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The current crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic continues to occupy the minds of the great and the good worldwide,and also those of us on Sentinel Celts. The main areas of concern are twofold: that we have a major health catastrophe on our doorstep and that we have a looming financial disaster to follow. The latter will take longer to clear up,but the former is proving fatal already to many unfortunates.

Taking the situation nearer to home and looking at it from the vantage point of first,Celtic in particular,and secondly Scottish football as a whole,I reckon that there are similar severe problems on the horizon. We have already seen the pre-emptive strike from Ann Budge at Hearts,and I would reckon that many other clubs are looking at their wage bill and paying close attention to certain overly generous contracts. Of course,HM Gov has said that they will cover the wages of employees in affected businesses,but there is a double caveat involved of only 80% and only up to £25k per year. That should safeguard the immediate future of most players from the lower leagues,which is a start. I’m not usually known for praising the actions of a Tory government,but I’ll give them this one. It is a route which will likely prove to be the saviour of both employee and employer in the short to medium term. Beyond that? Well,beyond that I’d say a job would be the least of our worries-if the pandemic proves to be long term.

But what of the top tier,the Scottish Premier League? There are some clubs there whose finances rely ultimately on the ability to let out their pitch for community use,so having no match day income for the foreseeable future will obviously hurt them badly. Other clubs rely on digging up the occasional golden nugget to sell on,but we have seen the long term folly of that policy at Dundee United,whose astonishing fall from grace was precipitated by the goldmine striking out. Others have struggled along solely on the largesse of their owner,such as Aberdeen who now have recent new American owners. For their sake,let’s hope their money wasn’t in tracker funds in the markets.

And then there’s Celtic and Rangers. Now,I’ll admit that Celtic’s large current account balance is largely down to our own ability to unearth a golden nugget and sell it on as and when,but at the moment we still have a few of them,so no need to hit the panic button just yet.

Especially as any transfer market is likely to be depressed for a year or two anyway. (Word of advice to I Wanna-sign a new contract with us,son. In two years time,a contract elsewhere might be what you were looking at six months ago,but not now)

Our balance of anywhere between £40m and £60m is going to take a large hit,but with a playing wage bill of c£40m a year,we can weather it for the six months or so that it may take to get the game back to normal. Additionally of course,we seem to have got the new kit deal with Adidas over the line at a highly fortuitous time,and I’d expect that windfall to come in handy. Now though,more than ever,every penny will be a prisoner and playing squad improvements will be few and far between-unless we decide to take advantage of that depressed market I mentioned earlier.

Over on the dark side,things might be somewhat different. The squad that Dave King announced only in December to be worth in the region of £100m might not really be worth anything like that. Well,when I say might,I actually mean won’t. And it never was,based as it was on ludicrous valuations of the likes of Morelos-whose value has tanked faster than the stock in a cruising holiday company-Tavernier,Arribo and the like. But they are still probably too valuable to be cut loose from their contracts,so the club will almost definitely need to pony up the money every month. Which may be interesting,given that they run at a monthly loss in excess of a million quid-even with matchday income. On top of that,the sugar daddies may be finding that the bottom of their pockets are lined with lint rather than gold. Mr Micawber would be screaming the house down!

But these are exceptional times,and as such,exceptional measures may be considered to tide clubs over in their time of need. Would the SFA possibly be amenable to the fabled pre-pack administration much loved by certain entrepreneurs and businessmen? Perhaps if they were notified in advance by say Hearts and Rangers and possibly one or two others,they could give the all-clear,announce the end of the season table based on points deductions along with a one-off fourteen team SPL for next year,with three down to Follow Follow. Additionally that the Scottish Cup would be withheld this season due to the crisis.

Everyone’s a winner as no-one loses,just as I said in an earlier article. Hearts stay up-and solvent-Rangers stay in business until the next time. One or two clubs shed some debt that’s been hanging round their necks like a millstone. The only losers here are Celtic. We get nine in a row,sure. But we don’t get to celebrate it,and there will certainly be an asterisk put beside that one in the record books! On top of that,it scuppers our march to a fourth treble. Hell,they’ll probably split the SPL prize money an even twelve ways because they bloody well can.

That’s the problem with a democracy. You only get one vote. The moral high ground and right is might don’t count for much against vested interests.


