The Twilight Zone-And A New Dawn?


Sometimes being a football fan in Scotland leads you to believe that you’re really living inside an old episode of The Twilight Zone. And sometimes things happen,as a Celtic supporter,that just confirm that for you!

It was only around four weeks ago that Ryan Christie was cited by the SFA Compliance Officer for his challenge on Morelos,a challenge which was seen and acted upon by referee Kevin Clancy,who dished out a yellow for it. As far as I am aware,that is a precedent in the game-usually the decision and punishment handed out by the referee is deemed as sufficient and inviolate. It is only when a referee agrees that he has not seen a particular incident that the Compliance Officer can get involved.

So in this case,to refresh your memories,Clancy was asked to look at the incident again. Did Ryan deliberately strike at Morelos’ genital area or,as originally thought,was he merely attempting to pull him back-the offence for which he was originally yellow carded?

Never one to rock the boat,Clancy agreed that it was a deliberate strike at Morelos’ genital area and worthy of a red card. As a result,Ryan was given a two match ban-which morphed into three as this was his second red card of the campaign. Worse though was to come,as the SFA let it be known that the ban was for an ACT OF BRUTALITY,language which I have never heard them use before,despite adjudicating on many worse and more clear cut cases. Christie’s reputation is now forever tarnished by those words,the same as Tonev was tarnished by being branded a racist-on the balance of probability!

I’d have sued them.

Moving on from the beginning of the month to the end of it,and I am thoroughly shocked that the Compliance Officer has not cited Power of Kilmarnock for his brutal assault on Jeremie Frimpong a week ago. If you want to term something as an act of brutality,I know which of the two is closer to the mark for me. Power launched himself into the tackle with a reckless disregard for the welfare of his opponent. He knew damned fine well that he was gonna clear Frimpers out,and just hoped to get enough on the ball to get away with it. The last bit is only a rule where the target is a Celtic player,btw-everywhere else it is still a cardable offence,the colour dependent on the severity of the assault.

I’d say this one was pretty high on the severity scale. Two-footed,straight through the player with full body weight behind the challenge,nowhere near the ball. Player stretchered off after a ten minute delay.

We didn’t even get a f…..g free kick off Robertson,so he can hardly have said that he saw it-he gave a throw in to us,which means that he thought Power had touched the ball.

But naw,nothing. I must have dreamt it all. We all did. As I said,The Twilight Zone.

Of course,The Twilight Zone could also be used to describe our efforts at boosting the squad during this transfer window. Neil Lennon told the world before it opened that he wanted four new players in total,with at least a couple signed in time for our trip to Dubai. He got none in time for Dubai,one in time for the first match back against Partick Thistle,and a second one joining yesterday after the biggest cliffhanger since Who Shot JR? He then proceeded to tell the world that he was happy with what he had,it was a great squad to work with,yada yada. So that’s some change of mindset in a month,Neil. From needing four to getting two-who have played TEN MINUTES between them for us-and only three days left of the window. Of course,what it all means is that he learned so much about the players whilst in Dubai,he’s underestimated them,they’re all world beaters just waiting to be unleashed.

So that’s alright,then. Everything in the garden is rosy after all. No need to panic,it’s all under control. More likely that PL has told him that he had planned a few loans but the sneaky new rules have kyboshed that plan. So it’s Plan B. Send my Dad down to St Winin’s and light some candles.

The Twilight Zone,a litre of Scotch and a bag of hallucinogenics are needed for any of that to make the slightest sense. A wing and a prayer,and that’s it.

But some things do give us reasons to be cheerful. I’d heard some rumours over the last six weeks or so that the 2019 AGM had stirred some people into action,and certain names were mentioned. Also that Celtic-minded people of significant wealth and influence were being contacted regarding the possibility of building a shareholding large enough to challenge the comfort zone of the current occupying force in the boardroom. And that the Celtic Supporters Trust were planning a relaunch. I wish I’d asked more questions about that at the time,as I’ve no idea why a relaunch was necessary.

So yesterday brought the heartening news of a return to the fray of David Low,and as head of The Celtic Supporters Trust. This position gives him the authority to actively push for change,whether it be a change of regime or a change in their approach. As Consigliori for Fergus McCann during the takeover in 1994,he has the respect and admiration of those of us who well remember those days,and the calamity of which they strived manfully to steer us clear.

