A True Celt Remembered.


Today we have a Guest Article by JIMMYNOTPAUL,who gives us his memories of a fella who really did bleed Green and White!


What is a true Celt and who decides?

Life is too short and, indeed, was way,way, too short for someone who I consider to be a true Celt.

Step forward,Johnny Doyle.

It’s only recently that I have truly appreciated how much Johnny gave to our cause and how often he was involved in games of great importance in our history that a younger version of me attended.

On 15 March 1976 Doyle transferred to Celtic for a fee of £90,000. He won two league titles and one Scottish Cup during his time with us.

Johnny Doyle arrived at Celtic Park as a 24-year-old in March 1976,from Ayr United. He hailed from Viewpark, in Uddingston – the very same area of Lanarkshire where Jimmy Johnstone first pulled on a pair of football boots. He wasn’t the greatest player of his generation, but you’d need to search far and wide to find a more committed one. Nor was he adverse to the odd run-in with officialdom, and he wasn’t unfamiliar with the odd red card or early bath.

He was in the side which clinched the title against Hibs at Easter Road in April 1977.

Who could forget August 20th 1977 against Ayr United at Somerset? A miserable day, and I was drenched walking to the ground. We lost 2.1 and Johnny was sent off by referee Bob Cuthill for striking him with the ball by accident and was later to be exonerated by the SFA .

When Davie Provan arrived from Kilmarnock for a huge fee in September 1978 it looked as if Johnny Doyle’s Celtic days were over. However, Johnny buckled down and played in a more central role in the forward line, using his speed with great success. On April 28th 1979 he scored a vital winner against Dundee United at Parkhead to keep Celtic in the League race.

He is perhaps best remembered for being sent off in May 1979 when Celtic were 0-1 down to Rangers in the league deciding game. The Celts roared back to win 4-2 and Tommy Burns used to tell a great story of after the game while the players celebrated wildly, Doylie was sitting inconsolable crying, “Ah let yeez doon, ah let yeez doon”.

His most productive season at Celtic was probably the the 1979/80 season, with the pinnacle being when he scored a memorable headed goal against Real Madrid in the European Cup 2-0 victory on March 5th, although Celtic eventually lost on aggregate.

If Johnny Doyle owed his team mates a debt for his ordering off against Rangers the previous May, then he repaid it in full on February 20th 1980 when he had the game of his life for Celtic.

In the Scottish Cup replay at Love Street against St.Mirren an astonishing crowd of 27,000 turned out to create an electric atmosphere, He equalised before half time and after Saints had gone in front again, it was Johnny Doyle who gained the penalty from which Lennox equalised, after he was scythed in the area. With the game late in extra time and the Celts looking desperately tired Johnny Doyle summoned the energy to run from the halfway line, round goalkeeper Billy Thomson and smash the ball home from a tight angle. Celtic, who had played for 100 minutes with 10 men, had prevailed again.

Johnny Doyle also scored in the 5-0 semi final win over Hibs on April 12th 1980 which set Celtic up for a showdown with Rangers in the final-and in the final, he was seen to be furious at being subbed for Bobby Lennox in extra time. But he was eventually happy after George McCluskey’s winning goal gave Celtic the cup and inadvertently caused an ensuing riot.

With the arrival of Frank McGarvey from Liverpool and the appearance of a young Charlie Nicholas, Johnny Doyle’s appearances were to be limited in 1980/81 although he was on the bench when the League was won at Tannadice on April 22nd 1981. The next season Johnny Doyle had to be satisfied with playing mainly in the reserves and although unhappy at not featuring in the Celtic first team, he refused moves to both Motherwell and Hearts, preferring to stay with his beloved Celtic.

On 19th October 1981 he was involved in a tragic accident. Whilst rewiring the loft of his home in Kilmarnock he was electrocuted and tragically died at just 30 years old. His premature death was a big shock to the whole Celtic support who loved this gallus character.

As happens when a player dies in his prime, his memory lasts longer than others. But in Johnny’s case, we’d have remembered him as fondly even if the tragedy had not have happened.

