Half time breather

With the season hitting halfway point and a few weeks break having the footie fan finding tv channels they didn’t know existed,and Saturdays uncomfortably empty, it’s as good a time as any to take stock.

I wrote in last years corresponding article that the pre break derby game had seen the men in light blue celebrate as if they had won the league after defeating us in the same fixture though at their midden then.
They clearly never learnt from that lesson at all.
Sunday seen Stevie go full Dr Banner on us with some poor camera bearing the full force of a career without a league medal winner.

However what’s worrying is reading last year’s list of issues after the similar defeat, and realising many are just still sitting around staring us in the face, ,,
“We have the resources to strengthen” I opined then, but when have we not had those resources. Did those resources make a big difference then a year ago? Obviously not much or we wouldn’t be in this boat so can we learn from that ?

“The coach won’t have such an off day again”
It was Brendan that day, but he had an off day, just like Neil just did. It can happen of course but when the league is geared towards these games which can easily decide the title destination one must ask why so many poor performances on the very stage the opposite is needed.

“We were soundly beaten by a hungrier team that wanted it more”
The exact same thing just happened one year later. Coincidence or ineptitude?

” And thats why I see yesterday as water off a ducks back ,,, it was coming , its that simple.”
Unfortunately we sit one year later and have stood still and history just repeated itself. So now it’s not just a blip or water off a ducks back, its a fact now we will be given a very tough game and walk away with nothing sometimes, a more often occurrence these days.

“Brendan and the squad are crying out for a bit a help ,,, and I have no doubt we will see some movement on that front . The neutral may well be enjoying this season but the Plc should easily see the wisdom in being ruthless by loosening the purse strings and attempting to blow away any hope from those teams around us”
Switch Neil for Brendan and is it spooky how apt that comment remains at this very moment.
But then just look at Awe Naws list of fringe yet on the books players.
Would ‘make more outta what we have Lenny’ surprise anybody?
He who signed most of that mob should learn lessons when signing the monthly cheque for another who has contributed jack to the cause that needs some quality legs in.

The Dubai break in the sun will be very welcomed by our bhoys, who will have memories of the same break inspiring them to the title last year albeit with a different gaffer than the one who flew out with them.
Still, its comfortable, recharges the batteries, and affords some light tactical training while the rags pump out name after name who will never ever join.
Going into the break still top, a familiar vista point, is a hell of a lot better than going in having just been knocked off top perch.

We know we are looking at another striker Hallelujah. With one name already sacrificed to the public don’t be surprised if he’s the smokescreen to pressure the other to sign.
Odsonne could do with real competition and a rest sometimes. Bayo and Griff just drain the bank account, and surely one will go if a new guy comes in. A loan even makes sense.

Left back is still not settled. Neither Hayes or Boli has grabbed it. New chance for one , new tactics maybe or just a new player altogether is a big call for the gaffer and one his hat will hang on. A good left back is priceless, we should really try to get this one correct.

The Captain can soak in salt bath after bath and get that ageing frame rested and ready for the big task at hand. He himself will be sorely in need of this and look forward to it you could imagine. Few rounds golf also probably.

The manager and the organ grinders?
The suits have the scrap they want. The gaffer has the hotseat he wants. Lets hope he has a few tricks up his sleeve for the scrap ahead. The knack of relying on a moment of brilliance from a better standard of player than the opposition should not be Plan A. It would be a big worry trusting that in the main to deliver silverware. Its just about succeeded so far and may well prove fallible.
The fact he seeks a new plan B with a new striker is a positive.

Both parties have been here before and have the experience to fall back on.
Last year didnt see panic and this year wont either.
The threat is stronger than the past though.
Last years article and its laissez faire shrug of the shoulders to defeat was based upon my theory that Brendan would want to personally wipe the floor with Stevie any chance he could based on past history.
This season is now different. An independent observer might well say Stevie is looking the more inspiring and innovative of the two managers based on the facts that has has managed to garner a working system and now the victories to match from less resources.
His style is more a team effort which is less disrupted with injuries and suspensions. Sporting the meanest defense and two of the divisions top three strikers one might expect the bookies to favour them but the light blues still remain second favourites according to the odds.
That might be debatable to some but they rarely get it wrong as the saying goes.
A trio of quality signings would be one way to get the almost everyone else onside and believing those odds are correctly placed.
I cant see what we are saving money for if not to help out the footballing operation in its time of need.
A statement of intent in the form of signings from the boardroom would be most welcome and timely.
Lets see if they really wanna win this title.
Over to them now. Lets watch and learn.

