Copenhagen 1-1 Celtic


Honest,TWISTSNTURNS,it’s still morning. Apologies for the delay,broadband glitch-and I have paid the bill! Anyway,we would have taken a one each draw at the start away from home,but at half-time we were cruising and not only looking for a second goal but wondering why we hadn’t scored a third? Yet by full time,we were probably thinking we dodged a bullet.

Funny old game,as a certain great striker used to say.

We started last night without Griff,which allowed Ryan to return to the side in an advanced role just behind Eddy. Usual suspects in midfield,but with our twin tower centre backs and a wing back pairing of Frimpers-great to see him back!-and The Iron Man.

Who promptly damn near lost the ball in the first fifteen seconds,with a touch like a fairy elephant! Fortunately he recovered with a tackle which sent the ball well upfield. The Danish defenders were a bit slack in the centre circle and Christie picked up the loose ball and promptly fed it through the middle for Eddy to run on to. His first time effort against the oneushing keeper was parried away from goal,and although he got on to the rebound-twice,actually!-it was cleared each time. He had a similar effort a couple of minutes later when CalMac played him in,again he didn’t have time to do anything but get the shot in against the keeper rushing off his line. This time,the ball rebounded to Ollie whose low shot was easily cleared.

A bit of height from any of those four or five efforts and we would have been on Easy Street!

But I Wanna clearly wanted a goal. Poor lad hasn’t scored for ages,and we all know how that felt at his age. This time he had a bit more time as we played the ball along the penalty box. CalMac again supplied the killer pass,Eddy took a touch to steady himself and cool as you like dinged the keeper.

Great finish,wonderful composure. One up after fifteen minutes and totally controlling the game.

And that was pretty much it for us. I’m not going to have a go at the players,I don’t think they took the foot off the gas,but to go from being so much in control to firefighting for the rest of the game-especially the second half-is a big concern. It’s happened a few times,and Sunday for instance should have been fresh in their minds.

I don’t know what was fresh in their minds after the break,but they came out looking nothing like the team that had started the first half. And some slack defending and a bit of showboating gone wrong from Ollie soon led to their equaliser. From the birthday boy,nuff said. Worse was to come when we got our first taste of VAR,although I don’t know why it was needed. Christie jumped for the ball from a corner and the ball hit his arm.

It could hardly bloody miss it,the way he had it outstretched. Bloody idiot. Fortunately we have Fraser Forster for just such eventualities. A perfectly good,even excellent,penalty kick. Low and right in the corner. Nae tother abaw to our 6’7″ keeper. If he had telescopic arms like Christie,he could have have kept it out if the goals were twenty yards wide!

There were a few tasty challenges going in at one stage here,Broonie amongst them. I’d say that was why he was subbed,having been booked for a borderline red. But there were a few from the Danish side too,and Jullien and Broonie himself were on the end of some naughty stuff. I suspect our Eiffel Tower will leave a bit on N’Doye next week.

So it’s all set up for next week at Celtic Park. A European night at Celtic Park. The water vapour from the seething breathing masses freezing as it hits the chilly air in a red-hot atmosphere. The noise,the bedlam.

The expectation. And the hope. And the noise. It’s all to play for,and I wish I was there to see it. Mind you,my jacket still hasn’t dried out from the Cluj game…


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I suppose being disappointed with the result after such an excellent first half away from home is a step up on many previous efforts at this level. And I’m certainly happier than the SC Braga fans.


big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby great summary of the game, but have to disagree, I thought they did take their foot off the gas, but its all about opinions, was thinking last night about you going back out on the road in that weather, once got stuck on that hill going up to the air balloon roundabout, about 6 inches of snow, this was 4-0 clock in the morning, happy days,stay safe pal.hh.



Weather down here hasn’t been too bad,not when you think of how it has affected others. But thanks for the concern-it’s not that long ago that I put my van nose first into a ditch after a 450 degree pirouette when I hit standing water! Fortunately,my two Guardian Angels were on hand to stop it tilting onto its side,but they coulda bloody warned me about the flood! Ingrate that I am…

Worst hill I ever took in a lorry was Sutton Bank between Thirsk and Scarborough. Bloody 1in 4 gradient,and its about five miles of it. Damn near burnt the clutch out. Air Balloon in snow is a Plan B job,old son.

Now,no slacking. You’ve got fifteen dogs to pamper today. And may God have mercy on you!

Twists n Turns

Done Sutton Hill Bobby.

It’s a climb eh!

