Back to the grind

When you can pull off a Monday piece in the off season you know youve made it,,so I hear anyway.

The squad are back home after a rain and wind soaked week in the sun out in Dubai and the gaffer said the usual encouraging words when quizzed by the local hacks.
“ Every point is a prisoner from here on in “ is exactly the attitude that needs instilled, hopefully Lenny rams that home.
“It can flip in one weekend ,thats how finely balanced it is” tells us that every game must be approached with a winning attitude regardless of the last. All the right noises, the weekend see’s us start to back them up hopefully.

The praise reserved for Marian Shved may have raised eyebrows but it wouldn’t be the first time a fringe player had a good training camp and caught the managers attention. Infact are these camps not the best ideal time to do such impressing? Theres not much else going on to distract the Lurgan fella, and if you are serious about getting a run in the team why not bust a gut out there?
A Ukrainian cant find things very easy at all as Neil pointed out, and maybe its only now the young man has actually found his feet.
The old ‘like a new signing’ wasn’t uttered, but still, its not far off what we have here to unleash upon the second half of the season.
I hope he gets a proper chance to display his wares.

One good lift would be a new striker and rumours abound that our man is in Glasgow with a view to signing. More when and if that becomes official but theres little doubt some quality fresh blood up top would deflate a few that have aspirations to lift our title come May.
Neil claims we are working on signings ‘across the board’ whatever that means, but we should all know we dont spring out of the blocks on these things regardless of how much we would all love to see it happen for once.
Im thinking he means one for each department but we shall see.

The other eye catcher of the weekend was James Dornan’s piece explaining why he is giving up his campaign against sectarianism. Putting his politics aside its a very informative from the heart piece that deserves to be read from one of our high profile fans, but theres many questions raised by his assertions.
He admits he has spoken to certain football clubs about the problem, and the media.
Yet none care. Who and what was said would make very interesting reading and should be out in the open for all to know.
The cops and politicians run from the it, the nation resorts to whataboutery more often than not, and society prefers to pretend it isnt a big problem at all.
No wonder he walks after banging his head against a brick wall.
Our usual Monday correspondent tells us weekly that the Orange Walks need to end before the nation can start on a better path. He might well be right but if folk were as honest with each other as this fella has just been to the whole country then things may well improve.
Walking away shaking your head saying no one cares, its not just football that can do that it.

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Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all from sunny South Africa. I’ve read Dornan’s rant and am unimpressed. If he can advise me of a single occasion when Celtic supporters have collectively abused the Protestant faith, or any other for that matter, then I’ll cease to regard him as a proponent of the ‘two cheeks of the same arse’ viewpoint.
To be clear: whether or not you support a united Ireland is NOT sectarian any more than is support for Scottish or Welsh independence. Dornan of all people should know this.
A few years ago I allowed myself to imagine what life might be like in a Scotland without a Rangers FC – arguably the country’s biggest rallying point for anti-catholic bigotry. Alas, as events have shown, the Celtic board lacked the same imagination and have actively colluded in the continuation myth.
Like many others before him Mr Dornan and his ilk continue to ignore the elephant in the room of the ‘best wee nation’.



Blinkin’ flip,you’ve been there a while now. Did you miss your flight?

Dornan does make one very salient point. Whataboutery. Sectarianism will always exist as long as each side genuinely believes that the other side has more of a case to answer. You’ll never convince the huns that they are in the wrong anymore than anyone can convince us that we have no right to sing The Rebs.

Our argument is that our songs are of remembrance and celebration of a glorious struggle against tyranny while theirs are simply of hatred. Theirs is that we are glorifying killers. Point being,there is no middle ground in that argument,no grey areas from which to make a start. Without that,a 330yo battle will still be dividing us in another 330 years.

And no,I don’t know how to square the circle either. When both sides only see black or white,that’s what you’re up against.

Byres Road Bhoy

Hi Bobby, I’m out here till early Feb. And making the most of it.
I take your point although the UVF and UDA killed a fair few folk too as I recall. I have often wondered if the rebel songbook would have declined following the death of Rangers or any other entity pretending to be it. We’ll never know and I suspect we’ll never be allowed to know as the present entity will doubtless be assisted to survive no matter what.
I speak as an atheist, but I wonder at the hypocrisy of a society which routinely allows the abuse of a religion – any religion – by thousands of people on a weekly basis without adverse comment from media or political spokesmen. Sorry but I feel that nothing will change until that is addressed – or even acknowledged. Just my opinion.
Away to play golf but will look in later. Awrabest to you and all at SC – regardless of viewpoint. It’s a super blog.


