Hamilton 1-4 Celtic Review


Well,I’m sure we’ve all had better weekends than the one just past,but hey,wasn’t it a peach? As we are a Celtic site,I’ll concentrate on the match. At least till nearer the end of the article!

As we all know too well,games like this really can be a banana skin for us,and it was certainly beginning to look that way after thirty minutes or so. Accies had taken the lead when their battering ram of a striker headed into the net from a corner. Our two centre-halves,standing four metres tall between them,were outjumped and outmuscled by a mere journeyman-and not for the first time either. It all brought back worrying memories of playing Livingston on a similar surface.

Thing is though,we were playing pretty well. Stephen Welsh,making his debut,was linking up well with James Forrest down the right,as well as holding his place in the back three. Greg Taylor was making good runs down the left,and our midfield three of Ntcham,Broonie and CalMac were controlling the game pretty well-most of the time!

As for Eddy and Griff,I think our days of playing one up front,domestically at least,are over. They really look to be settling into a partnership,and one which could have a great bearing on the destination of the trophies.

In fact,they combined for our equaliser! Well,not really. Griff was hauled down on the edge of the area as he turned his defender,leaving only the goalie to beat. Red card and a free kick,and a difficult distance to get the ball up and down in time. Piece of piss to Eddy though,as I Wanna simply stroked it home like it was a penalty kick.

With Hamilton a man short,we really started to dominate-but the lead was proving elusive. Accies were using their substitutes,but we had some quality on the bench too. For once,Lenny brought them on in good time,with Christie replacing Ntcham after an hour and Hayes on for Taylor five minutes later. Possibly the best was saved for last though-bringing Rogic on for Welsh effectively meant we had two at the back plus Broonie,but it meant that we were going for it!

The lead finally arrived from a most unorthodox piece of play-Jonny Hayes vaulting an advertising board to take a quick throw in! Ryan was lurking on the right and looked up to see Christopher Jullien taking up the striker’s role just inside him. His cross to the edge of the six-yard box was inch perfect,and Jullien’s finish was sublime. We were ahead at last,and the relief was palpable in the pub I was drinking in,that’s for sure.

We weren’t finished yet though. Eddy picked it up near the centre circle,disdainfully brushed off a few challenges before feeding it to Tam. He did pretty much the same before threading the most delightful pass through to Eddy to slide it home under the keeper. If you get the chance,watch this goal again. It was a peach.

So was the fourth. Griff had earlier sold the most outrageous dummy to allow Forrest to set up Eddy for his hat trick,but somehow he missed the easiest chance all day. Then it was Eddy’s turn for the dummy. He let it run to Griff who played it into space on the right for Eddy to pull it back for him to finish. James had other ideas though,latching onto it before Griff could and making it 4-1. You had to feel for him,he’d had an excellent game and drew a blank. Brought down with only the keeper to beat,hitting the bar with an otherwise superb free kick,generally giving the Hamilton defence a good going over. I’d have given him MOTM if it wasn’t for the sheer excellence of Eddy.

Just to remind you all,I Wanna only turned 22yo last month. Still a teenager when he originally joined us,he looked full of raw potential when Brendan Rodgers finally gave him his chance. Although he was on loan till the following June,I wanted him signed in October that season-I had seen enough to know we had a player on our hands. I wasn’t alone,of course-but I doubt many of us realised just how good he would become,and how quickly. He has added much to his game and is a much bigger presence all over the pitch. He is very difficult to stop when he has the ball,and inside the box or outside,he is deadly in the finish. If PL still can’t figure out what to do with that £60m or so on the bank,just give it to the big fella. You know it makes sense!

What makes no sense is the latest shenanigans on the soo’side. Aside from dropping points-thank you,God!-their attempts at the beatification of The Blessed Alfredo of Ned seem to be coming unstuck. Our benighted wee country-which doesn’t deserve a person like TBAoN,according to one halfwit-has been fed lurid tales of attempted sabotage of his brakes,all this after his saintly intervention back home in Columbia during the winter shutdown. Then the news broke that the culprit was actually a Private Investigator hired by Mrs Morelos to keep an eye on her husband! As Level 5 struggled to contain the shitstorm,Miss Colombia revealed some of the details of her trysts with The Wandering Star-with,allegedly,more disturbing revelations in the pipeline.

In such a position,it is always wise to return to the tested and true. At Ibrox,this is done by sending out a distress signal to Sky Sports to hold an in-depth interview. They really should have remembered that the last one didn’t actually end well,with South Africa Revenue Service seizing 35,000 bottles of wine from Dave King!

