Happy New Year-A Letter From Australia.

Happy New Year-A Letter From Australia
mahe 01 Jan 2020 No comment
Morning,all. And Welcome to 2020,a year where I hope we won’t need the benefit of hindsight. Today’s article comes to you courtesy of one of our Antipodean correspondents as we dwell on the lessons to be learned from the last weekend of 2019.


Dear Neil,

Hope all’s well with you and yours, mate and that the festive period hasn’t been too stressful?

Did you see all of the last game? Och, what am I talking about – you had uninterrupted views!!

However one thing you mighta missed is the Celtic internet which is in a froth about the shite result – umpteen expert ‘fans’ pointing out the big errors of your ways – but I guess that won’t give cause for reflection or sleepless nights? The internet eh…Full of no-name, nobody, know-it-alls.

Yet amid the dreck and dross of character assassination twinned with genius tactical insights, a few decent points arose so I hope you don’t mind if I run them past you now for your take on it:

Why play such a physically lightweight side when recent form shows TRFC bully slighter players?What’s the deal with a midfield formation which would be immediately out-numbered by the way they set up (We all saw how we came a cropper with these respective setups before!)

Who do you see as better qualified: Gerrard, Beale and McAllister, or your coaching crew?In fact, are your guys your picks or was that part of the employment pact with Peter L?

Mercurial Mikey versus dependable Olli; surely better the man in-form vs the man-in-the-money?

Some woulda replaced off-boil Jamesy with wee Jeremie and had the game-wise Bauer at RB (now that woulda been a tactical surprise for Steevie, no?)
You mentioned we were ‘standoff-ish’ – why did the pre-game + half-time team talks fail to inspire?

Marking the posts from set-pieces; what’s the strategy behind not doing that?

Substitutions – many of us could see from early on, that too many players didn’t have their ‘game head’ on – how did it look to you, John and Damo?

Substitutions (2) – two mids for two attackers when a goal down; what’s the thinking there (if not to steal a desperate draw?)

Lenny, I won’t delve now into deeper conspiracy theories that you, Pedro and Desmondo are incahoots with SA Dave and the SFA to effectively fix the game so the old firm is cemented as the biggest money show in town again! Sheez, some folks should be writing Hollywood scripts eh? Kinda fiction based on real events, though!

How-and-ever, how and why we have NOT left that mob in our collective rear views after a period of commercial, organisational and transfer-dealing superiority, is a real fuggen head-scratcher. (Welcome any goss on whether the fix really is in, pal?)

Gotta sign-off for now Neil (the New Year ham won’t self-impale with required cloves in honey!) but if you get a few minutes to read through these points and give your take, that’d be awesome!

While most of us will be shivering (in a nightmare sense) over the next three weeks, I hope the warm rays of Dubai warm your cockles and all those whose cockles need a bit of a roasting.

Love ya heaps and HH bud; trust the heat is restorative and that the window brings you the seasonal gifts you’ve been asking and hoping for so that 2020 does not disappoint in any way!



Above article kindly supplied by LIBERO and in much more measured tones than I am currently able to manage. On behalf of everyone connected with this site,may I wish you all that you could hope for in 2020



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Noel Skytrot


I suspect it will be a throng of supporters trying to remove the current ‘ custodians’ along with the tumbleweed if we don’t do 9.

Twists n turns

Good read. A summary I guess of the bulk of comments and views since Sunday. Will lessons be learned?

Auldheid on previous thread.


Morning all.
Hope my day at Musselburgh wasn’t a sign of things to come in 2020. Helped out the hole in the last race but the previous 5 still running.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

The great hack looks very interesting. Had a look at the trailer. I’ll watch the movie tonight. Cheers


Happy New Year to All… Best wishes on your goals, remember, it should be a canter…


Tremendous – Rye smiles and thought provoking insights in your e-mail from Australia.

