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Its been a bad few months for fitbaw north of the border in the broader sense.
You would hardly know it though.
The corrupt blazers will hide behind their Old Firm final as a sign things are rolling along just fine.
When casting a look at others not very far away at all going through their own issues, one wonders do the old blazers of the Sfa feel any sense of shame over how affairs are so openly played out elsewhere with not a hint of a move on mentality on display.
They have the media in their back pocket which is really worth its weight in gold as many have found out. Hopefully worth an eternity in hell for those that sell their soul to Jabba and his ilk also.

But have a look at what happens when you only have an impartial media and governing body to act as judge and jury in any cases of regulation breach elsewhere.
The media are incessant to get to the bottom, perhaps as they see a better job after any scoop.
Perhaps they see it as their journalistic duty, to be more than just PR mouthpieces which is what the rags up north have become as they cant abandon their last major demographic,, the supporter of the team in light blue that plays out of Ibrox currently.
This actual reporting reaps benefits for the average fan, piling pressure on governing bodies to act. Or at least it would if it existed!

First the rugby scandal which touched on out of contract payments also so wasn’t a million miles away from what we had to deal with.
Exeter chairman Tony Rowe said he felt especially aggrieved having seen his club lose to Saracens in the Premiership final in the past two seasons.
“They should be automatically relegated,” he told The Times.
“I shall be lobbying to change it. In America, if you are in professional sport and you are found guilty of breaking the salary cap, you are chucked out.
“No messing. There is no room in professional sport for cheats.”
We had one,, yes one ,single person in Turnbull Hutton ( RIP) who echoed the above sentiments and his club was threatened by the mob for it. They were all up in arms in rugby over this. I think the fact its a different sport has many breathing a sigh of relief that it shouldn’t be that hard to bat away, for most.
The casual observer can see the wheels of justice turning efficiently and publicly, with chairmen demanding to see contracts as evidence not word of mouth.
There is no room in professional sport for cheats is the type of guy that I would dream of taking over footie up north. Sounds a Godsend actually,,can we poach him?

Then the Refs. The poor guys aren’t going to be getting their European gigs anymore and Im sure old bigot Hugh is upset he cant swing ( the lead ) this favour for his crew.
They aren’t up to date on Var and they haven’t got a team of 6 that work the Var system together which will rule them out of bigger games on the continent.
“ Richmond, who was on the Fifa list of international referees, feels Scotland is becoming a backwater because it is lagging so far behind the rest of Europe.”
And this from the Times which has slipped recently but is still well read and regarded. Ooch. Soo very true though,,painfully so.

The Jam Tarts going without a manager for over a month shows a shocking lack of foresight and planning considering the man in the hot seat was never likely to last long. And then the appointment itself,,why do I see this ending in tears? He plays a high tempo pressing game yet has a core of veterans who would collapse at the thought, never mind stink the joint out undermining him. And at 45 and foreign its unlikely he has the smarts to outsmart the clique and its as you were. Maybe thats the plan but if this goes pear shaped she really needs to take a look at letting someone else plot the course. My own opinion that they need to let Levein go to move on is not shared in the boardroom I read to my dismay.
Aberdeen you would have thought would be rubbing their hands together at a free run at the third spot this season but they cant even manage that.
They are inconsistent also.

Double Agms took place, both a parody of each other.
One seen a man forced out by the Cold Shoulder being applauded and the statue request/squirrel was thrown out there for good measure. That media mentioned above done a hell of job for him. I cant proclaim to be any financial genius but if your company needs 10 million to survive the season and yet you are applauded out of the room, maybe sell your secret Dave?
Oh I get it , bare a nipple yadda yadda.
Our own Agm seen the floors wishes swatted away by the top table, shamefully so for a club which in its very constitution claims to be a team of the people.
The board bank on the hunt for 10 IAR to be sufficient to keep the season tickets selling well and they have been proven correct in that assumption . It remains to be seen just how this relationship will end.
A changing of the guard would be seen as natural after this hunt for the ten.

The FAI scandal must be the causing the most blushes from the bent SFA. There are calls for a clear business plan to be put to the public which must horrify the dinosaurs at Hampden.
“The FAI needs to come up with a business plan, they need to put it in the public domain and show they can achieve solvency. What is the timing of this plan? It should have the approval of the new independent chair and directors. It needs Government intervention.”
Its estimated this may set the sport back ten years in the Old Country, where its not even the main sport anyway.
The GAA is clearly the biggest winner here.
But the straight forward turf em all out attitude from a close neighbour must be embarrassing.