Nothing was left to chance with this one though. TBAoN doesn’t speak English,you see. Only enough,apparently,to know when he is being racially abused from the stands. So he could pretty much say what he wanted,rant away to his heart’s content-while the interpreter presumably read from a carefully prepared Level 5 script. Honestly,I think Jabba must be getting too fond of that red wine from his succulent lamb days if he thought that would work. Needless to say,it seems that the interview has been scrapped and all traces of it deleted. I look forward to its reappearance one day. Hopefully as a court exhibit.

A good weekend to be a Tim,I would say. Seven points clear of our rivals and with their manager throwing his players under every passing double decker. We just need to keep our eyes on the prize and not be distracted elsewhere. Everything is possible,Celtic.


Above article by BMCUWP. As ever,we are happy to receive contributions from our readers for Article of the Day. We always publish,so mail it to Mahe.


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I see that Kansas City Chiefs won The Super Bowl. So a quick question for you all.

Which US state do they represent? You must know the answer,even The President of The United States knows the answer. Though it was news to him until fairly recently…


big packy

BOBBY, great article as usual, but I only enjoyed the last 15 minutes to be honest, the first 75 mins was pretty poor fare, thank goodness we have eddy, put him on a 10 year contract.hh.



I’m not so sure,mate. I thought that was one of our better performances this season. We lost a very soft goal,with no-one tackling their winger prior to the corner,and no-one attacking the ball when it came in. That aside,we comfortably controlled the game. We could afford to let them run their legs off as they covered for being a man short,make the substitutions,pull the trigger.

There was only about thirty of us in the pub yesterday,and none of us were too impressed when we went a goal down. But none of us doubted that the three points were ours,not after the red card and equaliser. I’ve certainly had nervier days at Hamilton,and I’ll have nervier days again this season.

We were just a bit sloppy around the time of their goal,apart from that I was pleased overall. As for the 10 year contract,I think we need to hire Jim McLean as a consultant(!)

big packy

BOBBY, its all about opinions, hope you are well?



Of course it is,mate. I’m fairly confident that you aren’t the only member on here who only really enjoyed the match when we took the lead. That’s probably to do with the importance of every match,every point,this season.

And while I go into every match expecting us to win,I know I’m kidding myself. I know we are up against it virtually every time. I just got the feeling yesterday that it was our day,right from the off. Sure,we were slack for the few minutes leading up to their goal-it had been coming,we weren’t closing them down-but I never once got that dreaded feeling. And you’ll know the one I mean.

The aw f..k,we could play all day and not score. I’ve had them plenty,and been right most times. I’d rather not have any more,thank you. But not yesterday. Thankfully!

The Gombeen Man

“In the match against Celtic we were winning in extra-time. I fell down, whether that is simulation or not that’s up to the referee but afterwards it was very frustrating to hear elements of the crowd screaming at me saying offensive things and racist words. I wasn’t trying to instigate or incite anything else.

I just wanted them to stop and it was sort of a symbol saying ‘come on guys the game’s over, this doesn’t need to continue during the match. I understand if you are criticising but now it’s over’. I’m not someone who wants to start a fight with anyone, I don’t have any problem with any fans, any race and any religion and so I hope to be treated that same way.”

Alfredo Traynor,

Sky Sports produce a fabrication of the truth that would have made Roger Aires blush.
Maybe Alfredo’s enlightened views with encourage Sevco to call out the OO?

This is the institution that the PLC couldn’t live without.




I’ve just read parts of the interview in,of all places,the DR. I am now paralysed to the spot,unable to move in case I trip over my jaw bouncing off the floor.

Who thought that interview was a good idea? Seriously? At either Sevco or Sky Sports,who thought that was a good idea? It’s a car crash,if you’ll pardon the pun.

It’s at times like this I miss the contact of an old friend who was a journalist at Sky Sports. I swear it went downhill when he left,and no coincidence either.



Takes bliddy ages to track these things down nowadays,here’s me reading the Morelos transcript. Give it a few seconds…


The Gombeen Man

Yep Mick even Craig Slater’s voice sounds so affected at the beginning. Almost like a spoof from Only an Excuse.

Alfredo’s wee look at the very end gives it away.

As TET says appeasing them doesn’t work and their behaviour will continue until they are called out

Sky Sports are a disgrace.

After Kris Boyd recently too.

They really so blinded by their prejudice that they are living in a parallel universe.

Anyway, great read this morning. I enjoyed the game yesterday, I just Sevco’s own goal here motivates the team further.

Till later

The Gombeen Man

Yep Mick the gift that keeps on giving.