There used to be a gravel pit at the foot that was there in case you lost control on the descent. No idea if still there

big packy

BOBBY, thanks for reminding me?? 1 more cup of coffee, if twisty is lurking might be 5 cups? and then im offski.hh.

big packy

BOBBY and TWISTY, is that the big hill on the A64, know it well.hh.

Twists n Turns

On the A170

big packy

TWISTY, cheers,.aff oot catch u later.hh.


Big packy.
Sorry I missed your reply, I had to go out .
My granddaughters birthday.
I missed the last 60 mins of the game.
Didn’t realise you were joking.
Nieve me.

Twists n Turns

Check yer inbox amigo




Aye,I was glad that I didn’t do the trip in reverse-I’m a bit heavy wi the right foot,especially back then,and I think I’d have been in more bother going down than up!

IIRC,I’d been given a three day trip from Sutton,South London to Nottingham,Hull,Scarborough,Harrogate and Midlesboro. Of course,I knew I could do that in two if I went to Harrogate first and overnighted in Middlesboro where I knew a good wee working man’s club wi a decent chippy next door.

So down the A19 to Thirsk in the morning,full of the joys of spring and looking forward to having the next day off. Never again!

That boss was a really good guy,but he never could plan trips. He sent me to Haverfordwest once-a penalty clause job,needed delivery that day-and only told me around 930am. And the lorry wasn’t even loaded yet. I asked him if he knew where Haverfordwest was.

Yes,in Wales was his reply. Do you know whereabouts in Wales,I asked. Just over the Severn Bridge,like the rest of it,he said!

Fuxake,Ian-another two miles and yer in The Irish Sea!!!

I was heavy wi the right foot that day,for sure. Made it with about ten minutes to spare.



A64 is the other route from the west,from York. You’ve probably got the numbers mixed up,rather than the roads. Though saying that,I doubt the A64 is any easier. They got to the same place,and not much between the routes.

Big Audio Dynamite

Have only seen the highlights from last night and still can’t believe THAT is considered a penalty these days. I always understood the rule to be deliberate ball to hand? Now I’m seeing the rule has been expanded to include hand, or arm, in an unnatural position …WTH does that even mean?! Not just because it was us but, that is one of the harshest decisions I’ve ever seen.

Had a feeling we would get away with a score draw last night, and really can’t see us blowing it from this position.




Fuxake,he brought it down in midair like Meadowlark Lemon.

Big Audio Dynamite

Inc friendlies, every Euro team we have met this season.


Pinkafeld 6-1 W
Wiener. 2-1. W
St Gallen. 0-0. D
Sarajevo. 3-1. W
Stade Rennes 0-0. D
Sarajevo. 2-1. W
Nomme Kalju 5-0. W
Nomme Kalju 2-0. W
Cluj. 1-1. D
Cluj. 3-4. L
AIK. 2-0. W
AIk. 4-1. W
Stade Rennes 1-1. D
Cluj. 2-0. W
Lazio. 2-1. W
Lazio. 2-1. W
Stade Rennes 3-1 W
Cluj. 0-2. L
Copenhagen 1-1. D

P 19 W 12 D 5 L 2 GF 40 GA 15


Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, Ryan knows how to play the balls, ask Alfredo!


Should have won.
Could have lost.
Content with a draw.
They are average opposition. Sevco took 7 off a better danish team.
Finish them off at parkhead.

Big Audio Dynamite


Ridiculous penalty,but a stupid reaction from Jozo in particular.

Still,anyone betting both teams to score with or without a winner will have been happy.

Although that would never have crossed the referee’s mind,I might add. No,he simply gave a soft penalty for fuck all because he is rubbish at his job or maybe erred in his decision. Nothing to do either with the colours involved.

I’m glad we’ve set that straight.

Big Audio Dynamite


Even more ridiculous, is the fact that Ryan got booked for DELIBERATE hand ball, and now misses the return leg because of it!

Can we appeal, do you think? Is that even an option?

Btw mate, what did Jozo do? It looks like he came on 5mins after the award of the pen (Have only seen highlights)



My memory might be playing me false,but I think Jozo came on after about ten minutes for Bitton.

He touched the ref in his anger at the decision.

Rolling Stone

I think tactics and formation cost us again last night and not for the first time this season. While we have some gifted players who can threaten going forward, we are a complete shambles in setting up a solid formation and reacting to the opposition’s tactics.

See link to last night’s chances-

In the first half I think all our good chances came in the first 15 minutes. I assume this was on account of our intensity when compared to Copenhagen’s rustiness having not played competitively for the last 2 months.

