Attack, Attack, Attack !!!

Its encouraging to hear that we have turned to two up front, and that both scored when paired two days ago. We all want a partnership because they produce more goals plus they can be fun to watch develop and mature.
The second meanest defence in the league, which we are, will be no consolation should we not defend our title. Should we grab a defender on loan and drop him into the team, which might happen here, its unlikely we will have the fewest goals against at campaigns end.
Therefore its wise to opt for more goals scored rather than a tighter ship at the back as we essentially always need the three points in this race.

More goals is a lot easier to type than produce however but a club like ours should never be short of a man who can bulge the oul onion bag. Griff has never had a problem in that respect.
We have two proven scorers and two unproven so logic dictates go with the proven as long as possible while giving the odd rest to blood an unproven. That seems to be where we are heading.
Switching formations mid season is not ideal but if something needs changing then its a hell of a lot better than sitting on your hands.
Our title defence now rests on the goals this duo bang in. When in form they are the best in the league by a country mile. They have what it takes, and love scoring.
This is terrible news to those hoping we slip up.

Speaking of attacks, on the very first night back on Spl duty we have another spat on our hands. My last article pointed out that they occur with so much frequency now that theres little time to dwell on the transgression and try to see some type of justice meted out. Thats a terrible indictment on the game itself but it certainly feels like theres a weekly attack on some facet of the club, fans, playing staff.
And now we have Ofcom involved with the disgraceful comments from you know who the other night. Its a very sad fact that we hope Ofcom speak up as we know no one else will. Its worse than a sad fact, its a travesty but only one of many these last few years.
Hopefully the watchdog has some sharp teeth, but then even if kicked off tv he will more than likely be given a helping hand and ‘grace’ the airwaves. Having seen a proven bigot go to Uefa (that should have been a big bat signal to us all) its probably too much to hope we dont see his bitter ugly sour face again.

We all know these attacks are to destabilize the team with the aim of a title upset and it gives the fan somewhere to focus their short term ire for a while. We all know Jabba pulls strings and Lord knows what else. We all know by now the club dont do diddly but the occasion surprised or disappointed and thats probably one reason why they continue unabated. We dont know why that is despite eye watering figures getting paid to those who should retaliate.

A mate of mine claims this is all down to the victim mentality, needing a figure to despise.
Feels this is allowed and untackled so some can point out ‘look they are all against us ‘ and keep focus off themselves. Its looking increasingly like the board agree.
My partner in crime is fond of pointing out John Reid’s famous ‘no more will we be treated differently’ speech when he genuinely gave the impression that he personally was guaranteeing things were gonna change for the better. Someone somewhere knows why and how that plan was derailed, I doubt we will ever get the truth of why the mission was abandoned. Thats a crying shame.
But it was an official club acknowledgement of bias.

Its been many years since those words from that man, and much water has flowed under the bridge, but that bias is worst than ever.
The racist smear made the New York Times. Thats me and you by the way, just labelled as racists to the globe.
Who leapt to our defence with great vengeance and furious anger? If not why not?
Im starting to think these attacks are going to backfire,,that expecting folk to allow that which they love to go undefended is a serious error of judgement.
Infact the opposite will happen.
Each smear will anger and unify the support.
And each time they look to those in situ at the club to speak up on its behalf and find nothing only increases the desire for change at the top.
For true Celtic men and women at the helm.

The above is by Mahe. The front page is yours with pleasure and for free, just mail me your article on any topic.

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That’s a terrific article,MAHE. And you’re absolutely right-certain people may be misjudging the cumulative effect of all the crap being flung in our direction.

I think the time is on the approach where we have just read one scattergun attack too many from Jabba,and greet it with “Izzatso,ya fat prick?” It may well take some eejit pissing us all off to get us united and facing in one direction at last.

Unintended consequences…

Awe Naw


Great article.

John Reid’s plan was always more of a sound bite akin to Rory Bremner. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Resolution 12. Look the other way. Needs must. That’s why it was never pursued. It was always only ever a shot across “David’s” bows. That’s why I am fascinated with how this season is going to pan out. Is the look away to save the Old Firm policies still being adhered too ? The look away policy allows them a wee hand up without anyone having to spend any money. It also reinforces the Old Firm model; the secretly appreciative and well looked after – we are the peeple – brigade and the poor wee downtrodden always defiant Tim. It guarantees the Old Firm customers at the gate. It incarcerates the product into the century before last. Football´s Punch and Judy show with an appreciative following and even more lucrative and influential remote armchair following whom are mainly (only?) attracted by the morbid curiosity that the Romans V Christians amphitheatre atmosphere attracts only as it´s certainly not the football.

