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My grateful thanks to REBUS67 for this offering,which saves me from having to ponder that pile of pish from last night.

I do not know if this will ever be published but, in writing it, I have already achieved my purpose. It frees me from my emotions. 

I want to thank my club, Celtic, for its existence. I reviewed my allegiance to the club and was surprised that it is over 60 years in duration. I was attracted to it because of its values and although these have been somewhat diluted, they are still worthy, especially when benchmarked against those of some other clubs.  Celtic is my club and will always be my club, but I shall no longer support it. I shall cancel my CelticTV and no longer check results on a regular basis. For me football was always about Celtic. The result versus Copenhagen has freed me from my addiction to Celtic…something I never thought possible. Certainly the loss hurts but that is not the reason that I am leaving. There is something reassuring that a club with player value at 42 million can outplay and beat one valued at twice that at 90.1 million(Celtic). Results should not just be about financial advantage, there should be other factors at play, for example desire to win and strategy. That is what makes the game interesting. Similarly, it is reassuring that a club valued at 28 million(Cluj) can upset one valued at 90.1 million. These results show that a club is improving. Sadly, I cannot say that about Celtic. Look at our performance after Copenhagen scored their goal. Desperate, shapeless and totally lacking in guidance from the touchline, describes the scenario. It was embarrassing to see three or four Celtic players chasing the ball and, if one retrieved it, hoofing it up the park.

Copenhagen are a modest team that has a manager who has some knowledge of tactics and above all, understands  thecapabilities of his player pool. He cuts his cloth accordingly. Before the Celtic tie he was forced to sell his top striker, but he had an aging one on hand to replace him. His faith was repaid in that this replacement scored two goals over the two games. Where am I going with this? In short, Copenhagen are a modest club that is well run and has a manager who understands what his team can do, and what it cannot. Players are sold but replacements are immediately available. They have an established way of playing. Contrast this with Celtic, a club that is good at selling but not so good at finding immediate replacements. In terms of on-field activity, what is Celtic good at playing….4231 or 352 or 433 or something else? Do we have an established back line, or an established midfield? Can the management team make adjustments to change the flow of a game? 

On paper, we should have beaten Copenhagen and Cluj, and Malmo and others over the last few years and the Board has to recognize this. Yet here we are again…simply underachieving. Not just by losing the game but by being royally outplayed in the part of the game that matters…defending and scoring. Cluj did the same to us, as did Malmo etc.

I am convinced that there is no single reason for this failure. Problems are systemic…recruitment, coaching, succession planning…you name it. It is a many headed hydra and, frankly, I have had enough of making an emotional investment in it.

Good luck Copenhagen! You were not wonderful, wonderful, but you do know what you are doing. You will not win the Europa but enjoy your well earned adventure .



Again,my grateful thanks to REBUS67. Said it all and then some,old son.

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Sol Kitts

Every cloud, and all that. As Sevco fans were cheering each Copenhagen goal, they were also kissing goodbye to Scotland getting 2 Champions League places. Now they have to either win the league or the EL to qualify.

Twists n Turns

Huge disappointment last night. To be brutally honest when we dropped out the CL I wasn’t the least bit interested in the EL, but as we made our way through, I’d started to dream of another Seville type soirée.

The last 45 minutes last week, and last night again, brought me back to my senses. It was never really on was it?

As ever, my initial angst was directed towards Lawwell for his continuous failure to adequately replace the star players that are sold off.

Neil Lennon’s team selection last night was equally worthy of criticism. Didn’t have alternatives? Then his recent additions were a waste of time and money. “ I want 4 players in”

“ I’d like to bring 3 or 4 players in but if I don’t get them I’m happy to go with what I have”

“ I trust this group of players”

No Neil. You were shat on from those above you, and you only trust some of the group. A trust which is misplaced in some cases in my opinion.

The players themselves were dire last night. Most of them were poor. I wouldn’t score any of them above a 5 out of 10.

Considering all of the above, the result shouldn’t be a surprise.