The above is by Mahe. Should you wish to submit a guest article the email is sentinelcelts@gmail.com.

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We are struggling.The amount of games played by the core has to be looked at.Biggest squad is annoying me when they urnae pushing the players in possession of the jersies.

We were not @ it Sunday. After the Hampden game that performance by a few wisnae good enough.

Ibrox is the game now. We need Warriors to get 1 point.

Raging about Sunday, still.


Fair play for a sensible article.
One thing that worries me is i and many others on social media who have watched the huns in Europe all have stated that they are well organized without great creativity.
Our coaches had not seemed to notice.
Neil had a perfect demonstration of this in the league cup final yet failed to adjust.
They are the sum of their parts and we are a collection of individuals who produce good moments.
A team more often than not will triumph over a side with greater individual talent.
I seem to remember Neil said he did not put much stock in technology or stats.
Well i hope he takes a crash course in Dubai particularly as his penchant for sticking with his favorites no matter their effectiveness is causing our performances to decline.
My worry on his appointment was it would stall youth development and in his previous tenure we relied on our better players producing individual moments rather than a cohesive team strategy and modern tactics.
So far my worst fears are being realized.
As our performances have dipped so has the confidence of players we have relied on .
And any coach who does not pick players on merit runs the risk of undermining team harmony.
If you want players to run through a brick wall for you then the coach has to show the same commitment to them.
Neil has often played the blame game and seems unwilling to accept responsibility when he has made mistakes.
Pumping fists and having the fans behind you is all well and good but you need the players to feel that as well.


The problem is not the squad players failing to push the players in possession.
It’s a myopic coach who has not given them a chance.



I’m glad you wrote this,saves me blowing a fuse thinking about it.

We have a large number of problems on the playing side. In goal,we have a keeper on loan who is unlikely to stay. His deputy is out of contract soon and the back up seems to have lost confidence after a bright start.

At right back,we have a loan player who won’t be signed,an excellent prospect who is likely to be undone by his diminutive stature and a solid but injury-prone Israeli,all of whom are new to the club this season.

At left back,we have one player that the fans don’t trust,another who the manager doesn’t seem to rate and a third who is out of contract soon and not even a left back.

At centre half,we have one rock,a converted midfielder still learning his trade and various misfits through injury or lack of quality. Not a single one of whom is left-sided,btw.

Up front,we have an absolute diamond who may be getting overplayed,another one with manifest personal problems and a project who has played about four games for us.

In midfield,our captain can’t go on forever. We still can’t decide on how best to place CalMac. Ryan and James are blowing hot and cold while Ollie doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Big Tam might as well be sunning himself on honeymoon still. Our left sided options are a disaster.

Our fringe players are milking the club dry-see the now infamous AWE NAW list!-but you have to ask why Lenny isn’t making more use of at least a few of them. Shved and Kouassi for starters. But maybe their face just doesn’t fit,a regular thing at Celtic Park in recent years.

All of the above and more is the result of a piecemeal and scattergun approach to recruitment. Recruitment should be about our scouting network being tasked with finding a certain player to fill a specific role. It is then down to the manager to rubber stamp the findings and pass that to the board for action.

Ours seems to be done along the lines of-just seen this fella,I reckon we can get him for a song/on loan. The “how much” part of the equation being much more important than the “what can he bring to the team”,or even “do we need another player in his position?”

It has gone on for far too long now to be anything but a deliberate strategy,and the fact that there has been only one common denominator in the decision making process during this period identifies the driving force behind it.



Face doesn’t fit with Neil,you aren’t in his plans. Don’t do it on the training ground,you can forget it. Don’t do it on the pitch,he shrugs his shoulders and picks you for the next game. Play appallingly on a regular basis and he will persevere with you just so he can be proven to be correct.