We are told that without it Scottish football would be reduced when in fact it’s been on a downward spiral for a very long time as the fortunes of the national team compared to similar nations. Those nations might not have the box office appeal of an Old Firm game but they still produce international class footballers and occasionally qualify for a tournament.

7 more days until the window shuts and then I promise to pay the bearer the sum of becomes more interesting.

Prediction. No ins and no outs on both sides of the divide


Looks fairly conclusive to me. Red card for thuggery.



Neither of us knows the ins and outs-literally!-of Reid’s departure. My opinion has long been that he was eased out of the door as he was asking too many awkward questions which might upset the apple cart.

Or as you know it,the cosy Old Firm cartel.

I might,of course,be giving him more credit than he deserves,but in the last 26 years,only he,Fergus and McBride have ever even attempted to stand our corner.

Awe Naw


after Ntchams booking it was cardworthy .. imho straight red .. that it wasn’t deemed worthy of any card is the real story here. Watch our better more skilful players being targeted between now and the end of the season.

John Reid was brought in as a show of strength. When it became clear that it would be US that would be pulling the rug from under Wee Gordon´s feet he was no longer necessary.



Reid was replaced in October 2011. No reason given at the time,as I recall. I can only assume that he wasn’t too keen on how it was proposed that the club deal with the impending car crash over Ibrox way.


John Reid had a number of personal issues going on at the time he stepped down as chairman which may have had more of a bearing than how the club dealt with Rangers dying. It was in the press at the time and some of it was pretty distasteful so I won’t repeat it here. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he supports the retention of the Old Firm brand policy of the current board. I don’t doubt his support for Celtic but no way was or is he a rebel.


Aw Naw

Covering the same territory I posted this on e Tim’s earlier.

Small correction to month.

“Sent to him for consideration-maybe even approval-on the 26th of July 2012.”

The default position of the e mail to all SPL Board members, which is why Riley got a copy and direct to Lawwell in an unknown capacity, was that no reply by the following morning would be taken that the SPL Board and PL agreed to the contents of the attachment ie the final 5 Way Agreement Draft.

A clever attempt at plausible deniability but it either means gross incompetence at not checking if there was anything to object to or prior knowledge of the contents which they were happy with.

Standing back:
Celtic have given the appearance of being surprised at or contesting the SFA since 2012 but since actions speak louder than words the reality is they have no intention of breaking the 2 club appearance of competition and if their main rivals are so debt ridden they face insolvency Celtic have a business/commercial decision to make re the strength of the team they put out on the park.

It’s called moral hazard and it nearly destroyed Scottish football in 2011/12 and the toxicity from then and the hazard remains still.

Imagine had we won on 29th by having the quality of player we can afford on the park.

The league and with it TRFC would have been over.

That thinking may be wrong but as long as the game is being run on current lines, who can dismiss it? It explains much of the attempts to derail Celtic not because of bragging rights, but survival.

Res12 if you read the interview on Celtic Star began with PL pretending he wanted a professional SFA. That pretence continues still but will fail eventually under the stress of maintaining it.

Awe Naw

I am not saying John Reid was a rebel. He´d betray his granny in a heartbeat. That´s his CV. I am saying he was no longer needed as the approach had to change. From kicking Rangers to making sure they survived but with a regime change,


Auldheid; your statement about the 29th could imply that Neil and the players are effectively helping execute an enabling strategy.

Awe Naw


Yes did you see there faces after we had just won the League cup ? Who knows maybe we stumble onto a league win in May. The extra levels of toxicity and the elephant in the room may well still exist even if they do win the SPL.

The elephant in the room being the huns having to pay the piper at some point. Will we look away again as they will fail the FFP license criteria and hence the necessity for keeping up the pretence. It suits us perfectly.

Do you think they (SFA, SPFL and Celtic PLC) are brazen craven enough to attempt it again ? To be precise to look the other way at their application for a UEFA license ? and with regards our PLC ..are they prepared to do it again just to maintain the OF model ? No commonwealth game money this time around.

