The decade that was

It has been the decade to forget for Scottish football.
It had it all, deaths, drama, bombs,,, Hollywood had nothing on OUR personal real life soap opera.
The decade just past will have enlightened many, drove away some, delighted a few, and left more than a couple neutral observers scratching their heads at just what exactly passes for football up north.
I doubt this decade will ever be forgotten in terms of the national sport despite those who wish it were so.

On the field we took home the vast majority of the available spoils.
The duo of Neil and Scott are clearly our two main footballing figures and deserve enormous credit for the above. Although both can split the support at times there is no doubting their sincerity to the Celtic cause, and they have become ambassadors for the club off the field also, which is not so much a title but an endorsement by the fans as being true Celtic men through and through.
I dont find it ironic one bit that Lenny was there at the start, up and left, and found his way back to us to finish the decade.
We get his juices flowing. Ditto our Captain.

The high point was undoubtedly besting the mighty Barcelona who boasted Messi amongst their ranks on the night.
Neils first spell had many wondering just what the ceiling was for our ex midfield anchorman.
Sure he had been bested by Walter but then a rookie in his first full season should be soundly beaten, actually embarrassingly beaten, by a wily old fox who knew the game inside out and had each and every ref in his pocket.
But it wasnt like that and Neil made him work for it. A mere point separated the rivals at the end.
He showed genuine promise in the dugout and was a natural for the position plus the fans would not prove hard to get onside at all.
Despite dropping the first two leagues of the decade things were not looking bad going into the third campaign.
The squad had serious talent plus the managers signature dig, we were a match for many that would take us on paper. The famous Barca game happened, which was no accident at all.

We all know what happened next, and it will be debated until the cows come home.
They died. When Super Ally wasnt gonna win the league, they started the process.
I recall at the time some folk saying we are gonna end up caught up in this bigtime but naive me just couldnt see how exactly that could happen.
We live and learn. And boy did I learn.
What has transpired since 2012 is still ongoing in the form of Resolution 12 and some supporters mindsets. The footballing world at large has accepted Rangers mark two as the same entity.
Even Charlie Greens ‘ I bought a basket of assets ‘ speech wasnt enough to shatter the myth.

It was a very educating experience for me personally seeing just how those in power manipulated and seduced the masses into ultimately achieving a desired result.
That result was a form of Rangers to continue The Old Firm.
The death and re incarnation of Rangers will always be a hot topic for some reason but it is the main story of the decade.
The phrases associated with these last ten years include but are not limited to the following,,,
Engine room subsidiary
Club not company
Generation of Domination
A great club with a great history
They cost us 10 million per season
Civil disorder
No sporting advantage

Notable indeed were the names who passed away, none so fondly remembered as our own Captain Fantastic who did it all.
Big Billy signed for heaven on the 22nd April 2019 having lived a life less ordinary among us.
Leader on the field during our finest hour, and also off it to deliver a centenary double that it seems the Gods themselves decided they would grant for him as a personal favour. Being an equal.

The decade closes in pursuit of the once before achieved 9 in a row. The support are divided over the acknowledgement of the new Rangers as being the inheritor to its predecessor. On field success has blunted a lot of the ire that existed towards an accepting governing body during that crisis, which was probably the plan.

The players of the decade will always be subjective but hopefully theres little debate o’er the following who played their part well,,,
Georgios Samaras
Craig Gordon
Kris Commons
Scott Brown ( of course )
James Forrest
Callum McGregor
And more

This certainly is the decade that the sport would love to move on from. The death of one half of the Old Firm is just a dirty little secret.

The above is by Mahe. The email address is
Happy New Year

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Twists n turns

That leader tells us that the quality of article put forward in 2020 is gonna be of the same exceptional quality of those delivered in 2019.

I hope that quality is recognised and SC gets the recognition it deserves. For me – the brilliance of the articles made SC the Celtic blog of the year last year by the length of London Road.

Onwards and upwards.


Many thanks Sir. It’s my partner deserves the praise tbh.
Happy New Year and hope you’re well.
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Morning everyone & a Happy New Year to all.

I’m not sure what’s the latest with the player that typifies the mindset of Sevco…Mr Morales. I haven’t bought a newspaper in years and rarely watch or listen to the news.

Manipulation of the news by Sevco is nothing new and usually means there’s something to hide.

What might Alfredo’s alleged transgressions do to the value of Sevco’s prized asset? I imagine the possibility of criminal or civil litigation might be a cause of some concern to the bean counters at Sevco?

