Mahe / Bobby will put up a place here for your selections. In addition to the detail below, can I add, ALL SELECTIONS FOR THE DAY MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE FIRST RACE THAT DAY. ANY POSTED AFTER THE FIRST RACE WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL PROFIT. ( unless of course it’s to replace a non runner)
Don’t have me feeling bad by disqualifying late entries.


Cheltenham kicks off on Tuesday as most of you will know.

As a wee bit of fun, here’s a wee extra competition. ( please note it does not count towards the Saturday naps competition).

Each Napster who wishes to participate should select two horses on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

That’s 1 horse from 2 DIFFERENT RACES at Cheltenham on each of those 3 days.

So, over the first 3 days you’ll have selected 6 horses.

The points will be accumulated thus:

Winner = 10 points PLUS 1 point staked at the SP
2nd = 5 points ( no bonus points)
3rd = 3 points ( no bonus points)

So – if your selection wins at 8/1, you’ll get 18points.
That’s 10 for the win plus 1 point at 8/1 = 18 total.

2nd and will simply get the 5points
3rd will get the 3points

If you win at 6/4 fav you’d therefore get 11.5 points

That’s 10 for the win plus 1.5 for the 6/4 SP.


After the 3 days – the punter with most points will get a £20 free bet on the Gold Cup on the Friday. It can be any bet you wish. £10 each way, £20 win, forecast, whatever. The bet will be staked with Paddy Power.

I won’t be updating non runners so please check yourself that your horse is running. If you do have a non runner you’ll have to reselect on the day. Miss it on the day and I’m afraid you can’t have 3 the next day. You’ll be on to plums.

I’ll update the results daily.

Here is a previous article which includes some stats from The Guardian and some indepth analysis from a leading stable. Caveat Emptor as always,and good luck!

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My two winners for the Tuesday are
Notebook 2.10
Abracababras 1.30

Thanks Twists

Twists n Turns

Thanks Mahe

Any questions bhoys and ghirl just shout up. I’ll check in regularly tomorrow up to the first race jumps off at the scheduled time of 1-30pm.

Please ensure your day 1 entries are submitted prior to that time of 1-30pm. Just a fair play thing really. Can’t wait to see how everyone else is doing before selecting, though I’m sure that kinda cunning plan behaviour wouldn’t cross yer minds. ?

Good luck to all entrants.

Twists n Turns

I’m going to try a Nicky Henderson pair . My selections are



Good luck all.

Twists n Turns



Great competition, thanks Twists.
Asterion Forlonge. 1.30.
Carefully Selected. 5.30

craig 76

Is this one open to all, or is it just for the saturday napsters ?


Tuesdays picks

Darver Star 3.30
Benie De Dieux 4.10

Cheers Twists

Twists n Turns

Sincere apologies bud but it was planned at the start of the naps competition that there would be a series of spot prizes available throughout the season for anyone entering the Saturday naps competition .

Feels fekkin cruel mind ye. Locking someone out.
Sounds like the Masons!!

Tell ye what though- we will run another one for Aintree in 3 weeks or so which will be open to all.


15.30 Not so sleepy
16.50 Hold the note

GL everyone!

Twists n Turns



Cheers ?

Craig 76

No worries T N T. Cheers for the reply and good luck to all

Twists n Turns


Good luck bud

Craig – ty. You’re a gent.

Twists n Turns

2 x overnight non runners which don’t affect selections so far.

(General principle and Mellow Ben are the withdrawn horses)



Cogry 250

Cilaos Emery. 330


Dunno what happened there,I think the WordPress server went down. Hopefully everyone will still be able to get the naps on.

Twists n Turns

All good Bobby I think

big packy

13-30 asterion furlong 14-10 notebook.


Notebook 14.10 Stormy Ireland 16.10 ?? ?

Hold the Note….4.50
I have just noticed a bit of a theme going on here >}
Best of everyone

I should have looked to see what others have picked,

A thing of beauty

250 who dares wins
410 benie des dieux


Darver star.
5.30 chelt.
Carefully selected(hope so)
Good luck☘to all.


Twists, I’m starting to realise how you feel.

Betway advertising Evs. Benie.
Tried to put 20 quid on, restricted me to 79p.
What an insult.
I’ve taken all my money out that account.
They can get stuffed.
Even worse, my buddy has just text and he got on for 30 quid.
That’s Betway done for me.

