Aberdeen 1-2 Celtic Match Review.


Celtic travelled to the shores of The North Sea yesterday and a big Norwegian struck oil for us! The conditions were absolutely farcical with each team taking their turn to play into a strong headwind which occasionally switched direction for a few gusts,making a passing game very difficult indeed. Whether that was responsible for our largely disjointed display is difficult to say,but it certainly seemed to be a great leveller.

In truth,we started well and finished well-scoring in the first and last ten minutes-but inbetween we were ordinary at best. I doubt if many could be impressed by their performance on the day,but each can be proud of the effort they put in. At the end,the manager and players showed the fans what they-and the result!-meant to them,celebrating a hard fought and vitally important victory in front of the away end. Put it this way,every hun in Scotland watching yesterday saw us on the way to dropping all three points. It’s the hope that kills them…

We lined up with three at the back,Nir Bitton deputising for Jozo Simunovic who was hopefully being rested for Thursday. The midfield too had a settled look about it,with Ryan and Big Tam again waiting their turn from the bench,while up front we had our big two of Griff and I Wanna. We started strongly with no clue whatsoever in the early stages of the pressure we would have to endure for the middle hour or so of the match,and in ten minutes Griff gave us what is fast becoming his party trick.

Back to goal,turns his man and hares off towards goal. Only problem this time was that the wind kept pushing the ball back under his feet! Finally,he turned it inside to Eddy who squared it to James. He beat a few defenders while trying not to get blown away before scooping it to the keeper’s right. Sadly,the keeper prevented an excellent goal,but could only parry it to CalMac who slotted it into the same corner via the post.

One up and cruising,right? Sure looked that way,but Aberdeen had other ideas. I don’t buy into the theory that McInnes teams lie down to the huns and try harder against us-results prove that-but I’ve rarely seen them put in so much effort as yesterday. For over an hour,they had us on the ropes. And it took only seventeen minutes for them to equalise.

It had been coming-but what a shocker. A ball from our left deep into the right side of the box and their player Stewart had enough time to chest it down and volley home from eight yards with no-one even close enough to him to challenge. I’m not gonna play the blame game on this,but watch where our central defenders were at the time.

After this,it was fairly one way traffic,though Aberdeen in truth created little from all that pressure. In fact,we had the best chance during this period,with Jonny Hayes-on as a sub just before the equaliser for the injured Greg Taylor-bursting through. He had every right to shoot even though a square ball to the unmarked Olly was an option,but his attempt was straight at the keeper. The heads went down in our pub,I can tell you. You can’t waste chances like that when you’re under the cosh.

But finally we got our act together by bringing a touch of quality to affairs. Eddy won it in midfield,tapped it off to CalMac who fed Jamesie on the left. He cut inside across the fringes of the box and this time it was Aberdeen’s turn to switch off at the back,leaving the sprinting Kris Ajer completely unmarked to the right of the box. Superbly weighted pass from Forrest,one touch and back of the net! Aye,we celebrated that one,I can tell you.

Eddy had a chance to tie it up a couple of minutes later,but I’ll spare his blushes. It wouldn’t have made any difference. To the victor the spoils and the three points were in the kit hamper for the trip back to Glasgow.

I’ll be honest-even though we didn’t play well,and despite the atrocious conditions making a lottery of things-especially dead ball situations-I thoroughly enjoyed the match. I’d rather we had won 5-0 but instead we had ninety minutes of tension and drama,even if little football quality was around. I’ll take that every week,just as soon as I get a decent supply of blood pressure tablets. Yesterday was a big step towards nine in a row,and we racked up our nine in a row victories too. Let’s hope we can make it ten on Thursday!


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Twists n turns

Can’t argue with your summary. I think we’ve reached the stage whereby the 3 points in every match we play now becomes the priority. Yes silky football “ the Glasgow Celtic way” would be a bonus but it’s all about getting over the line now.

Some tricky fixtures still lie in wait. I was looking at the potential post split fixtures and if the top 6 as they stand at present remain as is, I reckon we will either be at Easter Road or Livingston 3 times this season?

I’m making the assumption the rotten mob and Aberdeen will be visiting us post split which means the other 3 fixtures will be v


We are obviously red hot favourites ( bookies agree) but the job isn’t nearly done yet.

Continuing our away form though will render the last few league matches following the split as dead rubbers.

More of the same please bhoys. We can see the finishing line in the distance and a glance over our shoulder brings a flagging opponent into view . Keep up our current pace and the rewards will be ours.



I’ve been looking at the post split variables too. I think how it works is that the lowest placed team is the first option,even if that means that one or two clubs play twenty games home or away. Though preferably not those involved in a title race or fighting for a European place.

