Merry Christmas-Part Three;Jingle Bells!!!


And a very jolly Festive Greetings to you all! Today,a special treat-a timely observation from one of our members on how much this time of year has changed,even in our lifetimes.


Christmas in Scotland was traditionally observed very quietly, because the Church of Scotland – a Presbyterian church – for various reasons never placed much emphasis on the Christmas festival.

Christmas Day only became a public holiday in 1958 in Scotland and Boxing Day in 1974. The New Year’s Eve festivity, Hogmanay, was by far the largest celebration in Scotland. The gift-giving, public holidays and feasting associated with mid-winter were traditionally held between 11 December and 6 January. However, since the 1980s, the fading of the Church’s influence and the increased influences from the rest of the UK and elsewhere, Christmas and its related festivities are now nearly on a par with Hogmanay and “Ne’erday”. Edinburgh, Glasgow and other cities now have traditional German Christmas market from late November until Christmas Eve.
Commercialism is really what forced the change.

Although never an integral part of the fixture calendar like the New Year game, matches on December 25th were an infrequent but hugely popular feature of the Scottish game for more than 70 years.

Between 1897 and 1971 Celtic played some fifteen times on Christmas day and on most occasions the opposition came bearing gifts.

Indeed the Hoops record for this festive fixture makes remarkable reading.
Out of those 15 games the Bhoys won 13, drew one and suffered a solitary loss. Celtic have netted an incredible 58 goals on Christmas day, an average of just short of 4 a match. In contrast the Hoops’ defence was uncharacteristically Scoorge-like, conceding a measly 13.

Celtic’s first Christmas day outing came in 1897 when they travelled the short distance to Clyde and thrashed their hosts 9-1. Another notable victory came on December 25th 1915 when Airdrieonians were hammered 6-0 at Parkhead.

Kilmarnock were the Christmas day visitors to Celtic Park in 1937 when the Bhoys showed little festive spirit by dishing out an 8-0 drubbing of the Ayrshire team. Under normal circumstances such a result would have had the entire Celtic support in raptures.

But this game marked the return to Parkhead of legendary Celt Jimmy McGrory who was making his debut as manager of Kilmarnock and who had received a thunderous reception from the home fans as he took his seat in the stand. As such there was much discomfort among the Celtic followers as McGrory’s side were humiliated.

Celtic had led the Rugby Park club 6-0 at half-time and with his side chasing the league title Willie Maley instructed his players to show no remorse to their opponents or McGrory. For some Celtic fans though this public humiliation of an idol they still worshipped was totally unacceptable.

While McGrory had no qualms at all about Celtic’s attitude some supporters were less understanding. Their feelings were summed up in a letter sent to McGrory from Dublin priest Father Coleman in the wake of the game. Father Coleman denounced what he viewed as Celtic’s ugly attitude to the match and he wrote the performance was:
“…a very ungallant, uncalled for, even dastardly act of the so-called Bhoys”.

There was no such sympathy on display on Christmas day 1965 when a Joe McBride hat-trick had helped put Celtic 7-0 up at half-time against Morton. With the Parkhead faithful licking their lips in anticipation of a record victory Jock Stein’s men, perhaps mindful of a busy holiday schedule, took their foot off the gas and the support had to eventually content themselves with an 8-1 triumph.

It was in hindsight a wise decision as 10 days later Celtic had plenty left in the tank as they destroyed Rangers 5-1.

The last full programme of Christmas day fixtures in Scotland was however held in 1971 and it was on that date that Celtic bowed out of Christmas action. They did so with another victory, this time a 3-2 which over Hearts (pictured above) which was watched by a crowd of 34,000.

Nearly 4 decades on from that game all talk of seeing the Celts in action on the December 25 is now confined to the history books. However given Celtic’s amazing record in these fixtures perhaps we should be hoping for the return of a green and white Christmas!

