Takes two to tango

Last weeks document ( see the Etims article below ) detailing the Old Firm sales pitch to the EPL was very intriguing if not disappointing.
That level of collaboration between the two clubs at the time raises some very interesting questions about just how much the duet intermingle when it really suits.
Some worrying questions actually.

We have received few yet mixed messages from our hierarchy on the death of our rivals.
Never once have they unequivocally stated that the dreaded Old Firm is dead. That itself wont worry some but is a travesty to others. Its huge to me.
Its the avoidance of taking a stand.
We are a stand alone club was uttered but later stating they cost us ten million a year doesnt seem very stand alone.
A stand alone club cannot nor would not enter into a joint agreement guaranteeing 4 derby clashes per season either.
And then the 49 quid entry showed the thoughts on new club exactly. There to make us money again.
We play whatever hand is needing played at the time and dont get officially involved.
They have sitting on the fence down to an art on this one.
Their death wont really matter to the subject matter but our reaction and lack of it is an indication of how our Plc feels on the touchy subject that is still making headlines.

Around the time of the collaboration attempt tensions were running high off the field.
The manager had been sent bombs and bullets, yet those above him still happily dined with the enemy. We will never know if they felt getting the game “outta Scotland” would help ease the tensions, its a possibility. Its also possible their new paymasters, if accepted ,would have forced them into sanitizing their fanbase heavily or else, and the money involved would have talked then.
The Shame Game
El Haj Diouf
Reamonn Gormley ( RIP )
The honest mistakes
Ref strike
A gov summit
All of the above and more were ongoing around these times,, and still we seen a joint sales pitch.
I doubt the fans would have been happy knowing about these email exchanges at the time, the brotherly nature and no questions asked of the public conduct of their playing staff.


But yet while we all know money men chase more money ( and this joint effort sales pitch was all about money ) there is to me one clear implication of such cozying up together.
Our clubs social charter, always right there on our website and a thing of beauty indeed, would not agree with such a relationship being either fostered or maintained.


“ Celtic will act against racism and sectarianism in any form. Celtic will not tolerate actions and language that seek to promote racism and sectarianism.”
On one hand we have a clear joining at the hip for monetary gain with those who have been and continue to be sanctioned for racism and sectarianism and indeed had a company policy along those lines for many years.
On the other hand we have a company charter dictating we disassociate ourselves from such as those above.
Its one or the other. They are incompatible.

The Plc have shown a disregard for many things but just deciding to ignore our charter is not an option. Its not one mans or boards decision. You want to change that charter call a vote.
Ignoring it should be a sacking offence. Acting against racism is not planning to elope with a serial offender in anyones books.
The ethos of our club is laid out bare for all to see and its not a case of picking and choosing which sections apply or can be ignored at any given time.
The duel relationship our suits clearly craved ( our at least were willing to play along with at the time ) is not one that many look favourably upon for those very racist and sectarian reasons.
Well known, sure. Healthy, not a chance.
We should run from it, not marry it.

Approx one year after this disgusting sales pitch was concocted one of the duo died owing a very very large sum of money to Her Majesty’s tax services. An obscene sum actually that should have seen men jailed.
Over 100 million down the tubes and picked up by Joe Bloggs.
A national disgrace and probably the biggest British sporting scandal to date.
And again, here we were happy to be tied at the hip to such people, happy to be one half of the partnership with huge scale tax dodgers.
We should not ever be tied to these people. This also comes a mere three years after the riots in Manchester. Its hard to believe we wanted to buddy up to them after seeing that footage and not hard at all to understand why the joint application was rejected by the Epl on the back on such recent encounters.

“ Competition is the life-blood of sport and increasing true competition is the best way to breathe fresh life into a league structure which is currently wed to a failing business model. Competition would bring increased interest from fans, who would have the incentive of watching their team challenge for titles and of knowing that results count for more than not being relegated.”
Its proper sporting competition that many are leaving for these days as its just not to be found domestically yet here we have people claiming to acknowledge that proper sport is more profitable.
Once more words and actions don’t meet. A team that wouldn’t pass the FFP test shouldn’t be discussing proper competition anyway having lost that right by straying beyond the regulations.

