The Brain Drain Gravy Train


This morning brings us another GUEST ARTICLE. This one is a particularly well-researched piece by my oul’ mucker,SOLKITTS-and it’s a bit of a shocker,to say the least.


While I’ve been waiting for the SFA to respond to my emails, I had a look at the UEFA Governance Dept, as I was trying to discover who would be best placed to deal with my next email about Morelos’ 3 card trick.

What an eye opener. The various committees are full of SFA placemen.

Starting at the National Associations Committee, who should pop up but our very own Alan McRae. A man with extensive experience at Cove Rangers is now co-opted onto the most powerful committee in European football. I was intrigued at this, so thought there must be more to the man. I mean, surely that’s not all he’s done?

A look on Companies House reveals that he had held 11 directorships. It was starting to look like he may be a football pigmy, but his business skills might make up for this. Alas no, as one company has been dissolved, and 2 are in liquidation.

He is still a director of Hampden Park Ltd (occupation listed as NONE), the SFA Museum Trust (occupation listed as NONE).

Next name that appeared was on the Referees Committee. None other than Hugh Dallas. A man forced to resign in shame for sharing a disgraceful sectarian email, finds himself as Deputy Chairman of UEFA ‘s referees committee. This one comes under the description of YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP!! What quality allowed him to shake off his shame in this way?

Perhaps it was his appearance on Family Fortunes in the 1980’s?

Onto the National Teams Competition Committee, and there’s Rod Petrie. The man who skilfully helped old Rangers avoid proper sanctions over EBT’s. Let’s also not forget he appointed EBT cheat Alex McLeish as Scotland manager, a move which allegedly helped AM get money together to pay his overdue taxes.

Next up is the Club Competitions Committee, and our very own Peter Lawwell. Not going to discuss him in this article. We all know about him, and BMCUWP is far more eloquent about him than I could be.

The Youth and Amateur Football Committee is next, and the Scottish member is Ian Maxwell. This is the man who had to apologise for remarks made about the enquiry into child abuse in Scottish football. The man who said Scottish football had not failed children under its care. The Chief Executive of the SFA!! And he’s on the bloody YOUTH FOOTBALL COMMITTEE FFS.

The Women’s Football Committee has Anne McKeown representing Scotland. I must admit to not knowing much about her, so looked on google. Turns out she’s a lawyer from East Belfast, but wasn’t much else about her.

Next Committee to have a Scottish member is the Club Licensing Committee, and she is Laura Dougan. Again, I don’t know much about this lady,bar that Laura joined the SFA in 1999 as an Administration Assistant, so something of a meteoritic rise to Head of Football Governance. Could she be the professional amongst the amateurs and placement?

Next is the Medical Committee, and John Maclean. A doctor, and at the forefront of the plan to ban heading the ball in U12 football. Good for him, a move I applaud.

On the Legal Committee is none other than Neil Doncaster, the architect of the infamous 5 way agreement. Believes Scottish football can be proud of its efforts to combat sectarianism, said strict liability doesn’t work anywhere, and clubs do take responsibility for their fans actions. Was paid a £91K bonus despite the SPFL losing revenue, and their sponsors.

Marketing Advisory Committee, and Chris Rawlings is our member. Came to the SFA from the SRU.

Then we have the UEFA Expert Panels, starting with the Administrative Experts Panel. The Scottish game is represented by Andrew Niven. Led the bid for Scotland to host matches in Euro 2020.

The Grassroots Football Panel is next, and our representative is Andrew Gould. Appointed by Malky MacKay. Nuff said.

Talking of Mr MacKay, he’s on UEFA’s JIRA Panel, responsible for coach education and training, to nurture the well being and development of young players. Among his numerous disgraceful outbursts are the following gems:

  1. “Fkn Chinkys. Fk it. There’s enough dogs in Cardiff for us all to go around”
  2. *
  3. “Go on, fat Phil. Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers”
  4. *
  5. “Not many white faces amongst that lot but worth considering”
  6. *
  7. “I hope she’s looking after your needs. I bet you’d love a bounce on her falsies”
  8. *
  9. “He’s a snake, a gay snake. Not to be trusted”.
  10. *
  11. A racist,homophobic, misogynistic bigot who should have been booted out of football, now in the Committee responsible for nurturing young players development. Another one best described by YOU COULDN’T MAKE IT UP!!

If you ever wondered why football is the way it is, there’s your answer. File under how to design a thoroughbred horse but end up with a bloody camel.



As I said,today’s article is by SOLKITTS,and very gratefully received. If any of our contributors fancy a shot at Article of the Day,send us your thoughts and we will publish them. Mail Mahe at

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Quite something,the amount of talent we have and which is clearly coveted by the big boys. Makes you wonder how they keep making an arse of the domestic game,huh?

