The day the league was won

4th December 2019, the day that nine in a row was won.
Why am I so confident in saying that?
I am a great believer in coincidences, they just have an uncanny knack of popping up time after time, and why I never think of them afore they happen and make a killing from the bookies I will never know.
Anyways, I think back to the game at Rugby Park a couple of years ago and we were struggling and Broonie stepped up to the plate and scored a last minute winner.
It cemented the league for us that season and the dagger through the heart the huns suffered tonight was palpable. The SMSM are in a deep depression, they didn’t expect to drop points tonight and when Hamilton scored their equaliser at the death they were creaming themselves.
It was a hard one to take, we were sloppy last night, just not at the races.
No idea why, maybes the players had an eye on the game at the weekend, but for the life of me, I have never, and I mean NEVER seen Hamilton play that well before.
Fair play to them, they deserved their goal and had El Capitano not done the biz they would have left Celtic Park with a well earned point and we would have been asking serious questions as to our championship credentials.
Thankfully we are not, but it sure has given us a wake up call when the likes of Hamilton can come to Celtic Park and play as they did.
I am not in the mood to mention the board but I will, what they did re the GB was an absolute joke, their squirrel worked a treat prior to the AGM last week.
The GB are back and everything in the Celtic garden is rosy, for now.
The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange walks from it’s streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.

The above is by The Exiled Tim. Guest articles more than welcome

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Oh,what a night! 4th December 2019.:.

Nope doesn’t scan as well as the Four Seasons original,but we went through four emotions last night.

The frustration of the huns taking a two goal lead. The pleasure of seeing Aberdeen pull it back to 2-2.

The despair of losing an injury-time equaliser. And finally the utter euphoria of Broonie’s latelatelate winner!

Magic stuff,but awfy tiring. A nice wee 5-0 and over by half-time will do nicely next time.

A thing of beauty

I must say my heart sank when I read your report. Bmcuwp will tell you how I am paranoid about tempting fate. I don’t think we have won a game till we are 3 up with two minutes to go. Clearly you are very different. I hope you are right.
Thanks for the mention. I am visiting the ,Melbourne area this week and am based in Apollo bay on the great ocean road. I got up at 7 this morning which meant it was 8 at night Celtic Park time. I couldn’t get a stream so watched the updates before going for a run when we were one up and the sheep had equalised. Beautiful run along the beach,incredible. I got back to discover we had scored an injury time winner and they had dropped two points at pittodrie. Cue much skipping about the apartment from yours truly!! What I will say is this. If I had not gone for a run and continued with the updates, my iPad would be somewhere on its way to Tasmania because a 90 minute equaliser for Hamilton would have done me in. Jeezo it’s hard being away from the footy. I don’t know how you ex pats do it. It’s killing me. I’ve no access to any games and will miss the cup final.i can’t watch those updates, does my head in but I can’t sleep when I know we’re playing. As I have said before my name is ATOB and I’m a Celtic addict.
Right I’m off out for dinner now. I love this town, everything closes at 8pm. You little ripper.

A thing of beauty

Also meant to congratulate Mahe on the lovely news for his family. I’m sure they are over the moon.


TET; agree that the Accies played out their skins; kudos Brian Rice for making them have a go. Rather than sloppy I just felt we were too tired to really get our best rhythm. Olly still ghosts in and out games mirroring Tommy Rogic. They could both study Broon and Ryan for pure application and consistency. I’ll reserve season judgements til post-Sunday (naebody’s hanging on my pronouncements anyway) but I think that game will go a long way to determining the season’s outcome.
ATOB; if you’re coming up to Melb soon, feel free to gie’s a hoi – we stay up later in the city – sometimes to almost 10pm ;))


Last night provided us with a great outcome and we must take all the joy we can from it.

However, the league has yet to be won and we are not halfway through it yet. The cold months of January and February might see us grow a significant gap but it’s stilll 2 points only in early December, that is a one match swing.

I will commiserate with every hun in my office over Beaton’s missed penalty claim but the distress signal has already been sent to the refs. This Sunday coming would be a good time for Sevco to get their long overdue penalty or red card for an opposition player.