Lenny has a lot to think about, is he and his team really so far behind the erstwhile Murray Park crew as it seemed on Sunday.!?

If we are a few new player registrations isn’t going to fix it, is it?

Last season we came back from Dubai, stronger, fitter, more galvanized – tactically improved and a steel winning mentality. We can’t afford anything less this season.

Auldheid @ January 1, 10:37 pm

That’s an interesting take on P67’s lead. There seemed to be two messages on player recruitment.

There was a message about player development and adding value, PL’s take on moneyball.

And there was an assertion that Celtic would be strengthening and will have a team capable of winning every domestic game.

That means better than Rangers, in fact it means a team capable of beating them at Ibrox.

A few points, firstly on player development; we have in the last decade or so, gained a reputation for developing players and selling them for a great profit, Frimpong being the latest on the conveyor belt.

But as you and I know it’s more of a stuttering treadmill at times. The failure rate is astoningishly high. Now BR had an incredible reputation, rightly in my view, as someone who could develop a player. Yet few development players came through. Boyata, Jamsie, Callum and many players improved. But our “high value” players were always showing that potential – Dembele, Tierney… while Calvin, the Hendersons, Ralston etc never kicked on…

If as P67 suggests, we do recruit, seasoned professionals or exceptional talents, that will take us to the next level, will it be enough?

This time last year we had to throw money at expensive loanees to give us an edge, in the summer we failed to rebuild a squad that badly needed it. And remember the opportunity we had, many loanees going, many out of contract/releases, a vast “war chest”.

The fact we are talking at all about a January recruitment campaign nails the lie that our summer recruitment was a success.

Hail Hail

Twists n turns

On the subject of hacking, a poster on here got spam mail through from what looked similar like my BT address, but wasn’t.
I very rarely use that address but if any of you do get anything, obviously delete it.

Awe Naw

Twists, BMCUWP, Mahe,

thanks for the kind words yesterday


These spam emails come from a CQN distribution list(s). I am not saying from Paul67 and CQN. I am saying from one of the many distribution lists that were created for Naps, Predictors, Golf day outings, Kano foundation etc. Even an information gathering exercise between us to identify and narrow down which possible list will not help. I think I was only ever on the Kano foundation email list and that would be my top suspect but I could have been on other ones for a short period of time.

I always get these spam emails and from the same familiar names.

It may help but I very much doubt it to stop happening if your email address was removed from the PC that initiates this distribution list. That would mean that the original hack(virus, worm) is still on the PC from where it is being initiated from and cleaning that up. Removal of that virus and preferably the removal of your email address that you no longer use from that distribution list may stop it from happening but I reckon that’s a long shot. More likely the email addresses have been harvested and have been stored somewhere where you will never know. It could be traced relatively easily but if you watch the video I posted last night. The internet providers and social media platforms are not on your side. They are on the side of the fraudsters, the scammers, and the hackers they pay them far more than you do so that’s why they are protected and your not. It is also the ONLY reason that right wing populism is on the increase. Instead of connecting people they are harvesting their data to enable division and we are all unaware of it.

My advice is if you get a SPAM email mark it as phishing (most internet providers do nothing about phishing) emails but they know that it will make you feel better as a customer. Delete it. Never open it. Opening it and clicking on it – anything a link an attachment a moving gif and you are instantly infected too.

You should always have a seperate email address from any important ones that you have. If you have been given one by your provider that is not the one to put on a distribution list or to give away freely. You need to and create a seperate email account lets say awe_naw_talks_shite123@google.com or maybe awe_naws_is_king_dong_001@hotmail.com (These are only examples mind you 🙂 use your imagination something to remember easily) and use that email address for non private crappy unimportant communication. It could save you boss or Mrs getting sent some porno video to them that had nothing to do with you except for foolishly opening and clicking on a SPAM email.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I already suggested to another SC regular this morning, ( the one who got the spam) , that CQN was the problem.

