This site has been known in the past for criticising Peter Lawwell,something which we admit to with no pleasure,for it would please us no end for the opposite to be true. However,for that to happen would mean that he never made mistakes,and the man who has never made a mistake has never been born.

Of course,in order to reduce the chances of making a mistake,the wise man sticks to what he is good at. And there is no denying that Peter Lawwell is very good at bringing in the merchandising and sponsorship deals for the club. The latest one is still to be announced officially but it has been widely floated as being Adidas,an iconic football brand for many of us.

PL’s first venture into selling the jerseys-aw come on,you didn’t think I could resist that one,did you?-was in 2005,renewed in 2010 when he got us a £5m a year tie-in with the world’s leading sports brand. For a decade,we were wearing The Nike Swoosh,but sadly it came at a time when Nike were all but withdrawing from the “soccer” market,preferring to stick with their core sports. And while that strategy has been reversed recently,particularly with a deal to supply Liverpool

we certainly saw the results of their downsizing in the design department.

Lordy,they sent us some howlers. I’ll do a link to our historical home and change strips at the end of the article,but suffice to say that they tended to be the result of some nutjob throwing various shades of green on to a Paint By Numbers template,then popping some LSD and trying to see how many other colours clashed with them. Et voila,roll up and buy it here.

Ironically,the new Nike deal for Liverpool is at the expense of our current shirt suppliers New Balance,and was only permitted following a court battle. I don’t think New Balance were too pleased with the workings of British Justice,but I’m sure there’s a heroic Aussie cave explorer in Thailand who might venture that it is better than justice,US-style. New Balance were generally an improvement on Nike,both in styling and in quality. Our home jerseys had a cleaner,sharper look to them and last year’s white with green flash is a class act. It’s not quite in the class of our 125 white top,but I’m led to believe that Nike had little to do with the design of that,being largely done in-house. So I’ll miss New Balance,but I’m looking forward to some creative thinking from our new Bavarian design department. It is certainly a part of the world which does design and manufacture rather well!

There has been some feverished speculation online with many mock-ups of alleged “official leaks” of home and away jerseys and some of them can be found on the always excellent VideoCelts,including this one-

But a certain site “leaked” all three,and I must admit that they look the biz to these eyes. The chap in question may well be looking for a job in the industry,and if he puts a Celtic Cross on the white one,I’ll write him a reference myself!

Either way,the deal will be the biggest in the history of the club. And that means,of course,that it will be the biggest in the history of Scottish football. Ironically,it may not actually be the one that involves the most money in the history of Scottish football. That honour may yet fall to some newcomers on the block,Sevco. Being somewhat gauche and naive,as befits their youth,they deal only in three years cycles. And while those tend to involve three new sets of kit per year,they do also have a habit of including three new sets of initials on the managerial anorak. A fiendish ploy,indeed! I suspect that by the time the lawyers for Sports Direct,Ideal Sports,Hummel et al have had their wicked way with damages and legal costs that the final amount will finally dwarf our Adidas splash. This will naturally be trumpeted as a huge triumph for the great unwashed,allowing them to open up their own market stall on Paisley Road West. They’d prefer it to be nearer to the footprint of the ground,of course,but Close Brothers seem unwilling to deal unless there’s the small matter of cash up front.

Adadicking,so to speak…

Oh aye,it’s good to be a Tim. But as you can see from the collection below,sometimes it helped to shut your eyes when the team ran out. Sometimes too,it remained that way for the whole ninety minutes,but I reckon the days of that People’s shirt and some of the dross wearing it are behind us.


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Apologies for the lateness of this one. Every time I opened a new tab for a link,the previous stuff disappeared! Happens every so often,obviously my broadband connection fading in and out.

Enjoy your weekend,I reckon you deserve it. I had a few good times in that neck of the woods in the late 80s with SOLKITTS and his better half when they lived there.

Don’t hit the ball too far,a wee seven iron to the Member’s Bar should be plenty.

Twists n Turns

Ha. No problem ol pal. I was up at 5 right enough and was starting to wonder where the article was. Glad yer ok and it was only technical stuff that was causing delay.

Yes, Peter Lawwell playing to his strengths here, and when he does, there’s no one better. If indeed Adidas are the sponsors, I’ll assume it’s a £30m plus deal.

(Take a look across the way. The only threat to our 10 attempt, advertising in the classified’s for a sponsor. Now that’s funny)

As you correctly say, PL gets it in the neck on here and elsewhere , maybe undeserved at times but mostly justified criticism in my opinion, so when he delivers a sponsor the size of Adidas to what some regard as a pub league, praise is warranted.