Allegedly even Mrs Morales has trouble keep track of the bold Alfredo Traynor

Big Audio Dynamite

The Lamborghini driver, eh? Doesn’t speak a word of English, but can discern what people are saying in English from a crowd of 60,000??

When is it he is signing for Barca?
Do Barca know of his troubles in this racist hellhole?

I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore, Alfredo!


Great piece BMCUWP,

We stuck to the task, used our subs well and our quality proved too much for the Accies.

Edouard is a sublime player, he seems to be enjoying his time with us, think you are right, we need to make this young man a great offer, a couple more seasons and we’ll be seeing the best.

His value will only increase, instead of selling him cheap in the summer the salivating over the thoughts of the scraps from his next deal alla VvD, Dembele et al – we get top do$$ar.

There is an interesting article by Celtic by Numbers, not his usual stat filled piece but a nonetheless well constructed and argued article about our last transfer window, ten years on from Willo.

I’ve got to agree with him, the window was as poor as I remember… the decision to go three at the back then bring back a rookie CH off loan seems nuts…

Of course no reflection on young Welsh who had an awesome debut.

Behind the current feel good factor I have grave concerns. The feeling comes from one thing and one thing only (ok, maybe two, I’ll touch on that).

It is Rangers dropping points. Our performances have not hugely improved on December IMO and our Management and Coaching staff are doing a lot of tinkering for this part of the season.

Which kinda brings me to the possible second point, which you touched on… 3-5-2… fholk are liking it?!

We certainly look a handful up front and our wingers seem much more productive.

Compare and contrast that to Ronny and Brendan’s 4-2-3-1. And remember, it wasn’t these guys who took the initial decision to go with this formation, it was taken a high level and Ronny was brought in as a specialist coach. It seemed to be the last straw for Lenny back then.

It will soon be a year since Brendan Rodgers and his team left. We were told Lennoxtown had been transfomed and revolusionized during the RD & BR seasons and that John Kennedy had become a bit of a guru on this stuff during that period and things wouldn’t change.

Well the pass back to the keeper was the first to go but it seems bit by bit the approach and ethos there has changed – this is now very much Lenny’s team, Lenny’s formation, Lenny’s tactics’ and game plan.

Will we now look at the abject, record success of the 4-2-3-1 era with total disdain?

Hope not, if we have any European ambitiins left.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

You would bet, in all the time he’s been here, and the size of our support, I would have heard at least one person racially abuse Alfredo, eh? But no, never a single time.

The longer Sevco to without winning anything, the weirder all this tripe is gonna become ..just think about the volume of mental press coverage this clown has had lately. Wether we want it or not, we are getting dragged back into a dirty war, and this kind of nonsense is just one facet of it.



One up front worked well when we had free-scoring midfielders such as Commons,CalMac,and latterly Christie. It didn’t work so well when CalMac was moved deeper,Commons got the bums rush. The goals were largely in the hands of the lone striker and the two wingers,Sinclair and Forrest.

You can never rely on wingers,they are notoriously the most inconsistent members of a team. Davie Cooper? Great player. Kick him twice in the first five minutes,job done. Same with some of ours too. I could give you chapter and verse,but I’d be in danger of repeating the mistake that NTV made with their series,They Embarrassed The Hoops.

Simply,did Henrik perform better with The Evil Genius? Did he perform better with BBJ? Was Cadete better alongside van Hooijdonk? Samaras with Stokes? Was Bobby Lennox a winger or a striker,would Dixie have made it without Lou,Kenny or Harry helping him out?

It’s a bloody difficult job being a striker. You’re rated by your goal ratio. And I reckon that unless you are a Vardy in a Leicester side set up to hit on the break,or a Brattbakk similarly with Rosenberg,you want handers from someone who knows what they’re doing. In our case,it allows Eddy to drop deeper while knowing there’s a forward pass available.

As the old Boxing saying goes,styles win fights. I like our style at the moment.

Glad to have you popping onto the site,btw. WTF has happened to The Chairbhoys recently? Keep buggering up my coupon.



I’m fairly sure there are the occasional idiots who hurl abuse at Morelos. And given the colour of his skin,some alliteration is used. That’s inexcusable-but it’s rare.

For Rangers to play the racism card takes the self-awareness Man Of The Match.


Some of the hun pain on social media has been absolutely fucking hilarious. The weekend has broken them.

Awe Naw

In the Willo flood season we didn’t win any of our last four games and that is why the huns won the league. If we are to gift them the league then it will not be happening until very late in the season.

