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Sentinel Celts has been on the go now for a little over fifteen months,and everyone concerned in setting it up is well pleased at how it has developed during that time. Our viewing figures continue to climb and the standard of debate is often compelling. The “social club” side of things continues to purr-sorry!-along nicely with,for example,some obscure tracks highlighted along with the more familiar ones.

Don’t follow my picks on the Naps competition,mind…

But we are far from perfect. As OGLACH pointed out overnight,our reluctance to moderate is not always a good thing. And there are others,such as was highlighted-presciently-in a mail sent to me yesterday which comprises today’s article.

So right away, I’m not telling anyone off, moaning or issuing edicts about how to behave; but basically, I’m asking what makes one blog ‘good’ while another one’s ‘bad’ ?

The idea for this piece came when seeing a fellow-poster (who often gave stimulating insights) decide to take a break from the blog. A few regulars have also expressed disappointment with the lack of direct interaction on this forum, which made me think even more about the topic.

Prior to coming to SC, I decided to quit another Celtic-minded blog simply because of what I saw as its cliquey-ness (not a word), unspoken ‘pecking order’ and elitism.

(There’d also been the appearance of a couple of personas whose content had gie’d me the boke, but I won’t do character assassinations – it’s subjective and unnecessary).

YET, what do most people join online forums for? Well, according to this survey-


it’s mainly to:

  • Interact with others, followed by
  • Ask questions and, then,
  • Share insights.

So is it the same here; do most of us want Interaction? Engagement: Feedback; Banter; Replies?

To me, seems a lot of Sentinels do share insights (offering personal opinions, basically) but mibby we’re not so good – small groups of connected posters aside – at doing the interaction bit.

(When I first joined, the Mods made me feel welcome so that encouraged me to stay).

As a Celtic fan living remotely from the club’s (and my) homeland, I login for your take and goss on what’s happening. I hope that some folks will find my input relatable AND engaging, and give me some feedback, endorsement or even a mature and reasoned rebuff; that’d be the ideal for me.

I adore Celtic and don’t have many folks around to share my passion with (my poor suffering lady does her patient best). I like fitba banter but don’t get access to it so far from home. Here, people think we’re called The Keltic-Rangers or the Glasgow Keltics (like the Boston mob). Also, I’m not much of a big drinker (not a wowser either) so chat-shouting about football in a pub can be tiring.

You guys/gals are the closest ‘real people’ connection to the club I can readily access. I value when you take the time to offer your take on matters CFC; tho I don’t always agree, its good for me to have that defacto link. This forum sometimes helps with me feeling a bit lonely, too.

For me, it can be very disheartening to put a comment out there that gets nothing but crickets and tumbleweed but, I guess, that the way the cookie crumbles: I know I don’t reply to everyone but I do try to nod to, praise or disagree with comments that resonate or rile.

But is it too much to expect similar engagement effort from fellow fans on a football forum?

Alas, mibby yes. Some other research says the main reason people comment online is to satisfy their entirely selfish needs: Research confirms that for many online commenters, the article is beside the point-


I’m guilty of this too; I sometimes speed-scan the article to see if it relates to what’s going on in my head which I need to blurt out to the void. Note to self…go slow, read the article FIRST Libero!!

I once read that; “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, that’s the essence of inhumanity” (Isaac Bashevis Singer).

Would it make the blog the ideal Celtic spot if we keep coming on to make our own point but also interacted with others and asked more questions that asked for others opinions?

Be well, be kind, fellow Sentinels!


Above article by LIBERO,with grateful thanks. You too can voice your opinions as Article of the Day by mailing Mahe.


It’s that simple,and we always publish them. Give it a go,you’ll be addicted in no time!!!

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Now that TWISTSNTURNS daughter,Yvette,has passed her target-almost doubling it!-with the generous help of this site and others,let’s see how far we can go. Congratulations and many thanks to all.

We’ll push it on here over the weekend,with pleasure.


Hurry while stocks last!



That is a great article,and raises some very pertinent points,especially about inclusivity. I know how rudimentary my keyboard skills were,say a decade ago,and though they are much improved,it still takes me a bit of time to tap out a comment. (Though I still reckon a roomful of monkeys will tap out the collected works of Shakespeare before me) So yes,it can indeed be deeply disheartening when a little nugget or a pearl of wisdom is cast before some ignorant swines who ignore it!