No way to run a railroad,mate. He has to start playing the players who are best equipped for the job in hand. He has to learn how to get the most from them too,and a bit of tactical nous wouldn’t go amiss there. The “Our players are better than their players” mantra falls by the wayside when our coaching and team selection is miles off.

As an example,he plays Ollie Broonie and CalMac together for five games in succession in order to get them prepared for playing against the huns. During this period,he plays James Forrest in an unfamiliar and relatively unsuccessful role out on the left-during which time,wee Jeremie runs riot down that wing.

Come the huns game,he drops Ollie,puts Michael Johnston wide left in his first start for bliddy ages and puts James back in his usual position.

Result? Midfield is overrun. James has a mare,Michael has a mare,Ryan has a mare,Jeremie is left far too often with no-one to pass to and having to beat three players just to get space to pass to Ajer!

Why play Ollie all that time and not in the big one that he was being prepared for? Why play James wide left instead of Michael if he already had the plan to line up as he did on Sunday?



RIP NEIL INNES (9 December 1944 – 29 December 2019)
The Rutles – Get Up And Go



I remember watching Rutland Weekend Television as a nipper. I was too young to get most of it,to be honest but I certainly clocked The Rutles stuff. I don’t think John Lennon was too taken with being monikered as Stig Nasty-I think?-but Neil Innes was an old mate apparently and George was good pals with Eric Idle so they just laughed it off.

Trying to remember which song Noel Gallagher ripped off a Neil Innes track. It will come back to me. Too early to put the music on.



Haven’t been on any blog for a while, usually lurked on cqn, but naffed off with that sure so had a major sabbatical. It’s funny when you see a game like Sunday’s, everybody sees it differently, but more often than not it’s the same thing. When you make your observations about it some agree some dont, which is natural but then you discuss and try and solve it. My point being, do the coaching staff not talk, discuss and agree to change or do they just stand head on chin and look lost, if that’s the case then we’re in a lot more trouble than we think. I was crying out for Ntcham to be brought on at half time, that decision should have been made at before half time. Bitton should have been on earlier, Johnson and Forrest one back from injury one colder than a nuts chaff. And I’ll stick up for Boli, just back from injury with another injury returnee in front, that’s just criminal managing. Sorry for the long post.


Words just fail me about those people.



CQN is a decent site which is having serious technical problems. That’s a shame,and I genuinely mean that. A lot of us have made some great and lasting friendships through the site.

If you think your post was a bit long,I’d better delete my first one today. I have an excuse though,as much of it was the basis for an article if MAHE hadn’t come up trumps. I’m at a total loss after Sunday though. Everyone and his auntie knew exactly how the huns would be set up against us,to swarm all over us when they had the ball and also when we had the ball. Dominate the midfield,smother our forwards,hammer our defenders. Press press press.

So,we lined up perfectly set up for them to do that,lost the initiative from the start and never got it back. Bare stats will tell you it was an even game,the scoreline will suggest it was tight. But the reaction of a pub chocker with Celtic fans on Sunday,about eighty of us,tells me that they saw what I saw.

Grand to have you on board,though I’m sure I’ve seen your moniker before. Have fun-we don’t bite as a rule.


As for the Ulster flag outside the catholic school,they wouldn’t even try that sort of crap in Kilwinning. Though they certainly did worse at Holy Cross in Belfast twenty years ago.


