The odious bully, goodbye

Ive been wrong many a time but Im starting to think thats the beginning of the end for one of the domestic games biggest (no pun intended) problems. Its eye rolling to see him in the Celts for Change documentary but finally, at last, all his meddling and devil deals seem to have caught up with him. What is the icing on the cake that it was all a self inflicted mistake, one of many.

Rumour has it as a mere hack he had the nerve to tell Charlie Green ‘ I can make you or break you ‘ which is incredible when you think about it. Millionaire businessman owner of the establishment club got threatened with ruin by local lowlife hack?
A proper journo would have forged a relationship.
Then Dodgy Dave hired him with the brief to “get ahead of the narrative“ expecting his contacts to come with the deal having worked on the floor among them most of his days. I didnt get his job description at the time but it was soon clear.
Get a text theres a negative of sorts story in the pipeline and next day start planting the preferred narrative.
Make the news rather than allow yourself to be a source of it.
And for the most part it worked a treat.

But the old saying you can fool some of the people etc comes into play here. The weekly scandal, that which is designed to take eyes off last weeks scandal and aimed at a target usually, can be laid at his door more often than not.
But as we are forever pointing out, while everything may and did fly in the past, these days things are different. With a phone, camera, and computer in your pocket at all times folk are just much more savvy. Its very hard to pull the wool over peoples eye’s when they are all reading and commenting in the one place and pulling up information on said subject in nano seconds not to mention theres often someone with specialist knowledge of the subject close at hand.
Its too hard to juggle everything correctly time after time, and so it has proven.

Last weeks Brakegate scandal (and Im going to start a chronological list) has now lead to TranslationGate and has dragged everyone and anyone into it. Where this ends nobody knows but its been one hell of a backfire on the odious one.
First his employer has had a change of leadership and he who hired him is gone. If this business truly is in financial dire straits then he has just handed them a perfect opportunity to trim the wage bill. They might also ask could he not have broadcast a ‘Im very unhappy‘ come and get me plea interview before the window closed or prior to it opening?
Theres the question of how far the fall out from this will go and will it either need a head on a plate or is the creator of the mess considered toxic all around now?
His job is done, the titles awarded, Dave heralded, Old Firm well and truly back.
Be easy enough to cast him aside.

BBC Scotland have their credibility in absolute tatters after clearly going out of their way to not make enemies of odious bully. They are in a quandary they will not envy being placed in as should they release Michael Stewart there will be an uproar from so many that it will reach desks in London and have uncomfortable questions asked. Having one who is clearly not on message will be equally uncomfortable for the national broadcaster.
As will having demands from the bully for action that they must ignore.
A rock and a hard place for them. Good.

Sky Sports. You know when they first launched and aimed to be the biggest and best they actually were quality for a while. Why and who changed that doesn’t matter as the damage is done,, they are a brand many most would chose to stay away from.
They obviously should have had their own interpreter check the transcript and have accepted the handed over brief. They have had their hands burned and now must face the music.
Seeing Scottish footie as cheap filler, they certainly wont want to lose anymore customers in an already flooded market they thought they once owned until kingdom come. This does them no favours whatsoever, will certainly see some folk walk, and will have tainted their relationship with the establishment club. And you know who.

Our own club of choice.
The attitude of the club towards the media has perplexed before and probably will again. Most feel they are bias and theres clear difference in the sets of questions the rival managers get asked plus how our club is reported.
But we have been stung into action by this incredible act of reporting our Clubs name without it even being mentioned, in an article slamming domestic fans.
We now have a ‘fishal statement from our board asking for an investigation into the interview.
In its very first line it mentions that the support have been accused of being racist and goes on to state our anti racism ethos.
I salute the Club on this. Its pressure on the bully from another angle.
And an acknowledgement that we are nowhere near guilty on this one and that its important that fact be known. For future signing targets alone its important to get this straight. In saying that one need only go to the stadium for a game and watch Odsonne get fawned over.
The racism smear is a stupid one and it will come back to bite.

The rags themselves.
They already dont like him after his public steering of their press conferences to the extent that he cancelled one after it had started. But they have common ground in that they both service that last remaining major demographic,, the light blues fans that routinely buys a paper every morning. As long as they have that an uneasy truce is in place as why rock the gravy boat.
They ran with the Celtic fan snipping the brakes trying to injure the rival striker without saying it, going for the sensational. No doubt the hack runs into his editor with the piece who asks for the veracity to be told “its from Jim”. And they run with it.
Hours later shown as pish and egg on face. Forced to run with actual story.
Will they think again when he calls with another far fetched exclusive next week?
Do and its print more pish,,equals death.
Dont and its war with the old blowdog who apparently has dirt on many but is toxic.
Rock and a hard place. Lovely Jubbly.

