Lee for three


Shooting boots back on for Saturday after a fairly fallow few matches. Five goals and some shootie in practice is just the kind of preparation we could do with,and with the huns to face next week we also have our first free midweek for quite some time. They had a pretty-ugly!-torrid time of it in Dingwall yesterday and I’m kinda hoping they get ripped a new one in midweek while our players are relaxing. Works for me.

Looking back at the game,it was five going on ten,really. We had twenty shots on goal,sixteen on target. Their keeper Vaclav Hladky was the latest to have an outstanding performance against us,and he might even have sneaked the Man of the Match Award in the eyes of some neutrals. I believe he is out of contract in the summer and may be worth looking at as back-up to Scott Bain for next season if we can’t get to keep Fraser Forster where he belongs. Anyway,to the match.

St Mirren made it clear from the start that they weren’t just there to make up the numbers and had a good go at it in the first quarter of an hour,with three or four shots at goal. None of them were particularly troublesome for Forster admittedly,but they still had to be saved. We then put the foot down a bit ourselves and it was predominately one way traffic from there on in. The first goal came from some work on the left by Greg Taylor who knocked it back and inside to Eddy on the left corner of the box. He looked up and floated a superb cross to Griff who darted between his two markers to get his foot to the ball and guide it in from about six yards.

A superb goal and a real striker’s finish.

For a little while it became the Hladky Show as he pulled off save after save from Eddy,Jamesy twice,Big Tam and Griff and just as COSYCORNERBHOY was probably sneaking into the pie queue,Griff popped up again.

Jamesy did the spadework on the right before cutting it across to the Griff on the edge of the box. This time he decided against giving the keeper a chance to look good and instead beat a couple of defenders and played a tight one-two with Rogic. The return,with his right foot,was perfect. The dinked finish simply sublime.

The second half started where the first had left off,with the keeper making another couple of good stops from Forrest and Rogic. Then Eddy got a bit miffed with it all,receiving the ball with his back to goal on the edge of the area. He feinted to pass it back to Broonie,giving himself space to turn and drove it low to the keeper’s left. Great stuff from a tremendous player.

We had to wait nearly twenty minutes for our fourth and Griff completing his hat trick,during which we saw a St Mirren player being-correctly-booked for their first foul of the day and Lenny remembering about the seven players beside him on the bench.

And it was a peach. Eddy played a superb dummy from a Forrest pass along the edge of the box and Griff hit it hard and low first time. 4-0 and match ball. The rest of the game was really just played out to the whistle until in the final minute,the returning Elhamed cut inside from the right and was pulled down. There was no doubt about the penalty and in fairness the referee Gavin Duncan didn’t hesitate. Would we have got it at 0-0? With most referees up here,definitely not. Apparently,his performance was a refreshing change from the norm. And congratulations too to St Mirren for their efforts,also making a game of it for a while and contributing to the occasion.

CalMac calmly stroked the ball home into the same corner that four of the goals on the day went. A job well done on the day,and we go in to a nice wee break to recharge and recuperate. If I have one minor gripe,it is that Lenny waited so long to bring on the subs. In total,they had forty minutes. At three up after fifty five minutes,he could easily have given them double the game time,thus giving three players double the rest. Heyho…

One man who wasn’t complaining about it,and stayed on the pitch for the full ninety minutes,was Griff. He milked the applause he deserved at the end of the game. It’s his first hat trick for four years,and I hope these things come in threes(!) A deserved Man of the Match winner.

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Twists n Turns

Morning Bobby

I’m guessing Leigh’s exploits at the weekend mean Neil already has a front two pencilled in for Sunday.

3-5-2 or 4-4-2?

We’ve surely realised given the last 2 matches v the forces of darkness that we need to compete in the middle of the pitch.

Is Rogic too much of a luxury for Sunday?

Will Ryan be back from the start and Tam on the bench ?

I’d hope so.

Taylor or Johnny at full back?

Centre back pairing?

