"A Permanent Embarrassment And An Occasional Disgrace."


Today sees another Guest Article from ASWGL. As you may have already noticed,he’s not one for pulling his punches and this article is no different!


Very recently Michael Stewart spoke his mind, and was suspended (at least on a temporary basis) by BBC Scotland. I personally applaud what he said at the time regarding one Mr James -“A dangerous character. Stoking fires, creating division, for his own personal gain.”

Let me say firstly, if indeed Alfredo Morelos was indeed racially abused that is shameful, and needs to stop. However he is not alone-Shay Logan and Scott Sinclair have recently suffered racism at hands of away football fans. Where was the large media outcry then ? Where is the balance and accuracy that was requested by a certain James Traynor ?

James Traynor is accused by some of orchestrating a false but very dangerous Alfredo Morelos story that has some lunatics accusing a Celtic fan of tampering with the brakes of his car, putting his wife and unborn child in danger. That is a very dangerous way to stoke fires, by falsely suggesting something which is so ridiculously off the scale and untrue.

There is also the accusation by some that he may have been involved in a faked up Sky Sports interview that again wrongfully calls Celtic supporters racist.

Whether this was James Traynor or not, is actually immaterial to the point I need to make. Perhaps it was someone else entirely who fabricated these stories, perhaps a number of people are involved in them. Whoever it was. Do these idiots not realise it creates tension and hatred, that can, and usually does, lead to violence?

Have they not learned any lessons from the past? Tensions and hatred that go further and have lunatics send death threats to people, that can also lead to much worse things,like bullets and bombs being sent in the post? Then again “mind blowingly” according to some, that guy who was being sent bombs brings it upon himself, …..hows that for balance and accuracy?

They should have learned these lessons long ago.

Tensions and hatred do lead to violence and in some cases fatalities. Such as a 16-year-old wearing a Celtic strip who was stabbed to death.

This is not banter, it’s downright dangerous, foolish and irresponsible. This 16-year-old wearing a Celtic strip was attacked by two rangers supporters and killed after an old firm cup final game. How does anyone tell that poor boy’s mother it may have started as a bit of harmless banter? It’s NOT banter-these mindless acts only fuel hatred, and the same ones who stoke these fires, and others who orchestrate these divisions, need to take a long hard look at themselves and stop it right now!

In 1996 Jason Campbell was jailed for life for slashing the throat of a young Celtic fan.
Thomas Longstaff, 26, was jailed for 10 years for attacking another Celtic supporter and stabbing him in the throat.
Both of these animals were represented by none other than QC Donald Findlay.

The very same Donald Findlay who was recorded singing anti-Catholic songs about “being up to his knees in fenian blood”, after an old firm game. Perhaps Mr Findlay had no idea that singing such vulgar songs would do any harm, and thought it was (just a bit of banter), but being in a Vice-chairmans position with a large audience means you must ensure you act responsibly, and must not stoke any fires.

More recently some Celtic fans were attacked and stabbed in Glasgows Merchant City by rangers supporters, while celebrating their team’s win. This again is not banter, it’s hate fuelled bigotry, brought about by these cretins, who have access to a large media audience, stoking fires and creating division for their own personal gain.

It needs to stop. It ‘should’ have stopped. Sadly though, for as long as these cretins stoke their fires of hatred,it will not stop.

Sports Presenter Ian Archer once wrote

“This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”


Above article by ASWGL. If you want to have your opinions as Article of the Day,mail them to Mahe.


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Great article,and a timely topic! I also agree with Michael Stewart about Traynor-he has been playing to a rogues gallery for years,and with some relish too. That he has been facilitated by an eager to please SMSM,always hungry for good news about the huns,or anything which portrays Celtic in a bad light,has been the most disturbing aspect of his Reign of Spite.

Some of his former colleagues have been breaking ranks,as we noted last week,and Gordon Waddell in The Sunday Mail yesterday is the latest in a growing list. He simply pointed out that the translation of the Morelos interview was exactly the sort of thing that would normally have the wronged Ibrox outfit churning out statement after statement,demanding the names and addresses of the people responsible.

But for once-nothing!

You can draw your own conclusions from that. It looks like Waddell has. He has joined the dots,and it doesn’t make a pretty picture at all.


ATHINGOFBEAUTY 109pm yesterday.

That was an extreme and heavy-handed reaction by the stewards/police. Completely out of order.

Btw,Morton v Queen of the South? In my day it was five Hail Marys and a donation to SVDP.