Having taken a day to reflect on Sunday’s game (as well a rid myself of a stonking hangover, the 1st and last of the year) I am still as angry and even more confused as to the performance of both the team and more importantly the seeming lack of concern and action taken by the coaching team when it was obvious to everyone, that is apart from Lenny & co, that our plan ‘A’ wasn’t effective, No we wait until most of the game is over to make late changes.
Am I alone in believing that Micky J shouldn’t be starting games, a place on the bench as a sub fair enough but for all his obvious skill he is far too lightweight at the moment and easily pushed off the ball. IMO he should be sent out on loan for a season or 2 to beef up like Ryan C was to Aberdeen? Frimpong in comparison is small in stature but is deceptively strong. I am not picking on MJ as there were other established players in a Celtic shirt far more culpable for that shocker on Sunday than he was.
Our defence was a shambles both Sevco’s goals coming from glaring defensive deficiencies. Ryan Kunt allowed acres of space in the pen area. As for Katic’s header FFS!!. Again a Sevco player allowed far too much space with no one matching his run apart from Ajer making a comedy attempt to challenge him far too late. Again I have no wish to overly castigate our players and I am sure each one tries 100% but, imo, Bolingoli has had his chance, never a LB. Who scouted him?
Midfield – enough said on that subject. Really need some ball winning defensive steel and skill in there. My concern here being outwith Vic all the other ‘click bait’ options we are linked with are of the ‘cheap’ from minor league variety and BTW just what does Oli have to do to impress Lenny. Allegedly big French and Portuguese teams want to sign him yet he struggles to get a regular game. Cal Mac has as many’ poor days at the office’ as Oli yet he is undropable!
Strikers – imperative some ‘big’ money is spent on another goal scoring attacker. Send either Bayo or Griff out on loan.
Big Jan ahead. Will the PLC release a decent amount of the stashed cash? As I have said before will it be a Willow or Wanyama window?
Will the PLC grow a pair and tell Sevco to GTF over the claims that Morelos was the target of Sectarian and Racist abuse on Sunday- Stop laughing.

“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine”
Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara Lynch



I am a big Monty Python fan hence my getting to know Neil Innes. Like you I was aware of the Rutles but never quite got it until much later in life. I think the Rutles album won awards and critical acclaim



I had The Rutles album but lent it to a mate in the 80s. Never saw it again. It happens,no big deal. It was bloody good though,you recognised every original Beatles track it referred to.

Makes it all the more surprising that Neil Innes sued Noel Gallagher for a much less obvious infringement though.

As to Sunday,it’s difficult to argue with any of what you say. We’ve generally been very careful these last few days not to single out players for criticism over their performances on the day but yours is a more general point.

Starting with Frimpong,love him. Saw him on his debut,reckoned we had a cracker. But as a full-back? I’m not so sure. Yes,he is strong in the tackle but his height goes very much against him defending against a cross at the far post. That’s a definite minus. Boli? I think Neil will play him,as I said,just to prove that he was right all along. You’re not,Neil. He is not good enough to be a Celtic left back,and gives me flashbacks to the 25 or so years between Big Tam leaving and Mahe arriving. Or the following ten years till Izzy and KT turned up.

Neil Lennon seems not to know what Calmac’s position is. I suggest he ask him,and play him there. I think it is a more forward role than the one he is playing at the minute,or alternatively as a deep lying metronome passer. He is not a ball-winner,for sure. Michael Johnston is a player of tremendous potential,but when we keep dropping him into a line-up against the huns it’s a susrefire way to kill his confidence and his career. Get him down south to Div One or Two onloan,a chance to shine,get his confidence back and not be hit by a MMA specialist every time he gets the ball.

Btw,their first goal? Have another look. There is only one free hun in the box and only one Celt not marking a player. Broonie,about five or more yards off Kent and realising his error all too late.

Hope your next hangover is under better circumstances,oul’ mucker. I don’t get them,or I wouldnt drink so much(!)


A few points Sevco are enabling Moreor less if anyone has any experience in the field of dealing with problem people they know this not going to end well. Some on here can explain or predict what is probably going to be a poor outcome,a lot better than I can.
Next point don’t discount the fans point of view , they have a long history watching and playing , it is not often they are wrong about players ability ,their level of play especially their positional sense and physicality . They are not always right but they have a high percentage of success

I also remember when Kris Ajer was signed as a promising up and coming midfielder, very highly rated internationally. I have watched lots of games where he picks the ball up deep in our half and makes long runs upfield carrying the ball , he is strong in the tackle and with his height would be very imposing stamping his presence in the Center of the midfield. He has the attitude and determination to win midfield battles let’s play him in his favourite position