Copenhagen made a tactical change midway through the first half by dropping their striker (Santos) back into midfield to provide more protection. After that, chances for us did dry up (we still threatened on occasion in the 2nd half on the break). I also think the head injury to Jullien allowed them to re-group and re-set.

However, look at some of their opportunities and the shape/structure of the team:

2:16 into the highlights is Copenhagen’s chance in the first half. When they win the ball back it is near enough a 5 v 3 in their favour and when Jullien (and Frimpong) step out to make the tackle it is a 4 v 2.Christie, a midfielder and not a winger, is playing very narrow, letting their full back run free. Frimpong gets attracted to the ball, even though Jullien and Christie are in attendance and so leaves space for their full back to get the shot off.

2:25 – Worst of all Hayes is around 30 yards out from our goal when the shot is taken. Their RW has a tap in if a rebound falls his way. A catalogue of defensive errors stemming from a complete lack of shape.

2:43- their goal.

Once again, we lose the ball and it leads to a 4 v 2 in their favour and both our full backs are pushing up the park and are far too wide. leaving their wingers acres of spaces to come inside and attack the space. Midfield again all ahead of the ball.

We really need to work on our shape and tactics. We cannot be so ill-disciplined at this level of competition. In the SPFL everyone can flood forward as most teams do not have the quality to punish us. Why the full backs are being told to bomb forward is completely beyond me.


That embarrassing moment when you realise that you misunderstood what a relative asked for as a gift and you just bought them the wrong present.

Big Audio Dynamite

Oglach ?

He must’ve been some guy that Hitler, eh? One minute he is sleeping in the street, the next minute he has an army of 3 million men behind him and is attempting to take over the whole world. Sounds totally plausible ?



I agree with your points. In summary, although we are winning in the SPL we are not maximising our potential…..not taking full advantage of our superior players.

Last night we opted for 4 at the back as opposed to our “normal” 3. Injuries have reduced our options at FB but the selection of Frimpong for this game after a layoff was bordering on lunacy. Defence is not his strength and when wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen realised that our flanks were the weak points they tried to overload our FBs. Their goal came from a shot from our left side not from the centre. Their one chance in the first half came from our right flank, which Oviedo hit wide. It is unfair to critique Hayes because he gives his all for the team but he is not at European level. As for Boli…enough said. What were the scouts thinking?

In the first half we dominated despite having several below par performers. Frimpong, Ntcham were particularly poor. That has to be near to Ntcham’s worst game for us. I am not a Rogic fan but it is time for Christie to have a rest or to play parts of games. He has lost a yard in pace and has nowhere near the stamina that he had in early season. We missed the old Ryan last night. With two of our midfielders at a low ebb, it fell to McGregor and Forrest to spark creativity. McGregor seemed overwhelmed in the second half but Forrest stepped up.

Second half we had no discernible shape other than two lines of defence and no out ball at all. Hoof the ball anywhere became the order of the day. Was Elyounoussi on the park? What was his role, anyone?

However, we have an away goal and a home tie next. They must score or they are out. We should beat this quality of team in this competition but, after that second half they have the momentum. It is imperative that we, again, get a fast start.


Big Audio Dynamite

In season 66-67, Celtic won EVERY competition they entered, culminating in winning the biggest prize in club football.

So, for absolutely NO prize whatsoever, can anyone tell me what our average crowd was, over the season? And no Googlin’, you’re only cheating …well, everybody!

The Gombeen Man

Good article BMCUWP’S,

Last night was our tenth game since the 18th of January and looking at where we are now from the Sevco game I’m delighted.

Maybe we can’t underestimate how much has been put into our run of ten games but we remain unpredictable and frustrating at times.

It’s all about picking up the wins and ignoring the Sevco hype.

Last night’s pitch at Ibrox reminded me the debacle over the Ibrox pitch the late Glasgow Rangers had in 1989.

It’s the first time I’ve watched a Sevco European night and the place really looks like somewhere behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War… anyway,

18th November 1989

Ibrox pair win dismissal ruling

TWO Ibrox groundsmen sacked by Rangers manager Mr Graeme Souness to make way for private contractors have won their claims over unfair dismissal, but failed to gain compensation.

A Glasgow industrial tribunal ruled that head groundsman Mr David Marshall, 61, who had tended the Ibrox turf for more than 30 years, and his son, David, 28, assistant groundsman, were unfairly dismissed last May when they were told their jobs were to be terminated without notice.