When one also considers the fake bids from China mentioning exotic names to look smart and then we all find out they have filled their foreigner quota, or maybe the Craig is this ok to publish email allied with the threats and bullying tactics, its clear what we have here is an individual who needs removed for the game to move on.
The media cannot or will not operate normally with this person in situ but deal with him because they must.
The governing bodies show no inclination to address his antics.
Our Club dont like him and nor do our fans.

All would accept that they must deal with The Rangers but will these latest events force their hand?
Could odious obnoxious have backed everyone into a corner where its more damaging to be seen coming down on his side in this case?
He could have played this one well, but everything about it has now backfired.
The queue of those burnt is long. It may well be the end of him. It would be delicious as it was self inflicted.

I hope we never see his likes again.

The above is by Mahe. If you fancy tinkling the keyboard and giving us a day off we will buy you a pint and the email is

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Blinkin’ flip,ye had me worried there. Just glad it wasn’t Simply The Best.



That’s a terrific article,mate. Traynor has lorded-or larded?-it over everyone for far too long,and it’s difficult to carry such a role off without making enemies. Of course,when your enemies are shit scared of you it does make things easier,but as one after another breaks rank the dominoes begin to fall.

Think back to his ludicrous claims after Hibs had won the cup four years ago,all made in an attempt to somehow get the game replayed. That the huns on the pitch were only protecting the players and each and every one of those players had been assaulted.

While they were in the dressing room,btw!

Then fast forward to the cultural deficit applied to the throat cutting gesture. The claims of racial abuse-claims which were repeated world wide,I might add. Even making it into The New York Times. The utterly ridiculous translation faux pas,as if Morelos was the only Spanish speaker in Scotland.

And a whole lot more inbetween as he tried manfully to drive the narrative in favour of his PR company’s only client at the expense of its biggest rival in particular,and the game in general.

No,what I think we have here is someone who has lost touch with reality. As a self-promoting PR man,he should know better than anyone not to believe his own publicity,particularly not that based on self-promotion.

He has now burned his boats with Sky. I believe the bosses down south will take a very dim view indeed of their channel being used in this way. I suspect that they will parachute in a new production team for the game up here,one that will look at a whole raft of issues-especially the current personnel. My personal suggestion to them would be to ask the telesales staff who deal with cancellations for feedback on the reasons given over the years. I’m willing to bet there’s a common denominator in there.

He has also burned his boats with a large part of the print media. They too have seen their collective and individual reputations take a severe dicking at the hands of this sociopath. Bill Leckie in The Sun made a good start about ten days ago,and Graeme Spiers had a nice wee pop yesterday too. Others have continued to be accommodating towards his demands,but the more high-profile types have been giving him a necessarily-wide berth for a while.

As for The BBC,I can’t wait to hear how the Scottish version explains its shows on Monday and Tuesday evenings. I hope too that their London bosses will be asking similar questions. Compare and contrast…

Monday has Michael Stewart laying into Traynor on air. The other two presenters are apoplectic,repeatedly crying out that poor wee misunderstood Jim isn’t there to defend himself,and that these words being said do not represent the views of the programme,nor of the BBC.

They then refuse to release the show on podcast-and then,unbelievably,make a public apology to the fat slug!

Again,fast forward to Tuesday evening. They have gone for the safe approach here. No Michael Stewart,and certainly no mention of His Jimness. No,last night’s show concentrated on more mundane things,as once again they sent out a lynch party to nail Griff.

Derek Ferguson,in particular,pointed out that Leigh had stamped on his son,who plays for Aberdeen. I don’t remember the incident,but I certainly recall the lad getting pretty severe treatment while playing against the huns. But that’s by the by,the big question is…

Did the presenters make any attempt to stop this character assassination by pointing out that Leigh wasn’t there to defend himself? Aye,sure. What do you think?

It’s double standards like this,agenda-driven public broadcasts and desperately poor journalism that have driven our game into the ground over the years. Ally that to such as partial refereeing and regulation and you can see why Traynor knew he was on Easy Street. Most of his outlets were willing collaborators,given a free rein to play to the demographic. Sadly,they have all gone too far. They forgot the obvious-that every outlet in Scotland is answerable to a boss based outside it,usually in England. And they don’t have the same allegiances or ludj memberships.

