You're life Jim, but not as we know it

Most important thing first. Jackie Mac you’re in our thoughts and prayers. Battle now just like you did on that wing for many a year and you will be fine.
You’ll Never Walk Alone.

And so to home. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, you know who goes and scrapes the very bottom of the barrel to give us one of the most shameful episodes yet produced in what is supposed to be a beautiful pastime that unites the nation.

After a few of his ex colleagues turned on him publicly, as I thought they would, it was always going to be a big week. I actually thought the statement was a hoax upon first read. One can almost sense the author sneering, malice dripping from his brow. After a period of intense scrutiny and backlash of his dark arts it was always a case of how not when he hits out and tries to change the narrative.
This one though, this was clearly personal and a sign that pressure has got to him.
Lets face it,, you’re desperate if you’re dragging kids into things.

I could pick that very, very poor and telling piece apart but Im not inclined to waste my precious time doing so. I could point out to the self proclaimed Voice of Authority that authority itself must show neither fear nor favour in its judgements and as such only then will it have earned enough respect in the peoples eyes to even think of self proclaiming itself that very voice.
You wouldn’t know what without fear or favour looks like. If you ever did.

And to use a kid, shame doesn’t cover it.
To tar an entire support by the supposed actions of a child is not only ridiculous its downright pathetic. In attempting to drag up any insinuating evidence of the allegations that came to light via the bad script he has resorted to championing what a kid may have said as ‘I told you’ ?
Clearly trying to give Ofcom something to think about by pointing out that there may be evidence that proves his claims correct. His claims that were reported yet not spoken. And that evidence is a 12 year old child. Who hasnt been found guilty.
I can only hope they see through his sham. We certainly all can.

As far as the charges themselves go all I would ask is this,,,
Was the gentleman leveling the charge a squeaky clean 12 year old back in the day?
Would you care to write in and describe the incident that moved you to involve Her Majesty’s forces? Ever had dealings with these people that ended well?
Email address below if you fancy getting in touch.
Was the child the only one in the entire stadium that might be guilty of the charge leveled?
How loud was the kid? Try talking to him before Plod?
As precedent has now been set, can the support assume that if they see someone use suspected racist language and point out the individual to the police that they will act in the same manner?
If not, why not?

The odious one has clearly had an irony bypass with his offer of free counselling for those who do suffer from the terrible disease of racism. How anyone connected with Ibrox at all can even broach the topic is beyond me but they certainly aren’t to be listened to on the issue.
Were those folk banned from the stadium for said offense offered the free help mentioned and was this a well publicized campaign of rehabilitation?
To use the clubs platform to air such a spiteful piece is distasteful but not surprising. To announce the youth is welcome to help, before being found guilty of anything at all, is reckless and may come back to bite.

As the weekly scandals plunge the national sport to new lows its governing bodies stay silent. The Sfa must act at some stage, the head in the sand cant work here as things are just spiraling out of control. The odious one must be stopped,he is a cancer to the game.
I get the feeling he thinks if Im going down then I will take everything down in flames with me.
What needs to happen will happen and if thats how the game begins to actually start the healing process then so be it.
To see the back of you know who once and for all is the very first step on a better path.
You got one thing right in your scribbles, some people really do need to take a long hard look at themselves.
You’ll have plenty of time for that real soon.

The above is by Mahe. We would love to publish your thoughts on the current malarkey and its good for you to get it all out. Give the keyboard a tinkle on any of the numerous topics going around and the crew will gladly dissect it.

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Big Audio Dynamite

My thoughts are with Jackie and his family.

Mahe, there will be no “Healing process” this was the plan all along. The Old Firm is back! we all now have a simple choice, buy this charade, or walk away for good and tell the club why!

The 12yo racist story is only the opening salvo in what will become a really dirty war. You lay down with dogs …


I contend what we are seeing can’t exist in the long term. It must change or die. The present sees a ultra savvy generation reject the spin and underlying manipulation towards wanted results, bending rules etc.
The kids were already leaving the game. After the last decade most are lost.
It’s on the road to nowhere as is.

What we have here imo is a clash of the ages. The old ways/ men trying the same old tricks on this generation and it’s just not working at all. With a smartphone it’s just too easy to expose lies for what they are.
The old school aren’t for giving up easy and fight dirty showing us we are correct.
They don’t want a clean game, they want the game to reflect the society they wish for.
Bent with them at the top.
That also is not happening.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Does anyone really believe our board want rid of Traynor? Why would they? They all want the same thing …to make money from the Auld Firm. Both boards also have their paid plants within both sets of fans (Remember, they are being fleeced the same as us) It’s how they attempt to control the narrative.

