Up n down week?

It’s a big, big week ahead.

Away in Europe used to be behind the sofa stuff but recently we look as if we belong there, and although technically leaving we do belong there.
The travelling support will love the local brews, buoyed by recent form and an almost full squad.. The home fans will see friendly respectful faces in their city, but a great chance to put one foot in the last 16.
As such it threatens to be a hell of a game.

The Danes are underdogs at home which one hopes will piss them off and force them to attack to show who’s actually boss.
At 9/4 for the win they are almost double our 5/4 odds so let’s hope on this occasion the bookies do know what they are talking about.
With 9 wins outta 9 it’s no surprise we are fancied, only Liverpool could boast such stats.

As one from the old school who believes being alive in Europe after Christmas is a win, this should be a pretty pressure free tie. It will be a great barometer of where we do actually stand, as the unfamiliar can be testing and unforgiving if allowed. It’s a great chance to get our name out there to the players who can be found around the business end of the continental cups these days. Future signings will take note of this weeks results.

The momentum built up by Lenny and the squad should, fingers crossed, be carried on through into the tail end of the domestic season no matter what. Even should we succumb to defeat away it’s imperative all recognise the title takes precedence at this occasion.
The gaffer has been around the block long enough to know this. We as fans must forget the midweek result next Sunday and treat it as a cup final.

Unfortunately around Thursday it seems we will be reading a story none of us want to lay eyes on. Although the timing isn’t ideal this isn’t the local rags we are dealing with to be accused of waiting for the opportune moment.
Channel 4 would have planned this broadcast regardless of our footballing exploits one must imagine, unless extremely suspicious.

Certain folk will love the timing and the subject matter. That’s a very, very sad fact of life.
It’s a great deflector from last weeks drama’s which remain unresolved and some will pray it’s the beginning if our season derailing.
Keep praying.

We will deal with the report later in the week but the players and staff must be,and I have no doubt will be, consummate professionals when crossing the line and put all behind them.
The team can do us proud, even if the report won’t.

The above is by Mahe. As usual the address is sentinelcelts@gmail.com for any guest articles which we thrive on.

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Twists n turns

I had no real interest in the EL when we dropped down into it. I felt the fact we were in it was down to negligence and a lack of ambition combined with boosting the balance sheet.

I guess some will say there’s a contradiction in terms there, because surely the CL offers the best opportunity to boost the bank balance? Well yeah, but that means taking risks and spending money in the transfer window in the summer.

PL clearly likes to take the easier option of investing little , and should the CL route prove a bridge too far, there’s a fallback option £40 plus a ticket for the EL and a player sale, to bring in the ££’s .

He’s already got the £40 plus bit sorted for this round, and Eddie will complete the plan in July. Make no mistake he’s gone.

I said at the outset I’d no interest in the EL, however, I can’t lie, now we are getting near the business end, memories of Seville come flooding back, and my interest undoubtedly ramps up.

We can and will win this tie in my opinion. If and when we do, there will be some big names in the hat for the next round, though I suspect the suits will want one of the smaller names.

The real money spinner for Peter and his cohorts would be v Sevco.

That’s surely a £50 ticket match ?? £55?? Do I hear £60??


Mahe, as usual a very insightful piece…

“It will be a great barometer of where we do actually stand…

Said exactly the same thing to my pal as we watched the game on Sunday.

It’s been an awesome season in terms of Celtic being relentlessly consistent domestically.

Unlike some, or even most of the support, I didn’t see the Aberdeen game as a disappointing performance, in fact, Aberdeen were very good, relatively speaking of course.

They came out of the blocks in the opening minutes, taking no prisoners and played the last ten minutes like a team that felt they deserved a result.

No, we didn’t play badly, like many games this season we relied on our quality to win. That first goal!! If you’re an Aberdeen defender, you’ve got to be thinking, how can we stop these ghuys from scoring, waves of attacking play.

Which brings me back to your point. How good are we really? We will be up against a very mediocre European team, but one who will feel they have got to this stage of the UEL on merit, a team who has nothing to lose and a team that are at least as good as Aberdeen or the Rangers.