The Old Firm Cup Final was all set to be the big debt dump final as I said last week cementing them as back ffs.
It didn’t go according to most of the nations plans, and he was offside is still being YELLED everywhere that wanted a Stevie win.
Whats funny is I recall their caretaker manager being unable to beat a ten man Celtic ,, and being subject to useless c#@t and eff off by the suits over there furious he couldn’t take advantage of the helping hand.
No way Stevie gets the same. He still looks strong.
Bullies pick on the weak.
The very popular Football Ramble podcast tore el buffalo to bits and its worth a listen if you have spare time.

Of course Tims are basking in on the field glory right now and especially the unexpected ( making it more delicious ) topping of the Uefa cup group.
The quality of teams remaining in that competition make lifting that title a daydream without a good number two striker.
All the above shows to me is that we dont have a well run set up at all.
Even in this day and age it just cant get its act together, the league itself stands still,,unable to enforce Ffp on them, bullied on the fit and proper.
Its still a backwater.
While others around strive to update and progress, we see power hungry blazer clingers and a game that is not progressing.
We do all need to move on, just not in the way they think.

The above is by Mahe.

as usual the email is

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Naps table updated

Please note I’ve removed a number of players who have either never posted a selection, or haven’t posted one for months. If anyone has been removed who wants to remain in the competition and hasn’t been able to post their selection for any reason, just shout up. I’ve kept a note of the previous standings of everyone I’ve removed.
We have a new front runner in the shape of Jimmy not Paul who chose a 2/1 winner on Saturday . Gordon 64 had a nice 7/2 shot first past the post, and CCE’s choice, the talented ‘Min’, justified his short odds of 8/11.
Best winner though was produced by Troonbhoy who selected a winner at the tasty odds of 6/1.

Congratulations to all 4 winners.

Naps table updated
JNP £9.35
Bada £6.50
ATOB £3.87
Mahe -£0.25
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BP -£1.25
TET – £2.55
Gordon 64. -£3.00
Bobby -£5.28
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Troonbhoy -£9.00
CCE -£9.27
JTT -£10.75
Twists -£11
CCB -£16
RayMac -£16

I’ll recheck results tonight. If you spot an error, as always, just shout.


Dig deep for a good cause,folks.


Evening all
I’m shamelessly looking to help my daughter raise a few ££ to help Marie Curie. I’ve never asked for donations in the past but I’m making an exception as I was blown away by the assistance Marie Curie gave us during my mother in laws last few days.
If anyone can manage a £5 that’d be plenty and it would go to a very worthy cause.

Thanks for listening.

Twists n turns

Hey Bobby
Thanks for the bump, much appreciated, though I don’t expect folks to dig too ‘deep’ with Santa just around the corner. If anyone can manage a fiver…. great .

My daughter will log on in person in a few days to say thanks to everyone who has been so kind.



Great article,mate. Well said. The big problem in Scotland is that everyone is burying their head in the sand-but no-one is giving them the good kick in the arse which that position demands.



It must be well over two months since I got a winner. Same at the bookies anaw. Need to get my finger out,I reckon.

Twists n turns

Ach Bobby
I’ll just keep looking for a big 20/1 shot to let me make up some ground. Do or die approach….. currently very much die ?



On the two occasions I was in the running for the CQN Naps competition-pipped by VOGUEPUNTER and then by PF AYR-I was well out of it until the Grand National. Anything is possible in this type of competition.



You might enjoy this. Benny Lynch. It’s in Gaelic,but subtitled.

Twists n turns

Just heading off. Catch it later ?

A thing of beauty

From previous article. Yes I, sorry I missed out on the good food in Melbourne and also any hot weather!! I’m up in Queensland now so you know what they say, beautiful one day, perfect the next. I am slip, slop, slapping like a champion. I’ll go back the same colour as I arrived – pale blue.
Special mention for your post about Huns. That is it in a nutshell. Hun is not a religion, it’s a mindset. I know because I see it every single day. I know it and they know I know it. My daughter experienced it in her placement within our local hospital. She and another girl introduced themselves as students, both giving their name. When the guy heard my daughters name he decided she was too feniany and refused to speak to her, solely addressing the other girl. Now that is a hun. The thing is, she knew it too. How sad is that.



The eejit obviously doesn’t know that your daughter’s name is derived from Scots Gaelic. Karma being such a bitch,she will doubtless see him again under similar circumstances-but when she’s fully qualified.

