Kilmarnock 1-3 Celtic Match Review.


Last night might have been a terrific and hugely important result for us,but it also highlighted so many things that are wrong with the game up here. Let’s start at the beginning.

After eighteen months or so of having Stevie Clarke in charge,Kilmarnock were flying high at the end of last season. A third place finish gave them a taste of European football for the first time in a long time,and they had re-established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the domestic game. No longer anyone’s pushovers,and the locals had started to take an interest again. They took the decision to cut the allocation for the away supporters,deciding that their own fans took precedence.

Quite right too,and so far so good. Except Clarkie took the Scotland job and to be fair,they were unlikely to be able to replace him with such a talented and talismanic manager. The result was clear to all last night as we watched it-reluctantly-on the telly. A crowd of just over 8000,significantly less than half-full with a lot of home fans cunningly disguised as banners.

Had they still had the policy of offering us both ends,they would have had a much bigger crowd,including a family excursion from Kilwinning. I expect that normal service on this respect will be resumed next season.

What hasn’t changed though is the playing surface. Well,strictly speaking it has,as it is a new pitch installed in the summer. Is it grass? Naw. Is it a suitable surface for top-level football? Naw. Is top-level football even possible on such a surface? Yer having a laff,aincha?

The poor surface though doesn’t excuse the antics of some of the Kilmarnock players,nor that of the facilitator/referee. For far too much of the game,Power and Dicker in particular were intent only on “imposing” themselves on the game. That’s one of those strange Scottish words like dreich,means nothing to an outsider-but context is everything. In this case,it means kicking everything that moves-and when you have a prick like Robertson officiating,it means having a licence to kick everything that moves. Wee Frimpers in particular was getting pelters,yet Ollie was the first player to be given a card. Early in the game,he was taken out by a player intent only on stopping him from bursting clear,knowing that he was too late to get a tackle in. Not even a free kick. Late in the game,he got cleaned out by Power. Power only had one intention when he went into that tackle. Similar to the one on Ajer by Cosgrove against Aberdeen,he saw the opportunity to maybe get a touch on the ball while going clean through the player.

I’m not sure if he succeeded in the first part,but he was spectacularly successful in the latter. Jeremie was stretchered off around ten minutes later with who knows what extent of an injury. Even Andy Souptakingbastert was eventually moved to comment that it was out of control and excessive force. Robertson disagreed,merely talking to Power long enough to confirm whose round it was down the ludj.

In between times,a game of football occasionally broke out. Celtic controlled the game for the most part without really imposing ourselves on it. In the absence of Janes Forrest,Frimpers was proving himself an able deputy on the right wing. Playing three at the back-a bit of a gamble as they included the notoriously fragile Simo-gave him a licence to roam,and he took full advantage. A nice wee jinking run took him to the byeline and his cutback was brilliantly controlled by I Wanna. In the tightest of spaces and bit of pinball,he had stuck it in the net to give us the lead.

We continued to press,with Griff looking lively and eager-maybe too much so,especially when it came to free kicks. Lee,gonnae no dae that,just gonnae no? Give it a few games till you’re up to speed,there’s a good lad. Still,he stepped up to the plate with a predatory finish just after the break,and everyone was delighted for him.

Especially me,as I thought he was offside at first! Not so,just shocking marking from Kilmarnock.

We seemed quite content after that to simply play the game out,never a wise idea with so long to go,and Killie punished us at the midway point of the half. Bloody ridiculous goal to lose,a knee high header. It had been coming,as we were becoming lackadaisical to say the least. But order was restored a few minutes later with a towering header from Christopher Jullien,and the world was back on its axis.

Really the only thing of note after that was the assault on Frimpers. A quite disgraceful affair,but the inevitable outcome when referees are allowing our opponents to hit us with everything short of a baseball bat or a horseshoe hidden in the glove. Duty of care is clearly an alien concept in Scottish football,and it is likely to remain so while we don’t kick up fuck about it.

It’s going to be a long hard four months for us,and I doubt last night will be the last time we see challenges like that,nor refereeing performances either. I do hope that Killie don’t make it to the top six though,nothing personal. It’s just their pitch,no place for it. And I sincerely hope that the treatment handed out to the wee man is still fresh in the memory of our players when we play them at Celtic Park in a month’s time.

I’m not a one for bearing a grudge,me. Not lightly,anyway.


Above article by BMCUWP. Always remember,folks,that this is a site open to all-and that especially includes those who want to contribute a piece as Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe

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Great review Bobby. Never saw the game but that’s another story! Wonder if there will be a statement – disappointment etc.’ From PL? regarding the assault on Frimpong.


