Slammed Dunc ?

I must admit to raising a smile at seeing big Dunckin’ Disorderly not only taking charge of a Premiership team, but gaining the three points in the style he did.
In a game that often produces robots the character is usually welcome, and a character he is.
Despite his joining our rivals who since went bust I found him engaging and his own man full stop.
He did the crime and did the time.
I never thought I would see the weekends scenes though.

Its now very clear what he said to the eleven before heading up that tunnel.
“ You wanna start the next game you work your balls off ! “
His charges put in a record 37 tackles during the game. That doesn’t sound like much but at the very top tier its cutting off the space that pass would be played into negates the big numbers.
In his first game in charge he broke the tackle record!
In plain talk ,, he sent out the dogs of war!
They never stopped!
They slammed into everything and put it all on the line,, and took the points home most importantly.
The Everton Way apparently.

Now big Dunk admits he doesn’t have eyes on the job which is the smarter move should his original position with the youth remain there for him. But if he should gain a few wins and catch the bug dont be surprised if the big ruffian decides to test himself full time against the Prem’s best.
However the style of play his troops produced is very far from what is normally seen on the tv screen from the top tier. Silky football, with special moments from the globes elite is the norm, not his Championship style Up and At Em footie.
But he won!

Looking back at his managers, and thinking who would he had taken the most onboard from, then Walter springs to mind. He ruled through fear.
Surely that wouldn’t fly these days,,not with the modern prima donnas of the Prem sitting staring at you.
I am very curious to see just how his next few games go and whether or not his squad embrace their back to basics give it everything instructions for more than a few games before they have had enough.
The rocket up the backside simply isnt enough or many of us could be in a dugout somewhere.
A yeller who rules through fear could be found anywhere.
After seeing success under that method while wearing light blue it seems he will attempt to repeat that method.
That was 20 years ago with the best players in the league and looking for that style to pay dividends on Sunday at Old Trafford would be folly for the big lad.
I still expect him to try though, after all fear worked for Walter.
And I expect him to fail.
Thats soo yesterday.
Dunc will get slammed not the other way around.

And its best for football.

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A thing of beauty

Morning mahe,
I could not give a rats bottom how Duncan Ferguson gets on with Everton. A thug and bully on the pitch and off it. A perfect match for the rotten club that he played for.

A thing of beauty

As I am on the other side of the world I may be out of the loop so can someone answer me this. Has Morelos been cited yet for his rake down the Achilles of I think julienne.? This guy knows where the goal is but his discipline is going to cost him a half decent move. As has been mentioned earlier the refs are on message and are shying away from dealing with him appropriately. If these guys can’t do their jobs we need to find some that will. I watched a game from the Aussie league last weekend and the ref was excellent. Just a young guy but really good. It got me thinking. No matter how good this guy is or gets he will never get a chance to referee at the very top and earn decent money. That’s not fair. There should be a transfer system for refs as it is surely a restraint of trade that they can’t move leagues. It would also help keep snivelling little soup takers like Collum and openly biased cheats like Beaton on their toes. Cmon peter, how about you earn some of that fantastic salary.



I was going to cover the Morelos situation in my next article,and probably will do anyway. As far as I know,he has not been cited. Also,I believe that suspensions are relevant to the competition in which they are earned. As Morelos is unlikely to be playing in The League Cup next season,it hardly matters.

Of course,a three-match ban would have ruled him out until the final of the competition next year-and reminded everyone interested in him what they will be getting for their dough.

Here’s a hint from Sunday. Fourteen fouls in ninety minutes. One penalty (missed) No goals.


Now that TWISTSNTURNS daughter,Yvette,has passed her target with the generous help of this site and others,let’s see how far we can go. Congratulations and many thanks to all.

We’ll push it on here till the weekend,with pleasure.

Twists n turns

Due to my self imposed exile from Celtic Park I’ve been watching junior football this season. Honestly, the refereeing has been vvg.
These guys don’t have linesmen in every match, ( or assistant referees as they’re called these days ) yet the standard at the matches I’ve taken in has been excellent.

