St Johnstone 0-1 Celtic Review


Yesterday was a game that could have gone horribly wrong for us. It had all the ingredients,including a potential Euro hangover from our abject surrender on Thursday,a quagmire of a pitch,decent opponents in an excellent run of form. And Bobby Madden refereeing it like an MMA bout.

It wasn’t a day for beautiful football,the elements and some outright thuggery from St Johnstone made sure of that. No,if this was going to be a victory,it would be one that we had to scrap for. And so it proved,with the first half in particular being eminently forgettable. The second half wasn’t really a vast improvement,if I’m honest,but it did see us looking more like the champions that we are,and with a hunger for yet more silverware. It would be wrong to say that chances came thick and fast in the second period,but we certainly created more and looked more comfortable with affairs. To award someone Man of the Match for a game like this one is surely to damn with faint praise,but once again that honour fell to the opposing goalkeeper who had a bit of a worldie. We threw everything bar the kitchen sink at him in that second half,and he stood firm against it all.

That is until Madden was forced to award us a free kick with only ten minutes left. We have a few players who fancy themselves with a dead ball,but with Griff having departed midway through the half,it was Ryan Christie who stepped up. He hit one of those that goalkeepers really hate having to face,whipped across the goal begging for a touch but likely to be on target if left alone. As it turns out,this one had a touch of both about it-it looked to have gone straight in,but Christopher Jullien might have got a nick,as he initially seemed to claim. And that was it,really. Game over,nothing to write home about,semi final spot against Aberdeen booked. Our next game is away to Livingston on another infamous pitch,and I’ll be surprised if the same team line up on Wednesday night. There will be a few nursing knocks after that game,and Madden needs to take a bloody good look at himself for allowing it to happen.

There is nothing in the rule books that says that a team is permitted to kick seven shades of shit out of their opponents simply because they are a better side. In that respect,yesterday was nothing unusual-because it has been going on since the year dot. Another arsehole earning in ninety minutes what I earn in a fortnight,and he’s not even doing his job properly? What will it take before these cowboys are reined in? I won’t be holding my breath expecting the club to speak out about it,so it’s a given that it will continue to be the norm. And so it goes…

Meanwhile,the sooside paupers are trying to figure out how they can go from getting an excellent result in Portugal on Wednesday to getting their comeuppance at Tynecastle on the Saturday. Hearts are the worst team in the league,but you wouldn’t have known that two days ago. Steven Gerrard is apparently considering his position after laughably telling the world that the players didn’t appreciate how lucky they were to be working with such an excellent coaching and management regime. I very much doubt that he will resign-he has recently extended his contract and it’s a lot of money to walk away from. Of course,Mark Warburton only found out in the papers that he had resigned,so anything is possible at that soap opera of a club.

Including the real reason why Morelos wasn’t playing. It’s very difficult to maintain a high valuation on a player when he isn’t actually playing. Even more so if you declare to the world that he is a spoilt petulant brat who can’t be trusted to return from a home trip on time. I reckon Gerrard thinks that he’s bigger than Rangers,and also that Morelos thinks that he’s bigger than Rangers. I’ve got news for them both. Much as I despise their club,they will look back on these days as the last time they were in the spotlight,and wish that they had done things differently.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Twists n Turns

Fair summary of the match. Cup ties are about getting through so in that respect I’d have settled for any win, which is what I got, so I’m happy enough.

At 0-0 I was getting extremely nervous. At 1-0 I chilled out thinking that the worst we will get now is a replay at home, so that Christie strike done wonders for my blood pressure.

I’m surprised and shocked with one part of your report.

You say ;

“Another arsehole earning in ninety minutes what I earn in a fortnight”

Madden is getting £20k for 90 minutes work??


Twists n Turns

Reading the Record story on Eddie being offered a new and improved contract has left me bewildered.

The story printed states

“Edouard is contracted until 2022 and a host of top European clubs are ready to move in the summer to try and snap him up with offers of £30 million expected to be lodged”

So far , I’m getting it. I’m also believing it. Top talent and i would fully expect £30m to be the selling price.

Further on, the story is wrapped up with this comment

“But, although it’s believed no agreement is imminent, the club are determined to try and keep him for as long as possible and have started working on striking a deal which could keep him at least until the end of season 2020-21.”

So he’s already contracted “until 2022” but they’re trying to offer him an improved deal which “ could keep him at least until the end of season 2020-21.”

How the France does that work??



The club won’t allow him to run down his contract. Prime selling time is over when he has less than two years left on it,and I would expect him to sign the extension IF he wants to be part of history. If he doesn’t sign the extension,then he will be sold.