I joined the last man standing this year, about 2 months or so ago, and that’s when the problem started.

Not for a minute suggesting that it’s the problem of the good bhoys over there carrying out wonderful charity work, but I know of another poster who coincidentally starting having the same problem, and he was also on the distribution list of CQN.

There was a mistake made on the CQN charity drive as well, when the update mails telling you of your progress in the competition, carried the e mail addresses of everyone in the competition.

Again, not a blame thing. Mistakes can happen, but I’m fairly certain that’s where my address was taken from.

Hopefully anyone getting spam follows the usual caution, and indeed follows your expert advice.


Twists n turns

Awe Naw
If you decide to give up posting on here either temporarily or permanently, will your “ Awe Naw Hacking Services” still be available? Assuming I continue with the monthly subscription?

There’s a few on here I’ve still not got to yet, in fact from memory we only completed the Alphabetical list as far as the A’s.

Big Packy and Bobby were next under the B’s?

Thanks in advance ?

Hope all is well in Germany.

Awe Naw


for you my technical services are available free of charge for as long as I am clinging to the face of this planet.

A wee suggestion is not to delete the familiar spam email over time BUT NEVER OPEN THEM. Leave them in your spam folder. If everyone whom is getting them does the same thing then it may be possible to do a data gathering exercise to identify which distribution list and the initiator of this distribution list then runs an antivirus over his pc but it’s a long shot as I reckon this data has already been harvested a long time ago.


Guys; by coincidence I’m watching Moneyball again. So much of the early scenes mirror what will be happening within CFC right now. Peter Brand tells Billy Beane; Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players; it should be to buy wins.

Well friends, Celtics strategy is to buy players (for investment) while The Sevs strategy is to buy experience to buy wins…weird eh?


Libero @ 11:11 am,

That’s a very true observation

Not always a popular view point these days but BR’s strategy was far more financially cute…

Make a successful football team.

As we bought higher value and developed players value we were a better team.

We won more trophies, qualified for the UCL and better players wanted to come to play for us.

We made more money than ever before, we had a squad value much higher than ever before.

Take Callum and Jamsie, 3 or 4 or 5 million pound players maybe before BR arrived.

The “talk” and I know talk is cheap, of them going to the epl, Tottenham or Liverpool even mentioned. They became 10 million pound players. What about Armstrong? A 7 million pound player, Boyata a 10 million pound plus player.

Now how much are they worth… Jamsie, Callum… 4 or 5 or 6 million.!?

Quality players in winning teams is where the value lies.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


from previous thread. Excellent post

How did it go down on CQN ? did it instigate lots of responses and prompt fierce and continued debate or were you ignored ?

If it was don’t get too disheartened as you´ll get a response in ten years from now. Sorry did I say response I meant complaint

Mario Bertolini

May 2020 be kind to all on this site and beyond. Good health and happiness. We move forward with the memories of family/friends who have passed away. Physically they may not be with us but they will never be forgotten, from nowhere a little daft, quirky memory will be forefront in our heads.

I have not read back on posts, last one I recall is Awe Naws list of players, wow that is a lot of money. A get rid of a few scenario, cut losses.

Re: all this after match nonsense, if there has been racist abuse get it sorted NOW. This is affecting Celtic big time at present throughout UK. There are lots of rumors maybe someone h’s info re: abuse, never happened, visiting fan hit by coin, fight in tunnel ending with Celtic player in hospital. Thems fans singing their racist songs, etcetera.

The Celtic board have to investigate thoroughly if they find something then react, if not they must use all there powers, get the best legal advice (sorry Peter bonus reduced) and chase the guilty down, reporters, fans, sfa, opposing team members.

We need to stop if poss allowing those disgusting so called supporters into our ground. Also why are we Charging £49 for another ordinary league game. We need to tell the board to shove it.

This is going to be the hardest second half of season for years, we are in a worse situation than last year. We have to win every game which we know will be extremely difficult knowing those that are anti Celtic. We do know thems will get all the help they desire.

