That 5WA e-mail. A silver bullet or a smoking gun?


Much has been written here and elsewhere regarding the infamous 5WA. It was brought to a head at the recent AGM when Peter Lawwell was asked by A SHAREHOLDER if he had ever seen it. Naturally he said that he hadn’t and we of course believe the words of an honourable man,one who would be fully aware of the consequences of giving an untruthful answer to a question from a shareholder at an AGM.

So imagine my surprise when three days later a copy of an e-mail from 26 July 2012 turned up in my inbox. It was so detailed,it even included the addys of all the recipients,each holding high rank in the domestic game. That caused a problem as we would never reveal such personal detail on here,plus we were asked not to publish it anyway!

After much to and fro,this site and a couple of others have finally been given the go-ahead,addys redacted. So here it is.
The e-mail which PL may or may not have actually seen.

Subject: Rangers – strictly private & confidential
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 21:01:21 +0100
From: Neil Doncaster *********
To: Eric Riley (Celtic) *******; Steve Thompson (Dundee Utd), Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen) ****** ; Ralph Topping (Chair) , Michael Johnston (Kilmarnock ) *************   Peter Lawwell (Celtic) ************ (not to his PA)
CC: Rod Mckenzie  ***** ; TomThomas*********** (SPL Lawyers) Iain Blair******** ; Michele Shields ******* (SPL) (e mail addresses reduced)


Attached are a five-way agreement and a separate letter of undertaking in respect of Rangers.  Work is continuing on the rights agreement with the SFL.

Subject to SPL Board and sub-committee approval, it is intended that these documents be signed tomorrow, with a view to Rangers FC being able to play in Sunday’s SFL Challenge Cup game at Brechin.

The overall effect of the attached is that we will ‘exchange’ signed documents tomorrow, but ‘Completion’ will take place at an SPL General Meeting next Friday 3 August (this meeting has already been notified to clubs) to approve a transfer of Rangers’ share to Dundee.  This will create a window of six days within which we can charge Rangers in respect of the EBTs.  Subject to SPL Board consent, it would be our intention to serve Rangers Oldco and Rangers FC with an EBT charges complaint in the form already circulated on Wednesday or Thursday next week.
You will recall that ‘oldco Rangers’ is the current holder of the SPL share.  Sevco is the new company that will be re-named as Rangers upon transfer of the membership.
The key points in the attached documents, from an SPL point of view, are:
–          Sevco becomes liable for all football creditors (including the SPL itself, Hearts, Dundee United and Aberdeen) 
–          Oldco waives all fees due to it from the SPL, which will be distributed as fees to SPL clubs this season as additional fee payments
–          The SPL waives claims against Sevco – it is oldco Rangers and Rangers FC that we will pursue in respect of the EBTs and it is this process that we will commence with a charge to be issued next week
Additionally (but not specifically relevant to the SPL):
–          Sevco accepts a year’s transfer embargo from 1 September 2012
–          Sevco will pay fines totalling £196,063 to the SFA
We would also intend to announce tomorrow that “the SPL is reserving its position in respect of alleged breaches of SPL rules in respect of EBTs.  We expect to be in a position to make a further announcement on this issue within the next week” or something similar.  I will circulate a draft before it is finalised.
The above is not a totally perfect solution from the SPL’s perspective, since oldco Rangers may potentially raise issues regarding the power of the SPL to pursue oldco for breach of the SPL Rules after oldco ceases to be a shareholder in the SPL (and Rangers FC cease to be a member of the SPL) in relation to pre-cessation events.  This would be an issue for our Commission to take a view on, should the point be raised.  Any such challenge to the jurisdiction of the SPL would be strenuously resisted on the basis that both oldco and Rangers FC were subject to the jurisdiction of the SPL when the EBT events occurred and that the SPL as the competition owner and organiser is the only party with jurisdiction to prosecute alleged breaches of its own Rules.

However, we are advised that such risk as is present is substantially mitigated by the SPL charging oldco and Rangers FC prior to the transfer of the share (on 3 August) whilst bothare still members of the SPL.

