The I Wanna Dilemma.


It’s been a tough old week as a football supporter in Scotland. It’s been a tough old week for some of the players too. But most of all,I think it’s been a tough old week for some of those who make their living in the media circus connected to our game.

Oh,don’t be silly-of course I’m not trying to elicit sympathy for them! I’d struggle to sympathise with any of them even if they caught their dick in a zipper. But their collective treatment of Michael Stewart has seen them scraping along the bottom once again,with nary a one having the balls to come out in support of their colleague.

The fallout from the Sky interview with Morelos will hopefully see some light being shed on some murky dealings,as OFCOM and Comcast are unlikely to allow the affair to be swept under the carpet,and we all live in hope of a succulent sacrificial lamb on this one!

Meanwhile,its back at the ranch time for many in the media as they salivate over the latest wonderkid at Ibrox. They have really excelled themselves this time with the revelation that Hagi,Jr will be a £100m player. Fair play,the plan worked-I was so busy stitching up my sides that I almost forgot about my loathing for them all.

But it got me wondering-what is Odsonne Edouard worth? Don’t panic,folks-I’m not looking to sell him,just wondering,that’s all. I’d say that the perfect example of what he is worth was shown when he made a barely-fit appearance as a substitute in The League Cup Final. We were being seriously outplayed at the time;he drew an immediate free-kick and seconds later,we had scored the winner. Only recently turned 22yo,he has only been with us for thirty months and in that time he has scored 58 goals in 118 appearances. There’s little doubt in my mind that he’s the best striker we have had since Henrik Larsson,but it’s worth remembering that Henke would have been a sprightly 29yo by the time he had played 118 games for us,banging in around 80 goals in the process.

How can anyone compare two players who are simply incomparable in what they mean to Celtic? How can anyone put a true value on either? I’m reminded of the time in 2003 when Bill Kenwright,the Everton owner was gently rebuffing the efforts of Peter Kenyon,the Manchester United Chief Executive,to sign the 18yo Wayne Rooney. Kenyon was told that Rooney was “worth his weight in gold”

I don’t know the price of gold in 2003,but I do know that a similar valuation of Eddy at current prices would give us a Six Million Dollar Man! That would buy one of his fingernails,I reckon,given that Rooney eventually cost United £25m.

Sixteen years ago!

My suggestion,as I’ve said before,would be to offer him a vastly-improved contract to keep him here for a year or two yet. He will still only be 24yo in 2022,and I’m confident he will be a mainstay in the French team by then. His value will only increase during that time,and his value on the pitch to Celtic will be worth just as much. He is the type of player who wins clubs trophies or gets them much needed progress and visibility in Europe. More to the point,he is the type of player that Celtic players have taken to their hearts for as long as I can remember.

I’ve also said before that I have been attending since October 1967,but if I’m honest,I missed the heroics of The Lisbon Lions as I was just too young to appreciate it all. But in the fifty years since my memories have been building,we have had some tremendous players up front. Again it would be like comparing apples and,erm,pears as some of yesterday’s players may have lacked the fitness levels to make it in today’s game,but how’s this for starters?

Up front in 1972,we could take our pick from Bobby Lennox,Jimmy Johnstone,Kenny Dalglish,Lou Macari,Dixie Deans and Harry Hood.

I’m not going to bore you with a list of every striker that has played for us since,but players like Nicholas,McClair,McGarvey,MacAvennie in the 80s,Henrik,Cadete and van Hooijdonk in the 90s,The Evil Genius and BBJ,Sami-on his day!-then Griff,Dembele and now I Wanna. Aye,I’ve been spoiled as a Celtic supporter-especially when you consider that the above are only a few from one section of the team. We’ve had some greats in other positions too!

So,what’s Eddy worth? What were any of them worth? Every one of them gives me a nice happy glow just thinking about them. With £45m in the bank at the moment,it surely makes sense to,for once,try to hold on to our prize asset.

We certainly don’t need to sell. What we need to do here is to maximise our asset-and that means letting Eddy know how much he is worth to us. He is not a gold bar,but he is a priceless commodity. He has been here now for thirty months; we should try to keep him for as long again.

Our first £100k per week player? Well,that would only cost us £12.5m which we can clearly afford. We’ve blown that and more on pointless project players over the years. Do the maths,do the business,watch a great player playing for Celtic. You know it makes sense!


I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the continuing struggle by SOLKITTS to find out the truth from the SFA Head of Governance about the infamous Morelos Three Card Trick. As you know,she is stonewalling him over this,and SOLKITTS is intent on involving UEFA if he doesn’t get a satisfactory answer. We are currently working behind the scenes to ensure that any censure of the SFA is seen by a wider audience,but an amusing little scenario popped up into my mind last night.