Back to the domestic scene and let’s hope last nights disappointment does not carry over to the next few games.

Away matches looming at Perth in the cup, and Livingston Ibrox and Easter road in the league, with home games v St Mirren and St Johnstone in the league interspersed among those away matches.

Huge series of games. Wins away at Perth and Livvy, then a home win v St Mirren will see the feelgood factor return for the majority of the support and see us maintain the gap heading to Ibrox.

3 games in a week. Regardless of how everyone is feeling the players need the support behind them. Turning on them now would be potentially damaging at a time where every point is critical.

I get all the anger, the annoyance, and for some the sheer frustration, and I’m sure for the next 24 hours, there will be many paragraphs condemning many people associated with Celtic. It’s to be expected. I do hope though that once it’s out of the system, everyone rallied behind Neil and the players as they attempt to seal the 9, and possibly a 4th treble on the bounce.

Twists n Turns

I reached the position you find yourself in, last year.

I know exactly how you feel, but I’ll be surprised if you can manage to turn off from Celtic completely.

I was saying similar things.

I now find myself standing in junior grounds on a Saturday with one eye on the footy and another on FlashScore.

You’ve got a tough road ahead amigo!!

Twists n Turns

On a happier note ( from a selfish point of view) I hit a big winner and bigger forecast in the 8pm at Chelmsford last night.


In an effort to see some charity get a boost, and to add a bit of interest to the naps this week, I’ll be placing 4 x £5 trebles and a £5 accy on 4 horses on Saturday. The 4 nags will be the naps of:

Jimmy not Paul, Big Packy, Bada and myself. (As the 4 who are currently showing a profit)

Any profit above the £25 stake will be transferred to Mick / Mahe to do whatever they please with. I’m sure they’ll choose wisely.

No pressure then JNP BP and Bada. ?

big packy

REBUS, great post straight from the heart ,wish I had written it, feel your pain pal, its the morning after and im still angry and sore and just cant believe it they came to parkhead and beat us, ffs they are an average side, we had the away goal, the team looked nervous all night for some reason, never mind might be a blessing in disguise, imagine what a good European team would do to us.hh.

big packy

TWISTY, count me in??

Ayrshire Bhoy

Feel your pain Rebus my tipping point was reached May 2016 and I haven’t given Celtic plc a penny since. I’ll never stop being a Celtic FC fan though, after 48 years it’s impossible to remove that from your dna.

I watched the last 20 minutes on a stream and couldn’t believe how fast we lost the game after the equaliser. I shouldn’t really be surprised though seen that movie many times.

On the plus side this should refocus everyone that nothing is won yet. Some tough games ahead HH

Twists n Turns

It’s been coming, a long time coming but it was always going to surface.

The Uphall Saints connection. No less than 5 boys from my village were at that club, including myself.

Bill Kelly was the manager. It’s no secret what he got involved in. He was convicted in court years later. Many years later.

Also at that boys club at the same time were two lads who both went on to play for Rangers. Both, I still know
Both decent lads and both were victims.

I could tell you of how close I came myself to being a victim were it not for my dads intervention.

I’ll save it for a day we can chat in person.

I’d like this stuff dealt with and put to sleep albeit way too many years late.



Blinkin’ flip,old son. Very generous indeed,of course,as we have come to almost expect from you. But what a win and forecast that was. Pretty much Grand National prices.

What glue factory fodder let you down for the tricast?


Just back from another trip to Oxford,gonna watch the highlights and then ruminate,get pished,try to pretend I was only having a nightmare. Problem is,from what I saw last night,it was the players and manager having the nightmare.

Not the way Lenny would have wanted to celebrate his first anniversary in charge.

The Gombeen Man

It will always be a source of some regret that I introduced my kids to the Celtic addiction. They say monkey see, monkey do. Carrying thiat monkey has been a lifelong albatross.

When Bada posted the team last night my gut reaction wasn’t a positive one. I’m not going to indulge in a scathing assessment of the players but many of us can see clearly where the difficulties lie.