I could ramble on, but you all know the score. Once again health is important to all and family, please all take care.

big packy

LIBERO, great post hh.

big packy

AWE NAW, you and mags stay where you are please, when you left cqn I was heartbroken don’t do it again?


TNT & BP – Ta; yeh I’d written it the day after the game and kinda imagined the convo most of us would want to have w Lenny.
Chairbhoy 12.05 – Yep. One problem is that success for the CEO is monetary. Success for the supporter is unending wins. Or at least season;s end win. The two aren’t necessarily symbiotic.
One more thought from Moneyball b4 my scratcher, the brains behind Oakland A’s 20-win team (Paul De Podesta) says winning teams are ‘Constantly trying to predict the future performance of human beings…’ and that data is critical to that.
Wonder if Peter’s crew includes this data science…worse, looks like Sevco are doing it equally as well, while investing HUGE in player PR to talk up the value of their sellable assets HH

bada bing1

Moreloss quite rightly got done for a GIRUY sign,so shooting and cut throat gestures aren’t as bad? Only in Scotland, and only the huns


This just in*

Celtic linked to yet another 2 projects

David Parkhouse age 19: Forward. Current team Sheffield United .On loan at Derry City played in 34 league games scored 11 goals, Norn Iron U21 international. Persistent rumours of interest from Celtic. Parkhouse has just turned down offer of contract extension from Shef Utd.
Moussa Sissako age 19: CB / Defender. Current team PSG B & U19 squad. Mali U23 international. Contract expires June 2021.Allegedly Celtic made enquires in the summer as to Sissako’s availability.

(? can’t say I am overly impressed with the either of the above – if true of course. Why do we have a development squad when all we do is continually buy other teams projects where we have an extremely poor success rate in converting them to sellable assets? Are there really no Scottish youngsters of the required standard?)

Meanwhile Chelsea are looking to spend some of their reported £150 mill pound transfer kitty and have had an initial bid of £40 million for Moussa Dembele rejected by Lyon. Lyon hoping to start a bidding war between Chelsea and Man Utd for their prolific forward. Pistol Pete is anxiously awaiting news of a Jan deal as the sell on clause for the transfer of Moussa from Celtic to Lyon will net Celtic PLC another few million quid.

*Disclaimer: Sources SMSM, so fecking good chance it could all be utter manure

bada bing1

If you look at it overall, this is what happens when you sit back for years and say fk all when we are getting fkd over,they know that they can do what they want, and they do exactly that


Meanwhile on planet WTF!!!!!!!!!

Former Rangers chairman criticises Celtic fans who claim Rangers are a new club

Former Ibrox chairman Alastair Johnston has taken a swipe at Celtic fans who claim Rangers are a new club.
Many Hoops supporters, and indeed some fans of other teams in Scotland, maintain that the Govan outfit ceased to exist when it went into administration in February 2012 before going through liquidation, and that it was another incarnation of the Light Blues which emerged in the bottom tier of Scottish football.
Johnston’s chairmanship ended when Craig Whyte took over in 2011 before the club’s financial implosion but he returned to Ibrox as a director in 2017.
He believes the 2-1 win over Celtic on Sunday, the first Gers victory at Parkhead since 2010, demonstrated the self belief at Ibrox going into the new decade.

Reflecting on the dark days of 2012 and the fall-out, Johnston told the PA news agency that Rangers not only survived but are now thriving.
“I left after we won the title for the third time in a row in 2011 and I wasn’t believing my ears about what was going on at the club and where it was going,” he said.
“You were hearing all the words like the Rangers have disappeared, they have died, it was a new club and all the stuff which self-interested people tried to maintain.