Above article by BMCUWP. If you would like to contribute our Article of the Day,please send it to us and we will publish it. Even if it’s just the germ of an idea that you’re not too confident about fleshing out,send it anyway and we can do that for you! Mail Mahe on


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Twists n Turns

Interesting, and not beyond the realms of possibility.

I hope no one from the SFA , the huns and the mini’s are reading this!

Twists n Turns

I’ve arranged a meeting with the relevant authorities to investigate the options for my business. £80k rent and £40k rates with no income, will finish me off. I need some breathing space and if I don’t get it, my second retirement will be here earlier than planned and a lot of investment money will disappear down the plug hole.

My son who gave up his career to come and work for me will be in a hole too.

My grandson is due to join the company in July.

My other sons are both in aviation. One of their firms, Swissport , in big trouble.

Fkn mess.



Well,if I can think of it…



There is apparently a plan to put business rates on hold for twelve months. You should be a beneficiary of that decision as I believe it applies to all businesses. But I may well be wrong on that,as the announcement-in the original budget less than a fortnight ago-has been lost in the uproar since.

The rent situation may well depend on the willingness of your landlords to be realistic. If the premises are unlikely otherwise to be filled in the short to medium term,that should concentrate their minds a little. If the landlord is the local authority,I would hope that they will be more sympathetic than some faceless corporation may be.

Additionally there may be some form of redress in your business insurance,but you’ll know more about these things than I ever will!

Best of luck with it all,of course.


A really worrying situation for you and a few of your immediate family.
I hope you, in particular, are looking after your health.
I don’t mean the virus, I mean your blood pressure, etc.
It’s a very stressful time.

Twists n Turns

Worrying times amigos for all of us. All countries , all colours, all faiths. As always, the health of everyone is the thing that matters most. The financial side will sort itself out, or not.

I’m no good at dwarf impressions but hey ho

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Good health and good luck to Sentinel Celts and all others in these trying times.
The site has been a Godsend to me recently (as opposed to enjoyable),with all-encompassing articles,opinions and quotes,albeit ‘Shakes head in wonderment ‘occurs more often ?.The phrase ‘Jeezo,there are some heid-bangers aboot’ springs to mind but no criticism or response as ALL are entitled to opinions and we maintain civility at all times.
Today CCB is off for golf as he’s never known it, and I don’t mean I’ll play any better! The toilets and locker room are the only places open and no showers allowed. No flagsticks.ball washers,rakes,ball retrievers for the many burns,mark own scores,no monetary bets except IOUs,and designated person per match to text scores to Heid-Bummer’ who will inform all inWhats App…..which I’m not on….And I’ll have to drive!!!

big packy

BOBBY, great post as usual,think its a case of wait and see, did you manage to get some supplies.?

big packy

TWISTY, bloomin heck thought my rent was high, thoughts with you pal, we are all in this together ?



A drive for you on a Monday is usually about 200 yards. Twelve miles or so is stretching it a bit.

Have fun anyway-as much as you can under the circumstances. Give the fella your number to add you to the Whatsapp group then download the app for it. I can explain how to do it next time I’m on the phone.



Getting some just now would be daft,to be honest. Others might need it more than me. Won’t do me any harm to be off the stuff for four days a week. First one on Friday isnae even gonna touch the sides!

Besides,I deliver to a lot of supermarkets on a Thursday. I can grab a couple then,with any luck.

Big Audio Dynamite

My YouTube algorithm is now just taking the piss



Don’t want to worry anyone about Big Brother innat,but there is an Emergency Powers Bill being debated in Parliament today. Powers being granted specifically with regard to the current pandemic.

You know,the one that Johnston said was nothing to worry about,then that we should all just keep calm and carry on so that we get something called herd immunity-might be some collateral damage of course!-then that it would all be over in 12 weeks.

Powers were originally slated for review every TWO YEARS! Thankfully some wiser heads have prevailed,but even that only allows for six-monthly reviews.


Btw,apparently it includes such gems as being fined £1000 for refusing to take a test. I think most of us,and especially front-line staff in the NHS and social care,etc-would be queuing up for one if any were available.


Just had to break a lifetime vow there and take a selfie. Need it for an ID card for work now,apparently. Had to use my cheapo work phone. My iPhone is way too high-definition for such things!