He is already speaking of increasing the membership of the CST,widening the spectrum of Celtic voices behind their banner,and of using any surplus funds to purchase shares in the club. When membership details are revealed,I’ll be sure to sign up-and to post them on here too. My hope is that his presence will galvanise and unite the support enough for membership to explode,and for those funds to make a difference.

But here’s another wee possibility. That Celtic-minded people of significant wealth and influence will be motivated to quietly buy shares in their own name and discreetly offer their support to The Trust. This could be a game-changer,and only time will tell. But when you’ve been living in The Twilight Zone for so long,with no discernible prospects of change,the mere suggestion of A New Dawn lights up my life!


Above article by BMCUWP. It’s not all doom and gloom being a Celtic supporter,as I hope the above shows. I saved the best till last! If you’ve been saving some thoughts on the club,write them down and send them to us. We always publish as Article of the Day,and the more views we have the fresher the site feels. Mail Mahe on

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Good stuff, Mick.
I’m not privvy to David’s thoughts.
At the AGM, I’m reliably informed, he said “Peter Lawwell will be on the phone, to me, asking what I’m up to”. He then smiled.
I liked that.
David is a smart, shrewd cookie, as I said, on Sunday, interesting times, but patience will be required.
Of course, if it’s patience you need, Auldheid is the man. ?


Does this mean that David Low is sufficiently worried about the way our club is being run that he feels the need to get actively involved in forcing some change .
If so ,we may soon be in a position where it will time to choose which side of the line you stand .
There are quite few issues in urgent need of addressing in my view .
Res 12 and EVERYONE’S involvement therein.
the 5 way stitch up and EVERYONE’S involvement therein .
The stockpiling of cash in bank and the reason for such .
The seemingly meek acceptance of the rule bending to our clubs detriment
The growing disconnect between the people at the top of our club and the general support

I should be sitting here basking in the glow of a treble treble ,last 32 of EL and first cup of the season in the bag ,instead I have a growing unease that someone is rotten at the very heart of my club .



I think your contacts and mine have the same contacts list,even if they aren’t always the same people we talk to! That’s to be expected,I suppose. I do try to widen the circle,put out the feelers to people who I believe we should have onside and in the tent.

Seems they have a tent of their own,and that,old son,has always been the problem,IMO. That there is a growing groundswell of angst and dissent against our current custodians,but that the opposition is too fractured. It’s practically all that Mahe and I talk about,in all honesty!

I genuinely believe that David Low might be the uniting force that has been long required. I certainly hope so,as I think we are nearing the last chance saloon on this.

Speaking of same sources,we have two particular friends in common. They have more to concern themselves with than texts or mails from me. Please let them know that my family too have them uppermost in our thoughts and prayers.




Correct. Nailed it.



Also,I’m not 100% convinced that David Low has decided to lead us all into battle all on his own,and not on a whim either. His elevation at the CST certainly couldn’t have been done overnight.

My feeling is that this isn’t an amateur night shot at former glories,a maverick looking for one last shot at the limelight. For that is what it could be construed as,if David Low had simply woken up one morning and decided-f..k it,ah’m gaun fer it!!!

No,I think a number of people have had a Damascene moment,and got together to exchange notes.

Strap yourself in!!!

big packy

BOBBY, great article, if david low is getting involved we might be onto something here, but im not getting my hopes up yet.hh?



We do our best,thanks!

Interesting times,and time will tell. We’ve had many false dawns before,the many-is this it?-moments.


Great news,



I think so. We hold in high regard the people responsible for getting rid of the old regime. There’s a reason for that. To see them coming back,with all their contacts and experience,that’s great news in my opinion.

Odd Son Edward

Off-piste but just wanted to say, only discovered this site on Sunday following a link on Celtic Star. So glad I did. Absolutely first class Mahe and all contributors. Cheers guys!



Well,isn’t that just fine. Delighted that you’re enjoying the site,because…

I wanna,I wanna…


Fine article Bobby, on your first point, we all know…

SFA have always been a bunch of fraudulent bastards, even when they’re not colluding with deid clubs and CEO’s, you can rest assured those blazers don’t book into a caravan park or travelodge for away games, best of hotels for them, using your money, paid for by (insert_your_name_here) when you go watch a Cup/Club/International game.