In reality I would of had reservations about that starting line up in our domestic campaign.
Our performances mirror the coach’s temperament. A number of highs followed by a shattering low.

We’ve seen too many below par performances in Neil’s 12 months.
Julien’s awkward response when asked about tactics after the game said it all.
Neil’s appointment was calculated to sell to the oldfirmist in many of us.

Thankfully the management and staff have established a healthy lead on Sevco. Sevco’s squad lacks depth and they (until now) seem to have downed tools in the SPFL.

A humbling home defeat in very much the second tier of European football is just a continuation of the same PLC mismanagement and asset stripping of our club.

These guys delivered the Five Way Agreement, medicore European displays and have been dealing with the scandal at Celtic’s Boy’s Club.

It’s time we stopped allowing ourselves to be distracted by Sevco and the obliging statements of Jim and Dave and start looking at ourselves.

They say the false self or ego can rationalise or justify anything…Last night put that theory to the test.

I’ve no idea if Alex Thompson’s piece last night was accurate in terms of the possible number of victims, the coming legal changes and the investigation into child sex abuse in Scottish football but his documentary made for grim viewing.

The silence of the PLC exacerbates the pain of the victims.

We really need leadership at Celtic, no matter what it costs.

Twists n Turns

Arlecinos arc



Ah,Mark Usher’s other,better fancied,horse. Good jockey on it too. Nae luck,bud. Better than it being fourth though!

Awe Naw

Great post Rebus, I felt your pain 15 years ago. I suppose everyone has a differing tolerance level. Copenhagen FC are ran along similar lines to Celtic. They also have a football team that supports a business rather than a business that supports a football team. They operate around a model of 10 to 15m profit per season where the majority of that profit comes from outwith football. They make good use if their resources.. Mainly their stadium. Celtic recently about twice that level of profit. Arsenal about three times that. With some vagaries over time but the principal is the same.

So there is a schism within football. How do you want your team to operate? Those decisions are made by the owners and what they desire from their playthings? Is it pure profit? Is it personal kudos? Is it just a love of your football team? Is it a tool for opening political channels?

Clearly our owner has a few parameters that he has set that the club must manoever within and everything is based on that accordingly. The main personal goal for him is not the money it’s a hands off strategy. He can leave it up to the main accountant. He can wait long term for an opening with his investment. It’s what he does with all his investments. So nothing is going to change. Zenit, Valencia, Copenhagen. We are not improving as a team and the financial focus is domestic.

Copenhagen does not have a rival/partner that has invested 80m over the last two years. Copenhagen do not play in such a corrupt environment as we do. We are part of the corruption. We are willing to look the other way for a possible 15m as we were given a definite 10m effectively for looking the other way for the sake of the Queens 11 and the Commonwealth.

We attempted the Denmark model with Ronnie Delia but were naive in the extreme about being able to provide him with a non Scottish corrupt environment.

Why did that happen?

Because they genuinely believe that they are the good guys when they are the problem.They are the corrupt to the fucking core bastards that only give a fuck about money. They are the liars. See Resolution 12.

We will always traverse the maximum profit road while Desmond Dermot has control of the club.

As long as there is the old firm oasis who gives a tuppeny fuck about European progress. That was so evident the season after Seville. I gave them leeway as I hoped that they were indirectly addressing the corruption issue. Unfortunately greedy non footballing non Celtic people i.e our PLC thought they knew better. As always they thought they could have their cake and eat it. See Sevco, See our profits. See 3 trebles, see 8 in a row. See attendances. They were right I was wrong.

We are Old Firm. Sevco might well have an admin event soon but so what? The SPFL was formed with exactly that in mind to prevent Resolution 12 type of scenarios. If Sevco do get liquidated this summer and there is no saviour. I’d expect us to remain as a player cash and carry for the EPL but more streamlined. That would reduce our wage bill and give the rest more of a chance.

So the idea that our PLC want to clean up the game in Scotland is an absolute fallacy. They only want to clean up financially. That’s what Celtic FC is all about. We are as corrupt as the brainless small time Masons that administrate Scottish football.