When my fiancée and I went to meet the priest who was going to Marry us he asked her what is your religion, she replied I don’t know but we went to Sunday school down at the church at Deer Lake. I have to say my whole time in Canada I can’t think of one time where religion has been a point of interest to anyone at work ,socially or educationally.and I almost thank my lucky stars daily that my kids are not aware or have to deal with sectarianism
We have 3 kids 5 grandkids none of them brought up with any religious affiliations . And as they are all model citizens that gives me a lot of satisfaction. We were brought up to respect people and never bring trouble to my mothers door



Early Feb? Fopps will be closed by the time you get back! Enjoy the golf,watch out for cross-eyed caddies trying to sell you dodgy shares.

I agree with you-i think the loyalists were responsible for more deaths in Ireland than the nationalists-but as I said,the problem is that both sides will point to what the other has done as a justification for their own views. As an example of similar,look at the reaction in the rags to Harry and Megan deciding to get out of Dodge. They’ve clearly been pissed off by the media coverage of everything since they met-and with some justification-and have had enough.

All of those newspapers who had been cheerfully dishing the dirt on them from Day One are now wall to wall on it,virtually half of their online articles are on the subject. They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong,I reckon that’s a special case in lacking self awareness. And don’t even bother asking if it has anything to do with her being mixed race. Heaven forfend.



That’s the way it should be. I’ve never asked anyone their religion,matters not a jot to me. Often enough,it comes out in the wash,so to speak. Then we just order more beer and change the subject.

big packy

MORNING ALL, mahe food for thought, the sad fact is we will never be welcome in little old bonnie Scotland, not because we are catholics no its because we are irish catholics, they just hate the word fenian,,get rid of the orange walks get rid of sectarianism.hh.

big packy

BYRES ROAD BHOY, nice too see you posting?

The Gombeen Man

A focal point for sectarianism in Scotland is the old firm.

It’s a profitable business for the elite and part of a system that condemns generations to a life of poverty. Over 35% of children in Glasgow still live in poverty.
There is no appetite in Westminster or the leafy suburbs of Edinburgh for the unwashed masses to awaken.
If it’s not Fenian this or Orange that it’s peodophile versus zombie…

It’s about division, fear and distraction.

That’s why your old firm is an institution. It keeps us in bondage.

Sectarianism and the old firm go hand in hand and in many ways has replaced religion as a way of controlling and manipulating the population of Scotland.

Don’t give them any more money.

In many ways Lawwell’s, Desmond’s, Lindsell Train’s, Minty’s and Glibby’s old firm earnings are just as obscene as dirty money appropriated from crime.

If not. It’s simple.

Fix the problem.


big packy

You are correct. I recall regarding an article written during the Indy ref concerning sectarianism in Scotland (Wish I could recall who wrote it). The point being made that in Scotland there is little or no animosity directed at their ‘indigenous’ Catholics – the Highlanders and those of the Western Isles. No the hatred of the Catholic faith is focused on ‘Irish Catholicism’. I’d argue that it is racist as well as sectarian.

Agree with many. The reason our custodians have never questioned the continuation myth is due to their love of the ‘bigot buck’.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

I see on the other channel that the idea of signing new players is detrimental to the confidence of the current squad.

Interesting ?

Meanwhile, anyone that questions this will be scrutinised by the hun spotter extraordinaire who klaims to be fae Kkydebank and offers nothing other than pish every day.

Ffs, that bellend gets right up my tits.

This has been Uber Tim, reporting back from a wet and misery laden Lanarkshire outpost. Back to you in the studio, BMCUW. ?

The Gombeen Man


At least we appear to be making a signing.
The fact that he has an Irish sounding Christian name isn’t a squirrel of course…just a coincidence.

I can’t see that distracting anyone.

Best of luck to Polish Paddy if he signs…


Been out of Alba for 20 years and no-one’s ever asked my religion. Did meet a buxom Glesga nursey wummin at a party here once and on learning who I followed she said ‘Uch, yer no wan of them…(without any humour)’ I made a quick exit.
Meanwhile, NL says we’re looking all over the place for new signings. With days until the new campaign begins, seems he’s right.

The Gombeen Man


I read your post about the use of facial recognition technology at the Cardiff v Swansea game with interest.

As many will know our billionaire  shareholder is a player in the biometrics industry. His company Daon are a leading light in this growing market.

The word Daon comes from the Irish for human being, duine daonna.

I’ve often felt that the opportunities presented by biometrics in the UK by border control and security post Brexit are another reason for not rocking any boats.

Indeed Lord Livingston’s links with BT, Dixon’s and the UK government highlight Desmond’s wide ranging commercial interests.

Below is a wiki link which gives a bit of background.

Daon’s own website is informative too and maybe of interest to some.

It might well be that the bold Dermot knows more about all of us they we bargained for.