The tribunal awarded no compensation, ruling they had both signed forms accepting tax-free ex-gratia payments in full and final settlement which could be considered to include any entitlement to pay in lieu of notice.

Rangers Football Club did not oppose their unfair dismissal claims but said they should receive no more compensation.

The tribunal heard both were called to separate meetings on May 5 with Mr Souness and told they were being dismissed.

Mr Marshall senior, of XXXXXXX Street, Bellahouston, Glasgow, said he was shocked when he was told he was to lose his job after working at Ibrox for 32 years, and had been unable to work since because he suffered depression as a result.

”Mr Souness told me there were new contractors coming in and that was it, I was finished. I was given no warning that this was happening. I was stunned,” he said.

Mr Marshall returned the next day and was given an ex-gratia paymentof £12,000.

His son, David, of XXXXXXX, Erskine, who had worked at Ibrox for almost 12 years, said he had expected the Rangers manager to tell him he was getting his father’s job, but was shocked when told of his dismissal.

He said Mr Souness told him they were bringing contractors in because there were things wrong with the pitch, and he did not fit in with the contractors. He received a cheque for £3000 the next day from the club’s finance director.

The tribunal heard both signed a statement accepting the ex-gratia payment in full and final settlement of all claims arising out of their employment with Rangers Football Club plc.

In its findings, the tribunal said there was no evidence to justify it concluding that Mr Marshall senior’s medical condition was a direct result of the dismissal.

It awarded no compensation as any award set by the tribunal was extinguished by the amount of the ex-gratia payments.


TGM, Just out of interest I wondered what £12k in 1989 would be worth today. Using an inflation calculator it comes up as £26k. (I have too much time on my hands!) Still not a lot for a 61 yo man with 32 years service.


Using the same calculator, I checked what my first wage after I left school would be nowadays. £60. Sixty measly pounds! Slave labour.


Going to give a controversial opinion but Ryan missing second leg is not the worst and should make him more reflective.
His performance was dreadful as he ran around like a headless chicken last night.
Ryan is a talented individual with great skill but in last 3 months he has forgotten how to be a team player.
He started the season as our best player but due to injuries ,suspension and varying circumstances where he was moved wide and has been less effective.
Under BR he had a clearly defined role and it suited his talents to their fullest.
With Neil he seems to have free rein and this is not always the best for a young player as his eagerness often sees him make terrible choices in the final third.
The drop off since his positional switch has been noticeable.
Our coaches preference for players to produce individual moments to win games is not good for Ryan.

The Gombeen Man

Yes Jim I thought that too.

I was tempted to say that they got more out of the late Rangers than Minty and his £1, but he made a few bob over the years.

A sad end to a long career in the Labour Courts and not the only casuality of the Month era.

I wonder what would of happened if they hadn’t signed? I wonder too if Souness checked with anyone and if someone tried to clean up his mess the following day?

Twists n Turns

My £10.44 in 1975 would apparently be £103 nowadays.
I think we were both getting taking advantage of.

Maybe we could put a claim in for lost wages?


National Min. Wage for under 18s is now £4.55. x 40 = £182 !!!

We were def. getting done Twisty, we have a case !


Rolling Stone
Our lack of shape is a worry.
The gaping hole that is our central midfield area will cost us dearly one day.
Can’t understand why our coaches do not see this?
Last night in the second we did not win a single tackle in this area and most times our defensive mids are nowhere to be seen.
The gap from front to back is enormous.
Our defense have no trust in the guys in front of them and back up early to protect box making an even greater area for opponents to play in and exploit.


TGM, I seem to remember Murray paid himself around £3m in EBTs alone! Ibrox were not always skinflints.

The Gombeen Man

Yes Jim,

Great things those EBT’s. Almost too good to be true. Funny that we all don’t have them.

Mr Souness was doing his TV pundit in Ireland this week. Even doing adverts for upcoming games.

Big Audio Dynamite

Fan, very difficult to tell anything from the highlights I’ve seen, but I don’t think the stop-start nature of the last couple of months has helped him, then Ntcham finding the form he has. I think that finding a player’s best position is a great talent for a coach to have ( I believe Jock was great at this) and I’m sure Neil was getting the best of Ryan’s attributes before the end of the year, but you may have a point about how he’s been utilised lately.

I tend to focus on a player’s (Or coaches & mangers) overall contribution to where we are, and I have been really happy with Ryan this year …same for Forrest ?

Twists n Turns

Could start a PPI type claim epidemic!

I used to go to engineering college with a bunch of guys all sponsored by different companies.