The last point is my thinking I live overseas but watch all the games on Celtic TV I have been opening the Celtic homepage and clicking on the next scheduled games. When I clicked on the next oppositions logo it gave the time of the next games I clicked on all 5 of the logos none of them had the date just the time of the game. I contacted the studio and they said they would check it out
Three days later the dates appeared on all logos. That was a fast response but it has been like that since the season started. It took a call from a fan not a professional Web programer, or someone in the business of selling the product to customers. I just think it was a bit amateurish. There are other locations on the site where time and date are available but this is Celtic TV Homepage. I do love being able to watch the games live and feel sorry for the thousands who are deprived of watching live games

It’s just before midnight on the Wet Coast of Canada I go to bed as most of you in the Uk are getting up

We are all hurting but it will soon fade and we will face the challenges the New Year brings to us , and we will meet those challenges head on , not by cheating, not by false accusations , or intimidating referees, we will do it the Celtic Way. Pick ourselves up dust off and get stuck in.

My grandfathers dad was a Celtic man ,my grandfather was a Celtic man, my dad brought me to Celtic, I brought my son a Canadian to Celtic and he has two sons who support Celtic ,we never give up remember what our forefathers had to endure to get us here
Have a Happy Healthy
New Year



So you emigrated from the wet west coast of Scotland to the wet west coast of Canada? Good call,mate!

Kidding,obviously. Sure beats my choice of Swindon via one or two other pit stops along the way.

Your path towards The Glasgow Celtic Way reflects that of many of us. Tagging alongside older family members as the latest generation of many before us. My Dad took me to my first game in 1967,2-1 against Aberdeen. I took my kid sis along when she was ten or eleven to watch us beat Thistle 5-0. My other sister took a little longer though-22yo but she picked a good ‘un. 1-0 against the huns,Souness off,Starkie the matchwinner.

I’ve introduced a good few others too,and most of them weren’t born to support The HOOOOOOPS like we were. My best bud who posts on here,SOLKITTS,wouldn’t have dreamed of supporting Celtic when he turned 20. By the time he was 21 he was a typical example of nothing worse than a convert! Lives in darkest deepest Essex now,kids and grandkids all Tims.

Re Ajer,I think he is struggling in his current role simply because he is being asked to play as the left side centre back. It’s exacerbating his weaknesses in a role that he is still learning. Everyone seems to say that he is a midfield ballwinner by nature,but I cannot remember a Makalele,Lambert,Lennon type in that role who goes to ground as easily in the tackle. By the time you get up from that kind of tackle,you’ve lost possession again. Equally,I don’t hold him responsible for being outjumped by Katic on Sunday-Ajer jumped from a standing position,while Katic jumped at the end of a ten yard run up. As soon as he started the run,a very nearby player should have simply stepped across. Again,watch the replay-he was allowed the freedom of the park to make his run.

As to game times,this site is invaluable. Especially if you want to write an article for us-I use it all the time,along with Celticwiki.


Another one is “live football on tv” I’ll link that in a minute.

Oh,and welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy it!

Noel Skytrot

Regroup, get re-energised, at least three new signings, move on the dead wood, instill a new system that can nullify teams packing the midfield and go again.

That statement from Sevco regarding racist abuse is just a deflection tactic as they know the Puta Naranja- Morelos, is in trouble for his dangerous actions. The Huns and complaints of racism, dearie fucking me. You couldn’t make it up.



You can. Employ Jabba.


You can. Employ Jabba.
Sorry a chara you have lost me ?


At the risk of pissing off AWENAW,this article-Daily Mail alert!-on the best signings of the decade in the EPL is quite interesting.


Andy Robertson makes the list,and I think he is the youngest on it at 25yo. Natch,Virgil is well up there-but only for his mega bucks deal at Liverpool,not the steal of the century at Southampton. My favourite player outside Celtic,long before he arrived on these shores,is there too. The peerless David Villa.

But deal of the decade is Aguerro. 245 goals in 370 games for Man City,which is phenomenal by any standards. Except Henrik’s. A similar tally,243,in 313 appearances. For the price of a Kun,you could have bought sixty Henkes.