A thing of beauty

Tell me about it. It was brutal. Willie Collum was the ref. I tried to analyse his performance in comparison to his displays when he refs our games but in all honesty there was so little football played it was hard to tell. Morton did get a goal that was very hard to tell if it went over the line but he gave it anyway, so controversial as usual I suppose. One more point. It was £20 to get in. Wtf? Daylight robbery.



£20? Blinkin’ flip. Cheaper wi a donation to SVDP after all!

Not so long ago,you could have phoned up our former neighbour and got a ticket for the posh seats. Probably as a comp. £20 and the most memorable thing was a fan getting chucked out…


From an article in The Guardian…
Paul Dalglish, Kenny’s son and itinerant striker, was once asked if his surname had proved a help or a hindrance. “I don’t know,” he replied. “I haven’t had any other name.”
Looks like Paul inherited his famous father’s sense of humour!


Here’s one for COSYCORNERBHOY and anyone else who has fond memories of Tom and Jerry.


The first ever Tom and Jerry cartoon was released 80 years ago today. They’ve been making CCB smile ever since!

big packy

ASWGL,,a fine article once again, ian archer was spot on, sadly sports reporters like him are not around anymore, the ones that called out the bigotry , once again ill repeat what our good friend, very much missed on here, the exiled tim said, get rid of the orange order, get rid of bigotry in Scotland.hh.


A wee revelation from Craig Whyte’s book. Unsure how reliable it is, but I always suspected something like this :-

“Few are spared at least some embarrassment, including then First Minister Alex Salmond, who promises to have a word with “the head guy at HMRC” on the proviso Whyte backs his unpopular Offensive Behaviour at Football act.”



Oh,dear. What a shame. Never mind.

I reckon it was obvious from the off that Whyte was a patsy,which he didn’t realise until far too late. Uncovering the Wee Tax Case should have been enough for him to walk away,especially as he was assured that the Big Tax Case would be a walkover. If they couldn’t win the wee one,they didn’t have a hope on the big one!

He’s been nursing his wounds for a while-nearly as long as Keith Jackson,whose article today is a peach!-and thus unlikely to worry too much about upsetting anyone. I wonder if anyone feels sufficiently unfairly maligned to sue?

Strap in,this could run and run…



Thanks for pointing me in KJ’s direction.

Guess that’s as close to a mea culpa as it gets. Yet still knows no shame, mortified by being duped was he…

…Sounds familiar eh!!

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man

Great read this morning ASWGL.

It seems that Craig Whyte’s memoirs have produced a startling ‘off the radar’ confession by the decorated hack of the Daily Ranger.
Niavely he suggests that he misled the Ibrox faithful about Whyte’s wealth. This is the only time he failed to check a story.
The decorated hack points out that he called it right about the Ticketus scam…
Remember how money was borrowed by Whytey against future SBs?
Maybe that is wealth off the radar?

Whatever happened to Ticketus?
Room 101…

Anyway the decorated hack’s newspaper is also reporting that Glibby was the victim of an armed robbery in South Africa. Among the items taken were his laptop and phone.

Never a dull moment in Scottish football.



Indeed. And I believe that interview was also a Sky TV presentation!

I really must try to contact a certain retired Sky Sports journalist,see if he fancies-anonymously,of course!-spilling a bean or two. That might be fun.



Christ,if they’ve got his laptop and phone…

Of course,they’ll blame that on the Bloemfontein Celtic supporters.



Interesting in his 6 months investigations in the second half of 2011 Keith Jackson didn’t find any issues with Rangers outside CW and then not until they were heading towards administration.

The Sherrifs arriving at Ibrox and the WTC didn’t pique his curiosity.

How about this article which was out 10 months before Keith’s prize winning journalistic skills exposed 10% of this…


Yes, that SKY guy would be great, hope the levi breaks and the truth will out…

Hail Hail


Morning all.

I stopped reading the DR, even although at the time I owned a newsagent shop and read all the papers (yes, even the big ones with big words!), when Gordon Brown’s baby daughter died after a well publicised illness. The front page headline was ‘Jennifer Dead!’ A disgusting way to report the death of anyone far less a beautiful little baby. That was enough for me. It’s a disgusting rag and panders to the lowest common denominator, and as ASWGL alludes to is as culpable as anyone for dangerous reportage and as such must take certain responsibility for behaviours in society.

KJ obviously doesn’t do irony! Lies, Lies and damned Lies. All of his article today is a pile of pish! It’s taken all these years and a book for him to admit what we all knew all along. CW had no money, a cursory check of his business history told us that. He was a patsy for Murray to get out and away from the shitstorm that was coming down the line. But still the gullibillies refuse to see the real truth of what happened to their club. They deserve KJ ans he deserves them.



