Unleash Hell !

With the second half of the season almost upon us it might seem correct to launch into a State of Nation address but the ongoing transfer window could render it obsolete at any time.
Once the window closes is the proper time to analyse where we stand.

On the eve of battle commencement we have one in, one out. Allied to that there looks to be imminently the same happening again, another one in, one out.
Lewis Morgan should leave shortly and our midfield target Ismaila Soro looks to be inbound within days.
These added to the outgoing Sinky and incoming Paddy Klimala.

We all wanted a new striker, Lord knows we are crying out for someone else with a bit of quality up top who can actually be relied upon.
And a half hour of a Cup game at lower league opponents could well be the beginning of our new Polish strikers career.
Speaking of Polish strikers I always felt Magic Zurawski had more in his locker than we got to see but for our number chap some type of appearance seems likely no matter what in my book.
Team strolling it, throw him on.
Need a goal, get the striker on.
Wanna start a partnership, perfect timing.
Not only that but perhaps another almost new bhoy in Shved might be seen after impressing in training allied with a gap in his position. If he turned it on because he sensed a chance then fair play to the lad, it worked and the gaffer bit.
But now if given chance he must show up to back up that training form. It works both ways.

7 of our next 9 games are away from home. It’s the traditional potato patch time also.
5 of those are league games, and those games will be deciding where silverware goes.
If there’s a time when Lenny is going to dip into the squad, surely it’s now.
Young Taylor perhaps, as one who is at home in the elements and the arenas, may fancy his chances at a run out, and seem a sensible option to turn to in the absence of anyone clearly nailing the left back slot down.
It’s questionable if Boli or Hayes are the answer.

While we all know by now at home against the champions teams raise their game there are some stand out ties coming up in the next month or so that will go a long way to define the season.
Killie away for a start.
At third placed Motherwell for a midweek evening game has banana skin wrote all over it.
Pittodrie and a trip to Copenhagen both in the middle of freezing February will separate the wheat from the chaff.
Knowing we have a true title scrap on our hands for the first time in what seems like ages will surely focus all to the task at hand.
Europe has it’s own pressures with being slight favourites plus the bigger club yet we all know it’s a tough tie.
Getting the league form right going into that game would be sensible. Carrying some momentum can be huge.

The break will have dragged for some, flown by for others. But it’s in the past starting tomorrow.
Grab the rest of the season by the scruff of the neck and show everyone why we are Champions.
Unleash Hell !

The above is by Mahe. The mailbox address is sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Jim @ 3.16am

? I hear that, more I read it as well.

My favourite musical of all time here.


Off to read the article now, sorry. ?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


Yep, I can feel your anger and frustration there, and share it.

If any of us still pay attention to the shiteshow of the othe channel, the usual poodles have been preparing this for some time.

Remember, it’s too difficult to negotiate player transfers in January. And as Mags would say, let’s wait and see what the huns do.
And spending money on players is no guarantee of success.
Meanwhile, our best players are either booted into the stadium for 6 months, or banned for having the cheek to survive the attack.
Eveyone cries for a month or two, the PLC collect their hefty bonuses, and we move on to the next season…..
Meanwhile, for me, someone who could be the best manager on record if given the support, chucks it again, and gets lost in the doldrums along with Leigh, Bayo, and eveyone else.
Well done Big Pete.

Your klydebank kloset kinky KQN wee support Klub will have a wee celebration about it with you in Bakkity Bowkers.


Mahe, Uber, I think it’s all down to Lenny now. With what he’s got so far. This next few months will be telling.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns



I’m not actually a negative person at all.

But reading their agenda controlling pish and flimsy whimsy shite that they’re celebrating as debate on the other channel makes me angry as fkkk.

It is literally car crash blogging.

But I can’t help reading it sometimes when bored. It’s fucking fascinating. ????


So while I’ve been conversing with you, you have been elsewhere?

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns


I’m ubiquitous.

Assuming you’re talking about me? Otherwise, this could be very embarrassing ?

Did this lassie succumb to her capitalist tory overlords??

Did she fucking fuck.


Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Jim @ 4.02,

Aye. All the pressure is on Lenny now…..

While they bank the cash.

I have faith in him, and see him doing an amazing season.