The HOG insists that procedures were followed,even though no punishment has been officially declared. SOLKITTS contends that the SFA have broken their own protocols and regulations if the alleged punishment is true. And that by doing so,they have broken those of IFAB and UEFA. Any censure from the latter must surely impact on the reputation and Grade One status of the referee involved,Kevin Clancy.

I’ve already stated on here that Clancy is likely to have a cast iron alibi for this-simply,that he did not issue a third card! If his reputation and status are threatened,I believe he will be forced to go public. Which could be very interesting indeed.


Above article by BMCUWP. As you know,we always welcome the thoughts of our contributors. If you have an Article of the Day burrowing about your brain,mail it to Mahe.

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Can you help me out by signing this petition?

Get Michael Stewart reinstated

February 7, 2020 6:19 pm


While we are on the subject of petitions,here’s one I would like you to consider from my big mate in Bicester via Plains. Local team being bullied and done in by Big Business.

With the story behind it all here.


On the subject of small clubs being done over for their vast landholdings-the ground and car park,etc-by unscrupulous new owners who turn out to be simply robbing basterts,I’m hoping to persuade a journalist to send me a piece on just that.

I read it yesterday,went to do some checking on things and when I came back it had disappeared. Fingers crossed. You’ll be spitting feathers when you read it-but more to the point,it might prove that there are still genuine journos around. Unlike in Scotland.


Cup weekend of course,so here’s a couple of hard luck stories. I think most of us will know about Denis Law scoring six goals but still losing-the match was abandoned and his side lost the replay,

but this must surely beat it. Fella scores SEVEN times. In an 8-7 defeat!!!

Twists n turns

The sentiment is shared but you and I both know Eddie will not kick a ball for Celtic next season. He’s going. Not even mibbes aye mibbes naw. He’s our biggest asset I agree. More relevant he’s also PL’s biggest asset.

Twists n turns

Was putting my nap up on the other thread and I mentioned a horse called the Singing Sheriff who runs today and who has been hiked up 10lb for doing so. Reminded me of a couple things I wanted to say some weeks ago and got sidetracked then forgot about it.

The handicap system in British Horseracing needs serious review. 10lb increase for a convincing win is farcical and encourages ‘ sand bagging’. You know the story. To try and avoid the heavy penalties- just do enough to win. Or, when evident to the jockey he’s not going to win, don’t ride the horse out to its best finishing position, which incidentally, is a written rule. A horse must be ridden out to achieve its best possible finish.

I’ve used several different jockeys on horses I’ve owned in the past and one of them, and on this occasion I won’t be naming names so don’t ask, actually showed me the technique he used to ‘ pull’ the horse and stop it finishing in its best position. What’s more , to do it, he had to know which side of the track the cameras were on in order to avoid the stewards detecting it. More difficult trick these days with so many camera angles, but where there’s a will …..

Recently I was trackside talking to a prominent figure in horse racing. We were discussing trainers. We were then joined by a jockey who, on hearing the discussion stated that one trainer ( whom he named) was known for his last minute instruction to the jockey “ don’t be winning too far”

Of course the reason is the one I’ve alluded to earlier. Win too far and you’re getting lumped with, and very probably humped with , an additional few lbs in your saddlebag next time out .

It needs reviewed. I know what needs done but that’s another story.


Morning all,
TWISTS….Your post reads like an analogy of EXACTLY how our Board run the Club. Do enough and no more!!

Twists n turns

Morning McCaff
Yeah -or maybe this year just enough to lose? ?

Hopefully not.

The problem we face is reflected in yesterday’s balance sheet.

£45m in the bank , all down to player transfers.

CL? We don’t need no stinking CL. We got EL football at £40 a ticket. Add to that Eddie being moved on in the summer and voila. PL gets his bonus, bank account will hit £60m . Job done.

The level we compete at is of secondary importance.

Why bother being in the top 32 when you can keep your bonus and still improve the balance sheet?


The Old Of The Boys Brigade

Oh father why are you so sad
On this home cup tie morn
When Ibrox men are proud and glad
Of the heated baw we’ve drawn?
My son it seems a memory stirs
Of far off distant days
When being a young hun like you
I watched the Rangers play.

Where is the club I used to see
When ‘history’ was made
With EBTs that were tax free
And debts we never paid?

But now at home we watch a clone
That wears our made up stars.
But people know it’s just Sevco
And laugh at us in bars.
They say Gers died and split their sides
When we say it’s the same
Even worse Sevco’s going bust
And heading down the drain.

Where is the club I used to see
From whom we stole the name?
We like to claim its history
But don’t accept its shame.