As for UEFA, I wouldn’t feel over confident asking for an association, which for years was led by corrupt bastards to investigate another body full of corrupt bastards, It’s not like UEFA are exactly noted for being upstanding and squeaky clean.

Michelle Platini once UEFA president and Vice-president of FIFA, banned from football for ethics violations, then investigated for awarding Quatar the 2022 World cup hosting rights with allegations of bribes.

Over thirty FIFA officials involved in racketeering, wire fraud, and money laundering in a 2015 scandal of over 150 million, then there was the 10 million bribe from South Africa to secure their hosting of the 2010 World Cup. How about Sepp Blatter ? also serving a six year ban. And making a disloyal 2million dollar payment to Platini.

So perhaps UEFA isn’t a great outlook. Good luck getting any honesty out of that lot.

The David Low appointment on the other hand seems intriguing

The Gombeen Man

A great read this morning BMCUWP’S.

Welcome Odd Son Edward, Hopefully Eddie takes us to 9.

There’s an adage that when someone is drowning sometimes you have to let go, or they’ll pull you under.

As this messy saga continues to unravel, why did the PLC get so involved?
Was it ego? Was it in the best interest of Celtic to try and preserve some competition from Ibrox but retain some influence at Hampden?

It doesn’t really matter what the motives were now.

Football supporters have been lied to for years. We need transparency and some level of trust brought back into the game. If we can’t do that it will have to be let go.

The Morelos/Kent episodes highlight the dilemma perfectly.

Too many good reputations are being undermined in an effort to keep this toxicity from becoming public.

When I think of the wasted years on Blogs.Waiting for a statement that never came, waiting on responses from the SPFL that never came, being reminded that there was no direct involvement of Celtic in the Five Way….

How they have wasted everyone’s time.


The appointment/election of David Low to the CST must surely be the catalyst for action against the current Board and further, the SFA. I remain unconvinced that our Board requires to be overthrown and replaced but I feel a Low-driven CST will pressurise the Board to reconsider how they have managed the Club and the expectations of the support. But, it won’t happen tomorrow. These things take time, and although we’re impatient for Res12 answers, we’ll need to be patient still.



That is exactly what happened at the Celtic Trust AGM on Saturday, I was there. Hopefully, interesting times ahead.


Odd Son Edouard.
Welcome and enjoy.

A thing of beauty

Excellent article this morning bmcuwp. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe the fact that our custodians have consistently failed to tackle the SFA and have allowed us to become involved in a title race which would have been inconceivable three years ago was enough to convince David Low to take the bull by the horns. We need a unifying voice that the support can ALL get behind. He has the credentials for that role. As you say, strap in!!
On another note. We need to sign a centre half before this window closes. Jozo cannot be relied on and Ajer seems to also be struggling. I’d look at Donnelly at Motherwell. He’s knows the league and can come straight in if required.

A thing of beauty

Oh odd son Edward welcome. That’s a top moniker


Lenny has gone from saying we are interested in Filip Benkovic and monitoring the situation to “we’re well covered at centre-half.”

Really Lenny!

Some might claim that you are continually contradicting yourself, which isn’t a good trait in a manager and something I am sure the fans don’t like to hear. Why the constant contradictions?

A few other questions Lenny.

1:Why do we need another winger when we have thousands of them? (© Brendan R).
2:If we need a winger why didn’t we put Shved up for loan or sell him if you don’t plan to use him, and why not send Arzani back to Man City if he isn’t going to feature in any games for more than 5 minutes?
3: If as you have stated we need an experienced winger why didn’t we attempt to sign Paddy Roberts on loan? He was available, knows the club, has the required experience and the support love him ?
4: Did the club loan Conor Hazard to Dundee knowing that Craig Gordon wished to leave?


