A Celtic way of life

“ This Celtic Football Club is much more than a football club. To a lot of people its a way of life.”
Sir Robert Kelly

While recently washing the Magners golden away strip after an outing I found the above sewn into the interior neck. Its a great quote, though Im not sure of the exact year, from a list of great quotes that are to be found surrounding our club of choice.
It stuck with me, and made me ponder it over a few days there.

As far as this young mind has read the man himself was no Charlie Green prone to waffle. The ‘52 Flag debate showed his character, and the fact it was principles over money to him,trait of a true Celtic man. So I doubt he would have claimed the above lightly or without knowing it was sincerely true, having witnessed that very way of life in motion personally.

What is that way of life I was thinking?
A way of life implies more than just merely following the team everywhere ala Paul the Tim, good chap that he is. As far as I can tell it implies a community working together, a never say die attitude, a looking out for each other in times of need, and fighting for you and yours with everything you have.
To have a club that is inspiring people in their lives and giving them a direction is very, very special indeed.
Being regarded in such high esteem is not something that should ever be neglected, abused, expected, or taken lightly.
That good name comes with responsibilities.

To anyone thinking that was a different time Mahe, that was then this is now and the world has changed, I offer you this. In 2009 a prominent Irish supporter had the following printed in an interview about his upcoming book launch,,
“Celtic is a club that we Irish and our Diaspora can proudly call our own. Celtic is our legacy, left to us by the courage and vision of Irish men like Brother Walfrid, John Glass and Pat Welsh. Many of the ‘great men’ involved in Celtic’s formation were immigrants into Glasgow from their native Ireland, a country crippled by famine and political unrest.
“We didn’t just happen to support Celtic; Celtic is a part of us. Celtic for us is so much more than a football club. Celtic is an institution, an identity and a celebration of being Irish or being of Ireland. Celtic is a legacy passed from generation to generation. Celtic is a way of life.”
Just over a decade ago we have solid proof from across the water that Bob Kelly’s words still ring true. The Celtic Way of Life is ongoing still, in various parts actually. The high esteem still clearly there for some.


Theres been many an opinion printed about what has happened since 2009 when those fine words were said, and we dont of course know how either of the two men mentioned above would possibly view the decade that we just went through as Tims.
As we can clearly see before it the club was still inspiring folk strongly as it entered the last decade.
Did it emerge from those ten years with that esteem still intact?
Still inspiring?
The Celtic Way of Life still alive and kicking in various parts?
All of the above falls under the duty of the custodians,, they had the past standards to uphold and live up to. To surpass those standards would be noble , to lower them a failure.

The actions taken and not taken by our current board are the biggest part of holding or shedding the high esteem granted by others. Respect isnt demanded or bought but earned, and the type of respect folk used to have for that club certainly couldn’t be bought.

It can be sold though, down the river and for material gains. It can also be frittered away by silence when words are called for,, or backing away when standing up is called for. It can be squandered on showing off a good bank balance instead of team. It will be totally lost with an attempt to bury the head in the sand over the numerous issues life in a bent league brings and expecting everyone to shut up and pay up. Again.

To go from role model to folk walking away saying no more would be simply disastrous. Untenable and unforgivable.
We are almost there.
Be very, very careful what you do next boardroom. That Celtic Way of Life is on the line.

The above is by Mahe. As ever should you fancy throwing an article together for the site we would be more than happy to publish and have the crew dissect it. sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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You keep pulling these articles out of the hat,mate. Chapeau,sir-if you’ll pardon the dreadful pun. Little wonder that Joe McHugh has been waxing lyrical about the content here-thanks,Joe. Beers are on me!

What you say though is entirely true. Bob Kelly did indeed know what Celtic was all about. Even his harshest critics would agree. He was a bloody rubbish delegator,mind,and in those days he wouldn’t have required much business acumen to run a club like Celtic. But he did listen when it was important-like when Jimmy Gribben told him to buy Jock Stein,an ageing unsung centre-half with a dodgy ankle who was plying his trade in Llanelli of all places. Or like when Sean Fallon told him that Jock wasn’t a joint-manager of anything!

Thing is,that these guys don’t listen and they don’t learn. They won’t believe what they are seeing in front of their faces. And they won’t say what needs to be said,much less do anything that needs to be done. Not so much wise monkeys as dumb,blind and deaf eunuchs.


e-Rims published its interview with PL yesterday. As previously advised,it was entirely made up pish,as Ralph himself would say. But very cleverly done. In it,he asks a few simple questions and there are three answers given to each.