Hope the recuperation is coming along-or are you just getting used to being waited on hand and foot?


TOMMY MAC from yesterday…

Rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated-not that you can tell on a Thursday! Mail ya over the weekend.

Surprised at you giving up yer ST because yer 79yo-last I heard you were whooping it up down the strip in Torremolinos!

big packy

SOL KITTS, brilliant article, and we wondered why we were paranoid. hope your feeling better,, by the way did I ever tell you, I went to saltcoats once and it was closed???

Sol Kitts

Big Packy
You seem to visit a lot of closed places. Maybe they’re trying to tell you something ??.
The knee’s doing well, thanks. So good to wake up in the morning without constant pain.
Last time I went to Saltcoats I saw a sign that said “Welcome to Saltcoats, twinned with Baghdad.” Then I saw a news report from Baghdad, and they have a sign that says ‘Ur ye, aye.”

big packy


Twists n turns

Sol Kitts
I suspect most of us knew how the hierarchy was influenced by certain types, but when you see it laid bare like that, it’s quite an eye opener.

I was thinking Peter Lawwell was out of place amongst that lot, but actually, I guess he fits quite well.



Extra box of Christmas crackers this year?

BIGPACKY does have a point about Saltcoats being closed,and certainly about Swindon being closed! For the avoidance of doubt,Swindon is a great place to live,and I’ve met some smashing people here. Some of them even speak to me still. But it’s a rubbish place for a dayooooot.

Any time visitors announce their imminent presence,I’m checking the timetables for Bath,Bristol,and Cheltenham. (And the Oxford Comma)

Having said that,the Guinness is only £2.50,and I can get a pint of Magners for £2. So I don’t think I’ll be travelling far this weekend!

Twists n turns

I was just sitting reading the Scottish news this morning.

Indy ref 2 and the usual stuff.

Two stories that caught my attention:

1 The article on Hagi ( Record) has to be read to be believed. His strengths and weaknesses. Cannot link Record articles so look it up. Honestly- it’s remarkable, even by the Record standards.

2. Someone in Kilwinning is trying to sell his paper round for £500! He says the round is 20 miles long, so you’ll either need 2 boys on bikes or a car. He stated Xmas tips this year was £400+, so the round will pay for itself within a year.



DNA test might be interesting ?

Twists n turns

Morning Bobby ?

Big Audio Dynamite

We loan a midfielder to Genk who can’t get a game for us, and a few days after, a player who can’t get a game for Genk goes in the opposite direction to Ibrox?? Mmmm!



Mail ya in a mo about that!

Big Audio Dynamite

In all the clubs in all of Europe, you had to walk into mine.


Big Audio Dynamite

SK, Remenber, the brotherhood is very powerful in Scotland… and they all look after and promote each other …it’s how they maintain influence.


Nice work, SK!
Isn’t it the case, though, that the original Four Nations are over-represented in UEFA departments due to the fact they are founding members and its been written into UEFA’s rules/constitution/whatever. In the case of Scotland it is really ridiculous how many people we have at the top level yet the game is so poorly run here.

Sol Kitts

I would be delighted to have Scots all over the UEFA committees if they had got there on merit, not as a reward for brown-nosing. Regrettably, at least 4 of these should have been hounded out of football but were given a nice, cosy position where they can still inflict harm on our game.


That is kind of my point, they’re there because the constitution says so and no other reason.



That’s actually a very valid point you’ve raised there. Four people who had they been held to the same scrutiny as most in the public eye,would be vilified rather than rewarded as they are now.

Plenty of articles on various media platforms,so you wonder how these types have managed to steer clear of criticism. Keep their jobs. Not been investigated.

If I called someone a chinky,I’d expect to be sacked. And I would expect that to be hard to explain while I searched for a new role.

If I called The Pope a paedophile,I’d expect to be sacked and possibly jailed. That I wasn’t sued for libel,I would put down to the luck of being an insy,an insignificant person with nothing to say.

But who should still have been jailed,btw.

So no background checks at UEFA/FIFA. No surprise.


On a different note…

I re-read my 2019 Annual Report this morning. Regarding the numbers for/against Res 12

Outcome of voting
At the Annual General Meeting of Celtic plc held on 27 November 2019, 12 resolutions were
set out on the Notice of the Meeting.
Each of Resolutions 1 to 11 were passed on a show of hands.
A poll was called by the Chairman on Resolution 12 (Licensing Practices).
The resolution had been requisitioned by shareholders and was not recommended by the
The result of the poll, certified by Computershare Investor Services plc, which acted as
scrutineer, is as follows:
Resolution 12 – Licensing Practices
Votes cast: 89,391,947
Votes in favour: 2,508,944 2.81%
Votes against: 86,883,003 97.19%
Votes withheld 93,997

It appears from these numbers that David Low and the Trust and the wider support have a mountain to climb to convince the major shareholder/s of the need for Res 12 to be addressed to the small shareholders’ satisfaction.

