Facilitating Hunfuckwittery.


The fall out from the Old Firm game-and let’s not kid ourselves anymore,it was the Old Firm game-at the end of last month continues even yet. Last night,BADABING informed us that Derek Ferguson is still defending the throat-cutting gesture from Morelos. As this was on BBC Radio Scotland,I suggest that we all write to the Director General to ask if this is now official BBC policy,and can we expect such gestures to be permitted and defended on,say,Question Time or The Andrew Marr Show?

While you are doing so,ask if your letter can be treated as a job application-Tony Hall resigned yesterday,obviously anticipating this article!

Really,the BBC-even the sad sacs in Glasgow-should know better than to give credence to this suggestion. I could understand the better,more intelligent pundits like Stuart Cosgrove being allowed to rip apart the ongoing defence and cover up,but allowing neddish quarterwits like Ferguson and Rae air time to display their prejudices for all to see and hear,I’m sorry but that is not public broadcasting at anything like its best.

They are simply repeating a fairytale concocted by the utterly shameless and reprehensible Jim Traynor,and one which was ruthlessly exposed almost immediately for the lie that it was-by the Press in Morelos’ homeland! I’m sure that our native journalists are very pleased with themselves that they have now brought the reputation of their once-honourable profession to such a low that it is actually worse than that of a recent Banana Republic and Narco-State!

Think on that one,even if you struggle to digest your breakfast at the very thought of it.

Now,let’s roll this back a little bit. Let’s ask ourselves a simple question. How did we ever find ourselves in such a tangled web-Scotland,the country which even now provides the Laws of the Game to the rest of the world as part of IFAB,and has been instrumental in bringing the game into the modern world 160 years ago,and to many countries since.


The obvious answer lies in who the wee thug plays for. Had he been playing for,say,Hearts while committing his offences over the last eighteen months,he would have been sine-died by now. Guaranteed,and good riddance too. But almost since the minute he walked through Customs Control after signing,he has been promoted and protected like the last surviving member of an endangered species. A Giant Dodo,or Great Oik spring to mind. More copy has been written telling us all of his greatness than there has been about Trump Xi and Johnston combined. His value has skyrocketed like that of a publicly-listed FAANG,while the truth is more akin to a dotcom bubble of twenty years ago.

But that’s what the press do,of course. They have always done things like that. Whether it be politics,music,sport,they will always promote their favourites. So we cannot pretend surprise here.

Where we DO have cause for complaint is with the officials,and with their own version of the kid glove cheerleader approach to him. From being ‘Just a little silly’ to full-on multiple assaults on our players amongst others. And all pretty much unpunished. Even to the extent that a referee stood in defence of him a year ago,saying that he had SEEN the attacks on Brown,Christie,Ralston. Not only did he see no reason to act on what he had seen,the fact that he didn’t was deemed to be enough in the eyes of the SFA.

You’re kidding me,right? Referee admits to seeing stuff but taking no action. SFA decide that means that no action can be taken against the player-and that no action can be taken against the referee either. Have you ever seen a bigger incentive for someone so minded to take advantage of A CHEAT’S CHARTER?

Well,how about this one? The latest in a long line,though unlikely to be the last,of course. The SFA have decided to cut out the middle man and do the facilitating themselves.

Wholesale cheating,if you will!

Morelos was sent off on the 29th,a second yellow card for diving when it would have been easier to score. On the way off the pitch he made his infamous throat-slitting gesture,one which could easily have led to a violent reaction from the fans in an already volatile atmosphere. The SFA Compliance Officer reviewed the match,and we alll know which was the only incident she deemed fit to cite for further punishment. I’ll leave the ins and outs of that decision for now,it is irrelevant to this article,except for the speed with which justice was dispensed in Ryan Christie’s case.

THREE BLOODY WEEKS later,and after much hunfuckwittery in the Press as they concocted increasingly surreal versions of events to defend the actions of Moreorlessaned,we finally got an explanation.

That Kevin Clancy had acted after the game,given him a third yellow card and that was it. Case closed.

We all waited for a statement on these events from Celtic,but none was forthcoming. Thankfully-their statements over the years have been a bigger pile of pish than we get served up to us in the papers.

No,the way to deal with this is not with a meaningless statement,it is by referring to the rule books. You may remember I mentioned IFAB above? Well,we start with The Laws of the Game. These are agreed by FIFA/UEFA and acted upon by the member federations and associations. Every year,IFAB issue an update on the laws and these are then passed down the line to be enacted at local level. So what are the relevant sections for dealing with Morelos?