Twists n Turns

That’s a fkn joke eh!

I called bet 365 when they banned me from betting on horses. Not interested. Don’t need to give me a reason they said. Some shite about their risk team have the right to suspend any account. They said I could bet on the football to a maximum of £5. Something needs done about it.

( I’ve got around the 365 ban btw but I still rarely use them)


TET, The betting folk I know call that a ‘mugs double’ 🙂

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Captain Guinness 1.30
Townshend 2.50

bada bing1

Brewinupastorm 2.10
Hold the Note 4.50

Twists n Turns

Looks like 13 of the 16 napsters already in.

Still to choose.

The Gombeen Man
Celtic Champs Elect

Time yet fellas if yer lurkin’


Twists n Turns

5 minutes and counting folks.

No non runners that affect selections.

Ground has gone heavy, that ain’t gonna help my first selection it seems…..

….. but ya never know ?

Good luck all

Twists n Turns

That’s it folks



Twists n Turns

Day 1 Race 1 result

1 . Shiskin ( 6/1) = 16 points
2. Abracadabra = 5 points
3. Chantry House = 3 points

bada bing1

Bet the first winner but not on my naps……..?

Twists n Turns

That’s the main thing though. Better winning dough than points ?


Congrats Twisty 🙂

‘The main thing though;
Better winning dough’

A poet and ye don’t know it!

Twists n Turns

Ah well Jim, on that theme

I hope my next avoids trouble
and geez me a double

I’m more McGonigal than Keats ?

Celtic Champs Elect

Hi TaT

Input my naps on at 10.20 this morning please see below

Celtic Champs Elect
Naps Today

Many thanks to TaT and all for the kind gesture

Asteroin Forlogne 13.30

Epatante 15.30

March 10, 2020 10:27 am

Celtic Champs Elect

I clicked on the Cheltenham preview festival with regular updates and it’s in there :-)))

Twists n Turns


There’s always one ?

No sweat

I’ll add them in bud.

Twists n Turns

Day 1 race 2 results

1. Put the kettle on 16/1 ( 26points)
2. Fakir d’ oudaries (5 points)
3. Rouge Vif ( 3 points)

bada bing1

Melanie Finn
March 09 2020 11:39 AM
The Gloucestershire town of Cheltenham has just had its first confirmed case of the Coronavirus as thousands of Irish race-goers begin their annual pilgrimage to the annual festival.

The case was confirmed as the third case in the county by the Chief Medical Officer. It now brings the total number of Covid-19 cases reported in the UK to 278.

Twists n Turns

Day 1 race 3 result

The Conditional 17/2 ( 18.5 points )
Kildisart 5 points
Discorama 3 points


Twisty, up against you in this one. I see you opted for the easy route of the favourite, whereas I was brave and went for a 28/1 shot.

Twists n Turns

The horse doesn’t know its 28/1 so who knows! Gl. 28/1 would be deserving of winning the main prize.

Twists n Turns

Day 1 Race 4 result

1. Epatante (2/1). 12 points
2. Sharjah 5 points
3. Darver Star 3 points


Och well, happy it was you who won. I guess CCE is glad his bet got on!

Twists n Turns



That’s a 20/1 double for Nicky Henderson today and means my Cheltenham is covered already. Happy chappy.

Twists n Turns

If hold the note wins I’ll be even happier

If carefully selected wins as well you’ll hear me cheering from where you’re sitting… ?


Brilliant stuff Twists and no one can say you didn’t tell us.
I was on The Conditional and had a tenner on Espante.
More importantly Paddy came in, he doesn’t bet much, if at all,timing is everything.
What you betting? The Conditional I said, he put 2.50 on it and then matched my tenner on Espante, so he’s away 40 off quid up.
Of course, I had bet 2 losers before he came in. It’s all in the timing!!

Twists n Turns

Well done with yer bets bud. I’m glad paddy bhoy took yer advice too. Love to see folks winning.

Benie will have put a few in the poor house!

Twists n Turns

Day 1 race 5

1. Honeysuckle (9/4) 12.25 points
2. Benie des Dieux 5 points
3. Elfile 3 points

1 2 3