I still say that Henrik really kicked on when Lubo arrived,though. And that his dreadful leg break served him well in the long run. He couldn’t do fitness work as such,so was restricted to upper body stuff. Hence the neck muscles he had developed when he came back. From being pushed off the ball,he became a terror of every defender he faced.

Thanks,Wim. Thanks,Dr Jo. And thanks,Fergus.



Sorry. You Sid that you couldn’t make it up. You don’t need to if you employ Jabba. He does it for you and every media outlet in Scotland rushes to print it.

Mail you in a minute.



Actually It was Noel who said ‘ya couldn’t make it up’. However I agree with you. You can in Scotland if you have a compliant press and a Government trying to maintain the one Scotland many cultures bullshit mantra. Sevco complaining about Racism – a bit like a Monty Python sketch




I even confuse myself sometimes…


Bobby @ 5.49, very good summary if where we are at
A very well run club, team – doesn’t show up on the analysis, assessment


Morning all.
The Tic.
I loved your post, thanks for taking the time to post it.
The Huns are clearly involved in Dark Arts against us.
They have watched and learned from Trump and Johnston, get your retaliation in first and it doesn’t really matter if there is any truth in it.
They are aware it goes unchallenged.
The PLC, as far as media is concerned, are living in a time that no longer exists.
They are reactive, rather than proactive.
As The Green Brigade said, last year, don’t be asleep at the wheel.
Anyway I’m listening to Marvyn Gaye, so life is good.


Ryan Christie was rushed to hospital to undergo urgent groin surgery just hours after Sunday’s Old Firm defeat to Rangers.

The Celtic midfielder endured a day of misery after missing a first half penalty in the 2-1 defeat at Parkhead.

Caught up in a tussle with Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, the 24-year-old played through the pain before he was finally replaced by Leigh Griffiths with ten minutes to play. Post match examinations showed up the need for an immediate surgical procedure.

It’s unclear how long the 18-goal international will be sidelined. Celtic fly to Dubai for a week of winter training this weekend, their next fixture a Scottish Cup clash with Partick Thistle on January 18.


Good points Mahe,

Wrote a (longish) reply and lost it to the ether..:)

Lesson learned, save as I go on SC.

Couple boiled down points…

If we had been paying attention it should come as no surprise that we are in the same position as last year. Our financial structure is geared to the new, old firm.

Secondly, BR and his staff did an incredible job in Dubai last year, our domestic invincible run on our return set up the triple treble, we conceded just one goal, a cheat by Motherwell.

After that Motherwell match Lenny took over and the old firm re-launch was complete.

Now Lenny has the challenge of a better Rangers on his return from Dubai. Can he galanize this weaker squad to acheive what we did last Season… big ask – IMO

TET @ December 30, 5:36 pm,

“I could be wrong here but I was under the impression that the huns wouldn’t be seeded if they get into the CL qualifiers, we are cos of our past win, we go through the champions route, they would have to come up against quality teams, yes-no”

Apologies for another delayed response… catching up on my festive duties;)

Yes, I was agreeing with you. A big ask for them to win this league, we do our job in the next four months and the leagues ours.

IF they achieve that, they must get through a gruesome qualification process to get the UCL proper. Although I believe they will still get the Champions route!?

The point I was making really was this, in eight months time they could be participating in the UCL proper as Scottish Champions, something unimaginable when we won the double treble, that event, that famous coach journey seems a long time ago now…

Hail Hail


JimmynotPaul 10:16 am

Dearie me. Our injury list just keeps getting longer each week. Hopefully the wee break will reinvigorate a few players but looks like Ryan could be missing for a while.



“The point I was making really was this, in eight months time they (Sevco) could be participating in the UCL proper as Scottish Champions, something unimaginable when we won the double treble, that event, that famous coach journey seems a long time ago now”
The fact that a Club less than eight years old is within touching distance of making the CL qualifiers is a damming indictment on the strategy of the Celtic board. Yet some will maintain they are doing a splendid job hoarding all that cash and stockpiling project players that will never feature in the 1st team squad. That is unless you believe that Sevco 2012 replacing RFC 1872 as our main business and sporting rivals was always the Celtic boards end game? If so they, the Celtic board, have played an absolute blinder.

bada bing1

The Leeds United documentary series on Amazon is well worth a watch



Bad news that Ryan Christie had to be rushed to hospital after the match for emergency surgery. It might provide another explanation for the usual squirrel statement from Jabba yesterday. After all,he looked fine as he left the pitch.