The attempt to happily be one half of the Old Firm is still ongoing for both teams. Fans struggle somewhere between conscience and love.
This board ignore the fan wishes for a clean game, Res12 , bent refs , our charter, etc etc.
Ignore at your peril but the fans wont forget.
Theres an old saying , lie with dogs you get fleas.
Looks like in 2011 they forgot that.
The rejection might well have saved our soul and dignity.
The Old Firm died as a result of it. Not that our club will admit it.

The above is by Mahe. Should any kind reader feel like helping us out with an article we would be much obliged and happily get it posted for the crew to dissect.

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Ouch. Bullseye,old son.

There’s a whole raft of actions and inactions by our board over the years which should not sit well with those of us concerned with the ethics and morals of our club. But the power structure is set up in such a way that none of us can do diddley about it. They behave this way simply because they can. Answerable to shareholders,the largest tranche of whom are clearly disinclined to criticise this course of action and by not doing so,actively encourage it.

Power and greed are two corrupting influences on their own. Combined,they are a stain on our club.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Peter Lawell >>>
We fight for that inch !!!
Now leave me and ma fuckin £3.5Mil alone !!!


That’s a team gentlemen. That’s fitbaw, guys. Now….whit ye gonnae do?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Dennis Quaid to partner SB ?‍♂️
And he doesn’t even need to play

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Bloody russians !

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Celtic Plc invites the huns to dance.


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Can someone share this on board support network CQN?


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Point made.

Meanwhile, on the other channel…..


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Sorry M, but I love it

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

This is BMCUW and Mahe to me,

Brilliant proper stuff ?‍♂️


Not a joke! Brilliant



I have fond memories of that track and the other 19 songs on the album. My first introduction to Stax at the tender age of 16.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks Mahe for the lead article. The quality keeps improving and the absence of adverts and cookie alerts sets this site apart.

I don’t like consenting to these cookie alerts without really understanding the implications.


Dermot Desmond is motivated by one thing.

Not emotion, heritage, morals.
It’s business to him. Black and White.
Celtic’s success is about making money that’s the only KPI.

He knows the money Rangers stole has gone. It’s all about keeping the old firm going and generating money.

The problem is we are stuck in a corrupt league with corrupt officials, a corrupt media and legal system…and maybe we’re not as innocent as we like to think we are?

Anyway…During the Beaton game last season, didn’t Alfredo avoid being cited because the officials saw the incident? Can’t remember the specifics and don’t have time to look it up.

Glasgow beckons today €19.98 return thanks to Ryanair.

I know Mick O’Leary is a chancer but a part of me would love to see him tear into the SFA/Sevco and Scottish media.

This spineless shower in the boardroom lack of support for the players is an embarrassment.


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Ffs, BP, JtT,
And everyone else.

From 7 mins in, you have the best cover of any DB song ever ?‍♂️

How could anyone improve on a Bowie song??

Here’s how. ?‍♂️ 7 mins in….


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

I omitted Bankieboy, that irrelevant weirdo pile of shite claiming to be a Celtic supporter….


Wanker .

BP, hes a twat.
And anyone else he’s made uncomfortable, speak your mind here



Not bad,mate-though I still say the best Bowie cover ever was by Lulu!

By the way,I think the finishing guitar solo on the original was none other than Stevie Ray Vaughan. Nobody had ever heard of him then.



Change from a score for a return to Glasgow? Canny argue with that,mate. Say hi to the young fella-and his manager,who sounds like a fine fella too!


Very clever article by Keith Jackson today. Too clever by half,as the intent is obvious.

Starts off by referencing the Ryan Christie disciplinary today and saying that Celtic’s lawyers will run rings round them-justifiably,in his opinion. Then goes on to trash the Compliance Officer’s record in the job in an attempt to destroy her credibility.

All well and good so far,right?


He then gets to the real reason for the article. The Morelos throat-cutting gesture. Effectively saying that her position is now so untenable that any charge raised will be fruitless. That it will end badly,in his words.

He could have put that message across in a tweet and still have about 100 spaces left over,without the hypocritical preamble.



As for this one from John James,we can only look at the heading and speculate. And if you’ve been reading his stuff regularly,that speculation will take the form of an educated guess.

Protected: D&I At The Helm – The End of Nine


Packy, you back to work today?


Bosses of Britain’s leading firms will be paid more within three working days of 2020 than the average employees’ annual wage, according to research.