Ah,but I’m telling ya the plot!!!


(Belated apologies,e-Rims should read e-Tims. Thanks for the heads-up,AWENAW!)

Awe Naw

Those (F#sus4) deaf dumb and blind eunuchs are (F#) the hoors of Scottish football (B)
| B B A D | E | B B A D | E |

Very good article Mahe do you write by intuition ? What makes you so good ?

Awe Naw

e-RIms … have taken the lube analogy too literally if you ask me



I can’t speak for Mahe,though I reckon he follows a similar system. Think of a subject,do a bit of checking to ensure that you’ve got the facts right,then tap away while thinking of how to conclude it!

All the while hoping that the broadband connection doesn’t momentarily loop out because you lose the lot when that happens. Which can be a tad annoying…



e-Rims? Ouch,what a shocker. Apologies to Ralph over on that site-honestly unintentional!

Thanks for pointing it out,mate. I edited in a Mea Culpa above.

Awe Naw


be thankful you both have broadband and keyboards or you´d have such supple wrists



Now now. Mahe is a married man,while I have my extensive book collection. Which is largely being ignored these days-lucky if I read three a month. Changed days.

Awe Naw

I know you’ve got no distractions you both write good on football



Damned with faint praise! Sadly,I’m a long way short of a Henry Winter,but thanks anyway,of course.

What you up to? I’m just sitting around listening to Marquee Moon. Teardrop Explodes should be on next.


And by the way,Mahe is shortly to find himself with even fewer distractions. Wee Fionnuala is off to pre-school. Hope she enjoys it. I’d have been screaming the place down if I’d been dragged to school at not even three years old.

Hadn’t changed much fifteen years later,mind!

So here’s my prediction. He’ll be at a loose end for a week,but within a fortnight he’ll have changed the locks and put the house up for sale!!!

Awe Naw

Your both football wizards

I´m listening to The Who Tommy 🙂


Jim Steinman for me…



Good call! Might be the first ever concept album. Maybe as Celtic fans we should adopt the track near the end-‘We’re not gonna take it.’ They can try ‘Listening to you’



Speaking of Jim Steinman and of concept albums,have you ever heard Original Sin,by Pandora’s Box?

Lord knows,I’ve tried for years to like that album,and there’s enough in it that I should. But…

How you keeping,young man? Not seen or heard from you for ages. You never write,as the saying goes!


Mahe, good article. I think the specialness of Celtic still exists in the supporters and fans. Fans are being viewed in 2 camps at the moment – a/ the ones (majority?) who are mainly interested in the football and b/ the ones who are also ‘politically’ minded about the governance issues, But I think they all still share the traditional love for what the Club should stand for.

I think the latter group of fans (b/) are in there not because they want to be, but because it has been forced upon them.


…More Than a Football Club…since 2012 our Board have shown an inability to understand the feelings of the Celtic support but more recently they seem impotent, or disinterested, to address the issues we feel are real.
I dislike general statements regarding societies, cultures, religions, personalities and viewpoints but it is a truth for me that we have allowed ourselves to be subservient to the Protestant people of this country. Whether we would ever like to admit, unfortunately and with few exceptions, it is in our cultural DNA to accept our position as inferior to the ‘establishment’ culture.
Our escapes from the day to day of life through our football club, our team, offer the chance to show what we can be. Down the years we have had an inherent ability to fight back when the chips were down or the expectation felt too much, not only against our closest rivals but further afield…think 1938, 1953, 1967, 1988 and as recently as our 125th Year celebration against possibly some of the finest players to grace Celtic Park!
Still, it is only since the demise of Rangers and the subsequent formation of THE Rangers that I feel we finally had a chance to shake off our psychological shackles and take our rightful place as equals in this Best Wee Country in the World (no laughing at the back!) It was a chance to take control, to be ourselves, to show The People that we were their equals, nay, their betters. Although we don’t always get it right, we have always held the moral highground, we have always been the more politically conscious, diverse, inclusive support. We were finally free from the stranglehold of the Establishment Club and their control of the aspects of life that affected our ability to challenge fairly.
But were we? Could we assert our own control? Could we expect our Club to affirm the moral stance that Sir Bob Kelly did when he refused to remove the Tricolour? I think we were entitled to expect they would. Since 2012 we should have been at the forefront of everything that should have been done to improve Scottish Football and fanciful or not, improve Society in Scotland, too! Our Board have shown they don’t have the spirit of Kelly. Maybe the workings of the PLC are beyond me, perhaps there is bigger picture I am unable to see, maybe the Board are 2 or 3 or more steps ahead of us but I don’t see it!
The decisions being made against us may be the right decisions but they seem to be loaded against us and not others. How the Board proceed is vital, the Balance Sheet is unimportant, the Profit and Loss is unimportant. What means everything to me, and probably most of who read this, is to free ourselves once and for all from the cultural shackles we allowed for too long.
This is a crossroads. Perhaps this Board don’t realise they are at a crucial juncture in history. There is danger ahead.



