Tales Of The Unexpected.


Well,that was a right turn up for the books,eh? Oh,I’m sure we can all remember watching our heroes giving some deid club a right doing,only to get sucker punched by an offside goal and a bloody unbelievable performance between the sticks. Usually by Andy Goram who,whatever I may think of him,was an outstanding acquisition for them.

Well,the boot was well and truly on the other foot yesterday! Fraser Forster is a giant of a man,and already has a reputation as The Great Wall. Yesterday,he gave us a performance such as I have never seen from a goalkeeper. A one man show as he re-enacted The Alamo at Mount Florida.

And just as well that he did too. Who would have believed before the match that we would only have one shot on target all day? That we would have to wait till the 25th minute for our first attempt? Or that we would only muster five attempts all day? And ONE corner!

Or that,truthfully,only our goalkeeper would bring his A-game to such an important occasion as this?

Yesterday was all about The Ten. Our tenth successive domestic trophy,an unparalleled record of achievement and consistency. The Ten,two words that give zombies the fear more than the words brain destruction ever could. And yet it was us who were the walking dead out there yesterday as we were hopelessly overrun and outplayed by inferior opponents. All day.

What is never in doubt with this Celtic team though is their heart and their desire. There were players returning-perhaps a shade too soon-who gave their all,and more. There were others,a good four or five,who played through the pain barrier simply to finish the game when we were already down to ten men and had used up all of our allocation of substitutes. Yes,there were few successes on the day-but there were no failures either.

Jonny Hayes is as fine an example of all of the above as I can think of. Maligned throughout his time with us as “Not Celtic-class”,it is difficult to think of a time when he has let us down. Yesterday,most of our-limited!-threat came from crosses by our temporary left-back. Very little of their threat came down his side of the pitch,and when he was nailed by the nearest hun thug just after we went down to ten men we all feared the worst. Iron Man shrugged it off and played through the pain. So too did our goal hero Christopher Jullien,following a disgraceful late rake down the achilles by Morelos,long after the ball had gone. If he was as deadly as he is dirty,the huns would have a player on their hands. What they have instead is a coked up liability on wages nearly as high as his state of mind. Though not quite as high as his opinion of himself.

I expect him to get slipped the malky at Celtic Park in three weeks. Subtly and in a challenge. Hopefully Chris Sutton can help out his old pal Neil by assisting in the training sessions.

There really isn’t a great deal more to say about the game from a Celtic standpoint. Lewis Morgan tried manfully one an entirely unsupported role,Jeremie Frimpong was harshly adjudged to have brought down Morelos for the penalty-and wrongly sent off as a result. Collum needs to brush up on the latest rule changes in this respect Eddy brought us the out ball we had needed all day,got halfed in two with his first touch for a free kick which led to our goal. He then put Michael Johnston clean through just afterwards,but the youngsters touch just prior to his shot was like a tackle,and the ball went well wide.

Jullien finished for his goal like a centre-forward,after the huns were guilty of defending too high a line at the aforementioned free kick. Marginally offside on the replays-but also on first viewing if I’m honest. I’ll apologise for that to my hun mates of course. Erm,naw ah wullnae!!!

Everyone else just ran themselves into the ground and they all deserve the plaudits for a wonderful achievement. Would it have been nice to have won it in the time honoured Glasgow Celtic Way? Yes,of course it would. But we have won plenty of trophies in that way,by “piling on the agony and putting on the style”

We have never,I don’t think,won a trophy due to the utter brilliance,time and again,of our goalkeeper. Yesterday was a day when our hearts were in our mouths all day as we watched an unrelenting tide coming our way,a veritable battering ram.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to see The Great Wall withstand everything that was thrown at him. Many of us already rated him as the best keeper we had ever seen play for us. Yesterday gave more credence to that opinion.

The Man of the Match award is probably the easiest decision anyone has had to make. Just WOW!!!!

Above article by BMCUWP As ever,this is an open forum where we want YOU to write an Article of the Day. Just mail it to Mahe,we will do the rest.


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Big Audio Dynamite

Oh, it’s crying time again, but for the Sevvies
We can see that far away look in Jack’s eyes
We can tell by the way you hold him Stevie
That it won’t be long before it’s crying time

Stevie had to take Ryan for a happy meal and a banana split ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Good stuff, Bobby. Have we played as bad in any final and won? I can’t think of one.

SFTB 7.21 last night.

Brilliant! ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Watching “Sportscene “.