The BBC is based in London. Clyde is owned by a UK subsidiary of the German Bauer Media. The Herald is US owned via a UK subsidiary Newsquest,based in Surrey. Sky is also US owned,Comcast having only recently paid a small fortune for it. The Record is a subsidiary of Trinity Mirror while The Scotsman has problems of its own,the parent company liquidated and now in the ownership of the creditors. I could go on,but the point is that these owners are likely to take a dim view of the reputational damage caused to them by a relatively insignificant subsidiary playing lickspittle to an outside agenda.

So,while I don’t think it’s the end of Traynor,I do think that it’s the beginning of the end. And I doubt that he will go quietly.

Big Audio Dynamite

Don’t think it’s a coincidence all this nonsense is getting played out just as their season begins to unravel. I think they have all now realised that if they want to get multi-millions (?) for Alfredo, they had to do something about his image, as I’ve no doubt his onfield behaviour was the main reason no club bid for him (Or we’d have heard about it).

The really strange part, is how they chose to go about it, a real tour de farce. I would give a fair chunk of change to sit down with Alfredo, and get his honest opinion of our strange, little backwater country… now that would be interesting!

Quality reading on here lately, Mahe ?



Strange thing is that I don’t think Morelos is the villain he is being made out to be. Or rather,the villain that his behaviour suggests.

I think he is behaving exactly as an overindulged,spoiled and petulant wee brat is always likely to do when he isn’t pulled back into line. That he appears not to be the sharpest tool in the box probably hasn’t helped his case either.

A strong manager,one with a decent reputation in the game and who need not worry about being undermined from elsewhere,could probably make a decent player out of him. He certainly has an eye for goal,and gets his shots in quickly. Sadly for him,he might find that his time here has wrecked his reputation in the game.

You would be correct to say that he only has himself to blame,that no-one demands that he behave as he has done. But a young lad,barely out of his teens,5000 miles from home,minted and feted in a city like Glasgow? Light the blue touchpaper and stand well back.

His time in Glasgow has made Morelos a star. It may also,through bad management,have wrecked his career.

Big Audio Dynamite

Aye Bobby, agreed ?

Right, time to hit the hills early, so I’m back for the game HH?

big packy

MORNING ALL, great article as usual mahe, well I made it, that magic number 67 today ? remember when my father died at age 53, from nearly forty years of eating coal dust, because that was the only job he could get because of his religion, I thought at the time I want to at least reach 67. JIM, bet your jealous?




big packy

CHEERS, bobby?

big packy

off dugwashing now, cant even get a day off on my birthday, its not fair?


While I remember,I suppose it’s only fair to commend the board for their statement yesterday.

The allegations of racist abuse against Morelos were being printed worldwide at the tail end of last year. Our supporters were,literally,being called racists from New Year to New York. And virtually everywhere else,for over five weeks.

As they have been for,oh,a decade or so. Add in pyromaniacs,stadium trashers,songs praising terrorism. All with little basis in fact,of course.

So yes,I’m delighted that the board finally made a stand. I’ve read elsewhere how proud some are of the strength of the statement.

My arse.

I’ll draw you to a timeline.

The statement came out around 5pm. The interview had already been pulled by Sky a few hours beforehand and an internal investigation launched.

Certain blogs-ours wasn’t the only one-had been all over the case for at least two days. My own comment in the article on Monday was about 36 hours in advance of the club statement and predicted that the translation would bear no resemblance to the interview.

Now look,that’s not me fishing for compliments. Far from it. A blind man could see that one coming. But once again,I genuinely believe that our board were prepared to let this go,had it not got outwith their control. They HAD to make a statement,simply because everyone else was!

So,naw. I don’t think our board have grown a pair. I think they’re still a buncha snivelling cowards with only their own interests at heart. Ffs,they were even late on parade to defend the club when everyone else was doing it before that.

Fooling nobody. I wish they’d just eff off and leave the club to people who will defend and support it,and everyone associated with it.



ATHINGOFBEAUTY has recently got herself a young pup. Wire haired Dachshund,and frankly it’s adorable. And I don’t even like animals,not for me.

