Football has long been regarded now as the new rock music,the cool thing that everyone wants to be associated with. Whether it be Brand Beckham and his wee pal Tom Cruise,or Shakira loved up with Gerard Pique,the game-and the attention it receives-is a phenomenon. Few top footballers are ever seen without a piece of eye candy these days-Abi Clancy,for instance,may never have discovered what a warm,genuine person Peter Crouch is had they both been born thirty or forty years earlier-but it is all to the good.

Because let’s face it,thirty or forty years ago,the average football fan-that’s you and me,folks,and our pals-were looked upon with disdain and contempt. Mention that you were a football supporter in polite society and you might as well not have existed. We were herded by the police wherever we went,charged ridiculous prices by British Rail for “Football Specials” on rolling stock which would have been bettet preserved for the TV productions to use on “Downton Abbey”.Or even “1917”

I remember,even as recently as 1994,getting,erm,no thanks whatsoever from my then girlfriend and her parents for taking their cricket-loving privately educated son to see his first game. He had told me,when he found out that I was Celtic daft,that he really loved Everton but it doesn’t matter anyway as football wasn’t really a thing in their family. So I took him to Wimbledon v Everton for his 16th. Went over to Caterham to pick him up and took him back afterwards. Bought him his first pints of Guinness too,in The Fox and Hounds-now a good Celtic pub.

Everton were three up at half-time,and won 3-2. We were in the wrong bloody end for the goals,but it didn’t wreck his day! Brilliant stuff,and that’s what football is all about. The anticipation,the routine of meeting pals or family,the predictions,the beer,the camaraderie. Oh,the whole kit and caboodle,to the extent that the actual game becomes something of a sideshow.

Except that it doesn’t! We kick every ball,we shout-‘Man on!’-and a lot worse at the players. We cheer every piece of brilliance or even adequacy depending on who you are watching,and then we talk about it afterwards in the pub,probably the following day and definitely the next time we meet up.

And the special,treasured moments? Well,we can talk about them any time and all the time! Because that’s what football was to us when we were growing up,and to us it still is. We were and are Football Supporters,despite all the shite that we had to endure,the sneers from our peers,the treatment by the authorities,the frankly Third World facilities that existed in most grounds.

We were Football Supporters. And we supported football. Literally. Without us paying our money and giving up a lot of time,the game that we love would have collapsed.

The problem is that football is no longer interested in the dinosaurs like us. They have consigned their dark and distant days of ramshackle stadia and cowpatch bogs to a footnote in history and embraced the glam and glitz of the 21st Century,despite having taken ninety-odd years to even make it into the 20th Century. Remember how we all sat slack-jawed in the early 80s watching American Football on Channel 4,amazed at the facilities on offer and wondered why we couldn’t get them here?

Wonder no more. We got that,everything except the cheerleaders and the mobile beer taps. We even got the multi-camera coverage of the games. But forty years ago,it cost me £2 to watch Johnnie Doyle and co put Real Madrid to the sword. I’d be lucky to get change from a fifty for the corresponding fixture nowadays. It probably cost me ten bob for the scarf I was wearing that night too,the only thing any football supporter in those days needed to identify him as just that. Now,we have a superstore offering a plethora of replica jerseys-why the hell do we need three jerseys a season,and why do we have to change ALL of them every year?-and the number of fans who feel naked without one when they enter a ground never ceases to amaze me.

And at £60 a pop for a piece of cheap nylon,I’ll stick to my scarf,thank you very much!

Football is now very much a global sport,and the explosion in income for the top clubs has been based on that. Teams go on tours to faraway lands,eager to allow absentee fans pay through the nose to watch a meaningless pre-season friendly against another top team from thousands of miles away with the same idea. Some sovereign states have even entered the arena by investing billions into underperforming clubs from big cities,like Paris St Germain and Manchester City. The latter can be beautiful on the eye,and in David Silva they have probably my favourite non-Celt this century,but it all detracts from the ethos of the game. That glory is achieved on merit and not on who can afford to buy the best players. Success used to be cyclical due to a number of factors converging or diverging at the same time,now it is a self-perpetuating exponential curve,with the rich clubs getting richer through their success on the pitch,and those riches enabling them to buy in order to maintain that success. And so it goes…

But does it? Or will,to paraphrase a 1980s NME journalist,football eat itself? I think we are on the verge of just that,beginning with the ludicrous decision to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. That a country with such an appalling record on human rights was even allowed to put itself forward is bad enough. That they expect players to play in temperatures of 40C is simply crazy stuff. But that hasn’t stopped Qatar using this Award as a means to further their ambitions in the game,no sir. This week,they play host to-wait for it…

The Spanish Supercopa!!!