I think they are as all the rule changes conceived and implemented when the SPFL was formed would indicate that and I think they know that they have the perfect customer base for it. That’s why we have been saving. The fall out from Sevco winning ANYTHING never mind the league and the continuity myth dying the death (i.e the myth) and the titles being officially added to their history without any contention from our PLC will be absolutely FUCKING massive due to the tiny minded petulance of those who will feel deceived(i.e our support) but it will blow over eventually.

To be honest with you it’s the only thing I am still interested in. Scottish fitba will then clearly be based on a dishonest criminal rouse driven by bigotry to keep a hand picked cartel in the money. It will have been a good read if you like but with a very predictable and sad ending. I honestly believe that it will be the death knell for the professional game in Scotland. If you take the foreign brigade away and not just from Celtic and Rangers it’s nearly there already. I do hope that when/if it does become so badly exposed that those who are not afflicted by the disease of bigotry become more involved in removing it from within Scotland national game and by extension Scotland. Not a hope that I will follow it after that.. guys like me and you have done enough. The rest will be as happy as pigs in shit. I intend no offence to the pigs

Awe Naw


That was a debate that was left hanging here just after the league cup final.

Nobody could answer why all Celtic foreign players played well in the Cup Final but the home based players were all shite.

The same thing happened on the 29th except the home based players were not shite they were fucking atrocious

Sadly nobody took up the cudgel


The allegation is half our team subverts while the other half doesn’t get the memo…to me I think better of our pros and it all seems to have moved from fatuous to fantastic paranoia HH

Awe Naw


Its a bare face fact. Did you see any of the games ? There was a little discussion on here why that could be the case. Everyone that participated in the debate was quick to point out that they didn’t believe that the home players were deliberately not trying over these two games against Sevco and that the foreign ones were and that it must be deeper than that., but it was never explained Conversely your impulsive reaction to label Celtic fans paranoid after what has went on since Craig Whyte bought the huns for a pound betrays far more. More of an animal instinct I would say.


I see all the games; often twice – but lest embdy misunderstands or mischaracterises my views…there are many things we should rightfully be paranoid about. But the slur of any tic player pact cheating isn’t for me, one of them.


Maidin maith daoibh agus Aoine sasta.
Buenos dias ye bueno Viernes.
Good morning and happy Friday.

Bobby there’s a quiz ready, plus article in drafts that I didn’t put there.
Just letting you know 😉

So the consensus is they need this league or it’s die again. Death won’t matter just like last time but it won’t come to that as our board won’t spend and appoint limited coach to help them out.
The bankroll is to cover the fallout which will be short term.

I tell you what if that’s true I will be removing every shred of evidence myself and my clan ever had anything to do with that shadow of a proud club.

For all those interested the GAA is 20 quid a month, same as Celtic tv, only you get the entire leagues fixtures not just your club so it’s a great deal. True sport without the baggage is only a click away and this Sunday sees the mighty saffron’s of my own Antrim take on the warriors of county Wicklow.
You won’t be supporting bigotry, can happily look the mirror, and will see real sport with a ref who will try to do his job honestly.
Failing that DAZN may interest you.

Hail Hail

Awe Naw


nobody was but it needs explaining. As a qualified statistician it can´t be whimsically explained away with some non academic pish or phoney deluded Celtic mantra be rest assured and statistically far too many Old Firm coincidences also.

The question still stands .

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Just can’t buy the players aren’t trying against Der Hun suggestion and definitely don’t agree it’s the consensus.
Firstly,the Govan WorksX1 winning the league cup is of no material benefit to them though would have been morale booster for support,so why lie down to them as being suggested?
Possibly the players were as surprised as I was we had won considering the shit we had played,and I don’t mean them.Never noticed any subdued joy among the players as I was too busy jumping up and down myself with daughters and anyone else near me.
In the league game at Celtic Park why lose to them instead of someone else as it’s the same three points,and why win at Ibrox at all?Unless the conspirators think the ‘Scottish’ section of the players didn’t get the memo!
No,not for me that supposition,in fact it’s pish IMO!
My take on CP game was and still is that NFL picked the wrong team to play them!
I think he plays the wrong team quite a few times but that might just be me.The exclusion of Taylor from Wednesday’s game being the latest example.

Awe Naw

Nobody was suggesting that they were lying down

But why were they crap in the League cup final (The Scottish Celtic players)

Why when they(The Scottish Celtic Players) had the chance to put it right three weeks later were they even crappier ?