Celtic’s Full Christmas Day Record
1897 – Clyde 1 Celtic 9
1909 – Kilmarnock 0 Celtic 1
1915 – Celtic 6 Airdrieonians 0
1920 – St.Mirren 0 Celtic 2
1926 – Celtic 4 Kilmarnock 0
1933 – Queen’s Park 2 Celtic 3
1934 – Celtic 4 Queen’s Park 1
1937 – Celtic 8 Kilmarnock 0
1946 – Celtic 1 Queen’s Park 0
1947 – Celtic 4 Hearts 2
1948 – Celtic 2 Aberdeen 0
1954 – Celtic 2 Clyde 2
1957 – Celtic 1 Queen of the South 2
1965 – Celtic 8 Morton 1
1971 – Celtic 3 Hearts 2


Above article by JIMMYNOTPAUL who clearly has a better memory than me. Although I do remember the Hearts game. I think it was one of the first games Dixie played for us.

Merry Christmas to you all,and I hope you all have a blistering hangover in the morning!!!


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Merry Christmas to all our readers and contributors. We couldn’t do it without you!

Big Audio Dynamite

Good stuff, JNP.

Seems this is my new wake up time! For months now, I’ve been waking at 4.30 …It’s spooky!



Sorry,mate. I’ll need to stop slamming the door on the way in. Hope Santa is good to you in a three points kinda way.


Happy Christmas

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, aye was still gabbing away on last thread… I really don’t function well at 4.30am ?

I already got my present Bobby, the wee mans knee situation progressing ..that’s more than enough for me, mate.

All the very best to you, pal ?

Big Audio Dynamite

All the best Garry.

I see we also share a love of Radiohead? For me, the only band worth seeing the last 30 years



Great news about yer lad,mate. Absolutely delighted for you all.

Big Audio Dynamite

For weeks now I’ve been listening to The Cocteau Twins again,, Liz Fraser’s voice sounds like it came straight from heaven! Funny how music jogs long forgotten memories.

BAD I agree about radio head incredible music but there is lots of amazing music out there finding them can be a challenge especially when you need a glass of red wine .. give me 5

Big Audio Dynamite

Booby, cheers, mate. The wee man’s doctor saved Christmas …literally.

Hope you’re enjoying your downtime ?

BAD don6 mention the twins for FS I listen to them every day on spotify makes me cry

Big Audio Dynamite

Puff puff, First thing I did this morning again ..and I’ve been doing it for weeks. That voice warms the cockles, mate ?

Big Audio Dynamite

PP, I used to have the energy to go seek out new bands, King Tut’s and the Barrowland being fav haunts, but now I’m back to listening to the bands I grew up listening to.

My fav bands? Glad you asked ?

Talking Heads
Joy Division
The Stranglers
The Clash

Desert island stuff right there

Big Audio Dynamite

I see Orange county decided to team up with the orange cunts. Today it’s being reported they signed another partnership with Adventure sports academy in Hong Kong ? Mmm!

BAD Just read your list every one is with out music and the famous Glasgow Celtic is not worth living .. maybe add red wine and big tall blonds with big tits .

BAD .. HONG KONG probably some wee hun cunt called wee Billy just avoiding tax .. just like big Billy

Big Audio Dynamite

PP, I like my poisons the same colour as my team, green 🙂 never really was a drinker. I have absolutely nothing against beautiful women though, and am not fussed what size knockers they have ?

Twists n turns

Interesting read.
That 8-1 Morton result had me thinking that you’d be a very unhappy bhoy if you’d backed Celtic to win both halves that day ?.

Twists n turns

Make sure you keep us updated on the bhoy’s progress. Sounds very positive.
I was just reading the news there. Homeless girl gives birth to twins. She gave birth on the street. Babies were 11 weeks early.
She’s in hospital now. Hopefully all 3 will be fine, and something is done for her moving forward.
Will the bhoys be training today? Day off?