I know yer new to the site-and welcome aboard,of course!-but you should have saved that and sent it to us as an article!

It’s my turn tomorrow and I’m a good way into the legwork for it as time is tight on a Thursday so I won’t have time to write it in a oner tomorrow,but it’s largely about what you are saying. Except that the problem isn’t confined solely to Celtic. I’ll explain more hopefully tomorrow.

And no,I’m not giving them a Get Out of Jail card!



Apologies, I felt my comment was relevant to Mahe’s. I look forward to reading your bit ramorra.



All of us,on every site,want to see a successful Celtic. Problem is that there are different viewpoints in that,and each grouping has their blinkers on to others

For instance,you and I would accept having to rebuild a team with youngsters and a few top signings if that was all we could afford and that we could see a way forward. Like the Bob Kelly days-which were far from pretty,as my Dad can tell you! We can just about accept being strangled by a financial juggernaut with which we were woefully ill-equipped to cope. And we did,up to a point. What you and I-and I suspect most people on here-will never accept is sitting on our hands while we are the top dogs and financially secure beyond our wildest dreams-and letting the huns lord it over us.

Some will say that a future failure to continue to dominate can’t be called a failure-because look at what we’ve won in the decade or so beforehand? Don’t you remember The Famine Years? The dog days of the old board? They’ll make any and every excuse and it will NEVER excuse their failure.

A failure to bury the basterts and put a stake right through their dark hearts.

It’s fucking unforgivable,Jim.


McCaff, that was a good read of a post. As Bobby suggests, there’s an article or two in your ability. Welcome btw 🙂



Not at all! Your point was entirely relevant!!!

Mahe and I rarely if ever discuss articles with each other in advance,but sometimes one of us puts something up which sends the other off on a tangent.

Tomorrow’s article-unless something comes up!-is just that. And your post will be as relevant tomorrow as it is today.

I just wish you had sent it for publication as an article!

Hope you enjoy the site,btw. We tend to be a friendly but argumentative lot…



Agreed Bobby. The darkness for me is I can’t see a way forward off the pitch. There is not a chance in hell that DD & PL are going to change. The way they are is fixed. Only by being rid of those two could we progress. But that is easier said than done.

I dream of a new owner – Celtic minded if possible – who would see it as a challenge to tackle the corruption with huge enthusiasm and at the same time have us sound financially and wanting win everything in sight.

Where is that person? (with enough money to buy DD out!) Does he or she exist?



We can live in hope,and some of the info I get gives me that. I’ll give you a quick call,if that’s ok.

Awe Naw

Ever since they were young bhoys
they´ve written about football
From Saughton down to Bridgeton
they must have visited them all
But we ain’t seen a PLC like them
with any mitre ball
Those deaf dumb and blind eunuchs
are the hoors of Scottish football

How do you think mahe does it? I don’t know!
What makes him so good?
got such a supple wrist
He ain’t got no distractions

BMCUWP hears those buzzers and bells
Don’t see any lights a flashin’
he drives by sense of smell
Always acts with fair play
we never seen them fail


I’m no fan of fans mobilising for change, particularly when the club is successful on and off the pitch. Our issues on the face of it appear to be selfish, we have our 8 in a row, we have a treble treble, we have our £30/40/50/60,000,000 in the bank, what more could we possibly want! IMO we require a change of CEO, but his successes are unparalleled. DD knows that and it tops up his beer money every 12 months. So what’s the answer? Who can do what PL does? I don’t know. Is there someone out there who could achieve his level of success on and off the park? I’d say that’s a huge ask as he’s been there so long he knows the business up here inside out and anyway DD has his back. So where does that leave us? Stuck with the devil you know, I think! Which all means that the answer to our gripes lies with changing PL’s mindset, which takes us back to Mahe’s point! What’s important to these guys at the top of our Club!


I am someone who after nearly sixty years of supporting Celtic has reluctantly concluded that the “Celtic Way of Life” or “More Than a Club” is nothing more than a clever marketing tool to convince me and future generations to buy into a brand now and in the future. For most of my life, I was happy to do this, convinced that my club was somehow different in the world and our supporters were unique. I was always proud to wear my Celtic heart on my sleeve and passed on the joy of Celtic to my two sons even though most of their mates supported Aston Villa or even worse Manchester United.