So many unknowns; what team, formation and tactics will Lenny deploy!? Will our quality be good enough to best Copenhagen or will we need to dig deep and show the character that has brought this squad to the brim of a quadruple treble!?

Should be a facsinating encounter, I think Lenny has the minerals to get us to the next round.

Hail Hail


Twists n turns,


My feelings exactly.

Big Pedro knows his limitations – a big fish in a little pond is fine by him…

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Not a big gambler but it usually pays to check how the bookies see the tie.

Copenhagen are 11-5 to win their home tie ?, with Celtic @ 5- 4.

And to win over the two legs.

Copenhagen are 15 -8, while Celtic are clear fav’s @ 5 – 2 on

Big Audio Dynamite

I’m with Twists on the EL. At the beginning I couldn’t have cared less, but as we now have one hand on the league trophy, I want us to really have a right go at it.



£50 for an EL tie v TFOD? Aye,and the rest. £47 for my niece to sit in the old jungle for the Copenhagen game. Could get a city break there for about the same price.



“It’s been an awesome season in terms of Celtic being relentlessly consistent domestically.”

One stat I saw displayed on Sunday. Points dropped from a winning position this season?




Copenhagen don’t lose many goals,they’ve got a real tight defence. I nearly said-“I’ll be happy with…” there but I’d better not!



Yes, that’s an incredible stat… but one I’m not surprised at.

It seems to me we go up in a game then protect our lead, often meaning a laborious second half, or if the opposition has a good first half, we chase the game and just steamroller teams in the second half. Our extra fitness and quality making the difference… sometimes a huge difference as with Hearts.

Hail Hail


Morning all,
i haven’t posted for a couple of days but I have dropped in and kept up with what’s going on. A great result at the weekend has almost guaranteed us the League…not quite 100% yet but surely it’d be too much of a failure to swing so many points in their favour?!
Re Thursday’s game I’m never sure what Celtic you’re gonna see in Europe so am never too confident of making predictions. We know what we’re capable of on any given day but we also have seen some real dross. Hopefully Lennon will steer us as he has done so far.
I’ve long understood our position on the European stage and whilst there is nothing better than see PSG and City come to CP with some of the best players in the world I really don’t want to watch the type of performances that saw us getting our trousers taken down and a good rogering delivered! So, as I have always looked at it, if we can improve as a team year on year what more can you expect. We got the Treble last year and Valencia beat us Home and Away in the Last 32, this year we’ve got the League Cup secured again, we’re 10 points ahead in the League, we’re still competing in the Scottish Cup and we’re in the Last 32 of the Europa League. Our overall stats are better in Europe and at home. Improvement? Indeed it is…so let’s go on Thursday Bhoys!!



There were a fair few Celtic supporters over in Valencia last year for the away leg,including my Dad and me. Present from us all for his 80th. We were unlucky in the second leg,but…

Even though we needed to score to have a chance,my Dad and I were desperate for us not to! We were high up in Mestalla,right at the front,and it is like the north face of the eiger!!!

Bloody long way down,and bugger all to break the fall.


…and think about this….
Last year’s squad;
Goalies; Gordon, Bain
Defenders; Toljan Izzy Gamboa Hendry Jozo Boyata Miko Benkovic Ajer Ralston Tierney
Midfielders; Brown Bitton Sinclair Arzani Hayes Christie Rogic Calmac Ntcham Forrest Henderson Johnston Dembele Kouassi
Forwards; Eddie Griff Bayo Weah Burke

There’s been a lot of changes this season which makes the stats particularly impressive I think.


Morning BMCUWP

Nice birthday present for your Old Man!
It reminds me of going to Barcelona for my 40th at the time Larsson played for them. It was Día de Todos los Santos, Halloween to you and me and a Public Holiday in Spain so the stadium was sold out.We got tickets from a tout, 100 EUROS for a 17 EURO ticket!! We got into the stadium and the ticket was for the away end, in beside the Sociedad fans. We were right up in the Gods about three rows from the top of the stadium trying to find our seats, eventually we found them and there was a woman and her young son sitting in them. We left them in the seats and stood on the parapet at the top of the stadium until the polis came along and told us to find a seat and sit down. There were none, so my brother, having paid 200 EUROS for the seats went backed to ours and kicked the woman and her boy off the seats…it was a wee bit uncomfortable after that, sitting in with the Spanish speakers…on Halloween…wondering if we were gonna make it out of there alive…:) 🙂 🙂

Anyway, Larsson came off the bench to score the fifth in a 5-nil rout. Made my day! Forca Henke, Forca Barca!!


