A Good Day For Killing Off Zombies.

Tomorrows Cup Final is much, much more than a piece of metal for one of the participants.
Victory would be the culmination of a long campaign which has ultimately proved successful as I type this. 
On Sunday afternoon we could see the final act play out live in front of us and most of the people there will either not realise it , or simply dont care about it.
Sunday isnt the Old Firm final ,, its the Big Scam ending.

If I had said to you 15 years ago one of the games bigger teams would be able to run up over 100 million of debt ,, fail due to that ,, and then return with their history and titles intact you would not have believed me.
You wouldn’t have.
You would have claimed there are rules and regulations about such acts, the Trading Standards Act for a start that lawfully prevents such a phoenix taking place or all and sundry would do it.
You would have told me the leagues governing body would find itself in an untenable position should they ever try to force such a travesty upon the masses,,as I type they are more entrenched than ever.
You would have told me that even if the governing bodies and Uefa were onside with that ,, then the Celtic fans and board would not be.
Nah, they are loving it.

The dreaded sectarian zombie Old Firm is getting huge coverage this week.
Stevie ( when you are known by only one name you’ve made it ) was opining that the game does have a derby feel to it and there is a rivalry.
Theres the world at large sorted and onboard with the scam. Doesn’t matter if Stevie is even aware of the scam ,, hes endorsed it.
Just a few weeks ago Lenny was saying the games against Rangers was a big draw in helping him choose to take the reigns again.
Theres the playing staff and clubs feelings on record . The majority shareholder having spoke quite clearly before.

Neil Lennon Makes Very Honest Rangers AdmissionNEIL LENNON has gone into detail about why he left Celtic the first time. It’s based around the challenge he faced and reading between the lines – after beating Barcelona and having his…celtsarehere.com

And this a club that died upto its eyeballs in debt in 2012 , ahem ? 

Notice its not “ The Rangers “ anymore.
The decision has been taken across the board that there is no need for that anymore anywhere,
Should any reader have the match program for the first time we played Sevco then did it not contain “ The Rangers “ ? 
By the way get that somewhere safe and tucked away if you do have one. 
Thats a future collectors item for fans of all four teams.
If the match program on Sunday is just plain old bog standard Rangers now,,then one must ask what happened between then and now , or who made that decision.
Or was it all just part of the plan?

But here we are,,90 minutes away from that act being wholly fully embraced and legitimized.
Theres already a convenient scapegoat in place dressed in black should things not go according to Stevie’s plan.
It may not happen on Sunday but it will happen.
The minute the current team in light blue happen to win silverware and hold it aloft,, proclaiming another trophy for the cabinet and back where we belong at the top collecting trophies again,,,
the minute they do that the journey is complete. 
It worked ,,, it totally worked.
The biggest scam in British football could well end on Sunday.
Debt dumped and kept the trophies.
There you have it folks played our right in front of you was the big debt dump.

This must have been Murray’s dream scenario , how could it not be. 
Its certainly been many others to have this Frankenstein rivalry maintained at all cost.
But what’s the cost? 
Integrity for a start. The sport itself up north has taken a huge hit. Just look at that Bleacher Report article above ridiculing the domestic setup.
Those seeking an honest sport take one look and run.

The cost to the taxpayer is rarely acknowledged but with approx 134 million owed upon collapse stupid here would have thought the business assets would automatically and by law be used to help allay the huge hit to the taxpayer. 
Yeah right,,you would hardly have known it happened.
Quite how this is legal to phoenix in such a way is beyond my comprehension.
Where is The Woolworths for the Christmas shopping?
Why haven’t more clubs shot for glory ,went bust but yet emerged wholly intact.
Funny ol business is football.

But the worst cost will be those who say goodbye. Who and how many we shall probably never know. 
Knowing what we all know and came out in a court of law, especially from Charlie Green and his admission its a box of assets and a construct of the mind, there can be zero surprise if some decide this just isnt for me. 
When the fun stops , stop.
When a dead club that should have been publicly crucified for dying with that much debt can be 90 minutes away from a trophy,,,
A trophy that would sign, seal, and deliver them from all sin.
Well I think like that waiter BMCUWP was talking about the other day that brought George Best and Miss World the room service I would be forced to ask,,
Just where did it all go wrong ?

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Apologies for the problems in the above text. Caused by c&p from the mail sent by Mahe.

Technical problems meant that I missed his mail when it was sent and when I replied to it,he had gone to bed. So I published it as is.

I’ve read it over. It’s not quite the kind of thing that one might expect from a Celtic blog the day before a cup final,a day when we are looking forward to our tenth successive trophy.

Crikey,it all seems so negative!

Don’t be fooled,folks. EVERYONE on this site is desperate to have our tenth successive trophy tomorrow. Don’t let anyone tell you different. We will all be cheering on Neil and The Bhoys tomorrow.

It’s who we are playing that sticks in our craw. And who facilitated their presence.