Good morning Packy. 🙂

And Senga & Uber.

And Twisty & TET

Feck it everybody!

Twists n turns

Morning Jim
Hope you’re well. Another day another dollar.
Had guests for dinner last night so I only saw snatches of the match. Never knew Frimpong had been injured until Lenny’s interview. I hope it’s nothing too bad

I did however see that cretin Kris Boyd having a lengthy dig at Leigh. Rattling on about his lack of games. This from a man who is patron of a mental health charity??

On occasion the nasty side of my personality is brought to the fore and I just want to see someone take a sore face. Last night watching Boyd speak was such an occasion. To try and balance Morelos’ actions v Leigh throwing sock tape at a moron in the crowd had my blood pressure at overload.

He’s a fekkin coward who used the absence of Chris Sutton as an opportunity to vent his bitterness with impunity.

I think I’ll need to tune into the world bowls for the next few days and give football coverage a back seat. Stress free sport. I went to bed at 11pm and found myself unsettled thinking about that arsehole Boyd and his comments.

Back up at 4-30 and he was still at the forefront of my thoughts. Unhealthy.

I never saw the challenge on Jeremy but my son said it was heavy and deserved a booking. No caution as confirmed in Bobbys report.

ATOB should be worth a read when she appears!!


Bmcuwp Well said. An Excellent result and a decent performance on the old Killie rug. Sadly further evidence last night that Scottish football is not a safe environment to nurture and develop young talent, as Jeremie replaced Kieran as the target for the SPL bully boys. The brutal challenge by Power was completely unnecessary with the sole purpose to injure Frimpong, who if he has any sense won’t stick around too long until his career is ended before it has begun. The blame for this falls directly at the door of our so called officials who spend more time covering their arses protecting the likes of Morelos’ antics rather than protecting skilful young players. Hh


Like you said BMCUWP, we were dominant without controlling it. Bonus was we dont need to sign any more wingers as the wee man covers the whole right flank almost on his tod! Wish I could say the same for the left side. I wouldnt renew JH contract – Greg T must wonder what he has to do to keep a shirt! I dont think Power aimed to maim; just a journeyman’s lunge but Jerry took a dull yin for being too quick. Agree ref was poor; the brotherhood quest to stop 9 is in spate – and if linesmen cant spot infringements the ref missed we’re effectively playing v 12 or 13 every week.

A thing of beauty

An excellent match report by bmcuwp. Perfectly summing up the issues we have with our game. All these phrases that cover up the fact that we play a form of football up here that is alien to every other nation. Not one for a list unless it’s for my messages but I’ll start one anyway.
Just letting him know he’s there
Left a bit on him
You’ve got to level the playing field
He was just too quick there
All of them an example of why we get kicked and kicked and without punishment and it carries on. When are our custodians going to deal with this. Jeremie Frimpong is utterly bewildered as was evident last night as he was being stretchered off about why his opponents are:
a) able to do this
b) are not punished
I get annoyed with the players when they don’t exact retribution but as we know that results in a card for us. We bettered our opponents in the game last night on possession, shots and corners. Yet the foul count was one apart 13-12 to them. Absolute bunkum. The amount of times we don’t get fouls ensures this every week. Oh and we got two yellow card to their one. Again nonsense. Last night summed it up perfectly. Frimpong maimed on thetouchline, stretchered off – no booking.
Bauer comes on, tries to catch up with the ball, can’t but takes the opportunity to boot it into the stand. Yellow card. Laughable.
As for kris Boyd.
Completely agree with Twists.
It was my sister who alerted me initially that a man with personal close hand experience of suicide and with is own charity was castigating Leigh Griffiths. He talked about the amount of games he had missed, only playing 34 in three years. Totally disregarding that a lot of that time he had a genuine £50m striker in front of him but more importantly refusing to recognise that mental health does not manifest itself one day out of nowhere. He of all people should recognise that and be delighted to welcome Leigh back. He could use it to highlight that there is recovery, that it takes time but if managed you can live with mental health. But oh no, he’d rather let his bitterness at Celtic overide all that and dig up Leigh again. I was annoyed when Griffiths didn’t celebrate, but I didn’t know why. Now I know I’m right behind him. As for throwing his sock tape towards a guy giving him abuse. I’d rather you didn’t Leigh because it gives pricks like Boyd more opportunity to spout their odious shite. Comparing it to Morelos is yet another attempt to change the narrative and you gave him that chance. Just keep sticking the ball in the net and when the league trophy is tucked away stick one on that fat Huns chin. That’ll do for me.

