Celtic 3-1 Kilmarnock Match Review


Ten became eleven and twelve yesterday. Eleven domestic games and eleven victories,while we stretched our lead at the top to twelve points over the Norwegian Blues. It wasn’t all plain sailing,of course-for about twenty minutes or so yesterday,the huns were in front while we were,somehow,behind. Fortunately it all turned out well in the end.

We had a rather unfamiliar line-up yesterday-certainly the first time that eleven will have played together-even if none of them were unfamiliar faces. Big Fraser in goal with a back three of Jullien,Ajer and Simo. Strung across the middle were our two wing backs of Frimpers and Taylor with CalMac playing quarterback and Ryan and Big Tam doing the providing. Up front,the defender’s nightmare of Griff and Eddy. Two players whom it is becoming increasingly difficult to mark as their understanding grows,allowing them to pull the defenders all over the place. This was a team set up for goals,and we got one as early as the sixth minute.

Unfortunately,it was at the wrong end! Simo and Brophy tangled for the ball in the right back area,and when the ball spun free into the penalty box,a quick shove in the back from the big man was enough to convince referee Clancy to point to the spot. A quite superb penalty later,we were a goal down. Kilmarnock never got a look in after that,in truth. One way traffic thereafter,and the only surprise was that it took so long to get the equaliser.

When it came,it was as a result of two of our centre backs not giving up on the ball after Killie failed to deal properly with a corner. Jullien cut the ball back across goal and Ajer popped it home via a deflection. Five minutes later,and not to be outdone,it was Simo’s turn for the assist-somehow getting his head on to a deep cross beyond the far post from Greg Taylor. I Wanna did the rest from only a couple of yards out. Which ain’t as easy as it sounds-he missed one from the same range last week!

Prior to this,we really should have had a penalty ourselves,albeit a rather soft one. Eddy went for the loose ball after the keeper had saved a shot by Rogic from distance and was clearly shoved off the ball as he went to collect. Not dissimilar to the one at the other end,and in a more dangerous area. I’ve said before that Clancy is no friend of ours,though his saving grace is that he doesn’t like the huns much either. Decisions like that prevent him being the referee he could be.

The second half was more of the same,one way traffic. Griff in particular wanted a goal,and he got it when Christie cut the ball back across goal for a tap in. We could have scored more,and probably should have done. Thirty shots at goal and more than a dozen on target tells you who the Man of the Match was,and for once he wasn’t playing for us. But it was a good day at the office overall,with a couple of players given some recovery time for the vital midweek match and others given the chance to get up to match speed. The three at the back seems to be working well for us too,at least domestically. Lenny now has some thinking to do about his line-up for Thursday.

It’s a good problem to have!


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As most of you will be aware,SOLKITTS has been hammering at the door of the SFA Head of Governance for an explanation re the phantom third card shown to Morelos after the match on Dec 29. Being nowhere near satisfied by the responses he eventually received,he warned her that he would next approach UEFA about the situation.

She clearly didn’t believe him! Here’s his first approach over her head.
Dear Mr Nilsson,
I am a retired referee who officiated in England, and have been in correspondence with Ms Laura Dougan, who is the Head of Governance at the Scottish Football Association, regarding an incident which occurred at the last Celtic v Rangers match on 29th December. In this incident, a Rangers player was dismissed from the match by the referee, Mr Clancy, for committing 2 offences punishable by a yellow card. As he was leaving the pitch the player, Alfredo Morelos, made a throat slitting gesture to the opposition fans. It appeared at the time that no action was taken by the referee for this action. However, some 3 weeks later, the Scottish press reported that a further yellow card had been administered by the referee. As this action is a breach of the SFA’s protocol for dealing with further misconduct, I contacted the SFA to enquire whether the press report was correct. My first 2 emails were ignored, so I escalated my query to the Head of Governance and this time I received a response which advised me of the protocol. As I already knew what the protocol was, I again asked if it had been followed. The response this time was to advise that the protocol prevented the referee from administering a 3rd caution. Again, this reply failed to answer my question of whether the referee had actually followed the protocol, so I asked again. Regrettably, some 3 weeks later, no confirmation or denial has need received, hence the need for this email to you.
The email trail for this conversation is shown below. I respectfully ask that you use your good offices to assist me in my quest for clarification. We have a situation where either a referee has not followed the Association’s laid-down rules, or he has had his reputation maligned in the national press with no action taken by the Association to defend him.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding this issue.
Kind regards,
Good luck on this one,mate. It’s clear that you have a case as someone somewhere screwed up. The pursuit of this is NOT a vendetta against Morelos-though he should be appropriately sanctioned for his actions that afternoon EIGHT WEEKS ago. It is about governance,and the SFA applying their own rules,and those of UEFA.

