Celtic 1-2 Rangers review


This was going to be the shortest article ever seen on this site-I was just going to write

You all watched it!

and leave it at that. Fortunately,THE EXILED TIM is made of sterner stuff,and has supplied us with his own unique take on things


No fight, no heart, complete and utter pish!

We have better players but we don’t have the best team in Scotland, not by a long way. Out coached by a scouse ned, though some say that the real brains behind them is a coach called Michael Beale. It could be, but whoever it is they have us sussed and we have no answer to them.

We should have had Ntcham on from the start along with Lenny’s preferred two def mids, drop either Forrest or Johnston-or both. The midfield is where they are humping us, yet he plays with wide men who don’t get wide! Match them in the middle and go with the same. We live and learn but it seems our coaches don’t. It’s not an I told you so but I never wanted Lenny in the first place, but before I go on I love Lenny the man, just not Lenny the coach I’m afraid. I always saw him as a massive downgrade and a yes man, he is not learning from the mistakes we are making-the League Cup Final should have told him,but it didn’t.

We have been progressively getting poorer week on week for some time now. For sure we had a great Euro campaign as the euro teams didn’t have us sussed like the Scottish coaches who seem to have us worked out. Spare me the we are still top of the league blah blah, we should be cos we have the better players! Can you honestly put your hand on your heart and say with 100% confidence that we will win the league? I can’t. Can you see them dropping points because I can’t.

I keep reading that we will kick on in the new year and everything will be fine. That we will win the league cos we have better players. That I’m afraid is hun talk. Aye we have better players,but players who are poorly coached can only do so much, as we saw yesterday.

This is where Pedro has a problem. Will he splash out for better players in the window, or is he happy to forfeit the league to them? It sure looks that way to me. It will cost a fair few bob imo to bring in players that will win us the league if they are gonna get coached like they team are presently getting coached. It would be far far cheaper to bring in a proper coach who learns from his mistakes and doesn’t repeat them, but he won’t.

We are stuck with Lenny till the support get him the sack. Going by his lack of vision and tactical nous it may well be sooner than he thinks.

I wanted Marcus Rose from the onset. He has Borussia on top of the Bundesliga, and playing superb football. He will be destined for far bigger fish than us now I fear. But…

He would have been too much for Pedro, he might have answered him back.

Our board will be over the moon though-they have their beloved Old Firm firmly back on track and they can continue to pocket their obscene bonuses to the detriment of the footballing side of the operation. We are reaping what we have sewn-no vision, no forward planning, still buying projects in the hope. We are spending a fortune on hit and hopes without any real results, but the board shouldn’t worry. The support will be onside for now, a few of the blogs will put it down to a mid season blip and everything will be A okay on the night.

Deluded doesn’t come close. Folks still can’t see what is staring them in the face. We are getting played and the majority are swallowing the crap. We have won the last eight league titles,and the majority have been a breeze,yet the first one that we have a threat and it ain’t looking good? We should be miles ahead of them, we have had years to make the gap insurmountable, but no, we have allowed them back-and it’s been deliberate! We have mega millions in the bank and a hun team that are breathing down our necks and will soon be ahead going into the final part of the season.

Played like the fools that we are.

As for the Kent gun to the head gesture and the Colombian scumbag’s throat slashing gesture to the fans. Just imagine if that had been Celtic players? Then you have the hun coaches three games in the past few weeks kicking off? Yip they are back alright.

The day that the powers that be in Scotland ban orange walks from it’s streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.


Above article kindly provided by THE EXILED TIM. Thanks very much,oul’ son. I know how difficult that must have been to write.

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Yesterday started well with the Swindon CSC foodbank collection,which was an enormous success. I think it was the last time I smiled all day. As usual,I didn’t watch the penalty. I stopped watching Celtic take penalties in the late 70s after Kenny Dalglish left. I went to the toilet instead and was soon followed by two fellow supporters bemoaning the miss.

Aw,fuxake! I said. Don’t tell me Eddy missed it?

Missed it? says one of them. He didnae even get to take it.

Summed up an utterly shambolic performance.



I dunno whether to hope you have to work today or not!

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Morning folks.