The Irish have felt the pain of racism for generations. Cultural and religious differences have been explored to keep us in various forms of slavery for centuries.

When I first came here I worked with a guy from the West of Ireland. Minty’s cheating Rangers were in their prime at the time.

Whenever the word Rangers was used he’d shake his head and say the word “black” and utter an expletive.

Same thing if Walter Smith, Souness or McCoist appeared on the tv screen. He’d use the word “black” and swear.

This puzzled me so I did a bit of research and found out that in Ireland the word black was often used to describe someone sinister. It’s usually used in connection with an invader.

This goes back to the Milesians about 4,500 years ago, through the Vikings, Normans, Tudors, English & Scots planters.

If you were a perceived threat you were described as black irrespective of your skin colour.

So my pal’s use of the word black was nothing to do with what we now understand as racism, it represented an inherited fear of the invader.

Labels are negative and should be avoided at all costs. They just reflect the constraints of my conditioning.

South America isn’t the only place with interesting cultural idiosyncrasies. The difference is, my ramblings are supported by reputable historical sources.

Happy New Year and all the best to Ryan Christie.

Peter Lawwell/Dermot Desmond we’re not as daft as you think. Get the finger out and deal with your addiction to money.

HH and thanks to Mahe & BMCUWP’s. Now to read the article…

Twists n turns

I’m good thanks.

Hoping 2020 is a very notable year for a number of reasons.

Seriously considering adding to the Twisty clan this year. Kids all grew up a long time ago – so I think I’ll add another youngster. Definitely be a boy. I want a boy.

Only problem is work. I’m away too often and can’t depend on the wife to look after the boy properly. Truth be told she’s not a huge fan of looking after them. Cleaning up after them, taking them out, feeding them. Just not her thing. So I need a plan. I could always take him to work with me, but again, I’m not sure that’s fair.

I’d need to leave him in the office on his own whilst I was busy. I could always tie him to the desk I suppose. Keep him quiet.

I’ll have a think.

Cocker Spaniel I was thinking …?

Twists n turns

Happy new year.
Very interesting comment. Thought provoking.

As an aside. I went for a haircut a week or so ago. Arrived 30 mins before opening in order to get in and out quickly as I’d stuff to do.

As I waited outside, a guy arrives. I’d say late 40’s. After 20 minutes or so, I honestly wanted to punch this guy in the face. I’ve never heard such absolute ignorance and stupidity in such a short space of time.

He was rattling on about Brexit – the sooner the better – too many foreigners- illegal immigrants- send them all fkn back- charity appeals- far too many, charity begins at home- homeless – “ should find a fkn job- etc.

I eventually had to throw my two bobs worth in , if only to release my blood pressure.

This guy was ex army. Hun to boot, unsurprisingly.

After I’d gave him my opinion of his opinions, he changed course somewhat. He even asked me if I fancied catching up for a pint later!!

An offer I found quite easy to decline.

big packy

HI GHUYS, a happy and prosperous new year to all on sentinel celts, especially my buddy jim, uber thanks for your kind words.?

big packy

TWISTY, yes cocker spaniel good choice, friendly and obedient, just don’t get a springer spaniel he will run you ragged?

Twists n turns

Aye! Ma boay had a cocker some years back. Lively is an understatement!!

big packy

TWISTY, what about a westie??

big packy

MAHE, brilliant article as usual more power to your elbow.hh.

Twists n turns

( I meant my son had a springer , not Cocker)


You’ll know something about this. Was this just bad luck or is it in the breed?

My mate had 2 westies. I’m talking a long long time ago. Both had horrendous skin problems.

Move forward 25 years or more and a girl who worked for me had one. Same skin problems. Really bad.

More recently, a business acquaintance, and race horse owner was telling me has one and again, horrendous skin issues. His was getting him down. The dog was red raw , scratching off the bedstead to try and eliminate itching.
He’d spent a fortune on vets bills, special shampoos etc etc but was getting nowhere. He actually phoned me one night almost in tears at the discomfort his dog was experiencing.

Kinda puts me off them?


big packy

TWISTY, yes unfortunately all westies have inherent skin problems, but sometimes its down to the breeder, we have had our 2 lots from the same breeder in Lancaster, and touch wood no skin problems at all, bearing in mind we did pay a lot of money for them ,some people just go for the cheap option, and get their westies from puppy farms, for say maybe 300 quid at most ,we paid a grand each for our westies, big difference.hh,

The Gombeen Man


It’s funny how Sevco’s welcome conversion to racial tolerance and ethnic unity might raise question marks over the ongoing influence of the OO etc?