He only turned 22 in January. He is still a young lad,and I’d hope he can stick around. In a lot of ways,he’s still learning his trade. He might be advised to do that with us where he doesn’t have the burden of an enormous transfer fee to justify. And if he leaves next year,it still gives him eighteen months to make a claim for a World Cup spot.

Big Audio Dynamite

“They will look back on these days as the last time they were in the spotlight, and wish they had done things differently”

sounds like a fitting epitaph for that club

big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby good post, don’t laugh but id give ajer a go up front, he can dribble and is pretty quick for his size, or as mike in Toronto said last night, in midfield, don’t think his defensive qualities are that good, how many times does he get beat at corners, with guys smaller than him, tin hat

Big Audio Dynamite 77% possession for St Johnstone?!!! Hahahaha, hurting, hurting Huns! GIRUY’s

Welcome to OUR party!



I saw that,quite unbelievable. I think only Barcelona have achieved that level of possession against us. I certainly don’t think it was the case yesterday.



Ajer is definitely having a difficult spell,but it seems to have coincided with the introduction of a back three. He’s still learning his trade as a centre back,so adjusting to another new system will take a bit of getting used to.

I wouldn’t write him off just yet.


This week’s football programme is rather unusual. Apart from the SPL,there are all eight ties from the last sixteen of the FA Cup to be played,running from tonight through till Thursday.

Someone needs their balls booted for that one. The world’s premier knockout tournament relegated to a midweek? Bliddy ridiculous decision.


Bobby, as you know it’s all driven by TV companies and their schedules. It’s the downside of receiving the huge money they get.


Btw, I thought the domestic cup comps. were going out of favour in England?

big packy

BOBBY, not writing him off, seriously think he would score goals up front?

big packy

morning JIM, how are you, its quite sunny here but cold?


Morning Packy, dull, cold & sleet here. That was the worst February weather for about 10 years. Wish Spring would waken up!



It can’t be about TV scheduling,mate. Primetime for football is the weekend slots. All very puzzling.

big packy

JIM, yes it has been terrible weather, aff oot to pc world shortly, I dropped my mobile phone last week and smashed the glass, its insured, but im gonna try and get an upgrade to a better one?

Big Audio Dynamite

When Rangers said the wanted a floating pitch, I didn’t think they meant literally.

And, I don’t know what sport was intended to be played on that field in Perth, but it definitely isn’t football.

Scuddish football.

Quagmire to quadruple CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

77% possession! ???

“Oh the pain in my heart” ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Lurking Huns- We see you ? – Happy?

big packy

BREAKING NEWS, steven gerrard has agreed a new 10 year extension to his contract, he wants to be here for 10 in a row,,silly man,???

Twists n Turns

The BBC copy FlashScore. FlashScore had an error yesterday. 2nd half has ST J with 100% possession.



Lisbon 2017. I booked my Dad and me into a cheap gaff but a perfect location. Couldn’t be more central,and all we were interested in was that,plus two beds and a shower. So I booked the triple room,as it was only fractionally more expensive than the twin,pointing out to my Dad that a spare will come in handy because someone is bound to have screwed up their booking and be in a bit of need.

One phone call from Canada later,and we had a new friend for the duration! Great guy,and a good decision,I reckon. He had brought with him his daughter’s iPhone as his was f….d,battery issues. He dropped it twice during the week,at €300 a pop.

Not cheap,these things.


Morning All,
well summarised account of the game BMCUWP! It was a bit of a testy affair right enough. Madden needs to have a good look at himself some of the stuff that he allowed was shocking.
On another note, I’d be delighted to see Stevie G go just to see the faces of those madmen across the city.

In the meantime, here’s The Big O’s Tribute to The Gers Fans In Turmoil About All Things Football



I’m a huge fan of The Big O.

Apparently when U2 were doing their Rattle n Hum opus,they asked Bob Dylan to write a song for them. He agrees,but on the condition that they write a song for Roy. He’s being relaunched via The Travelling Wilburys and looking at releasing his first new album in god knows how many years.

So Bob writes the track for U2,the Dublin lads write Mystery Girl for Roy. It’s a huge hit worldwide,and to celebrate the achievement,Roy unfortunately kicked the bucket on the verge of the greatest comeback since Lazarus.


