Greener on the other side of fence?

I watched new money teach old money a lesson last night in the battle of the state sponsored sides. For a team that used to represent the working man, the blue half of Manchester reigning supreme away on the continent against a huge name was the stuff of daydreams not long ago.
If the titles they won are stripped, many will wish they had remained only daydreams.

A team finds money it should not and could not afford according to the regulations and has success, where have we witnessed that before? There are more similarities than differences in the two cases.
One claimed in good faith but was compromised by side letters.
One claimed in good faith but was compromised by leaked hacked emails.
Both did not or will not admit guilt.

City’s defence that they were investigated, found guilty, and punished by the same body thus denied a proper and fair hearing might sound ok initially, and in some circumstances that would not be accepted protocol, but at the end of the day they entered a body’s competition and were provided with a rulebook to abide by plus the applicable actions for non compliance.
They are complaining about what they signed up to.
Fortunately for them the boss has agreed there is a feasible appeals body available for dissatisfied clients and thats where the entire mystery will head.

This chain of events has placed the EPL in a predicament, in that they might have had previous winners who have not been FFP compliant as they stated. Although they will rightly wait for the appeals process to conclude, if their competition rules were breached they are then faced with the big question over title stripping. I doubt very much they will be taking their cue from their northern counterparts on this one.

There will be many north of the border who realise this could throw a lot of egg on a lot of faces in regards to how it is handled by other close-by governing bodies. The title stripping threat was almost forgotten about, now we have it thrust back into public debate and it will be for some time.
For us who watched not fit for purpose bodies and blindsided Lords scramble about giving the semblance of acting on behalf of what is right, seeing proper procedures and media scrutiny will be like night and day.
The big question to ask on this one is will the appetite for title stripping return if we see it happening elsewhere for basically the same?
Will the fans clamor for it ?

And then Uefa themselves might have had a bone to pick with City from day one as they were trying to close down the sugar daddy route to clubs to help sanitize the game ( much too late ) but here we have evidence they are prepared to look closely at a clubs finances based on leaked emails.
They want dodgy finances and leaked emails one team had that going on waaay before those others but no investigation.
Friends in high places?
I just cant shake the feeling that we will be sitting watching the wheels of justice grind smooth and swift elsewhere without fear or favour and will be thinking that’s how justice works.
Take a look at what we should have had.

The above is by Mahe. Should you fancy bashing out the latest Pullitzer prize nominee we will happily publish for free.

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A thing of beauty

Good article mahe,
I suspect Man City will be found guilty and there will be proper justice from the FA. They are not hamstrung by the same institutional bias that their counterparts in the SFA are. They are operating in the 21st century whilst our lot are 400 years behind. It’ll ever be thus.

big packy

MORNING ALL, mahe once more a fine article, but cant comment on English teams, ok I live down here, but would not watch them if they were playing in my back garden, unless of course they were playing the famous Glasgow celtic? ok there is probably a bit of envy there, if we had a big sugar daddy pumping millions into our club, we would be the second biggest club in the world behind Barcelona, I truly believe that hh.


Right Said Dave

“Right”, said Dave, unlocking the boardroom
“I’m sure you’ll find the warchest is in here”
I searched each nook and cranny of that crook’s lair
Couldn’t find it in there
And that was no surprise to me.

“Right”, said Dave, “I’ll have to smash the place up”
“Stage a break in so the cops can see”
“That I’m missin’ a pot that I can piss in”
“I’ll claim on the insurance”
“And then I’ll get some cash for free”.

Then I had a think and I said to Dave
“I think I know the answer”
“Are you no’ just a chancer?”
Dave said, “You could be right”
“It’s well known I’m full of shite”.

“Right”, said Dave, picking up a hammer
Smashed a wall in with a heavy blow
But that just left us covered in asbestos
Needing even more of Dave’s dough
Then Dave said to me
“I know this scam wi’ EBTs”
And I said, “FUCK NO!!!”



Good stuff. I’m of the opinion that UEFA want to make FFP seen to be enforceable,and that they have the will to do so. They have taken the scalps of a number of minnows in the past,but it is clear that some clubs think they they are “too big to fail” and certainly too big to pay heed to regulations.

However,I also think that there may be an unintended consequence of this,as the megaclubs will now try all the harder to ensure their mammoth slice of the pie stays that way,without encumbrance by pesky rules.