Truly our European history ended in Seville.

Since then there has been fuck all of any note. This happened not by a quirk of fate but by PLC design.


I missed the first half last night as I caught up on some zeds. Missed the opener too,up in time only for the last half hour. Looking back,we should have been about four up by half time.

But we weren’t.

First thing I did when I got up was to check the score,then the line-up on the BBC results page. Frankly,I was raging at both.

Now,I’ll say this without any attempt at scapegoating,merely stating my opinion.

We were without Christie and Ntcham. Lenny wanted the three at the back. Fraser will be in goal. He then has decisions to make. We saw what they were,and to be fair they seemed to be ok in that first half.

But Griff and Eddy have been giving defenders nightmares since they first started playing together,and have struck up a decent partnership as they pull defenders all over the place. Elyounoussi is a highly talented player,but who is still on his way back from injury. He also occupies the same space as Eddy when he cuts inside,and the same space as Taylor when he stays wide. So I’d have put Griff on from the start and told him to run till he dropped.

I’d then have replaced him with Frimpers and put Forrest-who was bloody anonymous,btw-on the left. Told him to cut across,not in,and either go for it,or feed Eddy as he ran into the gap vacated by that.

But our main problem was always going to be the centre of the park. No Olly,and a half fit Broonie. No Christie to drop back,with Tam never a ball winner in midfield. And all this against a team that we know can hit hard and fast on the break.

There was no balance in the team from the start. Our three backs are right footed,while of the others,only Broonie and Forrest prefer their right. That’s a problem we’ve had for far too long,and it remains unaddressed. Our two January signings look as far away from the first team as I do. I keep hearing about our large squad,but it’s top heavy in some areas and manifestly short in others.

An injury and a suspension look to have cost us last night. That’s a sign that our squad isn’t big enough where it needs to be. A sign,in fact,that our squad isn’t where it needs to be.

Neil Lennon,we are always told,has an eye for a player. Well,he needs to have an eye for a Neil Lennon. He is exactly what this team needs,a player cloned from his dandruff if need be. And a new Lambo would be nice too,instead of the beat up old Ladas on loan from FC Fuckknows. Protect the defence and allow the flair players to do their bit. That still leaves five of them,but knowing our luck they will all be left footed and running the same channels.

It seems we have some decent players in our development squad. We can wait for them. But if any of them fit the mould of a Lenny or Lambo,I’d be inclined to fast track them.

As MON told the board after the huns had beaten us 5-1,get me Neil Lennon and it will never happen again. Last night will happen again and again until Lenny gets his own Neil Lennon.


Twists and Turns

Before the game:: Said to my mates “I don’t care about tonight”, how wrong,

I do care about: performance, tactics, formation and attitude and none were right on the night.

I said similar before the Cluj game and it was exactly the same….we simply don’t learn from our mistakes.

Management and players all to blame question is we why change, 3 5 2 has been very productive this season,


Awe Naw

I wish MON had identified Rab Douglas weaknesses after the 5.1 game instead. We might have won in Seville



Rab didn’t play in that game. But I still think he was at fault for two of the goals in Seville and also two in the 3-3 draw with the huns earlier in the season. Can’t make howlers if yer a keeper.

Awe Naw


Aye he did



We beat the huns 6-2 in August 2000. Three months later we played them at Ibrox and lost 5-1. Think Gould was in goals.

I’ll check though.


Stand corrected,AWE NAW is of course correct.

In my defence,I couldnae see who was in goals. The tears were blinding me.

Awe Naw

Jozo should have been punted 3 years ago. He is emblematic of our problems.

TET made the best post last night. If our acquisitions in January were players he identified. Why didn’t they play last night?

Why only one substitution?

Why the customary good 1st half performance followed by a poor second half performance?

Why with a 40 man sqaud are four players just coming back from injury risked in so crucial a game?

Why with a 40 man sqaud are we using utility players IN FUCKING Europe just before quarter finals?

Why have we been asking these questions for 15 years?