Awful result. I think I’m psychic though, i had 2-1 in my head from the night before, either way. I’d been thinking about how it used to be the most common score in Scottish football, but not for some years ? i.honestly had thought about a possible bet of 2-1 score to any team, but it’s so long since I gambled that I thought I couldn’t make that bet without naming a winning side ?

I’m not going to join in the ripping apart of Neil Lennon’s management.

What I saw was him trying to beef up the midfield in time for this game, using the best available resources, and trying to squeeze Ntcham in,in the last three four games. But it wasn’t proving fruitful. So he went with trusted goal scoring eleven, but it didn’t work out.

An eleven that most of us were happy with as far as I know ? ?‍♂️

These cunting games are about luck as well.

RC’s penalty was not a miss. It was an outstanding two handed save at the bottom corner from Goram Mk II, an ugly hun fuck that uses all his hate to concentrate on games against us.

Anyway, there are about 200,000 opinions on it just now. I take comfort in knowing that I’m right, and the other 199,000 are wrong.
[Edit: never try arithmetic when drunk. The 199,000 will use it to you and the 999 that agree with you….]

There are conspiracy issues to look at.

Not in Scotland, for a change, but in England. The home of dark conspiracy.

What are they up to? Why are they deliberately undermining VAR, ie video evidence?? ?

Sheffield United, brilliant, BRILLIANT goal offside because your man has a Knob 2 inches bigger than average??

Wolves, excellent, EXCELLENT against Siteh, suffering the same fate. (If we go meet them in the UEFA, that would be a brilliant tie, that would bring out our best, which is what we are about. It’s not about whatever hun club is operating from MasonHQ ?‍♂️

When I wur a lad, offside was a way to stop the fat bastard in the opposing team from just standing in your 6 yard box.

The way Charlie Nicholas ended up when he came home from London.

First time I heard of this offside thing was when our own teacher, the wonderful Mr H Healy of St Augustine’s Primary in Milton, donned his official’s uniform and referred an important game for us in Primary 7.

He whispered in my ear, step forward and keep your man offside. I was oblivious to what that meant. Went home none the wiser. Saw the old boy 2 weeks later when he came for his visit, and asked him what offside meant. He told me, ask yer maw.

Then the football was back to being refereed by one of the managers running about with a whistle in one hand, and a fag in the other.

I went on to become a star right back, in my team of choice, as I learned from these experiences. Made sure my carry out was always on the right side of the pitch, and my shorts had a pocket for my lighter and fags.

Sometimes, i could even hide the lighter in the back of the sole of my right boot, which became removable towards the end of every season.

Different times, different times……

But I was bloody good, mark my words, bloody BLOODY good. Now, I’m an expert.?



Never mind the booze and fags,mate. Just roll me one of what you’re on!

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


I’m actually not on one of those, but funnily enough, my close hun friend has them in abundance and I’m starting to enjoy them more and more ?
He told me first one is free.

Hope you had a good Christmas me auld son!!

Are you push-training it up to Ayrshire for new year?

If so, you surely left 3 days ago? ?


MAGS. from previous article

The problem most of us have is that we cannot simply turn our back on our club simply because we detest how it is being run. I have every sympathy with those who are so completely scunnered that they have chosen to do that-for them,the ultimate and only route.

But who wins if I turn my back on Celtic? Here’s a clue-it sure as hell isnae me!

And who cares or even loses any sleep over it if I turn my back on Celtic? Here’s another clue-it sure as hell isnae the people responsible for forcing me to act!

So I’ll keep supporting the team while holding my nose and trying to oust the current incumbents. Little acorns,mate.



Haha,no point in trying new marketing strategies when the old ones still work a treat! I’m home from 17-25 January so if you are available for a small libation of an afternoon or evening,let me know.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

BMCUW, sounds good ! We can keep each other posted.

How discreet is your push train btw? …. could you do deliveries?? ???

Oh, and Pedro Lawellesquenachhio is asking me if you could drop off some players and contracts for him on your return ?‍♂️
Good money in this business, amigo. He’s offering minimum wage plus 10% bonus. Plus he guarantees you safe passage through Manchester and Birmingham ?‍♂️ ??
Lovely man.
I showed him footage of your skills : ?




You crack me up! Same oul’ uber,always Buster Keaton!!!


Good Morning,

Good piece TET.

“This is where Pedro has a problem. Will he splash out for better players in the window, or is he happy to forfeit the league…

Last year CQN had a rare guest writer on the lead.