The attached documents offer a number of other key advantages to the SPL – particularly a timely start to both the SFL and SPL seasons 2012/13, the payment of the Scottish Football debt and the securing of the SPL position regarding the non-payment of further sums to Rangers (which is worth over £1m to SPL clubs in season 2012/13 when finances are most under pressure).  If the five-way agreement is not signed there is a real possibility that a separate accommodation will be made with the SFA and SFL which will not include the SPL and that the SPL will not get the benefits set out above which would be accorded by the five-way agreement  Our recommendation is therefore that the attached documents are approved for signature.
Rod Mckenzie and I are available for any clarification that any Director or member of the sub-committee would like in respect of the above or the attached.
Please confirm by 10am on Friday 27th July that you agree, or otherwise, with the SPL signing the attached documents.  I will assume that you are in agreement unless I hear otherwise by that time.
Kind regards,

Neil Doncaster | Chief Executive

The Scottish Premier League Limited

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Nice wee post yesterday. Well done,lads.
big packy
JIMMYNOTPAUL, while you are on, got a nice e-mail back from croy silver band, some of the older members remembered my dad ,thanks once again for the link.?

January 24, 2020 8:07 pm


The following is enclosed in a PDF and will be available in full in today’s NOT THE VIEW. Unfortunately to show it here requires it be shown in full rather than as a link! It is from AULDHEID.
John Paul
I would like this e mail passed to Mr Lawwell for a response please and a reply confirming it has been done.
I am routing it via your good self because I believe the time has come for clarity, following conflicting statements made at the 2019 AGM from the top table in respect of Resolution 12.
The lack of clarity only served to mislead shareholders about key issues and the opportunity to clarify should be taken by Mr Lawwell at the next Fans Forum dedicated to the purpose, along with satisfactory justification of why it is not in Celtic’s interest to bring the SFA to account if deception occurred causing Celtic shares to lose value.