However, over the past five/six years, I became increasingly self-aware that I and my fellow supporters were being taken for a commercial ride by the very people we all thought were there to promote our team’s best interests. As each season passed, I got increasingly disillusioned by their failure to challenge the lies and corruption that have always been present in the Scottish game but we never had the hard evidence like we do now.

At first, I gave them the benefit of the doubt hoping that they were diligently working behind the scenes to bring about a transformation of the game in Scotland that was honest and ensure a level playing field. I also wanted them to ensure that the cheats got punished for their past misdemeanours. I began to suspect this wasn’t ever going to happen when they allowed the new Rangers to be gifted the honours of the old Rangers in the official records without so much as a peep of protest. My tipping point came at the 2019 AGM when they finally decided to dump Res. 12. I could no longer kid myself that Celtic F.C. was now nothing more that the green half of the Old Firm/Glasgow Derby brand and there was as much cheating going on in the boardroom at Celtic Park as there was at Ibrox or in the corridors at Hampden. I have now stopped actively supporting the team though I do still hope they stop the new huns winning the league as no other team in Scotland is capable of doing that.

My aforementioned sons are now in possession of a lifetime of Celtic memorabilia and will shortly be gifted my shares in the PLC. At least this saves my wife a job when I pop my clogs. I made this choice because I no longer want to be associated with a game that is as bent and rigged as WWE wrestling and have given up any hope that it can be saved. Good luck to those on here and elsewhere who will continue to fight the good fight but if and when you come to the same conclusion as me, I hope you find it as strangely liberating as I have.

I will continue to dip into this site from time to time to see how things as going because there are lots of good people here, the posts are of the highest standard and humour is cracking. See ya.


Awe Naw, Poet of the year. Congrats!


Martin O’Neill on Irishness (Part 2)

Martin O’Neill speaking on the theme ‘What it means to be Irish’. This was a lecture conducted in December ’08 on the Irish identity to an audience made up largely of young college students as well as the President of the Irish republic Mary McAleese.

Approx. 5 mins in Martin recalls his time at Celtic and how he felt at ‘home’. Also concludes by commenting on the Irish diaspora and meeting someone wearing a Celtic shirt. ” Being a Celtic supporter to them is not about being a Celtic supporter it’s about being Irish. It is what they feel, it is what their parents would have felt, it is what their grandparents would have felt”

Given this was made almost 12 years ago I wonder if many of the Celtic supporting diaspora would agree with him now? The current board have done a good job in ‘de- irishing’ Celtic FC. As one recent contributor suggested – all in order to chase the Saxon pound and a place in the EPL.

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul?” –

Mario Bertolini

to all the contributors to this site, bravo. Awe Naw, wise, funny and poet laureate. Mahe, BMCUWP, M9bhoy, Mags, Fairhill (naughty), loads 8 others putting across relevant views and topics to discuss. Cannot remember any real fallouts long may it continue.

How is our club going to move forward, have we been sold down the river? is this the way forward in a business sense,,wish I was clever enough to work it out. There will be motives and ideas within the board for the future. If not they will be found out. I think too much money to be lost by sitting on laurels, so I don’t think all is lost. Is this just wishful thinking on my part? hope not.

Guys/girls keep posting, keep our grey matter overdrive. Bloody music someone today mentioned television and teardrop explodes. We will get our reward. Underrated band, writer Julian Cope.


For me the crux of the matter is we are fans of a football club who spend too much time on matters of government, officiating,financials,cheating and betrayal.
In recent seasons it was infuriating but we had a good coach who brought unprecedented success to offset such.
The appointment of Neil whose credential’s (based on his two previous managerial tenures) was not met with the majorities approval.
The fan’s after initial concern’s put their doubt’s aside and in early season form he silenced the critics.
Recently a lot of the concerns noted based on his previous time as our coach have resurfaced.
The doubts held about his ability have been magnified by our hated rivals being a better team than in previous seasons and our last two incredibly similar poor performances against them where our coach repeated the same flawed gameplan .
That in a time of unparalleled financial success we are neck and neck with a debt stricken rival has created an air of betrayal and disbelief at the path our board has chosen.
Our present situation is entirely the making of a board completely drunk on their own success.
There was no realization by them that a large reason for that success was due to being in a favorable landscape and their negligence in not using our strength in attempting to create a fair and honest game has led to circumstances that are actively harming our football club.
That so many fans are contemplating leaving is a stain on this present board that wont be so easy to erase.