He has already received a red card as a result of his second yellow,so from the SFA Judicial Panel Protocol,

Section 3-Sending-off Offences

“A5-Offensive,abusive or insulting language and/or gestures.”

Well,that means that if Clancy has seen enough to act,then the correct response is another card-but a RED one,not a craven yellow one. However,this was not reported at the time,nor even mentioned at all for a full three weeks.

How strange. How,in fact,unprecedented. Of course,we can all recall seeing players-Dean Windass,for example-receiving multiple red cards for afters on the way off the pitch. No yellow cards,craven or otherwise. Straight reds every time.

So the simple question is why the yellow when that punishment is not available under the SFA JPP,it’s own version of the laws handed down by FIFA and IFAB? Are the SFA complicit in breaching their own JPP and therefore The Laws of the Game?

Sure looks that way,and I don’t think FIFA would view such a cavalier approach too kindly. But wait-it gets worse. The days of multiple red cards are over,by FIFA/IFAB decree,and also included in the SFA JPP-which,remember,is its own wee handbook of the laws and how to apply them.

Section 2-Offences/Excessive Misconduct

1-Reporting of Offences by Match Officials.

“1.3 The referee shall also report offences by players,including details,where the referee cannot administer a caution or sending-off for the offence but otherwise would have done so(for example,the player has already been dismissed during the match). Such offences,and offences for which a caution or sending-off has been administered,shall all be treated as cautionable or sending-off offences as applicable in these Disciplinary Procedures.”

So,in other words,Clancy not only took the wrong course of action by dishing out a third yellow for a red card offence,he took the wrong course of action by handing out his form of summary justice at all. He was no longer in control of Disciplinary Procedures as he had already sent Morelos off.

His only possible course of action,having issued a red card then seen Morelos in breach of Section 3-A5 was as a witness to events,and to provide evidence to the SFA for further disciplinary action as appropriate to take its course.

Naturally,I believe Clancy has a very good defence against the suggestion that he acted inappropriately on the day. The very obvious one,in fact. That he did no such thing. This is known in Scotland as The Dougie Dougie Defence,and is one that usually only comes out in the wash after,ironically,an attempted whitewash and revision of events to suit a narrative.

But wait-surely he must have done it if the governing body and its own Compliance Officer,a qualified lawyer,say so. Why would they lie? Well,again let’s roll it back. Did Traynor act like a man who knew there was no case to answer when he was concocting his hallucinogenic fantasies about the meaning of a throat-slitting gesture in Colombia? Did Gerrard,when he was defending his player but pointing out that the club would still defend the player against additional charges? The Press,when they were repeating the narrative? Even the SFA’s own disciplinary website didn’t have any record of additional punishment!!!

This is not only a cover-up after the event,another example of protecting a thug who,believe me,is going to do someone a serious injury due to being indulged.

This. Is. A. Serious. Breach. Of. The. Laws. Of. The. Game.

This isn’t a referee interpreting a borderline case in the blink of an eye,the only time afforded him in the hustle and bustle of a match. This is a post-red card offence,where the referee is NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO TAKE ACTION other than to compile a report. And he didn’t-yet we are now being fed the blatant lie,despite all evidence to the contrary,that he did. Case closed.

Not so. The SFA have broken their own regulations,and in so doing have broken the regulations,The Laws of the Game,handed down to them from on high by FIFA/IFAB. That makes this no longer a local dispute,it makes it much more important than that.

They have moved into a whole new world of wholesale cheating,of rampant hunfuckwittery,of offering the huns a Get Out of Jail card and life-support machine all in one. They are now subverting The Laws of the Game. These are sacrosanct and not open to local interpretation.

This is why I said at the start that the usual mealy-mouthed statement from Celtic would not have sufficed,and that I was happy that none had even been attempted.

This is time for a complaint to FIFA itself. They need to be made aware that a local association is bringing them into disrepute,and with it,the game itself.