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Due to other things getting in the way, that’s the second game this week I’ve missed, so difficult to comment about anything to do with the game, but …I woke up (Granted it was 4am again) with a big grin on my chops. We are now only a few games from a quadruple treble ..let that sink in ?

And to top it all, the Attila’s are revolting! Well, of course they are!

On cloud 9

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Go get thum, Sol!

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Jeez, that red card (May have been karma) for Gary Power was absolutely laughable.




23 seconds in,Brophy is well offside.

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https://youtu.be/PyRo3-Q3l_0- Let’s all laugh at the newco

A thing of beauty

We played well yesterday and once Ryan Christie gave coco the clown his shoes back he was immense. What happened to Ntcham? Surely he wasn’t bombed altogether after Thursday night. It was not a great performance but others were not great either. I’m hoping it’s a niggle.
Btw I’ve been up for 40 minutes. I’m still waiting to see Gerard’s greeting face on sky. Funny because prior to and during the break he was never off the screen. I’ve even watched a report on the woman’s cricket. If this title comes to pass I do believe I will savour it as one of the best ever. Och well I’ll just console myself with a wee trip to the gym where I can see some of their pain in real time!!
Also twisty, I know it was a misunderstanding between yourself and Jim but I am absolutely relying on you for the Cheltenham tips because bmcuwp attempts are so shit of late I’d be as well putting my money on the Huns. Everyone knows a tip for what it is. If you can’t afford to lose, never bet.



Agreed re Cheltenham. And the rest of it,of course!

Hope y’all had a lovely family day yesterday. The two exiles had a ball on Saturday,but that wee whippersnapper still keeps paying the restaurant bill when I eff off to the toilet. He’s not daft,mind-I then get my own back by insisting that the rest of the beers are on me. And it’s the expensive pubs in Camden after that!

Maybe we should go back to Roti King. You’d have to be mad to use the toilets in there.

Twists n Turns

Enjoy the gym. Is that possible ? Yes I believe so.

On the exercise front, only a couple years ago I was addicted. Wouldn’t miss my daily run up the Wrekin ( Shropshire) and at weekends I was out at 7 am in all weathers. Invariably 8 miles on a Sunday. Trips to the Long Mynd to batter up the steepest hills I could find.

Boxing training twice a week, spin classes, swimming, I was doing it all.

Folks told me I was crazy but I’ll tell you, when my stint was complete I can’t tell you how good I felt. I’m determined that in just a week, when I can access my caravan at Seton again, ( closed until next Saturday) I’m getting back into it.

Since I started work again my fitness has gone to fff. I was running the park run every Saturday in 24 mins, which for a 60 year old was in the high % bracket. Now? I’d be over 30 mins, possibly 33 mins. Ridiculous and down to lack of what? Getting my fat lazy arse off the sofa at weekends and doing something about it.

I’ll be back into soon though. I’m getting that determination feeling again.

Jim and I are good?. My failing resurfaced again. Diving in without thinking. I was wrong and said so. Can do no more except hopefully learn, but at 61 I should’ve already learned!