FIFA and UEFA re currently at loggerheads with one another with each vying to be the supreme voice in the game. UEFA has,via its club network,the vast majority of the teams that worldwide viewers want to see. If those clubs approach FIFA for permission to set up their own supranational competitions-with,perhaps,a future view to welcoming burgeoning monied clubs from other continents-we could see those clubs break away altogether.

A Netflix-style subscription or PPV channel would bring in the money and the sponsors. It will clean up our game at a more domestic level,but it will be poor fare for a while as the superstars are seen elsewhere.

The Beautiful Game is well on its way to a schism,and as always,money is at the root of it.

Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

I get the sense that you do not like me criticising Celtic or giving any sort of recognition to Sevco (even if merited).

I stand by the Tavernier comment. He has played almost 3 times as many games this year as Elhamed. I really like Elhamed but he still remains somewhat of an unknown. His last league appearance was in September. Bauer is 3rd choice so not up for consideration. Love Frimpong but his youth and lack of experience have been on show in both Glasgow derbies and Copenhagen away.

“Stevie G a Euro genius!” Not quite but the results are incredibly impressive. Look at some of the teams that have put us out over the last 10 years and then look at Sevco’s record under Gerrard. I might be wrong, but I don’t think they have lost a game in Europe by more than 1 goal?

bada bing1

I’m not usually cautious, but I would start 4-5-1 tonight, we were outnumbered in MF second half last week, get possession and play ourselves in to the game.Remember Cluj,a good 1-1 away result and…

Awe Naw

never say I never warned you !!!

IT IS SATURDAY, a crisp spring afternoon, and you’re exactly where you should be: stretched out on the couch in front of the television, just about to watch all your favourite TV programmes that you’ve recorded over the last few weeks. Opening beer number two, relaxed in the knowledge that the pizza you ordered is even now on its way. Nothing could improve this moment, except maybe a bigger television. Suddenly your girlfriend enters the room and says, “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

Is this a trick question or what?

Yes, it is. The trick is that no matter how you answer it, you will immediately find yourself driving down to your nearest home improvement centre, where you will spend the rest of the afternoon trying to decide the type of curtain rod that’s right for you.

How does this work?

It has as much to do with the nature of the question itself as with anything else. Women are expert at posing questions that seem to have no right answer. Here’s a common example.

Do I look fat?

There is no answer to this question that won’t be interpreted “yes.” “No” means yes. “Yes” means yes. “I don’t know” means yes. “It doesn’t matter” means yes. The briefest hint of a pause before speaking means yes, yes, yes. Most of us would rather go to the dentist than field this one, yet it may well come up several times a week. Your only real choice is to say “no,” clearly and immediately, leaving no possibility for any subtext, and making it sound like a widely acknowledged fact and not simply your opinion. This doesn’t work, but all the other options are worse.

There are several other questions for which “no” is the only answer, and several more that call for an emphatic and unqualified yes. In all of these cases, elaboration, justification or any attempt to be funny is unlikely to pay off.

Consult this handy chart:


Is there someone else?

Do you still fantasize about her?

Are you tired of me?


Do you still love me?

Do you ever fantasize about me?

Do you like my hair this way?

Unfortunately, many female inquiries require more than a simple yes or no response. Some of them are more like riddles. Such as this one:

Which shoes look better?

Typically you’re already late for dinner when your girlfriend confronts you, with one pair of shoes on and another alongside them. This is no ordinary choice. It’s a devious chicken/egg puzzler, the sort of choice that would lead even Hobson to say to Mrs. Hobson, “Whichever, you old trout!” If you pick the shoes she already has on, she’ll think you’re trying to hurry her. If you pick the other pair, she’ll think it’s because you know you can’t pick the ones she has on. Some men try a nonlinear approach and opt for a third, unoffered pair of shoes, but this is inevitably taken as either an attack on her judgment or an opportunity for her to attack yours. On no account suggest another dress. You might as well say, “You’re fat.”

This raises the question of why she’s asking you at all. She knows you don’t know which shoes look better, and she knows you don’t care, so why is she trying to elicit your opinion? This is part of an ongoing campaign to domesticate you. As part of the same campaign, she will occasionally consult you about alternative table settings or new towels. In these two cases a disdainful and dismissive “beats me” should do the trick, but don’t try that with the shoe dilemma, or you’ll miss your reservation. Instead, suggest that she try on the other shoes, then tell her the first ones look better. This lets you more or less off the hook, as long as you don’t raise a fuss when she decides that the second pair are better after all.

Where do you see this relationship going?