Lenny has now shown on numerous occasions he is Peter’s puppet.
He has praised Peter often since his return and has had a few pops at the Celtic support.
Since puppet’s cannot speak for themselves his words are meaningless.

bada bing1

Trevithick now running tonight 545 kemp ew

Bet responsibly


As the club heads towards the end of the transfer window, it currently has two recognised centre halves in its first team squad, one of whom is made of glass. Ajer and Bitton can both play there in an emergency but neither have basic central defender instincts. Ajer is often slow to react in the box and prone to losing “his” man at set-pieces and Bitton couldn’t tackle his way out of a wet paper bag. Elhamed is actually a better bet than either of them but is needed at right back when fit. Another recognised centre half to play alongside Jullien is an absolute must.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Good luck to Sol Kitts on his recovery.One of my best mates has had two knees and one hip replacements and has done great.In fact his first knee is more than 15 years old and should need replaced but they decided against that.
Apparently the secret to recovery is exercise as often as you possibly can.



That was a really good read! Great way to start the day!

W.r.t. the Christie case, it should be the final straw that broke the camel’s back. It is time for the club to compile a dossier on the unfair treatment of Celtic players relative to those from other clubs. This dossier should cover both treatment on the park, and disciplinary matters off the park. The dossier should form the basis for the club’s correspondence with the SFA on disciplinary matters related to Celtic players. Currently, the approach seems to be a) asking for an explanation, or b) expressing surprise at outcomes. Neither has been effective.

Further, I believe there is value in asking for clarification on matters such as a) how refs are assigned to specific matches, b) how refs’ performances are monitored with respect to matters such as cards issue and fouls awarded. This should include clarification on what corrective action is taken to address anomalies. This is a good time to initiate this request since a new head pf referees has just been appointed.

The above, while not perfect, at least reflects a proactive rather than reactive stance.

I would be prepared to assist the club compile the stats on these issues at no charge, if anyone out there is listening.


Cosy Corner Bhoy

The change of perception of the squad by NFL highlights why some are not convinced that he is REALLY in charge of ALL things on the playing side.
Why would a professional person at any level change his perception of requirements so quickly?
‘It might do some harm to the mindset of the players there already ‘ to paraphrase his statement.
Tough.Why drop from 4 to happy with 2 none of whom play where the prime positions needing improvement are.In fact,one who was already there couldn’t get on for even the last minute of time added on to even get a welcome when we were up 3-0!
Just can’t see the logic.
I’ll still be in front of the telly at 1945!As usual,CCB,ATOB and Paddy’s Maw failed to obtain tickets for Perth despite St. Johnstone increasing tickets by a vast number?.


Oglach and Fan-a-tic,

Og, those are relevant questions. Currently, we have 4 loans and the max allowable is 5, so those that thought a couple of loans will come in during the last hours of the window are wide of the mark, unless one of the loans is returned. Arzani would be the realistic target but since it has not happened by now, it is unlikely. Further, your posed questions suggest poor squad management…the negatives towards NL seem to be mounting, but who cares we are top of the league and we stole the LC.

Fan, I fear you are correct re NL. This is his best possible job and he will hang onto it at all costs! His experience after he left it the last time, have told him that.



French football site footmercato claiming that ‘oor’ Ollie Ntcham is in talks with West Ham over a possible move and that the negations are at an advanced stage.

‘Olivier Ntcham en contacts avancés avec West Ham’

?‍♂️ Well I dunno’

bada bing1

Rumour Moreloss in a minor car accident,……brakes tampered with…….allegedly.

Awe Naw


Dave King spotted in Glasgow today holding wire cutters ???

bada bing1

Awe Naw- maybe Jabba, going with the ‘forced out’ propaganda….


Good morning folks
Happy Wodens day.
The Frog is a Hammer? Sacred blue!
Hail Hail

Welcome Odds On Eduoard. Great name and glad you found us. Enjoy yourself.

bada bing1

Or he’s missed payments to his dealer…..


From BBC Website.
Police Scotland are examining the vehicle of Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos after a man was allegedly found “tampering” with it.

According to reports, the Colombian player returned to his Glasgow home on Tuesday to find someone underneath his car.

The vehicle, which was in a secure car park, has now been taken in for checks.

Police Scotland said there has been “no criminality” established at this time.
Morelos is now free from suspension after his sending off against Celtic in December, but is a doubt for Rangers’ game with Ross County later on Wednesday with a calf problem.


in case anyone is interested.