It was after the Board had hunted Brendan Rodgers & Co (for a King’s ransome may I add).

A very interesting and thought provoking piece, of course as someone who doesn’t believe that business strategies are a solution for “All” I was deeply sceptical, Celtic are many things to many people but first and foremost they are a Football Club.

Anyways the article suggested that we could “downsize” and if need be shift into overdrive and beat Rangers at will, due to our superior resources…


Well, we’ll see

The thing is Football is not a business, it’s a sport

So the factors in winning this league is a lot more involved in relative poverty…

At this junction it’s worth pointing something out…

Yes, we have 60 more million than Rangers… woohoo but we haven’t spent it.

Rangers overspent by 20 million this year but their Europa league form and potential UCL next season makes that small beer…

Let me illustrate it further…

I’m not sure how much the Celtic PLC Board took out of Celtic last season. £3m for Pedro, with their preferenntial shares, salary, bonuses, expenses etc it is going to mount up…

Rangers guys turned 7 million of debt to shares..

Is it fair to say their guys put 7 million in, our guys took a simmilar quotient out?

What we are seeing is a multitude of levellers.

Who is the real Football Brain behind Ranger? I don’t know but I would not write off Steven Gerrard, that’s for sure…

It’s important to note that Lenny from day two, despite assurances has been whiittling down BR and his coaching staff’s legacy…

If Big Pedro wants that to be reversed his short arms long pockets big easy approach will have to change…

…that’s not going to happen overnight.

As a wiser man than I might say, have a braw day.

Hail Hail

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Anyway, I’m off into youtube world, thenonly place where I feel sane.

BP, hope you’re feeling better young man. Always love your warm friendly banter here.
Same with JtT.

Great read here when I take the time to catch up.

Even Twists is worth reading sometimes ?

So I’ll sign out by saying, yes, they deserved to win, but they still showed themselves to be the rotten ugly huns they always will be, with their behaviour towards the end.

I might be naive, but I see NL developing further again from this, and teaching them a lesson very soon.

A bit of help from the Lawellenacchio board would help, but I dont expect it from the tory twats who see us a cash cow to be milked every hour of every day.

As for Morelos. Just when you thought they could never scrape the barrel any deeper, they keep coming up with classic, talentless ugly cunts to keep us amused.

Even his cousin in the Goonies came good in the end.

Stupid huns.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Sorry amigo. Love and respect. He’s not a bad person to be compared to ffs !!

He’d buster gut to make a hootenannay too !!

And he’d Keaton missing trains and being late in the process ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Nail on head I think ?‍♂️ Well said.

Ooft, ….imagine the joy if we could chase these fuckers, and take control away from the antithesis of the Celtic support, the rich bastard? ??

Twists n turns

Remember when the lottery first started in the UK? November 1994 it was. I was 35 years old at the time. I recall the very first draw. The regulars in my local club gathered around the tv for that inaugural draw. I didn’t win. Nor did any of the others. Not to worry. I’ll buy another ticket next week. Was good fun, and it’s good to dream.
Did you ever have the conversation with friends about what you’ll do when you win the millions? I’m sure many did. What did you say? Let me guess. How many of these were on your list?

– I’d give some to charity
– I’d buy my parents a nice house
– See my family and friends ok
– I’d invest in shares / buy a box at Celtic Park

Was I right? See. We shared the same dreams eh!

For me, I got into a routine. Not only did I buy a ticket each week, I took the same numbers. That was a big mistake. Choosing the same numbers meant I dare not forget to buy my ticket any week. Can you imagine! The one week you forgot to buy, was sure to be the week your numbers came up?
Of course it wasn’t really. The odds of that happening were 39 million to one. The same as every week.
39 million to one! What kind of idiot invests money into any scheme where the odds of winning are so astronomical? Well many millions of idiots did, and indeed still do.
Even more remarkable is the fact that your chances of winning these days are even less. 45 million to one following the addition of more balls.

Then there’s the Euromillions. From that initial draw on a Saturday night, there are now draws 4 times a week. The Euromillions carries a much bigger prize of course. If a few million from the UK pot isn’t enough of a lure, you can win tens of millions more from the Euro pot. Mind you, to do that, you’ll need to defy odds of just under 140 million to one.