I refer you to the mail sent to the SFA by SOLKITTS of this parish,as posted on this site a few days ago. It reads-


As a retired referee who officiated in England, I was intrigued to read that a Rangers player, Alfredo Morelos, was cautioned for a 3rd time in a recent match versus Celtic, and that the 3rd yellow card was administered after Mr Morelos had been sent from the field of play.
Would you be so kind as to clarify the protocol which the match referee was following by punishing this further misconduct? As Mr Morelos had already been dismissed and therefore taking no further part in the game, was the correct protocol followed or should the misconduct have been reported separately in the referee’s match report?
I look forward to your early reply.

Kind regards,


I suggest we all c&p it. Send it with a covering note saying that we saw this on social media and would like to know what response has been offered to it. Send it first to the SFA and to the already overworked Celtic SLO J-P Taylor.

And to FIFA.

Do it all on the same mail,all copied in. I’ve got a good idea whose desk at FIFA it will land on too,so if he ignores it we might get an extra body in this!

They’ve crossed the line,folks. Time to step it up.


Above article by BMCUWP. Usaual rules if you want to stop rants like this-the only way to do it is by sending us articles to print instead. Mail it to Mahe


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Lance Boyle
January 21, 2020 5:15 pm

Free The Columbian

MORELOS MELTDOWN Celtic vs Rangers: Read full transcript of Morelos debate as Hartson, Ferguson and Stewart go head-to-head
Ryan McDonald
21 Jan 2020, 14:04Updated: 21 Jan 2020, 14:06
JOHN HARTSON, Derek Ferguson and Michael Stewart were caught up in a furious live debate over Rangers star Alfredo Morelos’ controversial gesture to Celtic fans.

The Light Blues attacker motioned with his hand across his neck after he was sent-off in the final moments of the Old Firm derby at Parkhead last month.

Rangers star Morelos’ gesture towards Celtic fans has divided opinion

Three weeks after the match, the controversial incident exploded back to life last night in an incredible discussion on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound programme.

Hoops icon Hartson had taken to Twitter to brand Rangers as ‘morally dreadful’ for defending a player who made what he calls a throat-cutting gesture to the crowd.

And the fierce ding-dong was sparked when the Welshman was challenged on his view and insisted he ‘one million per cent’ stood by his point and claimed those backing him up should be ‘absolutely ashamed’ of themselves.

He was also interrogated on whether he had the right to question the morals of others when he once booted former West Ham team-mate Eyal Berkovic in the head.

Celtic legend Hartson stands by his ‘morally dreadful’ comment

SunSport columnist and Sportsound regular Michael Stewart then insisted Rangers are “changing the narrative” of the situation to make Morelos out to be the victim.

While former Ibrox star Derek Ferguson backed up the Colombian and Rangers and claimed there is no reason to doubt their explanation of the gesture – as host Kenny Macintyre tried to referee.

Read the full blow-by-blow transcript below as the three pundits slug it out.
Asked if he stands by his claim that Rangers were “morally dreadful” defending Morelos…

“Yes, one million per cent.

“I am astounded that they are astounded by these charges.

“I’ve never liked that cut-throat sort of reaction, I’ve just never liked it.

“I think we all know what it means. It doesn’t mean the game is finished, right?

“Let me just put that one thing straight.

“And what I would say is, there’s people that are defending this person for doing that gesture.

“Now, I know you want to defend your player and I know you’ve got to be seen to be backing your player.

“But I’ve always said, and I’ll continue to say it, that gesture for me is a lot worse.

“Do you want kids in Scottish football, who idolise Morelos, do you want them coming off on a Sunday afternoon after their little football games and doing that gesture?”


“Heh wait a wee minute anat —

“I’ve goat a lota respect for Big John.

“But listen, when Morelos says that that gesture meant time up, I’m going to take it as that’s what he meant.

“There’s a different culture, different gestures mean different things.

“So naybdy really naws fir sure whit it means

“Basically what John is saying is that Morelos is a liar, and Rangers are lying.

“I’ve got a different take on it. I believe the young man. For me at times, I think there’s a witch hunt. You know this is three weeks. If Morelos says that gesture is time-up, you’ve got to take it as that.”


“Time up! Time up! That gesture is HORRIFIC. What are you talking about?

“The people that are backing him should be absolutely ashamed of themselves that they’re backing him.

“Steven Gerrard? Absolutely if you’re backing somebody for that gesture, one million per cent.

“Scott Brown waved his fists in the air, yes elation, that’s different to what Morelos did. It’s totally different.

“Now I can’t believe anybody, in the right frame of mind, would defend somebody for that throat-cut gesture.”