As an example of that, P67 of CQN is telling his audience: “Sure, it’s a good thing we have adults willing to shop a 12yo to the police” Cause they have always been impartial, eh?! all these c@nts are rewarded for the role they play in keeping the Auld FIRM to the fore.

It’s becoming impossible to feel like this, and still continue supporting football in this shite-hole!

Big Audio Dynamite

How did this adult SB holder approach the police?
Was it while the game was still being played?
If that is the case, surely there had to have been loads who witnessed it?



Well,I’m mighty glad my 12yo self wasn’t judged by today’s standards. But that’s no excuse for racist remarks. We all condemn racism,and it is right that it should be punished,but to gloat over it in the manner of Traynor is,as Mahe points out,a new low even for him.

At this rate,the fat slug will be able to limbo dance under Morelos’ Lamborghini!

Racist behaviour is not acceptable,and should always be punished. But the punishment should be appropriate,and I’m not sure charging a 12yo with a criminal offence of this nature fits that. Surely at his age,a reference to the children’s panel would have been more suitable? And at the risk of whataboutery,an exact parallel can be seen just recently,when the 15yo abuser of Shay Logan was NOT similarly charged.

This is an impossible situation,a bear trap of you will. But was the alleged offence-and I don’t know what was said-any worse than the widespread use of such as fenian,taig,tarrier etc,those much loved terms of endearment hurled at us every time we play that mob-and even in the streets? I’d say no,there is no bar for racism,no level which is acceptable.

In this case it is not whataboutery to ask why some forms of racist abuse clearly ARE deemed to be acceptable in Scotland. Is it only an offence when two adults shop a kid to the cops-I sincerely hope that their complaint was not made to the club-but not when thousands of screaming bigots are hurling their abuse in unison? What about glorifying their bigotry and hatred in song?

The Celtic support have come a long way since the late 80s and the Mark Walters incidents. During that time we have become known for self-policing,and I’m sure that most of us,on hearing a 12yo hurling a racist comment at an opposition player,would forcibly point out the error of his ways. This incident,which strangely took over six weeks to come to light,has arrived at a suspiciously timely moment for the under-fire Traynor. As I said last week,he isn’t dead yet. I also said that they’ve declared war. Well,you don’t win a war by sitting on your hands,nor by assisting the enemy.

It’s time to fight back,and you sometimes have to get those hands dirty. We will find out soon enough if we are ready for that.


Get well soon,Jackie!!!

big packy

MAHE, first and foremost, best wishes to Jackie get well soon?,,spot on with your article, the fat one is desperate now, he will do anything, ffs a 12 year old kid, the snake will stop at nothing, we must be ready for the fight, I fecking am hh.

Big Audio Dynamite

I arrived in Seville more than 48hrs before the game. There were only a few dozen fans in a square surrounded by open pubs. The mood was good, except for the behaviour of a group of teens(?) Later, a load of police, dressed in riot control gear, arrived in vans and proceeded to move toward where we were all standing, at this point all it was gonna take was a spark …it duly arrived. From close behind me a water bottle was thrown, and for a split second, it seemed that all hell would be let loose when, whack! The unmistakable sound of a slap, and I turn again to see a man standing pointing and shouting at a fellow Celtic fan, who has a look of astonishment on his face, and is holding a hand to his now flaming red cheek. The man doing the slapping is with a group who, to a man, step forward to leave the teens in no doubt what we all think of them. The police, who had witnessed all of this from metres away, decide justice has been been served, and move off not to be seen again.

This is the Celtic support I have known my whole life.



Aye. That’s the Celtic support I remember too. However,it isn’t always that way. My Dad had a few problems in Section 111 prior to the arrival of the GB,then latterly also with my sisters after the arrival of the GB.

Last year in Valencia,I saw some rank stupidity that made me wish I was twenty or thirty years younger and also glad that I was still reasonably sober.

What you and I would have termed as daft boayishness in our youth,easily stopped by a quick reprimand pulling you up short,is being replaced by coked up loutishness and occasional thuggery. We can deal wi people getting lairy because they’re pumped up on the occasion and maybe a pint or two too many. It’s a bit more difficult when they’re pumped up on the marching powder etc,and probably got a blade in their pocket. Our day,if you couldn’t do it with what God gave you,you didn’t bother at all. Not now.

What you see on the average High Street on a Saturday night is what you get in a crowd of mainly younger Celtic supporters now,sadly. How do you self-police that?