And so my boy I’ve told you why
When Sevco play I cry
For I recall we did f*ck all
As we watched the Rangers die.
It was long ago before Sevco
The Billy Boys and me
Watched as our side began its slide
Into obscurity.

Where is the club I used to see?
Who ‘bought’ the history?
Will we be told when Sevco fold
To follow ‘Gers’ mark 3?


I’ve went head to head with you again today Packy at the 15.30 Lingfield. May the best Jim win!

(I see you’ve taken the easy option of the favourite again! 🙂 )

Big Audio Dynamite

I’m surprised people are so adamant Eddie will be gone in the summer ..I’m not so sure.

Big Audio Dynamite – The stone roses – I wanna be adored



Take a bow,and get it sent to The Green Brigade!



10lb for a win in a handicap is ridiculous-especially if his rivals had all packed it in,knowing they weren’t going to win.

The Gombeen Man

It’s a small world football. Phil’s blog told us yesterday that Eboue Kouassi is impressing the coaching staff at Gent.

Eboue joined Gent on the 23rd of January.

Phil also revealed that the “bazooka boots” (MSSM) of Ianis Hagi were offered to Celtic by Gent but we declined their offer.

Jermaine Defoe was injured on the 29th of January and Sevco swooped, Hagi jetted into to Ibrox on loan on 31st of January.

The Klopp inspired training regime at Ibrox have produced startling results and one goal later Master Hagi’s value is projected at £100m within two years.

What a gaff by our bhoys.

What a coincidence too that a desperate Sevco were able to move so swiftly and secure the signature of the brightest prospect in world football after Jermaine’s injury.

You’d even wonder if that infamous tracker from Alfredo’s sports car maybe found it’s way to Lennoxtown?

Or maybe we’ve got a leak?

Or maybe we just told them?

Ianis Hagi has jetted into the illusion of oldfirmism, easy money is the only goal.

All the best to Eboue at Gent. If they can afford to offload Master Hagi they have some team. Kouassi’s contact at Celtic is in it’s final six months.


Hamilton denied stonewaller.
Goldstones cuts out cross with arm .
Craigan says surprised none of officials saw that,

cosy corner bhoy

BMCUWP and I obviously think the same re R St Parsley ditty but I couldn’t post due gremlins☹️


Just checked MS petition there 8.5K, hopefully get to 10k soon. Funnily enough a name came up – Robert Cowan – surely no Rab his colleague at the Beeb?



Is that not Tam?


Ireland v Wales egg chasing is a belter.


Bobby, aye! Doh. Honestly I’m getting worried about my memory. 🙂

No excuse, I’ve only boycotted them for less than a week.


On the subject of retaining Edouard?
His agent would be foolish not to advise him to maximize his potential earnings elsewhere.
Remaining in Scotland would negate such as his image rights would be worth so much more in a top 6 league as would his salary.
It would also make it easier for him to gain a full international cap with the subsequent rise in his profile.
Staying in Scotland as Celtic’s main threat also leaves him open to career ending injury with referee’s tolerances of violent assaults on our players.
The Scott McKenna knee high tackle on Ed that did not merit a foul at the time though McKenna was given a 2 game ban on review will have been noted by himself and his representatives.
And the hun tackle on him in the League cup final after he just came on again without proper punishment will have bolstered that notion.
The fact that our recent accounts demonstrate profit is our prime objective and this is realized by selling our most valuable player assets.
The suits have shown frequently they are averse to risking profits so he will be sold as his value will be high and there will be competition for his signature with a potential bidding war increasing the price.
He will be a loss but i am reassured by the notion that his 3 million pound replacement will fill the void.


Really good article Bobby, Eddy is a special bhoy i’ll just enjoy him for as long as i can.

Our board must be really shittin themselves that Newhun Hagi will sell for £100 million, and allow thems to pay off the face painter, and end up with merr lolly than us 😀


Not sure I agree on the “3rd yellow card” scenario as described. If the referee included the incident in his post match report, and classified it as similar to a yellow card offence, then that seems to me to cover it from his point of view. This should not be confused with an actual (3rd) yellow card – imo of course.

Gordon64 Scott Sinclair-I went from 60 goals to the reserves ?



I’m in the pub at the moment so will need to be brief. The ref is not allowed a judgement after he has sent a player off. His role is to report what he saw. What he saw equates to a red card offence.

I’ll get back to you later on the details.

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Aberdeen 0
Killie 0

I think replay Wednesday, which means Killie v Huns postponed


Replay the following week.
We play Clyde in midweek, if postponed tomorrow, because we have Europa the following midweek.
Aberdeen and Killie have no midweek game, that midweek, so replay 19th Feb, for them.