Not much more money to be garnered in the UL after Christmas is the answer.



Cost my sister £50 to take her daughter to the match last night. Plenty of money available with big crowds at those prices.


Telling line from John James in a blistering piece,which I’m sure he won’t mind me posting on here.
“Including share purchases the new club in Govan have spent £47.1m on putting a team on the park since 2015. Celtic have a similar amount in the bank. It should be on the field of play Mr. Lawwell.”

Awe Naw


Sevco prices. No complaints.

I think we have improved upon our end of year form since the turn of the year. The SPL teams cannot cope with our two up front. We however haven’t overall improved. I reckon Valencia and Zenit were both better than Copenhagen. So we have regressed as the last two hun games will attestify too.

We will win the league but not by a comfortable margin. Will we win the Treble?. Huns being in Europe helps. I reckon the PLC will be unconcerned about our EL departure.

Awe Naw

Last whinge of the day


Awe Naw

If Olympiakos win the EL then Scotland are 17th in the coefficient table. One CL place. If Basel get to EL semi final stage then Scotland are 17th. If however the huns get to the quarters then 16th and 2 CL places will be guaranteed.

Mon Olympiakos

Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

“As far as tonight goes, not really that bothered…Can Celtic win the CL? Does that not make a mockery of it?”

Sorry, but Celtic should aspire to be a club which competes in Europe and reaches latter rounds of the Europa League, if not the CL. We were recently included in the top 32 most valuable clubs in Europe, have a turnover between £80m and £100m and pay our CEO the equivalent of a top wage in the EPL.

And yet, we have an element of our support that constantly lower our standards and pretend that Scotland should be our lot. Europe is the whole ball game in terms of driving our club forward. It drastically increases turnover, attracts better players, increases the value of our players, excites the fans and is the reason we have a massive financial over our rivals in Scotland. We are not getting £20m+ for players who do not appear or perform in Europe. It’s ridiculous to suggest that Europe is unimportant.

As to whether Gerrard is better than Lennon. I’m unsure. It is early days in Gerrard’s career. I love Lenny. Celtic through and through, but he is not on the same level as MON or Rodgers. He also has had some real clangers in Europe: Utrecht, Sion, Cluj and Copenhagen. Gerrard has not lost a European game at Ibrox. We have blown an advantage twice at CP against mediocre but organised opposition. It’s sickening.

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists 6.54 ? We need to regroup and to go again.

Europe is where the PLC want to be for the lucra, they have no ambition outside of that. Unless Celtic are playing, I never watch European football, especially the closed shop Champions League , it bores me rigid.

I’ll just console myself with our 4th treble on the spin, and nothing that happened last night will enter my thoughts while I celebrate it! I try to always remember what we are up against, and what we have to overcome to be in this position. If the Zombies are going to be here competing with us, I want to smash them to smithereens.

Going for 55 CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

Rolling Stone, “Lenny isn’t at the same level as O’Neill or Rodgers”

He has a higher win rate than both

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, So you are unsure whether you would like Lenny or Steven Gerrard as Celtic manager?


Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

The league performance this year has been great, but the league is far weaker without Lenny at Hibs or Clarke at Kilmarnock. Hears in the relegation zone and Aberdeen as inconsistent as they have ever been.

Rolling Stone

@Big Audio Dynamite

I’m unsure if Gerrard will be a better manager than Lenny. Objectively speaking, his early career has been impressive.



As I said last night,we seem to be walking on broken glass in home European ties,waiting for the first goal to go in. Then,whoever it’s for,we go gung-ho. I really dunno why,but it happens all the time.

Last night,we hammer Copenhagen in the first half,with no reward but plenty of warning signs. One fuck up later,on the back foot. So with about seven minutes to go,having gone gung-ho for half an hour,we get the equaliser.

That should have been the time for the coaches and captain to tell the team to take the sting out of the game,run it up to the corner flag and play the game there. Let the adrenaline settle a bit,we can go for it in thirty minutes.

Because if we lose a goal in the few remaining minutes,we need two or we are out!!!