Irony, alive and well and on full display on CQN.
I see CQN’s resident racist agrees with Paul and Police Scotland that it is OK to potentially ruin a child’s future by arresting them for alleged Racism. ?



I’m always loathe to criticise PAUL67 or any other site,and we generally remind the contributors of that too. But I’m not sure that he called this one correctly.

Apart from disagreeing with his view of it,the article itself was unnecessary. It was being widely discussed already on the previous article,and had been for hours. For him to put up a new article at that time suggests that he was trying to seize the narrative. He might have been better leaving it lie,as the narrative swiftly turned against him.

The thing is though,that he is correct that we should be proud of our record of standing against racism. That he thinks we should be proud of two adults reporting a 12yo lad to the police,that’s what most of us seem to consider disturbing. Add in the timing,about fifty days after the event and while Traynor is under pressure and the whole thing takes on a more sinister tone.

Anyway,good to see you gracing these pages,oul’ mucker. Hopefully catch up with you in June or so.

I’m not into slagging off other blogs and I’ve already posted my feelings about Paul and his misjudgement on this one on CQN, but to hang a 12 year old out to dry is so wrong in so many ways despite the seriousness of the allegation. No better than Traynor in my view and I have made that known on CQN.
Aye, hopefully meeting up in June sounds good.

Big Audio Dynamite


You are right about the coke (horrible drug), it seems to be at epidemic proportions, and certainly won’t be helping the behaviour of the average fan doing it.

We must fight with all we have though, to keep the reputation we worked so hard to create. We ARE different to most fans, and it would be criminal if that was lost



Don’t misunderstand me,I wasn’t having a pop at you! I was pointing out that his article was so ill-judged,IMO,that we haven’t asked anyone to tone down their complaints about it!!!

I’ve already criticised it myself a couple of times,and there were plenty more last night from others. We’ve all made misjudgements,and I think this is what this is-a misreading of the zeitgeist. Of course,it may also be his own personal opinion,and he is entitled to that. In which case,on a public forum,others are entitled to say why they disagree with that opinion.

One of the big questions from this is why it took so long for the charge to be made,given that the complaint was seemingly made at the time of the offence. For it all to come to head when Traynor is under so much pressure,that is one helluva coincidence. He should invest a few quid on the Euro lottery tonight with luck like that.

Big Audio Dynamite -Easter rd 1973 …Champions!



It’s never been something that interested me,fortunately. My mates though? They don’t always listen to my advice.

A few years back in my local in Swindon,I was in for a few beers with some mates-including my best pal here,a daft hun. The publican,highly respected and much-loved Phil King-Google him,put Inter Milan out of Europe back in the day-comes over and has a quiet word with me about Jimmy coking up in the toilets.

I was astonished,genuinely. And said that he would never be so stupid as to do that here. Too much respect for you,Phil. And for me,I hope,because he knows this is my local.

At which,Jimmy comes out of the toilets with the white stuff trailing from his nose to his chin. Before Phil could say a word,I said-Jimmy! Bad Santa!!! Grab yer jaiket,we’re leaving. And leave yer f…..g pint,ya prick.

Absolutely mortified,I was.

It’s out of control down here,same as everywhere else. Seems the days of locking the door,rolling a doobie and putting on some Pink Floyd are gone.



I was at that,and couldnae see a thing. I’ve been in some big crowds-much bigger than that day-but none so tightly packed.

The Gombeen Man

So when succulent lamb turned into sacrificial lamb.

It’s not a day for fueling internecine feuding but surely the toxicity of this fixture has gone far enough.

Post Seville Celtic changed. There is very little difference politically and philosophically between the PLC and Sevco.
Anything goes in the fake war.
Honesty is seen as weakness.
Recently our CEO was accused of lying. A similar trait to Mr King.
We have been accused of a lack of transparency in the Celtic Boy’s Club scandal.
We have bent over backwards to facilitate this horrendous fixture.
We have allowed a criminal to march in and dictate how the game is run.
We have remained silent in the face of innumerable indiscretions.
We have paid to watch a phoney, mediocre bigoted spectacle.

We have allowed the Jim Traynor’s and Paul Brennan’s to manipulate the narrative.

We are all culpable for what happened to that 12 year old child.

We bought the tickets in the knowledge that the whole thing is a fraud.

We ignored the warnings and gorged on jelly and ice cream, while the more discerning silently walked away.

We have allowed sectarianism, bigotry and hatred to fester.