This could be described as an essay question, since you’re obviously not going to get away with snappy little answers such as “forward” or “upstairs” or “I dunno.” Another problem is that you and your girlfriend are operating at cross purposes here. She wants a heartfelt expression of your feelings and an honest assessment of your future together, and you want an easier question. There is certainly no point in answering a toe-curling query like this one without at least a rough idea of precisely what it is she wants to hear. Questions such as this one are a category unto themselves, i.e., Questions that should be answered with another question. See how easily some of the more difficult leading inquiries can be parried through the simple deployment of reflexive interrogation.

Her: Where do you see this relationship going?

You: Where do *you* see this relationship going?

Her: Do you think she’s attractive?

You: Who?

Her: Will you marry me?

You: Where am I?

Her: What if I were pregnant?

You: Are you pregnant?

Her: Why? Do I look fat?

Whoops! We’re in a bit of trouble here. You should have seen that coming. Try a more surreal approach:

Her: What if I were pregnant?

You: What if *we* were pregnant? …. (Cool, huh?)

Some all-purpose question-answers include: How much is a lot? Why do you ask? Should I be? What are you saying? Does it matter? What’s love got to do with it? Are you talking to me? (Note: Are you having your period? is not one of these.)

Let’s try a math question. How many people have you slept with? Hmmmmm….Now, you can tell her the truth, unless the truth is more than 12, or you can have a guess at the number she’s more or less expecting. Like most arithmetic problems, the answer is a lot easier once you have a formula. This one should work as long as neither of you has sex for a living.

Number of people she’s slept with

+ Number of people she knows you’ve slept with

+ Number of people you actually have slept with.

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Why don’t you lighten up?

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Notice anything different about me?

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Her: Notice anything different about me?

You: New apron? … (Ouch!)

Her: Have you forgotten what today is?

You: Of course not. It’s Thursday.

Her: Have you been listening to a word I’ve said?

You: That’s nice, dear…

Funny, huh? Well, it’s not your fault if she doesn’t get it. If she wants a better answer, she’s going to have to start asking better questions. Questions such as:

Have you taken a look at yourself lately? This question and its cousin, the almost always uncalled for “Who do you think you are?” are ways of gently reminding you how much of a factor pity was in her original decision to go out with you, and how that decision could be rescinded if you behave in any way that cannot be described as abject. You probably brought this rebuke on yourself by mentioning that you reckon Brad Pitt is getting a little chubby or by speculating that Jack Nicholson doesn’t have to wait until his birthday for oral sex. You’re not really supposed to answer either of these questions. You’re just supposed to apologise for your wanton self-esteem-having. Instead of apologising, just smile. Your manifold inadequacies as a boyfriend – nay, as a man – are a kind of revenge all by themselves. Next!

Do you believe in fidelity?

Like most philosophical questions that seem to pop up out of the blue, this question doesn’t pop up out of the blue. This general query about fidelity is in fact a coded inquiry about the extent of your fidelity on a specific occasion or occasions. Your response will also have to be coded. Consult this translation chart before giving your answer:


YOU MEAN – How much does she know?

SHE THINKS – He’s hiding something.

YOU SAY – It depends

YOU MEAN – How much does she know?

SHE THINKS – I knew it!

YOU SAY – Why do you ask

YOU MEAN – How much does she know?

SHE THINKS – Bastard!

YOU SAY – I dunno. Do you?

YOU MEAN – How much does she know?

SHE THINKS – How much does he know?

There are several more variations, but they’re not worth going into. By the time she asks you this question, you’re already in deep trouble. It doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as you don’t blush when you answer.

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What are you looking at?

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Here are a few of the more common mistakes men make when asked, “What are you looking at?”

Too specific: The rust around the bolts on the handle on the flap of that mailbox on the northwest corner.”

Not specific enough: “That thing.”

Too good to be true: “A diamond necklace in that window back there that would be perfect on you.”

Too true to be good: “A see through nightie in that window back there that would be perfect on you.”

Too obvious: “Nothing.”

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In such situations you’ll probably find that the only answer to “What are we going to do now?” that you can think of is “We are going to break up. Goodbye.” Most likely you’ll decide not to say anything. After which she will probably let loose with the rather ill-advised:

Why don’t you say something?

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Should I get all of my hair cut off?

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Does it make me look fat!!?

…..You’re on your own…..

The Gombeen Man

Awe Naw, LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂


R St. Parsley, Great lyrics again !

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, Tavernier? The guy the Rangers fans constantly slate as a useless defender, you think is a better player than our 3 RBs?
If that really is your opinion, you are the only Tim I know who thinks that.