“I need to come in here John because I work for BBC Scotland and although we have invited you in to discuss
your opinion but as you have made your case well and sound convincing it´s my job to have to discredit you now,
So lot of people would say it’s a bit rich that you’re questioning someone’s morals given some of your
actions in the past, for example kicking Eyal Berkovic in the head?”


“Well I took full responsibility for that and that’s the biggest sort of regret of my life.

“It was the wrong reaction. It was filmed from the side of the training ground on a mobile phone.

“That person went on to sell it to the national newspapers and national radio stations and news stations.

“I got heavily fined, I got banned and I took that on the chin. I apologised, I made a public apology. It was 25 years ago and I accept it when people say to me, ‘Where’s your morals on that?’

“My reason for saying that it was morally wrong for people to defend Morelos is because in my opinion, there is no place for that gesture.”


“It’s ambiguous. Some people on the Rangers side think it was a time-up, others think it was a cut-throat gesture.

“There’s a narrative that came out soon after that he was almost talking to Jermain Defoe to say, ‘I’ve had enough’, and that to me was probably more along the lines of what it was.

“Alfredo Morelos has to realise that we’re not in South America, we’re in Scotland, and in Scotland that’s not common place to say cutting your throat like that is time up.

“But you have to try and find a little bit of a middle ground here. But what I don’t like is how Rangers as a club continue to try and deflect and change the narrative around things to become a victim-hood narrative.”


“The guy’s learning. We’ve awe made mistakes in the past.

“John’s made a huge mistake, I’ve made huge mistakes. Morelos, last season to some extent, has curtailed it. His discipline is far better and in my opinion, there’s a witch-hunt.”


“But there’s a narrative that’s come about from Rangers, that they’ve tried to develop, that there is a witch hunt. That he’s treated differently. It’s utter garbage.

“The guy’s been in Scottish football for two and a half years. The fact that he’s picked up almost 40 yellow cards and seven red cards, that would sort of indicate that that’s the issue that’s spoken about.

“Now Alfredo Morelos, it’s not black and white here. It’s not a case of he is Satan or he is an angel. He is a guy who is a very good footballer, but he’s not new to Scottish football and he has to recognise what is going on in this country.

“And the fact that he is spoken about a lot is for two reasons; the fact that he is a very good football player, but he clearly has an issue when it comes to discipline.

“And to talk about being a victim and treated differently. Rangers are trying to develop a narrative that is not helpful.

“Rangers themselves came out after he got sent off against Celtic at the end of March last year, Gerrard himself came out and said he will be punished internally and we move forward. It’s happened on too many occasions now. I’ve gone above and beyond, I’ve backed Alfredo more than enough, I cannot defend him anymore. This is the Rangers manager saying this. But now there is a narrative that he’s been witchhunted as if he’s been treated differently.”


“But that was last season. Do you not think his disciplinary record is a lot better this year? Do you not think players and fans set out to taunt him and get a reaction?”


“You’re talking about something completely different here. He has a disciplinary record that makes him a target. It is inevitable because of his disciplinary record. Yes it has improved, he needs to be applauded for that. But to suggest that he’s witch hunted and it’s unfair, special treatment is garbage.”


“Perhaps Rangers talk about pundits like you Michael? For example, in front of the Motherwell fans, you said he deserved to be punished for his celebration. Yet Scott Brown in front of the Rangers fans, you said no punishment was required. Is that fair, did you say that?”


“Was I alone? Was I the only one who said he [Morelos] deserved to be red carded? Kenny, just answer the question.”


“That’s not the point Michael. I have already told John that part of my role as the employee of the independent institution that is the BBC that even BBC pundits will be publicly bullied and their character smeared if they attempt to stray from the agreed upon narrative.
I’m saying perhaps Rangers are suggesting that it’s not just Scottish football’s governing body, it’s actually pundits as well. Do I have a point?”


“Kenny, I’m giving you the answer here. Was I alone in suggesting it was deserving of a second yellow card?”


“But I’m not talking about that… I’m saying you seem to have different rules for Alfredo Morelos than you did for Scott Brown in these incidents.

“John, let’s bring you in here because I know you don’t have a lot of time… and I cant let this clever than average football pundit take me to the cleaners here so an audial scolding will have to suffice for now”


“No but Kenny this is important. You’re suggesting that I’m putting out a slanted or biased narrative.

“I’m asking you was it different from anybody else in the nation?