We have joined a race to the bottom.

Yesterday CQN confirmed many of our fears. The spirit of Celtic died with Rangers.

The tragedy is that it took the inhumane treatment of a twelve year old child, by all sides for many of us to see it.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, I have lost some close friends to the drugs, but nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for losing my own sister ..I know the effect it has on the whole family. The worst aspect of drug addiction, is that you are totally unable to do anything to help them ..they are gone, at least until they decide to change. A really horrible thing to have to witness!

One minute they are a weekend user (Maybe just like your mate), the next minute it’s a different drug they are taking, and the addiction has already kicked in. People hide it well, and before you know it, their life has spiralled out of control.

I’ll stick to the doobies, that has never made me do crazy shit, in fact the exact opposite, it just makes me caring & thoughtful.

I genuinely hope your mate didn’t end up going down that path ?

Big Audio Dynamite


Bloody hell.

I’ll reply off line.


Jabba’s current acts are part of a reactive throe to prove the ‘control’ he commercially peddles to his ethically fluid client(s) is still enforceable and consequential. If he’s outed as weak or ‘compromisable’, his consultancy currency will be terminally devalued.
As long as the supine Beeb continues with its suspension of Michael Stewart at JT’s behest; while operation ‘Santa Alfredo’ continues to limp along and the onsiding of der buns with dog whistling victim-blaming of a pre-teen continues to keep the unionist pennies kerchinking into empty Ibrox coffers, he’s at the very top of his bottom-feeding game. Best at doing shitey stuff! While his irony-free statement fakes compassion for “a young immigrant who chose to come to our country.” Hunbelievable.
BTW, pls don’t pump his ego by labelling him a ‘PR’ of any shade. Proper PR is actually about building and maintaining dialogue and understanding between different interest groups. But that ‘barrel of gaffes’ bully is nothing more than a tabloid propagandist and a fake news fabricator – more Goebbels than Grunig – who’s clearly despised by many who feel, scent or at least pray that the fat laddie has all but sung his last. His unethical ilk will not be missed by right minded folk on either side of the fence.
Keep the faith for Jackie Mac.


B.A.D. Very sorry to read that mate. Take care.

bada bing1

I don’t exaggerate when I say Jackie needs all your thoughts and prayers .Since finding out on Saturday, those close to him have been shattered by the news. If it’s thoughts, prayers or just positivity,do it for Jackie because he’s the kind of guy who’d be the first to do it.

From Paul Larkin

Billy Bhoy


I was at Broadwood on Sunday. At HT I went down to the toilets. Clyde had kindly opened all the exit gates to let fans out to have a smoke. Great, I thought, I won’t have to do the usual and hold my breath while I’m in the loo. Wrong! Despite the toilet door being quite literally three steps away from the exit doors the loo was crammed with 20 wee fuds smoking all sorts and swigging out of cans. Most of them had the usual glassy eyes that suggested that they couldn’t have told you the HT score.
What sickened me was that dads had wee boys in there seeing things they shouldn’t have. Meanwhile, Police and stewards are standing outside ignoring the smoke billowing out into the corridor every time the door opened.

Good luck to anyone who would be crazy enough to attempt to self-police that situation. You’d be carried out of the stadium on a stretcher! Even the cops don’t want to know.

I’ve had a look on CQN this morning. Wow! Paul 67 has lost the dressing room!
I was tempted to add to the mounting criticism of his statement but decided, for old time’s sake, against it.
It’s sad to see the plummeting standards matching the technical inaccessibility of the blog.

If I was going to post on CQN these days I’d post here first and then copy/paste it over. Otherwise I’d be there all day!


Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen.
This song and singer breaks my heart. When the aria really takes off at about 2.25 it send shivers up and down my spine. At around 3.36 when Pav hits the high note – he hangs on there forever – it is divine.

I heard this opera live at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. Fantastic.

It’s for you Twisty! Your a classy person, I’m sure you’ll like it.


bada bing1

Will Shortbread ban Graham Speirs,after baiting Jabba again?


The Gombeen Man

Well said a chara. Agree Jim Traynor and Paul Brennan are 2 cheeks of the same arse.



Bobby, your allusion to smoking a doobie and putting on Pink Floyd struck a chord. Back around 1980, I remember waking up after an all day sesh including wacky baccy and purple hearts (remember them?). It was still dark, and I was flat on my back on the floor. I was not in good shape and had this loud constant click-click-click in my head that would not stop. Stupefied, I tried to get myself together, and realized I had headphones on, and the noise was from the turntable needle at the end of Dark Side of the Moon!