A Johnny Doyle-related chant emanated after the league win of 1981/82, when The Faithful remembered their departed hero, with the sombre but celebratory chant of “We won the league for Doyle” after beating St Mirren 3-0 at a packed Parkhead on May 15th 1982. In the forthcoming seasons the Jungle were prone to chanting ‘Johnny Doyle on the wing’ in a belated tribute to their hero.

He died a Celt, and he has never left our memories and for those of us who saw him in the green he will always be in their hearts.

May he rest in eternal peace.


Above article by JIMMYNOTPAUL. If you have an article waiting to see the light of day,mail it to Mahe.


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TYVM for the article about Johnny. I think I can safely say that I was a fan of his before most Celts were. I was still a wee bit young to go to away matches on my own,and my Dad and most of his mates-whom I’d usually go up with-had all either started shift work or working away from home.

My Uncle Billy,who had married my Dad’s sister,was and is a lifelong Ayr United fan and ST holder. Poor sod got landed with me quite regularly and it didn’t take me long to realise there’s some right garbage refereeing in Scotland,even if Celtic aren’t involved-though I was there when Johnny put Cuthill on his arse. Also that there is real pride and passion for their team,in no way different from ours. Oh,and so much more that made me realise how lucky I was too.

I even saw Alex Ferguson playing his final games!

But what I really saw was a wee fella who wouldn’t have looked out of place at Celtic. The Ayr United fans adored him. They were more used to anti-heroes,for want of a better expression,but here was a genuine quality player playing out of his skin for them. They were gutted when he left-as Jock’s biggest ever transfer,btw-but not too surprised.

After all,he used to turn up for training wearing his Celtic scarf!

R I P and HH,Johnny.


That’s a great post.
You feel your ? and passion coming through in the post.
It was the passing of Dunky McKay that made me think of players gone and I realised that as time moves on, less fans will remember J.D.
As ever, my article could only be done with the help of the wonderful Celtic Wiki.
I hope you are luckier today at Mussleburgh.
I enjoyed your post about darts and counting.
Great stuff.

Twists n turns

JNP – a pleasure to read that article.

Johnny Doyle:

Another on my list of ‘less fashionable’ players whom I admired. There’s something special for me about supporters who managed to achieve the dream of pulling on the jersey. I call it my Peter Grant list.

I still hope to see one of my grandkids run out in the hoops some day, though that particular dream is running low on time. 2 of them are still young enough that the dream stays alive, so the hope is still there.

(Actually 5 of the 6 are still young enough but with 3 of them being girls the odds are long…. ladies team perhaps??)

A wee aside re ‘ dreaming of the hoops’

My youngest son , when he was perhaps 12/13 or so, said to me at bedtime one night

“ Dad, I can never get to sleep for ages”

I told him I had a technique I used . I told him I would lie in bed and start a story in my head. It’s cup final day, or league decider, European match, or whatever. I’m on the bench for Celtic. We’re two down when I get the call. I score a hat trick, or set one up and score two.
I said, before you know it…. it’ll be morning time. “Try it” I told him.

Next morning at breakfast I asked him if he’d tried my technique?

He said he did, and it worked.

I asked him if he’d scored the winner, or a hat trick? Last minute penalty?

He kinda pondered for a bit and said “ No. I came on as sub v Rangers when we were two down. I scored but then I fell asleep. I think we lost 2-1.



That wasn’t a dream, your Grandson had, that was a nightmare.
What age were you, when you stopped dreaming you would play for Celtic?
Or do you still have the dream? ?



Cheers,mate. But it’s my poor Uncle Billy who deserves the praise!


Ah,I think that’s a generational thing. We were brought up in the days of The Lisbon Lions. I suspect your lad was brought up in the dog days of the Kelly/White regime. He’s lucky we only lost 2-1. Btw,his goal was probably a stoatir!

Twists n turns

I’m definitely a dreamer but alas I’ve accepted that at 61, my chances of appearing in the hoops are a bit more than evens.

I dream of different things these days. A board who understand the hopes and dreams of the support are more than just sharing the Scottish trophies between themselves and the other mob.

I dream of a CEO who earns his astronomical salary and bonus through aforementioned football success on a wider front, and not on the size of the bank balance.

I dream of guys like Auldheid and the res 12 guys seeing their efforts achieve their goal.

I dream of the SFA accepting that it’s time to bring in referees from outside of Scotland to ensure fairness and impartiality.