I really do. ?‍♂️

Mind I said this ?



Uber, LOL 🙂


PT 0 – Celtic 5


Goalscorers – FF 3 (a hattrick, don’t ask me how but trust me), Frimpong and Jamsie.

Twists n turns

If you can afford to lose a fiver or thereabouts, and given the odds make it unlikely, only if you can afford to lose, a wee each way double on J Moore’s two runners today at Lingfield might be of some interest to you.

Butterfly pose at 33/1 in the 1pm and Fact or fable at 12/1 in the 1-35 are probably overpriced judging by the trainers opinion of them.

Two places at 1/5 odds would return about 25/1.

Kinda low risk high return gamble i like.

I’ve backed both in each way singles and an each way double.

A more likely winner I guess is Ed Walkers Starfighter in the 3-10 at 3/1.

Need to go. Got car to drop in at Hillington for a service. Good luck if you decide to try.

As they say though

Only bet what you’re able to lose and when the fun stops …… STOP.



Mahe – Lenny doesn’t seem like the ‘dipping into the squad type’ – seems to have a pretty fixed idea of whose face fits his plan.
Fear, also, the reason Shved’s getting talked up is because, well, Peter says make-do with what we have (incidentally I still recall Arzani as super skilful but with a questionable final ball and decision making – which may have matured while here?)
I’d still fancy some more mettle for the midfield. Joe Ledley is still easily SPL level. Mile Jedinak may be worth 6 month deal…

Twists n turns

You tube videos can be somewhat misleading. Looking at the online “ skills” of our new striker, I was unimpressed. However, the ones available on Soro make him look very impressive. I hope the former is misleading and if Soro puts pen to paper I hope the latter proved accurate!



They’re called that for a reason,mate.

“Eh,you signed him after seeing some videos? YouChoob!”

Twists n turns

He looks like he can pick out a killer pass.
Skilful and quick

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Any word from UEFA on this?

No?? Thought not.


Maybe those cheeky Palestinians should stop building their schools and hospitals on future Israeli territory? ??

Big Audio Dynamite

Just popped in to check.

Is the club still surprised? astonished? dismayed? Or whatever it says in our wishy, washy statements.

Over 100 years of being treated different, and the best comeback we can muster is surprise! I could use a lot of words to describe what we are seeing, but surprise would be at the bottom of any list!!!

Fucking get your fingers out!




I’m fairly sure that any further offence after a red is another red,not a yellow.


BMCUWP; so with a double red, is the supine SFA suspending action as TRFC hunt aboot for a purchaser of More-or-loss who’d look unfavourably on a choob suspended for umpteen weeks? Shameful! Embdy know what match suspension would a double red incur ?


The Morelos ‘throat slit’ gesture was typical of the guy, he’s a thug from a poor background in a developing country. He’s not mature enough or sophisticated enough to handle the expectation that has been placed on him. It then look at who he plays for, should we expect anything other than what he continually gives? It is incumbent on the SFA to ensure that not only are the rules adhered to but that they are enforced if clubs and individuals don’t follow them. So what about Morelos’ gesture? Did he bring the game into disrepute? At the very least I’d say, as did Ryan Kent! What about Christie, did he actually grab or hit Morelos intentionally? Again I’d say he did. There’s no issue here as long as the rules of the game are enforced fairly, evenly and consistently. If the reports are correct and the SFA are telling us he received a yellow after the game then we really would be as well shutting up shop and going home. We are being treated as idiots. We are allowing ourselves to be treated thus. The game is absolutely corrupt in favour of The Rangers and it is more and more obvious.



Apparently there is no sign of the card on the SFA stats page.


Without Googling, who is the only other player in world football to receive 3 yellow cards in a game (he’ll be gutted now he shares the honour with AM) ?

Twists n turns

Totally random question for the more mature ( old) amongst us.

Discussing the tax levels here in the UK. I’m pretty sure when I was younger the highest tax band was 90%.

Am I mistaken?

As a youngster I seem to recall my late dad saying “ I wish I was paying 90% tax!”


bada bing1

Referee Graham Poll was laughed out if football for giving 3 yellow cards to same guy in a WC game


Uber @10-05
UEFA have contacted Peter Lawwell for advice on how to bend over and take it with ease resulting in a hefty profit.

