Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Jim Traynors departure almost slipped under the radar what with bigger things happening, but what’s noticable is not only his replacement but remarks we wouldn’t have seen ‘under his watch’ are already making their way out into the open via his old mouthpieces.
This tells me three things,,
They didn’t approve of his methods,
They didn’t like him personally,
He’s not expected back.
Amen to that.


What a final couple months he had in the job, and with his contract running out plus his protector in Dave KIng fleeing, I guess he said I will go out with a bang.
I’ve mentioned before I lay what I refer to as the weekly scandal at his door more often than not,,a fresh travesty designed to take your mind off last weeks scandalous referee or association decision that has fans scratching their heads in disbelief.
How many people are delighted to see the back we will never know but I get the feeling there’s a ton.


I was hoping for an official slapdown of sorts but I guess Ofcom’s lack of teeth gave the Sfa a way out, he really should have went down for Translategate.
That he skulked out with bruises of a mysterious doing over by two guys is actually a bit more dignified than the way he left the Record with his vindictive malicious final piece. We know the run of the mill hacks don’t like him,,why here we have one stating it plainly and then there was the bullying press conference where he had Warburton on a string.
But gone he is and the game should be a lot better off for that decision.
Its really hard to see where in club football he could find a role, and if you’re getting a metaphorical slap then I think the hacks know youre gone.


With the big battle for the 9th title now looking as if it will be finalized not on the field of play but in an office somewhere, one must admit this is a time when the old blowhard could really have been useful. His replacement seems a colourful chap indeed, but he wont have anywhere near the local contacts or the dirt on some that Jim had.
Normally he would sit back and tease a tell all book, maybe trying to get a position somewhere, but in a world holding its breath its very much the wrong time for memoirs, whether controversial or not. My heart fails to bleed and maybe all his secrets are best left locked away. Good riddance Jim.


Meanwhile the Jambos have been the first top flight team to be asked to take a voluntary wage cut. Its probably the tip of the iceberg and the smaller clubs will most likely take similar or more drastic measures. In a country with more clubs than most others to sustain, the national sport is ripe to be hit extremely hard in this crisis.
Its at these times that clubs should do their best to help each other, there must be genuine fears of collapse out there among some.
What will happen will happen, and we can but hope those out there in positions of influence use common sense and some degree of sympathy when making impactful decisions that will determine the future of the game and its clubs.
This is certainly not a time for self preservation or agendas.
The game has already seen far too much of that.


The above is by Mahe. Anyone at all can contact us for aid in the greater Glasgow area. Please dont hesitate. You’re all far more precious than three points.

Notify of

Is Jum Trayner out of the equation? I would hold fire…lets see what’s what….DUP statements…Traynor sychopnants following….it’s got to be laff

Oops…poor Hearts…fuck thum

Apologies if there’s a clamp on swearies

Big Audio Dynamite

While everyone is looking over there, look what is happening over here.


It’s ok but, it’s for your own protection! I told anyone who’d listen, that this event would be used to strip people of more of their rights. Now they are taking your right to assembly and all your privacy …by the time people wake up to what’s happening, we won’t have ANY rights left.

Still gonna believe the Government has your best interests at heart, eh?!



Top article,mate. You’re right,there was agood chance of the Traynor removal being overlooked-at least until we got the first release from his successor.

As for Traynor not being too popular amongst his former colleagues,it would appear so. The linked article may be a bit of Sevco brown-nosing but,like a stopped clock,he does get a couple of things right. Cyberpint if you can spot them!




Good luck with your shopping expedition today. I reckon your best chance is to nip into an old folks home and borrow a mobility scooter.

After listening to a load of shit…I wouldn’t b surprised if a lot of house break-ins finish with…and all they stole was my bog-roll and dry food…bastards

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Twists n Turns

I’m just back

The first two hours thing for vulnerable people is obviously not true.

I got there at 6-05am. It opened at 6.

The car park was rammed. People diving straight to the “ home essentials “ aisle.

I don’t need any of that. I simply wanted some fruit veg and chicken and a few tins of soup beans etc

I got the last pack of 4 chicken breasts. Got some fruit and veg ok. Needed rice. The pasta aisle was already emptied. The tinned food aisle was pretty much empty.

Bread almost gone. Got a brown loaf. Was almost tempted to grab a few but that ain’t gonna help.

Was talking to the supervisor. She said when they opened the door at 6, it was worse than Christmas Eve.

On the way round, initially I noticed folks had toilet rolls in their trolleys .
On the way to the checkout though, I noticed everyone had kitchen roll cos the toilet roll cleared out in minutes obviously.

Absolutely fkn mental.