Awe Naw

What I am saying is that we are much better at expectation management than we are at football

Big Audio Dynamite

Played won drawn lost for against. GD Points
Celtic 24. 21. 1 2. 68 15 53. 64
Rangers. 23. 18. 3. 2. 57 13. 44. 57

The more I look at that, and the worry about our run of away fixtures reduces, the more confident I am we will not be toppled.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, beyond unbelievable that mob ..Funny though ??



I know,mate. I was back home a couple weeks ago. All of a sudden,my mates wanted to start talking about football again!

I said that’s great. Not said much for nearly a decade. Where do you want to start? 2020,2011 or 1988 when we won the Centenary Double and you got Murray?

One of the guys started-aye,look what we won under him! The rest of them just said,leave it. Have a pint.

They know. We all know. They’re throwing everything at this. It’s absolutely crucial that we win the league this year and next. It will destroy them.



I get most of my twitter stuff from e-Tims as I’m not otherwise on that platform. They do highlight some crackers. Their players go from £30m world beaters to duds faster than,erm,a Lombourghini.

Awe Naw

Todays Morelos offerings is a Saimiri vanzolinii

It’s designed to take the Protestant nations minds of the fact that no fresh investment came in in January and in less than a month where for three weeks no football was played they have went from having matters in their own hands to now needing masonic help. Nothing new from what I can see.

Big Audio Dynamite


Oh aye, make no mistake, at new year this mob had the scent of prey in their Orc nostrils. Here, in this part of Glasgow, I hadn’t sensed the mood like that for a decade ..They really thought it was time, and I’m starting to believe their players bought into it. Now I just think they are psychologically funked again ..happy daze!




Are you multilingual anaw? I knew you spoke German and Whitburn,maybe Thai too,but WTF was that wee phrase?

Me,I’ll stick to being unintelligible to anyone outwith a two mile radius of Kilwinning. I just tell them to read my lips.

Big Audio Dynamite

Awe naw

No fresh investment, can be like a new signing!

Big DJ logic

The Gombeen Man

Rangers lived beyond their means and died of natural causes.

The 5WA attempted to cheat reality. A money making machine was created.
The paradox is that the perceived unjust suffering of the Sevco supporter is highlighting everything that shamed Rangers for generations.
They are so desperate that they are inadvertently shining a light on the ugly side of the old firm machine.

Traynor and King by attempting to deny the truth are actually boxing themselves in.
The toxicity of entitlement, bigotry and we are the peepul is revealed by the very thing they are complaining about.

How can anyone be a Freemason or Orangeman and claim to object to racism/entitlement/poverty?

By default Morelos’ words about racism and relgious intolerance undermines the whole philosophy of Rangers.

The old firm should have been allowed to die. It’s past it’s sell by date.

Let’s have an honest debate in Scotland.

big packy

ok looks like im in the minority here, but as much as I love mick? im sticking to my guns, we played great after 75 minutes not before, if we all agreed on here it would be a sad day, me agreeing with jim? by the way anybody else think our defending at corners is not very good?hh.

Bobby you will have to write good quotes about Alfredo the reason that I ask you the next story Red Rag will print body guard
Coming from South America namely Pablo Escobar hit man Popeye

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, hows tricks long time no speak,agree about the old firm, but how many celtic supporters want us to play thems, that is the sad part, hope you are well.hh


BMCUWP @ 10:05 am,

Yes, it is difficult being a striker and often we’ve been spoiled – the two up front has been a mainstay for so long… my originals were Deans and Dalglish… brilliant partnership, hatricks galore, Hood was in the team and Lennox was still playing of course.

For me going back to two up front means we don’t seem to see a plethora of chances go begging but can’t help think our business plan and focus is on domestic football and being just better than Rangers.

Maybe I should just accept it and enjoy the football.

WWFC have had a mare since Christmas, seems like Gareth has lost his golden touch…

Loosing to MK Dons at the weekend was not a great career move. Still, your average chairboy is more circumspect than you average Tim!!

You ghuys have managed to put together a great Celtic site – so many agendas at play these days, shame, guess it was inevitable.

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Big Packy,

I’m well thanks.

True there are plenty of oldfirmists in our support too. The games given a huge scoosh of the old endorphins and neurotransmitters.
It’s addictive and the suits know it.

In Sevco’s haste to deflect and distract are they scoring an old firm own goal?

Is the game strong enough in Scotland to survive without the racism and sectarianism that Alfredo feels the victim of?

Neil Lennon rightly highlighted what he described as anti Irish racism in Scotland in 2018.

Was Scott Sinclair not the victim of racist abuse at Glasgow Airport?

Let’s have an honest debate and move Scottish society out of it’s denial.

