Erra macaroon bars, spearmint chewing gum !!

If you remember this call, you’ve probably been going to see Celtic longer than most.
You might have watched the famous 1967 Lisbon Lions story unfold, probably the greatest football achievement ever by a group of players, never to have made it onto the silver screen.

A story of a team of local boys all from within a thirty mile radius of Celtic park, who conquered the great Inter Milan team of 1967, playing beautiful attacking football. The story takes on ever more significance because, against all the odds, it was a feat never done before, and was one which will never be repeated.

One of the most significant aspects of this story, belongs to the Celtic supporters, the fans, the ones the great Lisbon Lions manager, John ‘Jock’ Stein spoke highly of when he said “Football is for the fans. It can be the greatest game in the world but if there are no people to watch it, it becomes nothing. The fans are the lifeblood of the game.”

Many stories can be read about the fans who followed their beloved team in 1967 to Portugal, to take on, the mighty Inter Milan and their renowned coach Helenio Herrera. At least one fan sold his house to follow his team to Lisbon, even though he knew it would cost him his marriage. Thousands of fans borrowed, begged, scraped and saved, to fund the trip to see this once in a lifetime event unfold, where eleven local footballers would do the unthinkable, a team outwith the Latin realm of giants like, Real Madrid, Benfica or Milan would win the European Cup and bring it to Glasgow for the first time ever. Also making them the first British team ever to do so.

Fans, many who had never been on a plane in their life, cast aside everything to get there, no matter the cost, some went by car, which was no mean feat in those days, as others thought the car would have trouble seeing them to the end of the street, let alone get them to Lisbon, but most made it and witnessed something very very special.

More recently in 2003 Celtic fans went to Seville in Spain, to see their beloved team take on Jose Mourhinho’s Porto, in the UEFA cup final. Some estimated 80,000 fans followed Celtic to that Final, and received both a EUFA and FIFA fair play award for “Their extraordinarily loyal and sporting behaviour”. The award should come as no surprise to anyone who recalls the macaroon bars, spearmint chewing gum call, because yes, Celtic fans are indeed loyal.

Those same fans were loyal when Fergus McCann asked tens of thousand of them to put their hands in their pockets and buy shares in the club, the most successful share issue in football history. The same Fergus who had previously put in his own money, 8 minutes before Celtic almost went into administration, no matter what anyone says Fergus was a fan.

I consider the Lisbon Lions and their manager Jock Stein as two of the three most major events i have witnessed in Celtics proud history, the other was Fergus saving our club, the former have stands named after them at Celtic park, i think it shows a severe lack of appreciation for a man who saved our club, not to have one named after him.

However Loyalty can be taken for granted, there are those who believe our current custodians are playing on that loyalty, either by their inability, or lack of willingness to move our club out of sight of the chasing pack, let’s face it with the financial muscle we have, no-one should be near us.

Then there is a growing concern that these same custodians may have also helped to rejuvenate the “Od Frm”.

Something shamefully also forced upon us by the Scottish media, like the episode of the American TV Show Dallas, where in the most bizarre plot line ever seen on prime time TV, an actor returned to the soap after having been killed off with the explanation that his death, and the whole of the previous seasons events, had all been a dream. (Ring any bells?).

It was no dream, it certainly did happen, a club were liquidated and they died. They should not have been aided, by anyone in a continuation lie. I know it, you know it, the media know it, them over at Govan know it, and most importantly our custodians know it.

To the latter, we say…. “Don’t confuse Loyalty with Stupidity”.

The above guest article is by ASWGL. Should you feel like dropping us an article for the front page the email is

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Errrraaaa hawff rollsna pork luncheeeeoooon meeetttaaa urrraaa fish paste honest it’s no kitty katt dry or stork saft or hard


STANDREWSBHOY 111am previous.

All you say is true. Good spot!



It was quite entrepreneurial,if you think about it. Back then,a lot of factory and construction workers had to work a half day on a Saturday. Come 3pm,they’d have been ravenous.

Mind you,they’d have had to be!

Twists n turns

Re Eddie
Might not be a popular opinion, but, if an offer of say £40m came in, were I in the shoes of the board, he’d be gone in a flash. In fact I’d say it would be corporate negligence ( something they’re very adept at ) not to realise that kinda profit.

