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I must admit I am delighted to see the #WeCareDoYou campaign currently being waged by Arsenal fans.
I have no feelings on that particular club , but my respect for their fanbase grows with each action they undertake for their club of choice.
Twice now, they have struck out at their board ,, very publicly and wholeheartedly embraced by the majority of their support base.
Any and every footie fan should be delighted to see this.

Their owner / operators are slightly different that ours in that they have a few sports ventures in the portfolio ,, and now one in particular of those ventures is proving troublesome.
The Yankee bloke at the top of the chain may well be unused to this as I doubt he is getting much ‘why are we crap‘ questions from his other teams followers,,that doesn’t really happen here with only a single trophy up for grabs in most sports most go empty handed for long times. Many cities are just happy to have a major team playing in them to give a focal point and some tax when viewers empty their wallets.
Teams simply moving away happen also , perhaps another reason owners dont get that much stick here so as not to antagonize into skedaddling.
But still , twice now Stan Kroenke has been publicly taken to task by the Gunners followers.

16 prominent Arsenal websites and individuals , armed with a petition of over 100k signatures is quite a front to be faced with, I dont care who you are.
This very example of unity for a common cause is very commendable and must be taken onboard by other fan’s who find themselves at the end of their tether where their club is concerned.
Other owners or majority shareholders could well find themselves very interested onlookers as this could well be a trend setter for footie fans.
Uniting the websites and high profile fans to bring big pressure is the essence of fan power.
That very power should make me and you proud and smile, while simultaneously making men in boardrooms shiver.
Should this fan power show promise of actually forcing through changes the support deem crucial , then chances are others will eye up the same strategy with the aim of besting their boardroom.
Should this fan power actually work, it could just have the effect of keeping away those without any institutions best wishes at heart ,, for being called out in the media and by 100k as not fit for purpose could see some who thought it was an easy money think again ,, forgoing the potential hassle and subsequent black mark beside the name.
That would be fantastic news for every club.

How the 93 Celts for Change actually got organised without mobile phones is still a great mystery to me,, but its ten times easier now to be coordinated with modern technology.
Turning the world wide web to our advantage has been done now with the average rank and file fan under no impression whatsoever of who and which site publishes spin , and who are simply fans calling it straight.
Easy mass communication , and access to all information going instantly , are the new norm which spells good news for the average fan seeking to effect change.

So the keyboard warriors and internet bampots down in North London wearing red and white strips have just moved beyond those labels to united and mobilized. Hopefully for them they don’t have to become angry agitators but their owner actually listens to their concerns this time and helps make them the content customer that is much preferred in boardrooms across the globe. Brendan ( if attained ) may well sate some appetites and restore some pride but the fans want more than just a change of manager.
They want a changing of ways.
Lets watch closely how they go about their business of getting the fans back onside, and what ripples come from their huge pebbles . Lets especially watch what happens if this second warning is ignored, will they actually be able to entice the rank and file fan to vote with feet and wallet if needed ,, which is surely the next phase of their campaign ?

“We want clear acknowledgement that the board recognises the issues faced by the club, and how severe these are for the future of The Arsenal. As supporters we want actual communication and measurable assurances from the board that actions are in place to address this seemingly inexorable slide “
Asking for communication on bigger issues is especially galling considering who actually is the lifeblood of the club.
Measurable assurances is a lot easier to type than to actually deliver considering money cant cure all ails , good luck to them on that one.

“We raised previously the need for new and dynamic appointments at board level; people with Arsenal DNA are needed at this time more than ever. Sadly, the club’s reaction to this recommendation has been an unresponsive dismissal of it.”
Looking to your own is a natural reaction, and this seems to give fans reassurance. However as we ourselves know now, even with an ex supporters bus man and a Gael at the helm we still have huge issues and major disillusion.
I would recommend looking for the best track record and resume , not where anyone was born or their previous allegiances as an assessment of their suitability.