Twists n turns


Hear hear


Here here

Whichever is correct.


The club should fine Griffiths for his indiscretion, if The other club had done that a year or two ago instead of enabling their player he probably wouldn’t have gotten so many red cards

And if Ollie had tried to block the ball with his left foot instead of his right ,he would probably have blocked the ball and not caught the guys foot and avoiding a yellow card


My above should say if he threw the tape


Morning Jim the Tim ?

Big Audio Dynamite

If trained professionals are struggling to understand mental health issues, how much do you imagine Kris Boyd understands?

Kris Boyd will be absolutely delighted we are all talking about Kris Boyd …job done!



Especially my partners in crime from Tuesday. JIMTHETIM53,SENGA and the lurking UBER.

Grand day out folks,and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for your excellent company,as always!


Excellent review BMCUWP,

I’m particularly busy with one thing and another and Scottish football is becoming hard work. Fitting in a pleasure that no longer is.

Watching players skiting across a pitch, as if it’s an ice rink. Mind you, the over watering of the penalty areas in particular had as much effect on their defenders as our strikers… comedic.

Not having caught up fully with Auldheid’s interview, hopefully will over the weekend but the various comments around social media have got me scratching my head over the Big Pedro conundrum again.

Why does he get paid so much money?

Defenders: He has a difficult job to do…

Ok, I can buy that, actually I’ll go one better, he has several difficult jobs to do.

Yet here’s some examples of my confusion…

Attracting top football talent to Celtic, that’s a tough ask. But footballers don’t want to come and play football in Scotland.

Qualifying for the UCL, is a tough ask. It’s finding the balance of putting a capable squad together without risking financial health of the Club.

And now sorting out the e-mails, if you are bombarded with e-mails each and everyday sorting them out is a tough ask.

I no longer do and I’m sure never got 10% of the mail Big Pedro gets…

My thing was this…

Not urgent, not important – Leave

Urgent, not important – Time wasters

Urgent, important – Firefighting, got to react but why am I here

Not urgent, important – Where I should be working, being proactive.

Now, I don’t know what Big Pedro’s method is, hopefully forwarding on a huge chunk and dealing with the important mail’s he has to deal with.

Now we know the bringing of football talent to Scotland has been a huge struggle, any that make it are quickly sold off

We know we don’t regularly qualify for the UCL, finding the balance between quality and budget has been elusive

Now we find it’s easy to miss a hugely important attachment to an urgent e-mail.

So my point is this, and there’s dozens of other examples…

We can all agree Big Pedro has a difficult job(s)

We all agree he can’t quite get it right due to the complexity and difficulty – we may ask ourselves could anybody?

Point us though, if he’s serially failing in these difficult… nay impossible tasks

Why is he getting paid so much money?

Hail Hail



I respectfully disagree. Power knew he could get near enough to the ball to probably get away with it against us. He knew that,coming in from the side,he would catch Frimpers,put him up in the air,and finish the job with his full-body full-weight follow through. It was minimum excessive force,as well as being out of control as he had both feet off the ground when making the tackle.

Any other league,any other interpretation of the laws,a yellow card would have been viewed as lenient. Took me back to Saidy Janko getting the same treatment. I remember him sprawling on the ground screaming at the referee,essentially asking him what game he thought he was refereeing. He didn’t hang around for long with us,btw.

That tackle would have been penalised in ice hockey. Fuxake,it would have been penalised in Rollerball.



I take your point about PL filtering his mails. I do it myself and I’m sure everyone has their own method of deciding which ones might be required reading and which ones can be safely binned unread.

But if I was CEO of Celtic in late July,2012 knowing that moves were being made to shoehorn a major rival into the schedule for the very imminent upcoming season,I would actually be looking for correspondence from,say,Doncaster,Petrie,Topping,McKenzie,Blair etc. Wouldn’t want to miss out on anything important which might have a material effect on the company that I run.

In fact,as a renowned micromanager,my bet is that he reads everything to be sure that he misses nothing.



At end of AGM Eric Riley was asked on exit if he had seen the 5 Way and gave same answer.

So he must have the same e mail management problem.

Not even a discussion between PL and ER to say have you seen Doncasters e mail to discuss not replying.

I mean how credible is that an SPL Board member gets an e mail from his CEO on which the future of the game depends and doesnt open it?