“It’s important because you’re deliberately ignoring my question to defend your narrative of trying to get a debate and an argument here.”


“One wee second smart mouth. John can you just come in. Do you think he’s victimised?”


“Well listen, I’ve given my opinion on what we’re talking about here. Let’s not go off on to different angles. You asked me about the throat-cut gesture, all right?

“I took full responsibility for my actions. I was wrong, I was out of order, I paid the price and it brought me an awful lot of shame and there is still people reminding me of that 25 years on, although I’ve had another £23million worth of transfer fees that top managers have paid for my services. So I was fined, I was banned, and I’ve apologised.

“It would be nice for the Rangers hierarchy and the management team, to realise that is not the correct way to behave in Scotland.

“What he did, action, he should be reminded of his duties. He should be made to apologise and told in no uncertain terms, do NOT do that gesture again while you’re in Scotland playing football.

“If you go back to Colombia and play or South America, it’s accepted, then do it. But for me and for most of the people interested apart from the Rangers people, will be saying, ‘John is spot on, there is no place for that gesture in this country’.”

“Look I know you want to roll this up as you know I am booked for three hours and we are getting scarily too close to the truth for you guys in permanent denial and it just upsets you,We understand that but we don’t want to see that tonight or tomorrow or ever actually, I should also tell you that I´ve had more handshakes congratulating me on banging Eyal Berkovic than I ever did for surviving cancer

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 5:16 pm

Lee O’Connor joins Partick Thistle on loan

January 21, 2020 5:18 pm

Apparently James ‘glass knee’ Forrest joins injury list! Just who isn’t injured or has a ‘ubiquitous’ knock?

Bada Bing
January 21, 2020 5:28 pm

Oglach- a couple of weeks out for JF might not be the worst……

big packy
January 21, 2020 5:46 pm

EVENING ALL, big audio dynamite, don’t walk away stay and fight, would our forefathers have walked away don’t think so, im writing 2 letters one to our tory freemason board and one to the tory freemason orange bassas that run the sfa, why should we let them ruin our club, lawell if your lurking, the rebels are coming.hh.

Big Audio Dynamite
January 21, 2020 6:26 pm

BP, I refer you to MIT’s response to Mahe @4.05. I’ll be back if my club ever discover a backbone, or regains its soul. This isn’t sport now, it’s a fucking charade, mate.

Hope you’re well, bud ?

January 21, 2020 6:30 pm

BP, ,
Staying and fighting won’t achieve anything. Just means hand over money and hope they change,, yet when you hand over cash there’s zero incentive for change.
Walk away, right now, and write to club letting them know why.
Your wallet and mindset are your weapons here,, use them to the max.
I’m my humble opinion anyway.
Hope all well Sir.
Clubless in California.
Hail Hail

big packy
January 21, 2020 6:43 pm

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, can feel your pain, don’t blame you one little bit, please keep posting on here.?

big packy
January 21, 2020 6:47 pm

HI MAHE, yes no money will be going into the parkhead coffers, I will still fight the bassas till the bitter end, hope all is well with you?

January 21, 2020 7:23 pm

More fake news?

Celtic will not loan out Leigh Griffiths this month but may be open to selling him at the right price amid Leeds United interest.

A Leeds ‘source’ has told Football Insider that contact has been via intermediaries to register their interest in Griffiths as they explore a late-window swoop. A fee of £10 mill has been suggested.

Given that Griff has just returned from an extend period away from the game due to a his much publicised battle with depression and a fee of £10mill being quoted ‘ I definitely smell shite’

Sol Kitts
January 21, 2020 7:36 pm

As expected, I have had no response from the SFA. Now, those who know me will be aware that I will not simply stand by and let the matter rest, so I have just sent a follow up email to them. Further non-response will lead to escalation. They’ve nowhere to hide with this, and I guess they’re hoping it will just go away. Copy of the email below.