Mind,he’s totally uncontrollable,got a mind of his own. Does what it likes,and so what? I see a kindred spirit. I might stick him in my back pocket next time I’m home.



To put the boards statement into some context that bastion of impartiality and journalistic integrity ‘The Daily Record’ had sought clarification on the translation from Sky hours before our board had! Celtic’s response was no doubt delayed by the ‘crisis meeting’ at Parkhead to discuss any likely potential damage to revenue streams if Sky were to be challenged.


Excellent article and posts today bhoys, as ever.



Yep. They were hoping it would all go away,as usual.



Cheers,oul’ mucker. Fancy a wee trip to Belfast mid-June,three internationals a day on top of the usual temptations?


I think it’s fair enough that Celtic take their time to assess any potential damage before taking issue with SKYsports, there may well have been contractual reasons that prohibited them from doing so and if so these would have to be checked before proceeding. Or Oglach is probably right, they wanted to check if there was a possibility of financial damage.Either way, they’ve done it now and let’s see how it pans out. I’d like to think Mahe’s lead today has called it right and we are witnessing the start of a new dawn of morality-based reporting in the game in Scotland. But, honestly, when the guys in charge, be it The Rangers, Celtic, SFA, SPFL, are self-serving then sometimes it’s the PR men that grab you the advantage even if only temporarily. For heaven’s sake, Celtic NEVER seem to put their head above the parapet. The SFA only ever come out to punish Celtic it would seem, and usually because of a Traynor-led article. The SPFL??? When was the last time they made a statement on anything far less a meaningful statement! The Rangers have consistently twisted the narrative to superb effect and hardened their belief that ‘No-one likes us, We don’t care!’ Does anyone here really think Dave King cares if they get caught lying!! He gives not a Flying F@@@ about anything other than cabbage, and loads of it!!



Hence my point-that the board only released the statement after Sky had already pulled the interview.

36 hours after it was released.

So for 36 hours-and the 36 days previously-they were perfectly happy to have our fans decried as racists all over the world,and they only reacted when

Well,they only reacted when.

They only reacted when they knew they could no longer be silent. And complicit. But worry not,they won’t push it.


You’re right to an extent…but 36 hours? What about the original allegations on the 29th Dec? We’ve sat on this since then. I’ve long thought that sometimes the best thing to do is not get drawn in to petty shit because it suits the other party and can make you look amateurish and unprofessional but this Traynor stuff, since day one, has been designed to undermine Celtic and the support and we have let it go unanswered. Now is the time to fight back, Celtic. The board need to show their teeth now and meet this head on. I’m not sure they will.


Sorry guys, lost the last post part way through, hopefully it is sorted now! Wee phone, big fingers!! ?



Plenty of times I’ve been pulled up in life for something or other. Pretty sure you were the same. Back in the day,it was face to face. Latterly,online.

My response is usually the same. That the only people whose opinions matter to me are those of people who matter to me. People who know me will know the truth,and I’ll settle for that.

So,yes,I can understand the possibility that Celtic want nothing to do with it. But wanting nothing to do with it hasn’t worked,it’s not worked for quite some time.

There aren’t enough people who know the truth,because too many lies are being told and being accepted as the gods honest.

Celtic need to come out fighting every time against Traynor. We can’t say,tchah,when he comes out with his pish. We have to say-ur ye,is that right? Pull him up every time.

He has a four year start on us. So what? We have the truth. If we have the balls to play it.


I agree with you completely! But it can appear to be unprofessional to get into public spats over what appear in a wider sense to be trivial. The Board have to make decisions based on what subjects will have real impact on their business and on people’s perception of their business. This is a perfect example of when to react, when an international news organisation publicly slurs you. Its a pity its taken so long to react.

Sol Kitts

Happy birthday to Big Packy. Remember to phone ahead before you go out to celebrate, just in case the venue’s closed. ????

bada bing1

Happy Birthday Packy, hope you have a good one! 🙂

bada bing1

FOLLOWING our Season Ticket Holder sale, the last remaining tickets for Celtic v Copenhagen are on General Sale now.

Awe Naw

Our PLC waited until Steven Gerrard commented on the dodgy Sky interview before reacting. Perfect.


Erroneously attributed to Mark Twain but never the less even more pertinent in today’s world of instant communication.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on”

Perhaps a more eloquently made summation would be by Irishman Jonathan Swift

“Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale hath had its effect: like a man, who hath thought of a good repartee when the discourse is changed, or the company parted; or like a physician, who hath found out an infallible medicine, after the patient is dead.”