Now perhaps, just perhaps, it’s because they have no agenda? Neutral mindset? No hidden agenda?

If it’s not that , then what happens to them when they reach the higher tier?

Answers on a postcard …..

Twists n turns

Interesting, but I think flawed. My understanding of the offside rule is that arms and hands do not count when gauging whether or not one is in an offside position?

Unless I’m wrong on that – in which case – the goal was probably legit.

big packy

mahe, met Duncan ferguson in a pub in southport which is a seaside resort near Liverpool, that’s where he lives, we were both at the bar, he heard my accent and asked where I was from, could not have been nicer, although football was not mentioned, but as ATOB says, a thug on the park, ask john mcstay.hh.


Ferguson is a bell end!


Mags mcGill

“After today I hail SFTB not as a visionary but as a corporate realist.”

Thanks , I think.

I might prefer “Realist about corporations” rather than “corporate realist” but Ho Hum!

Did you see the article I linked yesterday re the Malmo: FC Copenhagen match? That sums up a future dilemma too. Would we prefer to be the idealist package like Malmo, playing in a league that restricts ownership stakes so it is 51% fan owned, or a raw capitalist club like Copenhagen.

The outcome sees Copenhagen enjoying a little bit more Euro relevance than Malmo and being able to take an indulgent attitude towards their Swedish “wee brothers” but it leaves both clubs as minnows in a land of real corporate giants from the big 5 leagues, where the Agnellis of this world are planning to preserve an NFL type of monopoly over the access to the big bucks.

We seem to have a choice to be a little bit pure and a whole lot irrelevant or hang on to the coat tails of the big boys and be used as cannon fodder.

Neither are very attractive prospects.

Awe Naw

Celtic citing Morelos … do me a favour. They cited Beaton the last time.

I think we are forgetting that Old Firm are us. If we were willing to look the other way for 15M CL money cheated out of us to keep a hun entity afloat in 2011 why would we hinder their attempts to sell Morelos for a handsome profit when we find ourselves and so quickly in the exact same position now . It´s not to make winning the SPL any easier and thereby less necessity for our own January purchases as some other hun player guaranteed , pick anyone it doesn´t matter , will become the new “SFA – MIB kick and barge anyone you want to – offside black sheep”. Not so much Christmas pantomime but Punch and Judy

Awe Naw

CUP CLASH Rangers official’s son ‘went for Sir Rod Stewart’ after Celtic loss claims Alan Brazil
David Fowler
12 Dec 2019, 10:24Updated: 12 Dec 2019, 10:29
ALAN BRAZIL claims the son of a Rangers official ‘went for Sir Rod Stewart’ after Sunday’s Betfred Cup Final defeat to Celtic.

Sir Rod was at Hampden to watch Neil Lennon’s side win 1-0 over Steven Gerrard’s Gers and later joined Hoops players for post-match celebrations at Parkhead.

Alan Brazil made claim about Rod Stewart at Rangers vs Celtic clash at HampdenCredit: Paul Edwards – The Sun

But ex-Scotland striker Brazil has alleged an altercation took place at the national stadium after the rock legend boasted about Celtic’s victory.

The talkSPORT host said: “Rod is a big pal and pal of the station.

“By all accounts after the final at the weekend at Hampden. Rod went into the directors box and he had had a few.

“I’m not saying he was hammered but he’d had a few.

“Celtic won the cup. Rangers played very, very well but lost.

“And Rod by all accounts lay on his back on the floor in the directors box in the lounge rubbing his tummy laughing and giggling singing: ‘The tenth cup is the sweetest oh baby I know the tenth cup is the sweetest’

“One of the Rangers officials, I think it was his son, went for him. He had to be grabbed and pulled back.