Roberto Baggio’s Birthday today… he was born in ’67.

An immense talent, always loved watching him. Who remembers the C4 programme on Italian football… always tried to see it, great football analyised by a great pundit…

Maybe he was overall a better footballer but was he better from a set piece than Shunsuke!?

Anyone know what these guys have in common?

Hail Hail


I’m in shock, a pal of mine, Danny,I was drinking with him on Thu & Fri last week, died last night of a heart attack. Same age as me, about 66. I can’t believe it.



Christ,mate. That’s a sair yin. Condolences to his family and friends.

Rolling Stone

The most important outcome I’m looking for out of Thursday’s game is away goal(s). Copenhagen don’t concede or score a lot. Away goals will prove vital in this fixture. At a minimum I want a scored draw.

Copenhagen’s style of play may well suit us as we are accustomed to playing teams who adopt a similar tactic in the SPFL (albeit I assume Copenhagen will play to a higher standard).

If Copenhagen are a physical team with an aerial threat which (anecdotally), low scoring, defensive teams (particularly those hailing from Scandinavia) are, I would assume that Neil will go with a 3-5-2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Simunovic take his place in the back 3, Boli come in at LWB (he is better than Hayes), Frimpong come back in to the RWB slot and JF sit behind Eddy with LG taking his place on the bench.

Notwithstanding our fantastic form of late, we have had a bad tendency to have one average, if not poor, half of football combined with one scintillating half where we blow the opposition away. Unfortunately, this outcome may not work in Europe. I’m hopeful for a more balanced and solid performance each side of half time.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jeez Jim,, hope you are ok, my friend.

RIP Danny

Big Audio Dynamite

Copenhagen have played 21 league games.
They have drawn 1 and lost 5.
They have scored 37 and conceded 23
Since their winter break they have played 1 LG, losing 1-0 to second bottom club Esbjerg.
They have a raft of injuries to key players, including ex Ajax players Boilesen & Viktor Fischer.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, as long as we are still in it after thursday, I’d fancy us to get the job done @Parkhead.

I’ll go for 2-2 in Denmark, and a convincing 3-0 in Glasgow 🙂

And, much to the annoyance of TFOD, we can then take care of Braga in the last 16!



I said in yesterday’s match review that I hoped Jozo was only being rested for Thursday. Seems he’s still got a fitness test to pass for the match. It must be frustrating for him,it certainly is for the fans.

Mike in Toronto


Sorry for the loss of your friend.


Both Buddhists?

Twists n turns

That’s dreadful news about your pal. So sorry to hear that.

Thoughts with you and your friends family.

Take care


Michael Stewart still suspended yet Malky Mackay brought in for Sportscene by BBC Scotland absolutely shocking. One blunder to the next that mob.


My condolences ,hope you and his family stay strong.
Remember the good times my friend.



While I don’t think we should kill a man’s career for ill judged comments,putting Mackay up instead of Stewart is a shocker.



I’m not sure Malky Mackay deserves or has earned the right to a high profile job with the BBC.Is it right that the Beeb suspend or fire Michael Stewart for possibly libellous comments but employ someone who admitted racist and homophobic slurs. What message are they trying to send? I liked Malky before this, I thought he came across as a brighter than average young football manager. He interviewed well and spoke well, seemed articulate. But the text messages were too much, and he excused them by saying it happened at a stressful time in his life…come on Malky, we all get stress at one point or another but we don’t resort to that stuff! You’re bang on, it’s a shocker!

Big Audio Dynamite

Gary Caldwell: “I believe that Rangers (1-11) are as good, if not better than Celtic” No you dont !

Are you unemployed right now, Gary?!!! Ah, that explains IT!

Mind sit by the phone, it will be ringing off the hook soon.



Spot on, both Nichiren Buddhists.

Always wanted to read Baggio’s book, never got round to it.