Cos sevco are a good team .. nah Aberdeen gave them two of a start

Cos we are shite … how many SPL games have we lost I don’t buy that either

There were some discussions/debates about long term job security, missives from above, group harmony, fear of injury etc.they were all dismissed early December but three weeks later they came out and were extra special shite again

That NL might be getting his poorly picked team for him … I could buy that one that would help to explain the December and so far January malaise



No. Read my words again.

I’m not saying the players weren’t trying.

I’m saying that we can afford to buy better players that are affordable which would have maintained the same gap as Roger’s enjoyed in his second season.

Why do Celtic not strengthen from a position of strength is an oft asked question.

I hope we do so by end of transfer window but if we dont then is it to increase dividends or make sure we have a league that is only competitive if we take our foot off the financial gas, whilst they push the debt throttle to destruction and bring in the moral hazard.

What I’m observing now is the ridiculous lengths Celtic went to to divert Res12, their denial of participation in the 5 Way Agreement which contained the clause that has allowed both TRFC and SFA to park Res12 in a CAS cul de sac, something that Celtic would have known when insisting Res12 stays within the SFA Judicial Process, their avoidance of answering the question did Rangers cheat, a question put to them again early January by a group of dissatisfied shareholders and answers at the AGM that tried to argue no share value lost as RFC would not have been ejected but sanctioned the following year, nicely avoiding that if you are defrauded you have a claim for compensation.

Put it this way, had I been reading what I suggested today 5 years ago, I would have thought “guy’s lost it”.

Had you been me now, you would be saying “Feck me, it might actually be true.”

What was put to Celtic by shareholders will be in Not The View tomorrow and on Social Media. Maybe even here.

In CQN there was a poster Tony Donnelly who said Peter Lawwell was in effect too smart for the requisitioners and pulling their chain.

My response was always that we represented a number of shareholders and it was their chain he was pulling.

Well they dont like it and neither will the support at large when they too feel the tug.

Its doesnt have to be like this, a game and media using sectarianism to make money regardless of the social cost. Love of the game should prevail because whatever joy there was in following Scottish football is being sucked out of it.

Just like the tackle on Frimpong wiped the smile from the lad’s face.

A thing of beauty

Awe naw,
Sorry but I don’t buy that the scottish players weren’t trying. Could it be that they were exhausted after a punishing schedule, particularly mcgregor and Forrest as Neil has repeatedly refused to rotate the squad.
I look forward to reading on this site the information you are providing tomorrow. You are absolutely correct that five years ago you wouldn’t have believed this could happen. As little as two years ago I was always arguing with bmcuwp, me supporting peter lawwell almost every time. Now, I would chase him down London road. It’s difficult to get the message out though. People will only call for any action when the league is lost. If they find out we gifted it to them to keep them going then there will be real trouble. Then and only then will we see a movement like Celts for Change rise again. In my opinion of course.

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂


Cosey Corner Boy

Before we give life to something that wasnt said or meant but a meaning being given to what was said, have a look at my response that crossed yours.

It was The Gombeen Man I think nailed it. There arent two clubs in the “Old Firm” only one and no where in football is one owner allowed to have 2 clubs in the same league for moral hazard reasons.

In 2012 Celtic had opportunity to set conditions to agreeing to the 5 Way Agreement that would have cleaned up the game and removed the hazard. For example Sevo will operate on a financially sustainable basis relevant to their football income.

Not only did they not take it, they denied involvement altogether at AGM.

Not the behaviour of folk in whom we trust to act in the Company”s/Celtic’s best interests without providing reasons why the 5 Way and all that flows from it, including the LNS sham brought to Eric Riley”s attention in 2014 , was and still is in Celtic’s best interest to ignore and move on.


With the Celtic ‘letter writers’ working overtime as multiple controversies pile up after every game, its hard to keep up.

‘The clean tackle’ © Andy Walker on Jeremie Frimpong could have been career threatening, just as well ‘the failed transfer policy’ took account of being booted up and down plastic or grass, and bought three right backs, just in case.

Moritz Bauer hasn’t had a run of games in which to judge, and its no digrace he’s been second choice to the Frimpong revelation, if selected tomorrow he should be fine, in the role cynically emptied by Alan Power.

Celtic return to the scene of the Sevco ‘crime’ and NFL has both James Forrest and Mikey Johnston fit from their disappointment that day, but its hard to imagine NFL will play two wide men wingers in the same game again, even against lowly Ross County?