I was a regular poster on CQN at the time of Whyte’s arrival on the scene. Had been for about two years-a late starter!-and a number of us were piecing together the the problems at Ibrox and coming up with the same answer.

There were a number of well-informed people on the site at the time,and each had their own little piece of the jigsaw. This had obviously been going on for a while before I arrived,of course. Everyone’s input added to the big picture,no matter how trivial it might have seemed at the time.

The simple answer was that Rangers were FUBAR’d. There was no way out for them. And then,the bombshell…

Billionaire to buy Rangers!

Well,that’s aw we f…..g need. Got them on their knees and they get their own bloody billionaire. It’s in the papers,so it must be true.

So I googled the google-eyed f..k as he was soon to be known.


Forbes Rich List.


Sunday Times.


So within about ten minutes of reading Jackson,I had found no evidence. He can make as many excuses as he likes,but if I can find that in ten minutes-and I wasn’t the only one!-he has no reason to claim he has been wronged in the time since.

Journalist,my arse. He simply puts his name to articles written for him by others to pursue an agenda which has poisoned Scottish football for decades. Except when he’s apologising for them and saying that it wasn’t him.

Today’s article wasn’t a fiery pop at a previous adversary or two,it was an admission that he has been a spineless prick for far too long. And he was too stupid to realise it.

Then or now.


Morning all, Bobby i heartily agree with you that “The silence from Ibrox is deafening.” along with many other media sources, not least the BBC. Messrs McIntyre and Broadfoot should be hanging their heads in total shame for being fan boys of Traynor, with their limp excuse that he was not there to defend himself. They very suitably forget that everyone else that they chastise week in, week out, on that program are not there to defend themselves.

I wonder how soon it will be before the BBC is going to apologise to all the others they have verbally assaulted. No holding your breath at the back of the bus now !


you’ve expressed in a bit more detail what I was saying…Lies, lies and Damned Lies



When Craigy Bhoy was first mentioned re taking over the Huns I posted on CQN that he would bury them.

I couldn’t say anymore but the baton was picked up by others and the rest, as they say, is history.

Can you remember the story I told you about being the only person, in probably the whole wide world, that owes Craigy Bhoy money? 🙂




Naw,don’t be styoopit.

The only times we ever talk is when one or both of us is pished.

Which is a good thing for pals. Certainly works for me.

The Gombeen Man

On Saturday all across Ireland the young, the sick and the disadvantaged made their way out through the ravages of Storm Ciara to reject the philosophy of the greedy and the entitled.

The marginalised were joined by many who for the first time used their mandate to reject the oldfirmism of Fiànna Fail and Fine Gael.

The demise of the richman’s Celtic Tiger and the austerity that followed have nailed the shameless elite like Dermot Desmond, Denis O’Brien and their political puppies and complicit media.

The unthinkable happened last night as constituency after constituency fell to Sinn Féin.

In my area 42% of First Preference votes were cast for Sinn Féin.

42%? Unheard of.

The Health Service is a shambles. Homelessness is common.The bed and breakfast’s, hostels and hotels are filled with families.

Crime is out of control in some areas.

Drugs gangs dominate much of urban Ireland. In my town 20 houses have been petrol bombed. Drive by shootings, beatings and three murders have brought a level of fear to the community not seen since Cromwell.

The puppet media will spin and deflect but this is a vote against the arrogance of the billionaire, the millionaire and the elite.

The khaki of the British uniform was replaced by the camouflage of the pinstripe and the off shore tax haven.

Since the economic crash the Irish people have shown immense fortitude.The main victim of the greed of the financier, the developer and complicit politician has been the sick, old, young and homeless.

The most liberating place to be, is when you have nothing to lose. That’s a place the Irish know well.

Fair play to the Irish for their rejection of Ireland PLC.

What happens next?

The entitled would do well to listen and learn from the lessons of history. The Irish people’s mandate was ignored before. Let’s hope lessons have been learned.

Awe Naw

The Daily Rangers is doing what it has always done. Nothing to do with damage limitation. When you possess no reputation then there is nothing to worry about. Protecting Sir David Murray. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

big packy

Michael beale said to brian rice, that was a stonewall penalty why did you not get it, ill tell you why michael. because the team you work for are the establisment team, lizzies eleven, and have the sfa and the referees in their back pocket, feck the sfa.?

Awe Naw

GUN TERROR Rangers chief Dave King ‘scared for his life’ after four masked robbers pointed a gun at his head outside Johannesburg Cottage
Jonathan Whitelaw
10 Feb 2020, 8:21Updated: 10 Feb 2020, 9:07
RANGERS chief Dave King was “scared for his life” after an armed robber pointed a gun to his head.