I fast forwarded through a recording of their game last night. Morelos petulance seems to have been replaced by feigned injury acting lessons. However, they were zipping passes around their defence and midfield first half and trying to suck the hope and organisation out of Aberdeen- it worked to an extent of a two goal lead. However, their own back line cannot cope with this game and gave Aberdeen 2 easy chances before the game became very disjointed for both teams in the 2nd half.

They have some midfield strength and we will need the Calmac & Brooony engine to be running at full to overcome them. I have no doubt Christie, Eddie and James can get at their back 4

Big Audio Dynamite

Coupla fings.

Is there still space for a Broony statue?

John Beaton girfuy!

Sevco players don’t get booked when leaving the pitch to celebrate. Celtic players always do!

Slippy ?

Jon Flanagan is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen. I’d like to play against him on Sunday.

Meanwhile over on monkey media, they are trying desperately to turn a pie into a banana ?

The banter years continue apace.

I know the league isn’t won yet, normally I would be a glass totally empty person and anything else is a bonus, but the first thing that went through my mind when Broonie got the winner was his last min winner at Rugby Park, Dejavu if you like.
The biggest pleasure I got from last night sad to say was the depression of and the hun going balistic.

It will be a bunch of bananas by the time Jabba has his way and they will believe it

Moreloss dived btw, it was never a pen


I wrote on here:
“Conspiracy theories, no like Cellic supporters at all, eh”
This was a light-hearted attempt at humour at the time given the increasingly bizarre posts by TLR with ever more outlandish contents. I’m sorry this did not meet with your approval, but I don’t feel a need to apologise for the remarks.
Theories are unproven facts. I think that I am big and ugly enough to discern my own beliefs, which I can decide for myself.
Hope you are well.

Big Audio Dynamite


Gravity is just a theory.

Just saying ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Tom Boyd’s commentary at the winner is priceless ?

Big Audio Dynamite


Pies have suddenly become more dangerous than golf balls, batteries and wine bottles

Is that a fact or your theory ?
Agreed tho, no mention when it’s us on the receiving end, the hand wringing that’s happening is superb

Big Audio Dynamite


If it’s a science theory, that makes it a fact …apparently ?

Billy Bhoy


I tensed up a wee bit when I saw that headline.
However, I’ve just seen Stevie G on Sky. “We had no leaders out there tonight. We couldn’t handle the pressure when it went to 2-2”

As big Phil is fond of saying: Oh Dear!

I’ve had a wee wander on to FF. He replaced Kent with Katic with 5 to go! Now, THAT’S the Stevie G who wandered around Seville in the hoops in 2003! LEGEND!!

So, I’ll see your 9 in a row and raise you a quadruple treble!

I’m now sitting here waiting for Dermot Gallager to confirm that Sevco were denied a stonewaller last night.

This retirement lark is magic on days like this.


Big Audio Dynamite
Aye, the apple disnae fall far from the tree…!

The Gombeen Man


I think we all have a bounce in our step this morning and your post proves that it’s possible to support the team 100% and still be critical of the Plc.

I watched Alan McInally say that Sevco were all over Aberdeen and it was a matter of how many. When the 2nd went in I switched off. To be fair to Rambo he did say he was scouting the game for us on Sunday.

Broonie is a legend and such a motivator of the young players. I’ve watched him mentor and look after young Frimpong recently. We’re lucky he didn’t head off to Oz.

Anyway, last night was an unexpected twist and somebody once said ‘there’s no such thing as a coincidence.’


bada bing1

If you could pick 1 guy to sicken the huns, would it be
A) Scott Brown
B) Scott Brown
C) Scott Brown

Big Audio Dynamite

Friesdorfer Haha ?

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for making me laugh this morning,

I couldn’t help but notice you used the word outlandish in your post at 10.04.

The modern definition of the word…



freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, as appearance, dress, objects, ideas, or practices; bizarre:
outlandish clothes; outlandish questions.

The origin of the word is from the Old English utlendisc “of a foreign country, not native,” from utland “foreign land,” literally “outland”.

The view that the non-Brit is really something freakish or grotesque. It sums up the institutional and media view of the Celt.