I never imagined I would watch Gooner’s leading the way in fan power , but with the most expensive tickets in the worlds biggest league , and getting handed down scraps and lip service when they expect action ,, well they might just go and show the entire game out there exactly what to do when in a quandary with the suits.
Proud of you all and you’ve made this wavering Tim give some well earned respect your way.
Go on the Arsenal fans ,, go on yourselves.


The above is by Mahe. Guest articles welcome to

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I had a look at the team sheet from Arsenal’s last game. IMO,only four players starting on Monday night were maybe good enough even for Wenger’s last few faltering seasons-Kolasinac,Aubameyang,Ozil and Lacazette. They spent a fortune on Pepe,who had an outstanding couple of seasons at Lille,and he has been an unmitigated disaster. They gave away a box-to-box midfielder in Aaron Ramsey because they wouldn’t pay his £10m pa wage request,despite him being worth c£40m and they haven’t replaced him.

There is an endless list of superstar flops at that club over the last decade or more,and they clearly have no idea how to change things around. Worse,there is an endless list of little better than average pros stinking the place out.

They could do worse than get Bielsa from Leeds. At least he knows how to get the best out of Pepe-who knows,he might be able to tease a performance out of the rest of them too. But their big problem is that they are throwing mud at the wall,hoping some of it will stick. They don’t have a plan for the medium term,they don’t have any ideas for the short term and overall they haven’t a clue about anything.

Frankly,they are FUBAR’d.



Saying sanctions against RFC would not occur to the next year would suggest no loss to Celtic shareholders but if licence granted through deception Celtic still lost the income due had they been given Rangers place.

So why is that not a concern? Even if decision was RFC had gone bust so little financial compensation to be chased but asking for it would enable all to see that Celtic werec not prepared to accept being robbed.

The current stalled charges only relate to offenses under Craig Whyte at June and Sept , which the 5 Way allowed to be pursued. By 2012 Celtic had asked about and got assurances in Dec 2011 that the grant was in order so no reasons to make sure that period was covered in 5 Way but since then the SFA assurances given lack credibility, so why are SFA being allowed to park the case for 18 months on a technicality on the SFA right to investigate.

What took place in March 2011, unless some unknown factor emerges is that serious that the consequences flowing from it are being avoided at all cost.
for me you are on the right track with regards what went on in the march period ,seems from the start when the suits realised the matter wasn’t going away ,they attempted to draw attention away from ,said period .
IIRC did sevco 2012 not release their accounts of that period on the 1st april rather than the 31st march ,another slight of hand perhaps .
It really is looking more and more like certain peepil have something to hide and that may include people closer to home ,when you look back on the efforts they ALL went to back in 2012 to have a brand new club placed into the top of our game ,it’s not such a stretch to imagine any unpalatable scenario playing out behind all club supporters backs



You are correct,bud. It was discussed at the time on CQN,but although we all knew they had problems,the licence and the fact of that date hadn’t entered our calculations. They probably ponied up a paltry fine to Companies House and thought they’d cracked it.

Dishonesty in plain sight,because few of us realised the ramifications at the time. Or the rules that they were subverting. I’ll bet you that Celtic Plc knew though.


Sadly it certainly looks like it


Strange things,the things you remember. I’d popped back home for a couple of weeks about six or seven years or so ago,and I’d been invited to join a small crew of CQNers for a convivial little chat one Saturday. The fact that there was a fair old cargo planned for the day wasn’t mentioned,merely understood.

As my family abode lies inbetween Ayr and Glasgow,it was suggested that I meet PF AYR on the train. Well,I reckon we kinda hit it off during the next thirty minutes or so. He’s not avoided me much since,so that’s a good sign! Anyway,this was just as the revelations of tax avoidance by Big Tech and all sorts of other,usually US-based,companies started to come out. PF and I discussed this disgraceful state of affairs while agreeing it was difficult to avoid the worst transgressors unless you wanted to go back to the Stone Age.

Yes,I had a lot of Apple products. Yes,I used Amazon and e-Bay,particularly for books and vinyl. Google was a default. Starbucks wasn’t a problem-when I’m out,it’s hardly likely that I’m gonna spend the time in a bloody coffee shop. But…

I told PF that I was on a one-man boycott of products from tax avoiders. Pretty much stood by it,although I had to eventually resort to e-Bay for a replacement turntable. I’ve certainly not been in a Starbucks since! My point?