An MSM that display integrity and honesty and that can be respected.

The odds on all of that?

Hmmmm. Perhaps my pulling on the hoops at 61 is still more likely.

Twists n turns


Outside of football?

I dream that the good guys in life – example – MICK – ( there are millions of others, yourself included) get to live out a comfortable peaceful life, free from stress and worry, surrounded by their friends and family.

The bad guys ?

Best not put in print what I dream for them.



That bet has a Lucky 31 written all over it. I’m sure that certain bookies,like Paddy Power and Betfred,pay four times the odds for a single winner.

As each of your bets are at least 10/1,a fella like you will take a mere millisecond to realise that you’ve lost the lot…



Sadly,mate,I’m doing my penance down here. But thanks for the kind words!

Twists n turns

Well I know where you’re coming from. I can understand why you see it that way. I did a 20 year stretch myself and often seen it exactly in the same way you do.

It could also be seen as a means to an end though. I think the key for me was that I consciously took a decision that I was setting a deadline and going home. Picked my time and despite efforts to persuade me otherwise, ( I did an extra 6 months over and above the date I’d chosen, purely as a favour and out of respect for my employers) I packed up and headed home.

The mistake I made was then heading back into the rat race, again, as a favour for someone, but I’m once more at the stage where I’ve chosen my final retirement date and this time when I’m out, I’m out. Difference now is that although I’m back in work, I still get to go home to my wife every night as opposed to flying weekend visits.

I see the kids and grandchildren frequently now too. Friends too of course.

Pick a date Mick and get it into your head that you’ll be heading home. Even if it’s 5 years from now. It’ll pass sooner than you think believe me.

You’ll find work in Scotland if you have to. If you don’t have to, even better.

My mum is 87 now. I hope she lives to 100 plus, but if she doesn’t, the 2-3 times a week I get to see her now as opposed to half a dozen times a year, mean everything to me.
As you know I lost my mother in law in November, and again, in that last 18 months or so of her life I was able to see her regularly, and I realised that’s precious time that I wouldn’t have got with her if I’d not taken the decision to move back.

Of course there are other decisions to take account of. Finance. You’re a numbers man the same as me. You work out what you need and add it to your plan. What do we need? Not want. Need?

Enough to pay the bills. No more no less.

Everything else that matters will be around you in the shape of aforementioned family and friends. No amount of money replaces lost time.

Never met a dying man yet who said on his death bed “ I wish I’d worked more hours and made more money”

Anyway I’m rambling now – but you get the message. If you’re dreaming of getting home, make it happen.



Re CELTICWIKI,it is as you say. A wonderful source of information. Although my wee mate that I’m meeting tomorrow keeps inviting me back to see his Celtic Opus,ooooer missus. It’s in his Celtic-themed Mancave,and to be honest it is a sight to behold.

As was his missus’ face when he told her his plans for the garage,but that’s a different story!

Anyway,I’m sure that BIGNAN who used to post on CQN-but was more notable for other anti-establishment things-had a big hand in it all. Now,he’s a fella I would love to see posting on here-I very much doubt he would be a fan of the board and their current direction.

I will need to have a trawl through my mail addys,I’m sure I had one for him at one time. If it was archived for some reason,it will still be there somewhere.



I already have-a good while ago. I said that I wouldn’t look for another job down here. That’s Part One of the battle. Part Two is that I’m not walking away from a large redundancy package,and that’s a conflict of interests!

I might pack it in and come and work as your butler though.


Off into town. Things to do and people to see. And for once,I’m gonna have to put a bit of planning into an article so enjoy the day,folks.


I’ve just looked at the card at Musselburgh. I reckon you could be in with a shout of winning a few of those races. Get a decent jockey up on you,you’d definitely beat most of them home. Good luck with your selections.

Awe Naw


don’t hang about for January just for for my sake PLEASE. Stop lurking now if it will make you feel better. I just reckon that January is going to be a very interesting month that’s all. So far it’s been very interesting and we are not even 3 days into it but you may well be right it may be another Willo Flood window (i.e nowt significant)

Awe Naw

I have been wrong before … once 🙂



You have some idea of the gist of tomorrow’s article. Most of which will deal with past events.