Big Audio Dynamite

Asking Americans if they want a fictional country bombed. “Fuck yeah” ?


big packy

MORNING ALL AND JIM,,,great article as usual mahe, reading that neil Cameron piece, did he mean wan of them, meaning one of us?anyway my only hope I think of getting any supplies for joans mother and the old lady next door, is to go to the cash and carry ,wish me luck?


Morning Packy.

I don’t think the panic buying will last much longer, unless there is a problem with manufacturing & supplies and logistics. People’s freezers will be full, cupboards full, they won’t consume more than usual. (at least with food!, not sure about T.Rolls & handwash) Shelves should start to fill again and the panic will ease.
Or is that wishful thinking?


I’ve been following the debate on Scottish MSM about the integrity of declaring Celtic champions after 30 games and not the planned 38 games. This has largely been well-rehearsed campaign by the enemies of Celtic to drum up support for their notion that this should not be allowed. Stupid analogies about a fictional horse-race have been aired as if to prove some point.

However, somehow amidst all this palaver they seemed not to notice an actual recent sporting event which involves humans beings
where the leader was declared the winner even though the full race was not completed. This happened in the Paris-Nice 8 day pro-road bike race where the leader was declared the winner at the end of day 7 and all the other placings made official. Day 8 was cancelled because the COVID-19 crisis.


Not like the fair-minded sports journalists in Scotland to miss this is it?

big packy

JIM, hope your right im ok at the moment, but joans mum and the old lady next door are housebound, will try and get them what I can get, are you ok for supplies?


Packy, no problem with me pal, got as much as I need without panic buying. I admit I bought quite a few things a bit earlier than I normally would but only one item of each, not multiples. My neighbour across the road said to me yesterday, Jim gives us a shout if you need anything, I’m going to ASDA tomorrow, you only need to ask.

big packy

JIM, going to the cash and carry now, catch u later?

Awe Naw

This from Keef yesterday also proves that fat Jim is oot the picture

“Stuart thinks it’s still a bit premature to make any official statement. He’s considering investing in the club but he has not been in talks regarding taking over the club from Dave King. He’s just a well-meaning fan trying to support the club.

“In the meantime, Stuart will continue to focus on his business in Asia.”

It’s understood no set timescale has been agreed between the parties but, with Rangers in need of an urgent fresh finances at a time of global crisis, the Ibrox club will be hoping Gibson’s cash boost will arrive before the end of this month.

Awe Naw

The first person to contract the virus is china has been traced. Ah Chu (34)

Cosy Corner Bhoy

BAD: Whilst ‘always interesting ‘ to read your posts , I wouldn’t use RT as a source of opinion or information,especially a broadcaster that hires/hired Alex Salmond as a ‘journalist!! And that’s nothing to do with his present circumstances.
On another note; Will RFC(il) ask HM Government for a ‘loan’ from Boris’ ‘Help for Business ‘ pot of gold?Would be like asking somebody you stole a tenner from to lend you a pound!


With the closure of schools and universities there is one bright spot left. The Open University. World class leader in distance learning. Well done the Labour party of the 1960s! Harold Wilson & Jennie Lee.

Big Audio Dynamite

CCB, I only clicked on that video as it was at the top of the search page. It is being reported widely, but again very few taking notice, or talking about it.

Btw, I was just thinking about how the Stuart Gibson £20m investment story is being presented to us. ? Have you read, anywhere, what he wants for his £20m? Or, are we to believe he will just turn up, write a cheque, and then just pop it through the letterbox at Ibrox?! New Chairman? Director? Stand-in for Broxi? £20m to hire the St Etienne bike for an afternoon? Carrier bag full of world class porcelain?

Awe Naw


I believe the RT before the BBC and so do most of their sexually abused victims you need to be able to filter out the presented propaganda. Sadly a very large proportion of the UK populace are unable too.


Morning all.
I hope we are all keeping safe.
Jim Traynor has spun it to say he intended to leave in May, when his contract expired.
I posted a couple of days ago that Sevco have been cute about this.
Jim obviously has a lot of dirt on turnout he’s unlikely to use it, given the connections of the new PR guy.
If Sevco had attempted to oust him from someone employees from Joe Soap P.R. then I think Jim would have threatened them.
He knows he can’t do that, this time.

Awe Naw

John James definitely worth a read as is normally the case to be fair to him

Awe Naw

THE granddad of former Celtic ace Stephen McManus has died at a Scots care home hit by a coronavirus outbreak, it’s reported.

Condolences to the Reilly and Mc Manus families and friends

Awe Naw

A TENNENT’S Lager site was locked down after a worker collapsed with coronavirus.

The warehouse staff member fell ill at the beer firm’s Cambuslang distribution depot in Glasgow on Tuesday morning and was rushed to hospital.