I don’t even give 2 flying fks about their wee cup.
But today, Neil Lennon and the lads have given me decades worth of entertainment ????

Stupid fkn huns ???

Big Fraser !!! Sit your arse down now on the throne of Celtic greats !!! Fucking brilliant ??

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

I know this could have went either way, and leave us dealing with morose CQN baby geniuses….

But it didnt.

Something a wee bit special going on??

In SPITE of the board and its wer CQN weirdo lackies ?

Anyway,….. get it right up yes! ?????

Brilliant result today . Utterly brilliant ! If I was a lassie, I’d be demanding that Neil Lennon fathers my children ???‍♂️???

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Watching Sportscene.
A tragic day, rounded off by a young Lewis Morgan failing to deliver.


Meanwhile, Morelos proves he is worth 10 times the cocaine he carries around in body weight…

?‍♂️ awaits a pass from new UK censorship laws ??????



We’ve played a hunner times better and lost!

Not a final,but do you remember the semi v the huns,Easter Sunday 1996? I was going out at the time with a young lass from Caterham. She spent six or seven months at uni in mid-Wales and the rest with me in Sutton. The only times that her/our presence was demanded at the family home-it was like Southfork!-was Boxing Day and Easter Sunday. Extended family do,about twenty in all.

Of course,I wasn’t too keen,but it didn’t take long for me to just go with the flow. I think I kinda threw them out of kilter when I first turned up,but in with the in crowd in no time. God,could they drink. But only wine and port-stored in a room all of its own. You want beer,you bring your own. You get the drift.

Anyway,told my girl I was NOT going that day. Game was on. No way am I missing it,sorry. Her Mum phoned me,you’ve got to come,it’s an all-day affair and the football is only two hours. You can watch it in the front room,we got Sky in for (their son’s) cricket.

No,I said. You don’t know what I’m like during these games! Michael,she said,we all know what you’re like. It hasn’t taken us three years to find that out.

Goram played out of his skin again and I’m told to this day that Caterham has never been subjected to such foul and abusive invective. Their word.

I just shrugged,told them that all these years I had been speaking slowly to them to help them understand me,and all I needed to do was swear a lot? You know what came next…

Aye,I played a blinder that day anaw. And said a few too.



A day to remember. So glad that SOLKITTS. put me on his SKYGO and BT equivalent last month. If I’d only seen that on a highlights package,I’d have been hollering about selective editing.

Never seen such a one-sided match in my life with that result.

Oh,that’s not true. Seen plenty. Just not seen us come down on the right side of the ledger before.

Caveat-missed the Barcelona match. Listened to it on the radio.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Got a pal starting his own dojo.

Dont know where to start with this.

But I started with this:

Twats, do not exist, in this dojo, do they?!?
No, sensai.
Morelos, does not snort, in this dojo, does he??
No, sensei
Huns, do not wank, in our locker rooms, do they??
No, sensei.

Waiting for a reply ?‍♂️

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

That reads like a joke…. actually true ????

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Stupid huns ????

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Loved the bus footage on BT last night. Yon hun bus driver clearly loves touching some hun arse…….??

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Ffs. Is it just me??? They are NOT normal!!!! ?!? ??????

big packy

UBER, brilliant stuff? BOBBY, great post yes remember watching tommys team rip them bassas to pieces, only for goram to break our hearts, and that smug smile on walter smiths, face your right nobody played great , nobody played fantastic. except for big fraser, outstanding performance,hh.


Before hearts were in mouths, Mahe, here breakfasts were repeating first (will need to clean flatscreen of Weety spray later on). Lady Libero kept shouting ‘Calm doon’ from the kitchen as I berated the telly. Baffling to have not so much as a slow start, but also a no-start by too many. Just like the dead-rubber zombie game of late last season; how can some many simply not get up for the game ffs? Alfresco is fitba’s version of a teflon don(g); as if the refs have been briefed not to censure his amateur dramatics and sly sleekit hacks – I wonder…agree on MOTM but also passmarks for Broony and big Kris A; who comes to his team-mates aide whenever they get done by an opponent. The usual reliables – James, Chris, Moi, Cal and Jonny – were out of touch.
Agree it’s a remember when moment; the only thing FF’s brill display will do is hike up the Saints fee which may be out of our beloved Board’s budget. great day to be a Celt HH

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Listening to Lenny humbly discuss the game.


He’s a feckin legend . Can we get rid of the CQN spreadsheets? Replace them with Neil Lennons? Chris Juliens? Ryan Christie’s???