“I always wondered about the mentality of certain Celtic supporters, not by any means most of them, who basically said our club died in February, 2012.
“You know what? If that was the end of Rangers and Celtic and if that was the end of the big game that started in 1888 (the first Old Firm meeting) all the way to 2012 – we won that game.
“The way you determine it by the number of times (54) we won the top division.
“We were ahead in February, 2012 and in head-to-head victories, we were ahead of Celtic in 2012.
“So if you wanted to say the old Rangers of 1872 died – we beat you 2-0 and when the game started again in 2012, it will be 120 years or so before you can tie with us.
“So you were dealing with that sort of mentality, with Rangers fans being defensive.
“But the reality is Rangers survived and not only did they survive, they started to thrive again.
“What we are seeing is much more of a thriving Rangers than a surviving Rangers.
“We have left survival behind us and it is now all about thriving and seeing how far we can go


Bada Bing. 1.35
Correct and they are still doing it.
A mealy mouthed press release, not even on the club website, which ended with, we would rather keep it in football ( or words to that effect )
Meanwhile our reputation is in tatters, even Showing Racism The Red Card, England, tweeting about it, today.
Press here now strongly suggesting Morelos will not even be cited, that’s unbelievable, if true.


Spin,link,dither,underwhelm,over valued,underbid, blame , band aid ,excuses disappointment all guaranteed with January recruitment.
Ecstasy if Moussa Dembele produce’s a few million due to our sell on clause.
Since it will only be used for bonuses why do Celtic fans crow about it?
Meanwhile in a far off country suntans and booze will be more prevalent than tactics and systems.


Aw Naw

Chairbhoy responded (copied here) on player recruitment that created a civilised discussion on CQN on how good our summer recruitment had been.

My thinking is based on taking on the job of running an office team from scratch.

We lost first game 11 0 and not having a goalkeeper didnt help. So I pressured a retired office goalkeeper until he gave in and became the start of the spine. We still lost but the goals against dropped enough to keep hope alive.

Next was CB and I got a big unit who was friendly with one of the office guys to turn out. He was on wrong side of 30 and had to give up after breaking a leg (his own) but the spine was being stiffened.

Other guys arrived in season 2. One came as a CF but by this time I had stalked (if he opened a cupboard I was in it) a CF who became a legend in the league, so the spine was set. I suggested the reserve CF give LB a try as he had a wand as a left foot and he won the player of the season award.

One of the benefits that came with the CF was his Castlemilk mates. Two midfielders and a winger. One midfielder could run all day and had an infectious cheery disposition even when standing over a felled opponent, the Engine.

Next came one of the nicest but most sleekit dirty bassas I’d the pleasure of knowing. Silent assassin or the The Sump for the engine.

The winger was of the John Robertson rather than Reynaldo build, not speedy. I think trot was his highest speed but he could send his body one way and an opponent with it, whilst his legs and ball went the other.

I didnt need to worry about a full back as he was there from the first game but was loaned that day to the “first team” from which the new club was formed and became a stalwart as we climbed the divisions from year 2 from 3rd Division to top.

My point? Get players in to play key roles in key positions has to be the priority and you can see how Gerrad has done this supported by a Board who do not have to worry about cost as failure means nothing but a points deduction.

It is the strategy of TRFC aimed at overhauling Celtic whose strategy is to make a profit from good players which works as long as the underlying football fundamentals of producing a winning team are not sacrificed.

We are not that far away. Goalie CB and CF form the spine but a seasoned pro to take weight of Edouard is an obvious requirement as well as a sleekit bassa for midfield or an engine if the miles on Broonies clock suggest an overhaul is needed.

It wouldn’t bother me if the experience is on loan, it’s all about winning and putting out a team with the right mentality and athleticism/ strength to win where we play our football on plastic or tattie patches in Scotland not the greener fields of Europe.

Those games are our days oot to be looked forward to, but unobtainable if the core business of winning games that enable days oot is lost sight of.

big packy

BADA and JIMMYNOTPAUL, a feckin disgrace,move along timmy nothing to see hear.hh.