Morning/evening all. Twists, BP and others who run small businesses there is a scheme CBILS a loan scheme due to virus type in government help for small businesses. don’t know if this will help, you are probs aware. Ain’t no money for nothing though as per. Take care everyone.


BMCUWP – this has been on cards for a few years previous incumbent was training 3000 troops to put on streets for civil unrest. They create issues ie; Brezit, wonder what would have happened if the had failed. But

, feed unrest blame incomers. Now more troops to lock cities down. Disinformation from the start on virus.Where was Labour and others on Gov. incompetence. If I had my way I would line them up and inject them with the virus. Note pm’s dad is applying for French passport. so much for in this together, aye right.



The UK is the most policed society with the most stringent laws directed at controlling it’s population of any Western country.They have had them for years. They can ban a UK citizen from travelling from one part of the UK to another if they so wish, arrest and detain for extended periods without charge or trial. They have been doing it in the North of Ireland for decades. All they are doing now is moving the goal posts a wee bit to include the Brexit voters.

PS. Maybe the British Army will get a chance to demonstrate it’s well honed skills in containing civil unrest in an urban environment. Best in the business so i believe. Now just where did they learn to do that!

Brave new world CSC

bada bing1

Safe distance? Reduced carriages on trains, means that they are absolutely mobbed…….how many surfaces do you touch on a train or a bus?


OGLACH unfortunately too true. God knows what happened to this country in the seventies Maggie wiped out industry. Punk rose, The Clash along with others raised issues, this only awakened a few. But naw punk bands were banned from certain towns as they were deemed as evil. Vast majority of populace kept down not wi,,ING to see what is in front of them. Working for the Yankee dollar and London is burning with anxiety.


Reading back yesterday. Wee pedantic point to make Bhoys

Just as saying Derry is correct and saying Londonderry is wrong
saying ‘The North of Ireland’ is correct and saying ‘Northern Ireland’ is wrong

How to spot a Hun 101 🙂

Pedant CSC



If we were all brought up where you were,we would definitely be using those terms. Most of us still use the terminology we were taught at school,and never mind Londonderry,our atlases in those days still had Abbysinnia listed!

The ones in the Protestant schools were a little bit more up to date. Surprised we were allowed a pencil and paper instead of a tablet and scribe.


Phoned my brother in law to give the car a jump start. Went out and had a go, started straight away! Bliddy cars, tempremental sods. Called off my B.I.L. Took the car a wee run, went to the Co-op, got most of what I wanted. Popped into the chapel & lit a candle. Spoke to a couple of neighbours – from a distance. It almost felt like normality. The main streets are def. quieter.


I enjoy perusing this site and came upon this today.

bada bing1

When was Ruud van Nistelrooy appointed Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer?


Oglach, Bobby, I deliberately try to reference Derry and The North of Ireland as such. But after a lifetime of reading and hearing L. Derry and NI on the media it sometimes rolls off the tongue unfortunately.



Ridiculous decision to reduce train length. The operators will still be paying for the Rolling Stock so it might as well be in use as stuck in a siding.

On the other hand,how do you keep a social distance in a supermarket? Especially when people are fighting over a tube of sanitiser?

Mate at work told me last night that he was running short of toilet roll. I wish he had spoken to me earlier,but the reason why isn’t going into print,and I didn’t tell him either as he had gone into various outlets,all of which were sold out.

He finally decided on a corner shop in the ethnic part of town,brilliant place for all sorts of spices,exotic veg,you know the type. Manchester Road in Swindon,our own wee part of SE Asia,and a boon to the amateur curry king. That’s me,btw.

Got any toilet roll?

Yes,over in the corner there.

£11 for a 9-pack of Andrex. Kid you not.



Correct,and just the point that I was making. The lessons we learn as kids are with us for life,and we have to unlearn them otherwise.

The older I get-that selfie today,oh ffs!-the more I realise the truth about a certain theory. That knowledge and memories are not limitless,and are refilled from the top. That we all have a big pool of knowledge and memories,and when you pour some more in from the top,it’s the recent additions that are likely to form the overflow.

That’s why we can all remember forty years ago or whatever,can maybe remember yesterday,but last week is a mystery. And last month is a faraway land of which we know nothing.


Am i missing something???
Reminded me of being young and the police fishing a torso out of the local canal.
I ran home and told my granda.
He said wis he deid?
I replied i don’t know so will run back and find out.