The Ibrox chief was involved in a terrifying raid outside one of his cottages in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr King was robbed

And now he’s considering leaving the country on a permanent basis.

The Times reports that King said that he was ambushed outside his cottage last Monday by three men and a boy armed with handguns.

The yobs threatened his security guard and office manager before stealing his laptop and expensive Patek Philippe watch – worth thousands.

He said: “I arrived at the cottage early as I always eat a bowl of porridge in the morning before I do any work but they sneaked up on me as I had fallen asleep.

“There were four guys who had guns and were wearing balaclavas and metal Irish tricolour badges.

“One of them, the big fat one with multiple chins pointed a gun at my head and said “Who’s still sitting in my chair”

“Which I found a bit odd” then he yelled “Son take the watch off him stupid.”

“It was in broad daylight and they were completely brazen. I think I involuntarily ejected some semen I was that impressed”

The incident happened in Johannesburg

“I was scared for my life. I said to myself, ‘Let’s not be brave and let’s not be stupid like normal. Whatever you do, don’t agitate them, and let them get away with whatever they want to take.’

“One of them said, ‘Where’s your money chairman ?’, so I took all my cash out and gave it to them.

“They took my laptop, my case, my drivers’ licence, diary, phone, season ticket, porridge, chairs, bed and all the things I need to function.”

King revealed that both of his daughters had recently separately been held up at gunpoint – once with his grandchild nearby and by the exact same four gentlemen each time only last week.

Now he’s said that he’s considering leaving South Africa on a permanent basis.

He said: “The lifestyle is very good here. I’m sitting here in the sun and it’s beautiful, but you are now constantly looking over your shoulder.

“My mood just now is that my kids and grandkids should not be being brought up in South Africa.

“It’s something the whole family is reflecting on.”

“They now know where I am”

Awe Naw

Nobody lied better than Celtic PLC when it came to the Rangers continuation myth. They still are

big packy


bada bing1

A 12-year-old boy has been charged with racially abusing Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in a recent Old Firm game.

The alleged incident happened during Rangers’ 2-1 Premiership win over their rivals at Celtic Park on Sunday, December 29.


FORTY THREE DAYS after the game a 12 year old boy has been charged with racial abuse!! Seriously? Is this to be believed? Have Police Scotland investigated the singing that goes on at Ibrox EVERY WEEK? Jeezo, this is incredible!!

big packy

MCAFF, they only investigate the singing at parkhead?


Had they announced the arrest and charge of a couple of 20-something or 30-something the story would have credibility…but a 12 year old boy. That they can’t name him and further probably can’t comment on any future proceedings against him, if there actually are any…this cannot be true. Come on! Surely this cannot be real? It has taken SIX weeks to come up with this nonsense while week in week out we are treated to the crap that they spew en masse from the stands at Ibrox…really, I mean, REALLY!!


The age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is 8 years old. This means a child aged 8 or older can be arrested or charged with a crime.
The age of criminal prosecution is 12 years old. This means if a child aged between 8 and 11 breaks the law, their case can’t be heard in a criminal court. Instead their behaviour can be addressed by a Children’s Hearing.
Children aged 12 to 16 can be taken to court but only for serious crimes. Most offences committed by children of this age will be dealt with by early intervention (like a warning or help from a support organisation) or the children’s hearings system.



I was just wondering about the age of criminal responsibility. I don’t know if shouting a racist comment is considered a serious crime like violence, drug dealing, theft, sexual assault etc. it probably is.

However the main point is that the police are acting on a 12 yo for allegedly doing something that is done on a weekly basis by thousands of adults in terms of sectarianism and bigotry. Many would say anti-Irish racism is included in that. It does not show Police Scotland in a good light.


McCaff exactly my thought too, never trust the rags.

When a person of influence, prints something, or has something printed, that they know is a lie, they are showing their contempt for you and the general public. They are basically saying, ” I am of the opinion that you are so fucking stupid you’ll believe this lie.”

big packy

remember when it was Lothian and borders police, Strathclyde police, and Grampian police, now they are joined together as police Scotland, its easier to call them what they are, a bunch of orange bassas?


” Oh my days”.

A seismic shift in Irish politics continues. A Sinn Fein lead swing to the political left. No doubt the Free State establishments anti republican , anti socialist propaganda machine will soon kick in. Already heard a ‘respected’ Irish Jurno’ saying that the country will turn into another Venezuela if Sinn Fein are allowed to form a government?