Oooft, I can’t wait to see how Big Lawyull fucks us up this month ?‍♂️…. n

Big Audio Dynamite


Oh I remember! My abiding memory of the day, is Gordon Marshall desperately trying to get to his feet after saving a Robertson shot, only to watch as McCoist knocked in the rebound. The 90s were a bit like watching the same movie over and over.

Yesterday was just a tiny bit of karma for the Sevs, much more in the pipeline.

big packy

UBER, as you say lenny is a legend, but watch him get crucified on the other channel, if we lose a game to them bassas?

Big Audio Dynamite

Stevie G: I’m not one for making excuses.


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Ooft. Did you just criticise Neil Lennon and.big Chris??? My favourite players.

I’m already 200 miles down the road, ready to pish on your chrysanthemums

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


“”Potentially the player of the season in Scottish football”. Tonight. BBC1. Scotland.

…. Morelos…..

Big Audio Dynamite

Haven’t seen it said much, but I thought our centre backs were immense.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Defense were feckin immense.

Today was a practice game ???
Stupid huns.

big packy

BAD agree? UBER agree?

Big Audio Dynamite

Uber, the man who can’t be booked?! ?

Yesterday was right up there with the most sleekit refereeing I have ever seen …and I’m a Tim!

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Interesting hearing the.commentary .

Seems that the billionaire legend that is Morelos would have scored tons of goals….if only he could score goals ????

Fucking Jim Traynor….. legend….. ?
Not a horrible cunt at all.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Shhh! ??
We are helping the publicity by discussing the coke Heid.

Wait….maybe this can be a good thing ?!??????



The game where Robertson got sent off for cleaning out a breaking Joe Miller,92,I think,also saw that useless bastert palm one out to McCoist.

We were living in Wimbledon at the time. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and my two pals,one from Birmingham and one from Brisbane. The Brummie was working late and the Aussie had no interest in football,but we had arranged to meet in the pub just up the road after the game. About 10pm admittedly,but it was open till midnight and you canny waste the entire evening…

So ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I sat down to watch the match,beer flowing as per. Final whistle went and I shouted up the stairs to my Aussie pal,time for the pub,big fella.

His reply? Is it safe to come out? You guys sound really angry.

Aw,ffs, I said. Game’s over. Anger ends at the final whistle. As long as we don’t meet any huns,you’ll be safe.

Which is true. Might be muttering dark thoughts,but you can’t take it out on your pals.

I then discovered a pub just down the road with the improbable name of The Leather Bottle. We called it The Leathered Bottie,and it was full of Celtic supporters! Forerunner of the fabled Wimbledon CSC run now from the Irish Centre

Some of those guys really took the results to heart. I fitted right in!

Happy daze,indeed…

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

“Coke Heided Hun rescued my family from work stealing Polish Bastards “…

The Sun, today? ??

big packy

UBER, have to disagree Traynor is a horrible c–t?



Kinda recalls the time that Artur rescued a family from muggers a decade or so ago. Only that really happened. In fairness,the papers reported it. The cops responded by charging him with a Breach of the Peace the next time he was in the area. Aggressively making the sign of the cross,or summat.

That’s Scotland for you.

In other news,today is Monday.



He’s also a short-arse. He’s basically two metres of lard packed into a dwarf uniform.

big packy




We really must make an effort to be more circumspect in our suggestions about the leisure and otherwise activities of some people,including players from another team. Not from another club,that might be confusing.

Can I suggest that instead of making the occasional thinly if at all veiled allegation,we simply refer to him as Coco The Clown?

That works on every angle,if you ask me…


I remember the good old days of the early eighties,days when we had the likes of Judas,Derek Whyte,Peter Grant and maybe one or two others in the dressing room fighting over first go at the bleach bottle.

Must be a right laugh in the huns dressing room,given the stories going around.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, that pub was so close to being named The Leather Belts ? how good would that have been?

Aye mate, Gordon Marshall, eh? Ffs! Btw, you jogged a real heartbreak memory from the past.

2005 I decide to leave Scotland and head back to the place of my birth, Canada. First priority? Find the local CSC, as Celtic are playing Motherwell @Firpark in the last game of the season. Get to pub(Was about 7am), open door, totally empty! I look at the barman as he gestures down stairs to the basement. I go down, open the door to be met by a wall of noise …I immediately feel at home. I’m sure you can imagine the rest. I did win a bottle of JD in the raffle! ?