My company paid me £10.44 per week. I didn’t think much about it to be honest, until a couple of guys who were in the same class as me told me theirs.

Cameron Iron works and Terex were paying their boys 3 to 4 times what I was getting . Those 2 were vg payers all the same, an exception to the norm really.

I loved my job though. Not the nature of the work as such but I’d vg pals in the company I worked with.

Big Audio Dynamite

My very first pay poke had £26 in it! A bit of hash was £7 -and basically lasted a night- and you had started tappin’ your mum, to the point you owed out all your wage the following friday. Haha chicken spread butties for weeks ☺


TGM, the only good thing I will say about Souness was that he had the balls to sign a Catholic, even although the circumstances of the signing were far from perfect. We could argue that shit would eventually come their way for their signing policy anyway. But he did it and took the flack from a lot of their supporters. I knew of one who never went back to Ibrox!
Any hope that it would change the supports bigotry was short lived! We shall see how their new fan’s ‘Chapter’ works out. Someone mentioned last night there was no singing of the Billy Boys at the game v Braga. They are however on a second or third? stage warning for that by UEFA.


Huns knew UEFA was going to ban them from European competition as their signing policy broke their rules.
SFA placement at UEFA probably gave them the nod.
It was a cash decision by Murray and Souness and had nothing to do with morality or right.
That it had the added benefit of keeping Timmy in it’s place was part of the strategy to placate the support.

Rolling Stone

@ fan-a-tic

It’s a big worry. Last night showed a lack of coaching/drilling of our team to adopt and execute a particular shape and tactic.

We seemed to play a 4-1-4-1. This meant that Broony was the only deeply lying midfielder and even then he was getting caught well up the field as the whole midfield was bypassed. Broony no longer has the athleticism to occupy this position. He can still work as part of a deeply lying midfield 2, but even then, our other midfielders offer a better option. Added into that we had a complete lack of tactical discipline from both full backs. I feel sorry for the CBs as they are left completely exposed at times.

This to me all suggests a lack of coaching and tactical nous and it has happened on several occasions this season (Sevco/Aberdeen/Cluj). As great as the Lazio results were, they followed the same pattern. Even after scoring in injury time in the home leg we still required FF to make a fantastic save to get us the win. In Italy it was end to end and on that occasion it worked out for us.

While it loathes me to say it, Stevie G’s Sevco know how to set up a team and execute a game plan. His record is phenomenal in Europe. I doubt we would have achieved anywhere near the same results in Europe if we had the Sevco squad.

I’m worried about the prospect of going to Ibrox on the 15th.

Finally, thank god for FF. You have to wonder, what would Brendan have achieved in Europe with FF in goals and where would we be this year if we didn’t have him. In that regard, Neil deserve credit for bringing him back.


Rolling Stone, I had to read that twice. “Thank God for FF” I thought you were going to say something about Follow Follow. 🙂

But you’re right about Fraser. And we need to keep him!

bada bing1

Hummel UK and The Elite Group issued a statement today noting they were rescinding their agreement with Rangers FC [sic.] with immediate effect, “due to the club being in material breach of contract.”  They add that they have commenced legal proceedings against the club.

bada bing1

Potential new kit suppliers,will run a mile from this mob


I See that the Edinburgh Rugby Union team are fielding a new lock forward tonight vs Connacht.

His name is Stan South.

Wonder if he’s fond of a Garryowen?


From the Official Site:-

HAVE you herb our exciting news? Paradise is going green this weekend, as we launch our new vegan kiosk at the Kilmarnock game on Sunday (February 21)!

Our new vegan cistin, is a nod back to our proud Irish roots (cistin being the Irish Gaelic word for cook-house or kitchen) with an exclusively plant-based menu for fans to enjoy!

In a pickle for what to eat on a matchday at Paradise? If you’re herbivore kick-off, get yourself along to the ‘Hoops & Roots – Vegan Cistin’ kiosk this weekend to try out our amaizing new plant-based menu.

Lettuce tantalise your taste buds with a range of treats on offer such as chilli non-carne and rice, chickpea and butternut squash curry and the ever-popular vegan sausage roll!

You’ll find ‘Hoops & Roots’ at section 137 in the Jock Stein Stand lower bowl, so get yourself along on a matchday, and go green with Celtic!

Kale kale Celts!


SFTB, I wonder how a vegan kiosk would go down with the sheep up at Pittodrie?
Pretty good I would imagine!

Margaret McGill

Sounds like a seizure salad.

Margaret McGill


Everyone needs to Romaine calm.

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