Well,I think these fellas have as low an opinion of the above,particularly Amazon,as I have!


Bezos is described as the man who sold the world back to itself in cardboard boxes,which is something which I so wish I had said first. Sadly it reminds me of the huge crash in Ireland a decade ago,described here in a simply brilliant article.


Great article once again Mahe. Seems like a lifetime ago since I used to stand on the North Bank to cries of “1-0 to the Arsenal, boring, boring Arsenal ” !!
On the other hand, had the pleasure of watching Villa scrape a draw there to win the 1st Division title, with my soon to be wife who is an avid Villa fan.
Come to think of it, it was a lifetime ago, how football has changed since those rose-tinted, halcyon days.

My goodness, those Guardian articles on Amazon and football are certainly food for thought M. Still, if they out-Sky Sky, will there be much wailing and gnashing of teeth north of the border – eh, naw!



Aye,I think they can see the writing on the wall. And they aren’t very keen!

I’ve only been to Highbury once-for the Paul Davis Testimonial. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I had to stand in the away end-and very lucky to be there,it was only by the good grace of a Police Sergeant that we were allowed in at all. Wow,that free kick from Wdowcsyk. That will live long in the memory.

Been once to The Emirates too,with my Dad. Not so memorable but still a great day. I remember more about the day before. We went to Cardiff,having just signed Joe Ledley on a freebie. I warned him within an inch of his life not to discuss that with the locals.

Aye,you guessed it. While I was at the bar anaw. Charmed life,that man..



When the charges were made in mid May 2018 the SFA did not state the events they related to.

It was TRFC who did that stating the charges relating to March were dropped, that accusations relating to that period (without naming the accusers) were groundless and the issue was being driven by folk (us) wanting to damage Scottish football.

This exclusion was immediately drawn to Celtic’s attention by e mail but got no answer.

About 10 days later minutes of a HMRC meeting of 21st March turned up (and I hope CW refers to why this happened in his book) and were provided to Celtic.

Again no action. As a result those minutes were provided to SFA by Res12 legal agent on 25 June before JPDT sat saying the info contained was at odds with what was reported.

That cost £2000, met by one donor bringing the total bill to £10k at that point to which another £1k has been added and not the £30k as is being spouted on Bear sites. The donors have been appraised at all times what the money was needed for.

Now it might just be a coincidence but in mid July the SFA announced the matter was being referred to CAS , but I do wonder if those minutes were a cause because SFA have never responded to our legal agent’s letter.

I wonder if the Celtic Board share the view of Celtic shareholders that is held at Ibrox?

In Jan at a meeting with Celtic we were told the HMRC minutes document would not be used by Celtic as we would not like it if positions were reversed. The difference there being the likliehood of TRFC not using the information.

If you read this years Res12 and the Recital justifying it from memory I think this was covered but Celtic’s bland response is it is not in Celtic’s interest to go to UEFA and they will not press SFA to reach any decision.

There is an obvious cover up going on but with 2 important games in the offing its perhaps not time to highlight, but no reason to keep gloves on after 29 December.

What placing Res12 on the agenda has done is to make the goings on from 2013 public, it’s all there in the AGM papers.

Some signatories are angry and will be or have made Celtic aware by letter. The more who do that the more untenable Celtic’s position is, a position lacking clarity as result of answers at the AGM.

Clarity will be sought.

A tip to Mahe.

To do anything you will need cash. Res12 has never had a donate function.. CQN’s Winnng Captains did a sterling job getting crowd funding on Res12 behalf, half of which went to charity, but most came from individual donors.

A Donate function needs added with reasons to donate.

The Gombeen Man


An excellent article, well researched and thought provoking.

Arsenal haven’t won the league since 2003/4. They’ve had more success in the FA Cup 2017
2015, 2014.The FA Cup isn’t the prize it used to be.

Arch-rivals Spurs have improved steadily before this season’s decline. Tottenham made the CL Final last season..