Cheltenham. I’ve got stuff coming in from various pals and sources . Any good? Time will tell! Needs a separate thread to start posting it. Bobby and Mahe would need to get that sorted for me. I’ll dump anything I’ve got on there.

Keep up the match reports. The best on t’internet. Written in a style I love. Straight to the point.



Let us know when you want the separate thread set up for Cheltenham. A matter of seconds to do it,and I’m sure there will be many of us putting our oar in and muddying the waters!

Twists n Turns



This was sent to me on Saturday and as well as the example below there’s a whole load more for lots of other races, but I don’t want to clog the blog! As I say, if a separate thread can sit in the background somewhere I’ll dump everything as it comes in.


On 18th Feb in London I was kindly once again asked to take part in a Cheltenham Preview evening alongside 11-time champion trainer Paul Nicholls.

During the evening we discussed all the major races throughout the meeting, and both gave our opinions on who was the best bets in the races at the time

Alongside that Paul Nicholls gave us the lowdown on his main hopes throughout the meeting from his vast string and horses to look out for not only at the festival but the future too.

Here are all big race trends and tips for the races, as discussed that night for you to use as you wish.

Please remember when betting ante post a lot can change, as can our opinions.

Good Luck

✓ 9/10 Ran within the last 59 days
✓ 9/10 Previously contested a Graded Race (8 had won)
✓ 8/10 Won at least 50% of their hurdle starts
✓ 8/10 Won last time out
✗ Only 1 winner started their career on the flat
✗ 2/42 is the record of Unbeaten Hurdlers
✗ 1 of the last 11 winners went off 11/1 or more
✗ All35 runners in headgear have been beaten
✗ 1 4yr old winner in the last 45 years

The curtain opener to the main event and both Paul Nicholls and I were in agreement that SHISHKIN was the horse to beat here. He’s fully of speed, looks full of class and has no problem staying either. If the ground were to become really testing, I feel that the owner’s other runner ASTERION FORLONGE would be bang in the mix. He doesn’t look to be the quickest, and in fact had an entry in the Albert Bartlett, but a test of stamina will suit him to the ground.

Twists n Turns

Posts crossed. Anytime amigo



Fill yer boots,mate.


The Guardian has been doing a daily stat for the festival for a wee while now,so I’ll try to find them,c&p them in,and update as they are published.


Very remiss of me not to have done this earlier.

Best wishes to MARIOBERTOLINI as he recovers from a stay in hospital. Probably being pampered,as I was a couple of years back!


Big Audio Dynamite


He’s not even their player! And wait till he pisses off an already fractious dressing room,as he has elsewhere. Oh,he’s dynamite,alright…


Just seen this on e-Tims.

RT @Chrissybhoy2708 Disgraceful the amount of people on here laughing at ‘The Rangers’ dropping more point the day. Cut them some slack. We were aw shite at fitba when we were 8 years old aswell??

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Bobby, I really need to get back to my life! I’m still sitting here in my Celtic onesie, laughing hysterically, covered in Cheetos & surrounded by plates and bowls! Ah, f@ck it, I’m away back to monkey media for the giggles.

Karma, it’s a helluva thing ?

Still on cloud 9

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46 months since Celtic lost a trophy!

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Just realised Adidas was founded by a guy called Adolf “Adi” Dassler .


The Herald’s response to the Keatings Fiasco:-

“The outcry which followed the initial ruling – and even Gary Lineker took to Twitter to express his disbelief – was only to be expected given that video replays clearly showed that Rangers defender Ciaran Dickson had made contact with the Inverness forward.
It will be outrageous if John Robertson’s team are forced to take on John McGlynn’s side without the player whose goal had helped them get there.
But in every other respect this unprecedented move is just staggering. It raises serious and valid questions about the entire disciplinary process in this country. It could very well have sounded the death knell for the current procedures as they stand. Given the deafening clamour that there already was for change, it is hard to see how they can possibly survive.