The other question is why was PL a private addresee at all? He wasnt on SPL Board.


That would be my exact take BMCUWP…



Yes, unbelievable… literally!!

That was my thought, if he’s not a Board member then he’s getting the mail and attachment as CEO of Celtic Football Club. He was duty bound to act in Celtic’s best interests.

What was Big Pedro’s take on Celtic’s best interest at the time?

Hail Hail


BMCUWP: I’ve watched it again about a doz times. To my eyes, I again see a lusty, rusty challenge suffering from bad timing and yes, some meat; Broony knows how they go. Jonny H too. Jozo even moreso. Defo a booking and only a shoite ref doesnt book
I feel protective of wee Jerry but watched closely it looks to me that Jerry’s fleet foot nicks it away from where Power was aiming and compounding w Power’s bad timing, Frimmer cops the Killie players momentum sore. Not career ending. Not hateful.
HH pal.



Quite happy to agree to differ,mate. It would be a boring blog if we all agreed all the time.

The Gombeen Man

So when exactly did Operation Save the Old Firm begin? I read an interview with Dermot Desmond the other day from 2005. He waxed lyrically about the Old Firm’s prospects of joining the EPL and boasted about Celtic being the second biggest club in the UK and Rangers the sixth.

The death of the institution at Ibrox and the slaying of the Old Firm has had catastrophic effects on the PLC business model.

Back in 2009 Rangers were in trouble. They needed a dig out. But how far were Celtic prepared to go? Why the later reluctance to pursue Resolution 12? Why the ongoing silence? Could the PLC have taken premeditated steps to throw Rangers a lifeline to shore up their finances in 2009?

Could we have turned a blind eye to the lack of disclosure about debt from Ibrox/SFA to UEFA? Could the (ahem) incompetence and lack of investment by the PLC in 2009 be part of an ongoing theme?

Glenn Gibbons writes for The Guardian in 2010,

“It was in January last year (2009) during what proved to be Gordon Strachan’s last season as manager, that the chairman, John Reid, chief executive, Peter Lawwell and largest individual shareholder, Dermot Desmond failed to exploit an advantage over Rangers that could have left the Ibrox club in an even deeper financial mess than the one from which they are presently trying to save themselves.”

He continues,

“It was already well known that Rangers were in serious debt and that failure to win the championship and reach the lucrative group stage of the Champions League could have potentially disastrous repercussions. In the event, it was Celtic who collapsed and who compounded their misjudgment with the appointment of the inadequate Mowbray, giving a moderate Rangers side the chance to win two titles.”

The Guardian 1st May 2010

Maybe the reconstruction of the old firm model is a factor in Mr Lawwell’s salary?

Given our (ahem) previous incompetence and the current rumours of financial uncertainty at Ibrox don’t be too surprised if our (ahem) incompetence comes back to haunt us.

bada bing1

are reviewing Kris Boyd [
] and
broadcast last night.

Boyd may have breached the Equalities Act of 2010, given the nature of his comments and also the nature of why Leigh Griffiths wasn’t actively involved in footbal


BMCUWP; sure – that’s why this ‘salon’ is such an attractive place to hing oot.
Now as far as Socceroo Boyle to Celtic rumour goes, can we do a barter number with Calvin or Jonny heading to Leith ?

bada bing1

Sky has exclusive coverage of Scottish football from next season, if they had any sense, they would hunt Boyd,and get Sutton and McCoist as pundits, at least they’re entertaining.



Ffs,don’t get my paranoia antennae twitching again about 2009. A seven point lead at New Year and a chance to bury them for good. I think I referenced it quite recently in an article.



Good. Been open season on our players for too long.

The Gombeen Man

Yep Mick between, honest mistakes, incompetence and plain bad luck the rich just keep getting richer.

Funny that?


I read with a note of caution the leader on Pedro’s favourite blog the other day about the impact of gambling on the beautiful game.

In 2000 Dermot launched his online betting exchange platform BETDAQ or Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited (GBEA).

You see Dermot and his buddy Denis O’Brien were ahead of the curve when it came to the implications of the mobile phone and technology.

What could be a bigger earner than a Smart phone linked to a casino or a plethora of sports bets?

At that time the money going into football in England and the opportunities for a savvy Financier (Upmarket Bookie) were huge.

BETDAQ was later sold in a complex deal to Ladbrokes with Dermot upping his share holding there and retaining interests on the IT side of the business.

BETDAQ handles £75m worth of bets a week and Smartphone gambling has gone on to be a scourge.