I was on holiday and had my granddaughter with me. Naturally I’d put my ticket on before I left Scotland. Wasn’t going to miss out on the big prize was I? After all I’m not a fool.
As we lay at the pool I said to her I’d better check my lottery numbers to see if I’m worth millions. Ach – “no luck” I told her. She said “ grandad, do you think you’ll ever win the lottery?”

I told her no , it’s pretty much impossible and she said “ well why do you keep buying a ticket?”

The answer is of course that I was an idiot who had gotten into a routine. You become a creature of habit, weak willed and lose all sense of logic. Can’t tell her that though.
Take the moral high ground instead.

“ well a lot of the money goes to charity“ I told her.

Kids though have a habit of asking the obvious questions.

She said “ so the winner gets money and the rest goes to charity?”

“Well yeah but the people who sell the tickets take some too” I told her.

With only a brief pause for thought she said “ well why don’t YOU just give the money to charity?

I’m now getting cornered. “ well that means I can’t win any prize money”

“ but Grandad you said wouldn’t win anyway?”

“Enough of the daft questions. I know what I’m doing”

Truth is of course, she’s correct. I looked up just how much the organisers skim from the lottery pot.
Wiki told me:

‘money for charitable causes raised by the lottery had climbed by 2% between 2009-10 and 2016-17, over the same period Camelot’s profits increased by 122%, from £39m to £71m’.

So in summary, your chances of winning are reduced even further, the charities are getting less and the custodians are getting more. I stopped buying a ticket some time ago.

What if your football team of choice were operating in the same manner? You’d think seriously about calling it a day right?
Of course some have. Myself included.

If your argument is that we are winning more than ever, that requires analysis. More tenners perhaps, and that was undoubtedly because the number of balls were significantly reduced for a number of years, but that free hit has ended, as evidenced yesterday. The real money lies in the European pot, in the shape of the CL, and we aren’t even in the draw now.

The custodians aren’t feeling the pinch though. The bonus’ are increasing annually. The charitable causes? More than a club? You do that. Not PL nor DD. You.

You’ll know from previous postings on here how much I struggled with giving up my seat. Within weeks I thought I’d made a huge error. I was definitely taking my seat back in 2020/21.

You know what, when I first stopped buying the lottery tickets, I couldn’t help but check the numbers every draw. After a few months passed, I never gave it a second thought. Still don’t.

I have to say I’m getting there with Celtic too. I still have the same feelings I’ll always have for the team, but I’m starting to miss not attending matches less and less. Watching PL line his pockets year in year out, not spending money we have whilst a club spends money they don’t have and close the gap, makes me feel a lot more comfortable with my decision to starve him of my share.

Again, I’ll never ever push others to abandon attending in person. I’m just saying that having took that option myself, I’m finding it easier and easier.

Will I ever go back? I certainly hope so, but only if there is evidence of positive change.



A rattling good read. Still topical too,sadly. Problem is that I just can’t see any way that PL will loosen the strings. It will be justified by saying that our players are currently good enough,yesterday was a bad day at the office,etc. That any playing staff upgrade would be prohibitively expensive and with no guarantee of succes. Blah blah,you know the usual litany of excuses trotted out.

You know the worst thing about yesterday,for me at least?

That Clancy put in a better performance than any of our players.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns



Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Feck them, though, they need chased. We’re Celtic, not those self entitled scumbags.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Meh…. I know some of us are hurting.

But come on, remember, they are the spawn of Satan ?‍♂️

Enjoy some good Tim music



Uber Tim @ 7:52 am,

Yes, PL inherited one of the best run Football Clubs in Europe. We had recently been in a European Cup final…

…what’s he done with it!?

My eldest bought me a record player for Christmas, he’d been up my sister’s attic and dusted down some of my favourite Albums and handed them to me in a bag.

A line from one of them summed up this Board…

…and did we tell you the name of the game bhoy? It’s called riding the gravy train…

BMCUW @ 7:57 am

Well as we end the decade of domination the same we started it… being dominated…

One good thing, we might be seeing big Pedro’s swansong.

Yes, the humiliation was complete…

Referee gave us the penalty, a dubious goal and they got the sending off…

2-1 Down we had 6 minutes of injury time…

We are running low on excuses.

Hail Hail

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Not disagreeing with anything you say.