First of all, what evidence exactly did the panel member fail to consider? Did he or she even watch back the incident in question? Because even the most cursory of glances at a video replay would have shown conclusively that Keatings didn’t dive. How was a flawed ruling with such major ramifications allowed to be given in the first place?
Furthermore, if the panel didn’t act as they were supposed to in this instance then on how many other occasions in the past has a player been banned or a club fined because of such inexcusable incompetence? And how can clubs now be certain that cases will be dealt with properly going forward? How can future judgements possibly be trusted?
It may very well have emerged that proper guidelines weren’t followed. But there is a definite suspicion here that the negative headlines and adverse publicity prompted the intervention of the Hampden high heid yins. Whatever the truth of the matter is, it has been an almighty mess which has reflected badly on the organisation charged with running the game here.

A quick scan of the reader comments on this newspaper’s website after the story broke on Saturday summed up the reaction of the Scottish football public to the development. How can they be trusted to have done anything right ever? This is ineptitude pure and simple. Which other tribunals did this member sit on? The astonishment and disgust were clear.

The entire system needs ripped up. It has to be far more straightforward and transparent than is currently the case. Just now it is complicated and confusing. SFA officials who have attempted to explain their inner workings to me and a fair few other journalists in the past have given out erroneous information and later come back and apologised for their mistakes. If they don’t understand it then what chance does anybody else have?      
There is no doubt that many clubs are happy to demonise the SFA in order to deflect attention from their own shortcomings on and off the park and spare themselves from the ire of their supporters. It shouldn’t be forgotten that it is an independent panel, not the compliance officer, chief executive or president, that ultimately makes the final judgement. The governing body’s members, too, have all agreed on how appeals are dealt with and players punished retrospectively. 
But Maxwell, who was last week informed in no uncertain terms that the Premiership clubs have no confidence in the status quo, Petrie and Mulraney would do well to appoint a working party to examine how the system can be overhauled and then move swiftly to implement their recommendations in time for the start of the 2020/21 campaign.



All of which is relevant to the e-mail trail between SOLKITTS and the SFA Head of Governance referenced at the top of the page.

What I find most staggering from the Keatings fiasco is that the panel member who reported the whole shambles is the one who has been disciplined and removed from future consideration.

Isn’t there a law protecting whistleblowers,if you’ll pardon the unavoidable pun?


Also,I suspect that the panel’s judgement was based along the lines of…

Look,we canny throw Alan Muir under a bus here. It was 1-1 at the time,wi the Gers in wi a shout of a final. The guy’s a Tim,he got a red in a diddy game for a diddy team. So what,it’ll all be forgotten tomorrow.

Fair play to his club for standing by their player. I note that there has been no mention of a charge of bringing the game into disrepute. Other clubs might use this as a template and reference point,given that the appeal in question was adjudged to be final.

The irony is that had they stuck by the old rules of a majority decision rather than any member having a veto,they could have avoided this. Tangled webs,as ever wi that mob.

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17-April-2016 The last time Celtic lost a cup tie. That is totally incredible!

Scottish cup record. Celtic v

Albion Rivers 3-0
ICT 6-0
St Mirren 4-1
Rangers 2-0
Aberdeen 2-1
Brechin 5-0
Partick. 3-2
Morton 3-0
Rangers. 4-0
Motherwell. 2-0
Airdrie 3-0
St Johnstone. 5-0
Hibs. 2-0
Aberdeen. 3-0
Hearts. 2-1
Patrick. 2-1
Clyde. 3-0

Scored 54. Against 6. WOW!

League cup record. Celtic v

Motherwell. 5-0
Alloa 2-0
Rangers. 1-0
Aberdeen. 3-0
Kilmarnock. 5-0
Dundee. 4-0
Hibs. 4-2
Motherwell. 2-0
Patrick. 3-1
St Johnstone. 1-0
Hearts. 3-0
Aberdeen. 1-0
Dunfermline. 2-1 AET
Partick. 5-0
Hibs. 5-2
Rangers. 1-0

Scored 47. Against 6!. What a team this is!