Chief executives of FTSE100 firms are paid on average £3.4m per annum. (2018)

So last year PL was up there with them.

One thing though. Celtic plc is nowhere near being a FTSE100 company. Turnover of c£100m is small fry compared to big firms.

He should count himself very lucky.

Awe Naw

Brilliant Article. You have knocked it out the park bhoys with the last two articles both of which will be hard to follow up.

Awe Naw

So Grezda who cost 2m (seemingly) has been let go by the huns and Andy King has been returned to Leicester. So two wages off the wage bill but some kid has returned from Hibs. So with Grezda valued by Steven Gerrard in the 5m category that´s 5m off the hun squad value to borrow against.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, just reading back, brilliant article mahe.hh. jimthetim@11-23, no jim day off.hh.



Whilst the largest share holdings tip the scale their way, how many individuals hold those shares compared to the number with small shareholdings?

The former represent the financial investors, the latter the emotional investors.

We need a shareholder or shareholders in the financial category to let their emotions into play and look to change the imbalance by reflecting the rights of small shareholdings individuals in the voting system

Not my field of expertise buy David Lowe who helped Fergus McCann obtain sufficient shares to take over might have an idea of the topography of holdings.

Margaret McGill

How to legitimize asbestos eh?


Mags, talking about Asbestos. I worked for a large construction company in the 1970s. When workers had to work with the hazardous material they were given a plus rate of 10p per hour. So if you worked all week an extra £4 ! And there was no protective clothing or masks etc.

big packy

talking of the corrupt sfa, you young ghuys have got it lucky, when I first started watching celtic 50 years ago we had some of the biggest orange freemason bassas ever to wear a whistle, tom Wharton, jim,mcluskey, bobby Davidson and bob valentine, huns to a man, not forgetting the chief hun and grand master mr ernie walker, no this is not a new phenomina we have always been cheated.hh.

Awe Naw

big packy

Aye but youse got to watch a decent fitba team !!

big packy

AWE NAW, cant argue with that, hope your well pal?


Packy, I sometimes wonder if the only thing that has changed since those days is that the Ibrox clubs employ Catholics in the football department. Good in itself, but there is so much more to be done in Scottish football.

big packy

HI JIM yes I wonder if Graeme souness had not taken over the job at rangers all those years ago would things be the same today at ibrox, no catholics allowed,any thoughts.


Morning troops.

Jim, on the fitbaw up north, they seem to not realise that the younger generation have much more options now than a bent game. The youth won’t fall for this scam. The fans will slowly drift and dwindle away.
It’s ironic that people who are about the money take actions that prohibit that same money flowing to them.
Perhaps the league needs a real hard nose businessman to rearrange it with income the priority,, meaning happier fans spending more.
The entire set up is a dysfunctional mess that needs ripped up.
Our manager is getting bullets,
But yet our board are cozying up? Did Neil know at the time I wonder.
On current course the league sees smaller clubs die due to disinterest in a rigged game and or inability to modernize.
Once the smaller clubs go, the bigger clubs are at risk.
Once folk walk they aren’t coming back. Those running clubs need to realise this simple fact.
Hope all is well.
Little one starts school today, growing up fast.
Hail Hail


Oh, Jim gimme your thoughts on the Popes slapping her woman’s hand pls

Mike in Toronto

Ronny Deila joins Gary Mackay Stevens at NYCFC as their new head coach.

GMS was the type of player fans love, but maybe the pressure at Celtic was a bit much for him. I liked RD, but think he got thrown in at the deep end, and it was a bit too big, too soon for him. However, I also think they players stopped working for him, particularly in his second season. Had a whiff of Paul LeGuen at Rangers about the way things went for him at Celtic.

But I think and hope he will do well at NY, as he was forward thinking, had some good ideas, and seemed like a good person.. And hope GMS does well under Ronny.

Awe Naw

Dermot Desmond 32,772,073 34.8%
Lindsell Train Ltd. 17,371,845 18.4%
Christopher David Trainer 9,796,784 10.4%
James Mark Keane 5,909,847 6.27%
Thomas Eardley Allison 3,357,505 3.56%
Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA 1,096,882 1.16%
Investec Wealth & Investment Ltd. 900,000 0.95%
Belgrave Capital Management Ltd. 600,000 0.64%
Baillie Gifford & Co. 499,950 0.53%
Peter Thomas Lawwell 356,000 0.38%

big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO, hi mike could not agree more with that, like you think ronnies time at celtic came too quick, there is definitely a manager in there, he always handled himself well, even the hun press liked him.?