The big problem is not reinvesting a sizeable amount of that profit. If you buy at £8m, sell at £40m and reinvest £20m of it wisely, I’d think you’ve got the blueprint to continually strengthen, giving you a stronger team on the pitch and a healthy balance sheet.

Our problem is, or their problem to be more accurate, that, ach, you know what the problem is. We’ve lived it so many times over the past 17 years I don’t need to spell it out.

Eddie, in recent games, has looked every inch a £40m plus player. He’s a goner in the summer, but what’ll happen thereafter?

Use the funds to strengthen for CL qualifying assuming we are champions?

A winter of discontent more likely.

big packy

ASWGL, great article, yes unfortunately I remember that? also remember a guy walking round with a cardboard box full of cold sausage rolls, yes they were the days, anyway off to look for some headache pills, don’t know why ive got a sore head??


For some bizarre reason, some of these unofficial vendors also used to sell wagon wheels which always tasted stale, probably because they were. The mention of wagon wheels always prompts the question, have wagon wheels got smaller? The stock answer is, they haven’t, it’s yer hauns that have got bigger.

Actually, I do still think they are smaller (shrinkflation?) and they still taste stale.

big packy

M6BHOY, definitely smaller??

big packy

off to Liverpool shortly to do a pub crawl round the irish pubs, a couple of pints of guiness should cure this headache?

Big Audio Dynamite

The 2 brothers who sold the Macaroon bars @CP were from Brigton… their name was Olone. My mates big sister married one of them, after he had made his massive fortune selling Wrigley’s chewing gum ?

Ahh, the memories

Big Audio Dynamite

Belated Happy Birthday Packy! Sorry, I was lost in the mountains all day

Big Audio Dynamite

I’m just gonna sit here and wait for the massive outpouring of anger over the ‘Stamp’ on Broony, last night!I


Big Audio Dynamite

Oh!, and the numerous assaults!!

big packy



ASWGL, great article. A bit of nostalgia leading up to a hard hitting finish. 🙂

big packy

AFF OOT, catch u all later.hh.

Awe Naw

I thought Neil Lennon´s Celtic were magnificent last night. Full credit to Motherwell for being positive and providing a playable surface.

ASWGL thanks for the article


I was thinking last night when FF was taking goal kicks, that there’s a bit of hopefulness involved with these shots too. It’s like a 50/50 chance who is on the receiving end. But it’s the same for all goal keepers in every team. I still prefer them to the alternative. At least it gets the ball up to the half way line and beyond. Our style of play recently of passing out to our defenders who tippy tappied sideways and backwards for a while, often returning the ball to the goalie, was annoying. Building from the back my erse. Helped our possession stats but was boring. Get stuck right in!

Ayrshire Bhoy

Some brilliant goals last night and the link up between Eddie and Griff getting better game by game. 3 of our next 5 at home looking good ?


Ayrshire Bhoy the last two goals were sensational for different reasons. So proud of Calmac and Eddy.

Big Audio Dynamite

A decade of dominance ?


Twists n turns @7:17 am

I am of the opinion that we will not get ‘Morelos’ amounts of money (???) circa £40 mill for Eddy unless 2 clubs get into a bidding war. If big club came in with a bid of more than £25 mill I think that Celtic may find it difficult to hold on to him albeit he is contracted until June 2022. There may well be a release clause we do not know about? But if he keeps putting in performances like last night and banging in goals for the French under 21s he will have no shortage of ‘big’ clubs wanting to secure his services this summer. WGS and Mickey Stewart were correct last night when they said on current form Eddy would easily fit right in to the Man Utd team. Me I hope he stays for the 10 but know that is probably unlikely given the boards love of money.


RIP Kirk Douglas. Died yesterday aged 103

“I’m Spartacus and so is my wife”


SPFL highlights of yesterdays game.

Motherwell with more chances during the 1st period but Celtic went up a couple of gears and blew them away in the second period

Big Audio Dynamite

Upcoming league fixtures.

Hearts (H)
Aberdeen (A)
Kilmarnock (H)
Livingston (A)
St Mirren (H)


Headline on Newsnow.

(Rangers unveil radical system to reduce injuries in bid to beat Celtic to title)

I did not click on article as i already knew the answer.
The SFA and their cheats with whistles!!!
Nothing radical about it.

bada bing1

Unique Angle from last night, the togetherness in the squad is brilliant


Bada Bing those 4 goals from unique angles is brilliant. as you say the camaraderie of the players is great to see.