Guillaume Beuzelin has really pissed me off, he said last week that Leigh stamped on his player, this week when asked if Accies should have had a pen, he said he didn’t see it, so couldn’t comment, unbelievable, I was convinced that Muir and his officials, would be the only ones who didn’t see the handball.

Sol Kitts

As expected, the HOG has not replied to my latest email. I am now preparing my first email to UEFA’s HOG, a gentleman called Herbert Humel. I suspect Ms Dougan thinks I will struggle to find his email address as it isn’t shown anywhere on the UEFA website (transparency my ar$e). However, I have my contacts so watch this space.
So, what am I asking that’s so hard to answer? Quite simple really. She indicated to me that no 3rd caution was administered by Clancy, and pointed out the correct process for reporting the misconduct. She did not, however, state that this was the case, so that is what I asked her to confirm. Shouldn’t be too difficult, so her lack of response is telling. If Clancy did issue a 3rd caution, he is in breach of the SFA’s protocol and should be sanctioned for this. If he didn’t, he acted correctly but the press reports have maligned him. I asked Ms Dougan, if Clancy acted properly, has a retraction been demanded from the press for falsely stating that a match official broke the SFA’s own rules, and if not, why not.
She could put all this to bed with an honest, clear response. Doing so, however, would either mean having to consider action against Clancy, or having to explain why they allowed an official to be thrown under the bus then not defending his actions. Rock and a hard place of their own making.

big packy

EVENING ALL, billybhoy apologies for not replying to your post last night, went to for some beauty sleep? just read your post, jam must be the way we Lanarkshire bhoys say jim? unless of course you speak posh Lanarkshire, like JIMTHETIM53?

Sol Kitts

You are correct that Clancy may have reported the incident correctly, but despite my attempts to get a definitive response from the HOG, she has pointedly not answered what is a straightforward question. Did he administer a 3rd caution or not. She has advised me of the correct reporting procedure, and how this prevents the ref from issuing a further sanction after a sending off, but does not confirm that Clancy actually followed this procedure. I asked her to give this confirmation, but a week later she hasn’t replied.


Sol Kitts.
Good luck. I feel you will need patience, as they try and stonewall you.
As you are on, as an ex ref, when would you postpone a game for wind?
I stay right beside Clyde’s ground and I follow the local meteorologist, he is predicting winds of 56/58 miles per hour, at kick off.
Broadwood is right beside a loch and very windy even on a summer’s day, my thoughts are if forecast correct, game postponed


Since you’re on, I think your horse won today.


HT? Scotland (with the wind) 0 England 3

bada bing1

JNP yes I just checked, BP’s nag did win today, I was last! Dirty rotten scoundrel 🙁


SK Player sent off twice in same game ?


Ach well, Jim.
Yours best his, last week.
Best of three?
My horse, was a frustrating effort, boxed in, nowhere to go, got out too late and finished third.
Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve.
That’s why gambling is for mugs and yes I’m a mug. ??

Sol Kitts

Just had a wee think on the 3 card trick. You are correct in your statement that the ref cannot give an opinion on the classification of the offence. He can only submit a report telling what he saw. The Disciplinary Committee are then charged with determining if further action is required, and the severity of this action. This should be done within the constraints of the Laws of the game.
There is no real room for manoeuvre with this one. Morelos made offensive/abusive/insulting gestures as he left the pitch, and this is a red card offence. However, HOG stated in her emails to me that Clancy had deemed this a unsporting behaviour, which is a yellow card offence. He is not entitled to make this judgement, it should only have been made by the DC. This is one of the points I will attempt to get UEFA to address.
For what it’s worth, I believe they had decided not to take any action whatsoever, but realised after 3 weeks that they wouldn’t get away with that, so something had to be done. Clearly they didn’t have the nerve to deal with Morelos properly so they took the line of least resistance, in this case an imaginary 3rd caution.

big packy

ive not won again have i, be top of the leaderboard soon, jimmynotpaul eat your heart out???

Sol Kitts

That one made me smile. Good headline, but nonsense. His initial “send-off” was overturned by VAR (they had to go to the changing room to tell him to come back on), and he then got himself sent off, this time for real.



big packy

SOL KITTS, more power to your elbow for keeping up the pressure with your e- mails?,by the way last time i went to eufa it was closed???

Sol Kitts

I would postpone a game if the wind was so strong as to make the match farcical, or if it presented a danger to players and/or spectators.


Thanks, Sol Kitts.
I noticed Peterhead game was abandoned today, that’s right at the North sea, though.

big packy

so could the game be called off tomorrow because of the wind?

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