Honestly,I had to check the date when I read this stuff. Spain’s top four teams-Atletico,Real,Barcelona and Valencia-are playing a mini-tournament over there in a three year deal worth €40m a season. It has really captured the interest of the Spanish public too-to the extent that the four clubs have sold less than one thousand tickets between them. And I can see a similar enthusiasm for a World Cup in a country which will ‘relax’ its strict laws against alcohol,but hardly to the extent of setting up fan zones and letting people enjoy themselves. Ferried to and fro from a fleet of luxury cruise ships anchored offshore.

Lisbon in 2017 it ain’t,lads. No staggering home from Pink Street at 6am if any of you are daft enough to go.

Is this the first sign that the fans are finally fed up with the money-go-round? What about another ridiculous notion,this one from closer to home. Fancy going to the South Wales Derby,Cardiff City against Swansea? As you might have guessed,it is live on Sky at noon on Sunday. And the police in Wales have said that it is a high risk game,and have acted accordingly.

So Swansea fans will only be allowed tickets if they travel on designated coaches which will leave Swansea at 745am. The cities are only about fifty miles apart,so I have no idea what the fans are expected to do for three hours before kick off. I doubt they will be allowed into the local Wetherspoon early-opener,that’s for sure. The worst part,of course,is that plenty of Swansea fans live in Cardiff in the first place,so they face a 200-mile journey just to watch a match being played out their back door!

The game nowadays is riddled with examples like the above,where quite simply a lust for money has taken over the agenda to the exclusion of all that once had it termed The Beautiful Game. We welcomed the bright new dawn of attractive new stadia,with modern and up to date facilities,even as we bemoaned the hike in prices and the fact that we had to sit to watch a game which is designed to get people on their feet. But it wasn’t all good in The Good Old Days- the fact that you were allowed to take a carry-out into the ground only made up for the shocking toilets,for instance. That what toilets there were available were actually a health hazard-and situated next to the pie stalls at Celtic Park!-was just how it was. There was little or no attempt to clean it up,make it a more user friendly experience. You went tae the fitba for the reasons I stated above,but what you had to endure during the game made you question your sanity at times.

Yes,football has sold its soul. That much is clear to me. Sporting achievement and financial advancement go hand in hand,with the latter taking the lead. And Celtic,like every other club,is jostling for a place in the first class compartment of The Megabucks Express,even as the conductor queries the validity of our ticket. And everyone on board has forgotten one simple fact-that football is nothing without the fans! Looking at the above examples-and there are a great many more,of course-you have to wonder if it is really worth the effort.


Above article by BMCUWP. Don’t sell your soul for money,folks. Send us an article instead,and we’ll print it FOR FREE as Article of the Day!

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Good article BMCUWP. I must say I agree that the desire for money and brands has taken over the game and it’s barely recognisable to me. When I was growing up we knew many of the players and their families at Celtic and other clubs.
I can’t fully agree with you on Qatar being awarded the world cup. That competition has always been for sale and they bought it just like the previous countries to host it. I also have to confess to some bias here; as I live in Qatar. The companies that have come in to Qatar, along with the government, are trying to improve that human rights record and laws are being changed. I believe the world cup spotlight helped that and my concern is no one will give a shit again after it’s gone as they’ll decide the have a new enemy. We all saw how the narrative changed from muslim bad to europe bad in the run up to brexit referendum. I work in construction and we work hard every day to make sure not only that our teams are safe but also that they are being looked after outside of work, salary paid on time, freedom of movement, proper accommodation, rest days, etc. The previous reports comparing the deaths in preparation for Brazil to Qatar were, not to put too fine a point on it, bullshit! They compared the deaths with Qatar’s whole population to the construction deaths for the world cup preparations in Brazil, hardly apples v apples. Don’t get me wrong it ain’t perfect but you’ll find the quality of life for the majority in Qatar compares very favourably to the horror show that UK has become with it’s xenophobic outlook. As you probably know the Club World Cup was hosted here recently and the fan zone was jumping, cheap booze (a fiver a pint, it’s usually a tenner) and even a couple liverpool and flamengo fans having a dust up outside the toilet – apparently firminho is not considered the greatest ever brazilian footballer by the flamengo fans; who knew?!