Arsene Wenger appeared to be aloof and out of touch towards the end of his time there and some in the Arsenal support were pretty vocal in their demand for his removal.

Arsenal supporters feel the pain of an “inexorable slide” and the conditions are there for mainstream revolt.

I don’t think we are there yet but that’s a matter of time. The Ibrox switcheroo continues and the trump card of the Bliss Point of 10 in a Row is concealing the widespread corruption in the game.

Sadly it will be the pain of a triumphant Sevco that stirs the support and that’s when the support will mobilise. The work that Auldheid and the others have completed over the last few years will prove to be invaluable at that point.

The Arsenal support is providing valuable insights into how to mobilise when that “inexorable slide” hits closer to home.

Unfortunately, Pedros Poodles will try and deflect the blame to NFL, the players, agents, referees and even the Celtic support to avoid their culpability.

Let’s hope the support ‘stop buying it.’


This is from SFM by ‘Up The Hoops’ Hope he doesn’t mind my C & P.

“Since Rangers were liquidated in 2012 after illegally cheating the state out of tens of millions, a total of nine clubs have had their names engraved on the three major Scottish football trophies. Step forward Aberdeen, Celtic, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Heart of Midlothian, Hibernian, Kilmarnock, St Johnstone, St Mirren, Ross County.
Why am I saying this? Because when several Journalists say they would like to see a different name on the trophy come Sunday it’s not really for that reason at all is it, given the spread of names since 2012. Why don’t they just be honest and say all they want is for Rangers to win, and Rangers to be the most successful club. They don’t really care about anyone else winning. They won’t all be like that of course but the majority clearly are. “


The Gombeen Man
Wenger was an idealist who was to arrogant to change.
The problem for him was a game that is evolving rapidly.
It’s quietly gone unnoticed that teams from Eastern Europe and smaller nations are now giving the big money clubs a much more competitive game.
The big guys have of course have noticed and that’s why they’re constantly attempting to create a closed shop.
The money may buy them better players but insular coaching and football departments that do not constantly evolve will hamper the chance of success.
The Red Bull structure where teams have varying success and shift around personnel is a thought provoking model.
Player development at one club then shift to better team in the group which leads to higher value in transfer market.
It is a footballing company that is financially profitable and not financially doped as many claim.
In my mind multiple ownership should not be allowed but once it was accepted it is hear to stay.
All sports are billed as entertainment but in the present football landscape with possession obsession that’s debatable.
I watch football on tv as a neutral.
I only support Celtic.
A disliked figure on a certain team may give me a momentary bias.
It adds a different slant to my viewing but i like to look at the tactical side of the game.
The old guard of Barcelona type possession teams are for the most part boring to watch and the statisticians have led to a risk adverse game that often resembles a training drill.
Guys like Messi and Ronaldo are the occasional light in often dull fare.
Wengers team were entertaining to watch but teams had found a way to negate it’s effectiveness.
If he had found a way to evolve his system and added new thinking assistants he would have continued being entertaining and successful in my opinion.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for the reply. We’re at saturation level really with tv soccer. I’ll often put games on and get bored and drift off. Only Celtic really interest me.
On a rare occasion i’m lucky and find a special game but that isn’t too often.

Wenger brought something different. He brought with him things like dieting and eating properly. I read Tony Adam’s book a few years ago and the Arsenal culture was traditional. Training in the morning and boozer in the afternoon.

Maybe similar to what Alex Ferguson found at Old Trafford. Wenger managed to get the British type player to accept that the model had to changed.

He had wonderful players, Henry, Bergkamp and Viera and he crafted a side to compliment the solidity of the defence. They were tough guys too and stood their ground.

He probably stayed too long and became almost like a Director he also oversaw the move from Highbury.

Russian oil money at Chelsea, Ferguson at United and eventually the flood of money into the game made things more difficult. Everybody could afford the best in sports science, coaching and scouting.

He’s fallen on his feet and has a top role in the game’s administration. He was in Belfast yesterday at a conference.