There’s a lot of PF quotes kicking about these days though. I’m a massive fan. Only reason i picked up a guitar was PF.

If Roger Waters, who I fucking adore for his standing up to Zionist monstrosities, really cared, he’d buy out the Dessie Bookmaker? Discuss. 1000 words.


TET – feel you bro; good vent.
‘We should be miles ahead of them, we have had years to make the gap insurmountable, but no, we have allowed them back-and it’s been deliberate!’ you said it all.
But what’s actually causing 11 better athletes to repeatedly capitulate to 11 lesser players?
A clue comes from Broony who’s reported as saying: ““We’ll figure out how we’re going to play against Rangers the next time and we’ll bounce back.” Emm…this is scary as it implies the game plan taken into yesterday was evidently an ineffective dud.

Awe Naw

PI = Permanently Injured
IM = Invisible Man
PP = Potential Punt
FP = Failed Punt
NE = Not expected to feature (backup)
EC = Ex Communicated
* = loaned so on part of salary is being paid by us
LP = Loan player
PF = permanent Fixture

——— where are they now ? —————————–

Simunovic PI
*Hendry LP,FP
Hazard NE
O Connor PP
*Miller LP,PP,BM
*Perez LP,PP
*Gutmann LP,PP
*Henderson LP,PP
*Ralston LP,FP
Kouassi PP,PI
Connell PP
Sinclair EC,BM
Arzani PP,PI,IM
Bayo PP,IM
Afolabi PP
Shved PP,PI,IM
Baines IM
How much in wages are we spending on these guys every month ?

18 in total

3 have six months to go

———— The core ————————-

*Elyanoussi LP
El Ahmed PI,IM
Rogic PI,IM
*Bauer LP,IM
Forster LP,PF
Gordon BM
Jullien PF
Hayes BM
Ajer PF
Brown PF
Christie PF
Ntcham Occasionally EC
Griffiths IM,PI
McGregor PF
Forrest PF
Edouard PF

22 in total

8 of whom are guaranteed a game
3 of whom are permanently injured
5 have six months to go

Conclusions (feel free to add your own or to correct any mistakes)

From a 40 man squad we have 8 players who if fit are guaranteed a first team game.From the core 22 that means 14 players vying for 3 first team places and 5 subs. We seem to have a preponderance of small lightweight tricky wingers and substandard
defenders no matter who the manager is I blame Jinky (No Joke) I find that one very curious . From a 40 man squad we have two available strikers none of whom need to shave. Two of our top earners are very harshly treated I wonder why that is ?

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
One or two of those are on to PLUMS. They’ll be sold

Peter Lawell’s Uninterrupted Money Stream

Best way to do that is to ‘mind the gap’

The gap between us and them needs to be as small as possible.

The gap between income and expenditure similarly narrow.

Master that – and the bonus is secured ?



That list is one of the reasons I don’t expect much activity in January. Our squad is already bloated and that leads to a similarly bloated wage bill. We don’t want to lose our better players,and can’t offload the dross as they are on much better contracts than they can expect elsewhere.

One man’s vanity project is another man’s failure-because you can bet that the owner of the vanity project won’t own the failure!

Twists n turns

I believe we will see new faces arrive. I’m certain of it. Whether the quality will be of a standard high enough to make a difference is the key. That’ll be difficult but for reasons that are different to the ones that will be fed to the masses.

“ the quality just isn’t available in January “
“ we tried but the player didn’t want to come to Scotland”

The real problem will be that the net spend needs to be neutral or as near as damn it.

Try trading in yer Skoda for a Merc without losing money.

Trade yer Merc in for 2 skodas though? Ye have a chance.

A chance to keep your bank balance that is. You’ll soon see where yev lost out when you set out on an extensive journey…..performance on the road.

Who’ll be flogged in January?

My money is on Eddie or Calum. Just wAiting on the “ unhappy players “ story breaking

Awe Naw

Twists, BMCUWP,

I don’t buy that its a master plan by our C.E. . Our major shareholder must look at who is ahead of Man City at the halfway stage in the EPL with a 14 man squad having had one window and think WTF ? If he looked at my post he must also think WTF ?
It’s a testimony to waste. Especially when we are throwing in the occasional players from the development squad for first team games. Good thing not complaining but what does that say about the recruitment.