“Rod then started singing while performing the dying fly “Baby hun don’t it make you feel so sad just when you thought that you were winning”

“At that point Graeme was easily pulled away while shouting “let me at him dad let me at him” ”

“Some Hampden officials then came in and told Rod the Mod “to pipe down”

“Rod then started singing “Ever since I was a kid at Catholic school I messed around with all the rules” ”

“The Hampden officials then all agreed that he is now a has been and then left the directors lounge”

“It all kicked off in the directors lounge by all accounts. So Rod, be careful what you are doing.”


So skilfully AWENAWed that the truth-sensational though it is-pales into boredom!

Thanks,mate. I need some cheer on a Thursday.



I read the article yesterday. Great stuff. Canny beat a bit of international rivalry.

Btw,I think those big 5 leagues supplied ALL of the CL last 16. Which is a disgrace.

Speaking of gerrymandering,time for me to fritter away my vote as usual. One of these days I’m gonna vote Tory. Just so I can jinx them as I’ve done with every one of my preferred candidates so far.

Margaret McGill

“Realist about corporations” is a better description and more grammatically correct 🙂


(We seem to have a choice to be a little bit pure and a whole lot irrelevant or hang on to the coat tails of the big boys and be used as cannon fodder.)
Our boards choice has been to hang on to coat tails and be cannon fodder.
While the bank balance has been overflowing our team has often struggled with glaring deficiencies in key positions.
Decent investment to remedy these problems may have given us a chance to compete on occasion.
Cash in the bank is prioritized over the team making it even more difficult.
The next window where glaring deficiencies need to be addressed will clearly show our boards ambition.
I fully expect us to exit the window with a profit as per usual.
There are other choices available.
We could choose to have a complete and well funded team with a sensible and prudent budget increasing our chance of being competitive.

Sol Kitts

You are correct about hands and arms not counting for offside decisions. You can’t score a legal goal with them, so they can’t be offside.
Regarding refs at junior level, these are often young guys seeking promotion, who are given robust assessments at the end of every match, by the official observer and the clubs. One poor display can lead to a season’s hard work being wasted, so they are always on top of their game. Also, as you progress up the ladder, the quality of player you referee increases dramatically. While you would think that makes them easier to ref, the opposite is the case. Players at all levels cheat (at best they push the laws to the limit). The better the player, the more they try it on. Even Messi was booked a couple of weeks ago for diving!
Once the young refs get promoted to the top level in Scotland, we all know the influences they have to deal with, which can make or break their career. Little wonder they “take the soup”.


Morning troops.
I thought big Dunc getting a Prem gig and going old school was noteworthy.
Anyway, ,,
All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.
A proper dinner would be nice. It was fish last year no joke.
They don’t do selection boxes here. Amazed at that.
Ho Ho


Mahe. 3.19.
There’s a marketing opportunity for you, staring you in the face.


American’s also say you only give fruitcake to someone you’re not really fond of.
I get my wife to make me a fruitcake every Christmas and everyone else thinks it’s disgusting.
I am happy as i love it and have it all to myself.


Twists Sol Kitts.
My bhoy plays junior but at a level where there are assistant refs, most are very good.
The ref at the weekend was superb.
A torrential downpour in the first half made the pitch, bordering on unplayable by half time.
He spoke to both sets of players and told them, as they were been sensible and playing to the conditions, he would allow 2nd half to start and asked them to continue to play sensibly.
Tremendous refereeing, in my opinion.


Jnp, ,
They are big folk already without that particular delicacy being served up and all.
Stockings are big here.
I tell you what though that stuff they call peppermint bark is addictive.

Fan, ,
I love Christmas pudding tbh. It’s very versatile also. Loads of things to do with it.
Fruitcake, it’s been years.
Hot custard?
For a bonus point who bakes exceedingly good pies?
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

French 2
Spanish 4
English 4
Germany 3
Italy 3

seems pretty European to me.5 countries oops
I mean very Champions league to me 5 champions oops
I mean 25% of European football corruption is Spanish, 25% English, 18% German 18% Italian 12% French 2% “others”

Margaret McGill

Sorry the rikki tikki tavi guy…


Mags, unreservedly.

I just realised its election day. Anyone wanna call it?