Off to my HSE induction now for the new project – I shit you not!. Take care team, oh and Happy New Year.

big packy

BOBBY, brilliant stuff once again, gone are the days when players travelled together with the fans, on buses and trams, changed days indeed, talking of Swansea and Cardiff, up until a few years ago I took joan down to Cardiff every 8 weeks to cut a customers dog, she moved down there with her husbands job but still wanted joan to groom her dog, she paid all the petrol expenses plus 100 quid for the inconvenience, I would drop joan off at her house, then go to barry island for the day, loved Cardiff.hh.



I’m happy to bow to your superior knowledge of Qatar,and many thanks for the update. I know whose version I’d prefer to be correct,that’s for sure.




Cardiff’s a great place,mate. Had many a good dayooooot there. Still can’t figure out how they managed to build The Millenium Stadium bang in the middle of the city centre though.

And as for building Cardiff Castle just at the end of the street? That’s superb forward planning,that!



Just a minor correction: the Spanish Supercup is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Qatar or a separate ahem country…

The Gombeen Man

Thanks BMCUWP’S for the article and the interesting title… Alchemy, Jung, Philosophers Stone, Free Masonary…plenty of food for thought.

Anyway by coincidence I watched a documentary yesterday by Gary Neville on the World Cup in Qatar…

Maybe the vested interests in the west haven’t been completely honest with us…?




Thanks,mate. I just heard that on the news! Still not bliddy Spain though,but lesson learned re research.




Thanks,mate. I’ll watch that tomorrow.

bada bing1

The ‘awe naw’ story came from a guy who was a director on Taggart, and told the story to Alex Norton, he was sitting close to the guy who coined the phrase.


Ah, Pink Street, Lisbon



And this just in – today’s Celtic transfer rumours*

Rumours that Leicester City are more interested in acquiring the signature of Celtics marauding Viking defend Kris Ajer than our Eddy! A fee of £10mill + Filip Benkovic is ‘alleged’ to have been offered by Brendan’s new love.
(Now personally i’d be happy if there was some substance to this)

Celtic linked with yet another non scoring striker. This time it is Aston Villa striker Scott Hogan. Capped by the Rep of Ireland Hogan has struggled to make an impact at Villa and is currently on loan at Stoke where he has played in 15 games and scored 3 goals.
(Hopefully this rumour is total BS)

*: More than likely utter BS

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby – good, thought provoking article, mate ?

Calton Tongues- Will never forget the look on the peoples faces on that bridge over Pink st. So glad I took the wee man, even though he hasn’t shut up about it since ?

bada bing1

THE Irish rebel song Come out Ye Black and Tans has rocketed to the top of the Irish iTunes charts, beating Lewis Capaldi.


Big Audio Dynamite,
Pink Street was brilliant.
Even buses on the bridge were stopping to watch.
Later on we were sitting with Oldtim, BT and a few others outside this restaurant and I bought a round and was waiting to pay the waiter and he never returned! Paid for the pizzas and taxi back to Estoril…

Big Audio Dynamite

CT, We met a group of Russians who couldn’t get their heads round the fact there wasn’t a game on ? and my Russian isn’t great! We got there in the end.


bada bing1

THE Irish rebel song Come out Ye Black and Tans has rocketed to the top of the Irish iTunes charts, beating Lewis Capaldi
As you are aware that is because the ruling Fine Gael party and Leo Varadkar want to hold commemoration ceremonies for the RIC and DMP. The RIC who’s members included the Auxiliaries and The Black’n’Tans. The RIC and DMP who openly colluded with the British forces of occupation in Ireland. The force that oversaw the forced evictions during the famine and provided escort for wagons stocked with food heading for the docks and foreign ports during An Gorta Mór while their countrymen starved.