Game management,eh? Up there for thinking,down there for dancing. Effing ridiculous to lose the tie in 90 minutes from there.

Btw,I think BIGAUDIODYNAMITE may have a minor concern over your Celtic credentials. I don’t,I know your identity from CQN-via SC admin,nothing sinister-and glad to have you along. I’m not sure I’d have Tavernier in my team,but there’s been one or two of them in my time that would have graced The Hoooooops.

And I’m sure my Dad and his contemporaries would have loved to have the early Jim Baxter,for example. John Greig,not so much…



Beales might go further than Gerrard,if Championship sides down south have been paying attention.

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, Neil Lennon has the highest win rate of any Celtic, or Sevco, manager in history. He is the man I want to have his boot on their neck when we reach 10. I want us to race on past 55 titles, so that there will never be any doubt as to who is most successful.

Oh, and I wasn’t alluding (I’m sure) to the club’s ambition in Europe – other than our boards greed for money – I was saying MY ambitions for Europe have almost evaporated.

Like I said, I will just need to console myself with trebles every year 🙂



There are very few Celtic games that I don’t worry about,and damn few that I don’t care about. Every bad result is a boot in the baws,and avoidable-if we only knew how!

I genuinely wasn’t confident about last night as I had seen how the Copenhagen coach adapted for the second half last week. Lenny was slow to react to that then,and really gave them the opportunity to hit us on the break last night with his selections. Sure,we should have been out of sight at half time. Aye,it was a howler to gift them the first. Two howlers,actually,as Jullien didn’t cover himself in glory either. But simply put,if we weren’t trying to put it into their net we were hoping they wouldn’t put it into ours.

And we all knew that they could hit us on a break.



We have to be very careful that last night doesn’t derail us coming into the next few games. I’d say that we need to focus on the next three games,simply to steady the ship.

Can you derail a ship?


Twisty, (off topic as usual) I just read a good thing over on SFM. “One way to stop a runaway horse is to put a bet on it!” 🙂



Clarification required.

One way to stop a horse winning is for BMCUWP to put a bet on it.


Bobby LOL 🙂

Rolling Stone


I posted on CQN under THE HANDS CANT HIT WHAT THE EYES CANT SEE. Not exactly loved by the natives, but hey ho.

I agree with you regarding game management. I posted the below on CQN- check out our formation minutes after scoring to get back into the tie!

“There have been warning signs regarding our performances of late (notwithstanding results). We have had a habit of playing 1 good half of football and 1 poor. Copenhagen (x2), Motherwell, Aberdeen, St Johnstone etc. We have managed to get away with it domestically but have been severely punished in Europe.

I love Lenny, but we have to improve our tactics, formation, discipline etc. Here is a link to the 2nd goal yesterday:

Pause the video immediately and look at our midfield shape. Scott Brown does not have a teammate within 30 yards. Look at Copenhagen’s midfield shape. We cannot get away from our complete lack of organisation.”


Sucker-punched or mugged best describes it all. Simo will have mares for years after that – but where were Jullien and Taylor at their last two goals? Breathless upfield pushing for a clincher. We were out coached and outta Lady Luck.
To a man we’d all wailed for a midfield enforcer to spell for a declining Broony. Oh, and a goal sniffer to stick away the multiple chances we create. Hey Peter; how did Klimala and Soro play, mate?

Awe Naw

Look let’s be honest about it. If Eintracht can go just two steps further this year and win the EL then what´s to worry about ? Celtic win a 4th treble and Eintracht win a cup double.


bada bing1

Twists- nice touch


Celtic shares down 6%. Don’t think Desmond will be pleased.

Awe Naw

Istanbul better than Basle … got a few bad memories from Basle. Huns get Leverkusen

Twists n Turns

Aye ?very good

A jockey showed me once how to stop a horse without it looking too obvious. No kidding! Won’t name names for obvious reasons!

As you and Bobby say though, probably betting it is easier . ?


Rebus 67
Well written and emotional piece.
You echo many of my thoughts.

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