Big Jim Packy
I’m a fan of both U2 and the Big O. There’s something in the back of my mind trying to get out re that story, which btw I’d completely forgotten about.
I put up links to another couple of Big O tracks but they didn’t appear on the post.
Penny Arcade was one of them, an absolutely fantastic piece of pop music which unfortunately works perfectly with those Buckfast Swigging Sash Marchers throwing batons in the air. Ironically, it also tells the tale of how The Rangers have conducted their business activities since 2012!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
Here it is hopefully…


Big Jim Packy

I went to PC World once…..ah you know the rest…. 🙂


Big Jim Packy
What song did Dylan write for U2?



I think it was Love Rescue Me. Not one of his best. All Along The Watchtower was also on the album. Probably paid the bills for Bob for a while.


Yeah Love Rescue Me, I just googled it, easier than going out to the garage to search through the CDs! This one from LiveAid is a personal U2 favourite of mine. At the time you couldn’t get it in the UK so I got it on a 12inch 4 track EP import. It cost a fortune in old money but I still love it.


In my naivety I thought All Along The Watchtower was a U2 song until heard a Beatles version of it, so I thought it was theirs, then I heard the Hendrix version and thought it was his. If you google it everyone who is anyone has played or recorded it so I suppose Dylan didn’t need to worry too much where his next chicken soup was coming from.



I was listening to the R2 hits show,hosted by Paul Gambaccini,a few weeks ago. They do an hour each from a chosen year. I think it was 1965,and six from the top twenty were written by Dylan.

Cher and The Byrds even had their own version of the same song in the charts!

Rolling Stone

A scrappy cup tie on an awful surface. Getting through is all that matters at the end of the day. We really need to rest a few of the first team players- Brown being front and centre for a period on the bench. At present we have Soro, Klimala, Bayo, Shved and Arzani in the wilderness. Do we expect any of these players to make it? The longer it takes to give them an opportunity, the less likely it is they will succeed.

Yesterday we had a bench that consisted of a goalkeeper, three full backs, one midfielder and two strikers. Our first sub was Rogic for Leigh. We would rather change our shape that use one of our strikers. Also, surely there should be a place for a winger on the bench? Do we really need 3 full backs/wing backs?

Big Audio Dynamite

We’re Jolly green giants, walking the earth

After Sevco die, we’re gonna miss having anyone around to beat!

Big Audio Dynamite

“Celtic’s dominance shows no sign of abating”

You better believe it!


Yesterdays dressing room tune.


Anto Stokes removed from an aircraft in London by armed police and has since been arrested. Allegedly something to do with outstanding warrants? Now there is a guy with a lot of personal demons.

Seems a bit OTT being dragged off a flight from Dubai and being arrested by armed police for an outstanding warrant. Couldn’t that have been done inside the terminal?


The field was bad but the outside area at corner flags was even worse.
When Griff who was poor went off i think Bayo could have come on and played the target man allowing us to bypass the quagmire in central areas.
Christie though came alive when he moved into a more forward role and started attacking the final third.
As an aside how can Bayo develop or prove his worth by getting the odd few minutes every now and then?
Also the coaches need to work with FF and teach him better awareness of where his teammates are when he gathers the ball or receives a passback.We continually lose possession due to his poor distribution.

Big Audio Dynamite

As Stevie G’s Sevco approach 100 games with him at the helm, I had a look at his record.

P97 W59 D25 L13 60% win rate. You ain’t gonna win anything at that rate.

And his chosen capt, hasn’t won a single trophy in 6 seasons.

If those 2 were at our club performing like that, would we not be pulling our hair out?

8 years between them and not a single trophy …nada ..zilch

Mike in Toronto


Your comment’s about ‘Celtic’s dominance’ ties into the exchange I was having with Auldheid yesterday.

I am shocked that there was been hardly a word about PL’s receiving the 5WA email. If the email is genuine, and I have seen no one suggest otherwise, it is a bombshell; firstly, it means that Celtic were in on the scam from the beginning, and were not victims but were perpetrators. Secondly, it almost certainly means that PL lied to shareholders at the AGM.

In normal circumstances, a CEO lying about a material issue at an AGM would be big news. However, if the former is true, then the second is perhaps an afterthought.

We are winning, no doubt. Unfortunately, it does seem that Celtic have aided and abetted in the salting of the own grounds, in which their club needs to grow. Eventually, our dishonesty will catch up with us (although this is Scottish football, where dishonesty seems to be the norm, so maybe it wont)..

what Sevco have gained over the last seven years is the knowledge that they can continue to flout all rules and regulations, and that Celtic (really, the largest, if not the only, party impacted by the cheating) will do and say nothing. In effect, they are and will be allowed to break the rules.