Would prefer to see Patryk Klimala force his way into the side, as the support want a new hero to drive us towards the bitterly resisted ninth title in a row, with Arzani fit, just another don’t know player, who could take us out of the doldrums, of being top of the league.

With the midfield unlikely to change neither is the back three Jullien Simunovic and Ajer it leaves the infamous left back berth up for grabs, in the middle of three games in seven days, NFL could play one of the players he bought for the position, ahead of Jonny Hayes – Shirley?

Celtic Park 3.00 pm on a Saturday, see you there.

Hail Hail


I hope young Henderson gets the nod tomorrow. Paddy Climate to score also to celebrate his new Merc.

bada bing1

OFCOM have had 230 complaints re Boyd….

Awe Naw

A thing of beauty
Awe naw,
Sorry but I don’t buy that the scottish players weren’t trying.

nobody ever said they did.

The question was why were they so shite and the foreign players weren’t, TWICE and AGAINST sevco

That point has not been addressed. The best explanation of it I have heard so far Is the assertion that Neil doesn´t have full control over team selection

bada bing1

Fans should be aware of major roadworks around Shawfield Stadium and on Springfield Rd tomorrow, both roads are open but there are lane closures which will lead to delays, allow a bit of additional time for your journey

Mike in Toronto

Damn you , Awe Naw …. forcing me to break (again) my exile

I dont think the decision to try/not try is a decision per se, and if it is, it isn’t a conscious choice…

but I think that, perhaps, there are larger factors in play in Scottish society (soicetal, hegemonic factors ) that make Celtic and its fans accept being second best. If you tell one child he is bright, and the other he is stupid, over time, eventually, that will have an effect on both ….

and that applies to groups, and not just individuals …. why do Rangers fans sing WATP? because Scottish society tells them they are superior….

while Celtic fans are brought up to believe that the system is against them, and you cant fight City Hall (or, in Scotland, the Masonic Lodge) …. as a result, too many Celtic fans, when confronted with the cheating, will complain, but then say ‘Celttic is but one voice, we cant do anything …. ) … hell, in spite of overwhelming evidence, most fans wont stand up to their own Board, and meekly accept cheating … again, it is the Old Catholic way … dont question your priest or your teachers… or others above you

if you have grown up,, and alwyas been treated as inferior (and told not to rock the boat – either within your own community or society at large), at some point that is going to sink in ….and, even subconsciously, affect performance …

as a player, it must be hard to stay focused, if you know that you are playing in a rigged game, and you are going to get kicked or worse without fair application and protection of the law ….players have to know that, as Rangers get closer, the cheating is only going to get worse, and their employer isn’t going to stand up for them…. that has to be a kick in the nuts.

again, it may not be a conscious thing… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there ….

I have said for years, that I believe that these sorts of social factors may in part explain why Celtic fans didn’t really get behind Res. 12

that might also explain why there seemed to be a distniction in the response between scottish and non-scottish players… the latter not beaten down by years of OF cheating ….

big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO, hi mike I will give you another reason why a lot of celtic supporters did not get behind res 12, the bigot buck ,they want to see the famous glesca rainjurs at least 4 times a season,,sad really.hh.


LG is looking and sounding like a mhan on a mission. ?


MiT, hence today’s ‘mate of mine claims this is down to the victim mentality’.
I won’t name the mate 😉
Enjoy your weekend Sir.
Hail Hail


MiT Tickets purchased today to see Altered Images & Edwin Collins at the Kelvingrove bandstand this summer. Hh?

The Gombeen Man


I posted this yesterday. Forget my ramblings at the top and go straight to Glenn Gibbon’s article in The Guardian in 2010.

It’s not a matter of players not trying it is executives in the PLC working with an old firm agenda…

So when exactly did Operation Save the Old Firm begin? I read an interview with Dermot Desmond the other day from 2005. He waxed lyrically about the Old Firm’s prospects of joining the EPL and boasted about Celtic being the second biggest club in the UK and Rangers the sixth.

The death of the institution at Ibrox and the slaying of the Old Firm has had catastrophic effects on the PLC business model.

Back in 2009 Rangers were in trouble. They needed a dig out. But how far were Celtic prepared to go? Why the later reluctance to pursue Resolution 12? Why the ongoing silence? Could the PLC have taken premeditated steps to throw Rangers a lifeline to shore up their finances in 2009?