You do seem to praise Slippy A LOT, and likewise Sevco. I know fine well they have a fair record in Europe, but I have NEVER seen that mob praised as much by any Celtic fan I’ve read, or met…but you seem to, in every second post.

I find your posts strange for a Celt, that is all biggy. If you are genuinely a Tim, then you are a far better man than me as I can’t stand the cheating rats!


BAD, I noticed a fair few posters were giving a bit of praise to sevco on CQN last night. All be it grudgingly ! 🙂


Off oot, time for a hair cut.


Fans to the board.

Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

I agree that Tavernier is not a world beater. I think Elhamed is the pick of the bunch but cannot stay fit; Frimpong has huge potential but in the bigger games his inexperience has shown. I’m just trying to be objective (as hard as that is). I would say its fair that a combined 11 would have 9/10 of our players.

On the praise for Gerrard…again, just being objective. I’m completely stunned by the results he has managed in Europe. Completely stunned. This is a team who were losing to the 4th best team in Luxembourg a couple years ago, at a club who were formed 8 years ago and are currently jumping from one litigation to the next.

He has not suffered a single big defeat or complete disaster even though every Celtic manager since (and including) O’Neil has been on the wrong end of poor results in Europe.

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, so by that reckoning, Tavernier is clearly the best RB in the country, eh? Strange opinion, when you consider his own fans think (Know) he is shite!

Knock yourself out mate, don’t mind me ?


Morning troops.
Fine day for a victory but a scoreless draw would do. I will log off at kickoff time.
I see some say they wouldn’t want to draw them in the Uefa cup but I think we would take them and would actually like that. Be some atmosphere and maybe a little different by the the usual affairs.

Shorts and t-shirt yesterday here, was a stunner and I even grilled outside. Snow in Oz yesterday. The climate is effed.

AweNaw that deserves framing and displayed in every hairdressers 😉

Hail Hail


Belated welcome to BBoru.
Big fan of your namesake. Glad you joined and enjoy the blog.
Look forward to your take on things.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

You guys seen this?

Video of a flock of birds in Galway … thousands and thousands of them…. . spectacular!


Back in the 60’s I lived in a tenement adjacent to the necropolis, john knox st to be precise. The starling video you posted was a COMMON site above me back then. Glasgow District Council eventually paid an outfit called “Camerons Commandos” to get rid because of the damage to the buildings (and hairstyles) that their shit caused


Amazing how that wee video stirred a million memories in my bonce

Mike in Toronto


Pretty spectacular to see it on video … I can only imagine how much more so it must have been to see and hear that in person….

I find it fascinating how flocks of birds or schools of fish seem to move like an organism…. almost telepathically ….

I have seen it a few times while diving (nothing on the scale of this flock), and it still amazes me …

and, as you say, with diving, I dont need to worry about getting shit on!


Mike in Toronto

ps … murmuration? a great word… need to try to find a way to fit that in somewhere today.


You have to be careful diving as well. On a crowded beach in Portugal my youngest son came up and told me he needed the toilet. I of course told him to do it in the sea. 5 minutes later it was like a scene from jaws as swimmers swum like Mark Spitz to escape the diahorrea the wee man had just deposited


In the States when someone leaves a gift in the pool the cleaning company refer to it as a yellow trout. Honest!

Mike in Toronto


Everyone asks about peeing in a wetsuit … everyone does it…Including fish, who also fill the water up with number 2’s, but we try not to think of that …

On the issue of number 2’s, wet suits, unlike the old fashioned onsies, dont have a bum flap …so a number 2 while diving can be a tricky issue.

However, if you are not wearing a wet suit…. it can be done.

some dive courses actually teach you how to do it…

find a quiet spot away from other divers, and behind some coral, maybe…

remove your BCD (the air jacket thing that looks like a life jacket ) and hold it in your right arm … and here’s the important part ….

make sure you turn upside down (so you bum is above your head ) … because poo usually floats up, and you dont want it rising up and getting caught on you or your equipment …. so, you have to poo upside down, which is kinda wierd …

apparently, poo can attract some types of fish …so, once you are done, quickly, put your pants and your BCD back on, rejoin your dive group, and pretend like nothing ever happened …

and hope than no one in your group was filming!


bada bing1













Bada I don’t like that team.
For me Elly and Tom shouldn’t start together imo and they can both easily be nullified.
Hail Hail


Mahe, BB1
Is Griff injured? If he’s fit the team almost picks itself at CP in the absence of Ollie and Ryan unless Lenny has a surprise in store. Griff for Ely if he’s fit.


