, not chemo nuclear, no rather an ever so sectarian/racial nuclear, criminal nuclear-and he, brother John, is not feart to use it. If only he could remember where he put it for safe keeping, or remember where he parked his balls. Put the two/three together, pressed – recorded delivery- and hell be damned.

Elements of the support have been calling out the board for neglect of their watch and worse.

If Celtic really – Really – want to allay the suspicions of the ever increasing number of concerned Celtic supporters,they could begin to mitigate the angst by committing to 9 and 10 in a row by seriously investing in quality on the field and Britain’s best QC’s off it.

No guarantees in life,only death falls into that category; but we can afford the gamble. Can others afford/commit to inconvenient suicide, to best us? Silly me, Zombies are here for the hereafter too, but a good, swift, with conviction, boot in their baws, does wonders for the morale.

If we don’t seriously invest, the next window, (even if it was just some fierce, quality loanees’ and a referee), … I would question the allegiance of all – who roost – on our board.

It’s what a man does, not what he says………………


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Is it safe to come back out?


Gotta long day ahead of me. Keep it neighbourly today folks.

Will this week be the calm before the shit storm?



Hopefully. Mail you shortly.

Twists n turns

SC became BSC for the day:

Bat Shit Crazy….



Indeed. Way over the top. I should have stopped it earlier,but the worst happened while I was asleep. And then,usual rush to get to work. Plus-more importantly-I’ve never blocked a poster before,so didn’t know how to do it. He’ll be back,little doubt. Just need to be quicker with my reaction next time.


Interesting; I can’t actually fault the Board for how they’ve backed the manager and invested in the squad (buys + loans) since BR left (in fact, the injects actually suggest a distinct lack of faith in the ex-incumbent’s signing record). Forster, Elhamed, Bauer, Frimpong, Jullien, Bolingoli, Taylor, Elyounoussi…And the way we’re playing who, specifically, do we want to drop or rotate with? Mibby first-rate back-up for Eddy, a deputy enforcer for Broony? The playing side looks v healthy. And our young coaches have patently done a great job to date (JK and DD well-acknowledged by Neil at every chance).
As the guest article suggest, perhaps funding the best legal support would still be money well spent and would signal to the fans their hearts are in the same place as ours. Clearly, THE SOOSIDERS have gotten way more consistent – h/t Mr Gerrard. We simply need to best them every game we play them; cant rely on any other team beating them , so that’ll ultimately decide the league.


Auldheid if your looking in I spotted this below regards overdue payables and noticed a lot of talk of june and sept 30th deadlines
IIRC the sfa said after march 30th it was all up to uefa .
hope the link works

PDF]FK Vardar – UEFA.com

Don,t think the link worked hopefully it can be viewed through google search


strangely enough the clubs appeal went to CAS



Great stuff,mate. A dissenting voice without an insult. The world is back on its axis.

I’d say we definitely need another striker-and that’s doubled if we cannot get Eddy to extend and promise to stay until 2021 or 22. Can we keep going to the well with Broonie forever? Where is our back-up if our central defenders get injured or suspended? Will we see the real Ollie again,will he disappear in the summer?

Yes,I’d say we have a decent first eleven,even a decent first fourteen. But there are weaknesses and deficiencies in the back-up squad. And no guarantees going forward with a fair few of those fourteen too. For instance,I thought Scott Bain was outstanding for us when he came in last season,and Craig Gordon before him. Fraser is another couple of steps up from both. Will he stay? Only if Southampton get relegated and need to cut the wage bill,I reckon. Same for Elyounoussi.

Point being,yes,we can be very happy with what we have. But how long will we have them? So as the author says,we need to be busy in January.




Interesting. A piddling amount compared to the huns,fair sized penalty. And only ten days leave given to appeal to CAS. How long have the SFA kicked it into the long grass now? About fifty times that.


everything about the whole debacle screams of a cover up IMO



Yep. And that’s the problem. IMO,we were outmanoeuvred and outplayed by people more devious than ourselves and with a vested interest. That whoever was representing Celtic at discussions during all of this acted genuinely in good faith and with the best interests of Celtic FC/Plc as he saw it at the time.