They say be careful what you pray for.

My lad is over there and is a supervisor in a well-known supermarket to help pay for his studies.

They had a problem recently when a female member of staff was racially insulted by a customer.

The manager came to help out. The customer had gone but he called the cops and they went off with the video to investigate a hate crime.

My boy thanked his boss (who isn’t a Tim) and was told: “I’d do the same thing if you were called a Fenian B.”

Changed days.

That’s what irritates so much about the Old Firm. It brings out the worst in many of us. The day will come when it’s just too much hassle.


Hoopy new year.

The decade past where our haul of Scottish footballing baubles was unsurpassed, the Rebel Treble Treble etc. However we should remember that some of these trophies were acquired during a period where we basically had no competition at all, does it lessen the achievements ? Not really in my opinion as you can only beat what is put in front of you, it wasn’t Celtics fault no one could mount a real challenge and that one of Scotland’s major clubs committed financial suicide and was legally wiped from existence – lest we forget.
However given our sustained period of footballing and much lauded financial success I find it inexplicable how a football club that is only 8 years old is now in a position to challenge our domestic dominance? Most would say in business terms it is a major failing on the part of the Celtic board given our overwhelming financial advantage. In reality we should be untouchable domestically given the time we have had to build a successful team model, that is apart from the odd defeat in cup competitions. But no we continually sell our brightest assets, sell high and buy low costing replacements, no like for like players replacements for us. Any improvement in quality over the previous shirt holder is seemingly more by chance than design under this CEO thus our footballing advantage is constantly being eroded. Who said – “you keep selling all my best players and replace them with shite” before quitting. The 1st real quality manager we have had since MO’N left via a backdoor seemingly because the board wouldn’t sanction player purchases and a scurrilous campaign of mistruths and innuendo was directed at him after the PLC pocketed another 9 million pounds. Our board are well practiced in the dark arts of psy ops and misinformation it is just they chose not to use them in defence of the Celtic support or players.
The notorious Jan transfer window is of paramount importance to the board imo. Sceanrio 1 Do they stick to their usual modus operandi and sell a couple of players before bringing in mid – low priced replacements along with cheap projects and loans that are seldom used – of course on top of this income received from outgoing players must exceed that spent on incoming players, bonus and share dividends must be maintained after all. Or will it be scenario 2: Given a projected massive fall off of season book sales if 9IAR is thrown away, the majority of Celtic supporters now being overly obsessed with TIAR rather than the good governance of their club, will the board splash the cash and actually allow Lenny to buy 1st team ready quality players. It’s a bit of a catch 22 for the board. Will Pistol Pete’s ego allow him to go down in Celtic history as the CEO who threw TIAR away. I am sure that most Celtic supporters will lay the blame at his door if the squad isn’t significantly improved.

And for those clutching at straws saying Sevco can’t get any better than they are now and we can only improve? Really – wise up. Der Hun smell blood, the ibrox board will be doing everything to try and bring in players in Jan. They may offload a couple of fringe players but given they have no qualms about spending money they seemingly don’t have I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to bring in another couple of old experienced heads for an assault on the title. As for us – we can get worse. Lets say we sell Oli N and Scot Sinclair for Circa £10 mill as well as lose Hayes, Gordon and a couple of fringe players on freebies and loans given the past history of our custodians do you think any replacements will be like for like quality wise and be 1st team ready? Me – well my fingers are well and truly crossed.

Also heard an interesting rumour that Griff has been told he is surplus to requirements?


Morning folks and a Happy New Year, to one and all.
Mahe, a great read this morning.
Kris Commons as a player yes, as a pundit he is poor.
His partner Lisa Hague, is a star, she has done loads of work for charity.
She travelled up on our supporters bus to Aberdeen, she really ” got ” our club.
She became a great ambassador for Celtic, I felt.


A good read, that could have been an article on its own.
Yes, I’ve heard Griff has been asked to find a new club.
It’s sad but not surprising.
There appears to be a lot going on in the background.

big packy

OGLACH, I heard the same story about griff, as regards the huns they will get money from somewhere, while we will be getting last minute loan deals, a feckin disgrace.hh.

Twists n turns

Excellent read.

The Griff rumour flies in the face of what I’d previously heard which was he’s going to be a key player in the new year.