The problem is those that run Celtic can only think in monetary figures due to their disposition. They have more of an eye on the huns this window than they do with us. As I said last night but was ignored

Any incoming outgoings this window will be cosmetic for us and advantageous to our cost base. More profit more bonus.

A proper assessment can be made at the end of January 2020.

Having watched Lenny’s after match speel, I had to watch it a couple of more times just to make sure I heard him correctly, he said and I quote……. “The first half hour, we were standoffish – I don’t know why.”…….that is our manager talking, that is a shocking statement, he doesn’t know why, did he try and change it, if he did they didn’t respond, this is the coach who we are relying on to win us the league, this is the coach who’s team is gradually worsening by the week, and we are, it’s there for all to see.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Hmmm. Not sure. I see a number of similarities between Celtic and my own company. 2 overseas shareholders who just leave me to it. Just make a profit. That’s basically it. Get on with it. How I choose to do it is down to me. If I wanted personal gain above everything else, I’d run things differently believe me.
Regardless- time will tell.

I’ll tell you what I would like to hear, and if CCE is about, he’s the very man I’d like to hear from. No, not to have a dig , but to see how he sees things after yesterday. I’m genuinely interested because his views will reflect a lot of the supporters outwith this blog, views.

Did yesterday make them adjust their position in any way? Was it a one of, or do they now recognise there is a genuine threat on the horizon from a team who should be the length of London road behind us?

How did we get here? Bad management on our part or clever management on the part of the opposition?

The Gombeen Man

I’ve read in a few places that we have better players than them. We need to nail that. We don’t, Awe Naw’s analysis highlights that.

The better players mindset is borne out of arrogance. It’s a myth. It’s about performances on the pitch. We have a bloated squad that’s built to find players to punt.

We don’t have a better coach or coaching staff. We downsized that and the Plc pocketed the compo from Leicester.

The arrogance of Pedro’s ego has repeatedly undermined us during his tenure. He is a feck up. He has fecked up the whole Sevco situation. He ballsed up Rodger’s tenure. Pedro is a bomb scare and Sevco have ran rings around him.

He has fecked up what should be a new era. Everwhere we look there is a mess. Res 12, our dealings with court cases involving ex coaches, player recruitment. Didn’t the Sevco Under 20s do pretty well last season? I have a suspicion that we brought in so many talented youngsters in the summer was to shore up the Under 20s as much as the senior team?

We haven’t played well against Sevco since the first half of the last game at home last season. Edourad and Forrest scored. After that we capitulated (again) at Ibrox. A narrow victory in the league this season with a heroic defensive effort from our four new defenders and the miracle of the LC Final.

Failure in the CL and a good run in the Inter Toto Cup, which suits our millions of wingers and where other team’s are of a lesser standard or don’t give it the same priority.

We are continually demanding more from a talented group of relatively light, young players in a league where they are assaulted on a weekly basis. Sevco don’t endure the treatment our players suffer on a weekly basis. That’s another reason why the Christie’s and Forrest’s failed again (apart from being played out of position in previous weeks.)

January is a concern.

A few weeks ago my son had a few pals over at a game from Ireland. They waited outside for the players after the game…The last two out were Pedro and Eddie…

Watch this space.

Would he punt Eddie after yesterday’s shambles?

Awe Naw


I was far more concerned by Neil Lennon’s post match spiel. Very concerning indeed. It was incredibly defeatists – not the type of thing we would hear from Lenny in his first tenure as manager. I posted it last night no takers

Nobody on here is willing to engage about the massive elephant in the room;

Without Sevco getting a circa 30m quid injection from somewhere soon having had 60m external funding these last two years on top of stealing circa 10m from Sports Direct then we are back in 5WA and Resolution 12 territory. The easiest way to circumvent that it is to “stage” a hun revival stopping the equalling of previous 9IAR teams. That keeps the market firmly in the nostalgia zone. The era´s between our 9IAR teams in terms of ability are uncomparable. They spend what they don’t have we don’t spend what we do have. Is that enough to keep the Old Firm intact and have a regime change at Ibrox i.e Our PLC´s desire. This can be better assessed at the end of January 2020



Stop it. You’re scaring me. And I wish I was joking!