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Twists @ 12.56pm,

The 90% figure rings a bell with me for sure, so I’ve done a wikitax check and found the following.

In 1971 the top rate of income tax on earned income was cut to 75%. A surcharge of 15% kept the top rate on investment income at 90%.[17] In 1974 the cut was partly reversed and the top rate on earned income was raised to 83%. With the investment income surcharge this raised the top rate on investment income to 98%, the highest permanent rate since the war. This applied to incomes over £20,000 (£204,729 as of 2018).[7]

I remember our gran complaining about this obscene tax rate while she carried out our buckets of pee, then came back in to stoke the coal fire, and pour in another shovel full, then chasing the smallest amongst us up the chimney to chase out any dead pigeons or prefious chimney sweeps that hadn’t made it out alive forsooth.

Nothing worse than the smell of corpses from one’s chimney while the coal fire burns in your Glesgae tenement.

Investment tax was always confusing for us of mixed class ?


Unleash Hell!! Maybe Mahe, maybe – ‘BUT’ and it is a big but – (Copyright James Forrest’s big butt) 🙂

Can Celtic recapture any type of form given our last few outings have been just a wee tad disappointing on both a tactical and performance perspective, actually we were truly feckin’ awful against Sevco in 2 recent games I hear some say despite our winning the LC. We are now in the laughable position of hoping that Sevco will drop more points than us against the also rans and that we beat them in the remaining Glasgow derbies in order to clinch 9IAR. Which in itself is a feckin’ unbelievable situation to be in given our alleged financial dominance.

Will the Polish and (Hopefully) Ivorian boys give us the additional quality and dig that the team require? Too many unknowns for my liking? Has anyone of us any confidence that the quality of the team will be enhanced by the signings Pat & Ismaila – that is are they both 1st team ready!
I guess that is the £4 million pound question. Which incidentally will be the nett spend should their signings mark the end of Celtic’s Jan transfer activity. That in itself would be shock – that we spent more money than received! Hey but early days yet still time to sell Oli, Eboue & Jack to make a wee profit.

Finally glad that I am nowhere near Stranraer tonight. Just a wee ferry trip across the water for the ‘ Blood of our blood, bone of our Bone (Copyright Alex Salmond) to join their Scots cousins for a night of ‘cultural’ togetherness.

Come on tae feck Celtic get a grip CSC

Uber Tim on Blog Mark 7 Star Date Liquidated Huns

Fan @ 1.30pm,

I hear he’s already invoiced them for his 45% consultation fee. ?

Which they’ve since told him will be paid for by fining the club for any “political ” flags seen during the FC Copenhagen games…..

This was agreed to be fair.

Press releases are already being prepared to demonize the “culprits”.

This has been Uber Tim reporting for Sentil Feenyins from the murky corners of football politics. Sorry the shadows of our footballing authorities’ non-politics. Sorry, the corrupt cesspit of unpolitical saccur…

Meh, you know what I mean. I think. Homelessness is a crime these days, but fitbaw is no longer dominated by the working class. Just ask big Pete the next time his maid is chasing weans from the orphanage up his chimney.

Back to you in the studio ?

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the article mahe.
Unleash hell? How about we just unleash Peter Lawwell from his bunker. He must surely be locked up somewhere that we don’t know about because any competent CEO would be all over this shit show from the SFA. Come on Peter, oot you come and earn your money. Peter? Peter? Yoohoo

bada bing1

It’s actually laughable, Lawwell on all these UEFA Committees, business class flights6 star hotels, and he sits back and watches the amateurs at Hampden, take the absolute pish out of our Club on a regular basis,

Peter Lawwell- The Hollow Man



Unleash him? For a man who runs the game up here,he’s making an arse of it-and himself. He’ll only say something like how disappointing he finds the decision.

If Michael Corleone told me he was disappointed,I’d be bricking it. Peter Lawwell,not so much. He hasn’t said a single thing,nor made a single statement,in the last eight years or so which anyone has paid any heed to.

Unleash Lawwell? You’d be as well to unleash Dennis Healey’s dead sheep.



Aw,you type faster than me!!!


Peter is trying his best to fight his way out the bunker and unleash his legendary dry powder.
Unfortunately he is beng hampered by a large pile of seemingly unearned bonus cash blocking the door.
Word is he should be free around season ticket renewal time to sing Come oh ye faithful.