Why are the tribunal member’s identities kept secret? In courts when much more important cases are being tried and sometimes dangerous people involved – organised crime gangs, terrorists etc – Judges are not clouded in anonymity.

Who are these people? What is their background. Qualifications. Are they members of secret organisations? I think even Judges have to declare if they are masons.

In the interests of transparency I think we should know.

Likewise referees. What is their club allegiance history? Are they masons?

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Morning Jim, hope you’re feeling a bit better, mate ?

Would I be right in thinking Danny was a Tic fan?



They’re kept secret because the last time names were revealed-by the press,not the SFA-it led to death threats and warnings that Raith Rovers ground would be fire bombed.

See if you can guess who was on the receiving end of the decision.

Clue-who are these people? We need to know the name of these people.

Cheeky chappie,my arse. A dangerous hun bastert who knew what he was doing.


Hiya B.A.D. I’m alright thanks. Danny wasn’t into football, if push came to shove he would admit to being a Tim. He and his wife didn’t have any children but they owned 2 or 3 horses and that was the huge thing in their lives. Funeral is on Wednesday.


Yes I remember that Bobby. Our manager has been on the receiving end of death threats too. Politicians, celebrities, journalists and a host of people in the public eye are subjected to them. But we can’t have a society which is run behind closed doors.

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Cool Jim. I was just wondering if maybe Celtic was what brought you 2 together.

Will definitely be thinking of you on wed, mate. Stay strong ?

Big Audio Dynamite

On Celtic’s financial troubles.

“I cannot say I’m not enjoying what’s happening to them” A well known, portly, sleekit hun in 1994


B.A.D., Nah it was more the demon drink! We have drunk in the same pubs for about thirty odd years. Also my closest lifelong pal, Johnny, is Danny’s bro-in-law. Johnny’s wife and Danny’s wife are sisters so I met them all at parties and get togethers often enough. I spent a great Hogmannay/NY morning in Danny’s house years ago. It was a laugh. Johnny on the other hand is Celtic daft. He and his son are ST holders. I was with johnny in the main stand for Henrik’s last game. We were both in tears. I was usually in the North Stand but his son couldn’t make it so I moved for the day.

You got me all nostalgic there! LOL


Deny Way

And now the end is near
And Sevco face the final curtain
My friends, I’ll say it clear
I’ve laughed so much my sides are hurtin’
They thought that we were fooled
With their ‘oor auld club didnae die’ ways
But we all knew the truth of their Big Lie ways.

Debts? They have a few
But then again they never pay them
Their creditors are in a queue
All waiting for some money fae them
They planned each bill they dodged
So they could dae it in a fly way
But even so they’re f*cked in a goodbye way.

Yes there were times I’m sure he knew
Dave King bit off more than he could chew
But through it all when cash ran out
He got the fans to bail him out
He spent f*ck all yet faced them all
That wonky eye way.

They’ve moaned, they’ve whinged and cried
They’ve had their fill of Sevco losing
While fans of other sides
Just find it all so amusing
To think they’re still so crap
In spite of spending all that money
If I were a bigoted chap I’d find that funny.

For what is a hun?
What has he got?
If not a brain?
And he has not!
Is it the sense he truly needs
To see the club he loved is deid?
The record shows he’ll answer ‘No’
It’s the deny way.



You’ve got a definite talent,oul’ son!


R. St. Parsley, That’s brilliant! I swear to God as I was reading it I could hear Frank Sinatra singing it in my head – with those words! He would have loved it.

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Jim, I think I said to you, losing my best mate is one of the most shocking, heart-breaking episodes of my life …I miss him badly! He used to say to me all the time “Why do you take that bulky camera with you, everywhere we go” having a terrible memory, I’m really glad I did. When you told us about Danny, it made me get the photos out for the first time in years.