Did he slip on a bar of soap in the showers or summat?

It certainly suggests that two mails I had overnight plus one this morning were bang on the money. Because although the player wasn’t identified,they all got it spot on. Serious rammy in the tunnel after the game,all the way down to the dressing rooms.



Philvis-style Thumbs-up,mate. Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2020. I’ll see you in 106 when I’m up-ifI can chisel a ticket out of one of the family.

My take on the Ryan Christie thing, he left the pitch looking Ok, didn’t seem up nor down, but there are suggestions of a tussle with the Colombian scumbag, this was put out by Stephen McGowan, Pedro’s favoured journo, it also states that it’s a groin injury, grabbing someone by the balls and squeezing hard can cause one of them to move to where it shouldn’t be, hence the need for emergency surgery as has been indicated, I could be totally wrong and the Colombian scumbag is completely innocent, but he was mention by name in the piece and RC did have to go to hospital for an opp, there are also rumours of a major bust up in the tunnel after the game, so far just rumours.


Ralph on e-Tims has scooped me on much of the above.


We share a lot of information and a number of contacts. Look closely at the bit where he asks about just how much Lawwell knew about the 5WA despite denying it.

To a shareholder at the AGM.

THAT is not a clever thing to do,and can result in said company officer being struck off. If,of course,he was not telling the truth at the time,which would surely be difficult to prove.

But as Rocco said in The Godfather Part Two while munching on an orange…

Difficult. Not impossible.



Sounds more to me like he got a severe boot in the balls.

Btw,if it was from Morelos,he’s in even more trouble. When you are red-carded you are meant to be confined to the dressing room.

Could be, but the fact that he was mentioned by name says to me that the club know for a fact the he was responsible, as for being confined to the dressing room, I’m not sure on that, after the LCF a few weeks back Jeremie was on the pitch celebrating.


Yeah bobby, I was on cqn, usually on the a9 giving updates on the speed cameras(the boss drives) I got disillusioned on cqn with Paul’s lack of concern of res12. Haven’t been back since.


Oglach @ 10:32 am,

You get to the cruix of the matter…

Has the Celtic incompetents on the Board failed drastically to take Celtic to the next level? Or in case if Peter Lawwel, maintain the level they were at when he took over.

Or are these smart businessmen who managed go engineer a cash cow business model that gives maximum bang for buck with minimum risk?

I’d go for the latter.

The mentality of a sports person and the business person is very different.

The sports person looks to give their all to be the best they can be.

The business person looks to deliver maximum return from minimum effort.

Two totally different ethos and approaches.

Of course that doesn’t mean they’re incompatible. As long as you understand that a top sports club needs a strong financial and corporate structure as a base to allow the club to excel that’s fine.

Excellence through sporting and in our case footballing acheivement should be the goal.

However we have a Board that micro-manages every aspect of the business to squeeze every dollar from the enterprise. Only profiligate when it comes to paying Board salaries, bonuses and dividends… quelle surprise…

You mentioned the project players… a while back BR getting pelters for the state of our squad. Yet this time last year as we panicked and brought in loanees at great expense, we still managed to take a punt on the obligatory projects.

Then of course the manager gets blamed for bringing them in, while the one in ten that actually work out, the Board take all the plaudits for being smart, shrewd guys.

Tony Mowbray
Neil Lennon
Ronny Delia
Brendan Rodgers

Have never managed to build a Celtic squad fit for purpose.

As Awe Naw pointed out yesterday…

The Lenny MK II squad is a complete mess, due to Board interference. Having 1 in 2 players out of your squad as potential first team picks is ridiculous.

We need to get real football men involved with our Club… matching Rangers lite is not a sporting ambition it’s a surrender.