Dharma Bam

The John James post a few days ago (about the meeting of deadclub supporters in London) and all the stories we’ve heard about DD investing in celtic solely at his children’s asking; rumours at the start of the season that he was looking to get rid of his shares. It’s all obviously been fermenting in me the last few days and I’ve come up with s theory – once the 9 and/or the 10 has been decided, some new panem et circenses will be needed to keep the season ticket money flowing; can you imagine the box office draw of SDM and DD’s children taking over the respective reins? imagine the mileage that can be gained from that scenario. That storyline is Biblical, Homeric. Its like star wars!

Dharma Bam

IF there is a storyline like that waiting to happen, who needs good governance? It would put buns on seats and money in pockets – there would be no need for change!

I posted this on Friday night, As I didn’t see any mention of my name in the list maybes you didn’t get the post, I think that the horse won, no great odds mind you, need to rush post office to catch afore it shuts.

The Exiled Tim
Navan 2.10 Tornado Flyer
Best of everyone
I might not be around in the morning.
December 6, 2019 10:56 pm

Awe Naw

So Ajax sell 3 of there better players and go from CL semi finalists to EL last 32.

So it is not just us.

I read a post last night I think from Libero about this transfer window.

I hate to say it but we still have a lot of work to do to get rid of those that are not considered to be contributing. Have been around a very long time and have no future far too many. I´d prefer to see us clear the decks and bring in a 6 month loan striker leaving Lawell, Richmond and Lennon to sort it out for the summer. Stop laughing at the back

Twists n turns

Ach I think I did see it and overlooked it. I’ll sort it tonight. Sincere apologies


We might have Tories in the boardroom,but even they wouldn’t sink this low.

No need for an apologie
If you don’t vote tory and Labour get in I will withdraw funding to the club, what a winker.

I honestly can’t see things changing anytime soon, can you, everything is going the way of the crooks and charlatans, their coffers are full, till that changes I’m afraid……….

Twists n turns

With sincere apologies to TET who indeed tipped a winner on Saturday which I omitted from the roll of honour, here is the updated table.
TET winner was 4/5 but obviously I’d deducted a £ from him as a ‘ loser’, therefore his £ is returned plus the profit from his winner.

Naps table updated
JNP £9.35
Bada £6.50
ATOB £3.87
Mahe -£0.25
1 Tim Malloy- £0.67
TET -£.0.75p
BP -£1.25
Gordon 64. -£3.00
Bobby -£5.28
TGM -£8.18
Troonbhoy -£9.00
CCE -£9.27
JTT -£10.75
Twists -£11
CCB -£16
RayMac -£16

big packy

my mother in law is 88 years old, voted tory all her life, as her dad did, now joan my wife takes after her old man who voted labour all his life, heh can you iimagine what the mother in law must have said when she found out joan was marrying me a catholic and a labour supporter? can you imagine my surprise, when she phoned me up this morning to ask me to take her to vote tomorrow , not to vote for boris, no for the first time in her life she is voting labour, she says boris is a phoney, which is Liverpool talk for a fraud ,and he must be stopped, well ill go along with that.?


Morning folks, ,
We need 15 quid to complete Twists charity task. The board might let us and the name down but we ain’t letting nothing down.
Let’s scratch this one off as a job done and feel a bit better, help a wee bit and show we still care. In this week of all weeks a nice act would standout.
Let’s be having you then, ,
Three fivers needed,, roll up roll up.
No one goes home til this is done.
Hail Hail


Will things change?
Aye they must at some stage.
For apparently smart people they make some very stupid decisions.
A well run league would be much more lucrative than the current set up especially considering the worlds biggest shoppers are right under our arse.
Theres the basis of a good league there with 5 very established clubs.
4 of those should be playing out for second spot with the leagues giant strolling it.
Thats not great unless a fan of the giant, so the suits have stupidly went with staying just ahead creating fake competition.
The issue there is the Plc must by law show the accounts and theres only so many we couldnt get anyones you can accept with a bulging bank account.
Its also the wrong path,,we could have chosen to use that platform to attack Europe,,or emulate the Lions in having 11 homegrowns of quality.
Leave a colts team and adopt another club would actually be really good for the game up north.
So would the much discussed summer league.

It wont change until a few clubs collapse I reckon , or maybe one big one , forcing a restructure.
Looking at the Irish demanding everyone out and start again from scratch is very encouraging but theres no chance it catches on across the water as its simply a vehicle for sectarianism.
Its not really about sport its more to do with culture and societal prejudice towards outsiders.
Not to mention a masonic stronghold , maybe the last in this day and age.

So it will fight like hell against reform , but at the end of the day, money usually talks. In this case that is good as hopefully owners will see there is a path to profit if the game is run fairly and unite to demand it.
The more outside owners the better as they should not bring the old world ways with them but realise that garnering a groundswell of local support and bringing pride back to fans is the best way to get them to attend and part with the hard earned.