Then when he saw-and finally comprehended-what he had signed up to,he went ballistic-only to be told to shut up and play along as his fingerprints were all over it.

I’ve said all along that it’s not the act itself which brings down the axe,it’s the cover-up. If it had been admitted to right away,even I wouldn’t have been calling for a ritual disembowelment. We all make mistakes,taking people on trust,thinking that our best interests are their best interests too. Then we get shafted. For me,it was a severe censure,nothing more.

Now? Hanging offence. But it will never happen,because we will never know. But then,there’s lots of things we thought we would never know. The truth will out,we can only live in hope and keep picking at the scab.


James Forrest latest blog on the outcome of last week’s AGM is possible the most depressing thing I’ve read on a his or any other fan site for many a year.


To me it reads, Res.12 is dead in the water, the SFA/Huns have got away with it, waste of time challenging the quislings on the board, put a peg on your nose to hold back the stench of the corruption at the heart of the professional game in Scotland and hope we don’t balls it up going for TIAR.

If that’s the best he has to offer us then there really is no hope for any sort of redemption for the Scottish game. Quite frankly, anyone who continues pays to watch the most rigged game in British if not World sport in the full knowledge of what has occurred in the past or what will continue to happen now and in the future, deserves everything they get, I’m afraid.

All I can say, is thank god for Netflix.


Just got an e-mail from my ubertim mate in Bicester. Lovely wee market town just north of Oxford which is now dominated by a shopping mall. Bicester Village,it is called. Seems the locals don’t like their ways. Because of them,the local football team have been evicted,rugby team is next,huge swathes of land bought up. Etc,etc,etc.

So how do you fight back? Simple. Start a website and facebook page called Bicester Village Idiots which appears beside the official page.


I wonder…

Big Audio Dynamite

Yeah, probably better y’all don’t question the official narrative on anything, and definitely don’t dare speak on any of those subjects …unless you want called fruit loop,,bat shit crazy, and a horrible human being! For questioning 9/11?!

Question things= You being a horrid cunt. Really?! Naw, seriously, fucking really?!

I’ve been on here a couple of months. Yesterday was the first time I’ve spoken about anything I’ve got an interest in. I had a respectful talk with Bobby about 9\11. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with that?

One afternoon of discussion between like minded people, and the whole blog loses its collective mind …how sad.

Now remember, don’t look, don’t think, and ffs, NEVER question anything!



BMCUWP – ta. Play the ball not the man is, to my mind, a very Celtic-minded ethos; each is free to pick their own code I guess. Re defence, we have Elhamed, Nir, O’Connor and Hendry (all can play ‘a bit’) Midfield, we’re richly well off (Kouassi the lion is even back;) but I’d welcome another digger; I’d loan back Armstrong if he was available. Agree totally that upfront looks exposed with Bayo out and Griff faltering to rediscover that legendary form. If I wrote cheques it’d be Mitrovic of Fulham; deft big brute 😉
But as Chuck once said, when did the future switch from being a promise to a threat? HH



James is the same fella who,when BR left,regaled us of the time the previous summer when he sat down with PL only to hear the words…

“You don’t know what’s been happening here,and you don’t want to know” It will be in his archives.

At that time,the question on every Celtic fan’s lips related to the usual lack of activity in the transfer window. Never mind the window,James passed up an open door. He didn’t ask the obvious-“Well,aye I do. What’s been going on?!”

Bloody hell,he’s a journalist,author,blogger. Etc.

As he’s obviously an experienced politician-he has spent a long time in politics,and I have no reason to disbelieve him or otherwise-he may think that you go with the flow till you get the chance to lash out. He was very much a firebrand when I recall his posts from a decade or so ago on CQN but they tend now to highlight the multiple failings outside our front door rather than those nearer home.



Correct,mate. You and I had a very respectful discussion about it. You stated your case,and I suggested reasons why I thought the engineering/metallurgy behind failure of integrity in structural steel brought down the building.