Now,as we know,those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I was speaking to my sister the other day,and we started talking about the transfer window. We reckon that it will be done on a cost/benefit basis. In itself,a correct way in which to do business.

But here’s the problem. PL never learns,because he doesn’t think he needs to. Since he took overall control,we have won,I think,eleven out of fourteen titles. He will look at the areas of the team that need to be improved and weigh up the cost involved.

Quite simply,he will decide that the cost of an impact signing far outweighs the benefits of sticking to what we have. After all,we are still top of the league-right? We could have got that Slovakian striker done and dusted for £5m,but he didn’t judge him to provide £5m of benefit so dragged his heels which allowed other interested parties to get involved. So,a no goer then.

As an example.

I’d say that we will not sign a first team ready player this window.

Awe Naw


a very good read I think the idea of sharing the burden of the lead articles is an advantage over other blogs

Awe Naw


I think it is also depends within the usual parameters on who he knows is for the offski. Apart from Broonie anyone on BR wages basically.


Awe Naw. 9.56.
Thank you, that’s appreciated, I know you are your own man and say what you think.

Awe Naw

Having read yesterday evening posts I can’t fathom for the life of me how for many Celtic fans that the penny hasn’t dropped yet that “the product” is Old Firm. My god it´s truly tragic

What had my media nose twitching yesterday was this (in italics)

“I always wondered about the mentality of certain Celtic supporters, not by any means most of them, who basically said our club died in February, 2012. -AJ

My hunch is that possibly somebody has been on the hooter arranging a wee game of golf and AJ is helping them oot. The timing and content is only for our PLC´s benefit. Since when has AJ given a monkey toss what Celtic fans think ? examples please. I now suspect that the removal of Dave King was regime change enough and that we are seeing closer Old Firm coordination

Twists n turns

When we spoke yesterday re your upcoming article, the topic which was in my mind was the transfer window.

I took a look through the ins and outs since Seville. I choose Seville as it was a season that demonstrated what a good bunch of experienced can achieve on the European front.

We should’ve kicked on at that point.

The strategy never changes. We sell more than we buy in respect of transfers. On the odd season we have actually spent more on ins than outs, you can bet your bottom dollar that will be remedied in the next window.

Now the strategy itself was good. TO AN EXTENT. An extent that has been taken to such an extreme, that its now a flawed strategy.

Stockpiling cash at the expense of the quality of the goods is doomed to failure. No ifs or buts. Doomed. The reason it worked ok for some Celtic supporters, was based on how high the bar was set by them.

Shit quality goods will only sell if the competition is even shitier. So as we gathered up titles 4,5,6…. the mantra was that it’s all good.

A little more examination of European competition however would have told the discerning buyer that all wasn’t as rosy as it seems.

However 90% of the buying market only cared about beating one competitor. The one that was dead but scrambled from the grave, took on a number of crisis loans, and kept their eye on the prize.

Well take a look over your shoulder fellas. The reborn competitor has kicked our arse on a few occasions recently.

The only way out for us now is to improve on the quality. We have the money to do so.

Do we have the custodians to implement the plan successfully?

History says no.

Twists n turns

The best bet if the day isn’t at Musselburgh but is

Singing Sheriff in the Wolves 2-35


If that obliges, I won’t lose money today. If it does not run as I think it will, I’ll need a few at Musselburgh!!



Including those to whom NL has taken a dislike to,in either his first term or this. I can think of two players in particular who barely figured his first time around and then shone under BR. One is virtually undroppable and the other so far out of the picture it beggars belief.

He had a habit of that,first time round. As an example,Morten Rasmussen. Most fans I know reckoned his style was what we needed,he scared the living shit out of defenders. Hardly got a game,sent on loan time and again. Then scored roughly a goal every two matches for the next six years till he retired.

I’m truly loathe to say this,because I’ll probably get it in the neck but as a player we all loved Neil Lennon. He had balls,and he bore grudges. Frankly,I want that kind of attitude on the pitch.

And I do not overlook the bombs,effigies,etc and the media campaign against him BY ANY MEANS-he has endured things that no-one in a “civilised” society should have to. For that and more,he has my utter respect.

And gratitude.