Dermot’s automated passport identification machines will welcome me back to the Emerald Isle later today.,_Inc.



Bloody hell,he has tentacles everywhere. In fact,I’m surprised he can keep juggling so many tentacles in the air at the same time!

Didn’t know about his involvement in biometrics though. Facial recognition is just the latest in a long line of surveillance techniques used in the UK,which I believe has the second highest number of video surveillance cameras in the world. Second only to China. Add in the likes of number plate recognition cameras allied to their various databases,and Big Brother isn’t just watching you,it’s tracking every move you make.

Music to the ears,of course,to those that tell us that if you have nothing to hide,you have nothing to fear. Whataloadabollocks.

Hope you had a great time back home,mate.



Fortunately,he is mainly ignored on there. I think his overuse of a certain letter allows people to instantaneously scroll.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

The Gombeen Man,

We love our squirrels.

As long as they aren’t the man-eating ones ?

Or anything like the dangerous drop bear koalas….

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


yeah. Got his own wee world there now, so it shouldnt bother any of us ?‍♂️….but still… ?

Ooh, see us blustering beery folk(kkk) ?!…Why can’t we just accept that Big Pete is a mastermind genius….. ??? Ffs.



PMSL at that. Cheek to call it a Batman suit-sorry,it’s a gimp suit!

Best Gotcha I’ve seen for a long time.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

That drop bear clip is feckin funny as f.

I’d have totally fallen for that myself to be fair. ??

Gets funnier the more you watch it.

You could almost re-write it back here with the headline “Celtic Supporting Koala Brutality”…. ???



There’s an article in today’s Daily Mail by Ian Ladyman saying exactly the same thing about Edward Woodward at Man U. Poor fella on £3m a year,been there for yonks,unappreciated by the fans. Think of all the money he has brought into the club,etc.

The parallels are eerie.

Thing is,The Guardian has been taking the polar opposite stance on him for some time. I know which view I trust more.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Lassie does well to be fair ??.
Like I said, I’d totally fall for that pish as well, and I’m an intellectual genius as you know ?‍♂️?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

BMCUW @ 11.21am,

Cue an article in the daily express demanding he be burned at the stake by Lord Summer Isle…..?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

? Oh, nothing can delight so
As does the part that lies between
Her left toe
And her right toe
The Landlord’s Daughter ?

The trials and tribulations of Eddie Woodward ^^^

The Gombeen Man


I was talking to a Donegal fella on the way over. He’s working on a contract here. Everyone keeps getting asked “What team do you support?”

He’s a GAA man so he just answers “Donegal. Everton in football cause Seamus Coleman went to the same school.”

No interest in the old firm malarkey and much the better for it.

Anyway, till later.

Thanks Mahe for the article.

Think my nap might have been a NR at the weekend. Not that it makes much difference.?


Great article from Ralph on e-Tims as he compares the record of Scott Sinclair with Brian Whyareyousogood.



You still up for sharing your intellectual brilliance with us mere mortals next Tuesday afternoon?

bada bing1

Ismeili Soro signing as well seemingly, defensive MF

bada bing1

Gerald Weisfeld RIP


Click bait daily.*

This just in .

Bnei Yehuda’s midfielder Ismaila Soro ‘agrees Celtic move’ £2m fee suggested.

A small defensive midfield player. Just watched clips of him (I know I know) seems a wee bit prone to go to ground a lot when tackling. Will defo need to stop that IF he joins the Bhoys – red card magnet for the Huns in Black. But we have been looking for a defensive middy so at a mere £2 mill it could be a goer?

Celtic are reported to have made an approach to sign 19 year old Tottenham winger Jack Clarke on loan for the rest of the season!

Celtic and Sevco still reported to be interested in 20 year old Stoke City striker Tyrese Campbell

Probably means that Sevco will sign him if Paddy fae Poland signs for Celtic.!

* Could all be BS



A good man by all accounts,who had his heart in the right place.

Gerald Weisfeld RIP



If he signs for us,I can look out my oul’ Cote D’Ivoire jersey. It’s a stoatir.



If he signs for us,I can look out my oul’ Cote D’Ivoire jersey. It’s a stoatir.
I think a few of us had the hooped one back in the day. I gave mine to a colleague in Abidjan for his son when I was working there for a bit.

Also IF he signs and is any good all the GB have to do is turn the Tricolour around so it’s the orange white and green flag of the Ivory coast 🙂


Many years ago i remember reading Tony Parker’s book May the Lord in his mercy be kind to Belfast.
He was an Englishman who spent 5 months visiting the city to interview people of all denominations.
One thing that struck me was he said he quickly learned that he would know the religion of his cab driver when they asked what school did you go to?
He said he immediately knew they were protestant and the question was about them trying to find out his religion.He said the catholics or non religious never asked the same.