I’m hoping these are the questions Neil can successfully address this week.


Nae bother. Hope you like the name 😉
Hail Hail






It’s certainly a quandary. I think Griff has earned the right to play. And he can’t and won’t drop Eddy. We certainly got swamped by their midfield in the last two games against them but we had no-one helping out on the left in either of those two matches.

I’m inclined to go with a three at the back of Elhamed Ajer Jullien. This would allow us to make a Four when required with Taylor-who is a better defender than a wing back anyway. Broonie CalMac and Jamesy are certs. So that leaves room for one.

Tam is a hunskelper but also,as you say,a bit lightweight at times. But he’s looked to be coming into a good run of form at the moment,and he’s difficult to drop in those circumstances. Ryan hates them nearly as much as I do,but has been just a tad off it recently. It might just be the game for him to get his mojo back,but then again it bloody well might not be!

If Lenny plays Tam and he is poor and we get swamped,you know what the outcry will be like. If he plays Ryan with the same outcome,it’s he was out of form,shouldn’t have been playing. Helluva conundrum.



I may have to mail Mahe the article about Cheltenham if this problem persists. But it should be up tonight,and before tomorrow’s article. It will have a link to the Stats and Tips article from last month and a c&p of the rules. Hope that suits.

Twists n Turns

All sounds good on the Cheltenham stuff. I’m thinking of starting mega early tomorrow ( 4ish) to get finished early. Hoping my sidekick feels the same. I think he will ?

Sunday. They might still be missing Jack and Arfield. They’re definitely weaker without both. Not to mention the fact they might pick up another injury or two on Thursday.

I’d take a point but feel if we get the team selections and tactics correct that the three points are well within our capabilities.


I’ve just been sent this by SOLKITTS. Cheer yeez up on a Monday morning,which might take some doing!




Looking at the two sides and how they have played for the most part this season,we can beat them any and every day of the week. Then match day comes along and it all goes tits up. They played like men possessed both times against us in December so I sure won’t be taking anything for granted.

Twists n Turns

In last year league campaign under BR and Neil we won 27 games out of the 38

This season so far we’ve won 26 already. Sunday for the 27??

Twists n Turns

77 goals in the entire campaign last year


89 already this season.

Impressive stats

Big Audio Dynamite

Great to have both our deadly mossad agents back.

And, just because it’s bugging the life out me, our record against the horrible horde this season…

P 3 won 2 lost 1 for 4 against 2! (The only trophy up for grabs so far, is in the Parkhead trophy room!)


Big Audio Dynamite

And please don’t repeat Daily retard pish, about how they dominated periods of those games, so whit!?

Big Audio Dynamite

Too many in our(?) support, still regurgitate rubbish printed by those who can’t stand us

Big Audio Dynamite

Our team has a will to win, that I am struggling to remember in many of our teams, never mind others.

Our Centenary team definitely had it- with all those late winners- but this team really is something else again.

Big Audio Dynamite

Cracking report on the game Bobby ?

Credit to St Mirren for not attempting to blooter us all over the pitch ..if only more would be so kind(Maybe without the 5-0 skelpings – sorry Jim) Being busy on Saturday, I kept checking the stats on the BBC, and literally couldn’t believe the stats they were reporting, but maybe(?) that is what actually happened. Still sceptical ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Against the stickies? As long as Ajer makes it, stick with 3 at the back, and 2 up top, and we will prevail.

El Hamed to replace Bitton
Move Bitton in beside Broony
Unleashing Callum in his natural position
Width provided by Forrest – Taylor(Or Hayes)
Give Griff & Eddie freedom of movement up top, and watch Goldson&co get a football lesson.

NoFear Celtic

Big Audio Dynamite

Oh, nearly forgot, lurking Huns ..no, not GIRFUY, come say hi …again! ?



My post-match reviews tend to reflect how I saw the game-or the highlights,as may be. In each case in December they were scathing about our performance,even though obviously delighted at the result of the first one. Nothing to do with The Daily Record or anyone else’s views.