Sol Kitts

Still no reply to my email about Morelos and Clancy, so time to up the ante. This one is to the SFA Head of Governance. Let’s see if this has more success.

Good morning Ms Dougan.
Could I refer you to my previous 2 emails sent to the SFA regarding the protocol for reporting misconduct for referees (see the email trail below)? I am extremely disappointed that to date, I have not had the courtesy of a reply, nor even an acknowledgement of my query.
As you are Head of Governance, it seems I now must escalate my query to you in order to receive a response. It is surely unacceptable to you that no one has deemed my query worthy of a reply, or indeed that you should be advised of it if they were unable to respond themselves?
To recap, could you advise whether or not a 3rd caution was administered by the match referee, Mr Clancy, to Mr Morelos after he had been dismissed from the field of play? If so, could you advise what protocol Mr Clancy was following when he dealt with this ongoing misconduct in this manner?
If no further caution was administered, could you advise why the SFA did not demand that the red top press printed a retraction of their headlines which appeared approximately 3 weeks after the match took place?
Further, if the offence was punished, please advise why it was treated as a cautionable offence, and not a sending-off offence. Is there any gesture more offensive, abusive or insulting than signalling to opposition fans that they should have their throats slit?
I anticipate an early response to this, my 3rd attempt to seek clarification on my query. Should none be forthcoming on this occasion, I will seek to involve your UEFA equivalent for assistance.
Kind Regards,

bada bing1

SSN- saying we are talking to Spurs re signing Wanyama

Big Audio Dynamite

Bada, and the Scottish press immediately link him with a host of other clubs.

Funny that! Hope by 12 tonight they are all sick as pigs.

Dharma Bam

Great article and eye opening. Gravy train indeed.
It seems that plucky cash strapped trfc cant afford to buy any players, however celtic can and can also loan players out to other clubs. Other clubs that can then loan players to trfc.
Lifes full of coincidences.

Dharma Bam

BAD @8.29
In my defence, I wrote that at 7.45 this morning as I ws walking into work only to find it hadn’t posted.

Big Audio Dynamite

DB, between e-mails, Park’s buses, Dudu Duhan and now this, there is some real shady shit going on.

Big Audio Dynamite

Stephen McGowan of the Daily Mail claiming the Wanyama thing a non-starter.

Is he one of the club’s go to guys?

Thomas mccarthy

Thank you Bobby for your reply nice to here from you


Sol Kitts,

An interesting article that should indicate how well the Scottish game is regarded within Europe. However, knowing the appointees, it has the reverse effect. How can someone like McRae prosper in European circles far less in the Scottish game?

Given all of these positions held, I cannot think of one innovation that these people have brought back to the Scottish game and implemented to its betterment…not one! Can anyone help?


Awe Naw


Campbell Ogilvie was one of the main architects of the Champions League

bada bing1

Club deny any interest in Wanyama


Good article Sol Kitts.
In fairness the placing of people with zero ability on UEFA committees has allowed the continual slow death of Scottish football to pass with barely a murmur.
As a country that has a dark secret they where needed to continue the charade of honesty and transparency.
Woe is me and the image of David v Goliath in our mantra of English bashing while paying plenty to it’s teams income is the norm.
It was always about the blazer and subsequent perks with little concern for all but their favorite team.
This has always been the agenda of the blazers so I’m sure the huns long known demise was a reason to keep UEFA onboard as a plan to give no real punishment was implemented.
Corrupt watp for a corrupt organisation.

bada bing1

Jordan Ibe fae Bournemouth rumour, another expensive flop


Can no one drop they’re past racist comments onto FIFA?


It’s a loan probably.
A guy whose talent was overinflated due to being a Liverpool player.
Reminds me of another guy playing in Scotland.
It’s good to see that our signing strategy is as poor, cheap and haphazard as normal and will have no impact on our big cash pile.


Good morning Vietnam.
Thank fork its Friday. Superbowl weekend begins in about ten hours here.

Any how’s many many thanks Sol for the contribution. The one that gets me is Dallas getting hired after being caught a bigot. He should have been banned from the game. That list just shows it’s worse than we thought and basically there is a placeman to cover most scenarios.
It’s disgusting. Hopefully this whole shebang is going to get dragged under by Auldheid and co.
The irony is if they weren’t so blatant they would get at with it.
Enough to drive one away from the game altogether.

Anyhow, lets see if the biscuit tin will be forced open today.
Hail Hail

Dharma Bam

Any part of Celtic that needs TRFC, I can live without. That includes people.
However, I contribute very little financially to Celtic already. All that I can do is let both children know what I’m aware of and let them make their decision.
Celtic are going to lose supporters and be left with ‘consumers’ and I think they wouldn’t be to unhappy with that outcome.