How their demise and our ongoing domination must hurt ?.

Let’s pray for an outlandish victory on Sunday.


ATOB, You could get in touch with Melbourne Mick on CQN, I’m sure he would guide you to somewhere you could see the Cup Final. Have a good holiday 🙂

Oops sorry Libero, I hadn’t read your call out to ATOB when I posted above!


The Exiled Tim
I think it’s a little early yet to think the league is won.
A lot of mibbery.skullduggery and brutality to come.
Posted after weekend that the 2 hun centre half’s were big girls blouses and nice of them to prove me right last night.
The flapping gull attempt at defense by Goldson on the Dons 2nd was truly a sight to behold.
He really is a big nancy with his preference for going down at the slightest contact.
Helander always reminds me of the scene in Bambi where he cant walk on ice.
Morelos again struggled with ok defenders so resorted to diving at every opportunity.

bada bing1

Has a referee ever apologised to a manager as quick as Beaton last night?


Being fair to Beaton he was using his teams dressing room to get changed.
Stevie G probably just shouted across the room hey John a wanted a penalty even if it was not in the box.
Beaton said sorry Stevie but was told that us refs had to keep our powder dry for the final.
Must do better admonished Stevie.
Poor John sat waiting for his turn to shower suitably admonished.

The Exiled Tim, received my prize this morning, Smashing, and fits fine! And thanks for the added extra it is beautiful. You are a kind man. 🙂

Will need to go down to the pub this afternoon to show off.

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE If Celtic player’s get booked celebrating a goal going into the crowd,and Sevco ones don’t,then first I would go to my union rep and tell them I’m not accepting the yellow card,What’s good for the goose is for the Gander,as they say.


TOP o the morning to one and all. Less than three weeks to Christmas.
A man couldn’t think what to give the wife so he commissioned an artist to transpose a pic of her lovely face onto a fairy. Should earn brownie points. Jack in the box for wee one.

Yes the brother in laws wife just can’t keep a baby when pregnant, it runs in family, and they have stopped trying through pain and fear, so this news they got a 4 day old baby is just, , best thing has happened since my little angel.
Who now has a latina cousin!!!
Monique,,but they wanna change the name as that is so not their style.

Looking forward to seeing the lads this weekend at the Csc. It’s Calibhoy of Cqn. Might take a video blog while there.
Got them some special gifts I know they will love. We are watching delayed at 2pm. The San Diego lads are watching live in the Harp bar,, they just won’t listen that better day and bigger crowd if watch delayed. Afraid the score will get spoiled no doubt.

Atob you should go see the game with Melbourne Mick and the Csc. Enjoy yourself though. I’m very jealous of the food you have access to right now.

Hail Hail on this day of Thor.


Big Packy
I’m missing your contributions

Get yo ass back on here



My award to most idiotic supporter on Celtic blogs goes to the guy who cant contain himself when events on the park give them reason to offload on genuine Celtic supporters especially when they can use past post’s against them.
Broonies goal last night being used as a stick to beat those who had the temerity to opine his best years are behind him.
Why cant these clowns ever just enjoy the victory?

Glad it fits and you like it, enjoy the pub 😉
What’s happened to Big Packy ?

Twists n turns

Working is a mugs game. Stresses ye oot. Reduces your life expectancy I’d imagine. ( unless yer a fitness instructor I suppose)

I’ve had the week from hell. Customer complaints, faulty incoming goods, some eejit crashed into my road bollards, got soaked when draining a compressor, covered in pigment which is a bastard to get off yer skin, and been working 12 and 14 hour shifts to catch up.

Birthday yesterday – didnae get ma pressies open tae gone 7pm last night.

Still – broony fair cheered me up. Looked on FF…. Accies equalised – euphoria- some erse holes we’re still celebrating that with posts at the same time as others who’d realised broony had scored a magnificent late winner. Hilarious.

On to Sunday. Could be a momentous day in the whole season. Cmon the hoops ????????

TET, I think Packy is just taking time out. He and another poster had words a couple of nights ago.