Outside of being in the Porto end in Seville, my very worst memory of watching us.


” …the French defender appeared a yard offside.” Tom English. Shameless.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mind and show compassion today… If you come across a Hun, mind ask how young Ryan is doing.

Traumatic ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Karma police, we’ve given all we can
It’s not enough, we’ve given all we can
But Willie’s on the payroll…

This is what you’ll get
This is what you’ll get
This is what you’ll get
When you mess with us

Thom Yorke CSC


And there was me thinking this is Sentinel Celts. Ghuys, gonnae get over the CQN sniping, there are better things to be joyous about this fine morning, karma karma chameleon being amongst the foremost!
HH from an Invigilation Room at Dundee University in the sun.


Oh my days!


Jeremie won’t forget that day in a hurry. Only his eighth senior, first team, game. Sent off and won a cup winner’s medal. God bless him!



That’s UBER for you and he does have a point. We don’t have a problem here with CQN,how could we,but there are one or two people there who put in the odd snide remark or six.

His call,but there you go.


Ooops,when I say his call, I don’t mean uber. I mean the snidey Bankiebhoy.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Ffs ???

Mahe has earned up Scottish football…


big packy

my grandfather died on this day in 1971, I was 18 years old, he was laid out in our house, remember friends and relatives coming in to say the rosary, that date will never leave me, 9th December 1971, rest in peace peter.


Pouring with rain here like a dank.dreich Glesca morning.
Yet i’m sitting on my sofa basking in the warmth due to one of the most delicious victories ever.
Enhanced no doubt by the dignified wailing of the mssm over an offside goal.
The selectively blind expect that their words carry meaning.
Arfield if wearing Hoops would have been red carded for his two footed assault on Christie.
Not for the first time in games against us he has reminded me of a guy acting like he has the rage virus from that movie.Celtic should demand he is drug tested if his behavior continues.
Morelos is a classic example of a nation sprinkling glitter on it’s shit and trying to sell it for a high value.
His improved disciplinary record is down to one thing and that is referee’s understanding their role in the turd polishing to increase his value while being aided by the mssm.


One thing that gives pause for thought was why play Elynoussi who was clearly unfit?
Neil has to rotate the squad more.
Sticking with the same small group of players is a recipe for disaster with the brutality we face on a regular basis in Scotland.
Our lengthy injury list is evidence of such.
We talk of having a large squad so why is it not being used?
Yesterday Morgan could have played left and Sinclair the proven hunskelper could have played in the middle.
Neil got lucky yesterday and his tactical limitations showed.
He has done a great job with the collective spirit of the team but if we are being honest there are some tactical flaws that need to be addressed.


Normally- I would indulge in the celebration mode for a bit longer before attempting analysis but it looks like we are getting a bit blasé about our success, even when it has the novelty of being undeserved success.

So?- Morgan up front.

It worked to an extent against Rennes, in that he scored a goal and he buzzed around with his supporting front 3 to upset a re-structured and unfamiliar Rennes defence. That was a strange Euro game that lacked the intensity and threat of our prior 4 group games. Lewis did not do brilliantly in that game either but he did well enough. He is 2 footed and he does have skill but Derek Riordan and Scott Allan were pretty nifty too but did not, ultimately, make it. He is a footballer but not a no.9 and our style of play needs to change to accommodate him. Lewis worked really hard on Sunday but he got no effective support from Elyanoussi, Christie and Forrest this time or from Calmac coming forward. We could not retain the ball or sustain attacks; it was a story of constant break down of moves and the ball being recycled to the Sevco attack. Lewis Morgan was not solely responsible for that breakdown but he contributed his share to it.

We have got used to an effective target man since Moussa Dembele came. Previous attempts to do so involved carthorses like Chris Killen or Daryl Murphy until Moussa showed us how it should be done. A wee honourable mention to Giorgios Samaras for doing a fair version of the role- his only trouble was linking up with team mates as they never knew what he was up too. (Strange how a kind and generous guy like Sammi was a bit of an individualist on the field whereas guys like Antony Stokes were great team mates in link up play.)

Anyway, when Moussa left, we turned to Eddy and, initially, Eddy could not recreate this style. He kept drifting left to run the channels, in the same way that lighter players like Griff and Jack Aitchison did. However, he has become much more confident of his ability to protect the ball in all areas, and though he still rolls left mostly, he has much greater variety to his play and, most importantly, the ball sticks with him.