Twists n turns

I’ll call it

Tories 43%
Labour 34%

Twists n turns
Margaret McGill

…eh Corporate Tax Relief day?


Twists I wouldn’t lower myself to get anywhere near involved with the dirty game of politricks but I will be dumbfounded if Bojo gets the most votes.
Ho Ho


I remember the signs, ,
No blacks
No Irish
No dogs

Man if you were a black Irish wolfhound you had no chance I’m telling you.

bada bing1

CELTIC: Gordon; Bauer, Bitton, Jullien, Bolingoli; Ntcham, Robertson, Morgan; Johnston, Griffiths, Sinclair.
Subs: Hazard, Taylor, Bayo, Ajer, Forrest, Savoury, Dembele.


Sweet that Savoury makes the bench.
But will The Griff grab chance with both hands?
And young Mickey,, we hear he has skills galore. He needs to make a position his own.
Ho Ho

bada bing1

Jullien on a ban if booked? Why take a chance

big packy



Well done Big Packy.
Makes a decent pie indeed.
We await the results
Ho Ho

big packy

MAHE, hope im wrong but I think boris will get a slender majority, nye bevan will turn in his grave, the nhs down the swanny, heaven help us.hh.

bada bing1

Chaos at Glasgow polling stations
Every time someone puts a cross in the box
Forster clears it ???

Billy Bhoy

My wife phoned me earlier to say that she would be late home from work.
She was teaching Higher Maths earlier and noticed one of the girls yawning all through class. She had a wee quiet word at the end of class to ask what was going on. It seems the girl hadn’t slept all night as it was Baltic in her bedroom last night as they have no central heating.
So, my wife’s away to M&S to buy her a set of warm pyjamas.
Teachers now do this almost as part of their job remit.

If you haven’t voted yet – get out and vote!

I’m not going to pressure anybody how to vote – that’s up to you.

For the record I’ve dumped Labour for the SNP. Sorry Jeremy!

Now, Mon The Hoops!

Mike in Toronto

The last few years, I have been on a roll predicting elelction results …got something like a dozen right in a row …. sadly, I am predicting a Tory majority in Britain…


Tories were 2/5 for a majority or 1.4 on the exchanges this morning.
Can now be backed at 4/6 or 1.66. I hoping someone knows something.


The C & C double tonight?
Celtic and Corbyn?
Hope so
It’s Finucane vs Dodds that really interests me.
Ho Ho


Jim the Tim in the pub? Life of Reilly.

Mike in Toronto

Not a fan of Tory’s, but, at the moment, can understand some folk’s frustration with government inefficiency….

most houses on my street dont have parking …so, you get a parking permit for the street that costs about $200 / year, and runs from November to November….

At my home, I share a driveway with my neighbour… common driveway, at the back of the houses, I turn left to park, and he turns right …. but, the houses are a century old, and cars must have been smaller back then, as (i) there isn’t really enough space for both cars back there, and at one spot by the neighbour’s bay window, the sides of the house/the driveway is only about 8 inches wider than my car …twice my friends pullled the rear view mirror off the car trying to back out, at a cost of $1000 each time to repair….

so, when I moved in, I said I would let my neighbor park in the back, and I would get a parking permit and park on the street…

So, I called the city … if you have a parking space, but still want to park on the street (second car or whatever), the fee is $500

…I explained that there wasn’t enough room, so they sent a city inspector round, and he confirmed that the driveway wasnt wide enough, so I qualified for the reduced $200 fee.

no problem for the last decade … each october I get my renewal package in the mail, go online to pay my $200 and renew … no problem…

except this year, I never got the renewal package in the mail, and, frankly, forgot about it, until this morning, when I went outside and had a $30 ticket for parking with an expired sticker (it had expired November 30)…. fair enough, so, I go online to renew…

and it says that because the old permit has expired, I cant renew online, and I have to call them…

okay… so I call them.. and say I would like to renew … and the lady says, you could have renewed this before November 30, but since you didn’t, you cant renew, and have to re-apply …

ME: doesn’t make sense, but whatever ….dont want to waste more time, so lets just do that…

Her: but, since you didn’t renew by last week, it is a new application, and you cant do new applications over the phone … you have to come into the office …..

by now, I am feeling like Abbott and Costello doing the ‘who’s on first’ routine …

so, off to City Hall …

explain that I was told I have to come in and fill out a new application form….and the fee is $500!!