One could argue that pulling off deals like this adds some weight to his remuneration package. For the record, I’m not one. I’d like to see the wage and bonus structured primarily v European progress.

On the sponsorship though, massive deal and worthy of praise. ( I’d also like to think the supporter reputation plays a big part in attracting such a high profile company, indeed the supporter aspect might just add some logic to my previous comment about advertising in the classified section).?

Twists n Turns

On the golf, one thing you definitely don’t need to concern yourself with is me hitting the ba’ too far.

I’m happy hacking my way round the par 3 here. Most of the greens are on a slope and stopping on them isn’t essay, particularly when you play as bad as me.

I enjoy the walk round though. Peaceful.

big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby im one of peters critics on here as you know, but fair play he seems to have struck a good deal here,,but unfortunately I still cant forgive him for not opening the purse strings, when we needed to strengthen,,sorry pedro?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, does all that not make it hard to believe, that some of our support are still worried about their threat to us? I mean, in what universe are they a threat to us? They aren’t in our league! I’d like to see McInnes at Aberdeen get £60m to spend on players, then we just might have a challenge that lasts till may. I’m sick to my back teeth, reading how great Stevie is…really?!

Big Audio Dynamite

This is the bit Peter should stick to!

Twists n Turns

I’m hoping Stevie boy stays. Why would anyone want him to go? He’s throwing away all their dough, he’ll want more dough soon, and hopefully will spend it on more daft useless Kent’s …

Twists n Turns

“SPFL prepared to declare Celtic as champions if coronavirus ends season prematurely “

I’m not sure the threadbares should be subjected to any more pain. This is now bullying ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, They, again, have got themselves in some position. Do the stick with him for next year, or take the massive gamble that a new man can challenge in the first year …Wim style. Its a stick or twist scenario 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, awe man, don’t say that ,that was their last hope…, and you know what they say about hope!

Twists n Turns


This made me laugh yesterday. When you actually see their “ history” in compressed format.

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, Gary Holt and Lenny doing the elbow shake ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Sevco – null v Hamilton – wan


Twists n Turns

I was just thinking the other day how conflicting and contradictory my opinions are.

You and I have discussed our views on Neil’s merits in the past. I think we’d be a better coached side and more tactically astute under a more modern thinking manager.

You’re very happy with Neil and his success % rate would testify to why you feel like that. These days are unprecedented in respect of success.

The contradiction I refer to comes in the way off this;

If we go on to 10 or a quadruple treble, I’d love to see a statue of Lenny erected outside CP as a testament to his contribution to our club. In fact there’s no man on this earth I’d rather see honoured in such a way. Indeed there’s no man the Huns would rather not see honoured in such a way.

See what I’m saying….

Make yer mind up twisty ffs.

I’m sure you’ll catch my drift…….

Twists n Turns

Re Celtic potentially being awarded the title in the event of Coronavirus

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39 minutes ago
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Legal challenges galore here. Places mean money, relegation and European spots.

The irony eh!!


Morning all!

For all his flaws and our perhaps flawed perceptions of him Lawell hs been an incredible CEO for Celtic AND Celtic PLC. There’s no one better at what he does and it’s why he’s in demand elsewhere. That doesn’t mean we need to like him or his methods. His strengths as a number-cruncher are laid out plainly for all to see but when he thinks he’s an agent, a scout a manager is when his weaknesses, both professional and character, are exposed. But I’m not sure we’d have done what we have since Fergus left without him!
Tin hat now on as Big JIm Packy would say!!

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, I absolutely agree. My question would be, who will have made the biggest contribution to the 10? (If it’s achieved) oor Lenny? And more than just his win rate Twists, I love him because it is reciprocated…nothing false about him! Plus, who would we rather have fighting our corner? Lenny knows every trick in their book.

The cherry on top…

I want Lenny to be the man with his foot inside the boot that is firmly pressed down on their throats …it drives them to distraction ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Has ANY manager with an 80% win rate, ever faced the level of analysis & criticism that our manager does? Would any other fan base in the world not be over the moon to have such a high win rate?

Are we becoming spoiled? I try to always remember where we came from, and what we have had to overcome to be here.




You nailed it right there,and I referenced similar at the start of the article. When PL sticks to his strengths,there are few better. But do you think for one second that a rival club down south would offer him a deal which puts him in charge of doing what he’s good at PLUS what he has clearly shown himself over the years to be completely unqualified at-despite years of experience AKA failure?

Sorry,Peter. We’ve got our own experts for that stuff. And they’re good at it.