Apparently,there is no better time to raise a complaint-such as about refereeing-than when you are winning. Well,I disagree. After all,Celtic don’t bother their arse with following up with such common things as complaints.

The time to raise a complaint is when it is relevant. And the above is totally relevant,because the laws broken by our opponents tomorrow should have ensured that we were playing someone else.


https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/retro/celtics-1967-lisbon-lions-victory-hailed-defining-moment-irish-diaspora-scotland-1333273 1967 Lisbon Lions victory hailed as ‘defining moment’ for Irish diaspora in Scotland

A thing of beauty

Im not going to comment on the article except to say I told you in 2012 this would happen.
Just watched the A league there. West Sydney versus wellington. Lo and be hold who comes on as a sub with seven minutes to go but number 88 Gary Hooper. His team, Wellington won 2-1 so that’s a nice wee win bonus but it’s no really an England cap is it now Gary?

big packy

normally don’t watch thems unless they are playing us, but with the cup final on sunday watched about 20 mins of their game on Wednesday, seen nothing to frighten me, we play to our strengths we will beat them, but lets not get to cocky, like some posters on the other channel saying 5 or 6, one will do me, UBER don’t tell everyone about my totp appearance.??

Twists n turns

Just watching ‘ Breakfast’ on tv. Lady on from Merseyside talking about collecting Christmas gifts from the public for refugees.

Tags are on a Christmas tree in the shopping centre , so you take a tag which advises the gift they’re looking for, and you can donate it. Scottish chap on too from a kids charity.

Example she gave was ‘ a football’ and the person who donated that one added a pump to blow the ball up .

Anyhow, she said something that was very sad but very thought provoking. ( she said it’s very small things they ask for)

The most asked for gift from the refugees was :

‘One footed’ pyjamas. ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Stevie G’s here for 10 in a row?

According to a football writer(So he says) in the Express…

” Gerrard has made a successful start to life in management since taking over at Rangers. In his first season in charge, he lead the ‘Gers to a second-place finish in the Scottish premiership.

He also lead the club to the semi-final of the league cup and the quarter-final of the Scottish cup. This year he has continued to impress”


The Scottish media desperately trying to redefine what success means

Twists n turns

I wonder if the Scottish media will carry my story? I’m homing in on the world record of 58mins, for the half marathon. Making vg progress. I was at 2 hours 36 mins and have progressed to 2 hrs 34min.

Worthy of some press coverage?


I was at that game when Nakamura scored that beautiful goal. It was a joyous occasion as I recall. Oddly, considering it wasn’t one of his trademark free kicks, it remains an iconic moment in the memory.

Big Audio Dynamite


If that isn’t success, I don’t know what is! A whole 2 mins off your PB and still no coverage? If you really want noticed…

You could run

A. Backwards while singing the Rebs
B. Naked(Brrrr!) Except for your Celtic boxers
C. Erm ..faster? ??


Reality is sooner or later, maybe even Sunday they will win a Trophy lift it up, celebrate it and the official football records will be altered to show the defunct Club have an extra Trophy & the Continuity myth will be officially sealed.
It isn’t fair on us or anybody else in Scottish Football.
But look Life is not fair, Cancer is not fair, Alzheimer’s is not fair, Hunger & Poverty is not fair.
Yea it will hurt of course it will but their Liquidation is written in History just as the feats of The Lisbon Lions is written in ours.
No point in upping the ante & putting pressure on ourselves. When it does happen be it Sunday or some day in the future, it’s a case of just getting over it & concentrating on our team.
Celtic First, Celtic Last & Celtic Overal.
Fuck Rangers & Fuck Sevco, they don’t matter any more.


It is with a heavy heart ,that I find myself agreeing with much of the article above .
IMO the thing we all now know , is that none of it would have been remotely possible without the corruption and co-operation of all those mentioned and more .
It could never have been achieved by the corrupt behaviour of one club only .
I would have expected it from the ibrokes entities but for me ,the biggest scandal of all is in the realisation that everyone was in on the plan from the get go .

Some folk still to put their Naps on.


Interesting wee match in the relegation zone today. Hamilton v St. Mirren. Normally wouldn’t give a shit but seeing as Hamilton have a plastic pitch and have Douglas Park as a shareholder, I’m going for St. Mirren.

Packy, Nae luck. Last!

big packy

JIM, ffs there were only 4 runners, I give up??


https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09jmzcw/benny The story of Benny Lynch – superb documentary on BBC Alba

Packy I was 5th so you got a better result than me!


Acgr was calling me an extremist last night 😉

” Either the SFL will treat The Rangers FC like any other club, or they will treat them as a special case. If they choose the latter course, professional soccer in Scotland can no longer make any claim to be a sporting competition”
That would have been read all over the world. That BR is a huge site.
Cracking article all should read.

Much much needed rain in Central California.
We will be in a Celtic shrine tomorrow looking out at it.
The racing is on in Cork tonight, wish I was there.
Hope you’re well young man.
I still believe if someone of your stature and seniority had jumped onboard our campaign instead of shut up and show up we would have had a fighting chance but hey ho. 😉
Hail Hail.