The main issue with empty shelf’s is ,obviously apart from panic buying , lack of re stock. Some stores in NE Scotland haven’t received deliveries in 2 days where normally they expect delivery’s on a daily basis. Staff at 2 differing stores told me this. The little stock they do receive is gone as quickly as it is placed on display, even with a limit on purchasing. This not working either. I was in a check out line at Asda yesterday, which was an exercise in futility as the stuff i was after had been cleared out long ago, A Women at checkout with her 2 kids. She had 3 items of a particular product, both her kids also each had 3 items of the same product- i watched her give them cash to pay for the goods at the check out. Girl serving gave them a stern stare but still allowed them to purchase the stuff so rather than 3 items they walk out with 9 and feck everyone else.

Also wee tip anyone who wants to buy paracetamol – just buy a flu remedy drink like Lem-sip as they are packed with paracetamol. Noticed that shelf’s are still still stocked with them but not a packet of paracetamol to be seen.

Martial Law CSC

Big Audio Dynamite

Ring a Ring O’ Roses,
A pocket full of Posies,
A- tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down.

Interesting little nursery rhyme, with no one too sure of its origin.



I think it’s from The Great Plague,17th Century


What’s the most dangerous job in the world?

Rear gunner on an Asda delivery lorry.


On a slightly different matter. Oil is now trading at under $24. An absolute disaster for NE Scotland. Combined with Covid 19 it will seriously mess with an Industry just starting to get back on it’s feet after the 2015 plunge in oil prices. Oil companies historically lay off scores of workers at the 1st sign of trouble. What will they do this time around?


As you say unknown, but this is best I can do from Wiki.

The origins and meanings of the game have long been unknown and subject to speculation. Folklore scholars, however, regard the Great Plague explanation that has been the most common since the mid-20th century as baseless.

Theories from the late 19th century
In 1898, A Dictionary of British Folklore contained the belief that an explanation of the game was of pagan origin, based on the Sheffield Glossary comparison of Jacob Grimm’s Deutsche Mythologie. The theory states that it is in reference to Pagan myths and cited a passage which states, “Gifted children of fortune have the power to laugh roses, as Freyja wept gold.” It claimed the first instance to be indicative of pagan beings of light. Another suggestion is more literal, that it was making a “ring” around the roses and bowing with the “all fall down” as a curtsy.] In 1892, the American writer, Eugene Field wrote a poem titled Teeny-Weeny that specifically referred to fey folk playing ring-a-rosie.

According to Games and Songs of American Children, published in 1883, the “rosie” was a reference to the French word for rose tree and the children would dance and
stoop to the person in the center.[Variations, especially more literal ones, were identified and noted with the literal falling down that would sever the connections to the game-rhyme. Again in 1898, sneezing was then noted to be indicative of many superstitious and supernatural beliefs across differing cultures.

Awe Naw

Consider the fact that
Maybe you’ve been brainwashed too
Many will tell you otherwise
I bet you trust your bank
Just wait until it tanks
Your parents had it planned
We’re almost just like them?
Fun Racist professional sports
Management gets the real rewards
Multinational owned evening news
If we believe we’re fools
You watch 4.5 hours of TV a day
And we should listen to what you have to say?
Opinions on life and the world
You eat at the Hard Rock abroad and you disrespect your girl
Sexism so ingrained
That women get the blame
Is it smug middle class satisfaction you peddle?
Better hope your car don’t breakdown in the ghetto
Rich companies lobby best
Use their products, prepare to lose a breast
Why your sick mother’s health insurance got
“Accidentally” canceled is no mystery
Somebody’s paying the government a lot
To have access to everybody’s medical history
Greedy banks bought all the farms
Chemical food, aren’t our lives charmed
Teenagers baited, their money spent
With credit cards at twenty percent
Too broke to worry about the loan
Their funkin turning off your phone
And politics, a fuckin’ joke
Right and left, they’re both a hoax
Just hope the “international” markets don’t crash
Rock ‘n’ Roll! Some truth? Alas!
Careerist cowards sucking ass
Is real investigative reporting dead?
Of course, but keep watching your CNN
The glitz, the glamor, all jokes aside
If a sponsor pays enough,
They’d turn a blind eye on 3rd world genocide
“Bro, don’t get heavy, the bills are paid!”
Twice a week (missionary style) we all get laid
Middle management goes first, your out on your ass
Most ignorance is bred at home
Good Christian families? Then why condone
Petty hatred of anything different or new
The fat girl hung herself in June
No love at home, they thought she was strong
Her classmates made her up her own song
“Piggy Peggy ate everyone’s pie”
The kids moved on, one teacher cried
The kids switched targets the week after she died
Well? human nature won’t change much
Unless we make a shameful bunch
Of those we see so glaringly
Who show hate, ignorance and hypocrisy
Don’t be a coward, make a stand!
Get in their face, act like a ham
Let people know it’s not PC
To be greedy and judgmental under the guise of religion and democracy
Get loud and stand up every time
If you even give a fuck about mankind
’cause if human nature don’t evolve soon
Don’t kid yourself, you’re fucking doomed
Don’t run away from change and growth
Let’s start right now, “I take the oath!”
But first accept one simple truth
That maybe we’ve been brainwashed too
So cynical, so hip, so full of shit
They told us to shut the fuck up and write another hit


Rogic and Arzani off to Australia to self isolate before it closes its borders.