Ireland has the third highest level on gambling losses per year, per person globally.

I’d wager that everything was done to protect Rangers from the indignity of liquidation and the consequent cost to the business model.

That being the case Jabba and Co can call everyone’s bluff…

That’s why we can’t say feck all and why the money is so good.?

If we only knew the half of it.

bada bing1

BMCUW- as you’ve noticed, it wasn’t the Club sticking up for Leigh…..


TGM – hat tip. Tis money that begets money indeed.

The Gombeen Man

Cheers Libero,

Fair play to Auldheid and Co for asking the uncomfortable questions.

I suspect Dermot and Pedro thought they’d have given up long ago and underestimated them.

The sentence “Not in the company’s interests” is a eye-opener.

The banking crisis really put the cat amongst the pigeons.

bada bing1

CELTIC FC Foundation have made a £5k donation to the Australian Red Cross, to help towards addressing the crisis caused by months of devastating bushfires across Eastern Australia.

This is the first donation by any football club and will help in the aftermath of the disaster, which has affected whole communities and millions of plants and wildlife in the country

bada bing1

I thought we looked much sharper last night, closed them down quickly when we lost the ball, and getting it forward much earlier to 2 strikers.


Watched the game and being honest there wasn’t much football on display bar for some fleeting moments.
First time Jeremy took on his man on the outside we scored with Ed’s twinkling toes.
2nd time Jeremy feigned outside then cut inside made a good pass to Calum who pushed a lovely diagonal forward pass for Griff to score.
Our corners are far superior when Griff takes as he is willing to put pace on the ball unlike Christie or McGregor’s floaty shite.We had some chances from these and a rare goal.
Hope our coaches noted when we deviated from our pedestrian side to side bullshit and attacked the final third it brought reward.
The defending is still shocking and their goal perfectly demonstrated the lack of a leader or defensive coaching.
Like others have said it’s becoming harder to rationalize my Celtic obsession and have started to find it easier to put other matters first.

I know you have said you like international movies.This one looks very good and so so relevant.
For those in the UK it is in cinema’s now.
For us in the US it will be online soon.


Top O’ the morning to one and all on this day.
Another game that I’m delighted I didn’t see as my blood would be boiling.
I note that next morning it’s always a moan, I really enjoyed that is very rarely stated.
The sport is supposed to entertain us in a world that is fast spiralling outta control.
It’s sadly failing in that respect.
Even if Boyd gets sanctioned the rags won’t call it out, just report it. Pure scum he is.

Fanatic, thanks for that. Fwiw I was told I simply must watch Shoplifter. Seen it?

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Big Audio Dynamite @ 9.55am

‘Kris Boyd will be absolutely delighted we are all talking about Kris Boyd …job done!’

I’d add that Peter Lawwell will be more than delighted that we are all talking about Kris Boyd.


Coronavirus sounds like a great weekend in San Diego.
Not the greatest choice of names imo.
In other news she has just discovered rubbing two pieces of polystyrene together creates ‘snow’. In for a fun day here.
Up the boot hoppers.
Hail Hail

Lance Boyle

Hello Bhoys and Ghirls,

Just dropping in to say

hello hello we are the timmy bhoys
hello hello we’re all handsome playboys
we´re up to our ears in orange scum
surrender or they´ll die

Last nights game clearly showed where we are with regards to Save Orange Sevco.

I am a little surprised at how calm Celtic blog land is with last nights refereeing performance. The Partick and Killie games clearly demonstrates without quibble that it has been ramped up. Yes ramped up even further as we have seen since the 29th Dec. The clearly unfair booking that Ntcham got early on in the game last night should have set the precedent but clearly it didn´t.

It should come as no surprise that as soon as Celtic scored a third and any Killie hope of causing maximum damage to Celtics title prospects had gone that they resorted to clearly booting everything in a green and white shirt and getting away with it. Expect to see this at every game.

Ok I still think January as I predicted has been very very interesting indeed it got a bit quiet after Lord Persey kicked his judgement down the road. I do think he was doing the establishment a favour. The delayed judgement is only of cosmetic benefit to Sevco. It changes nothing and if anything makes a new shirt sponsorship more difficult to deal and seal. The question is can they afford not to eventually stick with Sports Direct .. now that would be funny. Looks like we will find out in the summer. There is also still a bit of mileage to go in January 8 days to be precise. 8 days and we have not heard about any fresh investment from cold shouldered King. People … no sorry Peeple bare face lying at AGM´s ! That’s an Old Firm trait that is sure to catch on.