I’ve got to agree with you, we should never forget the dark days before Fergus,in fact even after that when we felt investment in the team was too low. But Fergus, and subsequently DD through Lawell has shown how to manage a football PLC. To be fair there’s not many clubs out there with a business model which has been consistently successful as Celtic’s. I did have a bit of a pub argument /discussion with a pal about 15 or so years ago when I stated that Lawell may well be the most important signing Celtic make in their modern history. I still believe it might be.



You’re right too but to give an experienced Director of Football an unhindered role at Celtic would disable Peter’s ability to micromanage and subsequently his effectiveness on fully controlling the pounds in and out. Its probably the only part of the structure of the club that has failed in DD and PL’s tenure…and will continue to as long as these guys are in the driving seat.


If all the worst case scenarios about the virus’ effect on the finances of football come to effect then PL’s c£40m in the bank might be a God send. We have all been scratching our heads wondering what that pot of gold was for but it could come in handy!.

More by accident than design of course 🙂



I’ve mentioned before that if PL gets run over by a bus-and I hope that I’ll have an alibi!-the club is in trouble. He is a micromanager,so nobody knows how to do anything at any level within the club without asking him first. No decision takers,because they are not the type of people encouraged or even given a chance. There is no decision making that doesn’t pass PL’s desk first for approval and even less succession planning.

When he leaves,it will be a disaster. And not because he was just so pyoooor dead brilliant at his job that no one could fill his boots.

Celtic Champs Elect

Celtic FC would be on its arse if it was not for Peter Lawwell’s genius

He is Celtic thru and thru unlike some on here I may add


Champs Elect

I’m not sure it’s down to genius but I take your point.
He’s played the odds and generally speaking over the long term it has been successful but there’s a string of players who have cost us significantly and contributed nothing.
I’m Celtic through and through, too, but it doesn’t mean he should be exempt from criticism if it’s deserved.


Really saddened that The Big Yin is giving up the circuit. In this article,he says what all of us were aware of anyway-that he went on stage not knowing what he was going to talk about,and that continued right through his act.

F..k,what am I gonna say next? It’s why he often performed to a backdrop of random words,he would look round and see one,and it would put him back on track.

IMO,he’s the finest there ever was. Anywhere,not just Scotland. A genius,whom I met all too briefly in The Queen’s Park Cafe while I was with a bunch of scaffolders and he was with a belligerent Mark McManus who might just have been having a bad day. Billy was a gem though,and being a Friday lunchtime we had other things on our mind than a mere celebrity or two. Not that it stopped me,but it got a scowl from Taggart and a good giggle from Billy.

I wish I could remember what I said!!!

It’s a horrible irony that Parkinson brought him to the attention of the world,and Parkinson’s is why we will never hear from again.

Big Audio Dynamite

Yeah, McCaff, when Peter leaves out the meddling in affairs outwith his remit, he is definitely in a league of his own in this country, the last 2 SSDs with NB & hopefully Adidas prove that. The idea of the Adidas deal happening, has the natives apoplectic, which is nice 🙂



We are all entitled to our opinions about PL. To defend him simply by saying that he is Celtic through and through is to damn by faint praise. I’m Celtic through and through and I’m not entirely sure that too many of the same mind would be too keen to give me the same autonomy that PL has.

As for the “unlike some others on here” jibe,that is unworthy of you. Or,frankly,of anyone who is Celtic through and through.

I would like you to name anyone on here who isn’t Celtic through and through. One will do. Otherwise,please use the edit facility on your post.

Thanks and


Awe Naw

Celtic thru and thru or just a beancounter.

It seems resolution 12 is lost on some peeple. God love them

bada bing1

Mahe- thanks for the offer, a great gesture HH

Rolling Stone

@ Celtic Champs Elect

Come on. Where would we be without Pedro? People deify Pedro. He has been the CEO during a period of unprecedented success, but much of that does come down to the financial implosion Govan way. It’s also difficult to attribute this success to his great stewardship, i.e. but for Pedro, would we be here now? I think there would be plenty of competent executives who could have sailed the choppy waters of Scottish football and arrived at a similar position. He may be good, but he is not £3m a year good.

Add in Oldco cheating and lack of title stripping, Res12, 5 way agreement and our unwillingness to tackle other issue in the game and I do start to wonder why certain fans hold him in such high regard.

As for the main protagonist in the 10IAR years. My vote would be Brendan. He arrived and brought a professionalism that lifted the whole club. The difference between pre and post Brendan era is stark. I’m happy that Neil is building on his good work.



Aw,bloody hell. I was just gonna say that. Word for word anaw.

As if,but I wish I had.


Mike in Toronto

If by Celtic through and through, you mean

1. Happy that our club gave out fan info to the police
2. Happy that our club colluded with the league and the zombies to help the zombies


This is hilarious-and apologies to AWENAW for the source.