Alistair Johnston. The man who lied about the arrival time of the wee tax bill and part of a Board whose titles were won stealing tax payers money. The very titles he wants to lay claim to instead of surrendering in shame.

Of forgot. No surrender no shame.


So our biggest requirement is a coach who understands our weaknesses ?

Awe Naw


YES Peter Lawwell

What´s he going to do about it ? (genuine question)

16 years and counting


Alistair Johnston,
I’d love to see him in Court and claiming Sevco are the original Huns.
Perjury gets you: ‘Imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine or to both such fine and imprisonment’. Maybe this is why a Solicitor (Chuckles?) claimed it wasn’t at the Craig Whyte trial?

Happy New Year Everyone. Not had a drop this year, so it’s off to Bar 67 shortly for Guinness & a Singalong ???


Is the Chris ‘Hun Skelper’ Sutton the only Celtic minded media type who has the cojones to call out Morelos. I know Chris has his critics but he is never afraid to tell it like it is. Pity our current custodians are still scrambling around trying to ascertain when their testicle will drop.

The continuous defending of the Morelos violent gesture is embarrassing… stop making excuses…any player of any team making a gesture of this type should be banned.

Awe Naw


I was being facetious. I was having a wee gentle dig at Über I think maybe the acid hasn´t worn off yet from Über not me 🙂


great article.

Awe Naw

You would think that Ronnie Esplin from the Press Association would be advising his clients the Former Chairman of Rangers to be offering his respects to the 66 Rangers fans who died 49 years ago today rather than justifying Charles Green’s switcherooni but that’s the mentality of the people we are dealing with.

big packy

when I got off the supporters bus that day 49 years ago, we could not believe the amount of people waiting at the bus stop, it was as if the whole of glenboig were waiting for us, and we knew nothing about it, god rest the 66.

bada bing1

Awe Naw- absolutely correct, but the hate agenda comes first….

Awe Naw

Bada Bing,

don’t lose sight of the fact that our “custodians “were prepared to sell 10,000 tickets sold to men woman and children on a regular basis to to the exact same stadium that never had a proper safety certificate for ten years. On the basis of keeping their marketing model going. They are not any better.



The money comes first – the old firm gravy train


Many thanks for the article. It asks some very valid questions.

I believe we issued a statement but I can’t find it?
Still, we don’t look good at all over the last few days. If the rumour is true of kicks in the nuts then its worse than we thought.
And now we are told if you believe they died you have a problem?
This isn’t funny anymore.
I just wanted a proper sport to watch.
This isn’t gonna end well.
Hail Hail


Mahe, see my post of 1.52.
We gave a mealy mouthed statement to the press and then couldn’t even be bothered to put it up on our website.

Mike in Toronto

BMCUWP @ 5:45 am

I dont see any chance of that happening.

The whole Celtic MO has been to preach that its fans have been cheated. Our club is very circumspect about how it goes about doing things … a letter in 2012, leaked years later. Co-optng blogs which bulld up a following for critical thinking,…. The club sells the ‘plucky outsider’ myth to its fans, while raking in obscene amounts of money in doing so. And people eat it up, in spite of the growing body of evdience that our Club is as much of an outsider as Rangers; you cant be an outrsider if you are one of two clubs who run the game like a cartel and split the spoils between themselves..

I have said for a while now that the plan is for Rangers to win a cup this season, and run Celtic close in the league … as long as its close, fans of both sides will continue to throw money at their clubs… and it sets things up (WWE style) for next year’s Wrestlemania… eeer, I mean, SPL, when there will be a historical battle to stop the 10.

When Celtic loses the league (it shouldn’t be this year… but Sevco have been known to go offscript), Celtic will double down on its PR campaign: ‘see… we are a brillaintly run club … (ed. bullshit), but we still lost …. we must have been cheated will be implied Dont let them get away with this! RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKET NOW, and fight the cheating!’ And most fans will eat that shit up..