TNT training in paradise today around 9 am

Twists n turns

Puff Puff
That’s good. I think?

Already on edge thinking about Sunday. I’ll take a deflected 96th minute winner or a 7-1.

Either would make me very happy.

Their 3 biggest assets will be Kent, Morelos and Clancy.

Nullifying the first two might prove easier than the third.

craig 76

Merry Christmas to all

Big Audio Dynamite

TnT, I sure will, mate ?

Thanks and HH

Twists n turns

Merry Christmas Craig.

craig 76

thank you twist n turns merry christmas to yourself aswell

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Merry Christmas to all Sentinels with an extra-Merry Christmas to BMCUWP!!
Wish I’d thought about that last bit before I ‘wasted’ 10p on my phone??!

Twists n turns

Send him an invoice.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

big packy

merry Christmas to all on here, especially my best pal JIM, I got one of them new fangled transistor radios no need for a plug, runs on batteries, ah technology, now I can listen to radio caroline in my bedroom, without my old man telling me, turn that rubbish off.?

big packy

JNP, great article, only remember a couple of those games and only went to one of them, the hearts game, merry Christmas to you and yours.?

Awe Naw

Hope you all have a wonderful day and you feel the love oozing out of every second of the festive period from those that are closest to you.

If you’re lonely or like me your closest have to work today and on your todd. Hang about here and we’ll try not to bore you.

To all Sentinel Celts Merry Christmas ya filthy animals x


Great article which I thoroughly enjoyed,a bonus Christmas present,if you will.I wish I was like you and could lose ten years between ’71 and ’19 and if I could choose which years,it would have saved me a lot of time,money and heartache,even better !
Just popped in to say Feliz Navidad to everyone,I hope Santa was good to you all.
On the subject of bands I’ve seen live,there are some huge names but a lot of them(like some signings for Celtic) flattered to deceive.So if you will indulge me,my top five would be :

5.The Cure(Robert Smith,what can I say ?)
4.Pink Floyd(No list should be without them)
3.Half Man Half Biscuit(If you haven’t seen or heard of them,check them out)
2.10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant,the voice of an angel)
And my Number One………….DRUMROLL,

1.Rory Gallagher(played to a half empty auditorium but I’ve never seen anyone generate such energy in a crowd,electric performance)
Sadly missed but fondly remembered.

I have left some big hitters off my list who didn’t,for whatever reason do it for me on the night,which include the likes of :
Led Zeppelin
Bad Company
and I suppose I should give an honourable mention to:
Suzie( could never spell Siouxsie) and the Banshees,at the Albert Hall who,when me and my mate got there,couldn’t be arsed for whatever reason so sold our tickets and went on the swally instead.
I realize this list is rather eclectic and subjective but isn’t that what makes us all unique in our own small way.
Anyway,thanks for reading and remember……..Be kind to your liver’s,you only have the one !
Happy Christmas to one and all and C’mon the Hoops.
Hail Hail.

Awe Naw


Now that I have read that fine article. Again best I have read all morning. Thank you for it.


Awe Naw,
Happy Christmas,my friend and conciliator.Don’t work too hard today as the saying goes
“all work and no play make Johnny(Jack) a dull boy”
Hail Hail.


Awe Naw,
Just realised,after re-reading your post that( I assume) it’s your other half who is working so scratch Johnny(Jack) and insert Jill,sorry,my bad.
Hail Hail.

Twists n turns

Just opened my presents

Got a broken drum

Cannae beat it

( that’s for you BP) ?

Mario Bertolini

Merry Christmas to one and all. my thoughts got out to the lonely, homeless and those suffering, drought, famine and wars on this planet. If I could give a present it would be to eradicate above.