The planning for any forthcoming season is always based on the previous one,that the top six will be the same. Hearts and Kilmarnock look like throwing a spanner in the works on that one this year.

Though maybe not-if they could play the huns every week!

Big Audio Dynamite

http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51431272 -The stats from yesterday need to be seen to be believed. The referee had Celtic committing nearly 50% more fouls than Aberdeen!!

Like most weeks, some of our players were lucky not to leave Pittodrie by ambulance …only a matter of time!



I think the ref only gave two fouls against TFOD yesterday. Pattern continuing.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, the foul count from Sevco’s game is even more astounding – Sevco 4 v Livingston 14! Anyone who’s played football, will tell you that is almost impossible. I’ve been checking this each game for a long time, it never fails to have me scratching my head.



A few of us have mentioned it before on here. Virtually impossible for a tight game to have such a disparity in the crime count,but it happens all too regularly. And as for the card count v fouls committed,well,that’s why we are paranoid,innit?


Just been pointed out to me by COSYCORNERBHOY that the Dons goal was scored by Taylor,not Stewart.

Correction made in the interests of fairness and accuracy,but frankly CGAF who scores against us!!!


I have a somewhat eclectic taste in music,which leaves me open to some gentle abuse from some. You may have noticed! Someone like James Taylor doesn’t fit with the rest of my collection,but who cares?

He could write,he could sing,and boy,he has lived a life!


There’s a small clip from it which brings back fond memories of my Papa.

“Taylor’s father was assigned to the navy. He spent two years on an expedition to the south pole, where he held the keys to the liquor cabinet of 100 men.”

My Papa fought in WWI,and I shared a bedroom with him until I was nearly eleven years old. He died at the grand old age of 82. Some man,you don’t meet many like him in life. Anyway…

Getting rations to the front line wasn’t an easy business and volunteers were given an extra rum ration. Now,I’m quite sure that my Papa would have preferred whisky,but beggars canny be choosers. Whenever his section of the line came under fire as he was carrying the rations,he would dive into a shell hole and wait out the bombardment. Needless to say,he survived-but the company rum ration didn’t!

Tied to the gunwheel three times as punishment apparently before they gave up.

Like I said,some man.

Big Audio Dynamite

I see Slippy is “Very interested” to see what, if any, punishment is given to Man City, who pipped his Liverpool team to the title in 2014.

If you translate that from scouse:

“I want them stripped of that title, as I always felt it was rightfully ours”

Ooft, I know the feeling, Slippy!

Twists n turns

That’s a remarkable story about yer papa. Some man indeed.
Sitting at work having my tea. Lovely post. Made me smile.

Big Audio Dynamite


This is a public service announcement …with guitars!



Thanks,mate. Writing it made me smile too-just thinking about him does that.

Kilwinning is a strange wee place,you have to prove your Kilwinning credentials. My Dad has been married to my Mum for sixty years next year,spent most of that time in the town.

Still regarded as “an interlouper” which pisses him off!

When I moved back there in 97,my Papa had been dead for 23 years. I was out for a beer or six wi some friends and an old fella asked me my name,don’t recognise that as a Kilwinning name and if I was from the town. Jimmy Campbell,a smashing old guy as it turned out. I said I was brought up in Parkhead Avenue as you would expect a good Tim to be! And also that it was my Mum’s family who were from Kilwinning.

What one’s that,he said. A bit belligerent for an 80 year old guy,to be honest,but I’ll play along.

Given your age,I said,you’ll have known him as Uncle James.

He went white,then said-come on over and share a drink with me,son. Which I was happy to do of course,and did so frequently afterwards. When you unlock the memories of the auld yins,it can be fascinating stuff.



The only time I got to see The Clash was when they were touring Combat Rock. 82,I think. Magnum in Irvine,which was a flat hall so down the front to get a good view.

Probably the only time in my life I’ve worn a jacket with a hood. Not daft altogether,me.

They played for about two hours,plus a forty minute encore,unheard of in those days. The rest of the crowd were baying for more,but I said to my mate-let’s go,that’s them for the night. Lauriston is still open for a couple of hours.

We had nearly hit the exit-and the buggers came back on again! And we could see eff all from the back. So I approached the mixing deck,told the guy we had been down the front and didn’t think they’d come back on again and now we canny see a bloody thing. Can we watch from up here?

Nothing ventured…

He took a look at the jacket and said-I believe you! Just don’t touch anything.

Great night,that. Great gig too.