Time for our ‘alleged custodians’ to be proactive and not reactive. Can you imagine Fergus putting up with all this B/S. Jabba and his minions would have been buried by litigation a long time ago. Fergus, imo, would have buried them. Whereas DD is probably far more interested in improving his golf handicap in some exotic clime.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
Dr Martin Luther King

Mike in Toronto

Happy birthday, Big Packy


Did we ever learn what Sky’s response to Celtic was after we had questioned them about Boyd’s televised verbal attack on Griff, or was it simply and conveniently forgotten about after Griff and Boyd, allegedly, had a wee chat on the phone to clear the air?


Tempting, but daughter’s wedding on 20 June..!


Hoopy birthday BP


Excellent article Mahe. I love seeing thems in total embarrassment
Hoopy (In the heat of Lisbon) number to packy

Awe Naw


well written good article.

Big Packy,

67 Shurely shum mishtake I thought you were only a couple of year older than me mate about 42

bada bing1

I can feel another burned out team bus coming on….


Celtic and Hamilton Academical will be charged by the Scottish FA for failing to act “in an orderly fashion” during Sunday’s Scottish Premiership game.
It relates to a first-half incident when players from each team surrounded referee Nick Walsh after Leigh Griffiths stood on Accies’ Sam Woods.


bada bing1

The Gullabillies should realise Traynor has cost them millions, by creating the fake news that a Chinese team (unnamed),had bid £13 million for Fat Charlie, scaring off other teams from paying what he’s actually worth.


big packy

Have a tremendous birthday
I’m actually sitting waiting at a par 3
I’ve NEVER posted during a game of golf before but when I seen it was your birthday I just had to.
67 as well. Get in there


Big Packy
Enjoy your birthday.
Great article.However the cynic in me says once the storm brews over normal service will resume.
The best wee country has an agenda to persue.


What happened on Feb 5th 1953
Walt Disney’s feature film Peter Pan premieres.
Sweet rationing ended in the UK.
Big Packy, born!!!!
Have a blast. B.P.

bada bing1

Jabba will create another faux rage demonstration, at the BBC or Hampden soon,for the hun hordes, as a wee deflection tactic

Sol Kitts

Sent you an email. If you’re about, give me a call.

A thing of beauty

Glad to see celtic finally got their house in order. It would be my preference that sky was banned from celtic Park but due to the tv deal that is infeasible. Instead celtic should fulfill their contractual obligations but provide every interviewer with one word answers. Later a full interview with players and manager should be made available free of charge on celtic tv. The kris boyd issue has not been addressed, we are an afterthought to whatever seethin Gerrard has to say and now we have this crap. Might i say that this story ran for a long time on sky along the ticker at the bottom plus the interview saying morelos has said we had been racist towards him. I’m at my work now but do not recall the ticket saying that the previous days news where we accused celtic fans of being racist was a pile of shite. And that is the problem. Everyone who watches sky sports thinks we are racist except us who know about the real story.
Happy birthday packy. 67 is a magic number

St Andrews Bhoy

I have lurked for years on various Celtic fan forums , on many occasions almost hit the post button, but always drew back.. however today after reading Mahe’s headline article I feel compelled to say, firstly an excellent article, articulate, researched, and fact filled with unarguable reasons that the odious centre of the article will be removed from any positions of influence and the people ( getting less) under his spell , either through potential blackmail or any sense of loyalty, see him for what he is worth, a bully , even worse poisonous, and even though he suits that mob down to the ground, he is now no longer an irritant with his infestation of nonsense but actually a potential danger, the point the very eloquent Michael Stewart was making but was overlooked by fat boys hun counterpart Mc Intyre, and as the good Mahe states I also feel it is the beginning of the end for this verbal parasite


Had a look at the Liturgical Calendar to see what is celebrated on 5th Feb.

St. Agatha. Virgin and martyr.


St Andrews Bhoy.
Welcome and enjoy.

bada bing1













So, B.P. is a virgin or a martyr?
Hmmm, let me think about that one. ????


For once, a team most predicted.
Fingers crossed that they turn on the style, failing that, just win!!!,


JNP, yup I wondered if that was a coincedence too! 🙂

Welcome to St Andrews Bhoy


Big Packy,
Breathla shona duit.
Happy birthday, pal. A great age also. May you have many more. Enjoy yer day.
Hail Hail

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