Perhaps we are just a wee bit closer to Connolly’s dream of an independent Socialist Irish republic. We can but dream but the 1st small step has been taken by the Irish people. Will we see Sinn Fein in Government in both the Southern and Northern Parliaments?

‘We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible’


Irish Markets reaction to the Sinn Fein election results

Update. Irish stock market reaction to #ge2020. Will be discussing on @lstwrd later

Bank of Ireland -7.6%
AIB -6.5%
Permanent TSB -5.5%
Cairn Homes -8.5%
Glenveagh Properties -8.5%
Hibernia Reit -4.5%
IRES Reit -7.2%

Awe Naw

Aye all them will be shittin it from the tax man noo

big packy

there was a wild colonial bhoy, jack Dougan was his name,,dont know the rest, but my irish side is showing thru, twas on a dreary new years eve as the shades of night came down, a lorry load of volunteers approached a border town, there were men from Dublin and from cork Fermanagh and tyrone, but the leader was a limerick man, now come on everybody, sean south of Garryowen, there I sang it for you?

Awe Naw

Former Celtic and Scotland star Jackie McNamara has been rushed to hospital in England after collapsing on his doorstep.

Friends of his family say the former defender is undergoing surgery.

It is understood the 46-year-old was taken to hospital in York and then transferred to another hospital in Hull.

A source said: “He has been taken to hospital to undergo an operation.”

McNamara was manager of York City FC until March 2018.

He is now a consultant with Dunfermline Athletic where his football career began in the early 1990s, though he still has a house in north of England.

Jackie McNamara jumps for the ball with the Netherlands’ Patrick Kluivert in a Euro 2004 play off game in 2003 (Image: Reuters)
Rangers chief Dave King ‘held at gunpoint’ during terrifying South Africa robbery
A pal said: “Jackie was out walking the dog on Saturday near his home in York.

“He became unwell quite quickly and he headed back to his house.

“But he must have been really poorly because he did not make it back into the house.

“He collapsed on the doorstep and his family found him.

Ex-Scotland international Jackie McNamara at a Dunfermline game in March 2019
“So this is a really worrying time for his family and his friends.

“We’re just hoping that he can come through this.”

McNamara, who won 33 caps for Scotland and made 256 appearances for Celtic in a glittering career, is involved in various business concerns.


Sinn Féin wins its 37th seat. Sinn Fein had 42 candidates standing for election to the Dáil.

However, 37 is as many seats as the party will win in this election as they only ran 42 candidates. An +88% success rate – outstanding.


Get well soon Jackie


God Bless Jackie. You’ll Never Walk Alone.


Following on from Awe Naw.
John Hartson, tweeted 8 mins ago.

Worried sick for my former teammate and great friend Jackie McNamara who collapsed at home Saturday with a bleed on the brain.. my thoughts are with his wife Samantha and the children ???????

bada bing1

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Celtic legend Jackie McNamara rushed to hospital after collapsing on his doorstep
Friends of his family say the former Hoops defender is undergoing surgery.

ByRecord Reporter
16:01, 10 FEB 2020UPDATED16:17, 10 FEB 2020
Jackie McNamara – Career in pictures
Jackie McNamara – Career in pictures
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Former Celtic and Scotland star Jackie McNamara has been rushed to hospital in England after collapsing on his doorstep.

Friends of his family say the former defender is undergoing surgery.

It is understood the 46-year-old was taken to hospital in York and then transferred to another hospital in Hull

big packy

god bless you Jackie, get well soon?

Por Cierto

Big packy

The Wild Colonial Boy
Tommy Makem
There was a wild colonial boy, Jack Duggan was his name
He was born and raised in Ireland in a place called Castlemaine
He was his father’s only son, his mother’s pride and joy
And dearly did his parents love the wild colonial boy
At the early age of sixteen years, he left his native home
And to Australia’s sunny shore he was inclined to roam
He robbed the rich, he helped the poor, he shot James McAvoy
A terror to Australia was the wild colonial boy
One morning on the prairie as Jack he rode along
A listening to the mockingbird a singing a cheerful song
Out stepped a band of troopers, Kelly, Davis and Fitzroy
They all set out to capture him, the wild colonial boy
“Surrender now Jack Duggan for you see we’re three to one
Surrender in the Queen’s high name for you’re a plundering son”
Jack pulled two pistols from his belt and he proudly waved them high
“I’ll fight, but not surrender, ” said the wild colonial boy
He fired a shot at Kelly, which brought him to the ground
And turning ’round to Davis, he received a fatal wound
A bullet pierced his proud young heart from the pistol of Fitzroy
And that was how they captured him, the wild colonial boy

big packy

POR CIERTO, cheers, and thanks for that?

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