Packy, it’s unthinkable that an organisation nowadays could have an anti-Catholic employment policy. How they got away with it for so long is a mystery. Especially with UEFA. I can only guess people were terrified of stirring things up with the backdrop of the Troubles in the North of Ireland.

Margaret McGill

Celtic’s 2nd biggest shareholder
From their web site:

“LTL’s clients are generally regulated financial organisations such as investment funds, pension funds, and endowments based predominantly in the UK, Europe and North America. Although we believe the risk of tax evasion taking place is relatively low, LTL adopts a zero tolerance approach and is committed to preventing the facilitation of tax evasion”

just saying

big packy

JIM, yes that is what I was thinking,.hope you are well, did you see mahes question about the holy father.


Mahe, I understand what you are saying about Hampden. It is run by amateurs who just like the idea of wearing a suit. Even the professionals employed like Doncaster, Maxwell and Regan are puppets of their masters on the boards. Being a member of the masons is seen to be crucial at all levels. There to represent the interests of their own clubs and then The Rangers.

Ironically you mention getting hard nosed business folk in charge with an eye on the income. Is that not what we have at Celtic? Obviously you mean that they would grow the game away from it’s ‘bentness’. For the benefit of all. Not one segment.

One can but hope.

Mike in Toronto


Having said that, the results weren’t great when he moved back to Norway with Valeranga. Not sure if they ever even finished in the top half of the division. The NYC gig, becuase it is part of the Man City empire, is a good job for a younger, ambitious coach. So, I am sure there were lots of people interested in the job.

As I say, his record in Norway wasn’t the best, so he must interview well/have some good ideas..

I wonder which of those were kept on at Celtic. Maybe someone on here knows.


Mahe, Packy, I would love to know what the lady in question is saying now. Hopefully she is embarrassed and ashamed at trying to pull The Holy Father in close to herself for a hug. He is not a pop star.

big packy

JIM, I would have reacted the same way,hh,


Jim I mean that theres more money in a clean well run game as opposed to what we witness passing for the national sport right now and in recent times.
Well, at least I believe theres more money anyway.
Plus that would help cement the next generation of fans who will line pockets. A win win.
Maybe I’m wrong of course. Wouldn’t be the first or last time.
Hail Hail


Mahe, I don’t disagree with that at all. But I’m probably more cynical than you. I doubt if there is a sport left in the world which is not tainted with corruption. The difference as I see it, is it often centres around individuals. Whereas Scottish Football corruption is institutionalised.

big packy

JIM, you nailed it, institutionalised?


Jim my response to that would be money talks.
For instance they wanted into the Epl.
That entails opening yourself up to the press down there, accounts heavily scrutinized, fans reported on fairly and without bias, songs listened to etc etc.
They were willing to go clean for the mega money. At least gain entry, sell at huge price, and the clubs institutional problems become somebody elses.
We woulda been told no Ira songs at all or stadium closing.
They woulda been told the same, and sort books out or you’re out. And for that money they woulda have agreed. Obviously. They were keen. Very keen.
The masonic corruption was one vote away from being cast aside by the nations biggest clubs. Then it would have faded.
That’s telling. In my humble opinion anyway.
Hail Hail

bada bing1

Celtic will be without Ryan Christie for two games after the SFA handed the midfielder a two-match ban.


Last week I emailed JP Taylor asking him if he could confirm that an after match incident had happened in the tunnel he wrote back to tell me he had not heard of any incident. A couple of days later I sent him another email telling him about an incident anyone watching Celtic TV could see prior to the game. As Tom Boyd was doing his prematch interview two guys right behind him were passing and drinking from what looked like a 1.5 L glass wine bottle The camera man and other staff as well as the other studio personnel witnessed it as did everyone all over the world on Celtic TV
Some people probably think I was out of line turning in or bringing it to Celtics attention but having witnessed my best friend getting hit with a tumbler in the Celtic end I know the damage throwers glass can do. And the throwers never reach the player or official they are throwing at. And after watching that game I must admit I felt like throwing. My glass at the TV

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