But all the lads in Swindon Shamrock CSC were of the same opinion about each of them. About eighty of us,beelin at the performances. We played well below our usual standards both times.

Hopefully those performances are in the past. History. But I don’t want a repeat because Lenny and the players haven’t learned anything from them. And the last thing of all I want is for that fat twat Morelos to redeem himself in their eyes!

big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby did not see the game, only the goals, so cant comment on how we played, but all the goals were well taken, so delighted for griff to get a hattrick, that should do his confidence a world of good, lets tank those bassas next week ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, hope you don’t think – in reference to my DR post- I meant anyone in particular, I didn’t ?

It’s just that there is a section of our support who do believe the hype.

Regardless of their state, we are not going to beat them 5-0 every time we meet, do we do that with Hamilton, St Mirren or Livingston? No, we dont, but we also accept that sometimes they will prevail against us.

Get the formation right, go there with absolutely no fear, and I can only see one winner!


Usual apologies for the source,but this article by Keith Jackson is quite an eyeopener.


Firstly,he doesn’t pull his punches on Morelos. He absolutely hammers him. And he’s none too kind about a few of the others. And he makes it plain that Gerrard has three games to save his job.

But the most interesting thing is the reason why Jack missed yesterday’s game. His knee suddenly ballooned up on the bus trip North? That I seriously doubt.

There’s no way that they travelled on the day,so they’ll have travelled up on the Saturday,probably staying overnight in Inverness. So I’ll keep my speculation to myself as I have no proof. But I’m betting I’m closer to the truth than the way that Keith Jackson describes it.

big packy

BOBBY, that Jackson article, methinks a hurting hun?



Philvis-style Thumbs-up to you too!

Aye,I know there’s still some believe everything they read in there-I just posted a link to an article from it! I’d been living down South during the famine years after The Centenary Season so I didn’t see the DR very often. Not that the press down here is all that great but you soon learn what is likely to be true and what isn’t.

Could still get The Sunday Mail quite often though,and God,it made me weep most Sundays…

Anyway,when I moved back to Kilwinning just in time for us stopping their nine-I got that one wrong!-I was honestly astonished at the open bias. So I took everything they said with a pinch of salt. I remember the Thugs and Thieves,and telling my mates-remember,these are to a man a bunch of huns though they were a bunch of Rangers fans by the time I’d left!-that I’d believe it when I saw the court verdict.

The Murray interview about de Boer,when he was getting pelters,only here to top up his pension? Showed the DR the contract. Playing for petrol money,was the accompanying comment. Mine? A piece of paper. Show me the bank account.

I gave up believing government when Thatcher messed around with the unemployment statistics. I’m not sure when I did the same with newspapers,but I know that I learned a long time ago to verify anything they print.

Including the date.



Oh,he’s hurting alright. But he’s asking questions that would have been unthinkable not so long ago.

And more importantly,he’s clearly not worried about any comeback from Rangers. Or Traynor.

Mail you in a mo re your wee Kilwinning Rangers story.

Big Audio Dynamite

April 2012, the day Celtic fans claim was the very last OF game, Celtic win the game 3-0.

Including that game, I make it 20 times we’ve met them since ..

Celtic with 11 wins
Sevco with 3
And there have been 6 draws (We know why some of those games were drawn, think Griff bearing down on goal …and then, bang! No pen!)

I’ll take that record against THEM, for the rest of time!


As we humour ourselves with the thought of the huns scaling a mountain called 55 but tantalisingly coming up short,let’s remember the man more responsible for their failure than any other.

Jock took over as manager today in 1965.




You’re generous. Giving them the victory on penalties.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, good stuff, mate! You won’t be surprised to learn I never switch on a tv (Nope, not doin it) and only see what’s in the papers because I see things in relation to our club… and btw, this is the only place on the net I say a word.