Signed Date

Dear Mr Lawwell
At the recent AGM you stated that UEFA were not interested in pursuing events in 2011 when a UEFA Licence was granted to Rangers FC by the SFA and retained in dubious circumstance.
You went on to say you had contacted the Head of UEFA club licencing that morning and repeated more or less the same answer Andrea Traverso gave in a letter dated 8th June 2016 addressed to the lawyer engaged by shareholders representatives seeking UEFA advice on the processing of the UEFA Licence in 2011. In particular, you repeated his point that any sanctions applied for breaches would not have happened until the following season, meaning no loss to shareholder value and so no justification for pursuing.
Mr Bankier on the other hand said UEFA had conducted an investigation and found no case to answer without specifying what UEFA had investigated and the reasons why no compliance failure occurred
So, which is it? UEFA investigated and no case to answer or UEFA do not want to investigate?
What exactly were UEFA asked to consider either by phone or in any paperwork submitted to them?
Was any paperwork submitted to them?
The Recital to Res12 to the 2019 AGM at para 10 (see Annex 1) refers to a document given to Celtic in August 2018 to establish from UEFA if there was a case of wrongful granting to answer. Was that done and what was the answer? If it was no compliance failure, then that should have been conveyed with detailed reasons to the shareholders representing those seeking answers making the 2019 Resolution unecessary.
Did the questions asked confine themselves to the monitoring period only (for which the “no sanctions” answer is accurate) or were UEFA asked to look at the circumstances under which the license was granted? Circumstances that caused the Compliance Officer to initially get involved based on a statement from Stuart Regan in his published letter to you of 18 August 2017
“ On the face of it there seem to be contradictions between those statements and written representations made by Oldco (Rangers FC) at the time of the licence application and during the monitoring period As part of the licence application Oldco represented to the Scottish FA that there was an ongoing dispute with HMRC regrading “The Wee Tax Case“ but the report of the evidence in the Craig Whyte trial suggest that Oldco knew by early 2011 that they had no defence to HMRC’s claim”
In June 2018 the SFA compliance officer was provided with evidence that showed a payable existed at 21st March 2011 that ceased to be a liability that day when the dispute ended, yet the payable at 31st March was described in Rangers Interim Accounts published on 1st April 2011 as
“The exceptional item reflects a provision for a potential tax liability in relation to a Discounted Option Scheme associated with player contributions between 1999 and 2003. Discussions are continuing with HMRC to establish a resolution to the assessments raised.”
Since every effort appears to have been made to delay or even avoid establishing if the license was granted within the rules as UEFA intend and that the same Interim Accounts description was again apparently repeated in a letter from Rangers Auditors Grant Thornton that the SFA Licensing Committee took as proof no overdue payable existed, shareholders requested a report from an independent professional accountant , tested and confirmed by another professional accountant, on events in 2011 to establish what the original Resolution 12 sought to do in 2013 i.e. was the process properly adhered to by licensor and licensee? The report is attached and will also be made available on social media having allowed time for a considered reply.
It is thorough, is 18 pages in length with Appendices numbering 65 pages and requires answers as it makes it clear that the issue is less about whether Rangers FC obtained a licence by deception (although the conclusion is they did) but whether the SFA processed the grant of the licence as UEFA intended in 2011.
The latest UEFA Compliance and Investigation Activity report 2017 to 2019 shows that the SFA have been asked to tighten up their checking of overdue payables to tax authorities.
“These licensors (including SFA) were made aware by the CFCB investigatory chamber that their assessment procedures were not fully in line with the CL&FFP Regulations. Furthermore, these licensors were requested to improve their licensing documentation. More specifically, these licensors were requested to implement specific corrective actions with regard to the assessment of overdue payables towards other football clubs, in respect of employees and/or towards social/tax authorities. Furthermore, these licensors were asked to update their payables tables and/or financial statements templates”
The obvious question to the above is did SFA ever comply?
Your argument that Celtic cannot interfere in an investigation between another member club and the SFA is a false one, the issue is not about Rangers FC * which the attached report makes clear, whilst necessarily referring to them, but about the SFA.
Your argument about sanctions not falling until the next season is also a false one if the Licence was obtained using deception That is the conclusion of the report, not just under the avoidance of Article 50 on tax overdue but also non compliance with Article 47 “fair presentation” of accounts * in which case Celtic did lose out financially and unfairly.
Your response at AGM was therefore either disingenuous or you failed to comprehend the real issue that concerns shareholders i.e. the SFA cost Celtic money for reasons open to interpretation but nevertheless should be accountable to Celtic alone, not other clubs, for their decisions. I view accountability as extremely important issue for good governance.
Shareholders are entitled to know why it is in Celtic’s interest to move on without recognition by the SFA of their past failures in governance, starting from when HMRC first asked them questions about ebts somewhere from 2005 onwards, culminating in licensing rules failure in 2011. A failure that produced the 5 Way Agreement, one of whose consequences has been to hide the SFA’s own governance ineptitude or knowledge of events at Ibrox from mid-2000 to date.
(An Agreement by the way that you denied sight of at the AGM, which I hope was truthful in terms of trustworthiness in you as a CEO of a club whom the shareholders and supporters see as guardians of the integrity of Scottish football.)
The questions now arising from the report are does the Celtic Board, having read it knowing it has been professionally created and vetted believe:
a) that no deception took place in 2011 or since and that Celtic have no case of compensation to pursue? or
b) That deception was involved and that the SFA bear a major responsibility and must at the very least apologise to and compensate Celtic shareholders for at least the £11k spent in the pursuit of a truth the SFA tried to hide?
c) The SFA as currently constituted are fit and professional enough to honestly govern Scottish professional football under the shadow of the 5 Way Agreement?
As one of the many shareholders who may write to you wanting the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, and on basis a strong case of deception exists, I would like the attached Report and Appendices sent to the SFA as a matter of urgency to bring to an end the task they began in September 2017 before the next scheduled Fans Forum at end of February or during March 2020, to provide the required degree of clarity noticeable by its absence in the Board responses at the November AGM that failed to earn support from the shareholders on the floor.
It is time to end this charade before the fallout between small shareholders and large damages the club.
(NB * only 2011 accounts were tested but fair presentation failure under Article 47 may go back to earlier years given the private agreements Rangers introduced as a result of their decision to use ebts to make them wage competitive as Sir David Murray himself testified to the First Tier Tribunal.)
Annex 1. Extract from recital to Resolution 12 to 2019 AGM.
10.​At a meeting in August 2018, with two representatives from other Celtic supporting constituencies in attendance, the full import of the evidence Resolutioners presented to SFA in June 2018 in relation to tax overdue and UEFA FFP rules was set out in writing and handed over for Celtic to enable them to establish informally if an overdue payable, as UEFA define it, existed. If it did then the proof provided to the SFA that enabled them to grant the licence looks like an act of false pretence/fraud. If there was no overdue payable as UEFA define it then there was no need for further action by Celtic other than to convey UEFA’s reasons to shareholders at the 2018 AGM .

Twists n turns

That e mail

Sent at 9-01pm on the 26th July.