The comments later on weren’t aimed at that discussion between us. They were aimed at the follow-up diatribe from TheLionRoars,which included such beauties as Sandy Hook being a media stunt,gravity not existing,oh all sorts. I ended up deleting,I think,61 of his posts. It wasn’t just the content,it was the personal abuse he was firing out left right and centre.

I’m happy to collate a few of them and mail them to you so that you can discern the difference between our discussion and his follow up. But having deleted his posts,the fruit loop etc comments about them are still there. And in the absence of any other evidence,I can understand why you thought they were aimed at you.

They weren’t. You have my word on that.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, did TLR just come on and randomly start abusing people? Pretty sure he was answering those that had abused him cause of his views, no?

TLR should be allowed ANY view he likes, but definitely not be abused for those views. Christ, we all have differing ideas on things, is that such a surprise?

No one will ever change my mind that 9\11 was done on purpose, but I would never dream of abusing those who don’t agree with me, why would i?

Would be good to see TLR back on today, and able to talk about whatever his heart desires without fear of ridicule from fellow Celts. It’s absolutely stupid to think we can all be pigeonholed into believing the same things. It’s part of human nature to find answers …some look, some dont.



“Bobby, did TLR just come on and randomly start abusing people?”

Pretty much,aye. You remember him outing me last week as a Mason-they’re really good at keeping secrets,even I didn’t know I was a Mason-well,this time it’s Mags knows nothing about Science and gravity doesn’t exist. The fella who posts as 31003 is also a Mason,to be known henceforth as No 33.

Are you getting the drift on this? I could go on. All his deleted posts are in the deleted folder. I can c& p them to you in a mail if you don’t believe me,but they will never see the light of day on here again. And if anything like it comes up again,it will be in the same folder PDQ.

B.A.D. In support of what Bobby says regarding TLR’s attitude towards posters, you may recall a post of mine some days ago when I said to him “Why are you directing your anger towards us? We are not to blame!”

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, no I missed all of that and don’t need proof of what happened. Is TLR banned?

Not trying to be smart or keep this going(Not my style), but are we being told what can be discussed on here? Are some things now off limits? Who decides? Where do you draw the line?

I repeat, there is no need to abuse those you disagree with.

And if I’m picking you up wrong ..apologies.


Big Audio Dynamite

Sorry Jim, I dont



Nope. Nothing is off limits as such,though certain topics-such as Celtic-are much preferred. But if people want to discuss dogs,horses,a roll and skwerr,whatever,there is no problem. It’s a discussion site.

You and I had a respectful discussion-and disagreement-yesterday. At no time did we revert to personal abuse or tell everyone else that they know nothing. Seriously,it was a sight to behold.

Let me put it this way. We have never barred anyone apart from him. We have only previously deleted two posts apart from him. In fifteen months,this site has proven to be a home for various topics to be discussed at various levels,the serious and the humorous. It has attracted some big hitters,people with things to say on a site where they won’t be challenged just for saying it,and going against the party line so beloved by other sites. But accusing grieving parents of fabricating the deaths of their fabricated children and attending their fabricated funerals in all their fabricated grief-then telling us that we know eff all-naw,mate. Line was crossed. And trust me,there was a lot more than that too.


Watching a Michael Moore doco suddenly suggested a way forward for the Celtic Board; a German industry concept called co-determinism where the ‘ordinary people’ have a say/share the decisions that the corporate Boards is tempted to make; it enshrines accountability – what say you, Desmond and Peter ??

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, like I said, what I don’t see becomes difficult to comment on. TLR doesn’t need me to defend him…he’s a big boy.

For myself… I have spent 18 years researching most of these topics, and TLR is far closer to the truth that many realise, how he expresses that is down to him alone.

Believe me mate, I know some of this stuff seems out there, but when you have spent 18 years looking into it all, you realise we are being lied to about a multitude of things.

Again, I’m happy to just leave that there, as you and I had a convivial chat and no one was abused or hurted …how it should be ?