Good morning Vietnam.
Hope all are well on this fine hump day.

AweNaw if my work is considered good its merely because I believe in doing a job right and I wouldn’t dream of letting some of the folk on here down. Can’t hit a homerun everyday of course.
Should you find yourself with some free time we need our font size increased slightly and the archive feature collapsed 😉

Bobby, preschool is 3hrs every Monday morning only. Not groundbreaking but I do look forward to Monday mornings now unlike most of the globe.

Welcome McCaff. Glad to have you onboard. Take yer shoes off and enjoy yourself.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


anybody who wants their font sized increased should get their fucking heid tay play wi

only kidding .. If you want the font size increased then press ctrl and + (together) that makes it bigger (the hint here is the plus) anybody wants it (smaller then press crtl and – (minus) together) that makes the font smaller the hint is the minus sign as is in reduced. You can do this all day to your heart’s content for free

Awe Naw


When I read this this morning and I quote “Not so much wise monkeys as dumb,blind and deaf eunuchs.”

I immediately thought of The Who´s Pinball Wizard ..you guys know I dabble in guitar

hence my 1st post my 3rd post 5th post 6th post and 7th post

Please tell me you guys got it …………….

I apologise in advance I was feeling jovial this morning as I didnae piss the bed


The Who is much more Bobbys style. Miles and miles is my fav of theirs.
Tonight I’m gonna put my head into my Oculus Vr Crimbo gift and watch Ready Player One. Looking forward to it. Might stay in there.

Jim, , Paddy Reilly is TeTs mate btw.

Awe Naw


This year you have hit it (article quality) out the park . not joking


Speaking of articles have you read Peters latest?
“”I think the balance sheet is probably the strongest it’s ever been in the club’s history,” said Lawwell. “That allows us to plan for the future and invest in the squad; and also the infrastructure around Celtic Park”
We’re in very good financial shape but you can’t be complacent on the pitch, in terms of success. And you can’t be complacent off the pitch.”


Peter talks a good game. I’ve met many that did. It’s the end product not the sales pitch you get judged on Peter. Large and growing percentage of disenchanted supporters want action not words.
18 years later a wee bitch about the Sfa?
Talking up the NEDs at the Sfa but our own haven’t done jack shit for the average Tim.
Actions and words don’t match.
It’s lip service. And far too mild for the current climate.
Hail Hail


Awe Naw. 3.00.
I got it and have been singing Pinball Wizzard in my head. ?
Welcome and enjoy.


Big Packy.
This is for you.
I noticed this today.
That’s the e.mail address for Croy Brass Band.
Just in case you want to get in touch with them, could be a few of your, long lost, relatives in there.
They may be glad to hear from you.


In light of Ronny Deila being surprisingly appointed head coach of NYFC i looked at our coaches win percentage at Celtic in comparison to their overall record

Ronny Deila had a 63.56 win percentage at Celtic compared to his overall career record of 49.37%

Brendan Rodgers had a 69.8 win percentage at Celtic and 54-7 overall win record overall.
Interestingly he has a 83.3 win percentage at Leicester.

Neil Lennon from 2010 to 2014 had a 70% win record
Neil Lennon since feb 2019 has a win percentage of 78.8
His overall win percentage 57.6.

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL, your a saint, just sent an e-mail off to them, hopefully ill get a reply, next time im home beers are on me?


Thanks B.P.
Good luck.?

big packy

any you ghuys in my age group or maybe a bit younger, remember a game think it was hampden, been on my mind all day, just remember this tall lanky dude ripping us a new one, later learned his name was johann Cruyff, anybody remember the game and the score,.thanks in advance, no use asking jimthetim, he was not born until 1973.??


You have some memory Packy, I can hardly remember 2013 never mind 1973 ! 🙂

big packy

JIM, do you remember the game im talking about, it was definitely hampden park, why I do not know. help please?


Naw, the only game I remember was the European Cup final in 1970. Feyonoord beat us 2-1. My father had recently had a heart attack and was confined to bed. So we moved the TV up to his bedroom where a wee gang of us watched it.


Talking of which. the morning my father had the heart attack my mother sent me to get the doctor who lived in the same housing scheme as us. I run like the wind and he was down within minutes! But imagine that, a doctor living in a council house! He wasn’t the only one either.
They were on-call 24/7. changed days.

big packy

JIM, yes remember that final in 1970, I was convinced we would win, but sadly wim janssen, played out of his skin?

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