A few people will not renew,but they will be replaced by others ‘happy to pick up season tickets to help put the zombies back in their place’.

As a little kicker .. I will say that, if the situation were reversed, Rangers’ fans would not pay to watch us cheat to the same degree that Celtic fans will ….

I wiill wager 100 Quid to Mary’s meals that, if Rangers win the league this year or next year, season tickets sales will not drop the following season.

On that note, do I owe Mahe for our last bet? I think I might … Stevie?

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE and THE EXILED TIM, know how you both are feeling, but don’t give up on here because of it, fuck them, if we all give up the bassas will be laughing their socks off, come on in please,hh.

big packy

and by the way where is jimthetim and byres road bhoy get on here.?


MiT, ,
I’m trying to recall the bet. And failing.
I think I had Spurs above Arsenal at seasons end and you had it the other way.
Forget it.

Jnp can you post that statement pls?

TeT has done walking away? Hope not. Couldn’t blame him though. Most I talk to feel like walking. It’s moved beyond a sport. It’s a vehicle for sectarianism/racism. This board, you would think getting everyone onside was more profitable? Alienating customers is a terrible practice. At least be seen to be standing up for them. After soo long to have so little respect or trust takes a certain type of arrogance.
Hopefully that same arrogance is their downfall.
We as a support should aim to never be in this situation again.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I cant remember the bet exactly either … but I’m pretty sure I lost that one!

Money just sent to Mary’s Meals.

I consider it my penance for watching the game recently.

Hope you had a great holiday, mate.


Mahe: Here you go.
“We are aware of a number of incidents from Sunday’s match including Celtic supporters being targeted with missiles from the away support, something which has unfortunately happened on numerous occasions previously.

“We are also aware of a number of other unsavoury incidents involving the away support, including sickening chants directed at our players and supporters. However, as we always do, Celtic will deal with these and all other incidents responsibly and in a dignified and professional manner and in a way which protects the greater good of the game.”


That statement will have em quaking in their boots.
Meanwhile The Athletic which is supposed to be the top tier of reporting has us as bigots due to what I see as one person shouting what might be black bassa.

big packy

as a footnote to my post @2-59 I went to that game with my father and my cousin, outside ibrox we met my dads brother tony who opened his jacket to reveal a half bottle of bells and a few screwtaps, so I knew where my dad was heading, so imagine the panic when I got off the bus with my cousin and my dad missing, anyway a few phone calls to croy miners welfare club, and yes they are both in there pished,.thank feck for that my mum said?


MIT @4.10

I disagree. If Celtic fail to win 9IAR I predict quite a sizable reduction in SB sales. Most rank ‘n’ file Celtic supporters are obsessed with TIAR even to the total exclusion of giving even the slightest feck if we have been cheated / are being cheated – Res 12 for a prime example most supporters don’t even know what it is / was. Explain it to them and most shrug the shoulder and say ‘it’s always been like that what can I do to change it?’ No the opiate of the Celtic masses is TIAR to the absolute detriment of all else. Now I predict an absolutely massive downturn in SB sales if 9IAR is lost to lack of real and substantial improvement in the 1st team squad.

For some yet to be explained reason the Celtic support has effectively been neutered since 2012. True we will happily turn on sections of our own support for singing Irish songs of rebellion or standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people or telling the corrupt UEFA to GTF. But we say little when members of the board call us anti Semites and happily clap when the PLC announce record profits made at the expense of the quality of our playing squad. We will even turn a blind eye to the board supplying the Police with info on fellow supporters. We remain silent when our custodians refuse to defend the team and the support.
I would argue that the ‘so called’ decade of dominance has ensured that we have gone from being a support that represented a ‘people and cause’ as Tommy Burns stated to one of a support who view attending games at Celtic park the same as a trip to the cinema, the games against Sevco being the must see blockbuster, with little emotional attachment in attending apart from one you’d give to a local café that your dad used to take you to every weekend for a bacon roll when you were a kid. BUT throw away the chance of the achieving the ‘supposed’ holy grail of Scottish football TIAR – then your gonna have trouble.