Anyone watching The Clash in the Dunes?
I’m going AJ


Bobby many thanks, ,
You’re right I mailed it to you and hit the hay.
Thanks for taking care of it.
Will try to call later.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIM, will you be posting tonite, or is the snooker on.?


Big Packy,
He is putting up the Christmas decorations tonight I hear 😉
Hope all well Sir.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, time he started doing something? yes all fine here thanks, hope you are too, and congrats on the new arrival ?


Cheers BP.

Twists my apologies I’ve just realised my horse runs tomorrow.

Aye I will be hanging around tonight Packy.

Mahe, I’m going with the twelve Days of Christmas rule. So no decorations until next Friday.

big packy

JIM, good ?


12 day rule?
Sounds like my mates 1st marriage.

My tree is well up, cards sent earlier in week, if you want one txt me your address.
Is that not what you all want, ,
A letter from America 😉
Cannae say I like the song but at least it’s original.
Sunshine on Leith my fav of theirs by far.
Boxing starts soon from Saudi.
Hail Hail

I love Letter From America. Funny thing about The Proclaimers, when their songs were hits I wasn’t too keen. The songs grew on me.

Yes we have two winners so far! I’ll keep it a secret, don’t wasn’t to spoil it for them.

big packy

aff, oot these dogs cant wash themselves. ?

Margaret McGill

I think its a great article. Is it by Mahe?
Slight correction £100m more like £250m +

TnT ..got your instructions..Im on it ?


Of course it’s by myself. Bobby is much more diplomatic and eloquent than me.
Hail Hail



A sad, thought provoking article! Fergus, I am inclined to believe you that others were involved in “saving” them. Whether it was a devised plan or creeping concessions, I do not know., but it is now a reality. Perhaps the saddest part of the whole debacle is that the born again club did not have to turn out as having the same values as the old club. At least, I want to believe that!

To me, it is and always will be about Values and making a stand for them. Sadly, I think that is not a common morality today in many walks of life, not just football.

I have decided to take a wee break from the blog in order to regain enthusiasm for blogging and to check some stuff that I know little about. See you all later in the new year. Enjoy the holidays!

PS note I used the term “holidays”. I once wished everyone at work a Merry Xmas, only to receive a stinging response from someone who said that they were a lapsed Catholic who had converted to Judaism and that they did not celebrate Christmas and I should be more inclusive! It still hurts!


Corkcelt I’m with you young man just fuckin enjoy the game .. there’s way to many Tim’s in this world petrified of the the servco but not me and never have been ..

Rebus, you shouldn’t feel hurt by that stinging response! It was very bad manners and classless. Merry Christmas when it comes and don’t be away too long. 🙂



Never been petrified of the huns in my puffpuff. But it doesn’t alter the fact that we are playing them tomorrow simply down to sheer jiggerypokery and crookedness that would not have been afforded anyone else.

100% committed to a Celtic victory tomorrow. Same as I would be no matter who we were playing. But I admit that I’ll enjoy their greetin’ faces a wee bit more than those of say Hibs or Motherwell.



Haste ye back,young fella!


Twists n turns


PLEASE NOTE THE 3-35 Sandown is VOID.

Please select another today or tomorrow:

Cosy Corner Bhoy
Celtic Champs Elect
Twists n turns.

big packy

REBUS,come back soon.hh ?

Margaret McGill

“If the huns lose against us on Sunday against Young Boys on Thursday and again to us at new year with all other games going as expected then there may be the possibility of a regime change at Ibrox next year- More worryingly considering old Rangers has still yet to be finally liquidized the prospect of Sevco being liquidized will not be countenanced.

The game on Sunday is HHHUUUUUUUUGGGEEE

I expect the usual durty underhand tricks from Mibbery and the SMSM. We better not be playing McGregor at full back. We better not be standing off them. A Celtic player bought as a striker must be on the pitch. Any pish talk about the end of the run had to come at some time needs instantly dismissed. It´s too close to our 5WA PLC not getting their cake and eat it. I hope win bonuses for our players on Sunday match the importance of this game along with fines for bookings and red cards.”

big packy

TWISTY, I give up, 4 horses in a race, I back the fav and still come last?

big packy

MAGS, watched some of their game on Wednesday, they did not frighten me one bit, not saying we will thrash them 5-0 ,but we will beat them, JIM told me.?

Quite sad that voided race at Sandown. A horse suffered a fatal injury.

You bet we will Packy!

Cozy Corner Bhoy, I’m afraid it was your horse which died. Please don’t bet on Celtic tomorrow! 🙁

Margaret McGill

hmmmmm….who is the FIB tomorrow?
The Fraud in Black?
Fibbery Mibbery
Dimmery Timmery

Wullie Collum who likes to prove he is not really a tim.

Margaret McGill

I cant wait for the big game tomorrow
John McGinn V Brendan Rodgers 🙂

Margaret McGill

I smell a rat.

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