Philvis-style Thumbs-up!

bada bing1

A pal going to Cluj next week, any advice welcome.


This place is taking over from CQN. Sad, ’cause I thought it was better than that.
Big Packy? FFS. adios.

bada bing1

Eddy,Elyounoussi, Boli,Bayo,Ntcham, all returned to training today

The Gombeen Man

I missed most of yesterday but it’s amazing how often a setback like the AGM manifests in rancour. It’s an emotional hangover perhaps?

There has been a fair bit of baiting and transparent point-scoring going on in a number of blogs in recent days. So much so that one wonders at times if it’s orchestrated.

Thanks for the article, I fear that the infamous “nuclear portfolio” met with the same fate as our recruitment strategy in the Lennoxtown bin?

The Plc’s eggs are all in the 10 in a Row basket. That’s the squirrel or Bliss Point. That strategy ignores the ongoing concerns about cheating and reminds me of the miserable trip to Manchester to play Rapid Vienna.

Lambs to the slaughter.

Cheats do win. Especially if the decks are stacked. The Plc have displayed a ruthless streak against our own and a baffling lack of courage in the face of the cheats at Sevco/SFA.

The soul of Celtic is blocked by corporate greed and arrogance. It’s the same arrogance that Thatcher described when she talked about ‘the enemy within.’

The course set by DD and PL will be fraught with division and rancour. You just can’t run away from your responsibilities in life.

Let’s hope Neil pulls it out the bag this week. He’ll need all our support.


Big Audio Dynamite

Bada Bing

Great timing! ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Really hope Griff and Bayo can start contributing more. Eddie has done amazing till now, but he’s not a machine. I hope we look at it again in January.


Always thought a parcel of ‘brogues’ whilst being in bed with the SFA, was great punditry.

The original quote was pedantically ‘we will not be treated differently’ and yes, since that crystal clarity from ‘the alleged war criminal,’ non executive director, we have been treated nothing but differently.

The treated differently, John Reid line, went in Desmond, Lawwell, and Bankier’s ears and straight out the other end, normalising Celtic into an everyday Scottish Football Club is too big an ask for Scotland, fiendishly BBC fronted at the moment, whilst majoring in election bias, demonising Rebel FC, is a mere BBC Scotland pastime

The Celtic enemy within theorists, are gathering pace because of the age of the remarkable Res12, and the near certainty, of CAS never casting their beady eyes on it, and who can blame them now, its all so yesterday, just like 2012 when the Zombies walked away, giggling with a new licence.

Now ‘Scotland’ predicts ( and prays ) for ‘the Rainjurz’ and the super all new biggest cup in the world “the fuckin League Cup” saviour, whilst the Lennoxtown locus is fortunately Rebel Lennon led with, those jammy rich fat bastards in the boardroom, are still some way ahead of us,

After 30 games,……………….

Lennon….19/20: 88 goals, 23 conceded

Rodgers …. 18/19: 58 goals, 16 conceded

Rodgers ….17/18: 71 goals, 28 conceded

Rodgers ….16/17: 70 goals, 35 conceded

First Celtic side to win a European Group match in Italy, first Celtic side to win a European Group League outright.

God Bless Neil Lennon and the Resolutioners CSC

Hail Hail

Cosy Corner Bhoy

As I said yesterday,open forum,but glad to see things have settled down?
I am looking for some assistance re locating someone who knows a J.Lewis from Glenrothes.
I owe him £7 for a book on his trip to Lisbon but don’t know how to get it to him!
Thanks in advance.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

BSR: Ah,but what about the fouls statistics?.


Cosy Corner Bhoy

And the Level 5 Morelos Calculator ££££££££££££££££££££££££

bada bing1

Rangers fans PRAISED by Uefa for their behaviour in Feyenoord’s De Kuip despite fears sectarian singing would see Ibrox closed
I smell shite…




Big Packy
Get yo’ ass on here and get a conversation goin


Red card! Red card! Red card!