If he is to be moved on, then yes , JNP is almost certainly correct. It’s probably not for purely footballing reasons.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Awe Naw/ Mags,

I absolutely love your thoughts and contributions, always have done, but to be be blunt, a lot of the time, I’m thinking what the flying fuck are you saying?? ?‍♂️

Make the points clearer, and you’ll get support. Don’t tell me this is my comprehension skills that are to blame. You’re a couple of wankers, but you have very good points which become clear after 10 years of reading.
And stop assuming that you are the gospel of Celtic. That is REALLY fucking annoying.

Is this clear enough for you?

The Gombeen Man


A fine read to kick-off the New Year.

I don’t think this Old Firm grief is worth £10m a year?

A great read thanks.


I dropped my lad at Dublin Airport at 6am on Sunday after his Christmas break. He was heading back for the game.

He got his mother one of these Alexa devices that plays music, turns on the lights and answers questions for her Christmas.

Anyway, I’m struggling with the NAPs competition and on St Stephens Day I walked into the kitchen and had an idea.

“Alexa, an Irish horse racing tip for today?”

A minute later,

” Paranoid in the 2.10 at Limerick.”

It came 4th I think (I must ask Alexa).

The dilemma for the New Year is whether to stick with Alexa, move to “Hey Google” (in the sitting room).

Or just start copying other Napsters?

Till Later


Twists n turns

Alexa? Fell out with her some time ago. My granddaughter was visiting . I said to her :

Watch this:

“Alexa- will you be my girlfriend?”


“ I like you, but only as a friend”

Cow. ?

Horses- you could always copy JNP, our most consistent punter, the flaw being, if you do, you’ll not be able to overtake him ?

Maybe Alexa will come good for you …. stick with her ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Some day, we will have our gladiator. ?‍♂️
Make us believe it again.



Excellent piece of work to start a new decade. Although you’ve set the bar kinda high!



A cocker spaniel? Ffs,you’ll be getting a Harley Davidson next.



I don’t think they’re The Gospel on here. More like our own Cassandras.

What worries me is that they have increasingly been shown to be on the money. Of course,with Celtic,it’s always about the money.

The Gombeen Man


A great read. Leigh’s failure to make the bench for the LCF and only picking up five minutes or so in subsequent games is the non verbal equivalent of gtf.

Eddie also reported a niggle just before the LCF, leaving us without a striker.

Our ineptitude over recent months and PL’s lack of transparency leads me to the conclusion that 10 in a Row isn’t on the agenda.

It’s a ploy. A bliss point.

PL believes that he has negotiated a deal which rubber stamps the financial security of the Plc. The problem is that the folk on the other side of the table are out to bury Celtic.

It’s the modern-day equivalent of Chamberlain’s “Peace for our time.”

I don’t believe they want 10, it’s too big a risk. Back to normality, lower risk old firmism.


I’ll try ‘Hey Google’ ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Very good point re the Cassandra stuff. Which is why i pay closer attention now.

I hear you, and point taken.

I’ll continue to read with interest.

Can you tell the two wankers to stop treating us all like idiots though??? Just kidding ??

I’m off to buy a set of beer mats from the official site. Lenny needs the readies.

Awe Naw

I only ever speak for myself again presumptuous nonsense from you Zzzzzzzzzz… Mags can speak for himself. I’m sure you’ve noticed.
Sorry I’ve upset you with my contributions. Please feel free to scroll by and ignore. It may be healthier for you… Less headaches

Happy new year

Awe Naw

Mahe and your partner. Great read and a good start to the year. Losing Billy McNeil was bigger than the Treble Treble



Interesting take on black. Not sure it would work in this neck of the woods.

Glad to hear the young fella is doing well,mate. I wish you and Y-E-R family all the best for the new year.



Happy Nee Year to everyone, all the best and let’s masker it a good one…


Obviously my spelling is pap, haha.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Awe Naw,
You don’t upset me . I always find your contributions fascinating and same with Mags.

And I’m sorry for your grouping you both in my criticism, that is is wrong and unfair.

I love the thought provoking points you bith make.

The “but” is, you both seem to see supporters as idiots for financing this charade.

Arguably, correct. Or, would you not be better encouraging supporters to support the likes of Hamilton Tim?

It’s like the Labour Party…. do you walk away and sneer at those who stay behind trying to fight the infiltrators, or stay there and support the cause?

I’m not trying to drag you into a petty argument, although, I can see it looks like that now…but you and Mags, as much as you have both been riveting to read for the past 10 years, do annoy me a bit as you offer no solutions, just attacks on the rest of us.