So basically at this stage the hun plan quite simply and clearly and sponsored by Celtic PLC whether they win the league or not is this: TO SPEND ALL OF NEXT SEASONS INCOME ON STOPPING NINE (TEN REALLY) AND FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE. Admin or Liquidate and phoenix in the summer ..knowing that they stopped the ten is all that matters to everyone within Scottish football except the tims .. Craig Whyte anyone ? If they do Phoenix they keep the title that they will just have won and they will be allowed to play in Europe with a FFP certification ..we have already been here .. that´s established.

Yes we(Scottish football is) at the same stage as we were in 2011 .. it’s a complete rerun …. or is it ? That’s what I have been hinting at for a few weeks now. I hope that it will be clearer say in the first week of February after the transfer window closes, another month of salaries and costs paid, when the hun dopes start to ask what happened to the Fresh investment etc.


Celtic PLC looked away in 2011 and lodged no complaints with regards unpaid tax dues and therefore contravening FFP rules for a a couple of reasons and in order of importance They want an Old Firm. They wanted a regime change at Ibrox,. Our PLC are incapable of performing anything without looking at it from the what’s in it for us angle. Hence the shame game summit. At this summit I suggest that the SNP government crossed our PLC´s hands with commonwealth games money, promises, renovations ..look if you look away then … you will be suitably compensated and you get to keep the Old Firm. So as we all know for sure by now .. that will do nicely sir … what we get to earn millions from the commonwealth games, the East end gets renovated , our reputation is enhanced AND WE GET TO KEEP RANGERS … DEAL.

Problem is this time around there is no prospect of an extra deal on top of getting the regime change.
In fact there is the real possibility that it will be a long term financial disaster for Celtic PLC.
This is what we could be saving for but it strikes me as being too high a price for the current custodians
There is clearly no limit to the untrustworthiness with whom our plc are dealing with.

So what is in it for Celtic this time around ?

P.S I will never leave this blog but after February I´ll no longer participate in circular debates


Haven’t seen but definitely will.
Trailer looks good.

On the subject of entertainment in football?
Very little on show nowadays.
Klopp’s Liverpool and Dortmund sometimes are about the only 2 that i can associate the word with.
Dortmund are fragile at the back so their games are always exciting.
To many diddiy coaches with clipboards who have no concept of entertainment.
Financial fear of less profit rules.
All made worse by the modern slanted and corrupt football landscape.
No wonder the kids prefer electronic entertainment.

bada bing1

Get Boyd sacked


I wouldn’t mind duller games as long as it’s on the level. No matter what happens there is clear evidence of ref bias. The plc seem to believe that leaving them alone will give us an enemy to focus on. It may do but with so many options available without baggage it will also drive folk away.
It’s one thing not spending too much to create false competition but not addressing your employees being singled out for attacks whether verbal or physical will only lead to more attacks.
At some stage the fans will demand justice or seek it themselves.
And going on the field of play to sort out someone who is attacking your boys will get very very very ugly.
Away fans invade and take matters into their own hands?
That could well collapse the league, thank f%&k in my opinion.
Hail Hail


The Celtic Trust are relaunching and are having a meeting this Saturday at 11.30 for anyone interested.


As you say it’s open season on our players with the press holding their collective breath that a pissed off Celtic fan will attempt some retribution on the cheat with a whistle..
They so adored the Hugh Dallas Freddy Starr impersonation when he was hit with a coin for his outrageous and blatant cheating.
The comparison to what the Scottish media wrote on the Dida ACMilan incident was in stark contrast to the condemnation he received from UEFA and other countries media for his playacting.

bada bing1

I can see Shortbread giving Boyd a way out …..


Bada Bing 1
Plus a raise.

bada bing1

Hartson and Strachan on Shortbread

bada bing1

I know a guy who was playing for the huns ,when Sally and McCall were in charge, he said Boyd was a disgrace, not trying a leg in training carrying on,pulling packets of sweets out his shorts etc… absolute prk and a lazy bassa


Thanks for the comment.
I was telling a fella that we’ve been hearing huns about to go bust for years, and that they could mortgage the season tickets again as a last resort surely.
The board are playing a very dangerous game jumping into bed with them, I hope it leads to not only their demise within the club and football, but personally also with hopefully ex friends telling them where to go and maybe family too.
Then again the 1 percent just tend to mingle among themselves and not with the common rank and file.

Hope you’re well.
Hail Hail