Would I be overly concerned if we were to lose tonight ?? Nah, not at all, the Euro losers league is a bit of a distraction for me. Obviously i’d prefer a win and our qualifying for the next round of the comp but all in all the Europa league doesn’t interest as much as watching Celtic V St Mirren for instance! Strange but true. Now what does concern me , Euro loser league wise, would be our being drawn against Sevco in the next round should we beat Copenhagen tonight. Imagine the scenario an ‘old firm’ last 16 – the last piece of the continuation myth falling into place,global recognition that Sevco and RFC 1872 are indeed one and the same entity! No thanks i’d rather we were drawn against Man U or Arsenal.

Rolling Stone

@ Oglach

Can’t agree. The Scottish/League cup are great if part of a treble winning season, but by themselves of less value. Of course, we are on for an unprecedented quadruple treble, so the impetus is there to keep going and extend this record of domestic domination for as long as possible.

However, once we lose a cup (which has to happen one day), I would much prefer going deep into European knockout rounds (which would invariably mean Europa League) combined with winning the league over league and domestic trophy.

Of course, we have the resources to fight on both fronts and should do so.


I disagree with you about the EL. I want to win every game we play no matter who, and when me and the wee fella are up there tonight supporting the Celtic it’s guaranteed the other 60000 will feel the same as me. We know we’re not gonna spend our way to the CL so we need to build to it. At the moment this is our level and to improve we need to compete and win, this process helps us become, hopefully, a CL team.
Meeting The Rangers in the Last 16 would be an opportunity for the Green Brigade, and the rest of us, to use as a platform to highlight the Old versus New debate. How I don’t know, there’s more imaginative people than me out there but I’d like to think it’d be a suitable platform outside of Scotland to show the world there’s a NewCo Kid on the Block!!

big packy

EVENING ALL, I want to win the Europa league, the Scottish league, the Scottish cup, and the Scottish league cup, its been done before, cant remember the team though,.old age creeping in?

big packy

decent team, it should be good enough to beat, wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, who sang that, and it wasn’t AWE NAW??

Awe Naw


Danny Kaye

big packy

ROLLING STONE, if your lurking ill give you this about gerrard, he seems to be the comeback kid, remember watching the 2005 champions league final, they were down 3-0 ffs and they fought back to draw 3-3, then won on penalties, and he had a good hand in it, still don’t like him though?

big packy

AWE NAW, knew you would get it as your older than me??

Awe Naw


seen your driving the bus to Gdansk. You need to brush up on your Cliff Richard

28/10/10 Baby Huns 0 Celtic 3

I love Celtic fans … I provide a guide for life and it inspires a jobbies in the swimming pool summit 🙂

Awe Naw

3.1 tonight.

Eddie, Calmac. Jamesie

Ajer or Brown o.g

big packy

AWE NAW, green glasses last night, and a green hat tonight, anyone would think you were a tim? joking apart, that was nice, is that the more expensive guitar?


I hope Jims day wasn’t too testing and that Danny got a good send off.
RIP Danny.
Now a win to send him off properly
Hail Hail

Awe Naw


yes bud .. that’s one of my babies

When the huns went into admin I put up a video on me facebook of me singing Bob Dylan`s Like A Rolling Stone. It went down very well so I done another 10.CC I´m not in love

your not a club
so just forget it
It´s administration phase your going through
and just because you fucked up
dont think that we’ll forget your Scotland’s shame
your not a cub No No

.. that went down really well. So did The Unseen Fenian hand set to Sympathy for the Devil

big packy

MAHE, yes, he has not been on today, if he is not on shortly I will be investigating,,RIP DANNY.



Tremendous post about problems arising from “dirty bomb” questions.

I take issue with you though on how to deal with the first one. And it will prevent ANY of the others arising.

The correct answer is

What does it f…..g look like? Bloody stupid question to ask-and yer not even blonde!”


big packy

AWE NAW, have you ever played in a band.?

Awe Naw

A policeman arrived at my door and said, “It looks like your girlfriend has been in an accident”

I said, “I know but she has a lovely personality”.

Awe Naw


Yes three times. Every time the drummer was an ego maniac. Problem with all three bands was it wasn’t really my music

Awe Naw


Yes JT53 has been on today. He’s off getting his Derek Johnstone Alan Rough perm.. Will be back soon


Awe Naw, What do you think of my hair cut?

Awe Naw


You remind me of a young Twists and Turns. You just need the Boats, high waisters and skinny ribbed jumper and you could stop traffic down Whitburn Cross like he used too

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