The guy arrested over the Morelos Lamborghini under car incident has been released as the real culprit has been found.


A wee choon to celebrate today. Duane Allman, ”Please be with me,” later covered by Eric Clapton.

bada bing1

Ooooft a statement with balls

bada bing1

Should have ended with us saying no cooperation with Sky for interviews, and ban them for press conferences, until we are satisfied with the outcome.

bada bing1

The Club see this as a chance to have Traynor put down.

David Russell

Used to always watch a guy selling filled rolls from a big cardboard box which he would put on the ground to pick one out everytime someone made a purchase. But this was at the lower end of the Jungle and the bottom of the box was dampening by the minute due to the ‘liquid’ running down the terracing. Always seemed to sell them all……wouldn’t want the last couple though! Could always kill the taste with spearmint gum!

Awe Naw


yup .. he’ll be known as pish stained alky Leggat’s bitch by the end of the year

Awe Naw

Celtic statement: Has the board finally grown a pair?

THE statement issued by Sky Television is inadequate. It does not identify the source of the translation or why phrases, which bore no relationship to the words used by Mr Morelos, were introduced into it.
In view of the substantial issues of public interest involved, Celtic have lodged a complaint with the broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, who can seek the necessary answers and adjudicate accordingly.
For our supporters’ information, Celtic’s communication to Ofcom can be viewed below:
Dear Sir/Madam
On behalf of Celtic Football Club, I wish to lodge an official complaint in respect of an interview with the footballer, Alfredo Morelos, which was broadcast on all Sky platforms on Monday 3 February.
Mr Morelos spoke in Spanish and sub-titles were provided. It is our contention that the presentation of this interview was grossly and irresponsibly misleading due to the wildly inaccurate and tendentious translation which was provided in the sub-titles.
The effect and, we believe, purpose of this misrepresentation was to broadcast offensive and incendiary allegations against Celtic Football Club and its supporters, by attempting to attribute these – quite unfairly – to Mr Morelos. It is difficult to think of a more irresponsible piece of “sporting journalism”.
Celtic Football Club has issued a statement on the subject which is attached for your convenience. We understand that the interview is no longer available through Sky Television which is, in itself, recognition of its deficiencies. On the basis of the inaccurate translation, highly damaging and wholly inaccurate stories were briefed to the press.
I am therefore asking Ofcom to conduct an investigation in order to answer the following questions:
1 Who was responsible for the inaccurate translation?
2 What steps were taken by Sky Television to ascertain the accuracy, or otherwise, of the translation provided?
3 What part did Sky Television play in briefing the story, based on the inaccurate translation, to the wider media?
We believe this is a matter of substantial public interest for the following reasons:
1. Issues of racism and sectarianism are far too important to be manipulated in this way by any broadcaster or third party.
2. The use of mis-translation to convey false meaning is a dangerous form of “fake news” which must be condemned and sanctioned.
3. Mr Morelos has been seriously misrepresented and is deserving of apology and explanation.
I look forward to your early response.
Yours faithfully
Peter Lawwell
Chief Executive
Celtic plc

bada bing1

The Morelos apology bit is brilliant


Yes the Morelos apology – very diplomatic.

bada bing1

Moreloss is too thick to realise, he is being played here…..


Morning troops.
ASWGL many many thanks for today food for thought.
Bobby does a split shift on a Wednesday actually not a Thursday so likes to have someone else prepare Thursday morning article which is totally understandable.
Anyway great stuff although the vernaculars go over my head 😉
I guess we know they are dead legally and can always point to that. It’s little consolation hearing 55 and great history etc.
What we all must realise is that we cannot listen or be advised by anyone with a vested interest to tell the truth on the subject. They can not and will not say our biggest attraction died and we are officially a crappy backwater.

Again many thanks for the help pal. Cheers.
Hail Hail

Welcome Spudscave ( great name) and David.
Hope to read more of your thoughts.