Further to my email to you of 17th January, I am disappointed not to have received a response to what I feel was a straightforward query.
Would you please either respond to my query, or if you are unable to do so yourself, kindly refer my query to a colleague who is able to do so?
Kind regards,

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 8:06 pm

Sol Kitts

There are a few posters who have disappeared without explanation … I had heard that they had emailed PL looking for answers…. and were suddenly never heard from again…. you better hope that you didn’t CC PL on that email …. you could be next ….

oh damn…. what if PL knows I have responded to you … I could be

craig 76
January 21, 2020 8:08 pm

Sol Kitts if u do twitter look up derek crothers @deaks1ey former sfa ref worth a read last few days

January 21, 2020 8:10 pm
Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 8:21 pm

BMCUWP-Thanks for the invite on Tuesday buddy,but that’s a school night ?
Even though I was agreeing with uber about talking shite,I’m pretty sure the big guy will be fine ?
Enjoy your time back up the road and I look forward to the next hoot ??

A thing of beauty
January 21, 2020 8:22 pm

Sol kitts,
Keep at it. Not a backward step big man!!

Big Audio Dynamite
January 21, 2020 8:25 pm

It’s 1952, the SFA have a bug up their ass about us flying the flag of Eire and want it gone. Not sure why, but the whole saga ends up being voted on by the clubs, and the deciding vote fell to Rangers chairman John Wilson, who voted in favour of Celtic being allowed to fly the tricolour.

Always follow follow the money, because these two have been happy bedfellows for a looong time! even bigots put money before any prejudices they might have ☺ Ach, same as it ever was.

Talking HeadsCSC

Margaret McGill
January 21, 2020 8:26 pm

Sol Kitts.
It may be a while before you get a reply. See below.

Windoze : Please enter your new password.

SFA employee : orange

Windoze : Sorry, the password must be more than 8 characters.

SFA employee : orange walk

Windoze : Sorry, the password must contain at least 1 numerical character.

SFA employee : 1690orange walks

Windoze : Sorry, the password must not have blank spaces.

SFA employee : 1690fckinorangewalks

Windoze : Sorry, the password must contain at least one upper case character.

SFA employee : 1690FKKINorangewalks

Windoze : Sorry, the password must not have consecutive capital letters.

SFA employee : 1690FCKINorangewalksYouFenianBastardGiveMeAccessNow!

Windoze : Sorry, the password cannot contain a special character.

SFA employee : IWillHuntYouDown1690FCKINorangewalksYouFenianBastardGiveMeAccessNow

Windoze : Sorry, this password is already in use.

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 8:27 pm


Too bad for Thomas Cook that PL hadn’t been hired by Sabre, or Booking Holdings … no way TC would have gone under with PL in charge of TC’s competition …..

Sol Kitts
January 21, 2020 8:44 pm

Wee side note. I’m having a knee operation next Tuesday, which means that I will have a 3 week recovery period. That’s a lot of time for pushing the SFA for answers to whatever fuckwittery they attempt.

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 8:50 pm

Lance Boyle-if that is for real,then brilliant John,and thanks for posting

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 8:52 pm

Withholding what?

January 21, 2020 9:02 pm

Withhold everything, especially cash.
Hail Hail

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 9:05 pm

I’ve asked this before on here,who on this site is asking for boycotts ?
Anyone that still actually walk into paradise on a home game?
Anyone who have gave nothing as a fan or supporter for god knows how long?

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 9:12 pm

Mahe-we’re st holders mate,the money is already paid
I get shouted at for this,I don’t doubt your love of our club.But honestly mate it’s easier to down tools when you’re no here.That doesn’t make me a better supporter,absolutely no way

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 9:19 pm

Fairhill Bhoy

A boycott might not be popular, but has anyone suggested any other way that would bring about change? If so, I have yet to hear it.

I think the more pertinent question is why would any person renew their season ticket to watch a game that is not only rigged, but also supports anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bigotry? Tickets to CP are more expensive for games where you get serenaded by them singing TFS, so, dont tell me that our club isn’t profiting, and profiteering, from the hatred….why fund that?

January 21, 2020 9:28 pm

Here or there doesn’t matter to me, I still ain’t going. Myself and MiT sat around the corner rather than support that bullshit.
Those that live closest and can actually go to the games have the least to lose, seeing as what’s one game when you could go for the rest of your days.
Surely one game is nothing in the grand scheme of things. A targettted one game boycott should be supported by all, attendees or not.

Those that can’t attend now used to remember. Or they wouldn’t be here or care at all. Don’t consider them lesser, if you do at all. Local Tim and Faraway Tim are still just Tims.