Awe Naw

Lovro Majer in Rangers transfer plead as Dinamo Zagreb star delivers come and get me overtures
The 22-year-old attacking midfielder has been on Ibrox side’s radar in recent months and speculation has mounted

By Graeme Young Daily Record sports writer
09:50, 31 JAN 2020 UPDATED 12:50, 31 JAN 2020

Dinamo Zagreb star Lovro Majer has posted a cryptic social media update as speculation mounts over his future.

The 22-year-old attacking midfielder has been on Rangers’ radar in recent months and speculation has mounted after his latest social media message.

Majer, on his Instagram account, posted: “Ready for new challenges”.

But the Croatia international later changed the wording to his original update, saying: “Ready for the start”.

The original message caught the attention of a host of Rangers supporters who were urging the player to make the move to Ibrox.

Steven Gerrard is already closing in on a move for Ianis Hagi with the Genk playmaker poised to join in a loan deal with an option to buy.

Rangers have plenty of experience of signing players from Croatia in recent seasons with current stars Nikola Katic and Borna Barisic in the summer of 2018.

The Ibrox side are also keen to land Florian Kamberi from Hibs in a loan deal with Jermain Defoe set for a spell of five dog years on the sidelines after suffering a calf injury in the 2-0 win over Ross County on Wednesday night.

There could also be outgoings with Greg Docherty and Jordan Jones attracting major interest from teams south of the border.


Well researched Header Sol Kitts.

I may just alter my reply from the other day from.

“An association, which for years was led by corrupt bastards to investigate another body full of corrupt bastards. ”
“An association, which now includes all the old corrupt bastards to investigate another body full of even newer corrupt bastards.”

Oh well on wards to the plastic field of Hamilton, for another big win, and ffs NFL sub Eddie after 60mins if we go 3 up.


Mike in Toronto

Today’s musical theme is ‘Transfer deadlines’

Lets start with this one…

Mike in Toronto

Gotta feel for Cedric Bakambu … Barcelona let it be known that they are interested, and then at the last minute, change their mind… this one’s for him…

Mike in Toronto


Popular songs that I actually can’t stand, , ,
Who to f$#k is Alice, ,,
I feel love- Jimmy Summerville
Do the doodle bug
Anything Inxs

Add your own pls

Sol Kitts

I got a reply! Unfortunately it’s a reply which avoided answering the pertinent question, so I have tried again. No further response yet.

I refer to your recent query.

The “protocol” followed by match officials when reporting misconduct is contained within Annex C, Section 2 of the Scottish FA’s Judicial Panel Protocol which can be accessed using the link: (page 128 contains the relevant information).

The particular circumstances which you refer to are covered by paragraph 1.3, which states:

1.3 The referee shall also report offences by players, providing details, where the referee cannot administer a caution or sending-off for the offence but otherwise would have done so (for example because the player has already been dismissed during the match). Such offences, and offences for which a caution or sending-off has been administered, shall all be treated as cautionable or sending-off offences, as applicable, in these Disciplinary Procedures.

In the specific case you refer to, the match referee considered the player’s conduct a cautionable offence for unsporting behaviour in accordance with the IFAB Laws of the Game and reported matters accordingly.

I trust this provides suitable clarity on the points raised.

Kind regards,
Laura Dougan
Scottish FA

Dear Ms Dougan,
Thank you for your prompt reply. Could you clarify whether Mr Clancy administered a caution after he had dismissed Mr Morelos, as the text in the protocol below appears to specifically prohibit him from doing so?
Kind regards,

Update when they work out how to answer….

Billy Bhoy

So, clubs all frantically attempting to get deals closed. Meanwhile, Celtic contact Sky to frantically dampen down our expectations of getting a deal done. Unbelievable!

bada bing1

The guy at Moreloss car,was a private investigator hired by his wife,he seemingly turned up at the police station and proved his ID,……..allegedly…

bada bing1

Ki leaves Newcastle

big packy

EVENING ALL, listen, lenny says we are covered in all positions, so if we don’t manage to sign anybody we will be alright,, and pedro told lenny the same thing, is willo flood available.hh.


Planting a tracker device? Or getting the data on existing?
Them Sellic fans eh?

It’s slammin, you thought slammin was a thing of the past,
Its slammin , slammin, and he hope this slam is gonna last,
Oh yeah, ,,

I would nab Ki on a free, there’s a hip hop verse there somewhere 😉
The wee one is now telling the dog she’s mama to get him to obey!
He’s not falling for it.


Evening Packy, how’s things?


By The end of the transfer window tonight will we be The President and PL the Martian Ambassador?

big packy

HI JIM, feel better talking to you, did I mention that next week will bring me up against the greats, that magic number 67 ???

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