Morelos is an easy mark for the manipulators with an agenda.
It is understandable with their false superiority agenda.
He is an ok footballer elevated way beyond his natural ability.
He does not seem particularly bright and those who should be protecting him have not only failed but bear responsibility.
As for our board looking like they finally care about Celtic fans?
Even they know the assaults on our club and fans was going to far and was reinforcing the fans negative view of them and that posed a legitimate threat to their future profit.
The gullibles own arrogance in believing they were untouchable due to the past presented our board with a slam dunk.
It would be in the interests of Celtic PLC to also pursue compensation from sky for damaging the brand and would most certainly give others pause for thought.
Also since sky and most media are not Scottish owned or based would mean we could take it out of the hands of the corrupt Scottish legal system.

bada bing1

Moreloss agent, might have to stick Traynor in,to save his own skin


RIP Kirk Douglas.
103 is a grand age, that’s a life well lived.
I recall sitting in airport departure lounge and there’s a bit of a scene.
Yerman the famous actor is sitting there and just mingling and giving out selfies etc.
I don’t bother him just watched.
Eventually he gets left alone and he’s sitting right there beside me.
I’m thinking will I say something and what will I say.
I decide to ask him for a selfie and say I’m Spartacus from his best movie.
Just as I go to get up someone else steps in and I miss my turn and then we are called to board so I’ve lost my chance.
I get home and google him,, turns out I’m sitting beside Martin Sheen thinking ol Kirk Douglas is in good nick. Soo glad I never embarrassed myself to him.
Terrible with names and directions I am,, my partner in crime here is the opposite.
Dermot is Michaels friend I know.

Rest in Peace Kirk.
I’m Spartacus!

Awe Naw

Background Music

The SKY Scottish TV deal starts next season. They have exclusive access to the SPFL games for the next 5 years. They pay 30m a year. BT paid only 20m a year. Don’t lose sight of the fact that Denis O´Brien and Lord Livingston of Parkhead are BT aristocracy. Ask Huwaei and the British government. Now if you were SKY and had just signed off on a contract that is worth 30m a year for the next 5 years ( it’s actually 160m over 5 years). The last thing you would want is for just rejuvenated Sevco to go bust yet again especially just before your new 5 year contract is about to begin – but that is where they find themselves. Eric Cantona´s seagulls that live and earn oodles from this coverage (BBC, STV, SMSM, Sevco, Police Scotland etc) also don´t want to see the Golden Goose catch bird flu before the starting pistol fires. So although we have the Resolution 12 balancing act with regards Old Firm viability product viability we also can’t dismiss the political machinations and influences from within our PLC about who the Celtic PLC preferred TV supplier would be. The TV money for Celtic PLC is buttons comparatively but for Celtic PLC´s main players BT is very important. Far more important to them than SKY. SKY is the enemy to them. NOT US !!! If Sevco were to go completely tits up and there were two seperate liquidators working out of Govan liquidating one in the same club and phoenixing was not such an easy option again then the SKY 160 million quid deal could be a real fucking stinker. This is why SKY is giving the huns a free punch at Celtic recently. This is why SKY has only hunditry (that and a 80% bigger customer base in Scotland). I would also suggest that 90% of English armchair fans are quintessentially British (so that’s yet another reason)

I will go as far as to suggest that if the huns do go tits up between now and then SKY has a cast iron escape clause written into their new deal.

I wonder if BT would be only to happy to pick up the flotsam jetsam detritus at a really good price.


A football agent with morality?
This will have no impact on his career.
His company may slap his wrists at his hamfisted attempt to mitigate and lessen Affie’s thuggish side to increase interest and value.
Would be in their interest if he is sold as they get a cut of fee so they may be displeased his stupidity has probably cost them money.


Etims mentioned more news coming next week about our Plc and their lack of truth.

bada bing1

Fan a tic- if the agent isn’t in on this with Jabba,he’s got a good paying job to protect

Michael Gorman, a players agent with World in Motion:

“Michael manages the American MLS and South American markets for World in Motion, dividing his time between Los Angeles and Medellin, Colombia. His strong relationships in South America and understanding of the complex MLS rules have helped him to negotiate over €25 million in total transactions since 2012. Michael speaks Spanish fluently and previously worked as a finance attorney for investment funds and the United States federal government.”


Bada Bing1
I agree with you but morality and football agent don’t belong in the same sentence.
It was a poor and misguided attempt by Gorman to make over his players image and value.
At most his company will have a lack of trust in the huns if he was duped.
Perhaps to save their company image they will point the finger elsewhere?
The huns probably told them it’s the best wee country so we can do and say as we please and the media will facilitate such.

bada bing1

MICHAEL STEWART has been AXED by the BBC for at least the next five days as the fall-out from the Jim Traynor row continues.
SunSport understands the former Hearts and Hibs midfielder will NOT feature on tonight’s Sportscene show.

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