There is on record an interview between Richard Gordon and Regan where he says after 31st March the SFA job was done.

In reality the UEFA licence wasnt granted until 19th April and UEFA not notified by SFA of clubs granted a licence until the 26th May 2011 which asks 2 questions.

1.How can UEFA start to monitor until they know who to monitor?
2. Was Regan lieing?

The attempt to push breaches into the monitoring period is to prevent investigation into what took place in the granting where deception was the order of the day.

Check DR splash on CW book that will cause SFA migraine if he tells how he was set up.

For whatever reason Celtic have refused to comment or act upon information provided that showed a payable and not a potential liability existed at 31st March and regardless of whether it became overdue at 31st and we think it did, the SFA granted licence on basis there was a potential liability under discussion and not a payable where discussion had ended.

The comments at AGM re sanctions in next year are true but if licence granted by deception, recompense would be due, either from RFC in liquidation or SFA for negligence.

Either Celtic have not taken on board the significance of incorrect granting presented to them in Aug 2018 which is incompetence or negligence or they have but decided it’s not in their interest to pursue or 5 Way stops them from pursuing.

Perhaps a reason knowledge of the 5 Way denied at AGM when question asked separately.

Phil’s latest blog is interesting.



“We will never know.”

Oh yes we will

Pantomime season but I’m confident.


I hope we press the huns high in the cup game.
Their team is set up to stifle the midfield and hit diagonal balls to Morelos and Kent.
Both play with a mindset of if touched go down so they can fire free kicks into box.
Morelos will be sleekit as ever with his engage contact, barge and dive strategy.
He and Kent will both leave the boot in knowing the ref will give them about 6 warnings before a card.
Their centre backs are both big girl’s blouses and anyone running at them will cause panic.
Tavs penalty and Barisic cant defend.
Outplay their midfield and we should win easily.
Positional discipline and fast attacks are important for our midfielders.
A slow paced game suits them.
Our lead striker and Christie should wear heavy duty shin pads.


I assume the penalty being applied the following season would tie in with the reply Traverso gave regards no monetary loss and no point taking the offence further as the club who would be sanctions had failed to exist (or words to that effect ).

As you say though it is a governance issue and therefore should have been pursued as such ,the fact the club has asked us to leave it to the very peepil who would be scrutinised ,just beggars belief .

The way the club has acted is , IMO very disturbing indeed and it looks more and more likely that any further investigation into the whole debacle should include our own clubs involvement (if any) in this .

I would just like to thank you and all others involved in the res12 fight for justice ,you may have lost this battle but I hope and pray you win the war .

You have certainly opened my eyes to the behind the scenes handshaking that seems to have been going on all this time



Saying sanctions against RFC would not occur to the next year would suggest no loss to Celtic shareholders but if licence granted through deception Celtic still lost the income due had they been given Rangers place.

So why is that not a concern? Even if decision was RFC had gone bust so little financial compensation to be chased but asking for it would enable all to see that Celtic werec not prepared to accept being robbed.

The current stalled charges only relate to offenses under Craig Whyte at June and Sept , which the 5 Way allowed to be pursued. By 2012 Celtic had asked about and got assurances in Dec 2011 that the grant was in order so no reasons to make sure that period was covered in 5 Way but since then the SFA assurances given lack credibility, so why are SFA being allowed to park the case for 18 months on a technicality on the SFA right to investigate.

What took place in March 2011, unless some unknown factor emerges is that serious that the consequences flowing from it are being avoided at all cost.

Fairhill bhoy

Brilliant press conference from Lenny today


Fairhill Bhoy
The desperate attempts by the mssm to legitimize the Old Firm rivalry is pathetic.
A diddy cup they ridiculed when we won it has now the prestige of the Champions league.
Lennon did well swatting aside their stupid questions and telling them we are focused on tomorrows game.

Fairhill bhoy

Fan-Lenny kept it right,said the correct things and gave them nothing.
31003-heard that song on Clyde 2 today and the dj was saying it was best ever Christmas song,first time I’ve heard it or seen the video cheers ?