But being a manager is no place for grudges,for whatever reason,against your playing staff. And it’s no place for supine acceptance-and indeed public approval-of every action and inaction by the board. He should be telling them exactly what is needed,but the problem is that he probably doesn’t know what is needed.

All of the Brendan Rodgers expensive coaching IT aids are still stuck in the drawer,as he said himself.

Awe Naw

Neil is just doing as he is told. Anyone on an improved BR deals. Sinclair, Ntcham, Griffiths have been marginalised due to the size of their wage. Ed will be sold within 6 months. Anyone on a new PL deal is brought in closer to the first team fold. It’s that simple. Loan dealers traverse that dressing room divide as they are not planned for in the long term.



There are loads of brands over the years who died of hubris. Phillips,for instance,was once a highly respected manufacturer of hifi equipment. Then they saw how cheaply the likes of Amstrad could make stuff and did the same-while keeping the same original prices!

Couldnae give the stuff away. I think they bought Marantz to rebuild their brand but followed the same practice and trashed it too.

Look at GEC. And GE in the US. The former decided to buy big into dotcom at,erm,not the right time. More like sitcom or an old advert for the VW Golf. But without the hilarity

The latter? Diversify-see above-and,get this,fire the 10% worst performing employees every year. Yep-regardless of experience,circumstances,replacement costs,etc.

Every empire falls. And it’s almost always because the people in charge are convinced that it will never happen.

Thanks for the tip,of course. I’ll throw a score on it and the same to a charity close to your heart if it wins.


Actually,if the charity is only getting money if the horse wins,I might as well put their score on at the odds available.

Twists n turns


I don’t like putting up tips. I feel fekkin awful if folk lose money on them.

bada bing1

No punishment for Aberdeen chairman, open season on Celtic is like never before.

The Gombeen Man


Thanks for taking the time to write a fine article and give us all a lift into 2020.

The old firm are a Joint Enterprise.

Peter Lawwell is a key part in the unfolding strategy that will see Sevco claim title 55.

It’s that simple.

Lawwell resisted the appointment of Brendan Rodgers. His appointment threatened the business model. Rodgers would spend money. An early sign was delays over Scott Sinclair’s signing which prompted Rodgers to remark “eventually” when asked about the transfer on the television.

The plan to fix Scottish football and the return of Rangers to it’s summit was already in place. Rodgers appointment was off the script. Rodgers was a threat.

Lawwell’s unease; that was so obvious at Rodger’s first press conference was already manifesting in conflict.

Rodgers was a cut above anything seen at Celtic Park since Stein. Unprecedented success presented a threat to the Rangers revival plan.

Success also began to wake up the slumbering Celtic support. Celtic couldn’t continue to progress at this rate, that would undermine the long term stability of the lucrative but toxic old firm.

Celtic were also developing a financial clout that was putting us beyond the reach of Sevco’s unconventional financial sources.

What would be the implications of 12 in a Row? Would we still have a queue for SB’s? How many would still be paying top dollar at Ibrox?

The joint enterprise guarantees the generation of money. European football is a risk.

The Rodger’s footballing philosophy wasn’t in the long term interest’s of the joint enterprise.

Work continued in the background and real Rangers men continued to facedown those onerous contracts. While reform at the SFA only meant safeguards from any repeat of the indignity of the death of Rangers.

Frustrated and seeing the writing on the wall, Rodgers eventually left Lawwell in the lurch for Leicester. Leicester were transformed and Celtic compensated by £12m.

Coincidentally Neil Lennon was available. Thankfully Neil stepped in and Sevco’s form dipped dramatically post Christmas.

A lackluster performance in the Cup Final saw Celtic capture the TT. Lawwell couldn’t contain himself. He seized the moment and the fall guy was in place.

Transfer Windows will follow the same theme. Maybe a young prospect on loan or we’ve seen it all before.

We are back to turgid old firmism and sharing the spoils.

Characters like Alistair Johnston are wounded and carry the burden of being at the wheel when Rangers died.

Jabba, Gerrard, Kent & Morales are all like heels from the wrestling world. They put bums in seats and sell tickets.

The reality is that very few beyond Hadrian’s Wall give a Friar Tuck about the SPFL. The old firm game is lunchtime background entertainment in most pubs outside Scotland.

The truth is nobody else really cares. If we are willing to pay for this and won’t confront our addiction to it, so be it.