Belated wishes, aye stress sure is a killer, you should be taking it easy.
Cheers Jim, never noticed that, internet been down for a couple of days, and trust me that is stressful 😉

Mike in Toronto


Xmas in Australia can be a bit surreal …. but, if you have the right attitude (accept that is not going to snow, and that you will be in shorts and, possibly, at the beach), it can be a blast.

Surfing Santa’s at the beach on xmas day was fun…. although the 18 foot great white that was seen on the beach the next day made me reconsider…

again, the food, while not traditional, was still pretty great …

lamb leg cooked on the barbq, ham, white Christmas (the pudding like thing), great prawns, oysters, balmain bugs (like lobsters, with only the tail portion), pavlova and cherry ripe chocolates….

Awe Naw

Hi Bhoys and Ghirls. Hope you have all been behaving yourselves since I have been away in Bonnie Scotland visiting my old Ma. Had a great time seeing family and friends and of course contracted the obligatory Scottish cold. Not much has happened since I´ve been away; Celtic AGM, Rangers AGM, Winning the EL group. Topping the SPFL Table. The main takeaways from that lot was Dave King stepping down and Celtic squashing Res. 12. both of which had been predicted for months in advance.

I want to talk about Sundays cup final as I consider it to be the most important game in Scottish football since Hibs won the cup. Why ? because if the huns win it then it legitimises their place within the pantheon of Scottish cup winners and will be added to the Old Rangers tally. Then the docile Celtic customers The Majority will be happy that their Old Firm and way of life i.e been shat on regularly has been preserved and/or that they have been duped and the Rory Bremner joke will not seem as funny anymore.

Our cake and eat it Celtic PLC have never countenanced the possibility of No Old Firm. It´s beyond them. They have went well and truly unbowed out of their own way to preserve it. It´s the ticket to the big league invite. Truly the only thing our main shareholder has an interest in. What the PLC was very interested in was regime change at Ibrox. I speculate that the 5WA was sealed with a clandestine handshake between Peter Lawwell and Charles Green at St. Mirren Park. The bad news for Celtic PLC being “Sorry Charlie but we can´t parachute you straight into the first division as is our desire but you will have to start in Div 3. by way of recompense me and Neil will nip down in the shuttle as we have to renegotiate the Old Firm TV deal now and we´ll sacrifice our income from that deal to keep you happier and the other meaningless clubs happy. In the intervening years we´ll go easy on the cups- Let some of the lesser clubs win a wee bauble and rejuvenate Scottish football a wee bit. What´s not to like ? If it means being diddled out of trebles by mibs we will keep our counsel. Not much money in it anyhow”.

Celtic PLC got what they wanted a regime change at Ibrox. Hopefully a regime with not as much influence with the bankers the judiciary the local political bodies and one that would play more within the laws of the land and of the football association etc. and generally be more business minded and less supremacist thinking – come on play the game to maximise income from the bigotry riddled Scottish football model. They wanted less of an establishment team to joust with but the plc were as they are only capable of “of following the money” and they call us obsessed 🙂 There was no money and no prospect of it at the time as Craig Whyte’s purchase demonstrated.

Celtic PLC wanted a permanently financially hamstrung Rangers to compete with in perpetuity or at least until Peter Lawwell retired. That was what they got. They got their cake and eat it. They always do.

The problem is they are not as smart as they think they are. They were outmanoeuvred when they never got the approval to drop them ONLY into Div 1. They were outmanoeuvred by the Resolution 12 bhoys, and they were again outmanoeuvred by not realising that Whyte and Green were only place men for members of the affluent Scottish orange order who would eventually come back and take over the reigns with all supremacist relationships intact. It was all a rouse to ditch 200m quids worth of obligations.

When King and the three bears did come back coincidentally of course just at the end of Sevco´s journey through the lower leagues our cake and eat it PLC was in an awful quandary. Shit THEY WERE BACK and could Sevco go bust again so quickly ? and would they have to expose themselves again as the treacherous greedy bastards they truly are, so soon. It was better to avoid getting involved thereby ignoring Kings fit and proper credentials and just see how it panned out. One things for sure the alternative they couldn´t countenance as mentioned previously and had no control over.