I think there are a number of reasons why this has happened on here in particular,but the main one is probably the timeline. The bulk of our regular posters are in the two main European time zones with another large tranche of them across the pond. As a result,the majority of comments are made around 1800-0200GMT. You can tell that those lucky sods don’t work nights,or get up with the lark like TWISTSNTURNS and ATHINGOFBEAUTY!!! I did a quick check across random articles over the months and found that around two thirds of comments are made in that eight hour period,with the other sixteen hours in the slow lane with the remaining third. That’s a four-fold difference per hour,and usually at a time that your location will have you in bed,or on your way to work.

The big problem is that it also means that your prime posting times-i.e.,when you are back from work of an evening-are when I’m usually lounging around the place making a nuisance of myself before I hit my cot! So,hands up and

O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!

(Ironically,from To a Louse…)


Well said.
I sometimes post then wish the drivel had remained inside my empty head.
I tend to try and stick with football and hope for some sort of response.
Doesn’t happen that often so i guess my inkling of being a repetitive numpty is true.
But i find comfort in the fact that i am in the company of genuine Celtic supporters.

Big Audio Dynamite

There’s been a week of politics on here. I have less than zero interest in politics. I must have scrolled past dozens of pages. It was really easy.

I’ll never understand why people can’t just ignore things they have no interest in.

Oh flouncy flouncy flouncy flouncy na na na na na na


A really good article. Thank you.
As you say, be kind.

big packy

LIBERO, good article, im the same as fanatic,ill post some drivel then wish I hadn’t, but bobby naled it I think, the time difference posters like yourself across the pond, and us over here.hh,



Use the edit facility. I wish life had one!



I don’t have any interest in politics either. Not now. Not after Friday the 13th.

To be fair,I thought the site did well. Very few posts on the subject,certainly relative to elsewhere and big political events over the last five or six years.

And even at that,we only directed the abuse at the politicians,instead of each other!



Your lad got a game today? Brought his water-skis?

Twists n turns

I’ve said this before and I genuinely mean it:

This site is interspersed with the best writers you’ll come across in blog land. I find myself re reading posts in complete admiration of the contributors. There are far to many to mention them all as I’d be sure to omit someone whose work I enjoy reading.

The daily articles on here are absolutely top drawer. You can tell they’re not articles that have been thrown together for the sake of it being a new day.

I genuinely hope the site becomes the go to place for everyone. It deserves it.



Can I be the first to say…

Aw,shucks. Thanks.

But you’re right. The guest writers take their time and mail us an article that they have spent some considerable thought on,and that is close to their heart. Me,I’ve got all night to dream up my daily dose of drivel,and Mahe,I’m sure,reads far too much stuff trying to keep things relevant after I’ve gone off on a tangent again!


Time to pick out my fixed odds and my three-legged horses wi the blind jockey.

Twists n turns

You’re welcome.

I’m just waiting on Awe Naw and Mags getting their act together and producing ‘an alternative Celtic view’ magazine to be sold on match days and / or online. I’d invest in that .



Ah,now there’s a thought…


JNP & BP – Ta much.
BMCUWP – good point; the time lag of a global blog will affect posts and replies as its not realistic to expect all to read back etc. Sometimes, the convo has just flowed on too far too.
FAN & BP – I find your ‘drivel’ usually entertaining and am glad it’s focus/locus is fitba – keep it coming buds.
BTW; just back in from seeing Gary 88 Hooper live at CF; did zip as a sub against Victory’s 10 men (tho I was quietly dying for him to roll back the years with a winner v Victory) Steven Taylor (ex Newcastle) did a very tidy job at the back for the kiwis. HH

Twists n turns

Well said.
I sometimes post then wish the drivel had remained inside my empty head.
I tend to try and stick with football and hope for some sort of response.
Doesn’t happen that often so i guess my inkling of being a repetitive numpty is true.
But i find comfort in the fact that i am in the company of genuine Celtic supporters.

Fan a tic
I genuinely can’t recall any “ drivel” flowing from your fingers!
The lack of response? I’m afraid that’s laziness on the part of myself and others, who no doubt read back , and as you say, the time factor plays a part and we don’t respond.
Perhaps even a ‘ like’ feature would represent a quick and easy way for us lazy fekkers to acknowledge our appreciation. Or perhaps we should dump the laziness and make some effort to simply acknowledge your work given the effort you’ve gone to?

Note to self :

Stop being so bloody lazy and disrespectful!!


Libero, I’m not just saying this for the sake of agreement but the article pretty well sums up my own feelings about blogging. You expressed it better than I could.