Celtic have funds in place to ride out the uncertainties of the next couple of years.

The next step is the 55th Title.

Whether we accept that are not is immaterial. It’s already sorted.

The problem is…

Will Sevco stick to the plan?

Those wounds from the death of Rangers won’t heal easily.




Wish I’d said that!

All that you say about the initial appointment of BR is so true,and especially the part about Scott Sinclair. The selling club,the player,the agent and the new manager were all in favour.

Took almost the entire window to complete.

It was a show of strength from PL. Or,as most of us saw it,a show of petulance at the decision making being removed. Of course,we knew it couldn’t last. I think Scott may well have been the last-only?-signing that BR requested and got.

The more you think about the damage this man’s ego has done to the club,the sicker you feel. History will not be kind to him,but he won’t GAF. It appals me as a Celtic supporter that we have an ego in control,rather than someone with the best interests of the club at heart.

The Gombeen Man


Happy New Year, all the best to the family.

Just the way I see it. I’d hate to think they were actually trying to run the club as a football club and what we have is as good as they can get it.

Folk have often said PL should stick to what he’s good at. I’ve often struggled with that one too.

Anyway, I’m not convinced that we were ever going to disappear into the horizon leaving Rangers…too easily.

Too many vested interests.

The problems; Dishonesty and a lack of courage.




The Gombeen Man / Bobby

What was DD’s role in all of this given that it is alleged that it was the Irish billionaire who persuaded Brendan to join Celtic. I am assuming assurances made with regards to player recruitment prior to BR signing the contract. What went wrong? Did Pistol Pete ignore DDs instructions? Was the meeting in London between DD, BR & PL where DD told both to get their act together asap or else just PR spin or had Brendan already decided ‘feck this i’m offski’ well in advance of this.


Err not sure why the number 32 is shown for last post? It wiz me!

Awe Naw


Sevco have got to where they are today (Jan 2020) because they have outspent us in the last two years to the tune of 80m. Which can be seen in; some of the 250 billion shares guess; half of them, the quality of their squad, the money stolen from SD and some cosmetic safety work carried out at Ibrox

We all agree that they need to find AT LEAST circa 30m from somewhere in the next 3 months to stay afloat. That has to come from January’s share issue or/AND January player sales

Now for 12 in a row to happen then that would mean 4 more years without CL money=That´s the only way a football club can turn a profit in Scotland unless your selling two players a season in the double millions Their retail deal a big earner for them has to be newly negotiated this summer. Anything they do there will probably more than likely have repercussions from Hummel, Elite Sports and possibly even Puma and SD again so without at least UL football after Christmas, further poor retail returns and hefty investment into the share pool Gifts of (circa 20m) a year they will be operating with too much debt to get a UEFA license officially of course – maybe that is why Res 12 was dropped ?

In my book they are already teetering. If they do not get a 30m cash injection this month AND win the SPFL AND qualify for the CL 2020/21 season they will go into administration. Luckily and not by accident the cartel have changed the laws so that they will not be demoted. SPL -> SPFL if that were to happen.

I reckon if the January share issue is successful for them then we will give them a clean run at the title and I would expect to see a good run in the UL for Celtic with some preferential officiating for a wee change. Enough to take our collective minds off of a hun revival. Even that might not be enough to prevent an administration event between now and the start of next season.

Celtic PLC want the bigot buck just as much as The Rangers FC and are therefore prepared to sacrifice the more cerebral and active part of the support good riddens than go without the bigot buck. That’s why we have been banking the money.

D Day is the next 6 months. These issues need addressed within the next 6 months us going for 55 will only happen (iMHO) if they are no longer around and that will not be allowed to happen. Our PLC will not allow it see 5WA and resolution 12 and SPL -> SPFL we Celtic custodians are the architects of that nobody else

Awe Naw


waist line ?

bada bing1

Scots tourists ‘should leave Dubai immediately after killing of Iran general’

Team trip must be in doubt….


Awe Naw
waist line ?
Coincidently 32 is my waist size!

Awe Naw


32 you lucky …..