You reminding me of the De Boer thing with Murray&the media (I’ve actually forgot most of their ridiculous bluster), actually had me sitting here chuckling.

I need to go back and remind myself of the crazy claims made by them back then …comedy good dust!

Anyone for a floating Pitch-Casino-Stadium? How about elevating the whole of Govan?!! ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, 8.56

That’s the kinda guy I am! I don’t even want them dead ?

big packy

BOBBY, 339 Glasgow road burnbank Lanarkshire, that house should be bought by the national trust?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby BP, fancy a bet? I’ll bet you both £100k, that we reach 55 before the pretendy Gers ..up for it?

What do you mean, do I have a hundred grand?

big packy

just nipping out bobby will read your e- mail later?

big packy

BAD, would not bet on those bassas, but im with you on the pretendy gers???

Big Audio Dynamite

No doubt, someone will be along to tell me my stats are wrong, and that I’m not smart enough to understand the threat posed by Sevco ???

(They might have a point on the smarts) ?

Big Audio Dynamite

BP, that’ll do me ?

Big Audio Dynamite

If memory serves.

Rangers won 2(?) Trebles in the 70s? Edit: Yes they did, but we won more titles that decade.
They won 9iar (but we all know the truth about that) in the 90s
By my reckoning, you would need to go back to season, 64-65(?) to find the last time they (Legally) were top dogs.(Given their record of cheating, even that would need questioned)

Discount their cheating in the 80s & 90s, and we have dominated each decade for over half a century.

Oh, and you can discount everything they achieved from 1987 onwards. Not a thing they won on the pitch matters now the truth has been revealed.

We are really on something like 32iar ?



My family have given me pelters for barely using the telly for years. I’ve got one,couldn’t tell you the last time it was on apart from a DVD.

When I lived in Irvine in 97,I didn’t bother with one at all. Flat full of books and music,who needs it? Well,according to the TV Licencing people,I had one. Because they kept sending me nasty letters for not having a licence for it. Even sent the boys round apparently. Not that I knew much about the latter as I was usually at work or in Kilwinning visiting my family and friends.

And avoiding Irvine,shithole of a place!

Anyway,I got fed up with it when I phoned them and got some eejit accusing me of breaking the law by not having a licence. Sent them a letter advising them that I’d be taking legal advice on it,giving the time of the call and name of their employee. Their response was to send me a letter giving me a two year disclaimer,show this to any of our representatives,and I was off their “mailing list”

Got a job with Sky the following month. Moved back to Kilwinning. Big telly just inside the front door,analogue and digital satellite systems plus fairly obvious dishes. Sky-liveried van in the drive.

Got a visit from them. Don’t need one,I said. You do,you’ve got the dishes on your wall and I can see your TV from here. Still don’t need one,gimme a minute. Showed him the letter.

The picture on his face was better than the one on my telly!



Yer obviously not an Ayrshire lad! Kilmarnock won it in 65.

Rangers glory years were from 1911 till 1950 when they won 22 out of 33 available,as seven seasons were cancelled due to WWII. They won 9 from 36 from then till Souness arrived,along with potentially strange accounting practices which made them attractive to players from tax-friendly regimes like Italy and France and even tax havens like Monaco. Which still surprises me.



Other door callers permanently on my case were meter readers. One of my mates,George Hoy,was one. Good Tim,and few of them in Kilwinning. He asked me one night why I was never in when he or one of his colleagues called. I told him-I’m either at work,in my bed,visiting my family or in here-the pub!-wi you and the troops.

The look of delight on the face of one of his pals when I answered the door. I said come in,what are you so happy about?

Not kidding-they’d all put a pound into a sweep and whoever read my meter won it! Happy to make a woman happy for once,I suppose…

Twists n Turns

Making a woman happy not that difficult imo. Keeping them happy is the key. That can be a bit more difficult. ?


Auldheid, March 7, 3:24 pm,

Yes, haven’t managed to read through the report yet but will do but one thing now is quite clear, the evidence is overwhelming.