Awe Naw

Please never feel the need to respond to any of my drivel ever. If you do feel that way then that’s shite because then… As I’m a good guy… Will feel compelled to respond to your drivel and if I don’t manage it I’ll feel bad… And you being good guys will not want me to feel that way. Professionally I have a lot of time on my hands but if something goes wrong then I can be 200% involved dedicated to that incident. Sometimes that’s 2 minutes of my uninterrupted attention sometimes 2 weeks. Don’t take it personally and always remember that I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you’ve dreamed of
And I wish to you joy and happiness
But above all this, I wish you love
And aye eh aye eh aye eh aye will always love you
I will always love you


They are away to Cambuslang today, as far as I know game is still on.
Game off. Waterlogged pitch.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Well said

( I expect a reply to this message) ?


As I said at the start of the piece: I’m not telling anyone off, moaning or issuing edicts about how to behave; but basically, I’m asking what makes one blog ‘good’ while another one’s ‘bad’ ? Just cropped up after seeing other posts and comments.
JIMTHETIM – hat tip.
OTHERS – hat tip 2. HH


You’re more Dolly than Whitney.


Twists n Turns.
Wasn’t really bemoaning lack of response and often wisely scroll past my own drivel.
The variance of posters including your good self on this site is refreshing.

On a different subject last night i went to the local middle schools musical recital last night.
My neighbor has two young boys 11 and 12 who play the clarinet and cello.
It was for want of a better word BRUTAL.
Next time if i have to be a good neighbor i’m taking noise cancelling headphones.
When i was subjected to the same when my kids were young i was seen as a total Grinch.
The tuneless racket would begin and the teary eyed parents would gush with superlatives.
My tears were down to being a wimp who feared his head would explode with each competing instrument being out of tune with the next.
At the tea and cookies station afterwards one parent said to me how beautiful it was and i responded with brutal honesty that it sounded like a gang of scalded cats .
I was persona non grata after that.
The joy of parenthood.


Fan-a-tic, My mother told me many years later, when I was a boy learning to play the cornet, it was painful!


Packy honest to God! I know you were desperate for a winner but the odds on favourite in a 3 horse race? It won at 1/9. I think you owe the bookie money!


Please God this Band are not Tories now!


Margaret McGill

Good marker of a post. I know I get on everbody’s tits. I try my best 🙂 Sometimes I see platitudes as funny sometimes Im just angry.. I think I’ll take a break for a few weeks.


Mags, don’t do that! The board wouldn’t be the same without you. I admit sometimes your wit goes over my head but that says more about me than you. Most times it’s appreciated.



Your article is excellent and timely. It certainly deserves responses and I see it has them. What makes a good blog? I suspect that the answer will be be as varied as the people that post on a blog. Each look for different things from a blog. On a personal basis, I like to see myself in print! I like to argue my corner, respectfully, I hope. Sometimes I have no preconceived view on a topic and I seek input from others to arrive at an opinion. I like to react to some views that I feel are misguided and should not be aired on the blog. Yes, I know that is a slippery slope but there are obvious(to me) issues like bigotry and racism that have no place on a recreational blog on football. Like everyone, I scan for reactions to my posts. Sometimes I get some, sometimes not. Sometimes, I wish I had not got any reaction!

In summary, I think the real answer lies somewhere amongst the diversity of views and topics that exist on a blog plus the nature of the tolerance of opposing views.

Personally, I think my interaction is something that I could improve. If I see something I agree with and others seem to as well, I shall not respond, as I feel it has all been said before. Being at heart a mathematician, I was raised on brevity as the soul of wit, but that may not be smart for a blog.

On a functional level I feel that the return of a reply feature would improve things in terms of interaction. Sometimes it is not clear what sparked a post and how it relates to an issue but maybe there is reason for its omission?

Anyway, Libero, I too feel isolated from Celtic supporters and blogs, even poor ones, are important in keeping me in touch with my club. I hope everyone on here enjoys health and happiness over the holidays. This has been a hard year for my family which has been visited by cancer. I am not sure that my brother will see the end of it, nor am I sure that I want him to. I have learned from these experiences that we are each on a journey and sometimes we stop at important places and sometimes we don’t.

I said I intended to take a break from this place and I shall now pull my cloak of invisibility around me and vanish for a while.

All the best Mahe, Bobby….and thank you!



You raise some great points.