Get yet da on, I’ll talk to the organ grinder not the monkey 😉

Hail Hail

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 9:30 pm

MIT-I might agree with you on some points
My dad is 80 in march,day before paddys day?
I will go to watch fitba with my dad until he either can’t or doesn’t want to
I can’t remember saying our club was profiting from anything
We don’t look at it like we’re funding hatred
We look at it like we are going to support the famous Glasgow Celtic
Like I said,easier when it’s not on your door step

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 9:38 pm

Mahe-but where does it end.What if the one game doesn’t do it?
Wit next,we have a board who might just put out the seat covers
Every seat is already payed for
I’m sure you and mit spoke enough bs without going to watch it?
Went in with a lithium battery for his golf buggy tonight ,he’s like a pig in shite ?️

Fairhill bhoy
January 21, 2020 9:41 pm

Lance Boyle-if that transcript is true then emptying paradise won’t really make a difference
Goodnight ghuys ?

January 21, 2020 9:45 pm

“If that transcript is true then emptying paradise won’t really make a difference”
Except to your dignity and self respect 😉

Puff puff
January 21, 2020 9:49 pm

FB . Dont walk away .. I don’t listen to any of the noise and have never had any feeling good or bad about the Whites , Fergus or the current GM cant even remember his name … the day you stop enjoying your soccer is the day you should walk away and find another sport then just maybe you will find happiness ..
It’s a business and it has been for over 100 years .. up the CELTIC hh

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 9:49 pm

FAirhill Bhoy

Others have seen the Old Firm as two sides of the same coin for over a hundred years or so. We wanted to believe it wasn’t true, but increasingly, the evidence is mounting up pretty heavily in favour of that view.

I suspect that the clubs have always worked hand in glove. Maybe our parents’ generation was fortunate in that they suspected that our club was working with THEM, but as long as our parents didn’t actually KNOW, they could tell themselves that it was okay to keep going.

But, we are in a different position. We now have pretty compelling evidence of the cheating, and our Club’s – at best – willingness to go along with it. And the bigotry that underlies that cheating. We are impressed with that knowledge; we cant unknow it. The question is now, having that knowledge, what do we do with it?

Unlike our fathers, we cant simply continue in blissful ignorance, and trust that, if the situation arose, our club would do the right thing. We now now they wont.

The club’s unwillingness to deal with the issues has now forced fans to make a stark decision – are you okay with supporting bigotry? If not, how can one justify paying into a system that is based on it?

It would be different if we were paying into a club which was fighting the good fight, even if unsuccesfully. But, that aint the case ….

Unlike our parents’ generation, we can no longer be neutral; the club’s (in) actions have forced us to declare where we stand – are we willing to be part of a bigoted system – and to pay for that privilege – or not?

It would be bad enough to pay to support a system that is bigoted against another group … but, to me, it is a whole other level of self-hatred to pay into a system that hates your kind.

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 9:54 pm


But, it isn’t just about football … the game supports, and is in turn, supported by, greater social ills like bigotry and sectarianism.

As I have suggested before, the club conduct is forcing fans to decide if they are okay with that.

January 21, 2020 10:16 pm


Good luck with the procedure,oul’ son.

Three weeks laid up,that’s a shocking length of time to be bored with not a lot to fill your time.

Fortunately,the SFA provide. Fire in and keep us posted.


January 21, 2020 10:19 pm

Did Uber buy a round?

January 21, 2020 10:19 pm


I could never imagine a time when I had to make a choice between Celtic or not.

“the club conduct is forcing fans to decide if they are okay with that.”

January 21, 2020 10:23 pm


He turned up fashionably late,so missed the first few. Being the good guy that he is,he then explored the building looking for the toilets.

By the time he returned,it transpired that his ten bob note was no longer legal tender.

The Gombeen Man
January 21, 2020 10:42 pm

Who said this in November 2018…?

“You call it sectarianism here in Scotland, I call it racism,” he said. “If a black man is abused, you are not just abusing the colour of his skin, you are abusing his culture, his heritage, his background. It’s the exact same when I get called a Fenian, a pauper, a beggar, a tarrier. These people with the sense of entitlement or superiority complex. And all I do is stand up for myself.I’ve been subjected to this for 18 years. I’m 47, I’m fed up of it.”

Why give money to an organisation by it’s inaction is a part of the system that perpetuates a racist philosophy and an affront to decency?

The PLC are simply lying to us.

By funding it we are part of the problem.

Find a pastime that breaks this toxic cycle.

Dafabet FC v 32 Red FC.

“It’s not Celtic anymore.”