Thank you very much for the info about CBILS. My cousin’s lad,who is very close to our family,recently started his own business. Fledgeling,maybe two or three years,and as a licensed premises his business is in limbo. His outgoings,of course,aren’t.

Gave him a call earlier,advised him of this-he’s not stupid,he wouldn’t have lasted in any business if he was-and told him that anything that I’m told that can be helpful,I will look into and pass on to him. Problem is that everyone has their own problems now,it will become increasingly difficult to phone a friend,so to speak.

When I was on the phone to my Mum,I reminded her that she lived through worse than being cooped up with my Dad 24/7. War children,both of them. Lived in W Germany during The Cuban Missile Crisis. Three day week,four second warning. ICI shutting down at Ardeer!

She said she’s getting the locks changed while he’s at the golf…



No suspicious circumstances.

Body has been in the water for about a month,so presumably that means that there were no obvious signs of lesion or injury on the corpse. And as an immigrant,we canny be bothered to do background checks.

bada bing1

BMCUW- these shops who are profiteering, and stealing money from folk,need to be remembered when this is all over,and boycotted. I don’t do FB,Twitter, but any shops can be named and shamed.


Oglach, I might have told this story before. When I lived in Dublin I became pals with a guy called Joe, from Derry. He told me that when he was in jail he would get mail. His friends and family refused to write London…….. on the address of the envelope. So they wrote L.Derry. Some of the officers would ask them what the ‘L’ stood for and if they didn’t answer to their satisfaction they could get a doing. One day Joe was asked what L. Derry stood for. Joe replied Lovely Derry. He took his punishment!


The Derry Air


The Derry Air pre dates the song Danny Boy. Danny Boy was written in 1910. The Derry Air is much older.

bada bing1

Salmond acquitted of all charges

bada bing1

Sky News reporter just said there is now proof Sturgeon lied to a Parliament Committee, she in big bother

Big Audio Dynamite

One of our biggest clubs facing financial ruin. Are we gonna have a league to return to?




I hope you can find some form of relief for your enterprise. You are too good to fail.

Here in the Great White North corporate response to helping people or caremongering as it is being called, is mixed. As usual, the banks are helping themselves first, a customers second. Mortgage holders can defer payments for up to six months but the interest is added to the principal so future payments will be higher, or terms will be extended. What is one person’s problem, is another’s opportunity! It will be interesting to see the returns for banks after this is over. Further, the major banks seem to acting in concert on this……the same deal offered by each. Is that not collusion and a violation of the competition act? Yes, it probably is but who will challenge it? Who is sufficiently lawyered to do it, in between buying toilet rolls?

On the other hand, some supermarkets are doing very well due to increased volume of sales. One CEO has led the way and recognised this by retroactively increasing the wage of hourly workers by 15%. Other chains are following suit. Will these different attitudes be remembered after the tempest has roared past? I hope so.

Personally, my cough and dragged out feeling have gone so it was probably jet lag flushing through an antique body. I am in Day 11 of my quarantine and suffering cabin fever with no wine left.


big packy

OGLACH, sorry pal apologies it was me who said northern Ireland instead of the north of Ireland, but ive always said northern Ireland, like I always say derry, never Londonderry, now I know, it will be the north of Ireland from now on?.HH.


Kev J

If you got red carded from CQN for a post under your own moniker I can 100% assure you that it was not done by me.

For the most part, you were not that dangerous or edgy, just disorganised and persistent.

As for engaging with TLR, we have seen where engagement has got anyone who has attempted it. There are much bigger issues to face than having an internet spat with a ten-a-penny right wing nutter.

Anyways, as someone who had underlying health issues, I trust you are keeping yourself safe and healthy in these trying times.

Celtic plc hun lovin criminals

What’s the bets we have wall to wall coverage of Alex Salmond’s acquittal for the next couple of weeks ? Naw ? Wit dae yae mean ?

No affection for him at all, but something stunk in Bruges from the off.

Twists n Turns

Bobby – Rebus- Mario

Hi all and thanks for the various pieces of help / advice / info

I’m exploring options. Problem I have ( or at least one of the problems) is that I took in a unit with expansion in mind. So the rateable value causes me an issue despite the fact the office space is empty.

I’m not considered a “ small business “ in some respects because of that high value.