Im delighted with the blog and feel we have a good mix and a high tolerance point ,, both things are essential ingredients if you ask me.
But we are all looking for different things as mentioned . Many are footie on the brain imo,, I need a hangout place because I also am isolated but am not footie on the brain.
Theres a mix I guess.
Its great to have a couple of friendly regulars in Statler and Waldorf so no matter who walks in those doors they have a friendly face greeting them 😉

Twists is right we have some great writers and hopefully go from strength to strength.
Delighted we got our first bit done for charity , well its still going , but we did it.
Site improvements are on the agenda.
Part from that delighted to be among you all.
Merry Christmas!

We are doing this walk tonight! Little one is gonna love it! Theres people selling or giving away hot chocolate and apple cider. I dont need to type they go all out here. After turning an entire river green for “Patties day” you have learnt not to be surprised.


Sincerely hope things work out well for you guys. Thoughts from central Cali.
Take care and dont be a stranger.
Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

All the very best to you and yours, Rebus.

Take care of yourself, mate.


Big Audio Dynamite

Wow, that’s a cute wee place.

Awe Naw

If the blog experience for all would improve with more money being spent on it. Count me in. I’m not trying to solicit money from the blog for this a few individual donations would suffice I imagine but count me in.

I saw Dolly on the TV last night. That’s a good plastic surgeon the gal has


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BD6rf-uFvlE Mitch Benn-Moving to Scotland ?


Bobby, your Da didn’t put a Nap on today. Is he not allowed to in the Advent season?


Wisdom is wasted on the old 😉

bada bing1

Rebus- best wishes


When I looked at the fixtures in the SP this morning I was hoping for wins for, Aberdeen, St. J, Ross Co and St Mi. I got 3 out of 4. Shame for the Buddies.

It’s a very diverse subject, ask a hundred people you will get a hundred different views, I am of the opinion that everyone who posts on a blog is an attention seeker, all to differing degrees of course, some say things that will get a reaction just so they get noticed and posters to reply to them, others are the opposite and say very little and when they do they are bland, then you get everything in between, enjoyed you post anyways.
Don’t you dare stop posting
Best of Rubus
I see Liverpool cemented the league today

Awe Naw
I what way would spending money improve the blog ? I have no clue

big packy

EVENING ALL, first things first,rebus best wishes, mags we coatbrig ghuys need to stick together, so stay put? did you see jimthetims face coz I got a winner priceless, ok confession time, drove a truck for 25 years before retiring, never had a bump, came out of the car park in asda tonight, and caugt the front of a car with my backend, only a scratch on it, but years ago I would have drove my truck in that space, and not touched the car, I blame jimthetim?

big packy

TET, will e-mail you shortly,


I guess comment box at bottom, ,
easy to post pics or gifs, ,
maybe a little colour, ,
Our own unique logo,,
Embed Youtube on phone,,
Are just a few things that would kick it up a notch. I believe anyway.
Hail Hail

BAD, aye the kid in me will be coming out tonight. I even have a Christmas hoodie 😉

I bought masel a truck, a 1996 27 ton Mann Eco diesel, flatbed, it was Black with a bed in it and I loved it, cost me 4000 euros, it was paid for in the first two weeks, had it for three years and sold it for 2000 to an African bloke, he was over the moon with it, he got a good deal, I had it looking good, I used to deliver bails of sewer pipes and the like all over Dublin, point of the post, when some drivers used to come into our yard I often had to reverse their trucks for them as they didn’t have a scooby, they were Ok in a straight line, anyways, this one driver who’s truck I maneuvered around the place for him was getting loaded with the steel concrete lined water pipes, they were heavy, he must have had about 20 tons on the back, as he was strapping them down I told him that the bails needed to be touching each other and that there shouldn’t be a gap between them, he took exception to me telling him this and this after the twat not being able to maneuver in tight spaces, anyways, he sets off into Dublin, I set off about half an hour later and came upon a massive traffic jam, he had only gone and lost his load at a seriously busy junction on the outskirts of Dublin, I kinda knew he would, the pipes destroyed about a dozen cars, thankfully nobody was badly injured, it was this incident that prompted the guards in Ireland to get their act together and make sure these folks had proper HGV licences, till then they were accepting home made licences, it wasn’t long after that that I sold up in Ireland and came here, I couldn’t compete with the rates some folks were charging, I used to charge 40 euros an hour or part there of for me and the lorry, they were charging 100 euros a day, paying the drivers twenty a day, I knew that there was a crash coming and probably got out at the right time, it just wasn’t worth the bother any more.

big packy

TET, you done the right thing?

Oh right 😉

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