Does he sing as well? Jings,is there no beginning to his talent?

bada bing1

STV carrying the story as well


Lawwell would put Roy Castle to shame.
Comedian.clown,imposter,ceo,head coach, chief scout, administrator,mime artist, hot air balloon and contortionist with his ability to fold and bend over at the snap of an SFA finger.

bada bing1

Bada Bing,

The Huns will get a warning about their future conduct.


A thing of beauty

I have spoken many times about how every time I turn on sky sports news I have to listen to the whinings of Steven gerrard. Now I know I should turn it off but sometimes I don’t. I am sure I recall Gerrard saying during their trip to Dubai that they would “deal with what ever punishment was coming alfredo’s Way” or something along those lines. Does anyone else recall this statement? Because I want to know how their manager did not know that their player had already been punished with a THIRD yellow card. This is becoming very murky and if lawwell is not going to do anything about it the the support have to let him know. Maybe the GB will produce a banner letting him know what a useless, self serving arsehole he is. Imagine that mahe, I might even stand with the green brigade at last!!!

big packy

so are we going to take this lying down and once again be told move along timmy nothing to see hear, come on ghuys ffs lets do something to get rid of this tory freemason board of ours, and the orange freemason tory sfa ,you ghuys are younger and more computer savvy than me, get a fecking petition going on the internet, awenaw and mags are good on computers, even if it involves us putting some money in, our forefathers would not have let them get away with it.hh.

Mike in Toronto


If you want change, putting money in at this point for anything, is the exact wrong thing to do..

If you want things to change, withhold your money. Do not put a penny in. This and only this will force a reaction.

Sadly, this would have been much more effective when the huns and the league were more dependent upon Celtic and its fans to keep things running.

We had them by the short and curlies then, but wouldn’t take the shot.

We wont get as much now as we could have, and would have, gotten then. But the only way we are ever going to get ANTHING is to stop paying to be screwed over.

As long as they get your money, they (and that includes our club) dont give a shit about anything else.

Events of the past 10 years have made it pretty simple: stop paying to be cheated, or just move along.

May not be what people want to hear, but It is that simple.

If you want to gain something long term, you must be willing to give up something, at least in the short term.

The Montgomery bus boycott, which brought about the end of segregation on buses in Alabama, lasted 1 year. People walked for a year, rather than funding a racist, segregationist system.



The Montgomery buses case was an eyeopener for many,except that we had similar over here too around then.


bada bing1

During the 18 days it took Traynor, Robertson, Maxwell and Allan,to come up with this shite, one of them must have said…..’we’ll never get away with this…..’

big packy

MIKE, have not given them a penny for years now, and will not do, till peter and his cronies get chased down London road.hh.


Never heard that Bristol bus story before.

Margaret McGill

For 8 years we didnt see this coming.???
Nothing will change
Nothing will happen
Lawwell will insist on doing nothing
You reap what you sow.
My hope is that the greedy arrogant fucks go into administration again despite all the SFA and Scottish institutional assistance.Besides for most Tims its against their religion to withhold their money. Its like the plate on a Sunday. As MIT says give them NOTHING
If they avoid death again and funding continues you aint seen nothing yet!


The Green Brigade had a banner about Lawwell at the Stockholm game, in Aug.
The banner said, Don’t sleep at the wheel, with him driving the car and Desmond and Lennon as passengers.
I think they have been prophetic.


MORE THAN A CLUB- is often cited by the PLC and puppet bloggers.
In light of the PLC’s behavior since the huns got liquidated shouldn’t we find a more fitting statement?
I will give it a try.


Jack Hendry has agreed to join Melbourne City.
Ajer and Forrest seemingly doubtful for tomorrow.


I thought whenever Hendry played against us for Dundee he acquitted himself well so was no surprise we signed him.
He seemed raw but looked to have the basic tools to succeed.
He never really got a fair chance to develop.
Due to our parsimony forcing us often over the years to put square pegs in round holes he was just another fall guy.
It’s probably to late for the guy now but i think the board and Brendan Rodgers had a very negative impact on his chance of success.
He was the victim of an unfortunate set of circumstances.

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