Me & him with our kilts on in England for the Euros 96.
Me & him @The world cup in France, and getting tossed out the Monte Carlo casino!
Me & him winning trophies together.
His wedding and the birth of his kids.
His joy when my son came along.
Our dad’s passing at the same time.
And even though he was the most fanatical Rangers fan I knew, it never once came between us.

And a million other things we shared, all caught by that “Stupid camera” God, I miss him

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Unbelievably, Celtic are still in with a chance of bettering our league tally from our invincible season. (Points 106 – goals scored 106) Though, to do it, we will need to win our last 10 games.. that is incredible!


BAD, Can’t begin to think what it’s like to lose someone in that way. Tragic doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m glad you took and kept those photos although I realise it’s small consolation.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, I just wanted to let you know, you were the reason I took them out again. Sure I cried ..again, but it was a happy kinda crying, as all the great memories came flooding back.

Thanks pal!


Well on a cheerier note, I’ll need to dig the car out and head off to the nearest currency exchange. It’s my sister’s golden wedding anniversary this week and they are going on a cruise next week. So I am going to buy them some Singapore Dollars. Never thought I’d say that! 🙂

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Slippy throws in the towel


Too much time on my hands but here goes anyway…..

Match Stats since 29th December

Matchday 21
Celtic 1 Rangers 2 Points Rangers +3 Running Total Rangers -2
Matchday 22
Celtic 3 Kil 1
Ran 1 St M 0 Points = Running Total Rangers -2
Matchday 23
Celtic 3 Ross C 0
Hearts 2 Ran 1 Points Celtic +3 Running Total Rangers -5
Matchday 17 (played 29/1)
St J 0 Celtic 3
Ran 2 Ross C 0 Points = Running Total Rangers -5
Matchday 24
Ran 0 Aber 0
Ham 1 Celtic 4 Points Celtic +2 Running Total Rangers -7
Matchday 25
Ran 2 Hibs 1
Mot 0 Celtic 4 Points = Running Total Rangers -7
Matchday 26
Celtic 5 Hea 0
Kil 2 Ran 1 Points Celtic +3 Running Total Rangers -10
Matchday 27
Aber 1 Celtic 2
Ran 1 Liv 0 Points = Running Total Rangers -10
Matchday 28
St J 2 Ran 2
Celtic 3 KIL 1 Points Celtic +2 Running Total -12

CELTIC 9 9 0 0 28 6 27
RANGERS 9 5 2 2 12 8 17

Looking at those results The Rangers have dropped points every second game after beating us at CP;
A first year maths pupil could spot that sequence without too much difficulty but Stevie G does seem to have a problem breaking the sequence. It would be interesting if the sequence continued until the season’s end but football being football its unlikely to be so accurate, or entertaining! I can’t see Celtic seeing out the League winning every game but it’s possible they remain undefeated.It’s hard to see Stevie G’s The Rangers winning every game as their record so far shows they just haven’t got it right at the moment. After all the nonsense surrounding our performance in the League Cup FInal and our deserved defeat at CP it seems that Celtic have galvanised the players and re-found the steeliness we sort of knew they had.

Awe Naw


Section 7.2 very interesting

I think we should be informed who is on the Club Appellate Tribunal list

Willie Young
Craig Thomson
Kenny Clark

I also do not see why there is a need for one professional to chooses two civilians to make up the panel.

The problem that Maxwell clearly has is that his organisation is clearly considered to be submissive to the Masonic lodge.

The Scottish law courts
Scottish Referee Association
Scottish Football Association

The above triumvirate between former professionals whose income over a lifetime is provided by them needs immediately abandoned and a truly independent body consisting of elected fan groups with a two year term in office needs established.

Needless to say our own masons on the PLC are too heavily conflicted to speak out about it

Mike in Toronto


It was the Dassler brothers. Then they had a falling out, and the other brother, zRudolph, left and started Puma.


Big Audio Dynamite

Cheers Mike ? That is a story I was completely unaware of.