Me; why? your records must show that I have an exemption, annd only pay $200.

Her: that was for the old application? this is a new application…

Me: But its the same address?! it should show the exemption

Her: yes, it does … and you would have got that had your renewed last week… but but this is a new appllication. If you would like, we can send an inspector round to see if you qualify for the reduced rate.

Me; WTF?! can I speak to a manger?’ …explain it all again ….

Him: ‘well, it is a new application, and we need to make sure that you still qualify

Me: so, had you guys sent out the applcation like you were supposed to…

Him: we sent it out, you just didn’t receive it ..

Me: okay … whatever. but, had I applied online last week, I would renew and pay $200 because my driveway isn’t wide enough… correct?

him: yes.

Me: FFS! but because you didnt send out the renewal form…

Him: we sent it out, you didn’t recieve it.

Me: … whatever… but had I renewed online last week, my driveway would have been too narrow, and I would only have to pay $200?
Him: yes.

Me: but because I dind’t renew last week, I now have to pay $500 ?

Him: yes.

Me: but you will send someone out to measure the driveway to see if it is still the same width as last week, and if it is, I’ll get a rebate?!

Him: yes.

Me: do you think I moved the *&*^% house and widened the driveway in the last week?

Him:… eemmhh….

Me…. can I speak to your (the supervisor’s) supervisor …

eventually got it sorted … but, by god, they dont’ make it easy!


Twists n turns

Billy bhoy
That story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming . Sad that the child is so cold, but your wife’s generosity shows a level of love and care that goes above and beyond.


Not much of a game.
Gordon made the one save he needed to.
Bauer weak.
Julien rumbling with big forwards.If booked he gets suspended for next round.Get him off.
Bitton has done well
Bolingoli some good runs.
Ntcham comfortable
Robertson has had some good touches looks a very good prospect
Morgan to lightweight Can’t keep possession
Johnston the stand out so far.Excellent player.
Griff odd decent touch still looks off the pace
Sinclair first notice him with a decent run in 38th minute but that’s it.


Mike in Toronto
Get yourself a good lawyer.
The lack of common sense in local government is staggering.
Small minds and power is a dangerous combination.

Just in the door, a freezing cold driech night here, saw the last ten mins of the game, seems a draw will suit both here, the Mrs and I were talking about the brit election on the way home, we both can’t understand that the scum tories are even in with a chance of winning, but they will, I reckon with a majority of sixty, just goes to show, the drip feeding that Corbyn is undetectable is working, it’s really all about educating the people, no wonder they don’t want to educate them, we talked about a book called
“A Very British Coup”, written by Chris Mullen, he was a Labour MP, the book is well worth the read

Mike in Toronto


A good lawyer?! do you know one?


I”m hearing our Tory leader, Andrew Scheer, is resigning. Rumor is that he was, without permission, using party funds to pay private school tuition for his four children. Not supposed to do that ….

I suspect that this was known for some time, but, after falling to Trudeau in the general election, Scheer refused to step down, so someone in his own party decided to leak this to force him out ….

Common sense, don’t even go there, when we came here in 2008 we became residents, we signed all the forms etc, now I have handed in my UK and Irish licence for a Spanish one, seems that there is a new residence card on the go and the civil servants tell me that my old cert is not good enough, it is btw, but no, they know better and unless I get one they won’t give me a Spanish driving licence, it’s a scam to make money from the brits and there is eff all we can do about it, on the same note the Mrs had to get a pic for updating here cert, they refuse to accept photos from the phone if you are a foreigner and we have to go to a certain place to get the pics take, there was a young Muslim lassie in before us she was charged 3.50 for her pics we got charged 4 for the same thing racist winkers 😉

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