It isn’t easy staying at a club for years and watching a team decline and rebuilding.

You’re right with the coaching courses and similarity of styles, fitness levels etc it’s led to a blandness. Maybe I’m just watching too much? Maybe the over-promotion by the tv companies leads to an inevitable anticlimax?

None of this helps the Arsenal supporter who feels that the performance of the club is on the slide.

It’ll be interesting to see if Brendan Rodgers can sustain the level of performance at Leicester? If he can that might offer the Arsenal supporters some light at the end of the tunnel.

Can the right coach turn things around and break into the elite top four? Manchester United might be watching too? The difference is satisfying the expectations of the big clubs.

Rodger’s tactics at Celtic were puzzling at times. I’ve half a notion that he played the way he did to try and negate the influence of the referees. ?


The Gombeen Man
(Rodger’s tactics at Celtic were puzzling at times. I’ve half a notion that he played the way he did to try and negate the influence of the referees.)

Or the tight bastards in the board room?
I have been impressed with the pragmatism he has shown this season at Leicester.
Against Everton they were outplayed by the high pressing game and nothing worked for about 65 minutes.
They brought on Inheanacho as a second striker and almost immediately he set up Vardy for a tap in.
Inheanacho then scored the winner at the end of the game.
How often did we cry out for a second striker at Celtic instead of swapping one for another?
Against Palace they were hanging on to a one goal lead when Palace brought on Benteke to play high balls into box.
Rodger’s immediately subbed a midfielder for Morgan to combat that tactic and they went on to win 2-0
That type of pragmatism was missing in his Celtic tenure but he seems to have gained something from his time with us.

bada bing1

Bob Willis RIP

The Green Brigade back. Their ban is now pointless post AGM.

Cosy corner bhoy

On the way to game by train!!
Both daughters away and granddaughter has a party!
Hope I have too??
No one know J Lewis from Glenrothes?
Do they still have Postal Orders?


Cosy Corner Bhoy
Train….have you no learned from that scally of yours!!



Glad some enjoyed the article and thanks for the compliments.
CCB keeping the flame lit despite no company , iron horse and all ! Youll never walk alone Sir !
Hail Hail

Mario Bertolini

Mahe good read. This is what supporters can accomplish if they all come together for the common goal – Celtic. All blogs should get together and issue the same message to all supporters, stand up and bring the board to account, get them to explain there actions/inactions re: res12, mibs, our players getting the shit kicked out of them (some were common assault). Why wait until like arsenal fans the decline, I don’t see that scenario, just don’t want thems winning anything through ongoing cheating, FFP, and dodgy accounting. Come on you bloggers get together. Join together see The Who, listen.

Fairhill bhoy

Mahe-no sure you can compare us with Arsenal,are they not just another team in the bested league in the world where entitlement is everything.The celts for change was a success for a lot of reasons,one being we were pish on the park and buying dross off it,not to mention pie n the sky talk of moving to a new stadium.It goes without saying mate we all want the best for our club,but I’m pretty sure if had to do a poll before tonight’s game most people would be more interested on the next two games mate and that’s where the problem is.Nothing will change while we are winning.Just my tuppance worth.Away to get my dad so catch any reply laters buddy ?
Mon The Hoops ????

bada bing1

CELTIC: Forster; Bauer, Bitton, Ajer, Taylor; Brown, McGregor, Ntcham, Forrest, Christie; Morgan.
Subs: Gordon, Jullien, Frimpong, Sinclair, Rogic, Johnston, Griffiths


On another site there is a conservation about players being to inconsistent to warrant a regular place.
It has me thinking that a managers personal preferences can be the biggest factor.
The fans perception of a player being a genius or a dud is interesting.
The truth is often in between.
I always think of Tommy Callaghan who i thought was brilliant yet the fans often gave him stick.
I think Calum McGregor who is a darling of the majority flatters to deceive .
Doesn’t do much wrong is neat and tidy but i often feel he does not do enough.
I think central mids should create and though he is capable he chooses safety first and doesn’t create often enough.
His defensive positioning is not great and he can’t tackle.
He is a very good technical player with an excellent first touch to create time and space but he needs to use that in a more positive fashion.
It could be he is following instruction and the position he is given stifles him.
I think he is capable of more than we get.