Too radical for me(!)

Big Audio Dynamite

? It was sold and we were dutiful
Craigy Whyte said we’d be fine
And it’s on the 12th we liquidate
My whole club for just a pound

My father cried his eyes out
As the Celtic knocked in 4
Now I spend all my days wishing
To get back those days of yore ?

FTP! ☺


Up to 40 stations on the London Underground network are to be shut as the city attempts to reduce the effect of the coronavirus outbreak.
And so it begins. All public transport next i guess. Best nip out to the garage and fill up the fuel tank as it is almost empty, no doubt the next rush of panic buying will be fuel.

Big Audio Dynamite

JNP, very interesting, eh? “Pagan beings of light” The Illuminated ones ?


Yes, all this type of stuff, fascinates me.
Thanks for response.

Big Audio Dynamite

JNP, have a good one, mate ?

Big Audio Dynamite

? 4 lads had ice-cream
After the death of our team
We had no money for Jelly, or even a bowl
We still kidded on, the Rangers weren’t gone
8 years later, and still we are wrong ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Oh everybody flouncy flouncy na na na na na

Ok, I might be bored


SFA yesterday,

“Further to those considerations, the Scottish FA Board has approved immediate funds totalling £1.5m to members from Club Licensing and Club Academy Scotland award payments. These would otherwise be payable towards the end of the year but will instead be distributed in the next 24 hours to help mitigate the financial impact of coronavirus and the suspension of matches.

Club Licensing- Payments will be made to clubs based on 2019 Club Licensing levels (Entry, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum).”

The good news is Celtic are rated Platinum. The huns? Silver! 🙂

(should be ‘entry’ or ‘bronze’ if you ask me)

bada bing1

I heard the Adidas deal is 5 years @ £12million minimum, £60 million plus a good % of anything sold.


GOOD LUCK to BIGPACKY with the timely driving job!

Remember,big fella-it’s a while since you’ve been out on the road but it will come back to you in no time.

The biggest change since your day is probably that we don’t use a starting handle anymore. That’ll save you looking for it.

Public Service Information Department.




Biggest amount I’ve seen mentioned so far!

bada bing1

BMCUW- I could believe it,some English clubs getting that a month…….and our kit sales would be comparable with them


m6bhoy @ 8:43 am

Agree well orchestrated campaign here to ensure Celtic are not awarded the title should this seasons remaining fixtures not be played. It was Ibrox standard bearer Alex Rae that made the horse race analogy. He soon changed his mind after his twitter account was filled with replies such as ” Alex, if a horse fell and died during a race and was replaced by another horse with its jockey wearing the same colours, would it be the same horse”? 🙂

As an aside, had to queue up for fuel at Shell. Guy behind counter saying it was starting to get really busy!

1st they came for the Pasta CSC

Mike in Toronto


I had heard 5 years ay 12 million pa as well .. but hadn’t been able to confirm….


Good morning everyone. I am halfway through my two week isolation after travelling to Scotland and back to Canada. Several neighbours are in the same boat as they are returning snowbirds from Florida. One nutbar flew up from Florida to check out his daycare business and breezed into the same, exposing 80 kids to whatever he brought with him. Now he has flown back to the US so that he can drive his car back! When you hear of things like that you just know that the virus will spread, despite the best efforts of our institutions.

Today, I do not feel well, so, perhaps, I have CV19, or it could be a simple cold. If it is CV19, I shall try to post reports on its effects as I go through it.

On football matters, I see some attempts have been made to estimate lost revenue to clubs if the season does not restart as a spectator sport. EPL clubs could lose 5-7 million based upon crowd sizes. If accurate, and comparing crowd sizes, Celtic and Sevco could lose upwards of 5 million. The former could sustain that but it would be an additional burden on the latter. I do not know how these revenue estimates were determined but I wonder about two things. Firstly, how much of that “lost” revenue is actually money already paid to clubs through season ticket sales? Secondly, how much of it is TV revenue and is that really lost?

Do clubs have a legal obligation to refund season ticket money in this situation? Ditto for TV companies?


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