As it stands, I’m continuing manufacturing. As long as my customers keep buying, I’ll be ok. I had one communication from a big customer today who plans to keep working. I’m hoping the others do likewise, but, IF , they decide they want their workers to go home, it’s understandable.

I’m going to keep on keeping on until more information is received from customers/ government etc.

Your concern and advice is very much welcomed, and received with gratitude.

Dropped in on my mum there. She’s sitting laughing about the whole situation. Hand cleaner everywhere. She’s bleaching door handles, surfaces etc. I left her a box of medical gloves that I use at work. Told her anyone turns up, make them sit over on the settee and wear those gloves.

She was laughing as I left and was shouting “ thanks for coming – see ye soon?”

She laughed more when I used my arse to bump the door shut on the way out?

Jim the tim – she said to tell you she was asking for you. I’m not kidding she made a card for Jim at Christmas, some of you will remember, and ever since then, every time I go in she says “ hows Jim getting on?”

You’d think she knew him well ?.

When I was up at the weekend and she asked how Jim was I told her he’d had some more bad news about a friends passing. Today amongst our conversations she said “ J I cant stop thinking about poor Jim”!

She said she’s been praying for you to get some good news for a change.

She’s some wummin.

This sums her up:

She buys all sorts of crap from the tv. Every time I go in there’s a fancy new air freshener plugged in, dehumidifier, kitchen gadget that she will never use. Always something new.

One day I was in and my nephew, her grandson, came in. “ Gran, you’ve not got a bicycle tyre repair kit have you”?

I said to him don’t be bloody daft. Why would she have that??

Mum pipes up “ hold on, I’m sure I’ve got one in this drawer” and duly fishes one out.!

I said to her “ where did you get that??”

She said I bought it if the tv channel.

“ what the hell for?? Why would you want a bicycle tyre repair kit”???

She said “ because I thought it might come in handy and there you go, it has done!”

Not much i could say to that really!!

big packy

been out since early morning trying to get the old lady next door some goats milk, got her some groceries a couple of days ago and left them at her back gate, she must have took them in and put the milk in the fridge, without noticing it was cows milk, apparently she is allergic to cows milk, wish she had told me that a couple of days ago, its hard enough getting cows milk round here without getting goats milk? I eventually found a farm shop in Knutsford, many of you will know Knutsford JCT19 of the M6, where everyone gets stuck driving south, good job I know the back roads, which were very quiet anyway, the old lady has got her goats milk, so she is very happy, that will do me ?


Twisty your mum is an angel. Tell her I said thanks for her concern and prayers. I send my love. You never know maybe we met years ago. I managed retail outlets in Whitburn, Bathgate and 5 sisters at West Calder!

I hope against hope your business venture survives and goes on to thrive.


Afternoon all, pause for thought leader bobby, my mate has just returned from travelling Europe, France/Spain/Portugal he called me at lunchtime, and said the .UK is not taking this pandemic seriously enough, Europe is ghostly now and only a few campervans or delivery lorries were on highways, everyone else has locked themselves down. He was absolutely stunned on returning here that it just looks like business as usual, and says Britain needs to start taking serious steps.

Twists I hope your business can carry on and you get through this. Your Mum sounds a good un ?

bada I never had much love for Wee Alex, but from the off this looked like a total stitch up to me.

BP you’re noa a bad wee soul ?


Like a lot of others I was no fan of Alex Salmond but as the trial went on a lot of doubts crept in. It’s worth noting it was a jury trial, with a majority of female jurists I think. 2 hours deliberation on Friday and a half day today and they come to verdict.

Apparently there is more to come on this story. Might be more court cases ahead in the opposite direction.

big packy

ASWGL, she has no family me and the mrs are her family she says, so that is 2 90 year olds im looking out for, my mother in law and betty next door, ASWGL, I know from your posts you would do the same as me, as would all on here, a friend in need is a friend indeed?


Sorry Packy, you would not be getting goat’s milk from me. It would be National Dried Milk or Ostermilk I’m afraid.

Margaret McGill

whomever lied to the police about Alex Salmond need to be prosecuted.
If the police were involved they need prosecuted too.
Its a disgrace. Like something you would expect in a tinpot military dictatorship.

Margaret McGill

I think the UK/USA can expect an Italian death rate soon with this virus.

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