Thanks for this article on Johnny Doyle.
A true Celtic hero.
If i had the chance to talk to Johnny i’d say you didn’t let us down that night you galvanized your teammates who upped their game for a deserved legendary victory.
My one complaint is you didn’t hit the bastard hard enough.
Likewise the wee hun ref.

The Gombeen Man


I like the new moniker. Not sure why ?

My gut feeling is that DD sets the parameters and PL runs the show.
PL stewardship follows a chaotic theme.
If you look at the managerial appointments during his time, it’s always the same thing.

My understanding is that Rodgers was appointed on a different basis. Through some kind of a competitive recruitment process held in Dublin.

This would have put Pedro’s nose out of joint.

There were problems in recruitment from day one.

Desmond must think that Pedro is trustworthy with money and is able to deal with the Sevco/SFA junta.

That’s why he’s so well paid.

My concern is Pedro’s repeated scew ups. I’ve never felt comfortable with his dealing with Sevco. It goes pear shaped too often when he’s left to his own devices.

Why does Dermot put so much faith in him?

It’s a mystery?

Money in the bank. Share price, gets on well with market. Cost management, low financial risk.

I just don’t think that anyone with a modicum of integrity would touch the administration of the Scottish game.

Brendan. Who knows. I just think there is only room for one boss at CP.

Awe Naw,

Thanks for that.

It’s been hilarious watching history being rewritten in real time.

Didn’t a journalist tell us this year that Hector had miscalculated and actually owed Rangers/Sevco money and possibly damages too?

There is no doubt that the way Sevco burn cash that at some point that must cause some kind of an impact.

Problem is that there can be no trust whatsoever in the administration of the game at a domestic level and the groundwork done by the Res 12 bhoys might prove invaluable in the future.

The next six months will be interesting.

Let’s hope we have kept clean green water between us?


isn’t it somewhat ironic that the most right wing / WASP president in the recent history of the USA has launched an attack against IRAN – the land of the Aryans? Albeit he most likely didn’t know that wee fact.





Bada Bing1 @12-58
Not if there is a fee for airline ticket change.


Good man Twists.
Never a doubt.
Got 4s with Skybet this morning.

Twists n turns

Aye won like a good thing eh.

Glad you got a lift from it bud.

Bobby – see yer mail when you surface from your scratcher.


Happy Friday folks.

Jnp,, many thanks for the great article on a player I never got to see play tbh.
Hard to believe a professional player was wiring his own house but there you have it.
The old fella told me he couldn’t believe it one morning that you just heard he was gone and that’s it. Told me Johnny was “a goodun” and he wouldn’t have said that if not true, passed away or not. Not his style. Seems our John crammed a lot into his mere thirty years.
You’ll Never Walk Alone Johnny. God Bless Your Soul.

Hail Hail from an overcast but still dry central California. Looking forward to my partners rant tomorrow.
TeT is taking a break for a while. Things go south here, we will all take an extended break from what passes as sport up north.

Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

I was at the rangers game when he got sent off. Doyle’s treatment is one of the many reasons that made this Tim.
MIT and awe naw no worries

Twists n turns

I know where you’re coming from on the “Johnny Doyle being a good guy” stuff. I felt the same about him.

Only a week ago I was involved in a conversation re Ricksen, whereby I proffered the same opinion of him which I held about him when he was alive. It was less than complimentary.

It raised a few eyebrows but I meant it. Of course I feel sympathy for his family and it’s extremely sad that his life was cut short and in such a tragic way, but I didn’t like him as a person and nothing changes that opinion.


Twists n Turns
Revisionism when someone dies is often used to portray a fictional version of that person.
Ricksen was a thuggish player and seemingly a bullying neighbor and as unfortunate his subsequent medical struggles were his previous behavior is a part of his legacy.
Have had many a debate here in the USA about Richard Nixon whose supporters revisionism is an outright lie over the horrible little gangsters legacy.
Likewise the revisionism in the UK press over the heinous Thatcher was truly nauseating.
Like you their death does nothing to change my view no matter how unfortunate their demise.

Twists n turns

Fan a tic
Indeed. It also undermines the credibility of the person delivering the ‘good guy’ message when the truth is blatantly contradictory.

There are numerous other examples .

It doesn’t surprise me that the hun support held him in such high esteem. He fitted the profile of their idea of what makes a good guy perfectly.

For further proof see:


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