The first meeting between Celtic and “Sevco and the three bears” on the pitch didn´t go to well. Ask Ronnie Deila … since then … since the first opportunity of Sevco consolidating their place with the pantheon of Scottish football history and consolidating the same team myth. Celtic PLC left that game with a different mindset. The old regime was back and back with a vengeance off the park.

Since then Celtic have won everything. 9 in a row soon to be ten … VERY SIGNIFICANT

With King alluding to stepping down and finding funds within four months and Mike Ashley about to be awarded damages much to Kings public dismay I wonder if Ashley’s stance has been influenced in anyway by external factors (Irish Billionaires perhaps). Can King squeeze any more from his Danish and Hong Kong “Stevie Gerrard Liverpool hero” contingent. They talk about 10 but it is more like 20 million. So Uefa Cup money … Thursdays game is far more important to Sevco than Sunday´s. Win that game and sell 10m quids worth of players and they will survive intact with the old orange imbued regime in situ. Lose that game then they will need to sell 20m quids worth of players to avoid administration. Considering the squad has an estimate of 103 million … no laughing at the back …should be relatively easy

If the huns lose against us on Sunday against Young Boys on Thursday and again to us at new year with all other games going as expected then there may be the possibility of a regime change at Ibrox next year- More worryingly considering old Rangers has still yet to be finally liquidised the prospect of Sevco being liquidised will not be countenanced.

The game on Sunday is HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEE

I expect the usual durty underhand tricks from Mibbery and the SMSM. We better not be playing McGregor at full back. We better not be standing off them. A Celtic player bought as a striker must be on the pitch. Any pish talk about the end of the run had to come at some time needs instantly dismissed. It´s too close to our 5WA PLC not getting their cake and eat it. I hope win bonuses for our players on Sunday match the importance of this game along with fines for bookings and red cards.


Christmas is coming.

Awe Naw
Welcome back…….I wish I had written that, hits the nail on the head for me, only one small thing, it’s the 6WA and should be know as such from now on 😉


Awe Naw, hand on heart tomorrows mostly written article is about how they are 90 minutes away from the big debt dump being complete. You’ve stole my thunder but hit nail on head as usual. Glad you enjoyed going back.

MiT, , Christmas day 2005 was spent in Queenstown , New Zealand in scorching sunshine. One of the worlds best cities imo. A Strabane fella, and a traditional Maouri meal ( hangee or hungee or something) that had been cooked on top of hot rocks in the earth buried. They gave me the shovel. The more I dug down the hotter it got and the feet were sweating I tell ya. Great day and memories.
Take it easy
Hail Hail

Fairhill bhoy


Margaret McGill

Piegate. I am surprised none of you are asking the obvious question. Where was Jabba?

Seriously !!!!!

Fairhill bhoy

I’m afraid so,who’s the 6th?

Fairhill bhoy

Jtt53-oh what a night is mine and my wife’s song,we met in good auld park lane in Hamilton and they played that song on a loop in the small lounge just inside the door to the left ??
18 and the world was our lobster ??


When you look at all the happenings at the time, all the things that should have happened and didn’t, all the dealings, one of which Awe Naw has just mentioned re the TV deal, I would have thought that it was obvious that our PLC was 100% involved, what with being the biggest by far club in the land, it’s inconceivable that we were not one of the architects of the agreement 😉
And just for the record, I have proof that they were, It will come out soon enough, it’s not my place to divulge it, but it will out soon.

Fairhill bhoy

TET-it’s been said on here and elsewhere that Celtic were part of the 5WA, allegedly, I agree they are ,Just curious to know why you would want to call it the 6WA now ??

Fairhill bhoy

Last night was definitely a rollercoaster last 5min,and it was not our best performance,not even close.
We didn’t crumble,they did.After getting my breath back I have to say every fan in our stadium was ecstatic because we won and because they didn’t.please don’t try and proportion any blame to Celtic fans who want to go and support our team despite the shit fest going on in the background ?

Up till a few weeks ago I knew that the five signatories of the agreement were the SFA, SPL, SPFL, the old huns and new huns, then other things come to the fore, hence the 6WA 😉

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