The Gombeen Man


This child was 4 years of age when the organisation that Dermot Desmond describes as an institution went into liquidation.

Eight years down the road we are subjected to the same club myth and evasion by members of the PLC.

The fact that this child of 12 years is now the subject of a criminal charge and nauseating one upmanship by both sides of the old firm is the direct responsibility of those that didn’t have the courage or integrity to do the right thing.

After his performance at the AGM, Mr Lawwell should have gone.

These types of incidents are manipulated by both sides of the old firm to distract and create hype.

The reality is this is the kind of sensational coverage that Sky have paid for. It’s what they wanted back.

Mr Traynor and his counterparts at Celtic PLC are happy to oblige. It takes our attention off them and creates demand.

The players and supporters don’t matter.

It’s all about ego and money.


As a lot of you have rightly said we don’t want racism in football.

I’ll tell you something though, that’s as truthful as i can make it. If someone told me they’d give me 20 grand a week, but some people can shout abuse at me, and call me whatever the f..k they like a couple of times a month. I’d be on it like a rat up a drainpipe, with the biggest smile i could muster.

I’m not in a feeling sorry for Jabbas immigrant mood to-day.


Club 1872, have now issued a statement and it’s as barking as the one from Jabba, last night.


Club 1872 notes the criminal charges filed in relation to the racist abuse of Alfredo Morelos by Celtic supporters at the recent Old Firm Game at Celtic Park and we hope the police are able to identify and charge the other perpetrators. We also commend Rangers on their statement yesterday which highlighted the disgraceful coverage which this incident has received in the Scottish press and by BBC Scotland.

Having been in constant contact with the club on this matter over the past week, we were aware that it was likely that criminal charges would be forthcoming and that robust comment from the club would follow. On all matters of interest to the support we make strong and frequent representations to the club. Those discussions will not always be made public but they always take place and it is Club 1872’s priority to effect real and meaningful change on behalf of supporters through our influence as major shareholders.

We fully understand the frustration of supporters who were waiting to hear from Rangers or Club 1872 but who, in the meantime, had to put up with Scottish media commentators and columnists who were more interested in conspiracy theories than calling out racism.

Let us be clear here. Every single journalist or commentator who played down this racist incident or tried to cast doubt on it even happening, was well aware that Rangers had reported it to the police, that the police were investigating and that it was referenced in the match delegate’s report. They are also aware that these are not the first charges to be filed in the past year in relation to racist abuse of Rangers players. For Tom English, Michael Stewart, Bill Leckie, Roger Hannah, Davie Provan and Gordon Waddell, to name but a few, to demand more proof than that before accepting that this incident took place was shameful. For several of them to use it as their latest excuse to attack the club or the player himself was even worse. Their comments mirrored and then legitimised the bile which emanated from the worst corners of social media towards Rangers, Alfredo Morelos and his family. In any similar situation, with any other player and any other club, they would be pariahs.

With that in mind we met with Rangers this morning to discuss how this incident should signal a fresh approach to the relationship between the club and the media in Scotland. The access granted to these media outlets is a valuable commodity and as such it should be justifiable from both a commercial and reputational point of view. With huge, ongoing changes to the way information is consumed it is not clear what benefit the club derives on either of these fronts from the traditional Scottish media. On that basis we have made representations to the club about providing the same access for supporter led, new media and that proposal has been well received.

It is our firm belief that Rangers should no longer provide valuable content to traditional outlets without there being measures in place to deal with those who publish the sort of bile we have seen in recent weeks. Having reached the stage where some pundits and journalists feel it is acceptable to publicly deny, downplay or make excuses for the racism suffered by a Rangers player, it is clear that the relationship with those journalists and their employers needs to be carefully and continuously re-examined.

We fully understand that it is not desirable to completely ban media outlets from Ibrox but it is also not acceptable for media outlets to target our club, fans and players and still expect to be granted unfettered access to the content generated by the club. We will continue our dialogue with both the club and those media outlets over the coming weeks and months with the aim of ensuring that the situation significantly improves.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company.


We will also continue to pretend on behalf of our club and supporters, that our immigrant was not inciting violence by telling these tims to shut up or he will have their throats slit.

Fixed that for em Jimmy


On the Rangers 1872 statement we can all chuckle, cluck cluck and sneer but:

There is a HUGE point being missed here and it’s that Club 1872 and The Rangers are working hand in hand to benefit them regardless of harm to Celtic. Why are we not seeing the same collaborative approach from a Celtic Board by pulling in the CST/CSA and bloggers to fight back?