Especially the comment from Beales who seems to think that opponents are allowed to kick his precious wee angels to bits.

Although the rest of it is worth a good guffaw or six too.

Going for 55. Excuses.



Doubt you’ll get a response,mate. Strictly drive-by stuff.


The Celtic jersey is and always should be green and white hoops.
Don’t care which corporation manufactures and sells our overpriced and frequently produced kit.
Perhaps on the understanding that revenue was actually used to produce a better and more professional football department my thanks to Lawwell would be there.
But based on his previous i see no benefit to this financial windfall other than a larger cash pile and bigger bonuses for our board.

Mike in Toronto


3.Happy that our club lied when they said they had never seen the 5WA.
4. Happy that our club did nothing about the sham that was LNS
5 Happy to ensure that Old Firmism remains alive and well , and that our kind, including our children and their children will continue to be second class citizens in their own country

Then no, I’m not Celtic through and through.

I’m sure Philipe Petain also thought of himself as French, through and through. But, history has a way of judging harshly those who sell out their own kind

Big Audio Dynamite

Brendan? Who used us to get to where he wanted to go, lied through his teeth to us about his deep love for all things Celtic, then jumped at the first opp, is the guy we have to thank for 10iar? ??? course he is.

By this time next year, Lenny will, hopefully, he on his way to winning his 6th of those 10 titles.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby 12.24

Oh, there’s a fair bit of that going on!

Big Audio Dynamite

Aye, we win everything, all the time! but ….but …but …but

If you can’t enjoy THIS, wtf are you still doing it for?!

Big Audio Dynamite

Have we to credit Brendan with the 5 titles won before he even arrived? What about the 3 after his midnight flit? So, his 2 titles in the middle of a possible 10, means he is to be given the majority of the credit?

Absolutely laughable.

Rolling Stone

@ Big Audio Dynamite

The thing is, even with Brendan tarnishing his relationship with the fans, you cannot deny the standards he set at the club. Also, the relationship and more particularly, its breakdown, between Pedro and Brendan deserves consideration.

Pedro would have been delighted when BR walked as he was able to pick up Lenny for nothing. Lest we forget, we received the 2nd highest compensation payment for a manager in history- around £10m. BR paid for himself and them some and Pedro wrestled back control.

Also, is Brendan the only Celtic man to leave us? There have been many other Celtic men who have left, who neither had the impact BR had during his time at the club, nor left us so well compensated on their departure. Liam Miller, John Collins?

Mike in Toronto

BAD @12:39

I may be mistaken, but we’re you not one on here who was championing TLR’s videos? And encouraging us to open our eyes?

Big Audio Dynamite

RS, “deserves consideration” is a world away from him being the “main protagonist” in a possible 10iar

Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, you have lost me.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, if you mean anything I’ve written about Peter Lawwell, I’d urge you to read it again. I have only ever given him credit for things outside of the football pitch ..I am no fan of our PLC, outside of that, and I am as gutted as anyone at our spineless response to cheating.

I’d go further, but what’s the point, it’s all been said.

Like I said to you the other day, I’m gonna just enjoy the Karma and the winning.

Big Audio Dynamite

Mike, sorry, I just realised the post you are referring to.

I was talking about the constant moaning from some, while we are in the middle of a period of massive success.

I just keep wondering what would need to happen, to make those fans happy. If I felt like that, I’d chuck it!


B.A.D. I wouldn’t rush to judge posters here and elsewhere when they seem to be negative. Sometimes when people are going through a hard time it affects their outlook on all things.

Big Audio Dynamite

Jim, absolutely.

I believe the site (Brilliant as it is) has already been Hunfiltrated.

If I’m the only one who believes it, so be it ?


There is no doubt Lawwell has been good for the Celtic plc.
He joined as chief executive in 2003.
We won the league in his first season pipping Hearts on the final day.
In 2004/2005 we lost the title to Rangers.
We then won 3 straight titles from 2005/2006 ,2006/2007 and 2007/2008
Rangers then won the next 3 straight titles.
In 2011/2012 we recaptured the title and continued in the same vain to 8 in a row where we stand presently.
The football team has done well though we have vastly superior resources to any of the rivals we have faced since 2011.
We can only beat our opponents in front of us and in the SPL we have dominated.
Our European record in the same period against teams with equal or lesser finances has been relatively mediocre.
For me we are a heavyweight in a lightweight competition in Scotland so should be expected to win and duly deliver on that promise.
In Europe our bigger status has not translated the advantage and we have underperformed.
So if the measure of success is money in the bank and domination of Scottish football he has truly delivered.
Our play on the European stage has been less than stellar. and has impacted our standing as a world renowned football club during his tenure.

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