HH & Night.

Mike in Toronto
January 21, 2020 10:52 pm


I’ve said my piece. You may not agree with me, but at least I’m honest with myself and others.

One of the first lessons you learn as a trial lawyer is never ask a question on cross-examination that you dont already know the answer to. That was the mistake Celtic fans made; they started the Res. 12 process, but weren’t prepared for the answers they got, and so, the Club delayed and frustrated Res. 12 until it died a slow and painful death, and the fans went along with it.

I had hoped that SC would take up the gauntlet where CQN fell down, particularly after Celtic bailed on Res. 12 in November.

But, that seems not to be the case, and I can see this place going the same direction as CQN of just being a board PR vehicle (if we are going to ignore the truths that are staring us all in the face, that is the only route open to the blog)…

I’m getting sick of saying we are being cheated, and you guys are probably even more sick of hearing me say it.

I got tired of pointless arguments on CQN, which is why I stopped posting there.

Increasingly, I’m getting the same feeling here, so, before I fall out with some of my pals on here, that is probably my cue to say it has been a pleasure chatting, and to bid you farewell.

In the immortal words of that great thinker … Good night, and may your club go with you.

Margaret McGill
January 21, 2020 11:01 pm

If you fund Celtic you fund Huns.
If cause and effect cause you an infinite loop of faithful through and through then so be it. I stopped finding Celtic before the Huns cheating financial mishap that apparently caused the Celtic Plc a great deal of pain
I agree with MIT about the evolving tone of SC

January 21, 2020 11:13 pm


Sorry to see you go but respect your decision and reasons for doing so. Hope it’s just a wee break 😉
Sadly I also agree that it seems the message isn’t getting through.

January 21, 2020 11:21 pm

Sad words indeed.
A blog is only as good as it’s posters. I had hoped that regardless of what happens with the club we would have somewhere to hang out but I now see that ain’t gonna happen.
It’s D Day in that we all now know what’s up, deciding to stay or walk is the only question to be answered.
And we all know who is in which camp by now.
While I am in your camp regarding the club, I don’t think I wanna leave the blog. It would probably die if the upset walked away.
I think we all need somewhere neutral to meet up.
You’ve got my number though.
Hail Hail

Bada Bing
January 21, 2020 11:39 pm

Ray Donovan………wow…..even YNWA got an airing…

January 22, 2020 12:21 am

Re that Celtic Star article.
I think there’s been a fundamental mistake made in expecting an explanation to answers.
For instance saying it’s not in the companies best interests to pursue Res12. Some folk say he must explain why? He doesn’t, didnt, and hasn’t. There will be no explanations.
They decide it’s not, state it’s not, and that is that. You won’t find out why.

I see folk expecting explanations on the 5wa.
I scratch my head at why. Again you will just be told haven’t seen it. Now we know the email was sent to him,, but that changes nothing.
I think the sooner all accept there will be no explanations forthcoming from our club of choice over anything then we can all move on and stop expecting that which will not be arriving at all.

We have all the answers we need.
Glasgow Celtic fc are now undoubtedly corrupted. That’s it. Full stop end of. Won’t seek justice on fans behalf or clubs behalf. It’s give us your money and nothing else.
Old Firm are we.
If I had a pint with Auldheid I would beg him to withdraw from all this.
This needs to end one way or another.

Hail Hail

January 22, 2020 12:50 am

Re that Celtic Star article.
26 July 2012, Neil Doncaster emails the 5 Way Agreement to Celtic CEO Peter Lawwell

If Lawell wilfully mislead shareholders at the recent AGM it is grounds for immediate dismissal and perhaps liable for prosecution????.

“criminal offence of making a false statement as to the affairs of the company with the intent of deceiving shareholders or creditors of a company (section 19 of the Theft Act 1968)”

under the criminal offences under the Fraud Act 2006 of dishonestly making a representation which is untrue or misleading where the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading and dishonestly failing to disclose to another person information which he is under a legal duty to disclose, both offences requiring the intention of making a gain or causing loss or risk of loss to another person (sections 2 and 3 of the Fraud Act 2006)

I have little knowledge of the law but a quick check on the oul timternet brought up Personal liabilities of directors

Margaret McGill
January 22, 2020 1:01 am

Lawwell has been a liar of gargantuan Tory proportions for 17 years. IMHO he is fucking filth with no cards left to play and he don’t care