Por Cierto

Our displays last year started to creak about this time. After the New Year we were on fire, but now, as the title gets closer, players become a bit stifled, scared of making a mistake. Here’s hoping we just keep getting the results, like yesterday, as the business end of the season fast approaches, that is all that is required, por cierto.



There was a minor continuity problem around this time last year,of course!

But your point is valid. While NL and the squad deserve congratulations for their achievements last season-and this-we only won a further three league games by more than one goal. That’s why winning now is more important than how we do it

Just keep driving that stake further in,tighten the screw. I’ll get as much pleasure and more from that as a 5-0 win in a nothing game.

Twists n turns

Ha. The Record running a story that Celtic are in line for 5 home fixtures post split unless the current top 6 changes.

Since that’s not going to happen ( 5 home games I mean) it’ll be interesting to see where they decide to send us for our 2 x away games.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, was always a massive regret not seeing the Clash. I kinda made up for it by meeting Mick Jones, with B.A.D, one great night @The Barrowland.

You reminded me of Something I’d completely forgotten. I always wanted to see Neil Young, and I finally got the chance around and 20 years ago. I get 2 tickets for me & the wee man’s mum, and as Neil appears and hits the first few cords, I turn to her and smile (Thinking she would get how much I’m looking forward to this) only she isn’t there, she is lying on the floor! I quickly realise, she is either dead or has fainted, so I scooped her up and carry her to the St John’s ambulance staff. After about 2mins she comes round and is fine, so we head back in, I’m ready for a beer, but as I head back I can see a huddle of people has formed exactly where we are standing, it’s kinda obvious what has happened..yup, she fainted again! Within half an hour we were in a taxi outside our front door 🙁

Never got the chance again to see Neil.



Bloody hell. You should have left her to the professionals,mate. Which is why I’m still single,of course!

About 1993,living in London and my young girlfriend had effed off to Lampeter in Wales for uni. She wrote this time-remember those days?-asking if I had any Saw Doctors stuff. Who? Seems some friends there were right into them.

Anyway,I got us a couple of tickets for them over Christmas at The Talk of The Town or The Forum,up Kentish Town way. She was well into them by this stage but none too impressed when I said I’d seen them before a couple of times. In The Crown in Cricklewood. They would play at lunchtime on a Friday when I nipped in for a liquid lunch with a client. Didn’t believe me either!

Until the band went for a break halfway through,and a roadie came out and read a long monologue poem about their early days on the road. And begging to play at The Crown on a Friday for nothing!

I’m not a one for a smirk,but sometimes nothing else will do!



Yes,the fabled computer has been out of sorts this year. As I said earlier,the team’s we will visit for a third time should be the lowest,and in ascending order. Or in SFA parlance,the huns and Aberdeen.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, I worked at the Barrowlands years ago and they were on…they are certainly not the worst live band I’ve heard.

Another memory jogged …

Also had the absolute pleasure of arse & necking that numbnut Pete Docherty(?) down the stairs and out into the Gallowgate one night, as he was doing things in the dressing room that I can’t describe on here, as others might be eating. Out of control pop stars + me on the nightshift, isn’t a great cocktail apparently!

Awe Naw

Pos Team P GD Pts
1 Juventus 24 23 57
2 Lazio 24 34 56
3 Inter Mil 24 27 54


Lazio were on the cusp of another landmark victory in a season that has known a few. Inzaghi’s team beat Juventus 3-1 twice in the space of 15 days at the end of 2019, the second of those landing them the Supercoppa. They won 11 consecutive league games from October into January, shattering the club record of nine.

The deeper into a season you get, however, the weightier these results become. When the final whistle went on Sunday, allowing Inzaghi to charge the field at last, it felt as though we had entered a new chapter. Lazio’s 2-1 win had moved them into second place, above Inter and just one point behind Juventus. No longer could anyone deny they were competing for the title.


I enjoyed your Elliot Bunney story yesterday.

40 years ago I was running the last leg of the 4x100m at the Scottish School’s at Pitreavie. We had a fair lead as I was handed the baton, but although we smashed our school record that day, there was nothing I could do as my only chance of sporting glory was dashed by the guy on my outside.

About 30 years afterwards I was talking to a teammate on facebook about our silver medal when one of his friends commented, “don’t feel so bad, that was Elliot Bunney you were up against.”
So I looked him up on Wiki and read about his career and honours, but the thing that really stood out was his date of birth. Bunney would have been 4 or 5 month too old to compete in that race.

Were we cheated out of gold? Who knows. But your Bugs Bunney story made me laugh.