Harsh and perhaps bull crap but it is how I feel at present


Mahe 4.53
The guy from the athletic has gone private on Twitter, due to old tweets of his, being uploaded, they are very anti Celtic, e.g. Calling Leigh Griffiths inbred and a few more of that ilk.
The video spoken about, someone shouts hun not black.
Our PLC aren’t slow at tackling our own fans, yet appear to be afraid to tackle MSM and Sevco fans.


I’m with MiT on this one.
There’s 10k on a waiting list. I can’t see more than that walking so that leaves a full park next season no matter what.

“For some yet to be explained reason the Celtic support has effectively been neutered since 2012”
Every facet of the support was infiltrated and or mislead. The biggest blog at the time is a great example. Having a CSA that cannot legally take action that would harm the club is the essence of nullified.
It won’t be explained but we all know it was done for control purposes.
It’s hard to believe we allowed the wool to be pulled over eyes but there it is.
It’s now the match going support who won’t stop attending for love nor money on one side and the rest looking at them shaking the head on the other.
There’s more non attendees than those that do go to games but if the park keeps filling nothing will change.
If the attendees are happy with what they are being served then they are welcome to it.
If they aren’t happy and still attend, they aren’t like me.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


This is one of those conversations where I dont feel like there is a happy answer.

What I will say about our Board is that, in 2011, they called it right, and I called it wrong; I thought that, if enough shit happened, Celtic fans would not tolerate our Board doing nothing about the cheating. They banked on fans doing nothing. TAnd for the most part, they were right.

Where you and I disagree is on the effect of Rangers winning something. I cant believe that our Board would not have factored that into their considerations.

The thing with the Board is, while I may not like them, they aren’t stupid. As I was saying with someone on here recently about DD, these guys dont do much without having studied the situation, and had proper business advice on how to respond to each situation.

They cant not have figured in a scenario where the there is no possibility of the zombies winning. In fact, as I have said, I think their business model demands it at some point.

The idea of keeping Rangers alive, but never competetive (as trotted out by one blogger) never made any sense to me. Firstly, they wont continue to support if they are always second fiddle. It is not in their WATP nature. Secondly, the scottish game is so strange that, all it would take is one good season to win, and get Euro money, which changes the landscape significantly, and potentially, permanently. We know they are prepared to spend more than they can afford, and bet ontheir own survival if necessary, to buy; they did it in the past, and they are doing it now. But, with the exception of one time, they have gotten away with that strategy.They have, once again, bet the house on getting money from Europe. and then being able to turn players over for a profit.

And if people on the blog like me know this about the zombies, our Board certainly knows it, and factored it into their planning.

In England, because of TV money, teams get more for getting relegated from the EPL than teams do for having a good CL run. But, in Scotland, one decent CL run, gets a team about as much money than they would get for a decade of TV money. One season in Europe changes a Scottish team’s existence. This is and has never been a far-fetched scenario. So, I just cant see that our Board wouldn’t have factored – if not outright counted on – the re-emergence of Rangers.

As I see it, Celtic tried and failed to get into the EPL, then tried and falied to get into some Euro league. Since then, it has been full speed ahead on the Operation Old Firm (which, to be fair, cant be easy, when you have bat shit crazy running your sister company). And common sense tells me that, if you are going to have an OF league, you have to factor in that they will win sometime. But, I cant see our Board going down the OF route as hard as they have, if there was a chance of a sizeable reduction in season ticket sales.

And, as Mahe points out, people are lining up toget tickets, and I think there is enough there to make up for any outliers who do walk away.

But, we will need to wait and see.

I wont offer to bet, because I (i) I hope you are right, and people do walk away, and (ii) I keep losing bets on here!


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