It always stuck due to an incident i had at a party in London with some Edinburgh toff.
Friends were telling me about this Scotsman i had to meet and introduced us.
His first question was what school did you go to?
I responded instantly with Not the same one as you ya orange bastard and he scurried off.
My friends were a little surprised by my behavior but i was unrepentant and said he knows what i meant.


Is that the same James Dornan that does the court reports when themz are in the dock.


Irvine Welsh on ‘The Old firm’ sectarianism

Welsh, was speaking at the US launch of his book Dead Man’s Trousers, and said: “It has to do with the Old Firm and the power of those institutions not really being invested in change.
“Why would they be? Rangers without sectarianism are Partick Thistle, basically. And Celtic without sectarianism are Hibs.
“They’re invested in that, and it serves them as enterprises.



Newradbhoy 1.44
The one the bhoys are speaking of, is a SNP MSP, he has a season ticket with Celtic.
The Green Brigade had him as part of a banner because of OBAF which he is all for.

The Gombeen Man

Fair play to Pedro and his marketeers as we look to add a player from the Cote D’Ivoire to add to the arrival of Polish Paddy.

The Ivory Coast flag is certainly welcome at Celtic Park.

I used to have a pal who had the Cote D’Ivoire flag tattooed on his right arm. He worked in my local. Nobody ever pointed it to him.

I suppose it looked the right way round from his perspective.?

Mike in Toronto

Oglach @ 2:34

The events of the last decade make it much harder to argue against that view.

The club had the chance to stand up against the sectarianism (which I would say not only infects Scottish football, but, arguable defines it), but did nothing when it was given a chance to make a real difference.

This is not to say that Celtic could have done it all, and all by itself, but as the largest club left by some distance (certainly after Rangers were liquidated), Celtic held all the Aces. But acted like scared mice.

The club is a business, so, one has to think that the club did nothing because it believed that Old Firmism was in its best financial interests. Given that most Celtic fans (even those who knew about the cheating) did nothing, and seem most exercised when dealing with the zombies, it does look like the club’s thinking was correct (if short-sighted, in my opinion).

So, hard to argue with what old IW says.

The problem is not going to be solved unless and until all parties accept their role in and responsiblity for the problem. That is not to say that all parties are equally responsible, and some parties certainly carry a much greater responsibility for the problem than others.

But, if a solution is to be found, we all know that it isn’t likely going to start with the league or the zombies. If a solution is going to be found, it is going to have to start with Celtic, or more precisely, Celtic fans.

But, if we are going to make inroads, we must be seen as credible, and to be credible, we must be honest with others and with ourselves.

As it stands, Celtic got NOTHING from Rangers’ liquidation, that it would not otherwise have gotten. A blown opportunity from the greatest businessman in football. What a joke.

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, been living down here in englandshire for 40 years, never have I heard the phrase what school did you go to ,and that’s straight up ,no that phrase belongs to the Presbyterian and orange lodge fraternity, of scots and ulster scots so they can try and keep us in place, you know the one move along timmy nothing to see here, IMHO they should tear down every orange lodge hall in Scotland and Ireland I say Ireland as opposed to northern Ireland, because I was reading something online last week about orange halls in the republic.ffs could not believe it.hh.

The Gombeen Man

The business model is old firmism. Sectarianism is profitable.
The PLC needs it, so does Westminster.

Sevco are maverick crash and burn spenders.

Desmond plays the establishment at their own game.

With the uncertainty of Brexit and the sharing of income with Sevco he is sitting on cash.
He won’t flinch at any short term gain by Sevco.

The future in Scotland is in establishment backed old firmism.

Ireland has moved on. A couple of lodges on the south of the border and one or two further south is an irrelevance. It’s a dying philosophy in Ireland and maybe not so relevant in Scotland looking at the numbers.

bada bing1

Start Polish Paddy v Thistle, they are leaking goals, he’s match fit,give him an hour

Margaret McGill

Had a double take there. Storm Brendan. For a minute I thought Lawwell had sold the whole squad to Leicester. 🙂

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, hi pal long time no speak, see your point, but id stll tear them all down?

big packy

MAGS, don’t give him any ideas??

Margaret McGill
Margaret McGill

I think if the SNP came out and said that in an independent Scotland orange walks and catholic schools would be illegal that the Tory vote would grow from 25% to 75%. No dummies these Tories.


Jimmy not Paul.
Thanks for the info.


Margaret McGill

Why would any government wish to make ‘Catholic’ schools’ illegal? Assume of course that any ban would incorporate all religious schools and that all state funded education would be secular with no educational time spent on religious studies.