What is the honest reality?

big packy

THE GOMBEEN MAN, thanks for your reply, agree, lets have an honest debate ?

Awe Naw


you cannot have an honest debate with anyone who believes in a rigid belief system it’s impossible.

Such loonies need telt and unfortunately there’s an awful fucking lot of them



It’s effing Magic to think of days gone by,even the partnership of Brian McClair and Judas. I used to confuse the hell out of people by pointing out that Brian was the top goalscorer for us over four years but bought and sold by a manager that he never scored a goal for.

We haven’t had a partnership up front for years,but I’m hoping we have one now.

That phone call gave me a lift thank you B M C U W


Mrs More_at_a_loss hasn’t exactly denied it was her, just says “Show me proof it was me”


As for the header Bobby a very good weekend to be a tim. The media have ramped up the pish since the mini huns defeat, it shows Jabba is desperate, personally I’m loving their hurt, i can honestly say i’m smiling more on Mondays. I wanna i wanna be …(at work).

I wonder if Slippy has asked his players to be on alert, and keep an eye out for tracking devices, on the parks of ‘hamilton’ coaches he keeps throwing them under 🙂

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw,

I know but it’s ironic that the architects of the best wee country in the world are complaining about the system that delivered their own entitlement.

Everyone else is to blame but them.

Even a much sought after victory at Celtic Park has transformed into an angry, finger pointing rant.

The only telling they’ll listen to is emotional pain… eventually.



The pleasure was mine,mucker. 79yo,yer still a whippersnapper. I’ll need to get you,OLDTIM67 and my Dad together one of these days. You can compare notes.

You look after yourself,Tommy. Yer a long time deid,so you might as well enjoy being alive.


Did the best wee countries favorite team fail to win at the weekend?
MSSM beside themselves.
Failed ex coaches.rule breaking betters,crap ex players ,and lying thuggish footballers all being wheeled out to attack our club safe in the knowledge that Celtic will keep their powder dry and stay silent.


Funniest quote of the day. “Watching Ajer and Jullien playing in our back line yesterday had me wising we still had Efe Ambrose in the squad” 🙂


Our approach to taking throw ins at glacier like pace finally paid off when Hayes , forgetting his job was to walk around the hoarding,, pick up the ball, look for another player to arrive to take the throw in after Hayes had positioned himself to receive the ball with an opposing defender so close, the term “sod off” might be used, instead leapt the hoarding like a kangaroo on a pogo stick and – GASP – threw the ball to Christie to cross whilst half the Hamilton team had nipped off for a pint when they saw Hayes go to fetch the ball.

Straight out of the cunning throw in manual in the chapter titled. ” Throw Ins. Lulling the Opposition into a False Sense of Security- (works every time once a season.)”

The Gombeen Man


Psychologists would have a field day with the best wee country psyche.

The racism accusation looks to be a classic case of Projection…That’s not to say any of us are perfect…

“Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection—attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another. The concept emerged from Sigmund Freud’s work in the 1890s.

Unconscious discomfort can lead people to attribute difficult feelings or impulses to someone else to avoid confronting them. Projection allows the difficult trait to be addressed without the individual fully recognizing it in themselves.”

They are fertile ground for psychological analysis.

Till Later,

bada bing1

Land in Parkhead is set to be sold by the city council to Celtic to allow for match day parking for disabled fans.
Councillors are recommended to agree a £100,000 sale to the football club when they meet on Thursday.

Celtic approached the councilabout purchasing the Janefield Street site, which has previously had a short-term licence for parking but has been vacant since 2014.

The Gombeen Man


My other half said it took a Dub to get us going.
I think a policeman even stopped by the ball for Jonny.

My daughter is in James Connolly Hospital, Dublin. Time I made tracks.

They’ve a bust of the great man beside the cafe.

On the wall beside it reads Connollys’ quote,

” Our demands most moderate are, we only want the earth.”


Awe Naw

The more crazy and absurd the hun mush becomes the more you can be rest assured that the writs are about to be delivered by hand and personally.

The SMSM need a successful Rangers. If they cant be successful then they need to be seen to be raging and spitting hair. Hence they go bust. This is why hundits like McFadden, Munstermunch will embarrass themselves. Hoors basically lifting their skirts for money.

No Rangers in the SPFL (SMSM will go to the wall . already there nearly)

No Rangers in the SPFL (then SKY lose a small fortune)

No Rangers in the SPFL (BBC Scotland lose a million viewers)

No Rangers in the SPFL (Police Scotland lose match day fees – well lucrative ones)

No Rangers in the SPFL ( Celtic lose a small fortune)