Anyone on here avail themselves the new vegan fare at Celtic park yesterday?


I didn’t go to the game yesterday but my nephew (part time Vegan , but don’t tell him I told you that ;), took my ticket. We’re in the North Stand so he wasn’t able to sample the Full Vegan Menu but he did have a BOVRIL which apparently has been VEGAN since about 2006!! How does that work then?! 🙂

The Gombeen Man


I haven’t seen anything official from Ofcom. Presumably if they don’t have jurisdiction some other body does…or is the Sky platform unregulated?


bada bing1

TGM- Thanks

Awe Naw

Celtic’s Sky Sports complaint thrown out as Ofcom make decision over Alfredo Morelos mistranslation
The Premiership champions were left furious after mistranslated quotes attributed to the striker accused Hoops fans of racial abuse.

By Liam Bryce
14:22, 24 FEB 2020 UPDATED 14:42, 24 FEB 2020

Sky Sports have escaped a full Ofcom investigation over the mistranslated Alfredo Morelos interview.

Celtic lodged a formal complaint to the UK’s communications regulator after subtitled quotes attributed to the Rangers striker accused Hoops fans of racial abuse.

The correct translation conducted by Record Sport showed the Colombian made no such allegation as he delivered answers in Spanish.

The interview was later removed from all Sky platforms before a corrected version was made available.

But, after receiving 72 complaints including Celtic’s, Ofcom insist they have no grounds to pursue the matter further.

In a statement issued on Monday, the regulator says that because the mistranslated section was shown only online and on Sky’s on-demand service, it has been rendered powerless.

A spokesperson said: “We considered complaints about incorrect English subtitles in an interview on Sky Sports News.

“As the section of the interview with the incorrect translation was shown only on Sky’s website and on-demand platforms and not on its broadcast television channel, we have no grounds to pursue this matter under the Broadcasting Code.”

Three weeks ago, Premiership demanded an explanation from Sky, who earlier apologised for the error.

An initial apology from Sky said: “After numerous steps undertaken by Sky to verify the interview thoroughly we can be clear that at no point did Morelos allege that any racial abuse was directed at him by Celtic supporters in the interview.

“We apologise to the supporters of Celtic football club for this serious error. We are reviewing our procedures for translated interviews to ensure this does not occur in future.”

As exclusively revealed in the Sunday Mail, Celtic initially refused to co-operate with the broadcasting giant in the immediate aftermath.

Sky were briefly banned from press conferences but the stance was eased ahead of Celtic’s win at Pittodrie earlier in February, which was shown live on the channel.

That was despite lingering concerns inside Parkhead over the matter.

Celtic considered Sky’s apology inadequate and chief-executive Peter Lawwell issued a public letter to Ofcom.

He wrote: “On behalf of Celtic FC, I wish to lodge an official complaint in respect of an interview with the footballer Alfredo Morelos. which was broadcast on all Sky platforms on Monday.

“Mr Morelos. spoke in Spanish and subtitles were provided.

“It is our contention that the presentation of this interview was grossly and irresponsibly misleading due to the wildly inaccurate and tendentious translation which was provided in the subtitles.

“The effect and, we believe, purpose of this misrepresentation was to broadcast offensive and incendiary allegations against Celtic and its supporters, by attempting to attribute these — quite unfairly — to Mr Morelos.

“It is difficult to think of a more irresponsible piece of ‘sporting journalism’.

“On the basis of the inaccurate translation, damaging and wholly inaccurate stories were briefed to the press.

“I am asking Ofcom to conduct an investigation in order to answer the following questions: Who was responsible for the inaccurate translation?

“What steps were taken by Sky TV to ascertain the accuracy, or otherwise, of the translation provided?

“What part did Sky TV play in briefing the story, based on the inaccurate translation, to the wider media?

“We believe this is a matter of substantial public interest.

“Mr Morelos. has been seriously misrepresented and is deserving of apology and explanation.”

1 2 3