You don’t do that so much here now, but I think you did, and Mags, brilliant in insight as he is, still shows this anger towards fellow supporters.

What the f is it you want us to do that you are
both doing to resolve things?

Is that a fair question ?

I’m a big fan of both of you, and appreciate your different approaches, but I still for the life of me can’t grasp what either of you want the ordinary punter to do??

That’s all I’m asking.


Bobby/ The Gombeenman

We used to call the RUC black bast*rds whilst lobbing half bricks at them back in the good old days on the Oldpark Road. Bit strange as they wore dark green uniforms but I believe it had something to do with the Royal black institution, basically an Uber Orange lodge – can’t be a member unless you are a member of the OO. Also being from a Donegal family and my father being the quintessential ‘black Irish’ Tall dark haired Dun Na Gall / Doire man (sadly mum was a short arse from Bantry who I take after) as well as the ‘quintessential Irish beauty being ‘ Róisín Dubh’ Dark Rosaleen’ I was always taught this was due to the Irish links with the Iberian peninsula. The Book of Invasions from the 8th century talked about an invasion by the Spanish king Milesius. In fact the closest genetic match to the native Irish in the west of Ireland is found in people from Iberia.

Twists n turns

At Musselburgh. Sold oot…. and mobbed oot.

As I sit here contemplating the races, and crowd watching, I notice I’ve developed a sixth sense for passers by:

Good guy

….. I could be wrong of course, but I suspect not.

Closer to the ground the knuckles are is one sign. That ‘ waddle’ as opposed to a walk another.

Fortunately I’ve not encountered too many today. ??

Twists n turns

Why do Embra folk… especially hibbees say “eh” at the end of a sentence?

Ah wiz wrecked last night…eh. Oot ma tits eh.

Ah dunno? If you say so.

The Gombeen Man


Basically the Old Firm is a very sick environment and just about anything can be justified.
To take a leaf out of Mr Robertson’s explanation of South American non verbal expression…

The use of the word black in connection with a Rangers player by a person of Irish heritage has it’s roots in a long-established verbal tradition and has been variously applied over the years.

It has been used to describe soldiers, policemen, Scots settlers, Normans and even Vikings.

It means something sinister. Even the Great Hunger was Black 47.

The origin of the word may go as far back as the Milesians, who landed near Drogheda from Iberian peninsula about 4,500 years ago.

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sevco player would be referred to as black…in many parts of the country.

The Sevco Security Team (SST) really need to brush up on their Irish history.

Happy New Year.

The Gombeen Man

Not forgetting the nation’s capital Dubh Linn or Black Pool of course.

It’s amazing how things can be misinterpreted across cultural divides.

It’s amazing too the failure to reform Scottish football in the wake of the Rangers scandal is coming back to haunt those who tried to bury the truth for the love of money.


Awe Naw


“after ten years” of writing and being ignored or even worse abused, red carded. It can be frustrating and in the past for me anyway got me angry. Mags is still raging. I probably have already given up hence my rage has subsided. I haven´t contributed financially since 2012. My house is a shrine to Celtic retail prior to this mainly due to my successful attempt at indoctrinating my son into the “more than a club” shite. ST bought for unemployed family members and friends (less fortunate than ourselves) that we would commandeer when home . Sometimes to be called bastards by those that got the ST upon returning and them missing out on games. They are no longer provided for.

Paul Brennan has spoken a few times about getting a grand to help with CQN’s germination. Not asked for. No questions asked.., that was me and Mags

We haven´t done much compared to my Wee Brar. We live abroad. He is one of the four Resolution 12ers I can tell you stories about him where we are obviously emotionally involved and it´s not nice and from our own and the other side. He´s our wee Brar we indoctrinated him into believing it. We love him and at times were very concerned about the abuse he was receiving.

I have advocated many things in the past, boycotts Scottish cup, One FUCKING targeted game but it is easy for me (we) I accept that – to say when we don´t actually live there are unfortunately and no longer hold the rigid belief system of more than a club KTF dogma and committing a mortal sin by not attending ONE fucking game. It´s always a tough nut to crack religious beliefs see Brexit and we both accept that it comes across then as condescension. I have noticed this often with a lack of response to questions posed and glaringly false assumptions made by posters and the occasional abuse .. less on here as on CQN and that´s not aimed at you.