Hail Hail

Noel Skytrot

BMCUWP and Oglach,
I was being sarcastic about the huns complaining regarding the alleged racist taunts aimed at daft arse. Their chequered past and penchant for casual racism and blatant sectarianism makes an absolute mockery of any complaints that they have against others.

Social media is littered with their disgusting comments on those of faith and colour.

Any human being that engages in this abhorrence regardless of club shirt should immediately be banned from their respective club.

That mob have a fucking cheek.

‘If you point your fingers at anyone else you better make sure your own fingers are clean before you do so.’

Robert Nesta Marley


Mahe; great read. Two points many have overlooked; our best full backs – Elhamed and Taylor – are not getting a decent run. One for reasons known, the other for what rumours hint are a sectarian slur. Jeremie’s a star in the making, but his RB positionals need refining, but not in big games pls. Has anyone got insights into the Shved dilemma; a hotshot winger, with no chance of playing?? As BMCUWP reminds us, Lenny’s a great guy, but even they have their personal foibles and indulgences.
Said it b4; no-one in Scotland will be more aware of the need not to eff this up than Lenny; he needs support from the board, on the training ground and in the transfer market.



You are,however,talking about the easily offended. Canny shame them,mate. Nor mark their neck with a blowtorch.



Thought I recognised it.

So,the A9 where speed cameras are breeding out of control? Nae luck. Wee BGFC used to give us updates on the sojourns north. He’s no’ so wee nowadays,right enough. Dunno what they put in the water these days.

Swindon is a lovely place at times. It might be a desert wi windaes,but it is also a speed-camera free area. It used to finance The Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership -whose slogan was “We don’t want to catch you,we just want you to slow down” which went down a treat as they were observed using every cheap trick in the book-but chucked it in 2010.

Means I have to be on my toes though,as I go into Oxford five times a week,with eight cameras en-route,and also Bristol,Gloucs,Hamps,Berks,Somerset.

I think I’m fine at the moment. The weather ensures that my number plate is so dirty,they’ll never read it!!!


(Said it b4; no-one in Scotland will be more aware of the need not to eff this up than Lenny; he needs support from the board, on the training ground and in the transfer market.)
He is in the job due to the boards support.
There is no evidence of any tactical work on the training ground.To few occasions when we play as a team.
History of our present board suggests any spend will be based on outgoing transfers and how much profit is desired in this window.


(The Huns are clearly involved in Dark Arts against us.
They have watched and learned from Trump and Johnston, get your retaliation in first and it doesn’t really matter if there is any truth in it )
All of the above have taken their strategy from Joseph Goebbels which is fitting.
As i posted the other day their copy of Goebbels book must be worn thin with the amount of times they have used it.


Fan – hmmm, I coulda made my point better by saying “…needs MORE…” on all of the counts cited.
Downunder, we’ve just saw off 2019. HH and HNY to all fellow Sentinel Celts – hurry up and get to 2020; efen amazing so far ;)) HH


2012 Rangers 1872 PLC enter liquidation. The Club / Business legally cease to exist
July 2012 Sevco Scotland Ltd purchase assets belonging to the liquidated club. Sevco renamed The Rangers Football Club Ltd on 31 July 2012. The new entity are given a place in the 4th tier of the SFL
2016. The Rangers Football Club Ltd gain promotion to the SPL
2019. The new club challenge Celtic for SPFL championship title, a place in European football’s most prestigious competition is within touching distance.

If you read that in a ‘Roy of the Rovers’ comic strip you’d think ” That’s bollocks, it could never happen not even in a comic strip” (or graphic novel for you nerdy types) However in a distant wee country called Alba truth is indeed stranger than fiction. How long before Spielberg or Howard pick up on this epic heart warming story of a rags to riches tale and turn it into a Hollywood blockbuster?


Fan. 1.10.
Yes and with a compliant press, stenographers as Phil would say.
It all goes unchallenged.


Phil saying match delegate will include allegation of a racial slur.
His understanding is that match delegate was informed by a member of Sevco security team, again Phil understands, Sevco security team information was not corroborated by anyone else.
The PLC need to up the ante here, we must learn from Tonev.

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