One of the biggest things holding back the game is the media. The print media are all poodles bought off or under threat to produce. The papers will die soon enough , forcing fans to the net.
This is good as fan produced no spin content can offer the same if not better than paid for content which brings the fan into contact with a lot more viewpoints and ideally those sites could turn those hits into fan action if needed for the good of the game.
Jabba retiring would be a big help to the game.
One effing journo holding us back. I wonder if he will turn should Ibrox decide hes off the payroll now his leash holder Dave is gone?

Hail Hail


Done plus gift aid


Many thanks folks.
We wouldn’t let Twists down and it’s good to show that.
Proud to be among you.
Thanks again.
Hail Hail


Like everything in life the gravy train will only be abandoned when it is empty.
Humans are programmed for survival so whatever offers the best chance of such is the path that will be followed.
The fact that UEFA were trying to mitigate the FAI’s actions by propping them up with cash is telling.
Anything that imperil’s the gravy train shall not be countenanced.
We have recently watched our board suppress the just Resolution 12 to protect their personal gravy train.
That they were also protecting the SFA’s gravy train makes their actions even more disgusting.
There is a collective mindset by football owners and rulers that will do all in their powers to suppress change until the fans decide to turn off the supply line.
Only under these circumstances will change be considered.
With life long supporters like me no longer caring or excited about the once beautiful game they should be worried.
Their arrogance like lots of historical leaders will be their downfall.
I honestly believe that European football’s cash pile has been maintained by it’s emergence in the very lucrative US tv and advertising markets.
This has kept the oligarchs interested for longer like entering the Asian market did before.
A cautionary tale though could be that American Football the nation’s sport has seen dwindling tv audiences for years.The number of oversea’s matches this season is a reaction to such and an attempt at gaining new audiences to a sport whose participation and viewership has been in steady decline.
The real beauty of football was it’s parochialism and passion of fans who truly felt that they belonged.
The corporate raiders who have alienated many for money and wider audiences may come to regret this as fickle fans tend to be exactly that.

Mike in Toronto


I read somewhere that if Celtic and Sevco win two more games in Europe this season, it will give Scottish teams enough point to overtake Czech (I believe), which would give Scotland 2 teams (subject to qualifying) in the CL from 2021.

Will only increase the gab between the top two teams and the rest.

Twists n turns

Hey bhoys n Ghirls:

Grateful thanks to all of you. Very kind . Just spoke to Yvette and she’s delighted she’s reached her initial target.
Thanks a million
God bless ya all.

She’ll register in due course to pass on her own thanks.

Yvette Rodgers

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all your kindness & generosity for donating to my just giving page. In just 2 days, I have already exceeded my target which is phenomenal. I cant put into words just how much it means. Thanks very much ?? Yvette Rodgers x


Welcome, that’s great news, good luck with the run.
The book arrived today, thank you.

Twists n turns

Glad it got there.

Didn’t enjoy it very much tbh, but you may find it more interesting.

Mike in Toronto

You guys might already have heard about this, but I hadn’t and Ithought it was interesting.

Should Celtic strive to be Scotland’s first ‘green’ team?

big packy

IAN YOUNG, rest in peace,seen you a couple of times as a nipper, before jim craig took over.

big packy

YVETTE, welcome, glad you reached your target, twisty is a lucky man to have a daughter like you.?

big packy

JIM, are you watching snooker,?


Just glad to help Yvette.
Gave this bunch of rabble something to do if truth be told.


Mike in Toronto
Great story.
Can’t see our Green huns in the boardroom being motivated by anything other than immediate profit.
If as Res12 proved they can’t do the right thing by their support/customers why would they do the right thing for the planet and future generations?


My wife has little to zero interest in football but she knows all about Forest Green Rovers.
All the food they serve on match days is Vegan.
Can you imagine Big Packy’s face when he gets told there’s no Scotch/Chrsties Pies.??

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, no scotch pies or bridies im out?


“ Like everything in life the gravy train will only be abandoned when it is empty. “
Theres an art or a fine line between riding the gravy train and doing a well renumerated job.
I know my partner in crime points to Liverpool as being a prime example of both sides doing well out of the custodianship.
The operators have realised the potential and decided to attempt to maximise it.
Big cup and league double in two years isnt bad going at all.
They will be earning big bucks from these two years , and spend most but not all back on the footballing operation , and walk away in profit.
We know they have a working group to allay fan issues and we also know the fans themselves were able to mobilise when the felt it was necessary ie the 20 is plenty campaign.