A legacy of Michael Collins Free state. Fine Gael the party who brought you the Fascist blue shirts and Eoin O’Duffy. The man who raised a Brigade of Irishmen to fight for Franco in the Spanish civil war and offered the Nazis an Irish Brigade to fight against the Soviet union during WW2. As the Irish fascists had been largely ineffectual (usually drunk) during their Spanish civil war adventure the Nazis declined the offer.

The West Brits are alive and well in the Irish Free State

As Sinn Fein’s Mary lou McDonald stated about the planned RIC commemoration.

Govt commemoration of RIC, Black&Tans, DMP a calculated insult to all who stood for Irish freedom. Nowhere else would those who brutally suppressed national freedom be afforded a state commemoration. Crass Fine Gael revisionism gone too far. Cancel this event @LeoVaradkar

Sinn Fein Abu CSC



Paul Larkin’s blog on internal running of Celtic is spot on. The reason? No internal accountability. No systems for doing so, lack of capacity because of player wages taking priority.

I remember writing to DD a couple of years ago with observations on those issues but if they ever got passed on they got the same treatment. File under ” Noted” like the suggestions for SFA reform.

I will regret saying this but I reckon I could run Celtic, perhaps at the same wage but spread over departmental managers with aims/objectives/targets and measureables to meet the strategy (which would be published) to deliver Celtic’s over riding goal, whatever that is.

Mike in Toronto

First, Come out Ye Black andTans tops the charts …. and now Auldheid suggests a coup d’etat and installling himself as the new leader of Celtic!….

I’m liking the way this place is going!

After the revolution, the place could look something like this ….

Auldheid as CEO

No. 2 – mags (to keep Auldheid on his toes… and who wouldn’t like to see him in action during meetings with the SPFL, SFA… would be stuff of legend)

BMCUWP – head of media relations (for the excellent job he does running this place)

Mahe – Supporters Liason (he would make sure the fans were considered)

Fanatic – first team coach

Mike in Toronto

Our old pal, Noam once said that “propoganda is to democracy as the bludgeon is to the totalitarian state”….

so, as our first step in the Revolution, we need to gain control of the media …

who is up for a scrap with a certain Board friendly blog? then the DR?

As the GB said, ‘we didn’t come to take part… we came to take over’



MIT 3.04 LOL

Power to the posters!!!

Billy Bhoy

Anyone else totally underwhelmed by the pish being spoken by Lenny and Broony over in Dubai?
“We’ll learn from Rangers defeat” “we’ll remember the hurt” etc
FFS was the abject Cup Final performance not recent enough to learn a few lessons from!

Meanwhile, we are being linked with “striker” Scott Hogan from Aston Villa. He cost Villa £12m in 2017 but scored just 6 goals in last 54 games.

Anyone know how many goals Scott Sinclair scored in his last 54 games?

Mike in Toronto

Possible next steps…..

The first action of the All-Celtic Central Executive Committee shall be to change the name of Sentinel Celts to cTPax KenbTKnn

(sorry, I dont have a Russian keyboad, so that is as close as I could get)

or are we thinking of going in this direction:


To the people of Scotland and Ireland ….”

Personally, I’m good with either one …

bada bing1

Olgach, thanks for reply,I found out about this nonsense yesterday mate HH

Mike in Toronto


Glad to hear you are on board…. I wasn’t looking forward to having to shoot you … (but I will if I have to)


bada bing1

6 figure bid accepted for Lewis Morgan, from Inter Miami


Spare Packy too!

Mike in Toronto


I assumed that Big Packy would be musical director of the new Celtic Revolution …. we revolutionaries like music with lots of banging drums! plus, we also like dogs…so I think BP is safe….. for now.


Shame about Lewis Morgan … I know he hasn’t shown it much at Celtic, but I think there is a real player there … before he signed for Celtic, he looked great … remarkably two footed …. he needs to bulk up a bit (but RC did that), and needs proper coaching … but, I dont think Celtic is right place for him to develop ….

but I think they will love him in Miami


Good morning comrades.
That’s some rant Bobby, what a way to mess up the big game in Wales eh?