And we see that it is happening. They are spending way more than they earn, and they will continue to do so unless and until (i) their plans succeed (one year of CL qualification renders their cheating moot/successful), or (ii) they get liquidated again (but there is no HMRC to force the issue this time, so I dont see that happening, and, in any event, the rules were changed to mitigate the consequences this time).

And I know we are on our way to another treble, but, frankly, they were looking good in Scoltand until the wheels fell off over the xmas break, and their success in Europe means that they cannot simply be dismissed; if they are good enough to make this far in Europe, common sense tells us that they should be good enough to win something in Scotland.

Is it possible that they continue to overspend and face financial ruin? History shows this is not only possible, but likely. However, history shows that Celtic will do whatever is necessary to ensure that doens’t happen.

And not in an honest, up-front way (say, like when Bayern Munich lend money to St. Pauli or 1860 Munich, or most notably, Dortmund who were on the verge of bankruptcy). If this email is legitimate, Celtic’s manner of helping was sleekit and done in back rooms.

The cheating has made Scottish football a joke.

The league is being rigged … but, sure as shit, it isn’t being rigged in our favour; Our failure to deal with these issues now, will bite us in the ass big time down the road.

Sure, we are winning the battle, but I am afraid that we have already agreed to lose the war.

Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

I think Gerrard is a decent manager for Sevco. He has made them competitive against us and brought them up quite impressively in Europe. He has been lacking domestically.

From our perspective, I’m not sure how I would feel about him leaving. On one hand, I would be happy as I think he does pose more of a threat than any previous (or likely future) Sevco manager. On the other (and knowing our board), we would downsize immediately if we felt there was no imminent threat to the title or our domestic dominance.

This year will certainly be the most enjoyable domestic win since the invincible season. I think that is partly due to a decent level of competition stemming from Govan.


“Unfortunately due to a change of plan I won’t be on Sportsound tonight to talk about the huge weekend of Scottish Cup football we’ve just had.”

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, mcaff, just back from pc world, unfortunately it was open? 3 hours to get a new mobile phone,ridiculous, and to make matters worse, he only offered me 50p for my old phone, ffs I paid half a crown for it in 1971?anyway he persuaded me to buy a Samsung galaxy A10, hope it will be alright, I haven’t a clue about mobile phones ?


Big Jim Packy
Big big windaes in PC World then? 😉


I think it’s too easy for Celtic plc to control the agenda for Res 12. With DD having the controlling vote if not shares anything which threatens to upset the day to day for him and PL MUST be shut down quickly. That Res 12 refuses to go away is an annoyance to them but appears to be easily controlled. You will only be able to get them procedurally and you’ve got to expect they’ve covered that angle. Another aspect is that it is a minority of supporters who care about these issues, most guys just want to watch the fitba. I know this from speaking to mates who have got no idea of what goes on behind the scenes at either Celtic or The Rangers.

big packy

MCAFF, yes?

bada bing1

Michael Stewart tweeted: “Unfortunately due to a change of plan I won’t be on Sportsound tonight to talk about the huge weekend of Scottish Cup football we’ve just had.”

His mysterious absence will once again spark speculation over his long-term future with the public broadcaster.

big packy

JIM, so Michael stewart has been binned again, I can see the lifelong airdrie supporter at the heart of this.

Mike in Toronto


It is a well known secret that I am an admirer of the French literary theorist, Jacques Derrida, who famously said that ‘there is no outside text”, which is often mistranslated as ‘there is nothing outside the text”. Derrida was referring to and rejecting the idea, then current in linguistics, that structures dominate if not determine meaning. For Derrida con-textuality was more important.

Being French, he was also a big football fan. ‘As a youth in Algiers, he played football with the Italian PoW’s. When asked about football, and in a play on his famous thought, he is once reputed to have said ‘there is nothing outside the touchline’…

In this respect, he is correct.

Football does not end at the touchline. it is determined by things outside the touchline …. rules, and the applicaiton or non-application of them influence events on the pitch (what is a handball? for example, or when is a player offisde?… and football, in turn, determines events outside the pitch.

Rangers fans used to say that they won gongs fairly and squarely, but we knew that wasn’t the case; Celtic fans knew that events off the park frequently influenced or determined results on the pitch.

The failure of Celtic fans to address the’off-field’ issues will return to bite us in the ass – both on and off the field


I read somewhere that Tommy Wright had applied or had been touted as a Rangers manager before slippy
Having the budget at Ibrox compared to what he has at St Johnstone I think he could be a handful and they could afford him

Mike in Toronto
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