AWE – your legend is missing what a BM is – enlightenment?
Gombeen; still insist our best 11 is better than theirs. Agree, tho, we have misered on the coaching side and are paying the price.

The Gombeen Man


They were “standoffish” because they have no faith in the tactics and the team chosen to play.

It was just another episode in the last few Sevco games.

Boli and Johnson, young Frimpong and Forrest with Ajer still struggling at CH was madness.

This has been coming and but for a bit of luck, it could have been more.

The players knew it and it showed.

Awe Naw

BM should be OB … ON A BOSMAN

The Gombeen Man


Sorry bud we’re not. Certainly not over recent weeks.
That myth has been spun to death and needs nailed.

Awe Naw


We still use Parks Buses. King has left the scene of his own volition seemingly. JJ insists the Easdales have been sounded out.

Ok I´ll leave it for there for today.

Just put it down to my fertile imagination

Love and Kisses XXX

Awe Naw-TGM
We have serious problems that are gonna bite us hard and we aint gonna like it, we are worsening by the week, we are scraping by the likes of Hamilton and St Mirren ffs, we are struggling against a few of the others cos their coaches have sussed us out, better players only gets you so far, ultimately they capitulate, this is what is happening just now.
In all my years supporting the club I have NEVER slagged a manager or a player, the players I believe give their all, sometimes it isn’t good enough but I have never believed that they don’t try, I also don’t believe for a split second they Lenny doesn’t give his all, he just isn’t good enough, other coaches have him sussed, that’s the bottom line, but it’s all about opinions.



I wouldn’t dream of telling you what you can or can’t say-but you ARE scaring me! That’s not fair-I’m off to bed shortly and I’ll probably have nightmares now.


TGM; sure i’ll concede in the short term they’re have the edge; maybe literally. They’re average tho.
Thing is, quality is determined over the season and I need to have faith.



Strangley,for all that this site gets an undeserved reputation for being negative,I don’t think many of us have tried to scapegoat anyone for causing a bad result-be it yesterday or any other time. But as you say,yesterday had been coming and we can’t ignore that.

Awe Naw


we have 8 players who have been giving there all for two years now. We have ONLY one 20 year old striker for OVER a year now who is meant to instantly perform to any formation that hasn´t been identified by any fan screaming for it (see 8 players). We have had a negative net spend in that period of close on 100m quid while the huns have a positive net spent close on 70 million. Sorry but your missing my point completely. You can only work with the tools and shifts you have been given. The environment helps too of course hence the wish for a regime change all those haunders costs Celtic PLC millions.

Ok lads I´m going to take my leave today.

RagingBoreIsMeCSC 🙂

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Big hero Pedro sang this at the hun liquidation party. Love the Bee Gees. Always hit the bits that the Beetless didnt

Roger Waters I agree is the main man. I spent £300 to take me and another besutful bereaved soul to see him.

All this anger at hypocrisy???….. is RW any better than PL?? ?
Awe naw? Is there a musician we can trust??

It sure has, but it will be ignored.
I have never believed we were negative on here, down on the PLC for sure and for good reason, but not the team, in fact this site is very positive in comparison to many many others, even the PLC’s blog is more down on the team than we are on here, but when you speak your mind and the happyclappers don’t like what you say they twist it to suit their warped agenda
Awe Naw
No I am not missing your point, I know fine well the problems lie at the top of the food chain and our coach is only doing what he can with the tools he has, kinda the reason that BR left was it not……
My gripe is that Lenny just can’t see problems when they arise, he didn’t know why the team were standoffish, tells you everything you need to know about him, sadly.

Awe Naw


I´m not too sure Roger Waters left the UK citing the ban on fox hunting as a reason

Declan Mc Manus accepted an O.B.E fuxaches

Awe Naw


Ok fair enough but I am not insinuating that anyone on the playing side is not trying their hardest

Awe Naw
Neither of us are



UH? Roger left the UK because he was banned from rogering Samantha Fox? Shooorly shum mishtake,did nobody tell him about her preferences?

If Roger Waters had any inclination to buy or invest in a football club it would be Arsenal.

Awe Naw


naw he cited the restriction on freedoms that UK governments unnecessarily imposed as reasons he left the UK and cited the ban on fox hunting as one of them

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Awe Naw,

Who the f is Declan McManus?

Roger was right. Always is. ?‍♂️


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