A thing of beauty

Thanks for the match report bmcuwp. CCB was so overcome by the winning goal he had a swallow dive on my living room floor. No bad for 81 years old. Shame he was later rendered unable to move enough to dry the dinner dishes and was last seen lying on the hall floor like a corpse. Dafty.
I have been looking about to get a current league table that contains the amount of home and away fixtures so far but have been unable to find one. Any help
Would be appreciated.

Twists n turns

That’s a good story re your athletics bid for glory! Very unlucky you came up against Bunney. He was vg.

Mind you sounds as though you were cheated for sure! Over age !! Definitely a disqualification.

So in effect you were beaten by an EBT:

Too auld

Mike in Toronto

My player of the year?

Fraser Forster just edges out Odsonne Edouard.

The latter for his goals, and more importanty, his ability to elevate the entire level of the team.

However, even more influential is Big FF. He installs a confidence in the defence, which in turn frees up the mids to support the attack.

bada bing1
Twists n turns

Tough call!

I think I’d just favour Eddie. To be honest I thought early doors Ryan Christie would’ve been up there but circumstances have seen him drop down the list. Big Fra great shout though . Certainly inspires confidence, and has pulled of some stunning saves.

Por Cierto

The long kick out when we play 2 upfront is a great way to mix things up. Leigh is excellent at bringing a ball down from the clouds and getting a strike away. He’s always ready for it wehn Fraser gets the ball from an oppostion attack. I think it’s a great ploy, por cierto.

Mike in Toronto

I, too, would have had RC up there for the first half of the season, but, as you say, being out the squad drops him down a bit. On the other hand, big Julien is climbing the list. He is another that, like FF and OE, it is not just what they do, but how they improve the team as a whole.


Bobby great summary, winning classy is great, but winning is the main thing.

Looking on Channel 4’s Alex Thomson twitter account on Saturday he had a photo of Celtic Park, saying watch this space, to-day it says: Varied week ahead – Wednesday @Channel4News special report on climate change in the Cairngorms. Then editing first in a series of reports investigating Scottish football.


Anyone heard anything from Auldheid ?

Margaret McGill

Interesting Craig Whyte Interview. Apologies if previously posted.

bada bing1

THE BBC have said Michael Stewart WON’T be back until they are certain the pundit’s row over Rangers PR chief Jim Traynor won’t be repeated.

The former Hearts and Hibs man has been off air for a fortnight after taking aim at Traynor on the Beeb’s radio show Sportsound.A BBC spokesperson said: “Our editorial guidelines were not adhered to on Sportsound and we’re still in discussions to ensure there’s no repeat of that in future.

“While those discussions continue, Michael Stewart will not appear on any of our sports programmes.”

Are the BBC not always on about a free press?

bada bing1


Access All Areas yesterday


If I was Michael Stewart I’d tell the BBC to shove it.


Initially I wanted the BBC to climb down and reinstate him, but after them saying that, trying to gag him, I wouldn’t want him to go back anywhere near them.

Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

I was listening to the e-tims podcast the other week & they said they had intended to have Auldheid on it but there was a problem with timing or something ? The upshot was they would get Auldheid on the following week or podcast.
I was wondering if Auldheid is looking in, have they had the time to get together to do it ? HH?

Twists n turns

I enjoy watching those access all area videos. Seen a couple of good ones recently

The Gombeen Man

The BBC’s Editorial Guidelines seem to be quite selectively applied.

What about impartiality?

What part of the guidelines specifically apply to Michael Stewart?

What about the racist chanting by Rangers supporters?

Offensive Comments

“If offensive comments are expressed during live interviews, the interviewer should normally intervene, challenge the comments where appropriate and/or distance the BBC from the comments. If this doesn’t happen we may need to consider making an on-air apology at the earliest opportunity. Potentially offensive comments include remarks that may be interpreted as, for example, racist, sexist, homophobic, prejudiced against a religious group, or reflecting an unflattering national stereotype. If offensive comments are made when, for example, football fans chant racist abuse we should consider making an on-air apology for broadcasting the comments.”


Puff puff

Love reading the band // music stories
from the past really good info and much appreciated ..

bada bing1

Twists- I couldn’t believe how small the dressing rooms were.


Where’s Packy?



That’s for you Packy, being an animal lover. And MIT & TET too.

Moves me to tears. John Williams is a musical genius.

Twists n turns

Yeah quite a surprise eh. I guess we always compare to CP.

Twists n turns

My son and daughter are up at my uncles. He’s 92 and had a fall. He’s in a bloody mess. Literally.

They said not to move him. Wait on the ambulance.

That was at 4pm

Absolute fkn joke. 3.5 hours.


That’s terrible twisty. Hope he is alright. Prayers being said.