Read somewhere that Copenhagen are looking to keep a clean sheet, then win the game at Parkhead.

Does that mean a 0-0 draw followed by a score draw?

Not very ambitious, although keeping Celtic out for 90 mins is a huge ask. Might be their only hope though.

Hail Hail

Twists n turns


Caldwell….. whit an eejit


Gary Caldwell
Poor player
Poor coach
Poor pundit.

Bu if he keeps on with pro hun narrative he will get a job.

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, is this not the same dobber who got caught red handed cheating on his new bride ( Think they were married less than a year) (?)

I’m afraid you have ZERO credibility, Gary!



Re the CL vs the EL, here in Ottawa we have a mayor who some say follows the credo, “ Dream small, manage well!” Seems to me this could be applied to PL and Celtic’s approach to Europe. Of course there are various problems with this philosophy, not least of which is missed opportunities to excel. However, when management is perceived to be not very good, then the wheels really come off.


Big Audio Dynamite
Billy Bhoy

I’d love to ask Caldwell who currently would keep Christie, Rogic and Elyannousi out of the Sevco first 11.

Awe Naw

Gary Caldwell is too fucking boring to get a job as a hundit

Rolling Stone

Quick trivia question. How many assists does £7m man Ryan Kent have in the league this year?

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, I would think that if you went through the stats for each winger in Scotland, he would be rooted at the bottom of the any table of assists

Rolling Stone

Zero. Quite the return.


i used to go to ottawa on business many years ago and enjoyed a pint in the mayflower nice we pub at back of the restaurant.


Ryan Kent vs James Forrest in SPL

Games Goals Assists
RK. 18. 6. 0
JF. 26. 10. 16

RK fee. 7.2 million. JF fee ?




I know the Mayflower….used to drink there with my oldest son!

Judging by your pen name, you have a Canadian connection?

I waded ashore in Newfoundland in 1981. Now in Ottawa…ish.



It is a pity we are not giving someone other than Griff a chance to partner with Eddy. I am happy to see Griff get a run in the team but I am not yet convinced he is the answer. I hope he is but…… against the dons he was largely ineffective, except for his work on the first goal. However, his previous track record merits him getting a chance. Unfortunately Bayo has not been given the same treatment.


bada bing1

COPENHAGEN have agreed to sell top scorer Pieros Sotiriou – 48 hours before facing Celtic.

The Cypriot striker flew to Kazakhstan today to seal a shock £4million switch to Astana.

Rolling Stone

@ Rebus67

Agreed. I think Bayo is most likely our best penalty box striker. He is physical, aggressive, good in the air and has fantastic movement. I watched Ajer’s cross trickle across the 6 yard line against Aberdeen with no takers and thought about Bayo’s goals against Hearts and his movement against Clyde.

I like Leigh but the last few games in particular he has offered little. While he is still getting back to fitness and game time serves him well, he should not be treated differently to other members of the squad. If Ntcham’s input drops off, Christie will be back in the squad in a flash. The same should apply for Leigh with Bayo.

Celtic By The Numbers did a fantastic article on our strikers. Look at the heat map for Bayo!



just liked the TIM in Horton. Great hockey player.

Mike in Toronto

Tim Horton

My pal’s dad was TH’s teammate in Toronto, and later joined TH in the Hall of Fame. And I represented one of his former teammates in a case a few years ago.

My pal is a big guy … 6’2, easily 250… also a pro hockey player before becoming a lawyer. But, I would still pick his dad to take him in a fight. Those old time guys… they were tough as nails.

big packy

EVENING ALL, haven’t been on for a few days, staff problems at work, twisty and mcaff will probably know the score, just been reading back, JIM ,my heartfelt condolences on the death of your pal danny, may he rest in peace.


Howdy folks.
Jim terrible news about your mate. At least you seen him recently. May he Rest in Peace.

Just reading the boy scouts of Usa have 10billion dollars in assets!! That’s ridiculous.

Hail Hail


BP, ,
If the staff at work know its a simple matter of you covering for a callout they will take advantage of that. When a callout is a crisis that has big knock on effects regarding your continuing employment there then they tend to become less common. 😉
Learnt through hard experience.
Hail Hail

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