There has to be an attitude change from a Board who refused to use hard evidence of deception from Res12 research on basis of its provenance, to fight Celtic’s corner. It’s like finding your neighbour burgled you but you accidentally discovered it when you were checking his bin to see if he had room for an extra bin bag and found your favourite stolen inscribed crystal decanter, empty.

We dont need statements that are farts in the breeze, we need resolve & action on an agreed course whatever it might be but unified and if the Board wont so it, we must. @Heavidor.

(From Twitter: but until Celtic stop hiding whatever it is that is preventing their pursuit of justice and defending the club against what amounts to malevolent attacks on who we try to be, then this shit will go on and on and on.


Dear statement scribbling huns GIRFUY.

There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as moral indignation, which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.
Erich Fromm

Mike in Toronto


We laughed for years at the lies the zombies were told and how they gullibly lapped it all up

But I have said for years that Celtic fans were worse.

Our Board never even had to lie to us; they would say nothing, and the Celtic fans would come up with excuses for the Board’s inaction.

It used to do my head in

bada bing1

Jabba uses that outlet, to fire the bullets he doesn’t use on the official website, 2 cheeks of the same arse.

Awe Naw

The Gombeen man

an interesting point you make about after Seville. After Seville their custodians have put in tens of millions possibly hundreds into Rangers and Sevco whereby our custodians have done the exact opposite.


an excellent point about being an organised collective but see my point above.

big packy

what a load of sectarian bigoted anti celtic anti catholic bullshit, lets do what they did down here in Liverpool, the sun newspaper is banned in Liverpool and surrounding areas, every celtic supporter and even every catholic in Scotland should not buy any newspapers, because it oozes anti celtic hate from them all,feck them.hh.

bada bing1

CELTIC hero Jackie McNamara is “awake and talking” after being rushed to hospital with a suspected bleed on the brain.

big packy

BADA ,great news, thanks for posting that?


Celtic refusing to co-operate with Sky Sports after Morelos mistranslation
Sky not welcome at Celtic press conference.
Ewan Murray
Tue 11 Feb 2020 17.46 GMT
Celtic are refusing to co-operate with Sky Sports as the Scottish champions pursue a full explanation for a mistranslated interview with the Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos.

In a major embarrassment for Sky, subtitles attached to Morelos, who spoke in Spanish, wrongly accused Celtic supporters of racially abusing the Colombian at the Old Firm match on 29 December.
Sky’s reporters were not welcome at Celtic’s pre-match press conference for Wednesday’s game at home to Hearts, as had been the case before last Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie against Clyde. Such a move is not typical of Celtic and illustrates the scale of their feeling. The broadcaster faces a race to resolve the matter before its live screening of Aberdeen v Celtic on Sunday.

After Celtic’s initial complaint, Sky admitted “inaccuracies” in the interview and removed it from all platforms before making a corrected version available. It said in a statement: “After numerous steps undertaken by Sky to verify the interview thoroughly we can be clear that at no point did Morelos allege that any racial abuse was directed at him by Celtic supporters in the interview. We apologise to the supporters of Celtic football club for this serious error. We are reviewing our procedures for translated interviews to ensure this does not occur in future.”

There was, though, no detail offered publicly or privately as to how this situation arose. Celtic remain angry with what they regard as the unsatisfactory nature of Sky’s response and have reported the situation to Ofcom.

This fall-out is all the more notable because Sky will begin an exclusive, five-year deal to screen live Scottish Premiership matches next season. Sky did not comment on this on Monday when approached by the Guardian. It has also been approached on Tuesday in relation to its lack of access to Celtic’s media briefings.

Ofcom is looking through complaints from Celtic supporters as well as from the club. An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, but have yet to decide whether or not to investigate.” This analysis typically takes around two weeks, with any formal investigation then usually completed within 50 working days.

Celtic have specifically demanded to know who was responsible for the translation. “The use of mistranslation to convey false meaning is a dangerous form of fake news which must be condemned and sanctioned,” said the club’s chief executive, Peter Lawwell.


All this kerfuffle because of the Odious one. He has thrown a massive spanner in the works that didn’t even need thrown. Idiot.
Hopefully London replace the Scotland desk.
Hail Hail


Mahe good piece today, you laid your thoughts out without being vitriolic and it was well reasoned, it may have escaped some of us earlier because we either had Jackie in our thoughts or were still very angry at the Slug and his public lynching of an “innocent until proven guilty” youngster.