Could we have turned a blind eye to the lack of disclosure about debt from Ibrox/SFA to UEFA? Could the (ahem) incompetence and lack of investment by the PLC in 2009 be part of an ongoing theme?

Glenn Gibbons writes for The Guardian in 2010,

“It was in January last year (2009) during what proved to be Gordon Strachan’s last season as manager, that the chairman, John Reid, chief executive, Peter Lawwell and largest individual shareholder, Dermot Desmond failed to exploit an advantage over Rangers that could have left the Ibrox club in an even deeper financial mess than the one from which they are presently trying to save themselves.”

He continues,

“It was already well known that Rangers were in serious debt and that failure to win the championship and reach the lucrative group stage of the Champions League could have potentially disastrous repercussions. In the event, it was Celtic who collapsed and who compounded their misjudgment with the appointment of the inadequate Mowbray, giving a moderate Rangers side the chance to win two titles.”

The Guardian 1st May 2010

Maybe the reconstruction of the old firm model is a factor in Mr Lawwell’s salary?

Given our (ahem) previous incompetence and the current rumours of financial uncertainty at Ibrox don’t be too surprised if our (ahem) incompetence comes back to haunt us.


As has been said many times nothing will change, the overwhelming majority of Celtic supporters couldn’t care less about collusion and ‘operation save the old firm’ as long as they are entertained. It has been said on here ‘nothing will stop me going’! I often ask myself why WWE / WWF is hugely popular when the results of the matches are pre determined and the bouts themselves choreographed. Yet punters willing pay top dollar to watch a rigged sport. Top flight Scottish football is no different than WWE now. False competition has been created in order that 1 of 2 clubs will win the league year on year and more than likely win the 2 major cup competitions. An occasional ‘cup’ bauble will be gifted to the also rans. True it was similar to this pre 2012 but at least we honestly thought we were the good ghuys then.

Overwhelming evidence of the Celtic board’s complicity in allowing and even aiding the ‘old firm’ to survive & flourish is shrugged off. More time is spent on Celtic minded blogs discussing the latest MIBs honest mistake than how we, the support, have been sold out by the current club custodians. The only thing that may upset their cunning wee plan is Celtic losing 9IAR. Even then as others have correctly pointed out the sacrificial lambs have already been lined up for this scenario – Lenny and Pete.

Talk about a revolution CSC

big packy

OGLACH, your right, nothing will change in this bigoted wee country, sad really.hh.

big packy

to be honest, if 11 monkeys ran out at parkhead with celtic strips on, a lot of celtic supporters would be chanting come on the hoops, completely blinsided by the fact that it was monkeys out there ,sad really.

Mike in Toronto


I dont disagree. Hegemony can be exploited by unscrupulous people within our community. Which is why I have always questioned the unquestioning loyalty that so many show to the Board; both Boards have more in common with each other than hieir respective fan bases, and they arent above using the old prejudices to to milk their respective fan bases for every last penny..


Sounds brilliant. Two of my favourites (but for very different reasons).

big packy

MIKE IN TORONTO, you not talking to me?


Was thinking there while walking dog and daughter.
The big bank account could be for, , ,
If they die and can’t reform the league is Donald Ducked. We would then be in a great position to move away alone, say Epl or Championship, and a few large spend would be smart, so that money is covered.

Alternatively the suits know that gifting them the league will result in a downturn of season tickets and the bank account will cushion that blow. It seems overly excessive though.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I’m not talking to anyone on here…I’m on strike (just doing a bad job at it).


BP Would that make them the PG Tims ? ?


big packy

Not sure about monkeys but I can claim to have seen a fair number of Donkeys on the park wearing Celtic strips in recent years.
All bona fide projects that were supposedly going to make us, or more correctly DD and the PLC, zillions of pounds.

Eeyore CSC


Hardly a donkeys fault he was asked to play 😉



A move to the English league set up is not going to happen in the foreseeable future if ever. Too many vested interests in England would be against another huge predatory club entering their league set up. Perhaps a massive downturn in subscribers to Sky may prompt them to attempt to form some kind of UK league but again just mere speculation. Now if wee Nicola were to get her way within the next couple of years any chance of any Scottish team joining the English league system would evaporate overnight.


Mahe Ee aw ee aw ee always says that ! I’ll get my coat ?



Hardly a donkeys fault he was asked to play ?
Not laying any fault at the Donkey’s hoofs. More the fault of the eejits that bought him and put him on the park in the 1st place.

Jack Ass CSC

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