Anyway I’m starting to think wee Fionnuala might be a hun.
Pushes boundaries all day every day
Never her fault
No respect for authority
Invents rules to suit
Screams if caught and pulled up
Thinks the rules don’t apply to her
Etc etc

Anyway, it was very hard to pull my head out of that Vr headset. Wow, there really is another world going on out there. Walked into a virtual cinema, said hi to a few in the lobby and then settled down to watch a movie. Then walked the rope bridge up the coast from mums house.
Next its design a virtual room to hang out in.
A dream within a dream Csc.
Hail Hail



Old Calton proverb.

If ye stick yer leg oot the windae some so and so will pull it. 🙂

On Morgan: I thought it was a joke as I didnt know Inter Miami was a real team.

I thought it was another version of a Glasgow Saturday amateur league team called Inter Milanda (after a local bread bakery.)

I wish I could remember other team names in that league. Galardia is the only not so funny one I remember.


This from Rhebel Rhebel on Twitter.
Selling two left wingers in the one window doesn’t help to dismiss the feelings that the board are full of Tory Bastards.

Mike in Toronto

JosephNotIvan (all will be be given new names to signify their rebirth under the glorious Revolution

I like it! Funny, and ideologically correct.

You will be the official punster of the Revolution!

Mike in Toronto


As part of his agreement to sign for the MLS, Beckham negotiated that he would be given the right to start a franchis for a $25 million dollar fee. … the going rate for new franchises is between $250 and $300 million…. If he decided to sell his interest tomorrow, he would make a mint, and the teams hasn’t even played a game yet.

so, obviously, DB is no fool …although I still dont get what he saw in that spice girl.

Margaret McGill

I would volunteer to be Auldheids number 2 no problem.:)
On the topic of number two’s its time we did one on this board.

Margaret McGill

True story.
In 96-97 I was working in London. My accountant knew Beckhams accountant.
Story goes one day he had to write a check for “Customs and Excise” and it came back “Costumes and Exercise” with the “For” bit filled out with the word “Victoria”.
Maybe the holding company Beckham Dyslexia thought they were buying some Italian job and not something in Florida. Just saying.

big packy

JIM and MIKE if im going to be shot,last request, can I stand behind the firing squad.??


?? | Ismaila Soro

He’s in Dubai, he’s with Dudu Dahan, he’s following the club on social media, he’s set to become our first January signing.

Ismaila Soro
21 years old
Defensive midfielder
5ft 8

Funny how Dudu Dahan is always there!, seemingly he’s not even his agent.!!!

big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL@3-54 never a truer word spoken?

big packy

that word defensive midfielder gets on my nerves, bobby Murdoch was a half back as was john clark, get it right please, or I will set jim on you??


Ismaila Soro, Is he 1st team ready or another project?

Dudu Dahan, wasn’t he the bad guy in Barbarella?

big packy

OGLACH, he is a defensive midfielder, don’t worry?


(Ismaila Soro, Is he 1st team ready or another project?)
A more pertinent question would be does his face fit with our present coach???
Performance does not seem to be a determining factor.



A point I’ve made often,mate. Quite simply not wise management.



I think they call it The Terrible Twos. And if you’re struggling to cope with that,you’d better make plans to get the hell outa Dodge in about a decade’s time!

big packy

its 6-30, jim has not been on just figured out why, 2 new soaps starting tonight, one is called coronation street based in Manchester some really weird characters, ena sharples Emily nugent, stan and hilda ogden, and a real mamsy pamsby guy called ken barlow, also one based in a motel in birmigham, called crossroads,a very weird guy with a bobble hat called benny, no thanks ill stick with dr finlays casebook.hh.



Never mind a takeover,mate. The point AULDHEID was making is that if he were the boss,he would have a hierarchy beneath him,each controlling their own little fiefdom.

At the moment,PL is micromanaging every aspect of the club. Has done for years. If he was to be run over by a bus tomorrow,there would be a bunch of headless chickens left behind,with no idea what to do



Ouch. Kwalityman.


So, I’ve now managed to catch up from the 29th Dec, and it has been a long and winding rollercoaster with top quality articles and posts. Thanks ghuys!
Sadly, home from Gran Canaria tomorrow, what a bummer. Sorry to see Scott Sinclair leave, treated very shabbily.