We discussed exactly this dilemma on the phone last night a much better media for communication and we both agreed that we will see the transfer window out and its aftermath and then we will stop posting.Me Mags and my wee Brar are just Jungle Jims who love our fellow tims. They formed us and gave us everything and boy do we have lots. That your poor old Granddad had to sweat to buy you which I will always be appreciative off. I think I can speak for Mags here too

It’s a shame they are not around to guide us – as soon as they died off they took the things that they died fighting for. We can do nothing but watch it crumble from afar – again frustrating. I accept that maybe we are wrong. We both may be very well educated but the majority of that education came from working class socialists. We are what we are and proud of it. The University of Craigneuk and Whitburn instilled in us a fundamental component not to take shit from nobody. You can´t teach an old dog new tricks especially one not bound by a false rigid belief system

I hope that is a long winded enough explanation for you and you can tolerate us for a wee bit longer as there really isn’t much more to say.

Happy New year to you and yours. xxx

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I sincerely hope you and Mags continue to contribute on here. This place would be devalued without you both, but I know you’re strong minded and will make your own minds up without being influenced by me or others.
Some of your posts throughout 2019 were up there with the best in blogland. Be a shame if they were to stop.

Mags writes from the heart too. I suspect the frustration builds up and manifests itself eventually with a flurry of posts whereby you can tell it’s Vesuvius time!

I think I reacted once ( over reacted actually) to a post of yours which I took as a personal attack on me. I realised later it was an attack on a position/view I held and not aimed at me in person, and I suspect a number of other posters still assume that same position as I once did.

Whatever will be will be moving forward . I hope something or someone persuades you both to keep on banging away.



Todays Pulitzer prize contender from the SMSM

Arsenal are weighing up a transfer move for Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara!
(Juve must have dropped their interest in him) 🙂

Also interested to learn Paddy Robert’s loan may be terminated at Norwich. Given the real lack of a challenge / competition for JF (candidate for most fearty player of 2019) and MJ not yet being up to the physical challenge of the SPFL – should be farmed out to an English club for a season IMO. Does anyone believe a return to Paradise for Paddy, initially for a 1/2 season loan with an option to buy, would be a good option for Celtic to pursue?



Use the edit facility,bottom left of your comment,when it has come out differently from your intention. Wish I had one in real life,tbh,but the lack of one has taught me my own peculiar brand of diplomacy over the years(!)



Aye,your bro went into bat,not realising-I think-the difficulties to come. Fortunately he comes from good stock and took every refusal as a personal insult!



He joined Man City in 2015,and I’m fairly sure his contract hasn’t been extended since. He will probably be out of contract in June,five years since his signing. I’d take the Paddy of three years ago like a shot.



I hope the gruesome twosome reconsider too. No site can afford to lose such good contributors. And while some may take issue with some of their delivery,their content has been depressingly correct over the years.



Paddy signd a new two-year contract extension with Manchester City in May. Under contract to City until 2022. He can’t seem to get a game at Norwich and was the nearly the same when he was at Girona. Looks as if City want him to go on loan to Middlesborogh. I always think of him as the one that got away, some player when he was on form. As mentioned also real competition for JF. Chances are we’ll never see him back at Celtic – far too many wide players sitting doing heehaw already. What is it Brendan said – ‘We’ve millions of them already’

The Gombeen Man


With reference to the alleged racial slur, further evidence of the use of the term in an Irish context,

There’s further examples online from Glasgow Patter highlighting in Glasgow that term does not refer to race but to a ‘dirty or unclean person.’

I appreciate this subject is unsavoury but it’s important not to make judgements before the facts are established.



The Gombeen Man

As mentioned ‘black bast*rds’ was what we used to shout at the RUC whilst pelting the shite out of them with halfers (half a brick) in Béal Feirste. A Black Hole was a Loyalist area. Again as mentioned all to do with the Royal black institution. There are a few posters on SC from the occupied 6 counties who will know this already.



It’s a difficult one,for sure. There is definitely a credence in the arguments you put forward,and I do recall back in the 80s and 90s that alliteration was also used in defence of the term.

But times have changed,and if you are in 2020 UK,and using the term as a form of abuse towards someone,I think it’s fair to say that you know the deal. However,I’ve yet to see or hear any evidence that he was racially abused on Sunday as he left the pitch.

I’ve also yet to see any sign of him being cited for his gestures on the way off,similar to how he got away with it against Jullien at Hampden.

Frankly,he’s a nasty piece of work,a facilitated and tolerated prick who needs the exact opposite of that. I said a few weeks ago that he will seriously injure someone,and I take no pleasure whatsoever in being proved right.

He is NOT the victim here. Ryan Christie is the victim,and I hope the club are gearing up to go for the throat on this.