So Eddy is the gold standard for us. No other player lets us play like this, not even Griff. Griff can harry and disrupt guys- he can win possession but he does not operate back to goal , feeding oncoming support runners. Neither Bayo nor Aitchison do this either. We have not seen enough of a fit Bayo to judge his full potential (no- you really haven’t) ; we have just seen cameo sub appearances or an occasional start in a shaken up team against lesser opponents. Mostly, we have seen him injured unfortunately. The man did score a barrowload in the Slovakian league and that is really not a million miles poorer than the SPFL. If he can recover from injury and if he can get a run in some continuous games, we might see someone who can , at least, be an effective understudy to Eddy, if not challenge him. Jack Aitchison is doing nicely at Forest Green but his attributes seem less tangible. I know Calmac benefited from such a spell at Notts County but I think this IS a level way below Slovakian League One and Jack still has a chasm to cross before his early promise can be fulfilled with Celtic. He will have a good football career somewhere else I fear.

So, at the start of the year we had 3 Centre Forwards- Eddy, Griff and Bayo, and so we let Aitchison go on loan. How did it get to the stage where we were reliant on Lewis Morgan to lead the line and where we think the club did not invest enough in having 4 players available (Afolabi replaces Aitchison as 4th choice)?

Well, Griff’s return from his Mental health issues has been lengthy and delayed. I was proud of my club in giving him the chance to turn his life around and there is a lot of love for Griff around CP. However, there will come a time, if it has not yet been reached where we will be wondering if he is helping himself with his opportunity to recover. We have given him two sub spells recently to encourage him to get back to the level he was. Yet, when it came to our time of need, he was not able to be considered capable of even an effective bench spot. I hesitate to speculate on the reasons why but I cannot believe that Neil Lennon would be vindictive on this matter and that , in some ways, Leigh must have let himself and his club down recently. That is a great shame, if true. A loan spell might be enough to wake Leigh up to expectations but it is a high risk idea. Would Leigh respond positively and competitively or will he see it as confirmation that he is slipping and not being helped. Let’s hope that he can recover- Professional Sport, with all its hoopla and OTT criticism is not a great arena to be dealing with self worth issues.

In contrast to Morgan or Griff leading the line, we have used 2 other options when our main Centre Forwards have been injured at the same time. We have use Forrest or Sinclair as CF. In essence, it is the same tactic, using a converted winger who can score some goals. Of the 3, Sinclair is the most prolific scorer so why is he not considered? In contrast to Griff’s position, we are not aware of any performance deterioration. Yes, Scott has never been as good as he was in his first season but he has continued to play and score as his rivals have failed to better his average form with us. There is no hint of physical or mental deterioration leading to him being sidelined and he’s barely been given a chance. The viewpoint is that he is being prepared for/ persuaded to exit the building. This looks to be more about shifting a senior player on larger wages than about tactical selection issues. I am not Scott Sinclair’s biggest fan but, in the aftermath of yesterday, I think he is being badly treated by our club and management.

It is beginning to look a little Boboesque in that giving too many more appearances to Scott might trigger some kind of bonus payment. If my speculation is true, and I confess readily it is completely uninformed by inside knowledge, then yesterday, I think our club gambled with League Cup final success. I am not saying that bringing Scott out of the cold for one game was, in any way, a good idea, but, seeing the way injury was affecting us, he should have been given a couple of team slots as a sub to help him get back into contention. Throwing Elaynoussi back in too soon and asking Lewis to go again in an uncomfortable position, clearly did not work well enough for us.



It is about time to start analysing why for all our financial and player number superiority we could lose top spot for what would be in the grand scheme of things, a halfpenny of tar.

It will not be the first time we have not strengthened from a position of strength and in doing so have given oxygen to our nearest rivals for CL money.

After the 2-2:semi final draw couple of years back we brought in BR to keep the distance.

This time it will have to be a CF capable of holding up play, playing with their back to goal.

They dont have to be from the top drawer or even permanent just with enough experience to provide the physical presence missing yesterday until Oduarde came on.

None of our games before we play TRFC are givens in terms of points. Teams with new managers tend to improve as players play for a new contract, not another medal.

It would be unforgivable if PL does not give an indication that providing oxygen for our rivals, who could be on life support if they fail to keep pace with us before we meet again, is not affecting his business judgement.

big packy

that team we played yesterday, rainjurs or sevco call them what you like, should have never been near us, ffs they are supposed to be skint, but only for fraser forster they would have beaten us,. think about it..

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