We dont know what our operators think and want other than the moolah, and there is no working group. We also dont know why certain sets of fans are prepared to take direct action and why some arent. I mean if the walked out over 20 quid then what would the Scousers have done over being told your dead rivals parts are actually gonna form that rival again in their previous form for the good of the game.

I think the Res12 episode shows that we have entered the corporate realm as you point out and this must impact on future plans as far as fans are concerned.
To get a voice at your own club should be a given right but we are denied that and must figure how to get it.
The fan owned model easily appeals the most to me and we should ( or will hopefully in the not to distant future ) see the creation of a similar venture to Club1872 with the aim of first enough to get a member on the board and next a controlling share.
I know the cheesehead packer fans own their club fair play to them.
Of course you are then faced with the 10 fans 11 opinions thingymajiggy but thats life with us I guess. Getting the fans to unite behind one single person would be a task,,not impossible but a task.
As long as its all open , and above board with sincere aims then as far as Im concerned the true nature of the cause should take precedence over personal allegiances and ambitions.
For the common good yadda yadda.
Much easier to type than implement. There is a hierarchy that will prove obstinate to change within the fans with those comfortable with their station and not wanting change at all.
For DD to think he can stick Junior in charge ( I assume Peter heads to Uefa , what a payoff for overseeing a farce off the field ) shows a severe lack of tact.
Hail Hail and hope all is well

Mike in Toronto


There is little in this world that I haven’t eaten … monkey brains to pigs bum*, and everything in between ….. not much that I wont eat (durian might be the one) …. but, I can honestly say that the worst thing I have ever put in my mouth was what purported to be a burger from one of the trucks outside of Celtic Park ….made me wish for a good vegan pie or something…


*sounds disgusting, I know, but it actually looks and tastes like calamari… and, in fact, some unscrupulous restaurants pass it off as calamari


The difference between Celtic and Liverpool boards and fans is in mutual respect and aspiration.
Also Liverpool are run by a corporation who have experience of a sports franchise and the importance of a symbiotic relationship with fans leading to success and profit.
They probably benefitted and learned from the ineptitude of the previous corporate raiders in Gillett and Hicks.
At Celtic plc there is no need for such a relationship with fans.
Celtic’s board and corporate shareholders understand they have a stranglehold on a captive audience so feel there is no need to have a balance on profit and investment.
Their subsequent disdain and refusal to have a fans rep on board is testament to having a captive support/customer base.
Also don’t think there was ever the Liverpool equivalent of a certain Celtic blog that sowed division among fans and promoted the corporate agenda with such fervor.


MIT 7.54.?
There probably wasn’t any meat in that burger.
I see David Bellamy has died aged 86.
He was possibly the first person I ever saw speaking about environmental issues.

Sol Kitts

Donation made, with gift aid.

Twists n turns

Sol kitts and indeed all of you who so very kindly donated, my eternal thanks. Your collective thoughtfulness is truly heart warming.
Yvette is at the theatre with her mum tonight to see The Lion King.
She’ll be overwhelmed by the generosity of the lions from here when she looks in later on.

The Marie Curie organisation provide wonderful support
at an extremely difficult time for families dealing with the final phase in the lives of loved ones.

Your donations will allow another family to get that much needed support .

There are no words that could adequately convey my admiration and respect to you all.

Needless to say, if I can ever be of assistance to any of you, just shout and if I can help, you can rest assured I’ll be there for you.

Mahe and Mick – thanks for providing the mechanism to allow this to happen.
This is becoming a special place. Long may it flourish.


Twists n Turns
Great news about your daughters go fund me.

bada bing1

JNP- The fkrs beat me for £220 last night, 5 games BTTS…

Margaret McGill

It always amazed me that a supposedly intelligent lover of nature and biologist such as David Bellamy would vote Tory and not understand basic physics. It’s a shame he died before tomorrow in that he will have missed Britains Big Brexit Bigotfest historically unfold. Unfortunately, in the same vein of thought I dont see how voting for Labour (and I always have) can help anymore. Labour will never form a UK Govt ever again. If I could still vote in the UK ( I cannot anymore. I do not meet new residency requirements) then I would vote SNP tactically (just to get away from the cunts) and then socialize subsequently. However, too may Scottish thickos are worried that their entitlement of Catholic schools/orange walks will be taken away from them and hence we see a nation of island monkeys condemned to eternal bullshit. You can keep it.

Margaret McGill

Napoli have appointed Gennaro Gattuso as the Italian club’s new head coach following the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti on Tuesday.