SEVCO v SPORTS DIRECT. Sevco win latest round of legal fight with Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct as they’re ordered to pay club £75k

SD have to pay a percentage of Sevco’s legal costs

Awe Naw

29 Jan 2020, 15:58 Updated: 29 Jan 2020, 15:59
RANGERS have won the latest round of their legal fight with Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct.

Mr Ashley and the Glasgow football giant have been embroiled in High Court litigation, centred on a kit deal, in London for more than three years.

A judgement has been reached in the battle between Rangers and Sports Direct

Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct complained about Rangers’ use of kit

A company in the Sports Direct Group, SDI Retail Services, had complained about Rangers being in breach of obligations under deals relating to replica kit.

Rangers lost a round of the fight in October 2018 and another round in July.

But today a judge said he had finally ruled in favour of Rangers, following the latest hearing earlier this month.

Lawyers representing Rangers said SDI should pick up club’s legal bills for the latest round.

SDI lawyers agreed in principle because Rangers had won.

But they said Rangers had spent too much on lawyers. They said the club’s legal bill totalled around £100,000 and suggested that around half of that would be a reasonable figure.

Judge Lionel Persey split the difference. He said SDI should pick up “£75,000 worth of the club’s legal bills and give them a loan of a good player until the summer.”

The judge said £75,000 and a six month free loan for Andy Carrol was a reasonable figure.

An injunction aimed at preventing further breaches of the agreement had been imposed.

At the hearing earlier this month, lawyers representing Rangers had raised issues around that injunction.

They said the injunction was hindering Rangers’ ability to deal with a sports clothing company, the Elite Group. SDI disagreed with Rangers’ arguments.

Judge Lionel Persey apologised to Rangers defence team and asked them if they were any good at football and if they were then it was time to get their boots on

bada bing1

Seen Snodgrass linked with us the other day?
2+2 =….


I sincerely hope that there’s been a huge mistake about Morelos car.


I see reports that Ntcham is in advanced talks with Davie Moyes’ West Ham. If true this will leave a vacancy in midfield. Could Wanyama on loan with the option to buy be an option. I am concerned that he has not yet been snapped up……Why?

Failing that, perhaps, the Donnelly rumour has legs, apart from the two that he has.

I would be sad to see Ntcham go but not overly.


Awe Naw

Still three days to go in January

bada bing1

Jim White giving the Moreloss story big licks,a Level 5 scam at work here


Always felt if a decent offer came for Ntcham he would be off in this window.
Conveniently late as it will help with our unstated transfer strategy of coming out of every window making a profit.
The well worn mantra of it was to late to get anyone in will be trotted out.
Predictable CSC.



If the rumours are true and Ollie goes this window what are the odds on our not signing anyone? Remember the PLC have actually spent circa £4 mill nett this window which will be annoying the bejaysus out of them. A wee sneaky sale of a 1st teamer for circa +£8 mill with no time to find an adequate replacement, “we tried our best but there just wasn’t enough time”, would fit their modus operandi. IMO Vic is far too expensive an option for them to consider. Soro will be thrown in the deep end or we will just have to make do with what we have.

Must maintain profits CSC


Fan-a-tic @ 4.28

Rebellious minds think alike a chara 🙂

bada bing1

Just seen Farage attempt a grandstanding finale at the European Parliament……the female speaker with a beautiful Irish accent, told him and his mob to leave,’ and take your flags with you….’?

bada bing1

Maybe the car was being repossessed?


In a relegation scrap Hammers need to buy for the here and now. Olly has talent but isn’t ready for the Prem. If true it would be very strange, for the future maybe. Less chance of playing than here imo.


I assume El burro’s car would be of the very expensive modern variety, if so wouldn’t cutting the brake pipes or messing with the braking system in anyway have all kinds of warning lights flashing on the dash? Although you just don’t know what some fecking eejit will try. Lets hope he was just tying to liberate it from el burro.


I think Olly is better prepared for EPL than any of our players skillwise.
His mindset maybe could be better but playing second fiddle to some of the imposters at Celtic would trouble any talented player.
He was the one midfielder we had who could control the ball in tight circumstances and change the flow of our play.
Unfortunately for him he was willing to make forward passes which have a lower completion rate so put him out of favour with NL and BR’s horizontal safety first approach.
We will be losing the one midfielder suited to modern football at our club in my opinion.

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