The fact that the football authorities can stick to the JPDT as some sort of due process is staggering, the reason the SFA stick with it, is because it can be manipulated in so many ways to achieve their desired outcomes.

One just has to look at the timelines and this Sevco Rangers challenge.

In 2012, when Craig Whyte had two weeks to defend his charge and challeged the JPDT’s authourity and asked for more time to prepare his defence and documentation disclosure, all were rejected out of hand as the implementation of the laws could not be delayed.

As the subsequent crimminal trial later proved, CW had a solid basis for his requests.

Yet his two week extension was rejected out of hand in March 2012 and we have been waiting years for the 2011 licence charge to be dealt with.

Just an indication of the double standards the SFA impose.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Ah, Bobby, Kilmarnock 65, good shout… Pumped Eintract Frankfurt 5-1! The 60s certainly was a golden period for those outside the big 2.

Hibs had a good team.
Dundee had a great team.( Nearly won 2 European trophies)
Celtic had 2 ECWC SFs in the 60s, before Lisbon.
Even Dunfermline reached a Euro SF in the 60s
Rangers started off the decade by reaching the SF of the big cup.


Interesting piece in Celtic Underground…


…55 years after Jock Stein, our most ambitious leader of modern times, took up the reigns. CU questions the direction and ambition of our Club’s current leaders.

Pretty much nailed it as far as I’m concerned.

Hail Hail

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, the black box in the corner? Just a propaganda tool. It exists to keep you in a state of fear & alarm… It appears to still be working fine. Much better to just laugh at their attempts to scare you.

Did you know NASA has announced plans to start building a hotel in space, in the next 4 years? ? They know very few of us are actually paying attention to the crap they spout.

(Not looking to steer the blog mate, was genuinely interested if people had even heard that)

From planets made of diamonds (my fav?) to floating hotels in space, I think they enjoy taking the piss ?

Awe Naw

I see the Sevco sluts and slags stenographers are sharpening their knives for Steven Gerrard. Lets be honest it is James Traynor here that they really want to fillet. It must be galling having to take instruction from such an idiot. That was Gannon yesterday and Jackson today. Clearly The Scottish Sun has been given the nod over the Record down Ibrox way at the moment.

It will be a very sad day when they all go bust because they are there to laughed at



Not true,mate. I’ve made plenty happy by saying goodbye. Since I meant it,they’ve stayed that way.


Storm no name squalled around 4.45 in Parkhead, the road to Dalmarnock and beyond could have been Everest but it couldn’t halt the Celtic fans who scurried away for buses and trains all over the Parkhead footprint after another fine instalment in the nine of those things in a row show.

The mantra of getting the job done early was carried out to order, as Celts coasted on a cold day to half time cuppas, with two close range Griffiths digs. Both of the brace were set up by Edouard the provider, the second being a classy well worked dink which set the tone for the day.

Celtic oozed pedigree from the K.O. and although Saints started brightly the inevitable shine went with those two pre-emptive strikers goals, from a man who really was backed by his employer, surrounded by his supportive peers, his face was a picture, when he wrapped in his third to complete the hat trick.

Before then Odsonne Edouard’s goal was plainly absurd in execution, sometimes you want him to shoot sooner but this time the third Celtic goal was in the net, before we had time to say the word, and the Eddy song was duly underway. MacGregor, Rogic, Bitton, Taylor and Brown were standouts. Edouard is nothing other than a gift from above, James Forrest is Neil Lennon’s rock and the Celtic wing wizard worked tirelessly providing a formidable shape to the formation along the right zone for 90 minutes.

But this was Leigh’s day all round and the man is living proof it really is o.k. not to be o.k.

M.O.M Leigh Griffiths




Rules are there to be adhered to when ordered to do so by the authority whose rules they are. You know the rest.

I’ll have a gander at CU. Thanks for the tip off



Storm Noname was when my Dad realised he’d changed his mind and put 6-0 on the coupon instead of 5-0.

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