States “ Please confirm by 10am on Friday 27th July that you agree, or otherwise, with the SPL signing the attached documents. I will assume that you are in agreement unless I hear otherwise by that time.“

Assuming most people wouldn’t be reading e mails at 9pm in the evening, and got to the office at 9am the next morning, they had less than hour to review? That’s assuming they looked at their inbox immediately on arrival?

Remarkable if true. Or maybe not when you think about it!!



Stitch up from the off,mate. A simple case of-Here’s the result we want,how do we go about it?

As ATHINGOFBEAUTY has said,as soon as Salmond mentioned “civil unrest” the rest was a fait accompli.

Twists n turns


I’ll be honest, I’m long since worn down by the shenanigans of Celtic PLC, SPL, SFA, and of course the rotten mob. Last summer I tortured myself re giving up on it, and how it was going to impact on my way of life. I’d been going to CP a long time. A lifetime pretty much.
I’ve become conditioned to my new routine. Can honestly say I’m not missing just as much as I thought I would. Still do to some extent but the reality of non attending isn’t proving as painful as I’d assumed it would.

Don’t get me wrong I’d go back in a heartbeat under a new regime, but for now I’ll await the change, should there be any.

I don’t know where the likes of Auldheid summon the energy from to continue the fight. Admirable, but at 61 I think feck it, life is too short to be letting it get to me so much.
I still get the same nerves on match days, and perhaps the day will return when I’m back at CP being nervous as opposed to being on edge elsewhere.

Today I’m back in the old routine. Heading through to Glasgow to watch a game of football . Scottish Cup. Pollock v Fauldhouse.
Fauldhouse are the last standing West Lothian side, and that run is likely to end today. Love to see an upset however unlikely.
One thing I’m relaxed about? I don’t need to worry about the ref. This season has taught me they ( refs) only bend if they make it through to senior level!

The Gombeen Man

An interesting read Bobby. It’s clear why Pedro’s favourite blog has been so complimentary about Neil Doncaster in the past.

It’s also clear that Celtic PLC’s actions and inactions were questionable long before any last ditch political involvement.

Anyway off on my Parkrun.

Safe trip over Hadrian’s Wall.



“Safe trip back over Hadrian’s Wall”

Aye,gaun back doon tae deepfry their pizzas!!!




On which,thanks as ever to all for my usual great time and your brilliant hospitality!!!



Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy the site-all comments are welcome. We even allow people to disagree on here without giving them grief(!)

I’ve taken the liberty of editing out your surname as you may not have intended it to be shown. The instructions can be a tad misleading but for future reference,under the “comment” box place the name you wish to be known as rather than your own name.

It happens a lot,believe me!!!

Amazing Echo

I genuinely try not to be a ‘board basher’. However, on the odd occasion our club custodians raise their head, it is to condemn our own fans. I’m not suggesting fan behaviour is always impeccable by the way.

As a board, we just seem so insipid. Impotent. Well, so I thought. Now, it appears the PLC board may actually be deceptive, manipulative and aloof. Not a good look.

Like many, I’ve drifted away from active support over the years. I’m a shareholder, pools player and occasional shopper of all things Celtic. I rarely get to Glasgow these days and games even less so.

I feel i have played my part over the years, since the 70s, and would expect more reciprocation from the club. Namely….

Call out corruption when you see it. Always. No exception. Be dogged. Do not accept whitewashes
Sensible but regular investment in the playing squad
Defend the players, management and brand when they (regularly) come under attack in the media and elsewhere
Create a method of 2 way contact with fans, outside of AGMs – which are purely for shareholders. JP does a grand old job, though I feel that we need more.

Hope everyone enjoys their saturday, whichever time zone you may be in. 4 goals and 3 points later please



Believe it or not,I try not to be a board basher too! In fact,whenever they deserve credit,I make sure that they get it.

When I first started posting on CQN early 2009,I certainly wasn’t alone in having a poor opinion of how the club was being run,and in whose direction I felt the finger of blame should be pointed. But even then,the naysayers knew that credit and blame should both be highlighted as appropriate. And back then,the conversation was largely civilised and non-partisan,as you knew you could state your case-either side!-and have it respectfully discussed.

But now it seems that criticism means that “you have an agenda against the club”,or that in fact you are a closet hun. I should add that this is NOT a criticism of CQN,a site I still have a lot of time for. Yes,I could get some disagreement with my opinions on there,but most of it was respectful and cogent,rarely personal. Some of the stuff flying about elsewhere these days though is verging on poison,almost internecine warfare.