Best bands seen
Clash, seen Joe and the Mescaleros at t in park circa 1996, was on late due to prev band overrunning, they tried to get him off he was having none of it. Suberb.
REM playhouse perfect.
Radiohead glasgow green in tent manic and brilliant, gotta be one of the best.
Bowie Nuff said.
Siouxie at playhouse Robert Smith on guitar.
Southern Death Cult before they sold their souls stunning.
Ramones at the apologise, support the Rezillos, 1234 let’s go.
Loads more. where would we be without our music.
Band I would have loved to have seen SAHB, seemingly blew the who away at Celtic Park.

Mario Bertolini

Just a wee add on, was looking on cqn, don’t know if any posters on here know Big Jimmy, seemingly got heart probs etc. Not Llong out of hospital, says he is alone. May appreciate a call or something.

The Gombeen Man

Merry Christmas Everyone on SC. JNP a great read thanks…

A wee boy in Belfast goes to see Santa.

Santa says ” What can I bring you for Christmas?”

The wee boy says “A penguin please Santa.”

Santa says” Sorry son, it needs to be something realistic.”

The wee boy thinks about it and says, ” Rangers to win the league.”

Santa laughs and says ” What kind of penguin do you want?”


Awe Naw


We have a similar taste in music my friend. Uncanny. I have been promised by my best mate here In Germany, a lad from Mayo that next year we will finally make the Rory Gallagher festival in Cork

Jimi what’s it like being the greatest guitarist in the world ? “I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Rory Gallagher”

Led Zeppelin Never bought an Album ( I like them more the older I become)
R.E.M. Only Two albums Automatic For the People up there with the best albums ever
Bad Company No not for me

Everything from Pink Floyd up to The Wall … I saw The Wall LIve at Earls court 1980 ??
The Cure – Everything ( Saw them live circa 30 times) Disintegration Tour ( 8 Countries)

The Beatles for me opened the door. Velvet Underground
The Doors (Big Brar Influence)
Bowie – Roxy (Big Sister Influence)

Wife works in a restaurant and here it´s boxing day really but we meet up tonight for a staff party

Awe Naw

go into youtube and search John Peel sessions and give yourselves a Christmas present

big packy

TWISTY ???,, best 2 bands I ever seen live, nothing to touch them IMHO, Uriah heep and deep purple.? but that may change later tonight, when I start on this glenmorangie?

Awe Naw

Music is Music Gospel (God Spoke) but Heavy Metal GTF

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Recalling my childhood, I’m guessing for anyone born in the latter end of the 50’s, you hit the age of 14/15 and music starts to heavily influence you. For my mates and I, Bowie, Roxy Music, T Rex and the like were the most favoured I’d say. Yet, one track which just seemed to resonate with yours truly, was Hawkwind’s Silver Machine.
Loved that song. Still do. Got me on the radio actually but that’s another story for another time.

Hope all is well with you and yours at this festive time.

bada bing1

Merry Christmas to all here,have a great day ??


Morning all and a Merry Christmas to all.
Thanks for the kind comments, but I have to say, Celtic Wiki is wonderful and a great source of information, whoever works on that, deserves the praise, I only added bits here and there.
That’s great about your bhoy, an extra special Christmas.
Twists Celtic v Morton, I hadn’t thought of that, can you imagine the frustration, if anyone had done that bet, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Twists n turns

Wasn’t a deep purple fan I’m afraid. Just didn’t do it for me.

When I delivered the papers, only one guy in the entire village got an NME delivered.

I’m reminded of that because of this morning’s Rory Gallagher comments.

This chap had a dog. Bit mental ( the dog- not him) and when I asked him the name of his dog one morning, he
replied “Rory- named after Rory G.

To be honest – at the time – i had never heard of Rory Gallagher

Twists n turns

Morning Bada
Merry Christmas bud.

Thanks for all your all things Celtic latest news and updates throughout the year. They are very much appreciated.


Lenny, at his press conference, said Celtic would be in training this morning, then he would allow the rest of the day off, as family time is important.

big packy

BADA ,all the best?

big packy

AWE NAW, heavy metal is not heavy rock, behave yourself???

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