Celtic Champs Elect

Fan a Tic

I agree with you

Tommy Tid Callaghan -My uncle Tony and I loved him as a player yet a lot of our support could not take to him

Cal Mac – I agree vastly overrated and could do a lot more for the team IMO


Mario and Fairhill,,
The bloggers could unite I have no doubt but I do doubt whether that would be enough to make major change.
I think you need the groups on board and if they aint at this stage you’ve gotta say it aint looking like they are going to.
The biggest issue is the fans just go , go , go like a duracell battery.
While they attend faithfully the board aint gonna leave,,why would they unless on their terms?
I reckon if a straw poll of supporters that were asked do you want Res12 to end and go away , aye would win .
Should the lads even attempt to bring justice to a game the masses are content with and do they risk being seen as a loud distraction to the main event in these Old Firm are we times?
Im not even sure if their efforts would be appreciated should the shit hit the fan.
Who turned off the music may well be the cry if that league tumbles.
Gimme peace will soon be the answer to the yell for action.
At some stage what people actually want must come into play and if the huge majority wish what we are served then that has to be taken onboard.
The evidence points to happy to go along for nearly everyone.
Hail Hail

Big Packy, Still best mates.


Some day I’m gonna type out my Christmas story.
Yesterday my brother in law and his wife were handed a four day old baby by adoption services,,what a blessing and boy they could really do with it. That child has a great home for life and fionnuala is gonna be stoked.
Best news I have heard in a long time.

” I finally won the war after losing every battle”
Robert Zimmerman

Mike in Toronto


Great news about the new addition. Should make Xmas all the more happy for your family.

Broony! Ya big bliddy hero!!!!

Margaret McGill

Scott Brown. legend.

We are back at the top. Beyond Goal Diff.

Lovely night.

I care Mahe, sadly the majority of the support don’t.
Great three points, but in so many ways the justification of thems saddens me big time.


Broony did what legends do!
He took the game by the scruff of the neck and willed us to victory.
Hope tonight lays to rest the Ajer -Bitton partnership.Both looks hesitant.
Did they unnerve each other.
Bauer is ok but should be behind Frimpong and Elhamened.
The midfield looked out of sorts and lost most of the loose ball battles.
Playing Christie wide to accommodate others lessens his impact.
Again to many square passes leading to a slow build up that allowed them a defensive set up.
Thought our coaching was poor in the second half as we showed no recognition of how easily they were winning the middle third of the field.
Their goal wasn’t that much of a surprise as we were all over the place for last 15 minutes.

Didn’t see all of the game as my internet was dropping in and out, what I did see didn’t inspire me, hopefully just a bad day at teh office, I thot Ajer was shocking for their goal, I also saw Fraser make a couple of decent saves, we were kinda blessed from what I saw, a bit like the smsm highlights of the game 😉

Dharma Bam




The Exiled Tim
Guy who scored the goal was a big lump but Ajer gave him the room to turn slowly and shoot.

My god can you hear the noise and singing of the Celtic support on 29/04/2012 ? And that was before the GB were even born! 🙂

There was no standing section.

But Broonie was there!

ATOB, MIT, Mahe, Hello?


Tim the Jim 😉 been busy . How ya ?
Atob is on holiday , a decent excuse to be left alone in fairness.

Mahe, She is in Australia just now. I’m not an expert on time diffs. But thought she might be up and give us a report on the game. Like a lot of folk, including yourself, it’s kind of normal to get pissed off with the goings on. But I still enjoy a win. Hope your well.

You wanna have heard the cursing and swearing from me when the radio announced an injury time equaliser for Hamilton.

Broonie is a legend!


I think kick off was 545am in Australia. Not a hope of her seeing it.

Plus it wasn’t televised.

Mind you,she didn’t miss a great deal.

Bobby, I love to read her and Fan’s reports.


Not much to report on tonight,bar the eventual euphoria.