Now,how did that come about? It’s one hell of a reaction to being a well-run club wi millions in the bank,that’s for sure.

Let them eat cake…


Bobby Murdochs Curled Up Winklepockers.

To clarify. That e mail to JPT was not from my good self.
It contained points a goodly number of small shareholders made to Celtic from start of January re Res12.
The NTV article is based on it and contains the conclusions from a report that accompanied the e mails saying proof provided to enable licence to be granted was “dodgy”.


oops wrong page


Welcome and enjoy.


I know you are on the ball, but just to let you know Skybet are giving first 5 a place, instead of 3, in the race your selection is in.


To everyone going to CP today enjoy the rarity of a Saturday 3pm ko as there is only another 2 scheduled in the fixture list for the rest of the season. ?


Senga, Uber, why don’t you join in on the Naps competition? You would need to start off minus £22 of course but a few decent wins would soon cut that down to size! 🙂

Billy Bhoy

I see the Chinese have dubbed 2020 The Year Of The Rat.

I accept that he’s taken Leicester to a pretty much guaranteed CL spot but come on!


A Thing Of Beauty

The Not The View Article I mentioned yesterday has been overtaken by the Doncaster e mail but if you want to read how Celtic can be brought to account (and via them the SFA) you can read the NTV article which provides an update on Res12 matters including a link to the accountant’s report which really should be read in full for context and which Celtic were asked to pass to the SFA.

The only linkage to the Doncaster e mail is a lack of honesty to shareholders.


Twists n turns

Thanks. Very thoughtful of you. As it happens PP are doing the same but as I say, thanks for the thought.

Gl today

bada bing1

Forster, Bauer, Jozo, Jullien, Hayes, Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Johnston, Griff
From the guy on Celticminded who’s generally spot on.
Eddy injured apparently


Congratulations Packy. The winner of a 4 horse race favourite! LOL 🙂 Was there no 3 horse races today?

a thing of beauty

Auldheid, thanks for the reply. I’ll read tonight after the game.
Good to see Eddie getting a rest today. Hopefully Leigh can step into his shoes. Where is elyanoussi? We need experience and strength, neither of which are provided by Mikey Johnston. I know Elyounoussi had an injury but that’s been months now aside from the LCF.


Barely a ripple of indignation noted on the calm Celtic sea today. Given what Bobby and AuldHeid have posted today one may well have believed that some would have been oot the back looking for the oul pitchforks ready to march on the Celtic boardroom and deliver a bit of frontier justice, but alas no. Seems the Nags are of more interest today than the proper governance of Scottish football. Obviously few give a dam that the Celtic support have ,allegedly, been wilfully mislead by a board that has seemingly been complicit in the resurrection of Rangers and the old firm. You know the very entity that would happily crush us underfoot given the same opportunity Celtic FC had to do this to Sevco / Rangers / The Rangers or what ever the charlatans sitting on our board prefer to refer to them as.


Morning troops.
Not that hungover tbh.

So there you have it. They just couldn’t follow the rules and regulations already set in place to deal with events such as liquidation.
The rules and regulations that were supposed to ensure fair play and a degree of integrity.
Even the one club who state in their charter that they will make every attempt to disassociate from sectarianism and bigotry threw a lifeline to a club that is mired in bigotry.
All for money. The root of all evil.
It breaks my heart but there you have it.
Times they are a changing.

‘ Whatever happened to those heroes. No more heroes anymore, no more heroes anymore, , , ‘

Welcome to the site Patricia. Enjoy yourself.

Hail Hail


Baca – I thought Eddie was a bit uncomfortable later in the Kilmarnock game. Might explain the line up.


Rumour Eddy is injured? Just another one to add to the list.


It will be interestI got to see how this works out with Bauer perhaps playing a more conventional RB behind Jamesie.


Odsonnes injury should prevent any bids coming in for him. Not that I could see him going in Jan.


Eddy, minor foot problem on the bench?


Defensive shambles so far County have missed three clear chances.
And our midfields headless chicken chasing routine is making County look like Barcelona.
As our coaches sit there watching without any adjustment to their tactic of hitting long balls to our left side.
Are our players given a jersey and told just go out and play?
There is no noticeable shape or tactics in our team.


McGregor 1-0 from the spot.
Penalty for a foul on MJ after Simo played a creative forward pass.


A perplexing game where Celtic have lost their shape up front. The three midget forward line is largely ineffective because a) lack of height for high crosses, and b) rarely are all three in the box at the same time. When they do they create chances as evidenced by the penalty on Johnson and the header by Forrest well saved by the keeper.

Of more concern is the defence which has been exposed at least three times by RC with long high balls either over the top or down our left flank. Any scouts watching this game will see our Achilles’ heel.

So far, Griff as the sole striker is not happening. Johnson is in the game in bursts and Forrest is largely hiding in plain sight. Why did we not go with two strikers, even resting Edouard? Goal difference may matter in the league chase but we are blowing the opportunity to enhance that.



It’s now becoming obvious that we are short of coaching and tactics.
We may have 11 men on the field but there is no discernible sign’s of a team.
We are looking like we did on Neil’s previous tenure where we rely on our better players getting us a result.
One great Simo pass and nice turn by MJ produced a penalty that gave us the lead.
Hayes has put in a few good crosses but defensively keeps getting caught out.They have figured that the space and lack of pace by Simo leaves our left defensive channel really vulnerable.
Since our midfield has zero defensive awareness they have had plenty time and space to play good passes into that channel.
What the F do we work on at Lennoxtown?

bada bing1

Eric Riley and John Reid here…..crisis meeting?


Fan. 3.56.
Lenny said in his press conference,yesterday, that he doesn’t get too bogged down in the tactical/formation side, on the training ground.
He leaves it to Damien and John.
90 minute cynic have the full press conference on their site.


Lenny might want to look in then as it seems those to are bonking off and doing anything but coaching.

bada bing1

Clancy is the new Craig Thomshun


Ed appears and scores twice.
No doubt about who is our most vital player.


Please take Hayes off. He is getting roasted.

Pay decent money, get quality…i.e. Edouard.



For that to happen the coaches have to recognize what’s happening on the field of play.


Rebus 67.
Another great winner buddy, thank you.
That’s a few coffees I owe you.
I done it 3 quid, each way. £38.40 back.


Well ultimately a 3-0 victory thanks to five minutes of Edouard magic. When he came on high balls into the penalty area started to make sense. However, overall, that was a poor performance against a very limited team. The most disturbing feature was the inability to change the shape of the team when it was clear that we were struggling. Why so late to make subs when we were three up? Johnson off for Dembele when, if anyone, it should have been Forrest. As an exercise, I wish someone would count the number of back passes he makes when he receives the ball. At least Johnson was trying to get into the game.
That is the worst game I have seen from Hayes and he should have been off. Play him against Copenhagen or any quality team and we shall get punished. Both CB’s were exposed as having a lack of pace when balls over the top were played.

Well done to RC for a good performance and I hope lessons will be learned but, frankly, I doubt it.

Successes? Foster when called on, Bauer whose booking was an evil joke, Julien jus!, McGregor for his industry, and, of course, Edouard. Brown, Johnson were passable but the rest were not at the races.

This is how it is going to be from now on…..a good game followed by a poor one. Serendipity is going to play a big part in the outcome of this season. I can see what the problem is but I see no way to fix it now. Perhaps, senior management see it as well and, hence, no significant money is risked in this transfer window.

O me miserum!



I didn’t think James looked 100% fit, today.
I was surprised he wasn’t subbed, he did assist Eddy for the 3rd goal though.

bada bing1

Mikey Johnston really needs to make the most of games like that…..


Maybe the Minis, will do us a favour tomorrow.

Twists n turns

Only just caught up. Was through at the Junior Cup game at Pollok. Pretty cold!

I reckon we had 5 winning naps on the site today!
I’ll check fully when I heat up a bit!

Was keeping up to speed on the Celtic game whilst watching the juniors. Looked like Ross C had a few opportunities first half?

Good win though. Mon the Hertz….


Yes, defence was all over the place 1st half.
Garry’s D.D. nephew, Marcus went off injured early in second half, not good for him but I felt County missed him.
Eddy different class.
Kello beat Irvine Meadow 2.1 in the Scottish today, Kello ended up with 9 men. That’s an unbelievable score.
I reckon you could have named your price for Kello.
I keep a close eye on the juniors as my boy plays.
Park Rd is another who keeps a close eye on the juniors too.

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